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05:40<DuncanBlues>Hi. Ran into a weird error trying to set up Xen on Debian Squeeze and Dr. Google has been unable to help. When I try to create a domain, I get "Error: 'vcpus'" and there's nothing else. Nothing in xm dmesg either. Any hints?
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05:48<cocooncrash>Hi, I get an HTTP 403 when trying to access (in a browser or with hg clone)
05:48<DuncanBlues>Everyone asleep apparently :(
05:54<cocooncrash>Fairly normal, I'll just lurk :)
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10:08<deshantm>cocooncrash: also
10:09<deshantm>if those don't help, email the xen-api mailing list
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10:14<cocooncrash>deshantm: Thanks
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