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12:27<knewt>bleh. another xen summit announcement/invite. hate seeing those go by, as they're always abroad :/
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12:37<murble>knewt: and you don't like flying?
12:38<knewt>murble: going abroad involves lots of costs
12:38<knewt>somewhere european wouldn't be quite so bad
12:38<knewt>i guess
12:38<murble>so find a sponser?
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14:22<xl0>Are and two different organizations?
14:23<xl0>And there is also xensource...
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17:14<knewt>mrj: sorry to bother you again, but you couldn't inquire as to the state of play with the marvell driver could you? not had any feedback directly from them via the bug report as of yet
17:15<mrj>I'll give it one more week if that's OK... I imagine it will take a bit of time for Marvell to ship them the spec...
17:16<knewt>ah, ok. no worries
17:24<mrj>bug me again in a week :-)
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