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00:01<honda_HATCH>i need help
00:01<honda_HATCH>how to put ip address in 2 lan card
00:02<dobian>hi ;)
00:02<honda_HATCH>thank god
00:02<dobian>im newbie lol
00:02<honda_HATCH>i need to setup the other lan card to put a public ip
00:03<john>dobian: lol
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00:03<dobian>only one select global ip
00:03<peterS>honda_HATCH: edit /etc/network/interfaces - see 'man interfaces'
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00:04<dobian>is it make router?
00:04<honda_HATCH>i have 2 lan card, but i can't see the other one.
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00:05<honda_HATCH>while installing debian, the OS saw the 2 lan card
00:05<honda_HATCH>but when i type ifconfig
00:05<honda_HATCH>only 1 lan card exists
00:05<dobian>slot change or bios setting change
00:05<peterS>honda_HATCH: ifconfig -a
00:06<honda_HATCH>i see it now
00:06<honda_HATCH>i want to setup a static ip in the 2nd lan card
00:06<honda_HATCH>how will i do that?
00:06<cbecht>honda_HATCH: 'man interfaces'
00:06<peterS>honda_HATCH: I told you already. edit /etc/network/interfaces. 'man interfaces'.
00:07<peterS>the manpage, unlike some manpages, is pretty easy to follow
00:07<dobian>dose it recognize pc's bios?
00:08<honda_HATCH>this will take time
00:08<honda_HATCH>if you can help me out so that i can finish this task
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00:10<dobian>hi ;p
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00:21<dobian>dobi :o
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00:28<john>configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
00:28<john>See `config.log' for more details.
00:28<ZeroThaHero>Hello, I am having some difficultly having Debian 4.0R3 recognise my laptop's wireless NIC
00:28<john>i'm trying to configure gnash
00:30<ZeroThaHero>The laptop is an Acer Aspire 9301, with an Acer InviLink 802.11b/g wireless NIC
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00:34<honda_HATCH>i'm moving on
00:34<honda_HATCH>when i'm trying to ping the public ip address, this is what i got
00:34<honda_HATCH>C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>ping
00:34<honda_HATCH>Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
00:34<honda_HATCH>Reply from Destination host unreachable.
00:34<honda_HATCH>Reply from Destination host unreachable.
00:34<honda_HATCH>Reply from Destination host unreachable.
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00:35<dpkg>Please don't paste anything into the channel; use a paste site instead, like:,,, for pics. --- Also ask me: <pastebin pipe>
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00:35<john>Woo I finally get to do that
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00:39<blarson>honda_HATCH: Looks like routing is misconfigured on your windows box.
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00:40<honda_HATCH>that public ip if from the debian box
00:40<honda_HATCH>that public ip is from the debian box
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00:43<blarson>honda_HATCH: yes, and your windows box doesn't know how to get to it.
00:43<honda_HATCH>any options to set the route from that public ip address?
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00:46<blarson>honda_HATCH: You of course mean to that IP, if it's on the same lan and you were running a reasnable OS, use the route or ip command. I don't do windows.
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00:48<honda_HATCH>how to automate eth1?
00:48<honda_HATCH>its like i'm always doing this command, ifup eth1
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00:50<honda_HATCH>ifconfig won't help
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00:52<Martes>quem é vc?
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01:14<cram>the problem with the server and 2 pcs, is that with the 2 integrated nics
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01:14<cram>the routing doesn't work correctly
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01:15<cram>I add a new network interface card and ready!
01:15<dobian>are u honda? ;p
01:16<dobian>sudo ifconfig
01:16<dobian>serch local ip
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01:21<dobian>auto eth0
01:21<dobian>iface eth0 inet static
01:21<dobian> address
01:21<dobian> netmask
01:22<dobian> network
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01:22<dobian> broadcast
01:22<dobian>auto eth1
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01:22<dobian>iface eth1 inet static
01:22<dobian> address
01:22<dobian> netmask
01:22<dobian> network
01:22<dobian> broadcast
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01:22<dobian> /etc/network/interfaces
01:22<blarson>!tell dobian about paste
01:23<dobian>dpkg angry
01:23<dpkg>i haven't a clue, dobian
01:24<jm_>stop pasting here please
01:24<merlock>hi, someone speak spanish?
01:24<dpkg>Hispanohablantes: Por favor /join #debian-es, alli obtendran mas ayuda. Spanish Speakers: Please /join #debian-es, there you will get much more help.
01:25<dobian>two net work interface setting sanple
01:26<dobian>sample lol
01:26<jm_>what about it?
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01:27<dobian>nic setting
01:27<merlock>I have a problem with my kernel
01:28<dobian>what problem?
01:28<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. when I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, or if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask (ask the whole channel!). We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer, ask later or ask
01:28<merlock>kernel panic vfs (0,0)
01:29<dpkg>Modular support is nice, but don't go overboard. You'll have to use static (vs modular) support for your root filesystem (including where your modules reside), the hardware to boot it (eg, ide, scsi controllers etc) Consider using a known good configuration from /boot/ and copy it to .config, then make oldconfig (see kp). And make sure your initrd is setup correctly in your bootloader
01:29<jm_>hmm not very useful - in any case, verify if kernel detects your disks etc.
01:29<merlock>but compile support for ext3
01:30<jm_>is this a custom kernel?
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01:31<merlock>yes, and Install the kernel of debian and the same thing happens
01:31<merlock>sorry for my english
01:31<jm_>you need to check the output to find ou twhat is going on - is it loading relevant drivers? are disks detected? are partitions listed? ...
01:31-!-tenzind [] has joined #debian
01:32<merlock>yes, are disks detected and partitions also
01:33<merlock>i/usr/sbin/mkinitrd: add_modules_dep_2_5: modprobe failed
01:33<merlock>FATAL: Module sg not found.
01:33<merlock>FATAL: Module sd_mod not found.
01:33<merlock>WARNING: This failure MAY indicate that your kernel will not boot!
01:33<merlock>but it can also be triggered by needed modules being compiled into
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01:35<dobian>kernel patch? ;p
01:35-!-merlock [~merlock@] has joined #debian
01:35<jm_>!tell merlock -about paste
01:35<jm_>merlock: grep your kernel config for _SD
01:35<merlock>sorry for the paste
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01:36<merlock>ok wait
01:38<jm_>then that should not be a problem - do you use RAID?
01:38<merlock>#CONFIG_USB_STORAGE_SDDR09 is not set
01:38<jm_>then reconfigure your kernel so you don't need stinking initrd
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01:41*dobian is away: Gone away for now.
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01:44<canhua>jm_: remember my problem with screen within gnome-terminal?
01:45<jm_>merlock: make sure your file system support, chipset driver and scsi disk support are all built in
01:45<jm_>canhua: yes
01:45<canhua>jm_: you tried on lenny later?
01:46<merlock>i use initrd, mkinitrd -o intrd.img.........
01:46<merlock>my chipset is a ICH8
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01:47<jm_>canhua: yeah, I already confirmed that it's happening for me too on lenny
01:47<merlock>is a hp pavilion dv2621la
01:47<merlock>i use sid
01:47<jm_>merlock: it's best to avoid initrd with custom kernels, but it should still work with Debian kernel
01:47<canhua>jm_: and you don't solve it either?
01:48<jm_>canhua: ohh I didn't look further after I noticed that screen totally ignores my terminfo/termcap commands
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01:49<merlock>but the initrd in sid its yaird, and yaird show me many error
01:49<jm_>maybe try alternative initrd generator then
01:50-!-michan [] has joined #debian
01:50<jm_>mkinitramfs or what's it called
01:51<merlock>ibut what uncomon for the install kernel.deb, and same thing
01:51-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
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01:52<canhua>jm_: I googled, asked on IRC, posted in debian-user mail-list, and get no answers ;(
01:52<jm_>check the initrd it generates and inspect kernel output, that's where the clue lies
01:53<jm_>canhua: yeah it's not a trivial problem to solve - did you try it on console?
01:55-!-minimalisti [] has joined #debian
01:57<canhua>jm_: yes I did. aptitude and mutt are not messed up, while termcap/info command seems don't work either.
01:57<canhua>jm_:and the $TERM is "screen.linux"
01:57<jm_>merlock: no need to paste all that, I am not familiar with yaird since I use custom kernels that don't need initrd
01:58<canhua>jm_:insted of "screen" as in gnome-terminal
01:58<merlock>ok sorry man
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01:59<jm_>canhua: hmm setting TERM=screen makes mutt look OK for me
01:59<jm_>merlock: no need to apologize
01:59<canhua>jm_: you mean with gnome-terminal?
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02:00<merlock>ok, sorry
02:00<canhua>jm_: for me $TERM has been screen with screen inside gnome-terminal
02:00<merlock>reboot the systems, and come back
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02:01<jm_>canhua: hmm I am testing it with rxvt
02:02<jm_>canhua: same with mrxvt and xterm
02:02<jm_>canhua: it starts working with all 3 once I set TERM=screen
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02:03<canhua>jm_: you mean you write "TERM=screen" into .screenrc and then start Screen in gnome-terminal and mrxvt and xterm?
02:03<jm_>canhua: no, I tested it with export TERM=screen
02:04<jm_>canhua: i.e. in shell prior to starting mutt/aptitude/...
02:04<canhua>jm_: you mean export TERM befort start Screen?
02:05<jm_>canhua: ohh and this is also happening in a ssh session
02:05<jm_>canhua: nope, start screen, set TERM inside screen
02:05-!-chealer [] has joined #debian
02:05<canhua>jm_:what is your TERM after starting Screen and before export?
02:07<jm_>canhua: xterm in my case
02:08<canhua>jm_:for me $TERM is screen right after starting Screen
02:08<jm_>canhua: ahh I see, I had it set in .zshrc, I removed that and it uses screen now and it works fine too
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02:09<canhua>jm_: so could you send me your $TERMCAP to my ( email address, if helpful?
02:09<canhua>jm_: my email username is "chencanhua"
02:09<jm_>canhua: you mean the one dumped by screen?
02:10-!-client9 [~client9@] has joined #debian
02:10<canhua>jm_:yes, result of "echo $TERMCAP"
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02:10<jm_>canhua: ahh better use C-a . for that
02:11<canhua>jm_:ok, I am new to IRC
02:11<jm_>canhua: no, I mean screen has keyboard command to dump it in /var/run/S-....
02:11-!-zd32nv [] has joined #debian
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02:13<jm_>ok I sent myself mail as a reminder
02:14<canhua>jm_: although you can now display mutt and aptitude correctly, you still don't know why termcap/info command don't have effect, right?
02:14<jm_>canhua: correct
02:15<canhua>jm_: you mean you will sent me email later?
02:15-!-zMoo [~nicolas@] has joined #debian
02:18<jm_>canhua: yeah at home, I am at work now
02:19<canhua>jm_: ok, thank you so much^_^
02:19<jm_>actually I will use yahoo mail to send it now, forgot about that
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03:22<gsimmons>ZeroThaHero: Which wireless chipset do you have within your laptop? AFAICT, it's likely to contain an Atheros. You can use `lspci' ('pciutils' package) to confirm.
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04:16<Woet>how to find the RPM of my harddisk(s) in the server?
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04:22<Nemoder>you might be able to get the model number with hdparm
04:23<Nemoder>then you could look that up and see what it's rated at
04:23<Woet>i tried hdparm
04:23<Woet>but im unable to find my harddisk
04:23<Woet>it isnt /dev/hda/
04:24<jm_>uhm ls /sys/block
04:24-!-craigevil [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:24<Woet>loop0 loop3 loop6 ram1 ram12 ram15 ram4 ram7 sda
04:24<Woet>loop1 loop4 loop7 ram10 ram13 ram2 ram5 ram8
04:24<Woet>loop2 loop5 ram0 ram11 ram14 ram3 ram6 ram9
04:25<jm_>note the standing out sda dir
04:25<Woet>trout:~# hdparm -i /sys/block/sda
04:25<Woet>HDIO_GET_IDENTITY failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
04:25<jm_>cat /sys/block/sda/device/model
04:25<jm_>hdparm needs device files
04:25<Woet>thank you
04:26<Nemoder>(hdparm -i /dev/sda)
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05:15<xobdedi>i'm searching for a ftp client config file, like .ftprc or /ect/ftp
05:16<xobdedi>but none :/ . Could i set default mode passive ?
05:16-!-pandaren [] has left #debian [暂离]
05:17<gsimmons>xobdedi: Which FTP client are you using?
05:18-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has joined #debian
05:18<xobdedi>default debian ftp
05:19<AbsintheSyringe>if I'm comparing two directories with diff, how can I list the directories that are not in the other
05:19<gsimmons>xobdedi: Invoke the program as "pftp" instead. Or, call ftp with the -p option.
05:19<xobdedi>thx, i'll use an alias with -p
05:20<AbsintheSyringe>got it
05:20-!-Phani [~guest@] has joined #debian
05:22-!-mode/#debian [+l 373] by debhelper
05:22<themill>dpkg: tell AbsintheSyringe about about multiple ask
05:22<themill>dpkg: tell AbsintheSyringe about multiple ask
05:22<themill>dpkg: stupid bot
05:22<dpkg>no, stupid themill
05:22-!-Phani [~guest@] has quit []
05:22<AbsintheSyringe>the-dude, :D
05:23-!-canhua [~lestat@] has quit [Quit: ircII EPIC4-2.6 -- Are we there yet?]
