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13:11<FuzzMaster>HI< I have a raw xen image sitting in /vm/. Is there a way I can resize it? All tutorials I've found are outdated and seem to complain about a superblock or something.
13:13<icarus901>FuzzMaster, yesterday you indicated that it is a raw image
13:13<icarus901>that means it describes a full disk and has partitions defined within
13:14<icarus901>the implication it that you must extend the disk capacity, redefine the internal partitions to take advantage of this new space, and then resize the filesystem within the partition
13:15<icarus901>if the parititon you wish to extend is at the end of the disk, this could be simple. otherwise it may be tricky, depending upon your comfort level with the tools required
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13:16<icarus901>i believe murb was asking what type of file system you wish to extend, though i did not observe an answer
13:19<FuzzMaster>i don't know (novice user in IT class here)
13:21<FuzzMaster>what do you think :(
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13:28<Pert>I have a quick question that I didn't want to bother the mailing list with: I'd like to know if xen has support for running a watchdog to check that the dom0 has booted sucessfuly? I've found the watchdog option on /xenwiki/XenBooting but there's little documentation and I'm not sure if it'll do what I need.
13:29<Pert>I'm upgrading the OS on a dom0 remotely and want to avoid using 'remote hands' to recover from somthing i've screwed up.
13:36<icarus901>FuzzMaster, basically i need more information
13:37<FuzzMaster>how can I get that for you :) ?
13:38<icarus901>FuzzMaster, what OS are you running in the domU
13:38<FuzzMaster>centos 5
13:38<icarus901>and how was it installed (via what utility)
13:39<icarus901>Pert, that watchdog is with respect to NMI, meaning "non maskable interrupts" -- it is typically employed for debugging
13:39<FuzzMaster>icarus901: we used virt-install
13:40<Pert>icarus901: could i set a long watchdog that would be canceled by an init script on the dom0?
13:40<icarus901>what you want however is something generic that runs after the system has started? you could do that in may ways (for example - use an init script placed appropriately in the process)
13:40<icarus901>FuzzMaster, from the internal perspective of the domU, how many parititons are used?
13:40<Pert>icarus901: i'd like to get the system to reboot if the dom0 does not come up properly
13:41<Pert>icarus901: i can't see how that would be done with an init script only
13:41<Pert>icarus901: thanks for your help btw
13:41<FuzzMaster>i believe just one, that domu is just running centos
13:42<icarus901>FuzzMaster, right, but you installed it and could have configured it in many ways
13:44<icarus901>Pert, depending upon how early a hypothetical failure occurs, you may not have the ability to cause a reboot. employing a failsafe would require modification of your bootloader config to allow booting from a configuration known to be fully functional.
13:44<Pert>icarus901: that's the plan
13:45<Pert>icarus901: going to use these grub options:
13:45<Pert>icarus901: in the past i've used the 'panic=X' linux kernel command line option to do this sort of thing but i wondered if xen could help me out
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13:46<Pert>icarus901: once linux's intrd has been mounted 'panic=X' isn't going to help.
13:47<icarus901>quite so
13:47<FuzzMaster>afaik it's configured normally, nothing special
13:47<crx_>hey all, i know im in the wrong channel, anyone use or know the support channel for linux freespire?
13:47<murb>Pert: well you could modify your initrd so it reboots if it fails to mount /
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13:47<murb>maybe after a delay.
13:48<Pert>that's a good plan. wonder why that doesn't happen as it stands
13:49<icarus901>crx_, not a clue
13:49<crx_>thanks lol
13:50<icarus901>Pert, reboot loops can be detrimental and generally imply that Something Is Wrong; default behavior seems most appropriate - under conditions where the box is located locally, it makes sense
13:50<Pert>murb: thanks for the idea. i'll look into it but would prefer something based on xen as it seems more simple.
13:51<icarus901>perhaps, but what you wish is best accomplished at a higher level. in an event, i am unaware of any particular xen feature that would aid your cause
13:51<Pert>icarus901: i agree that it's not for every box but a reboot would only occur from a kernel panic if the 'panic=X' option is set
13:52<Pert>icarus901: ok. thanks again. I'll continue the search and report back if I find anything/
13:53<icarus901>i would recommend some combination of initrd helper script, panic parameter, and grub configuration
13:53<Pert>yeah, that's where i'll go if I can't find a xen feature that suits.
13:55<icarus901>Pert, default behavior at the hypervisor level is to reboot (thus why the noreboot option is required for debugging), so that may be enough
13:56<Pert>icarus901: reboot when?
13:56<icarus901>boot-time failure
13:57<icarus901>prior to loading the kernel i believe
13:57<Pert>the only xen-related reboot i'ev had was because the kernel was not found
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15:03<Shaun2222>anybody know why Xen is only showing 16GB of my 32GB, my dom0 kernel is built with hi mem support of 64GB.
15:04<danpb>32-bit hypervisor ?
15:04<danpb>if so, Xen 32-bit is limited to 16 GB
15:20<murb>danpb: only if you're using PAE.
15:20<murb>oh yes he must be.
15:20<murb>Shaun2222: does your machine support lm?
15:21<murb>longmode as in x86_64
15:21<danpb>murb: well non-PAE support has been dropped
15:21<murb>danpb: after 3.2
15:21<Pert>murb: ah. thansk
15:27<Shaun2222>i figured it out pretty mcuh.
15:27<Shaun2222>i need to go with a 64bit hv
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17:37<Mindlight>Hi everyone. I installed a Debian with kernel 2.6.18-6-xen-amd64 yesterday and hade huge problems gettig XP to run under Xen. I have googled and googled and no one gets the same problems as I do. I run image files as disks. It is a Windows XP iso I boot from. All is done as all guids suggests. My CPU is an AMD Athlon (tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+. I get a bluescreen with the error: STOP: 0x0000007a
17:38<Mindlight>before that it hung at 20% of formatting the disk (quick NTFS). Anyone got a suggestion=? :)
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18:29<icarus901>why dont they ever stick around?
18:30<icarus901>so self-defeating
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