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08:43<Burps>Hi everyone, I'm trying to setup dual ethernet bridge, and I have a question :
08:43<Burps>does my Dom0 HAS TO have an IP on both networks ?
08:44<murb>you can have your dom0 on a management network that doesn't have IP access to the management network.
08:44<murb>but make sure to firewall ipv6 or whatever if you want no access from the public network.
08:44<Burps>I'm not sure I understand your answer : I'll explain a bit more my problem :
08:46<Burps>I have Dom0 with 2 interface, one in LAN, with LAN IP, and one on public network, but without IP : I'd like my domU to have a LAN IP (ok, that's working), and a public IP
08:46<murb>Burps: exactly what i tbought.
08:46<murb>so just bridge it with the public network.
08:46<Burps>so, i need to have a public IP for my Dom0, right ?
08:46<murb>you don't have to have any IP on the dom0
08:46<murb>Burps: i have approximatly that setup.
08:47<Burps>I thing I setup the bridge, but it doesn't seem to work... hence my question :)
08:48<Burps>is that correct ?
08:48<murb>xenbr1 is the public network?
08:49<murb>and xenbr1 is up?
08:49<murb>and peth1
08:49<murb>and ethtool peth1 shows a link etc?
08:50<Burps>I just updated the paste with a little more info
08:50<Burps>xenbr1 is up but has no IP
08:51<Burps>same thing for peth1
08:51<murb>and dmesg mentions it peth1 in forwarding state?
08:52<Burps>xenbr1: port 1(peth1) entering forwarding state
08:52<murb>and what happens when you bring up a guest with an interface on that network?
08:52<Burps>I'm sure I'm close but I can't see the little thing that will make all work :)
08:52<murb>i mean bridge.
08:53<murb>could it be you had the IP address on the host for a while, and the router has it in its arp cache?
08:53<murb>arping -U -s myip routerip # might help
08:53<murb>from the guest.
08:54<Burps>with myip the public ip of the domU ?
08:54<murb>but bring up a guest and check then.
08:55<Burps>arping doesn't know the -U option : what did you want exactly ?
08:56<Burps>and without -U, it requests a MAC address..
08:57<murb>-U Unsolicited ARP mode to update neighbours' ARP caches. No replies are expected.
08:57<murb>Burps: can you arping it okay?
08:57<murb>the router i mean.
08:58<murb>without -U
08:59<murb>and what does brctl showmacs xenbr1 say?
08:59<Burps>the guest MAC doesn't appear
09:00<murb>does the guest interface appear on the bridge
09:00<murb>is it in forwarding mode?
09:01<Burps>>murb> does the guest interface appear on the bridge <-- How do I see that (not sure I understand correctly the question...)
09:01<murb>check dmesg
09:01<Burps>on the guest ? or host ?
09:07<Burps>is there something interesting I could do with tcpdump ?
09:08<murb>i don't seetheguest interface on the xenbr1 bridge.
09:09<Burps>yes, I'll double check the xen-guest.cfg...
09:10<Burps>bad paste : I had twice xenbr0
09:10<Burps>sorry for taking your time for stupidities....
09:11<Burps>oh s**t, this means I have to re-play xen-create-image ??
09:13<murb>the image should be fine.
09:13<murb>just change the config.
09:14<Burps>YEAHHH !! it works (TM) :)
09:14<Burps>thank you for your help
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