05:23-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has joined #debian
05:23<AbsintheSyringe>I mean
05:23<AbsintheSyringe>themill, :)
05:23-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest1592
05:23-!-Guest1592 is now known as Devrethman
05:24<Devrethman>ANybody know what the deal is with grub error 17?
05:24<Devrethman>I googled it and it seems to mean that grub can't mount the partition
05:24-!-phani [~guest@] has joined #debian
05:25<Devrethman>but the solution is in general to go into the grub shell and do root (hd2,0) and setup (hd2)
05:25<Devrethman>which does not work.
05:25<zd32nv>may muon cai di
05:27-!-mantis_ [~mantis@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:34-!-Rodicio [] has joined #debian
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05:35-!-phani [~guest@] has joined #debian
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05:36-!-pos [~mark@] has joined #debian
05:37-!-phani [~guest@] has joined #debian
05:37-!-Rodicio [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:38-!-yermat [] has left #debian []
05:38<phani>i wann information abt WPS..can any body suggest me the corresponding channel
05:40-!-hkl [] has joined #debian
05:40<phani>PART debian
05:41<yang>phani: Virtual Priate Servers?
05:42<phani>i donn know
05:43-!-huygens [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:47-!-klh [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:47-!-Requiem [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:48-!-munga [] has joined #debian
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05:52-!-huygens [] has joined #debian
05:53-!-ant_ [] has joined #debian
05:54-!-Medalgod [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:54<zd32nv>irc-fresh, it seems
05:58-!-supaman [] has joined #debian
06:02-!-jm_ [] has joined #debian
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06:03-!-Kvant [hh@] has quit []
06:06-!-simonrvn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:07-!-Nemoder [] has joined #debian
06:07<ant_>is it possible to listen to music track #1 through headphone jack and simultaneously playback another song through speaker jack?... so kinda like a dj at a party?
06:08-!-Skrat [] has joined #debian
06:08-!-Shadowcat [shadowcat@] has joined #debian
06:11<supaman>ant_: yes, but you have to use two different playback programs to do it
06:11<supaman>ant_: set up one program to send their output to the headphone device and the other to the speakers
06:13-!-zd32nv [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:13-!-ali3n0 [~alieno@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:13-!-maxb [] has joined #debian
06:14-!-sheldonh [] has quit [Quit: Terminated with extreme prejudice - dircproxy 1.0.5]
06:14<ant_>do i need jackd for that or is that done with alsa alone?
06:15<supaman>ant_: ahh, I just realized ... your probably doing this through one sound card right?
06:15-!-DTE [] has joined #debian
06:15<supaman>ant_: in that case I have no idea if this possible or not
06:15<DTE>hi all
06:16<ant_>yes only one soundcard :-( ... ;-)
06:16<DTE>i have a strange problem...two configured with a virtual ip
06:16<DTE>the other one stays on another network class
06:17<DTE>if i ping the vip i cannot get any answer
06:17<DTE>if i ssh into it, it works
06:17<Skrat>Perhaps ping is firewalled
06:17-!-habtool [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:17<Skrat>My server is. ;o
06:17<DTE>i mean...the server is firewalled, ut not ping
06:17<DTE>at least till some rates :-)
06:17-!-Flakk [] has joined #debian
06:18-!-Kvant [hh@] has joined #debian
06:18-!-k1lumin4t1 [sortadi@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:18<DTE>from all the other machines i can ping to the vip
06:18<DTE>just from that server
06:19-!-nihil_ [mh@] has joined #debian
06:20<Flakk>Hi people I try to connect two desktops with a crossover ethernet cable. I ginfigured the eth interfaces properly, so that I can ping each machine from the other, ansd there is a connection. However when I try ftp or ssh i have the message "coonection refused". I guess there is some basic thing which misses. Anyone could help? ( I am at etch debian)
06:20<Flakk>sorry for a chopped messge will try again
06:20<supaman>Flakk: is the machine your trying to ssh into running sshd?
06:20-!-nihil [mh@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:20<DTE>is ssh enabled?
06:20<petemc>if you can ping, then you should just need to check the services are running
06:21-!-nihil_ [mh@] has quit []
06:21-!-nihil [mh@] has joined #debian
06:21-!-YPWang [~YPWang@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
06:21<Flakk>supaman, dte : i do not know about ssh. However I am sure that one of the machines runs ftp, since it is connected to the WEB and ftp works properly
06:22<Flakk>how could I check that sshd is running?
06:22<supaman>Flakk: a deamon and a client are two different things ...
06:22-!-nihil [mh@] has quit []
06:22-!-nihil [mh@] has joined #debian
06:22<themill>!connection refused
06:22<dpkg>When a TCP connection (e.g. telnet somehost 80) gives the error "connection refused", it means that either the service in question is not running on the specified ip address at all (apache has died), or that a firewall has rejected your SYN packet and sent back a rejection packet to you. It's a VERY CLEAR, EXPLICIT error message and ALWAYS means one of those two things.
06:22-!-linac [~lin@] has joined #debian
06:23<supaman>Flakk: to check for sshd do ps aux | grep sshd
06:23<ant_>is it possible to assign a custom command to a hotkey while working in login shell? (no x server running)
06:24<supaman>Flakk: and the same for ftp
06:24-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
06:24<Flakk>supaman: the answers: 3724 0.0 0.0 2852 708 pts/5 S+ 08:23 0:00 grep sshd
06:24<Flakk>and similar for ftp
06:25-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest1597
06:25<petemc>did you install openssh-server and a ftpd ?
06:25<supaman>Flakk: there you have it .. the machine is not running any deamons to listen for ssh or ftp connections
06:25-!-Guest1597 [] has quit []
06:25<Flakk>supaman: ok how should I make it running ftp daemon?
06:26-!-Padski [] has joined #debian
06:26-!-Skrat [] has quit [Quit: Liek bye]
06:26<ant_>eg i want to start a programm only by pressing win-hotkey. how?
06:26<Flakk>(by the way where do u see in this sequence the indication that it s NOT running ftp?)
06:26<supaman>hmm .. what ftp daemon is recomended today? ... I dont use ftp myself so I have no idea
06:26<supaman>Flakk: if sshd was running you should get a line that lookes like this: root 2319 0.0 0.1 5112 1000 ? Ss 11:28 0:00 /usr/sbin/sshd
06:26<Flakk>what do u use then?
06:27<Flakk>I see -
06:27<noflash>!ftp must die
06:27<dpkg>FTP MUST DIE!
06:27<supaman>Flakk: I use scp to transfer files
06:28<Flakk>supaman : yes I guess I did it once for the same problem (other machines)
06:28<Flakk>so I should install scp and lauhcn it, thst s it?
06:28<petemc>Flakk: what makes you think the machine would be running a ftp server?
06:29<supaman>Flakk: you have to install the ssh daemon on the receiving machine before you can connect to it with scp
06:29<supaman>Flakk: install openssh-server
06:29<Flakk>petemc: I do not think so. I did not install neither run ftp servers.
06:30<Padski>how hotplug is usb ? I have a st330 usb modem that I am about to unplug, it has a kernel module loaded but the ppp has been stopped. should I rmmod the module ? is there any other 'eject /dev/foo' type magic I'm supposed to do ? or do I just pull it out ?
06:30<themill>dpkg: tell Flakk about scp
06:30<Flakk>supaman: open-sssh is there
06:31<Flakk>now tcp?
06:31-!-Mojo1978 [] has joined #debian
06:31<supaman>Flakk: try it
06:31<Flakk>right :)
06:32<Flakk>1 sec: open ssh should be on both comps or on one?
06:32<supaman>Flakk: on the machine that you want to scp into
06:32-!-Padski [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:32<supaman>Flakk: so you have two machines ... one is called the client, the other the server ... so the server should be running sshd and you use ssh/scp on the client to connect to the server
06:33<Flakk>supaman: ok I got it. It said "authenticity can not be established.. blabla.. permanently added... to the list... I guess it s ok
06:34<supaman>Flakk: yup .. thats fine
06:34<Flakk>err. permission denied ...
06:34<Flakk>"please try again"
06:35<supaman>Flakk: your not trying to use ssh/scp and log in as root are you?
06:35-!-subjekt [] has joined #debian
06:35-!-Yvonne [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:35<supaman>dont rememer if openssh allows root logins by default
06:35-!-adema [~adema@] has joined #debian
06:36<DTE>normally it's enabled
06:36<Flakk>nope. actuall I am logged in as a user at one end, and actually it tries to login me at the other end with the same user name, which certainly can not work, since I have another nema...
06:36<supaman>Flakk: scp user@server
06:36<themill>Flakk: did you look at the example that dpkg sent you?
06:37<Flakk>wait! I do not have scp. I have only ssh, and supaman asked me to try whether it works. I AM trying
06:37<supaman>ok ... ssh user@server
06:37<themill>Flakk: ssh username@host or ssh -l username host
06:37<Flakk>ok trying
06:38<Flakk>yes it works!
06:38-!-bdusauso [~bdusauso@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:38<supaman>of course it works ;)
06:38<themill>Flakk: you're not supposed to be surprised :)
06:39<Flakk>ok suppressing the surprise... done
06:39<Flakk>well now you say scp right? should I install it on both machines?
06:40<supaman>Flakk: only the client needs to have scp insalled ...
06:40<supaman>Flakk: scp uses the same protocol as ssh and connects to the same daemon on the client
06:40<supaman>on the server I mean
06:40<Flakk>sorry - scp or tcp?
06:41<themill>Flakk: if you can ssh to the machine, then you can scp to it as well.
06:41<Flakk>ok trying
06:41<supaman>tcp is an internet protocol (something only experts need to know about)... scp is a program that users need to know about
06:42-!-Nakoo [] has joined #debian
06:42<Flakk>oh I checked the dpkg message - actually scp works to transfer ONE given file to another machine.
06:42<Flakk>1 sec will try to do it
06:42-!-Nakoo [] has quit []
06:43-!-ant_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:46-!-si0ux [] has joined #debian
06:46<themill>Flakk: you can transfer multiple files too. scp file1 file2 file3 user@host:/path/to/destination
06:46<themill>Flakk: Or use wildcards as per the dpkg example.
06:47-!-adema [~adema@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:48<DTE>anybody can please make a bonnie test on a raid 5?
06:48<Flakk>themill: excatly. It works. I sent 1 file and it is here now.
06:48<DTE>i'd like to check some performance
06:48-!-jm_ [] has joined #debian
06:49-!-ant_ [] has joined #debian
06:49<Flakk>supaman, themill, thanks. Actually I would like to have a sort of interface as in GFTP for exapmle
06:49<Flakk>I would need to trasfer the whole bunch of files form one to another
06:49<themill>Flakk: you can use sftp then instead (it works just like scp with your ssh server). There are lots of sftp clients around.
06:50<themill>dpkg: tell Flakk about sftp
06:50<Flakk>oh great, you mean it works like ftp, but based on the ssh right?
06:50<themill>Flakk: yep
06:51<Flakk>OH but I see that now Konqueror is OK to use the "fish"
06:52<Flakk>that means that I just lacked "open-ssh" on the machine
06:53-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has quit [Quit: Hit any user to continue]
06:53<Flakk>the point is that I was used to the "fish" but today I suddenly saw it did not work with my newly installed etch
06:55-!-zumbi_ is now known as zumbi
06:55-!-Daviey [] has joined #debian
06:55<Flakk>supaman, themill: thanks a lot for the help!!!
06:56-!-nata [~nata@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:56<supaman>Flakk: your welcome :)
06:56<themill>Flakk: fish is a slower alternative to sftp; you can use sftp within konqueror too and that will be better for you than fish.
06:57<Flakk>themill: with sftp@[address]??
06:57<themill>Flakk: sftp://username@hostname/path/to/folder/
06:57<Flakk>yes exactly
06:57<themill>Flakk: so pretty much identical to the fish url
06:58<Flakk>it works; will check the speed now ))
07:00<Flakk>1.3 MB/sec
07:02-!-padski [] has joined #debian
07:02-!-oahong [~oahong@] has joined #debian
07:02-!-slaxz [] has joined #debian
07:04<lowgeek>dpkg: tell lowgeek about sftp
07:04<Flakk>1.3 also with fish
07:04<padski>there is qa tool called carnivore ? like the fbi wiretap ?? :-)
07:04<Flakk>but both work great!
07:05<themill>Flakk: there is likely to be a fair difference in the CPU load between the two as well when you are transferring files. But use whatever suits you best.
07:05<themill>Flakk: fwiw, I usually get a better transfer speed with scp on the command line than using konqi anyway.
07:06<Flakk>themill: will try also. I think there is also a sort of gui for scp similar to gftp, is n t it?
07:07-!-stfux [~pinskia@] has left #debian [Leaving]
07:07<themill>Flakk: nfi. sftp is usually used by the GUIs not scp because sftp is designed for interactivity but scp is designed for batch work.
07:08<Flakk>Thanks again! I will go use all this.
07:09<supaman>but of course sshfs is the best for all this :)
07:10<supaman>just mount the remote drive once and then use normal copy/move operations
07:11<Flakk>is this the same package which is used for mounting windows? I used it once I guess
07:11<supaman>Flakk: no ... that is samba
07:12-!-ant_ [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
07:12-!-EmpereurSturm [] has joined #debian
07:12-!-EmpereurSturm [] has quit []
07:17<Flakk>Ok I will disconnect now and install open-ssh on the other machine. Have a nice day!
