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04:32<Charly>ehlo !
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05:55<xmerlin>does anyone experienced a "not enough MMIO resources for SR-IOV" using SR-IOV on igb driver ?
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12:32<Cheese>Im trying to install xen and I get a kernel panic on my first vm
12:32<Cheese>it installed, but there was no config yet
12:33<Cheese>name = "vm01"
12:33<Cheese>memory = 1024
12:33<Cheese>disk = ['tap:aio:/home/vm/vm.img,xvda,w']
12:33<Cheese>kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-194.17.1.el5xen"
12:33<Cheese>is my config
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12:42<Cheese>could not mount filesystem
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12:46<Cheese>please could anyone help me out?
12:49<xmerlin>Cheese, could you post your kernel panic? can use
12:51<xmerlin>you need also an initrd
12:51<Cheese>i tried to make an initrd
12:52<Cheese>I used: mkinitrd /boot/initrd-2.6.18-194.17.1.el5-vm1.img 2.6.18-194.17.1.el5xen
12:52<Cheese>my config is:
12:53<xmerlin>how you have created your root filesystem?
12:54<Cheese>in the vm?
12:54<Cheese>ehm, partitioning you mean?
12:54<xmerlin>installation I mean
12:55<Cheese>using virt-create
12:56<Cheese>I mean
12:56<Cheese>and then used xm console
12:56<Cheese>made regular installation
12:56<Cheese>then it rebooted, and got lost
12:56<Cheese>then I required a cfg to start, so I made this
12:57<xmerlin>mmm I don't use virt-* so I cannot say anything about it
12:57<xmerlin>but you can use this howto
12:57<Cheese>it prompts the questions
12:58<xmerlin>using the configuration in "Preparing a Xen configuration file for the installation" and "Post-install configuration" after reboot should work without problems
12:59<xmerlin>the example uses the "bootloader" pygrub
13:00<Cheese>are you referring to ?
13:00<Cheese>I cant still use my img I made with virt-install?
13:01<xmerlin>probably it will work
13:01<Cheese>ok I will try this
13:01<xmerlin>it depends mainly if you have a kernel-xen and a bootloader in your image
13:02<Cheese>I have a bootloader in my image, dont know about the kernel
13:02<xmerlin>if you have not the right kernel you can mount the partition, make a chroot and then add the missing kernel
13:03<Cheese>the guest os is using the os of the host right?
13:03<Cheese>its paravirtualisation
13:04<xmerlin>you can use a different distro and also 32 bit on 64 bit like a domU
13:04<Cheese>even with paravirtualisation?
13:06<xmerlin>a pv kernel is like a standard kernel but it know that it's virtualized
13:07<xmerlin>on virtuozzo the VM kernel is the host kernel's only a chroot with steroids ;)
13:07<xmerlin>on xen you have a real separation
13:08<xmerlin>on xen you can use also HVM with emulated net/disk and so on ....or HVM + PV drivers
13:11<Cheese>Im new to xen :)
13:12<Cheese>the virt-install program didnt create the config as it should :(
13:12<Cheese>thats the problem
13:13<Cheese>could adding bootloader="/usr/bin/pygrub" be a solution to my problem?
13:15<xmerlin>it could be but you have to remove kernel and ramdisk
13:15<xmerlin>pygrub call the bootloader in your image
13:16<Cheese>lol then that must be the solution lol
13:16<xmerlin>and then the bootload call the kernel/initrd inside your image
13:16<Cheese>is that a bad way to start a vm?
13:17<xmerlin>so when you update the kernel inside your distro's available after a simple reboot
13:17<xmerlin>like a real machine
13:18<Cheese>now it says that pygrub could not find the config file in the image
13:20<Cheese>xmerlin, can you tell me why that is?
13:20<Cheese>I did similar to this:
13:21<Cheese>exept that the virt-install didnt create a /etc/xen/vm01.cfg
13:23<Cheese>On the image, I chose to have a grub bootloader with mbc
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13:30<Cheese>I dont know anymore :p
13:54<Cheese>nothing works anymore :S
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