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00:20<icarus901>lkthomas, there are several ways you might be able to tell
00:20<icarus901>look for /sys/hypervisor/type
00:20<icarus901>also /proc/xen
00:21<icarus901>lspci and look for devices hinting at a virtual environment
00:21<icarus901>there is a nice bit of c in the xen source tree named xen-detect.c that can tell you some details
00:23<icarus901>if all else fails (and you think you might be on xen), if you can compile a kernel module and insert it, check out
00:23<icarus901>it's a tiny module i wrote a while back out of amusement, useful in a xen HVM domU to get information about the environment
00:24<icarus901>you could also run dmidecode or similar tools that query low level hardware .. often enough there's something useful to be found
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