07:17-!-Flakk [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:17-!-linac [~lin@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:18-!-zd32nv [] has joined #debian
07:20-!-gijs [] has joined #debian
07:21<jm_>!remove kde
07:21<dpkg>rumour has it, remove kde is aptitude purge kdelibs-data kdelibs4c2a
07:21-!-qeed [] has joined #debian
07:22<supaman>!remove gnome
07:22<dpkg>it has been said that remove gnome is remove libgnome32 and libgnome2-common
07:23<padski>dpkg is wise, for example ...
07:23<dpkg>padski: i don't know
07:23<padski>!remove vi
07:23<dobian>!remove debian
07:23<dpkg>methinks remove debian is something i don't know
07:27-!-subjekt_ [] has joined #debian
07:29-!-subjekt__ [] has joined #debian
07:29-!-miksuh- [] has joined #debian
07:30-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:30-!-streuner [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
07:30-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
07:33-!-E0x [] has joined #debian
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07:35-!-subjekt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:35-!-sila [~orkide@] has joined #debian
07:35-!-sila [~orkide@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2008-06-06 11:35:52)]
07:36*dobian is away: Gone away for now.
07:36-!-subjekt_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:41-!-miksuh- [] has quit []
07:41<themill>dpkg: tell dobian about away
07:42-!-bigjocker [~bigjocker@] has joined #debian
07:42-!-Rodicio [] has joined #debian
07:43-!-hever [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:44-!-alanhaggai [~alanhagga@] has joined #debian
07:44-!-zd32nv [] has joined #debian
07:47<dobian>i have forgotten the command :p /back
07:48-!-ant_ [] has joined #debian
07:48-!-slaxz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:51-!-Skrat [] has joined #debian
07:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 373] by debhelper
07:52-!-firewallcz [] has joined #debian
07:52<Skrat>How can I configure compiz? - Running Debian Etch 4.0
07:52-!-hap [~hap@] has joined #debian
07:53-!-dilber [~sunduz@] has joined #debian
07:53-!-dilber [~sunduz@] has quit [autokilled: This host is believed to be a home to spammers. - Contact for help. (2008-06-06 11:53:52)]
07:54-!-hap [~hap@] has quit []
07:54<dpkg>extra, extra, read all about it, compiz is a window and composite manager that uses OpenGL for rendering. It runs on <Xgl> and <AIGLX>. It is <etch> and can run when AIGLX and composite are enabled for your X server. Read for configuration and usage details. Current state of Compiz (et al) in unstable can be found at
07:54-!-firewallcz [] has quit []
07:56-!-jpds [] has joined #debian
07:57-!-Alam_Debian [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:58-!-AzaTht [] has joined #debian
07:59<zd32nv>creating rules for allow dhcp on a home network, should i allow traffic on internal interface (dhcp) with destination
07:59-!-Skrat [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:00-!-tombs [] has quit [Quit: N.Y.H.C.]
08:00<jm_>?? iptables tutorial
08:00<jm_>!iptables tutorial
08:00<dpkg>from memory, iptables tutorial is
08:01<jm_>that script should have a rule for DHCP
08:02<jm_>Letting DHCP requests through iptables
08:02-!-ariel_ [~ariel@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
08:04-!-Skrat [] has joined #debian
08:05-!-Skrat [] has quit []
08:11-!-alanhaggai [~alanhagga@] has quit [Quit: ..:: The difference makes the difference ::..]
08:13-!-sysk [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:13-!-jpds is now known as Guest1606
08:13-!-Guest1606 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:13-!-jpds [] has joined #debian
08:16-!-Fenrir [fenrir@] has joined #debian
08:18<Fenrir>anyone running KDE4 on debina ?
08:18<Fenrir>* Debian
08:19-!-subjekt__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:21<themill>dpkg: tell Fenrir about kde4
08:22<dpkg>hmm... kde 4 is a new and not-yet-complete version of the KDE desktop. It will probably not be released with Lenny as it is not expected to be stable within the lenny release cycle. See or see also but ask about these experimental packages in #debian-kde not in #debian.
08:27-!-Frolic [] has joined #debian
08:27<themill>Yes, that's what dpkg just told you in a msg
08:28-!-blue_boy [~blue_boy@] has joined #debian
08:30-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
08:31-!-moka [] has joined #debian
08:31-!-Fenrir [fenrir@] has quit [Quit: Lähdössä]
08:31-!-blue_boy [~blue_boy@] has quit []
08:31-!-blue_boy [~blue_boy@] has joined #debian
08:32-!-Fenrir [fenrir@] has joined #debian
08:32-!-Fenrir [fenrir@] has quit []
08:33-!-blue_boy [~blue_boy@] has quit []
08:34-!-zd32nv [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
08:34-!-haxi [] has quit []
08:35-!-haxi [] has joined #debian
08:35-!-Fenrir [fenrir@] has joined #debian
08:35-!-tenzind [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:36-!-Skrat [] has joined #debian
08:39-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has joined #debian
08:41-!-k1lumin4t1 [sortadi@] has joined #debian
08:41-!-^FuSioN [] has joined #debian
08:42-!-astrodeb [~astrodeb@] has joined #debian
08:42-!-dasmaze [] has joined #debian
08:44-!-das_maze [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:45-!-madrescher [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:45-!-madrescher [] has joined #debian
08:46-!-geenna [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:46-!-weaseal [] has joined #debian
08:46-!-streuner [] has joined #debian
08:47<weaseal>hi, I just installed debian and I got xfce4 setup fine. I also installed compiz but I can't get it to run. It complains that the ccp plugin is not installed. I followed the wiki's instructions on installing compiz but it's a no-go, can anyone give me a pointer?
08:47-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
08:48-!-petterson [] has joined #debian
08:49<petterson>how can I connect to a linux machine through the internet (using it like was locally)?
08:50<petterson>which app should I use?
08:50-!-visik7 [] has joined #debian
08:51<Skrat>Or you could use X forwarding... but SSH is better
08:51<petterson>can I "attach" to an existing desktop using openssh-client?
08:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 379] by debhelper
08:52<weaseal>petterson, I think you want VNC
08:52<^FuSioN>do someone yet installed a webmail server here with postfix+ssl+dovecot ? :/
08:52<weaseal>try's nice
08:52<gungan>petterson: do you need GUI access or just shell?
08:52<petterson>I need GUI
08:52<gungan>then weaseal has the best suggestion
08:53-!-infernixx [] has joined #debian
08:53<petterson>I know how to do the shell one :)
08:53<Skrat>Then X forwarding.. VNC can be really slow at times
08:53<^FuSioN>vnc is good but X must be enable on the computer where you are trying to join
08:53<Skrat>- It has been for me
08:53<weaseal>^FuSioN, that's not true...just a vnc server
08:53<petterson>Thanks a lot weasel, ^FuSionN, gungan and Srkat
08:53<^FuSioN>really ? :)
08:54<^FuSioN>i didn't know
08:54<Skrat>Welcome.. :P
08:55-!-cahoot [~radix@] has joined #debian
08:55-!-linac [~lin@] has joined #debian
09:04-!-seanius [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:05-!-azeem-un1 is now known as azeem-uni
09:05-!-zaikxtox [~divirtien@] has joined #debian
09:05-!-thomas [] has joined #debian
09:05-!-thomas [] has left #debian []
09:05<zaikxtox>hello. i have e problem compiling a source code. it includes the math.h but gives me: undefined reference to `sqrt'. it's on debian Etch
09:06<zaikxtox>also made a program including math.h and using sqrt and works fine. some idea of what can be wrong?
09:06<screenn>zaikxtox are you sure about distributive what you use?
09:07<themill>zaikxtox: are you linking against libm? (-lm)
09:07*screenn is thinking about gentoo linux
09:07<zaikxtox>screenn, Debian etch 4.0r3
09:07-!-dutche [~dutche@] has joined #debian
09:08<zaikxtox>themill, i'm trying to make deb's from e17 snapshot...
09:08<zaikxtox>themill, i will see the line to ensure that -lm is set
09:09<padski>zaikxtox, I get that if I try to sqrt an integer
09:09<screenn>you know, it's not simple, to compile something, you need some knowladge before
09:09<themill>zaikxtox: I get that if I try to sqrt without -lm too :)
09:09<enouf>zaikxtox: you have #include <math.h> and #include <stdio.h> in the header?
09:09<zaikxtox>padski, that's interesting... but the line in question cast's to double
09:09<enouf>erm, .c file?
09:09<zaikxtox>enouf, math.h only.
09:10<zaikxtox>themill, i think that is a -lm problem.
09:10<themill>enouf: that would give a different error, something like warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘sqrt’
09:11<themill>zaikxtox: likely to be.... you need to look at the linking step. You could just add -lm to the list of libs for all of it, won't hurt :)
09:11<zaikxtox>ok. i will make a little investigation with all the ideas :) will come with resolution or failure in a minte
09:11<padski>zaikxtox, I don't seem to have sqrt() in my math.h :-(
09:11-!-pysko [~pysko@] has joined #debian
09:11<weaseal>is there a way to downgrade packages? and if so where can i find package archives for debian?
09:12<themill>weaseal: /msg dpkg downgrade ; /msg dpkg snapshots
09:13<enouf> gcc -lm ./sqrt-code.c -o ./sqrt-code-run <--works for me (talk about a beginners tutorial :-P)
09:13<jm_>even man page for sqrt says: Link with -lm.
09:13-!-Zathraz [] has joined #debian
09:13<zaikxtox>padski, it's strange, i have looked the math.h too, but if you make a small test.c with include <math.h> it works fine... still without -lm
09:13<weaseal>themill, ok, so i know how to downgrade now...where can i get the old .deb files?
09:14-!-jobe [] has joined #debian
09:14-!-ernesto [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
09:14<themill>weaseal: /msg dpkg snapshots
09:14<zaikxtox>enouf, yes, i have tried and found that i can use sqrt on simpler programs....
09:14<themill>zaikxtox: gcc appears to have an inbuilt sqrt too. But you still need -lm
09:15-!-geenna [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:15<themill>zaikxtox: erm scrap that... it's just using it before it's defined and the linker sorts it out
09:15-!-pysko [~pysko@] has left #debian []
09:15<themill>zaikxtox: but you still need -lm for the linker to find things for you
09:16-!-bigjocker [~bigjocker@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:16-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
09:16-!-bigjocker [~bigjocker@] has joined #debian
09:16<enouf>might he be missing something like libc6-dev or something? i don't know
09:16-!-Woet [~woet@] has joined #debian
09:16<Woet>how can I setup the squid proxy server so that people need to enter a username/password before being able to use it ?
09:16<weaseal>themill, hm, dpkg bot mentioned the archives webpage, but it seems to be incomplete. it is missing previous versions that i had. is there anywhere else?
09:16<zaikxtox>anyway it's just to try latest e17 snapshot. i will stick on wmaker if it does not compile :)
09:17<enouf>weaseal: you still might have the .deb archive on your machine, no?
09:17<weaseal>i don't, no
09:17<themill>weaseal: pretty much everything goes there. what are you looking for in particular?
09:17<weaseal>libcompizconfig0 0.6.3
09:18-!-jobe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:19<zaikxtox>themill, -lm hack on the Makefile did the works
09:19<jm_>Woet: configure authentication in squid
09:19<zaikxtox>thanks a lot
09:19-!-dazpop [] has joined #debian
09:19<themill>zaikxtox: no worries... have fun with it... (I'll go back to writing a compiler now ;)
09:19<Woet>jm_: any tutorial/help?
09:20<gsimmons>!tell Woet -about squid
09:20<dazpop>hi any one what to chat
09:20<Zathraz>Hi, lvm and sw raid: can I place /boot and / on that or is that a bad idea?
09:20<Woet>gsimmons: no tutorial there.
09:21<jm_>Woet: you have examples in the default config file
09:21<Woet>'Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.'
09:21<gsimmons>Woet: At least try follow the links provided.
09:21<Woet>i want to get a login instead of such message
09:21-!-meandtheshell1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
09:21-!-dazpop [] has quit []
09:21-!-ccube [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:21<Fenrir>what was the command to clear temp/cache ?
09:22<Zathraz>the apt cache? apt-get clean
09:22<^FuSioN>apt-get clean
09:22<Woet>im using webmin, but I cant find it there
09:22-!-meandtheshell1 [] has joined #debian
09:22-!-dazpop [] has joined #debian
09:23<jm_>read the squid FAQ then
09:23<Woet>where is it?
09:23<themill>weaseal: that's really odd. Seems like snapshots isn't updating :(
09:23-!-kalpik [~kalpik@] has joined #debian
09:23<Fenrir>Zathraz, what about tmp folders ect
09:24<Zathraz>use rm on that
09:24<Fenrir>tmp files
09:24<Zathraz>or reboot ;-)
09:24<gsimmons>Woet: There are links to the FAQ and Wiki - not to mention a configuration guide - on Squid's home page.
09:24<Zathraz>or reconfig a tmpreaper
09:25-!-Lex|wrk [] has joined #debian
09:26<enouf>Fenrir: there's the TMPTIME= variable you can set in /etc/default/rcS
09:26<enouf>but you likely just want rm
09:27-!-dazpop [] has quit []
09:27-!-vampire [] has joined #debian
09:27-!-Lex|wrk [] has quit []
09:27<enouf>Fenrir: otherwise, your browser usually has a 'clear cache' feature if it's using /tmp
09:28<vampire>need help to instal ati radeon 1950 pro on debian
09:28<enouf>hrm, is that radeonhd? or ..
