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02:59<tarjei>hi, is there a performance difference between using phy:/dev/LVM/somedisk,hda1,w and phy:/dev/LVM/somedisk,xvda,w ?
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09:42<tarjei>icblenke: you answered my question, right?
09:43<aliguori>tarjei: using anything but xvd will eventually break
09:43<tarjei>thank you
09:43<aliguori>xen will eventually stop supporting hd/sd
09:43<tarjei>aliguori: ok, so the others are beeing phased out then.
09:43<icblenke>hd/sd hijacking was evil to begin with.
09:43<tarjei>ah ok.
09:44<tarjei>thanks for the input.
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14:29<movement>danpb: there's security sensitive stuff in xend-debug.log?
14:30<danpb>movement: hopefully not, but in any case the directory is 0700
14:30<danpb>just getting rid of the execute bit was the main reason for the patch
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14:40[~]danpb wonders why the Xen HV now switches into a 50 line text console at boot instead of matching the 25 line console used by linux
14:48<hollisb>50 is twice as good as 25
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14:50<danpb>hollisb: well the VGA font is certainly twice as ugly with 50 lines :-)
14:52<danpb>hollisb: but more annoying, is that once dom0 boots it switches back to 25 lines, and (on this box at least) all the earlier HV messages disappear upon the 50->25 line mode switch
14:52<danpb>and this is one of those annoying boxes without the 'legacy' serial port, so no serial console debugging either :-(
15:00<hollisb>yeah, that sucks
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23:38<icblenke>I find it extra sucky that grub "eats" the vga=80x50 option to the hypervisor, and lilo leaves it alone (but you have to use mbootpack)
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