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10:40<icenine457>hey all, is there a reliable, scriptable (shell) means of obtaining the hostname/ip of a virtual guest using xen tools?
10:42<deshantm>icenine457: a tricky problem, i think
10:42<icenine457>tell me about it - we're looking to do it for EVERY virtualization package to integrate with our product
10:42<deshantm>I would think you could set things up to support it
10:43<deshantm>your product is outside of the system then i assume
10:43<deshantm>like you can modify things?
10:43<icenine457>we're using NRPE to get information about systems
10:43<icenine457>so we run shell scripts on the host to obtain info
10:44<icenine457>its like a rootkit :P it gets in and runs shell scripts for you, sort of like puppet or cfengine i guess, but more focused on gathering information
10:44<icenine457>so basically all i can use is shell tools to get this dataa
10:44<deshantm>and only on the host/dom0 system?
10:45<icenine457>well if we discover that guest belongs to a host, as long as we can determine the hostname of the host, thatd be fine too
10:45<icenine457>we're trying to establish a heirarchal relationship between the two (im a host that has these ips/hostnames as guests)
10:45<deshantm>I've heard people use ARP tables to get the IPs
10:46<deshantm>since you can get the MAC usually
10:51<icenine457>the problem i think may be that they may not be on the same physical network even - a lot of our systems use dedicated physical connections
10:51<icenine457>i dont think i can rely on that unfortunately
10:53<deshantm>icenine457: from the host you should have access to spy on enough traffic to figure out the hosts
10:53<deshantm>i don't know as there are any implemented network introspection techniques
10:54<icenine457>ill get access to a machine and start playing with it
10:54<icenine457>but at least i can tell my boss itll be difficult now :) thanks
10:54<deshantm>probably wouldn't hurt to post to xen-devel
10:57<icenine457>looks like i could 1) find out if we have VMs, 2) tell the host vm to drop off its hostname in the guest VMs fs, 3) check if the file we expect to contain the host vm is there
10:57<icenine457>at that point ive established a relationship between the systems i think
10:58<icenine457>grr but thats only paravirtualized guests
10:58<deshantm>yeah, i was just going to mention that
10:59<deshantm>if you are able to run something on the guest, you can easily get its IP and hostname
10:59<icenine457>but i wouldnt know that its a guest yet :P
10:59<icenine457>chicken/egg situation
11:03<deshantm>but on the host you can get a local console
11:04<icenine457>so something like an expect script to obtain the info maybe?
11:06<deshantm>yeah, i just don't know how reliable it would be with HVM guest supporting it
11:06<deshantm>are you able to put stuff in the HVM guests ahead of time
11:06<deshantm>they can support a console
11:06<icenine457>im going to say its not possible without considerable access to the machine, which we generally dont have
11:07<icenine457>we can i think; if thats the case ill just go with libguestfs
11:07<icenine457>then i can just `cat /etc/hostname` or whatever on the guests of a given host
11:07<deshantm>I think we limited access, and if you can't put stuff in ahead of time, network tracing is probably your best best
11:08<deshantm>since the host still does own the network
11:08<icenine457>i appreciate the input, thanks deshantm :)
11:08<deshantm>icenine457: best of luck
11:08<icenine457>i think ill need it :|
11:09<deshantm>also, ##xen on freenode is a bit more active than this channel
11:09<deshantm>posting to xen-users or xen-devel may be of help at times too
11:10<icenine457>ill try that once i get access to a xen machine and fail at getting it to work :P
11:10<icenine457>notice how anticipatory i am of that scenario haha
11:11<icenine457>er, how anticipating i am of of*
11:12<deshantm>yeah, haha
11:12<deshantm>maybe your ideas will "just work"
11:12<icenine457>gotta hope for the best :)
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