09:28<enouf>and? are you using Etch? or lenny?
09:29-!-jm_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:29<vampire>how can i see that what i use?
09:29-!-janos [] has joined #debian
09:29<enouf>cat /etc/debian_version
09:29-!-seanius [] has joined #debian
09:29<petterson>I must use vncviewer to access the other machine?
09:29<enouf>vampire: ok, so what's the issue?
09:30<enouf>!info xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd lenny
09:30<Woet>I simply want, if people try to connect to squid, it will ask a username/password (HTTP or HTML). If this is correct, the user should be able to browse anything. How?
09:30-!-Fenrir [fenrir@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:30<^FuSioN>yes but vncserver must be on the computer that you are trying to join
09:30<dpkg>xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd: (X.Org X server -- AMD/ATI r5xx, r6xx display driver), section x11, is optional. Version: 1.2.1-2 (lenny), Packaged size: 192 kB, Installed size: 440 kB
09:30<vampire>i download ati drivers from ati home page
09:31<enouf>vampire: be sure to 'man radeonhd'
09:31<vampire>and then
09:31<Level2Tech>Ima roll horde
09:31<vampire>Error: ./ does not support version
09:31<vampire>default:v2:i686:lib::none:2.6.24-1-486; make sure that the version is being
09:31<vampire>correctly set by --iscurrentdistro
09:31<vampire>Removing temporary directory: fglrx-install.Fm5510
09:31-!-vampire was kicked from #debian by debhelper [use the paster bot or #flood]
09:31<enouf>ewww 3d proprietary blobs, yuk
09:31-!-vampire [] has joined #debian
09:31<Level2Tech>yeah man how dare you flood the channel
09:31<vampire>Error: ./ does not support version default:v2:i686:lib::none:2.6.24-1-486; make sure that the version is being
09:31<vampire>correctly set by --iscurrentdistro
09:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 385] by debhelper
09:32<vampire>thats is a problem
09:32<petterson>^FuSioN: when I use it it opens a window with a terminal, the desktop doesnt't appear, is that right?
09:32<enouf>vampire: cat /proc/version
09:33<enouf>vampire: seems you want the -686 kernel
09:33<^FuSioN>you can see the terminal in the vnc vieuw ?
09:33-!-geenna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:33<vampire>how change fro 486 to 686 kernel?
09:34<enouf>vampire: /msg dpkg grounding
09:34<^FuSioN>petterson, if you only see a terminal, it's probably because no desktop has been intalled
09:34-!-Woet [~woet@] has quit []
09:35<^FuSioN>i guess it's a server ?
09:35<petterson>^FuSioN: it has a desktop installed, but I haven't configured anything for vnc though (should I have?)
09:36<^FuSioN>normally, if the desktop is running on the computer, you have nothing to do :/
09:37<gsimmons>vampire: You would want to use the Debian-packaged fglrx drivers, ATI's installer/configurator is not supported here. /msg dpkg fglrx
09:37-!-d0rt [~ni@] has joined #debian
09:37-!-oahong [~oahong@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:38-!-Vorti|Away [] has joined #debian
09:39-!-Vorti|Away [] has quit []
09:39-!-janos [] has left #debian []
09:40-!-amdgoon [~amdgoon@] has quit [Quit: The day after tomorrow is the third day of the rest of your life.]
09:41-!-ernesto [] has joined #debian
09:41<Skrat>What packages are in net-tools?
09:41-!-ccube [] has joined #debian
09:42-!-Rodicio [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
09:42-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
09:44-!-msoon [~msoon@] has joined #debian
09:44-!-supaman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:45-!-swolf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:46-!-bdusauso [] has joined #debian
09:46-!-EmleyMoor [] has joined #debian
09:47<EmleyMoor>Is there a good DVB-T card that works in etch?
09:47<EmleyMoor>(e.g. do Hauppauge ones work well?)
09:48-!-Blacker47 [] has joined #debian
09:49-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [] has joined #debian
09:49<vampire>tnx for help.. se ya later
09:50-!-fike [] has joined #debian
09:50-!-stevem_ [~stevem@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:50-!-vampire [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
09:51<^FuSioN>do someone could help me for "SASL PLAIN authentication" ? :/
09:53-!-liner [] has joined #debian
09:53-!-madrescher [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
09:54-!-liner [] has quit []
09:55<weaseal>in debian how do i list all packages that are not depended on by others?
09:55<gsimmons>EmleyMoor: See the DVB Wiki (, there's a section on supported DVB-T devices. I've previously used a Twinhan "VisionPlus" (PCI) on Etch without issue.
09:56<gsimmons>weaseal: deborphan
09:56<weaseal>thanks gsimmons
09:56-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:57<weaseal>so $ sudo apt-get remove $(deborphan) would be safe?
09:57-!-yo [] has joined #debian
09:57-!-slaxz [] has joined #debian
09:58<themill>weaseal: unlikely.
09:59-!-adema [~adema@] has joined #debian
10:00-!-MotoHoss [] has joined #debian
10:00<weaseal>why not?
10:01<weaseal>is they are not depended on...they are not used...and if they are not used...they are wasting space :P
10:01-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
10:01-!-adrian [~adrian@] has joined #debian
10:02-!-ccube [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:03-!-alanhaggai [~alanhagga@] has joined #debian
10:04<themill>weaseal: anything locally compiled might depend on them, but that won't be noted within the package system's database, hence deborphan will think that it's not needed when it really is.
10:04<weaseal>true. i'm not running anything locally compiled tho at the moment
10:04-!-srini [~chatzilla@] has joined #debian
10:05-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:06<DTE>i wanted to use xen from backports...
10:06<DTE>do i still need to install a kernel-xen ?
10:06<themill>weaseal: I'm also not sure how deborphan handles things that are "recommends" not "depends". You usually want "Recommended" packages which is why they are now installed automatically by default.
10:07<weaseal>we'll find out ;) i just ran it on a loop till it found nothing to remove
10:07-!-hever [] has joined #debian
10:07-!-snogglethorpe [] has joined #debian
10:07-!-hever [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:08-!-client [] has joined #debian
10:09-!-knoppix_ [] has joined #debian
10:09<client>hi, i was going to install debian from the cd, would you guys recommend against using a wireless connection?
10:09-!-knoppix_ is now known as Guest1620
10:10-!-pos [~mark@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:10-!-kalpik [~kalpik@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:10<client>the internet install CD
10:10<petterson>how can I set the actual desktop to be available to vnc? i.e.: desktop:0
10:11<E0x>petterson: i use x112vnc
10:11<E0x>apt-cache show x112vnc
10:11-!-dmz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:11-!-Guest1620 [] has quit []
10:11<E0x>client: hmm a ethernet conection i think will be better
10:12-!-^FuSioN [] has quit [Quit: bye]
10:12<E0x>for the install process
10:12-!-nova [] has joined #debian
10:12<petterson>E0x ... package not found
10:12<client>grrr. i was afraid of that EOx, i'm gonna have to move my pc....
10:12<petterson>will look for it
10:12<client>what if i find the the package to my wireless card
10:13<client>how do i include that in the install cd?
10:13-!-frend [~frend@] has joined #debian
10:13-!-geenna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:13-!-adema [~adema@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:14-!-xobdedi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:14<E0x>petterson: sorry , x11vnc
10:14<E0x>without the 2
10:14-!-frend [~frend@] has quit []
10:14-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
10:14-!-xobdedi [] has joined #debian
10:14<petterson>now I have it :)
10:14-!-coobe [] has joined #debian
10:15<E0x>client: maybe you wifi will detect , but think about it what could be more easy ? try add teh support to the netinstall cd or just move to a ethernet conection ?
10:15<client>thanks... EOx
10:16-!-client [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.0/2008052906]]
10:16-!-dmz [] has joined #debian
10:17-!-coobe [] has quit []
10:18-!-kalpik [~kalpik@] has joined #debian
10:19-!-dmz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:20<petterson>E0x x11vnc worked, thanks
10:20-!-professor [] has joined #debian
10:20<petterson>E0x: it uses the tightvnc resources (i.e.:compresssion)
10:22-!-professor [] has quit []
10:22-!-padski [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:22-!-gijs [] has left #debian [Ik ga weg]
10:22<petterson>E0x... the last one was a question... hehehe
10:22<petterson>E0x: it uses the tightvnc resources (i.e.:compresssion)?
10:23-!-gijs [] has joined #debian
10:23<E0x>no idea
10:24-!-ant_ [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:26-!-ravenbird [] has joined #debian
10:26-!-Diva [] has joined #debian
10:26-!-blubb [] has joined #debian
10:26-!-blubb [] has left #debian []
10:27<petterson>E0x, thanks a lot :)
10:27-!-petterson [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
10:27<Diva>Não tô entendendo ???
10:28-!-zaikxtox [~divirtien@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
10:28<dpkg>Este canal é apenas em inglês. Por favor, use #debian-br (/j #debian-br) para ajuda em portugues.
10:28-!-ernesto [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:30-!-gijs [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:30-!-Eunice [] has joined #debian
10:31<Eunice>Estou tentando configurar o Xchat
10:31<Eunice>Não entendo quase nada....
10:31<Diva>olá eunice
10:31<Diva>estou perdida
10:31<Eunice>Oi Diva, que sufoco hein...!!!
10:31<Eunice>Como configura isso????
10:31<Diva>não tô entendendo nada???
10:32<Diva>dpkg..por favor nos oriente
10:34-!-Diva [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
10:35-!-tehk [] has joined #debian
10:35-!-yo [] has quit [Quit: Abandonando]
10:36-!-professor [] has joined #debian
10:36-!-professor [] has quit []
10:37-!-dmz [] has joined #debian
10:37-!-dobian [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:37-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has joined #debian
10:39-!-panagos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:39-!-panagos [] has joined #debian
10:40-!-apensiv [] has joined #debian
10:40-!-apensiv [] has quit []
10:42-!-nihil [mh@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:42-!-jclinton [] has joined #debian
10:43-!-Zathras [] has joined #debian
10:43-!-cal [] has joined #debian
10:44-!-TuK [~tuk@] has joined #debian
10:44-!-TuK [~tuk@] has quit []
10:48-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:49-!-Eunice [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
10:50-!-Zathraz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:51-!-Medalgod [] has joined #debian
10:53-!-gungan [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:53-!-srini [~chatzilla@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:53-!-MotoHoss [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
10:53-!-odla [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:54-!-zix99 [] has joined #debian
10:54<zix99>Anyone in here using sid and having an issue with pidgin's window location with metacity?
10:56-!-Mobil [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:57-!-Mobil [] has joined #debian
10:57-!-ernesto [] has joined #debian
10:57-!-juin [] has joined #debian
10:57-!-juin [] has left #debian []
10:58-!-tr10 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:05-!-juls [] has joined #debian
11:06-!-gungan [] has joined #debian
11:06-!-juls [] has quit []
11:06-!-zMoo [~nicolas@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:08-!-sKrg [] has joined #debian
11:09-!-sKrg [] has left #debian []
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11:09-!-eSa| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:09-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:10-!-sime [] has joined #debian
11:10-!-eSa| [] has joined #debian
11:10-!-_eSa|_ [] has joined #debian
11:13-!-_eSa|_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:13-!-eSa| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:14-!-eSa| [] has joined #debian
11:15-!-catix [] has joined #debian
11:15-!-catix [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:16-!-yann [] has joined #debian
11:16-!-yann is now known as Guest1628
11:17-!-jakerive1 [] has joined #debian
11:17-!-Torsten_W [] has joined #debian
11:18-!-MotoHoss [] has joined #debian
11:19-!-jakerive1 [] has quit []
11:20-!-zix99 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:20-!-MrJoey [joey@] has joined #debian
11:21-!-panagos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:21-!-qeed [] has quit [Quit: qeed]
11:24-!-qeed [] has joined #debian
11:25-!-Guest1628 [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
11:27-!-visik7 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:31-!-fike_ [] has joined #debian
11:32-!-munckfish [~munckfish@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:33-!-gungan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:33-!-gungan-ugh [~mike@] has joined #debian
11:34-!-gungan-ugh is now known as gungan
11:34-!-fike [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:34-!-emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Quit: That's all for now, folks]
11:36-!-ali3n0 [] has joined #debian
11:36-!-cal [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:38<weaseal>what are the names of the source repositories so i cna add them to sources.list??
11:39-!-bdusauso [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:39<weaseal>i can't find it anywhere!!
11:39<EmleyMoor>weaseal: Just add deb-src lines to match the deb ones
11:39-!-Bas1984 [] has left #debian [Kopete 0.12.3 :]
11:39-!-k0rfain [] has joined #debian
11:40-!-alvarezp [] has quit [Quit: alvarezp]
11:40-!-k0rfain [] has left #debian []
11:42-!-mode/#debian [+l 375] by debhelper
11:42-!-tjol_ [] has joined #debian
11:43-!-norimitu [] has joined #debian
11:43-!-norimitu [] has quit []
11:44-!-Fade_To_Black [] has joined #debian
11:44<Fade_To_Black>how do I install more than one language for gnome?
11:44-!-msoon [~msoon@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:44<DTE> it normal for a raid 10 with 4 sas 2,5" 10K disks to write sequentially about 122MB/s??
11:46<weaseal>writing is slower on RAID 10
11:46<weaseal>reading is faster, writing is slower
11:46<weaseal>it has to write the same thing 4 times
11:47<DTE>in 10? isn't only 2 times?
