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11:49<fluor>hey there
11:49<fluor>when should the "dom0 on a recent kernel" feature be expected?
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11:57<fluor>murble: thanks for the tip
11:57<fluor>murble: I read that Ubuntu had one too, but someone also said it was pretty unstable
11:58<murble>fluor: Do you know who did that port? do they have a git repo or anything for it/
11:58<fluor>murble: I'm using Debian, and unfortunately, forward-porting doesn't seem to be an option for the upcoming release
11:58<murble>the last time i looked at their kernel source it didn't really say where it came from.
11:58<fluor>nope, I haven't looked into that
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11:58<murble>and it was in universe so not offically supported.
11:58<fluor>I'm not using Xen yet, actually
11:59<fluor>I'm doing the design for a new machine
11:59<fluor>and it seems to be the worst time to jump into xen, unfortunately :/
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12:00<murble>fluor: have you looked at KVM?
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12:00<fluor>murble: I have, thanks, but my hardware doesn't support it
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12:02<murble>fluor: buy new hardware :-)
12:02<fluor>murble: I can't :)
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12:04<fluor>murble: does that mean that Xen is deprecated in your opinion?
12:11<murble>fluor: neither fedora nor from the next release will debian ship a distribution which includes dom0 support.
12:11<murble>make up your own mind.
12:11<icarus901>murble, the distributions arent 'giving up'
12:12<icarus901>they are waiting for paravirt ops
12:13<murble>icarus901: I didn't say that.
12:13<icarus901>why would devs expend effort forward porting? it would be a substantial amount of time and effort
12:13<icarus901><murble> fluor: everyone else appears to give up.
12:13<murble>icarus901: i was talking about forwarding porting.
12:13<murble>not Xen in general.
12:14<icarus901>i know
12:14<icarus901>but my point is that the kernel devs are not necessarily *abandoning* xen, but realizing that forward porting would be duplicative, wasted effort in light of paravirt_ops
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12:25<danpb>murble: Fedora isn't giving up on Xen - we have full DomU support in our kernels
12:25<danpb>murble: the Dom0 support is merely dormant until the Dom0 pv_ops work is complete
12:26<danpb>as per the mailing list post i referenced, Jeremy is hoping to get that ready for 2.6.28
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12:45<murble>danpb: as does debian.
12:45<murble>full domU support, but domU doesn't give you much if you're hardware isn't supported by the avalible dom0 kernels.
12:48<fluor>well, my situation is that I can't use 2.6.18
12:48<fluor>'cause we use LUKS root encryption with this cipher that's been in Linux since 2.6.23
12:49<fluor>so in my case, it'll be forward porting of xensource (which doesn't seem to exist in a satisfying fashion anywhere) or no xen at all :(
12:58<murble>fluor: as i said run a opensuse dom0.
12:58<murble>if you can.
12:58<murble>or atleast steal their xen patches
12:59<murble>they have a source rpm in
12:59<murble>if kernel-source- is recent enough.
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13:07<fluor>murble: thanks
13:07<fluor>murble: it is
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