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#xen IRC Logs for 2011-06-12

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05:02<Mostafa>I have installed Xen on my server with cpu E5500 intel and 4GB RAM
05:02<Mostafa>but when I install 64bit linux on xen
05:02<Mostafa>It runs very very slow
05:02<Mostafa>is E5500 incompatible whit xen?
05:03<Mostafa>I think I have not this problem with 32bit linux
05:04<murb>does it suppot PAE?
05:04<murb>as i think xen drop non PAE 32 bit support.
05:04<Mostafa>em , CPU must support PAE?
05:05<murb>if you want 32b support.
05:05<Mostafa>It's ok with 32bit
05:05<Mostafa>and have problems with 64bit
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