11:49<SlayerXP>if you're striping mirrors, then it's 4, if you're mirroring a strip, it's 2
11:50-!-tjol [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:51-!-thepretender84 [] has joined #debian
11:53<DTE>as far as i know 10 is striping a mirror
11:53-!-Flakk [] has joined #debian
11:53<DTE>but why write 4 times?
11:54-!-Zathras [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:54<Flakk>Hello people. If I want to know the exact version of a package which is installed on my machine ( java for exemple) how can I do this?
11:55<gungan>try "dpkg -l | grep <package name>"
11:56<gungan>Flakk: using your example "dpkg -l | grep java"
11:56-!-agabus [] has joined #debian
11:56<Bartman007>even better. dpkg -l <package name>
11:56<gungan>hey less typing. I like it :)
11:56<Flakk>gungan: this does not give version, produces Usage: java [-options] class [args...]
11:56<EmleyMoor>Shouldnt do
11:56-!-Fade_To_Black [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:57<EmleyMoor>dpkg -l java should not give that
11:57<dpkg>No packages found matching java should not give that
11:57<gungan>did you type a lower case L?
11:57<Bartman007>Flakk: sure you didn't enter `dpkg -l | java' ?
11:57<gungan>or did you try i?
11:57<Flakk>1 sec. I am trying now exactly the following: dpkg -l java (as root)
11:58-!-rhollan [~rhollan@] has joined #debian
11:58<Flakk>replies: No packages found matching java
11:58<Flakk>which is strange, since I know that java is there and works
11:58-!-rhollan [~rhollan@] has quit []
11:58<gungan>hmm...could the package be labeled something other than "java"?
11:58<Bartman007>Flakk: but "java" probably isn't the package name
11:58<agabus>is the current Debian Testing stable enough for general everyday home use? or is it currently in an unstable fluctuating state due to some major transitional packages being merged? Etch is just getting too old me for.
11:59<EmleyMoor>So dpkg -l | grep java might be more use there
11:59-!-Dargol [] has joined #debian
11:59<Flakk>trying again grep
11:59<cahoot>dpkg -l|grep jre ?
11:59<dpkg>cahoot: I don't know, could you explain it?
11:59<EmleyMoor>agabus: If you want stable, etch with backports could be what you really need
11:59<Flakk>oh yes it works !
12:00<gungan>Flakk: np :)
12:01<agabus>EmleyMoor - yeah I use backports for things like openoffice. does backports do major things like GNOME and GTK? I wanna run the new firefox but u need newer GTK versions.
12:05-!-DaCapn [] has quit [Quit: DaCapn]
12:06-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
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12:19-!-Skrat [] has quit [Quit: Liek bye]
12:20-!-nslater [] has joined #debian
12:20<nslater>how do I install a one-off package without pulling in the recommends?
12:20-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
12:21-!-hollo [~hollo@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:25-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
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12:29-!-Lex [~alex@] has joined #debian
12:29<xid>nslater, using dpkg ?
12:29-!-Lex is now known as Guest1639
12:29-!-dpm [] has joined #debian
12:30<nslater>xid: I am prepared to use whatever it takes :)
12:31-!-githogori [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:32<nslater>"aptitude --without-recommends"
12:32-!-nslater [] has left #debian [bruce schneier closed the connection]
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12:33-!-vdsy [] has joined #debian
12:36-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
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12:52-!-sim [] has joined #debian
12:53<Guest1639> hello anyone knows how to change default screen resolution on KDM?evendogh 1280x1024 is my first choice on xorg.conf kdm just starts at 1024x800
12:53-!-_42 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:55-!-_42 [] has joined #debian
12:55-!-LeGreffi3R [] has joined #debian
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12:55-!-ug [] has joined #debian
12:56-!-Flakk [] has joined #debian
12:56-!-mikes [~mikes@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:57<Flakk>Hello people Here I am again with my Java troubles. I have Java5 installed, and apt-cache search java gives only java5 as possible installation candidate. However I would really need Java6, since some WEB sites require it. Can I get Java6 with debian etch?
12:58-!-sim [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
12:59-!-sim [] has joined #debian
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13:07-!-jaany [] has joined #debian
13:08<Flakk>maxb : thanks that is fine I found it
13:08<Flakk>tying to install now
13:08-!-jaany [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:08-!-Flakk [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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13:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 368] by debhelper
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14:02-!-tehk [] has joined #debian
14:02-!-sheldonh [] has joined #debian
14:06<Aleric>I wonder why I get this error: Pango-WARNING **: Error loading GPOS table 5503
14:09-!-wurstwolf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:09-!-michelle_ [] has joined #debian
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14:10-!-thomasbl [] has joined #debian
14:13-!-flami [] has joined #debian
14:15-!-MrJoey [joey@] has joined #debian
14:15<sheldonh>i hope 4.0r4 is released soon to address the openss[hl] debacle
14:17-!-sim [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
14:17-!-zMoo [~nicolas@] has joined #debian
14:18-!-shantanu [~shantanu@] has joined #debian
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14:23-!-Glenn^BF [] has joined #debian
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14:24-!-Bladesman [] has joined #debian
14:24-!-fxiny [] has joined #debian
14:28-!-k1lumin4t1 [sortadi@] has joined #debian
14:29-!-Nakoo [] has joined #debian
14:30<simonrvn>ravenbird: status
14:30<ravenbird>Since Fri Jun 6 14:25:02 2008, there have been 0 modifications, 0 questions, 0 dunnos, 0 morons and 0 commands. I have been awake for 4h 5m 1s this session, and currently reference 20946 factoids. I'm using about 26864 kB of memory. With 0 active forks. Process time user/system 12.81/1.19 child 0.03/0.03
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14:32-!-mode/#debian [+l 374] by debhelper
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14:34-!-craigevil [] has joined #debian
14:35-!-habtool [] has joined #debian
14:35<kop>Is there some standard debian local config file in /etc/udev/rules.d/ or should I use 010_local.rules for lack of anything better? Does the LSB say anything about this?
14:36<Bladesman>Is there something special that I should run to get the system to recognize the USRobotics router I'm using? DCC SEND and Instant Messenging clients just don't seem to work.
14:36<kop>Bladesman : But other Internet access does?
14:37<kop>Bladesman : And you've done nothing on the debian box to setup a firewall?
14:37<Bladesman>Yeah. It never seems to work with samba either.
14:37-!-geenna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:38<kop>Bladesman : I'd bet that there's something going on either with your ISP or the router that's blocking stuff. You might be able to do something traceroute-ish with hping3 to tell for sure.
14:39<Bladesman>Running arno-iptables.
14:39<kop>Bladesman : Disable it and see if the problem goes away.
14:40<Bladesman>Did the same before the firewall.
14:40-!-kalango [] has joined #debian
14:42-!-Seb [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:42<kop>Bladesman : If you're testing a tcp protocol then use telnet to connect to the right port on whatever server and see if it will establish a tcp connection. If not, the problem's in the network. If so, the problem _could_ be in the network but I'd start by looking at the application.
14:43<Bladesman>Will do that. Thank you.
14:43-!-Rodicio [] has joined #debian
14:43<kop>Bladesman : Only if you're at some university or something would I expect them to be messing with, e.g, im traffic.
14:44<kop>Bladesman : "the network" includes your box's firewall
14:44-!-xobdedi [] has quit [Quit: xobdedi]
14:45-!-habtool [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:46<Bladesman>The router has it's own firewall, which I was using before the arno firewall. Took a driver to get Windows to use the router, tho, and was wondering if Debian needed the same.
14:46<kop>Bladesman : The router is an external device connected via ethernet?
14:46-!-Seb [] has joined #debian
14:47<kop>Bladesman : I can't imagine why you'd need a driver, for either MS Windows or Linux.
14:48<kop>Bladesman : If I had to guess, your router is "helping protect" you from the big bad Internet.
14:48<Bladesman>Me either. I only know Windows (or linux, apparently) can see the sucker unless I run the CD that came with it.
14:50-!-munga [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
14:51-!-kalango [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:53-!-click170 [] has quit [Quit: click170]
14:53<Bladesman>I know I'm assigned the IP, and the next port is .101, .102, and .103, respectively I'm wondering if that info needs to be put in /etc somewhere.
14:54-!-shantanu [~shantanu@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:56-!-ffws|hathe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:56<Pryon>Not unless you know those addresses are in use and you need to refer to those by name
14:56<Pryon>s/those by/them by/
14:58<Bladesman>Yeah, I have " mickeysoft" in /etc/hosts.
15:00<Bladesman>Was wondering if localhost should be instead of
15:00<kop>Bladesman : You either use dhcp, or you keep track of your own staticlly assigned addresses. You just have to know what your nework is doing with IP address allocation so you can decide.
15:02*Bladesman wonders if there's a network administrator's guide.
15:02-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
15:03-!-Bladesman is now known as Blades-AFK
15:03-!-dmz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:03<sheldonh>yes, no, i this is
15:03<fxiny>Bladesman: no , local host is , should be the fqdn
15:04-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
15:05-!-`villain` [~villain@] has joined #debian
15:05-!-smaug9 [] has joined #debian
15:05-!-smaug9 [] has quit []
15:05-!-smaug9 [] has joined #debian
15:06-!-geenna [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:07-!-esop [~wade@] has joined #debian
15:07-!-smaug9 [] has left #debian []
15:10-!-yvasilev [~yvasilev@] has joined #debian
15:11-!-daniel_ [] has joined #debian
15:13-!-wurstwolf [] has joined #debian
15:14-!-daniel_ [] has quit []
15:16-!-MrNaz [~naz@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:16-!-emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Quit: That's all for now, folks]
15:16-!-MrJoey [joey@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:17-!-munckfish [] has joined #debian
15:17<ug>Somehow something got very messed up with my packages; I want to install some packages, but can't because things are pending configuration. seems my MTA is not fully installed (the daemon appears to be but it is dependent on mail-transfer-agent which is not). When doing `dpkg --configure -a' it fails to configure the mta and then it fails to configure mdadm (cannot bring up arrays) but I do not have any RAID arrays on this box. I can't seem to
15:18<valdyn>ug: mmail-transfer-agent is not a package
15:18<ug>perhaps I should manually remove mdadm?
15:18<valdyn>ug: its never configured or installed
15:19<dondelelcaro>ug: run dpkg --configure -a; and then provide us with the complete output.
15:19<ug>valdyn: ah, why does dpkg complain about it then?
15:19<valdyn>ug: you certainly dont need that package if you do not have a raid
15:19<ug>dondelelcaro: sure thing let me paste it up :)
15:19<ug>valdyn: I agree, thus my perplexion
15:19<valdyn>ug: its a virtual package which means that it represents a functionality that packages may depend on and that packages may provide
15:20<valdyn>ug: you do not have a package installed and configured that provides that virtual package.
15:21<valdyn>ug: for instance, exim4-daemon-light "Provides: exim4-localscanapi-1.0, exim4-localscanapi-1.1, mail-transport-agent ..."
15:21<ug> <<< I just noticed it is actually trying to start exim but there is something wrong with the init script, apparently
15:22-!-wurstwolf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:22-!-nano [~nano@] has joined #debian
15:22<valdyn>ug: use the exim4 from sid
15:22-!-papageorgio [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:22<valdyn>ug: this is a known bug in testing
15:22<nano>alguien me puede ayudar
15:22<valdyn>ug: or read the bug report
15:23<valdyn>ug: mdadm isnt giving an error, its only giving a warning
15:23<valdyn>ug: ERROR lilo fails for new /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-2-686: <- that is the error
15:23-!-tiagosab [~tiago@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:24<dondelelcaro>ug: follow the instructions in which will resolve your issue
15:24<dondelelcaro>ug: if you don't need exim working, you can also add exit 0; to the init script as a temporary workaround until that bug is fixed.
15:24<ug>dondelelcaro: many humble thanks
15:25<ug>valdyn: you too :)
15:25-!-Dargol [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:25-!-Blades-AFK [] has quit [Quit: Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths.]
15:25-!-Dargol [] has joined #debian
15:25<ug>valdyn: on that error, any insight? I don't know why it WOULD fail and it doesn't say more, but I haven't searched around yet so maybe I'll getback to you on it
15:25<valdyn>ug: your lilo seems to be configured wrongly and mdadm too. I wouldnt know why the hell, or why you even have lilo and not grub
15:26<nano>no puedo instalar el programa Ntfs-3g error libc6
15:26<valdyn>ug: your lilo is set to install to a raid it seems
15:26<sheldonh>death to lilo!
15:26<ug>valdyn: for some reason when installing this box it failed for grub but succeeded for lilo -don'task me why I have no idea >_<
15:27<ug>valdyn: do you think it would be possible to remove lilo and install grub, thus fixing it?
15:27<ug>well, I mean I know it's possible, but I mean... ah hell I'll just try it :P
15:27<valdyn>ug: the error is not using lilo, so i cant tell you if using grub instead would fix it
15:28-!-Politics [] has joined #debian
15:28<valdyn>ug: one part of the error is certainly in your lilo.conf
15:28<ug>which I have not touched :(
15:28*ug hates lilo :(
15:28-!-sim [] has joined #debian
15:28<ug>ah the joys of testing :P
15:28<valdyn>ug: you used the testing installer?
