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10:49<daniel76>Hello.I've got a litte question to xc_readconsolering (lixbc -> XEN_SYSCTL_readconsole) . If i call the function once with clear=1 and incremental =0 i get the whole console ringbuffer. If i call the function for a second time i get no output even if there are new entries in the ringbuffer (i produced them with $> xm debug h) .Is this a normal behavoir and if yes why or am i missing something ?.
10:51<deshantm>daniel76: this type of question is better for the xen-devel mailing list
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10:51<deshantm>or perhaps try ##xen on freenode
10:51<deshantm>this channel is not as active as the mailing list or the freenode channel
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10:59<daniel76>deshantm : thanks
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11:46<Krobar>Was wondering if anyone might be able to help me with multiple bridges on Centos with Xen 3.31.
12:09<deshantm>hi Krobar
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12:09<deshantm>there is some info on xen wiki, have you found that yet?
12:10<Krobar>I cant work out if I'm meant to be using the 3.0 example or the debian example
12:10<Krobar>Currently I have two server pairs linked by DRBD. This works OK but networking is different on both
12:11<Krobar>One references the bridge in ifcfg whilst the other seems to call the xen script multiple times to setup the bridge
12:11<Krobar>The script one relabels ethX to pethx
12:12<Krobar>Unsurprisingly live transfer doesnt work
12:12<deshantm>ah, so the bridges function, but you can't live migrate your double connected VM?
12:14<Krobar>I want to make both machines the same but am not sure which is the correct method
12:14<Krobar>Each machine has seperate nics for Dom0 networking so bridge nics are dedicated
12:15<Krobar>Is the scripted method best? The one using this looks like the Xen 3.0 wiki example
12:16<Krobar>What is the difference between vif= and netdev=? Is netdev Debian specific?
12:16<deshantm>Krobar: I've had quite a few recent discussion on xen network scripts actually (over on ##xen on freenode)
12:16<deshantm>most people are recommending to not use the xen network scripts
12:17<Krobar>Ok, does that stop live migration?
12:17<deshantm>but to use the brctl tools more directly. I also like to recommend Open vSwitch
12:17<deshantm>I don't have good experience with the specific case you are working on
12:18<deshantm>you might want to post to the xen-users mailing list and even try ##xen on freenode, it is typically more active than this channel
12:18<Krobar>OK, I'll need to dig up my password for freenode
12:18<deshantm>Open vSwitch is used in XCP and XenServer
12:18<Krobar>OK so I dont think I will have that installed
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12:19<Krobar>I also heard the redhat network bridge cript is different to the standard one
12:19<deshantm>Krobar: just trying to give a high level sense of some things. I don't know that I have the time at the moment to help in much more detail
12:19<deshantm>Krobar: most likely redhat had some patches on it, especially for things like libvirt support
12:20<deshantm>some might have made it back in, others maybe not
12:20<Krobar>np, I think maybe a xen-users post might help. I just seem to have fragments of info from everywhere but cant find a relevant overview
12:20<deshantm>but I guess the xen network scripts may be deprecated in 4.1
12:20<Krobar>gone entirely?
12:20<deshantm>pasik over on ##xen was explaining it
12:21<deshantm>well, probably not right away or anything
12:21<deshantm>but things are moving away from the xend backend
12:21<deshantm>to libxl
12:21<deshantm>and the xl command
12:21<deshantm>there is still long term support for various xen things
12:21<Krobar>That would at least help standardise although I had problems getting the Xen 4.01 RPMs to work with Centos, I think RHEL stopping development causes issues
12:21<deshantm>so it's going away anytime soon
12:22<deshantm>there is a lot of work/usage of Xen on CentOS/RHEL from the community
12:22<deshantm>did you notice the howto that Pasi just posted on the xen wiki about it?
12:23<Krobar>I plan to upgrade these servers to 4.01 in about month if I can get a stable test system running
12:23<Krobar>For kernel compile?
12:24<deshantm>Krobar: are you aware of XCP?
12:25<Krobar>yes but I have not used this kernel variant yet
12:26<Krobar>It is a further integrated kernel from the little but I've read about it, 2.6.27 and 2.6.32?
12:26<deshantm>XCP has a 1.0 coming out soon
12:26<Krobar>(I'm still stuck on 2.6.18)
12:27<Krobar>Oh, is that the opensource version of XenServer?
12:27<deshantm>yeah, I believe those are the two so far 0.5 was based on opensuse forward port I believe
12:27<deshantm>yes XCP is open source of XenServer
12:27<Krobar>I didnt get on with that because I need Infiniband, SDP an DRBD support
12:28<Krobar>Never uses Suse which is why it probably seemed a bit alien
12:28<Krobar>(I think I tried a much earlier version, 0.1 maybe
12:28<deshantm>XCP is going to be to XenServer as Fedora is to RHEL
12:29<deshantm>so the "CentOS" will be the open source version that makes up XenServer
12:29<deshantm>it isn't based on Suse
12:29<Krobar>So development will go forward with Suse as the primary platform? I though Xenserver was RHEL based?
12:29<deshantm>XCP is built on CentOS
12:30<deshantm>i just mentioned suse because of the kernel work that they did
12:30<deshantm>not suse the distro
12:30<Krobar>So I should be able to build DRBD and OFED/Inifniband for it...... Maybe I should go with that in future
12:30<deshantm>Krobar: I think that is where things are headed
12:31<deshantm>#xen-api on freenode or the xen-api mailing list to help out with things like that
12:31<deshantm>there may be other working on it and/or wanting support, etc.
12:32<deshantm>gotta run for now
12:32<Krobar>thanks Todd
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14:29<Charly>have a good night
14:29<deshantm>night Charly
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21:09<wanchin>Anyone here ever get iptables working on a centos dirtribution running on a xen server?
21:18<deshantm>wanchin: what seems to be the problem?
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