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09:39<ironm>hello xen fans ;) - do you have a minute? I have cretaed wheezy xen 4.1 debian live image (s. the link below to it) but even I tried different boot options like "iommu=1 | workaround_bios_bug | workaround_bogus_bios" I am getting such entry "(XEN) AMD-Vi: IOMMU not found!" in the log (s. for more details in )
09:40<ironm>link to xen 4.0 (squeeze) and xen 4.1 (wheezy) debian live images -
09:40<ironm>do you have any idea how to solve this issue? - thank you in advance for any hints (different one than killing the hardware vendor (HP) ;)
09:41<ironm>for the missing IOMMU BIOS option ...
09:41<ironm>Linux xen41dom0 2.6.39-2-amd64 #1 SMP Wed Jun 8 11:01:04 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux
09:42<ironm>another short question: has the following boot option name changed in xen 4.1? - xen-pciback.hide=(05:00.0)(05:00.1) as it doesn't hide the listed devices when booting the xen 4.1 enabled kernel (it works with xen 4.0 kernel)
10:00<deshantm>ironm: have you posted to xen-devel about this yet?
10:01<ironm>hello deshantm - no .. a very good idea! - thank you very much
10:04<ironm>deshantm, #xen-devel ... on which server?
10:04<deshantm>oh I meant the mailing list
10:04<deshantm>you could also try ##xen on freenode
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10:26<ironm>yes .. I tried #xen .. however no one answers there
10:27<deshantm>ironm: it all depends on who happens to be around
10:27<deshantm>it's IRC
10:27<deshantm>##xen on freenode is more active than this channel
10:28<deshantm>but it doesn't mean that we can get to all questions all the time :)
10:30<ironm>I see .. thank you deshantm ( I was not there . sorry)
10:31<deshantm>271 users logged in in ##xen on freenode vs. 37 users #xen on OFTC
10:32<ironm>yes :) .. I am there already
10:36<deshantm>the trick is to wait around long enough for answers
10:38<ironm>yes deshantm :) .. I am used to wait. it is not simple issue
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