15:29-!-nano [~nano@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:29<valdyn>ug: now thats your problem, probably, you are supposed to use a stable installer
15:29<ug>valdyn: I was not aware of that caveat but it seems sensible; however the new daily installer build lets you install any branch you want (at least from the business card)
15:30<ug>which I thought was awesomely cool
15:30-!-Skrat [] has joined #debian
15:30-!-sim [] has left #debian []
15:30<ug>beta2 will be niice; looking forward to lenny's release
15:37-!-valdyn [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:37-!-valdyn [] has joined #debian
15:38-!-HaMMiE [] has joined #debian
15:39-!-mirai33 [~apo@] has joined #debian
15:39-!-AbsintheSyringe [~havoc@] has joined #debian
15:41-!-hobophobe [] has joined #debian
15:43-!-screenn [~screenn@] has quit [Quit: bye bye all]
15:45-!-hobophobe [] has quit []
15:46-!-cupis [] has joined #debian
15:46-!-Lex [~alex@] has joined #debian
15:47-!-csm888 [] has joined #debian
15:47-!-Lex is now known as Guest1661
15:48-!-kevind23 [] has joined #debian
15:52-!-Skrat [] has quit [Quit: Liek bye]
15:54-!-csm888 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:55-!-ixydakis [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-pipaan [~pipaan@] has joined #debian
15:55<ixydakis>hi everybody..
15:56<ixydakis>i am new in Debian and genraly have a little exp in Linux...
15:56<ixydakis>i have a system with Windows Vista..:((
15:56<ixydakis>and i want to install Deboan
15:57<ixydakis>i have one problem thoguh
15:57<ixydakis>i download the netinstall iso
15:57-!-E0x_ [] has joined #debian
15:57<ixydakis>and wrote it to a DVD
15:57-!-sebash_ [] has joined #debian
15:58<ixydakis>and tried to boot
15:58<ixydakis>from CD
15:58<ixydakis>but the problem is that when ti boots
15:58-!-brunojesus [~brunojesu@] has joined #debian
15:58<ixydakis>it boots on some DOS
15:58-!-infernixx [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:59<ixydakis>can someone help me with this?
15:59-!-devrethman [~devrethma@] has joined #debian
15:59<ixydakis>oh...i should contact brenda?
15:59<devrethman>How does one go about burning an ISO image to a disc using the command line?
15:59<Guest1661>which IRC client is best for KDE? Ksirc is pretty crappy
15:59<devrethman>konversation is nice
15:59<streuner>Guest1661: X-Chat :-)
16:00<esop>devrethman: wodim
16:00<ixydakis>why to use command prompt to burn my ISO image
16:00<brunojesus>www. pastabrenda
16:01<Guest1661>long time ago i did a scrip for backup thing on cd, command line burning is essential
16:01-!-magnetic [] has joined #debian
16:02<ixydakis>but i burned the DVD with program
16:02<ixydakis>what difference dos it make?
16:02<devrethman>It's also nice when you're me and you do silly things like download distribution ISOs to your fileserver and forget that the "fileserving" part is broken.
16:02<brunojesus>06ASFRY CJVU
16:02<devrethman>bruno: are you okay...?
16:02-!-foolano [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:03<ixydakis>maybe i was not clear
16:03-!-brunojesus [~brunojesu@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:03<Guest1661>backing up on fileserver without window system
16:03<kop>ixydakis: You'd use a command line program to burn your ISO because that way you'll never need to learn to use a different gui interface. Nobody knows how to write a good gui yet. As evidence, note that every gui interface is contantly changing.
16:03<ixydakis>i just have a pc
16:03<devrethman>ixydaxis: command line burning is something I need, not you.
16:04-!-E0x [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:04<devrethman>I dunno if you need it, but I asked about it.
16:04<devrethman>kop: IMGburn's got it right, but there's no linux version :(
16:04<ixydakis>i was confused
16:04-!-sebash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:05<kop>devrethman : How long until they either go out of business or are bought by MS or Nero and the product is killed?
16:05<devrethman>It's free.
16:05<devrethman>so uhhh... never.
16:05<kop>devrethman : Free as in freedom?
16:05<devrethman>Free as in somewhere between freedom and beer. It'll probably eventually just quit being maintained
16:06-!-cahoot [~radix@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:06<ixydakis>i just wanted someone to tell me if he knows what the problem could be with Vista
16:06<ixydakis>if it's Vista the problem
16:06<devrethman>Vista IS the problem.
16:06<ixydakis>thank you agian...
16:06<devrethman>I dunno what your problem specifically is
16:06<devrethman>what is it?
16:06<ixydakis>i try to boot
16:06<ixydakis>from DVD
16:06<ixydakis>and install Debian
16:06<ixydakis>with netinstall ISO image
16:07<Guest1661>to burn in command line you need first to make an iso image (with mkisofs) then burn the image with wodim
16:07<kop>!tell ixydakis -about enter
16:07<devrethman>A DVD netinst image?
16:07<devrethman>kind of an oxymoron eh?
16:07<ixydakis>o knpw
16:07<ixydakis>i know
16:07<ixydakis>i just didn't had CDs
16:07<devrethman>I've got the image, I just need to burn it, and it seems to be working.
16:07<devrethman>ixydakis: lol
16:08<ixydakis>i am fed up with Vista
16:08<devrethman>Me too
16:08<ixydakis>that's why want to install Debian
16:08<devrethman>Hence reformatting to XP x64 last week
16:08<ixydakis>i have also AMD64
16:08<ixydakis>i forgot to mention that
16:08<Guest1661>wodim -dev=$DEV -multi -data -speed=8 $image
16:08-!-aronnax [~jesus@] has joined #debian
16:09<Guest1661>-multi if you want a multisession disk
16:09<devrethman>guest1661: thanks, saves me some manpage reading ;)
16:09<ixydakis>thank you Guest
16:09<seanius>does anyone here have kde and compiz set up, and willing to try to reproduce a bug for me?
16:09-!-xobdedi [] has joined #debian
16:11-!-xobdedi [] has left #debian []
16:11<Guest1661>by de way talking about burning DVD's
16:11-!-Dargol [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:11-!-mirai33 [~apo@] has quit [Quit: mirai33]
16:12<Guest1661>anyone got above 12X on bring one?
16:12<devrethman>I've got an 8x burner, so no.
16:13-!-cupis [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:13<Guest1661>i tried every hdparm tweek to speedit up, but de key was on seting the transfer tu udma
16:13<Guest1661>with hdparm -X udma$
16:13<Guest1661>were $ is the top your drive can manage
16:13-!-ixydakis [] has quit []
16:15-!-aronnax [~jesus@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:15-!-devrethman [~devrethma@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:16<Guest1661>when installing debian y prefer netinstall dist, then you can builup your box to fill YOUR needs
16:17<Guest1661>thogh it need internet conexion and some time
16:17<Guest1661>but its fun
16:17-!-baaz [] has joined #debian
16:21-!-SiCuTDeUx [~workstati@] has joined #debian
16:21-!-psycho [~psycho@] has joined #debian
16:21-!-psycho [~psycho@] has quit []
16:23-!-flami [] has joined #debian
16:24*MotoHoss is away: Researching...
16:25-!-odla [] has joined #debian
16:25-!-Apache [] has joined #debian
16:26-!-cwood [] has joined #debian
16:26-!-Apache [] has quit []
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16:27-!-victor [] has joined #debian
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16:29-!-fxiny [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:32-!-grabber [~grabber@] has joined #debian
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16:33-!-novatu [] has joined #debian
16:33-!-aliumalik [] has joined #debian
16:33-!-vikki_r [~foo@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:34-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has joined #debian
16:34-!-vikki_r [~foo@] has joined #debian
16:34-!-HaMMiE [] has quit [Quit: byessssssssssssssssssssssssss]
16:34-!-ancelmo_Opens [] has joined #debian
16:35<ancelmo_Opens>algume manja bem de impressora?
16:35<novatu>i need help. i have sound problems with debian-lenny, i try same alsa drivers but don't have sucess
16:36-!-ancelmo_Opens [] has quit []
16:39-!-dmz [] has joined #debian
16:41-!-Guest1661 [~alex@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:43-!-Lex85 [~alex@] has joined #debian
16:44-!-minimalisti [] has quit [Quit: Parting is such sweet sorrow.]
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16:44-!-kutio_ [] has joined #debian
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16:52-!-adema [~adema@] has joined #debian
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16:56-!-buffoon [~buffoon@] has joined #debian
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17:14-!-jrolland-MacBook [] has joined #debian
17:15-!-johns [] has joined #debian
17:23-!-adema [~adema@] has joined #debian
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17:26-!-linuX|Reneger [] has joined #debian
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17:30-!-dpm_ [] has joined #debian
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17:41-!-blongacr [] has joined #debian
17:41-!-foo_ [] has joined #debian
17:41-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
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17:45-!-ernesto [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:45-!-dobian [] has joined #debian
17:45<dobian>dobi ;o
17:46-!-ernesto [] has joined #debian
17:47-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
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17:49-!-geenna [] has joined #debian
17:50-!-tomaw [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:51-!-d0rt [~ni@] has joined #debian
17:52-!-tomaw [] has joined #debian
17:52-!-geenna_ [] has joined #debian
17:53<ug>mayhap I need to go to -boot for this, however, I am installing another box and it gives the option to install lilo
17:53<ug>anyone know how to make it install grub?
17:53<dondelelcaro>ug: it'll install lilo instead of grub if grub is known not to work in your configuration
17:53<ug>because as previously stated I am not much a fan of lilo :(
17:53<dondelelcaro>ug: usually that means you've used lvm without a separate /boot partition not in lvm.
17:53<ug>ok so basically just deal with it then
17:53<ug>thanks :)
17:54-!-Glenn^BF [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:54<dondelelcaro>so you just create a separate /boot partition, and away you go.
17:54<ug>Ok, thanks a lot... guess I should go back to partitioning :)
17:54-!-maxb [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:55<ug>probably the same reason it is on the other box... :)
17:55-!-msoon [~msoon@] has joined #debian
17:55<dondelelcaro>np; good luck with that
17:57-!-geenna [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:57<ug>yeah the manual partition process is not so much fun :( but it is the best way I have found to configure raid on one set of drives and LVM on another
17:58<ug>(during install)
17:58<ug>thanks again :)
18:02-!-hollo [] has joined #debian
18:04-!-amphi [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:07-!-amphi [] has joined #debian
18:08-!-geenna_ [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
18:09-!-tombs [] has joined #debian
18:11-!-pos [~mark@] has joined #debian
18:12-!-sime [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:12-!-milouse [] has joined #debian
18:12-!-milouse [] has quit []
18:17<kop>Seems to me that debian should distribute udev rules that make ttyUSB devices (USB to RS-232 converter serial devices) persistant. In other words, if you've got more than one of these suckers plugged in, with some serial device attached, you want the device names persistant so you know what device is which. Anyone out there think this is stupid or should I submit a bug report?
18:19-!-MisTiCo [] has joined #debian
18:20<kop>The other question is what's the universal way to recognize these sorts of devices? Would you need to have a pile of udev rules with different usb ids and hardcode for each device? I think maybe so.
18:21-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has joined #debian
18:21-!-Lex85 [~alex@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
18:22<lucas_amorim>hello! Does anyone know any games or apps designed to improve typing skills? (besides typespeed)
18:22<lucas_amorim>for debian
18:22<kop>lucas_amorim : irc? ;-)
18:23<lucas_amorim>good one...
18:27-!-MisTiCo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:28<amphi>lucas_amorim: gtypist
18:28-!-doulouns [] has joined #debian
18:28-!-Gekz_ [] has joined #debian
18:29-!-dutche [~dutche@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:29-!-anto [] has joined #debian
18:29-!-anto [] has quit []
18:29<dobian> i know
18:29<dobian>japanese sushi typing
18:30-!-Gekz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:30-!-joschan [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:30-!-doulouns [] has left #debian []
18:31-!-linuX|Reneger [] has quit [Quit: linuX|Reneger]
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18:34-!-lunatic_ [~lunatic@] has joined #debian
18:34-!-epsilon__ [~lunatic@] has joined #debian
18:34-!-shivraj [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-epsilon__ [~lunatic@] has quit []
18:34-!-fike [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-fike [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:34<shivraj>whats the url for the debian mirror ?
18:35<dondelelcaro>shivraj: which mirror?
18:35<shivraj>for sources.lst
18:35<dpkg>i heard debian mirrors is or | ask me about <apt-spy> or <netselect-apt> | to make a mirror, see or
18:36<dondelelcaro>shivraj: pick one that's close to you geographically.
18:36-!-rehumanize [] has joined #debian
18:36-!-omong_kosong [] has joined #debian
18:36<shivraj>my web browser isnt working
18:36<shivraj> ? is that it ?
18:36<shivraj> ?
18:36-!-omong_kosong [] has quit []
18:38<Medalgod>wts wrong wiv ur browser?
18:39-!-ppikula__ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:39-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:39-!-GoinEasy9 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:39-!-jclinton [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:39<rehumanize>Hey - can anyone help me out with my xorg.conf (video)? I'm using an Intel 945gm with Debian Lenny...I have all resolutions available to me, but I am unable to run opengl apps (3d acceleration?). This is all that is listed for video in my xorg.conf: "Section "Device" Identifier "Configured Video Device" EndSection".
18:39<shivraj>Medalgod >.. I uninstalled it, ... going from kde to gnome
18:39<Medalgod>open a terminal
18:39<Medalgod>apt-get install links
18:39<Medalgod>let it install
18:40<Medalgod>then put in :
18:40<Medalgod>will open a shell based browser with the mirrors listed for you
18:41<Medalgod>(as well as their geographical location)
18:42<Medalgod>@rehumanize i have a feeling you can fix this by going through a
18:42<Medalgod>dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
18:42<Medalgod>but i can't be 100% sure
18:42<rehumanize>yes, i've tried that. but all that is updated is the "keyboard" section
18:43<Medalgod>hmm, i thought it asked you whether you wanted hardware acceleration and that lot
18:43<rehumanize>let me try once more
18:43-!-emonge [~emonge@] has quit [Quit: That's all for now, folks]
18:44-!-Surfer50 [] has joined #debian
18:44*Surfer50 Visit (upload pic make mag) - (play with webcam online) - (insulter/anon email) - (fun) - (put your face on funny body) - (health) - (Canada eh) - (geeks)
18:44-!-Surfer50 [] has quit []
18:44-!-moka [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:44-!-omong_kosong [] has joined #debian
18:45<lucas_amorim>amphi: thanks, I am gonna try gtypist
18:46-!-omong_kosong [] has left #debian []
18:46<rehumanize>medalgod: I just went through it again. It just has me set keyboard options, nothing about video
18:46<Medalgod>so it didnt even ask you about monitor refresh rates
18:47-!-shilow_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:47<Medalgod>hmm, idk. It does in etch... i don't use lenny so sorry mate
18:47<Medalgod>see google :p
18:47-!-GoinEasy9 [] has joined #debian
18:47-!-Sindacious [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:48-!-Daviey [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:50-!-buffoon [~buffoon@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:52-!-mode/#debian [+l 354] by debhelper
18:53-!-kurumin [] has joined #debian
18:53-!-kurumin [] has quit []
18:54-!-shilow [] has joined #debian
18:55<shilow>can someone help me with something, i did an update today and after all my avi video is green i can hear sound but not see picture any idea what broke?
18:55-!-Sindacious [] has joined #debian
18:55-!-fike_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:56<Medalgod>try changing you're outpud setup
18:56<Medalgod>e.g from X11 to XVideo
18:57<shilow>in totem ?
18:57<Medalgod>ur using totem to watch vids?
18:57<Medalgod>o hang on totem is a player
18:57<Medalgod>i thout it ws a cd burner for a minit thre :p
18:57<Medalgod>yes... in totem :)
18:58<shilow>hmm nothing of the sort in there
18:58<shilow>it worked fine up untill today
18:58<Medalgod>do an apt-get install -y vlc for me
18:58<shilow>i cant play avi period i have audio but a green screen in the player
18:58<Medalgod>and then ill tell you haw to do it in vlc
18:59<Medalgod>i stopped using totem a while bak... vlc is far more configurable & less bloated :p
18:59<shilow>hmm i think the update uninstalled osme things
19:00<shilow>its saying i dont need alot of stuff
19:00<Medalgod>no, its a video output module problem
19:00<Medalgod>they sometimes get fixed in a few days, but its easier for you to just switch output module
19:01<Medalgod>have you gt vlc yet?
19:01<shilow>i'm in settings
19:01<Medalgod>hong on... let me open it :p
19:01<shilow>seems like all my codecs are gone
19:01-!-rehumanize [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:01<Medalgod>go to Video>Output Modules
19:02<Medalgod>tick advanced options
19:02-!-Oneils [~lex@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02<Medalgod>in the drop-down select the one beginin wiv XVideo
19:02<Medalgod>save that & try playing a vid
19:03-!-roodie [] has joined #debian
19:03<Medalgod>any joy?
19:03-!-dpm_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:03<shilow>just playing audio
19:03<shilow>no video screen
19:04<Medalgod>so it may be a codec after all, odd
19:04-!-klh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:04<Medalgod>you say it uninstalled you're codecs
19:05<shilow>seems like it
19:05<shilow>it was saying i dont need ottem
19:05<shilow>and a butt load of ggnome things
19:05<shilow>mplayer plays it
19:05<Medalgod>mplayer playes em but totem don't?
19:05<Medalgod>not codecs then
19:06<shilow>and in natilus all the icons have green
19:06<shilow>instead of the capture
19:06<Medalgod>so do you know what it uninstalled
19:06<Medalgod>cos it sounds like a bug in apt :s
19:06-!-themill [~stuart@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:06<Medalgod>which is never a gud thing
19:06<shilow>i didn't uninstall anything but i wasn't watchign when i hit update
19:07<shilow>hold on i have audio caught in my bg
19:07<shilow>and cant kill it
19:07<shilow>have to ctrl alt backspace
19:07-!-shilow [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:07-!-patrick [] has joined #debian
19:07-!-patrick [] has quit []
19:07-!-Dezine [] has joined #debian
19:07-!-Dezine [] has quit []
19:09-!-shilow [] has joined #debian
19:10<Medalgod>y did u hve to ctrl + alt + bkspc
19:10<Medalgod>just top, k and put in the pid
19:11<Medalgod>instantly kills most things :p
19:11<shilow>couldn't fid what was running it
19:11<shilow>its trying to install alot
19:11<shilow>whats that paste website they have?
19:11<Medalgod>is this a clean install or
19:11<Medalgod>paste site
19:11<shilow>dpkg paste?
19:11<dpkg>Do not paste more than 3 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or or for pics. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste!
19:12-!-klh [] has joined #debian
19:12<shilow>The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
19:12<shilow> evolution-common libtalloc1 espeak ekiga libaspell-dev libpth20
19:12<shilow> gnome-nettool libavutil1d libgail-gnome-module libportaudio2 ncompress
19:12<shilow> libgnome-mag2 gucharmap linux-headers-2.6.25-1-common evolution dnsutils
19:12<shilow> lzop eggdrop-data libmono-zeroconf1.0-cil gnome-mag gnome-screensaver
19:12-!-shilow was kicked from #debian by debhelper [use the paster bot or #flood]
19:13-!-shilow [] has joined #debian
19:13<shilow> gnome-volume-manager gdb gdm gnome-backgrounds dasher-data python-brlapi gok
19:13<shilow> bug-buddy espeak-data festlex-poslex libpoppler2 bogofilter-bdb libswscale1d
19:13<shilow> vino gnome-keyring-manager bogofilter festvox-kallpc16k evolution-plugins
19:13<shilow> libespeak1 libwbclient0 libopal-2.2 libkarma0 libgnome-speech7
19:13<shilow> xserver-xephyr gnome-core libavahi1.0-cil libcolorblind0 libavcodec1d
19:13<shilow> festival rss-glx libpt-1.10.10-plugins-v4l libgpgme11 linux-kbuild-2.6.22
19:13<shilow> linux-kbuild-2.6.25 libgsl0ldbl bogofilter-common unace libestools1.2
19:13<shilow> libxerces27 libnjb5 libgtkhtml3.14-19 file-roller libpoppler-glib2
19:13<shilow> sound-juicer libpisync1 xutils-dev libungif4g
19:13<shilow>wment to paste url
19:13<shilow>there we go
19:13<Medalgod>tht isnt rite, it's uninstalling gnome
19:13<shilow>yea i know
19:13<Medalgod>without the likes of gdm you won;t have a gui
19:13<shilow>imma just let it remove
19:13<shilow>then form console install gdm and gnome desktop enviorment
19:14<shilow>should fix it
19:14<Medalgod>well you can if you want but thats just tkin the piss
19:14<Medalgod>just try
19:14<Medalgod>opening synaptic and c heking you haven't set it to uninstall gnome-desktop-environment
19:14<Medalgod>or... something... has :P
19:16<shilow>gnome-desktop-enviornment is uninstalled
19:16<shilow>that could be the problem
19:16<Medalgod>lol, chek it for install and apply :P
19:16<shilow>broken deps
19:16-!-supaman [] has joined #debian
19:16<shilow>gonna try with apt
19:16<Medalgod>do a ctrl & alt & f1
19:16-!-sime [] has joined #debian
19:16<Medalgod>infact no
19:17<Medalgod>you need to fix broken dependencies
19:17<Medalgod>Edit > Fix Broken Packages
19:17<shilow>broken packages..
19:18<Medalgod>man i feel like a noob today, im giving too many gui instaructions :p
19:18<shilow>oddly, when i ctrl alt backspace
19:18<shilow>i get the fast user switch screen
19:18-!-jclinton [] has joined #debian
19:18<shilow>when i was updating
19:18<shilow>a pack ocudln't be downloaded
19:18<shilow>maybe i can redo the update
19:18<Medalgod>tht happens when thres sumit rong with the full one
19:19<shilow>apt-get dist upgrade?
19:19<Medalgod>if u wnt to :p
19:19<Medalgod> :P
19:19-!-kevind23 [] has quit [Quit: RivalSource - -]
19:19<shilow>a pack didn't download
19:19<shilow>it hikn thats why it broke
19:19<Medalgod>hve you just tried running update
19:19<Medalgod>and upgrade
19:20-!-pos [~mark@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:20<shilow>hmm nada
19:20-!-E0x [] has joined #debian
19:20<shilow>i think i remember how i broke it
19:20<Medalgod>lol, go on... enlighten me
19:20<Medalgod>mke me laf :s
19:20<shilow>i told it to contenue when files couldn't be downloaded
19:21<shilow>when i was doing an auto update
19:21<Medalgod>o dear
19:21<shilow>dont click drunk
19:21<shilow>its bad
19:21<Medalgod>u dnt have to tel me
19:22<Medalgod>i no a guy who finished a program hed been working on for months when he ws pissed, tuk him months to work out all the mistakes he made cos he ws pissed :P
19:22<Medalgod>but anyway, bk to fixing the problem lol
19:23<Medalgod>the easiest way is to copy out you're gnome settings to a bkup directory
19:23<Medalgod>uninstall it
19:23-!-dobian [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:23<shilow>a new update just came in
19:23<shilow>lemmie see what happenes
19:23<Medalgod>and frm terminal reinstall, then copy bkup in
19:23<shilow>when u uninsytall i dont think it removes settings
19:24<shilow>lemmie see what happenes first withthis update maybe it'll just fix itself
19:24<shilow>nope gonna chase down the broken pack
19:25-!-E0x_ [] has joined #debian
19:25<Medalgod>but the wonderful thing about debian is that it only takes like 10 mins to install a massive program like gnome... easier to just go ahead and reinstall it
19:25<Medalgod>as i say tho, bkup ure settings and it will be like nufin ever happened
19:25-!-E0x [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:25<shilow>seemed to break stuff
19:26-!-thepretender84 [] has joined #debian
19:27<Medalgod>gnome needs them for config... if they screw up, ure entire gui can be fuked quite easily
19:27-!-lunatic_ [~lunatic@] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
19:27<shilow>somethign is afoot
19:27<shilow> Depends: system-tools-backends but it is not going to be installed
19:27<shilow>but its trying to remove it when i try to install it
19:28-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:30<shilow>something is broke in the repo
19:30<Medalgod>ive just cheked the archives for "apt but it is not going to be installed" and... it would seem that it's when apt doesn;t know whether a new version at the repo is better than you're current version. Chooses safety > security and does nufing
19:30<shilow>guess i'll just use mplayer see if its fixed tomorrow
19:30<Medalgod>the only way to fix is a reinstall of the prog
19:30<shilow>thats simple ebnough
19:30<Medalgod>yh... oh :p
19:30-!-shilow [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:32-!-realx [~ident@] has joined #debian
19:34-!-manu [~manu@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:34-!-manu [~manu@] has joined #debian
19:36<shivraj>how can I get an HP printer to work ? its 1315
19:36<shivraj>hp psc 1315
19:36-!-shilow [] has joined #debian
19:36<shilow>that didn't work
19:36<shilow>spt-get clean first maybe?
19:37-!-ernesto [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
19:37<Medalgod>wont do any harm
19:37-!-shilow [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:37<Medalgod>shivraj, is thre a linux driver for you're printer?
19:38<Medalgod>if so, its a simple matter of: Desktop>Administration>Printing>New Printer ... follow the on screen instructions
19:39-!-thepretender84 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:41-!-baaz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:42-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
19:42-!-tony [] has joined #debian
19:42-!-esop [~wade@] has left #debian []
19:44-!-lars_ [~lars@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:45<shivraj>Medalgod .. will the hpijs work with it ?
19:45-!-zMoo [~nicolas@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
19:45<Medalgod>the 1310 default driver?
19:45<Medalgod>it's probably you're best bet
19:46-!-Lex [~alex@] has joined #debian
19:46-!-olhe [] has joined #debian
19:46-!-Lex is now known as Guest1701
19:46-!-odla [] has joined #debian
19:46-!-olhe [] has left #debian []
19:47<Medalgod> hpijs is the reccomended driver for the 1315
19:48-!-olh [] has joined #debian
19:48<shivraj>well lets see if it works, that worked with my other printer
19:48<shivraj>I just did installed hpijs, will that install all the other dependencies ?
19:49<Medalgod>hpijs should be all you need, CUPS is installed by default in debian if i remember correctly
19:51<Guest1701>i had to install cupsd when trying to make an hp2600n to work for Debian
19:52-!-DocTrax [] has joined #debian
19:54<Medalgod>infact, its an aption during install, you have to tab & space the chk box :0
19:54<Medalgod>:P its been a while since i did an install, so stuff like this slips my mind
19:55<Guest1701>thats what good about linux systems vs windows you forget about formating
19:56<shivraj>whats the username and password for cups ?
19:56<Guest1701>formating? whats that?
19:57<Medalgod>username & passwd
19:58<Medalgod>cupsd won;t as for a password
19:58<Medalgod>are you sure it instnt asking for you're root password
19:59<shivraj>I gotta put in root and root's passwd ?
19:59<Medalgod>wel what are you trying to do
19:59<Medalgod>if it's installing or starting the service it'll need root privelidges
20:02-!-shilow [] has joined #debian
20:02<shilow>hmm kaboom
20:02<shilow>there went a 20 day uptime
20:03<Medalgod>lol, problem solved now>
20:03<shilow>i'm in console
20:03<shilow>when i removed everything
20:04<shilow>it made my enetwork setting go boom
20:04<shilow>god i'm happy i download at 1.8 meg a sec
20:04<shilow>i <3 fios
20:05<shilow>taking longer to install than download haha
20:05<Medalgod>medalgod is stuk with a 2.0 megabit cable
20:05<Medalgod>and isnt happy :p
20:05<shilow>better than dialup though
20:05<shilow>man i hate dialup with a passion i dont know how i delt with downloading one porn pic at a time when i was 13
20:06<Medalgod>o yh, i still put over 15 gigs of trafic throu a 2meg connection per day
20:06<Medalgod>get the most of my money :p
20:06<Medalgod>lol to modem days
20:06<shilow>comcast is trying to charge some people
20:06<Medalgod>not modem
20:06<Medalgod>dial-up even
20:06<shilow>my firts was 2400 baud
20:07<Medalgod>im in uk... land wre comcast is powerless :p\
20:07<shilow>i hate comcast
20:07<shilow>cap you at 500k
20:07<Medalgod>first dial-up i ever got was 56kbps
20:07<Medalgod>far faster than ure 2000 baud :p
20:07<shilow>i started dialup in the 90's
20:07-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
20:07<shilow>early 90's
20:08<Medalgod>i think i gt dialup ~ 95
20:08<shilow>i can remember when prodigy ran in dos with chatrooms
20:08<Medalgod>mind u i say I got it, tht ws the families
20:08-!-manu [~manu@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:08-!-jjmiv [] has joined #debian
20:08-!-ubuntu is now known as aaa
20:08<Medalgod>i ws only like 6
20:08<Medalgod>erm 6... is tht rite
20:08<Medalgod>it cnt b
20:09<shilow>hmm still broken
20:09<shilow> gnome-desktop-environment: Depends: fast-user-switch-applet (>= 2.18.0) but it is not going to be installed
20:09<shilow> Depends: gnome-system-tools (>= 2.20.0) but it is n
20:09<shilow>its just broke
20:09<Medalgod>and u did a complete uninstall
20:09<Medalgod>and then installed gnome from scratch
20:09<Medalgod>so it ws clean
20:09<shilow>i think the cid repo is broken
20:10<Medalgod>replace ur repos then :p
20:10<Medalgod>infact i must of gt dial-up in 97
20:10<Medalgod>man ive only had the net for 11 yrs ^.^
20:10<shilow>gonna have to welp time for me to jet
20:10<shilow>takin daughte rto the carnie
20:10<shilow>buncha rip off gypsies
20:10<shilow>but she has fun
20:11-!-bigjocker [~bigjocker@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:12<shilow>damn still broke its installed still green
20:12<Medalgod>u no wt'd be the easiest option
20:12<Medalgod>clean install :p
20:12<shilow>your funny =}
20:13<Medalgod>no.. when i get the gin out im funny
20:13<shilow>i hate spending the next 3 weeks configuring
20:13-!-shivraj [] has quit [Quit: BitchX-1.1-final -- just do it.]
20:13<shilow>youknow hwat i mean wher eyou tweak everythign just right
20:13<Medalgod>o... i rote configure scripts a wile bak did the setup for me :p
20:13-!-snogglethorpe [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:13<Medalgod>but then 2 of my hdd's blew up!!
20:13<shilow>welp i gotta jam my daughter is punching me
20:13<Medalgod>i lost the lot
20:13<ug>thanks again dondelelcaro; helpful as always :)
20:14-!-ug [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
20:14-!-aaa [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:19-!-libereco [~libereco@] has joined #debian
20:21-!-jscinoz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:22-!-snogglethorpe [] has joined #debian
20:24-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has joined #debian
20:24<dpkg>Do not paste more than 3 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or or for pics. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste!
20:25<lucas_amorim>Hello! Does anyone know what is this black spot in the corner of my screen?
20:25-!-rahul [~rahul@] has joined #debian
20:26<Medalgod>hmm... odd, thats on you're screen, not a monitor pixel problem either
20:26-!-mentor [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:26<lucas_amorim>I could see, by moving the panel, that this has no relation to the panel. It appears from time to time always in the upper left corner of the screen.
20:27-!-tony [] has left #debian [Leaving]
20:27<Medalgod>you could try a dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
20:27<Medalgod>and re-do all the gfx output
20:27<Medalgod>incase its a driver problem
20:27<lucas_amorim>Its not a graphics card problem also, because if I open any fullscreen app it desappear
20:27<Medalgod>but if im honest id file it as a bug
20:27<Medalgod>as i see you're using testing :)
20:28<lucas_amorim>I don't think its a driver problem..
20:28<lucas_amorim>Yes I am
20:28<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: are you using compiz etc?
20:28<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: it looks like a window shadow
20:28<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: from a window which is barely visible in that corner
20:28<lucas_amorim>yeah, but I cant drag it
20:28-!-ernesto [] has joined #debian
20:28<lucas_amorim>I cant kill it by using xkill nor anything like that
20:29<Medalgod>so... ur saying its creating a random window in the middle of nowhere
20:29<lucas_amorim>I am gonna paste another pic... just a moment
20:29<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: does xwininfo say anything?
20:29<lucas_amorim>let me see...
20:29<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: (remember to click on the window, not the shadow)
20:30<lucas_amorim>yes! it is saying it is the firefox window! wth
20:30<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: can you just hit C-w to that window?
20:31-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has left #debian [Ex-Chat]
20:31-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has joined #debian
20:31-!-Medalgod [] has left #debian []
20:31<lucas_amorim>sorry, back
20:32-!-Medalgod [] has joined #debian
20:32<lucas_amorim>c-w? ctrl+w?
20:32<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: y
20:32<lucas_amorim>tried, does not work
20:32<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: it maybe a transient window
20:32-!-Medalgod [] has left #debian []
20:32<lucas_amorim>take a look at this:
20:32-!-Medalgod [] has joined #debian
20:32-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:34-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has joined #debian
20:34-!-Shadowcat [shadowcat@] has quit []
20:34<lucas_amorim>sorry back again
20:34<lucas_amorim>did you see the picture? I think we can see there that it isn't a hidden window
20:35<lucas_amorim>And, It is really related to firefox! I just closed it and then the spot disappeared!
20:35<lucas_amorim>do you think it is a bug in firefox?
20:36<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: sounds like it to me...
20:36<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: there's clearly a window there
20:36<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: it's only 1 pixel wide
20:36<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: (but that's probalby because it's mostly offscreen)
20:37-!-mentor [] has joined #debian
20:37<lucas_amorim>well at least it isn't in the other workspace
20:37<lucas_amorim>I have opened firefox again and now the spot is lighter
20:37<lucas_amorim>really strange
20:38<snogglethorpe>lucas_amorim: is it a recent ff version?
20:38<lucas_amorim>if i close it it disappears
20:38<lucas_amorim>its the iceweasel version currently in lenny
20:38<snogglethorpe>also seems some chance it's a toolkit bug (e.g. gtk)
20:39<lucas_amorim>maybe, I am going to watch if it happens to other apps from now on, but I think it is only happening with firefox...
20:39-!-Mrkva [~Mrkva@] has quit [Quit: Jak mam vedet, jestli to chodi? To je smysl betatesteru. Ja to jenom napsal. - Linus Torvalds]
20:39<lucas_amorim>I am going to disable compiz (switch to metacity) and see what happens
20:45-!-keptix [] has joined #debian
20:45-!-keptix [] has quit []
20:48<lucas_amorim>I have made some tests, I think It is related to compiz, because when I switch to metacity that doesn't happens
20:48<lucas_amorim>maybe its a compiz bug
20:50-!-dobian [] has joined #debian
20:50<dobian>dobi :o
20:50-!-tombs [] has quit [Quit: N.Y.H.C.]
20:51-!-Twofish [~TeeBee@] has joined #debian
20:51-!-Twofish [~TeeBee@] has quit []
20:51-!-odla [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:54-!-DocTrax [] has quit [Quit: INIT 0]
20:55-!-Gekz [] has joined #debian
20:57-!-Gekz_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:58-!-rahul [~rahul@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:01-!-yeonhoo [] has joined #debian
21:02-!-mode/#debian [+l 348] by debhelper
21:02<yeonhoo>warning: thread.h: No such file or directory threadtest threadtest.c. What package should I install??
21:02-!-wilby [] has joined #debian
21:03<yeonhoo>warning: thread.h: No such file or directory threadtest threadtest.c. What package should I install??
21:05-!-Morphous_ [] has joined #debian
21:05-!-mentor [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:07-!-qeed [] has quit [Quit: qeed]
21:07-!-p_quarles [] has joined #debian
21:10-!-mentor [] has joined #debian
21:10-!-wilby [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:12-!-Morphous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:12-!-sime [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
21:12-!-emachado [~emachado@] has joined #debian
21:13-!-josi [] has joined #debian
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21:14-!-AzaTht [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:15-!-Blacker47 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
21:15-!-sime [] has joined #debian
21:15-!-grim_fandango [] has joined #debian
21:17-!-pos [~mark@] has joined #debian
21:20-!-grabber [~grabber@] has joined #debian
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21:21-!-Guest1708 [] has joined #debian
21:22-!-Guest1708 [] has quit []
21:22-!-john [] has joined #debian
21:22<john>i need help
21:22<john>gnome has problems
21:22<john>i'm using failsafe gnome for now. errors show up but the top panels there so i can get through here
21:23<john>i get a gnome settings error, bonobo error, a bunch of windows asking if i want to delete some gnome thing and a nautlius error.
21:23<Guest1701>goto gnome channel
21:23-!-olh [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:24<Medalgod>probs best thing to do is reset gnome
21:24<Medalgod>with a rm -rf .gnome .gnome2 .gconf .gconfd .metacity in your ~/
21:25<Medalgod>then ctrl+alt+bkspc to start gnome and you're off :)
21:25-!-Guest1701 [~alex@] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
21:26-!-john [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:27-!-Bearman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:29-!-lucas_amorim [~lucas@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
21:29-!-astrodeb [~astrodeb@] has joined #debian
21:30-!-knoppix__ [] has joined #debian
21:31-!-knoppix__ is now known as Guest1710
21:33-!-p_quarles [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:33-!-superjet_busy [~superjet@] has joined #debian
21:37-!-Bearman [] has joined #debian
21:39-!-Guest1710 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:41-!-Medalgod [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:42-!-psychonics [psychonics@] has joined #debian
21:47-!-linac [~lin@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:47-!-xchot [] has joined #debian
21:48-!-xchot [] has left #debian []
21:48-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
21:51-!-morenosid [] has joined #debian
21:52-!-slaxz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:53-!-stfux [~pinskia@] has joined #debian
21:54-!-willfrand [] has joined #debian
21:55-!-jscinoz_ [] has joined #debian
21:55-!-morenosid [] has quit []
21:56-!-githogori [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:57-!-willfrand [] has quit []
21:58-!-flypiper [~46cub@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:59-!-emonge [~emonge@] has joined #debian
22:00-!-emachado [~emachado@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
22:01-!-jscinoz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:04-!-josh [] has joined #debian
22:04-!-adema [~adema@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:04-!-josh is now known as Guest1714
22:06-!-MrJoey [joey@] has joined #debian
22:06-!-rjent_ [] has joined #debian
22:13-!-Shinnlx [] has joined #debian
22:14<Shinnlx>Hello can I get some assitance running no-ip on my debian machine?
22:14<Shinnlx>I installed and everything..just confused why it's not running
22:15<dobian>dynamic dns?
22:16<Shinnlx>I don't understand I had it going before, it's not running now
22:16<dobian>you can
22:17<dobian>run webserver?
22:17-!-supaman [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:17<Shinnlx>take a look at this
22:17<Shinnlx>I am following this link
22:17<Shinnlx>Then you can set it up as a daemon as root, using the supplied Debian script to stop and start the daemon. As root, compile the client as above, then do an install:
22:17<Shinnlx>I just don't get that line
22:17<Shinnlx>can you explain it to me?
22:20<dobian>i used before
22:20<dobian>but. cant help you ;p
22:21<dobian>i used this site
22:22<Shinnlx>ok thank you...anyone..else? lol
22:22<dobian>login then ip get
22:24-!-josh_ [] has joined #debian
22:25-!-snogglethorpe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:25-!-emachado [~emachado@] has joined #debian
22:26<dobian>is apatch used?
22:26-!-Guest1714 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:26<gsimmons>Shinnlx: Note that your referenced section is prefixed with "Previous to the no-ip (and then the noip2) package becoming available in Debian...". It isn't relevant if you've installed the Debian 'no-ip' package. As mentioned in /usr/share/doc/no-ip/README.Debian, run "no-ip -C" as root to configure it, then start the dameon (invoke-rc.d no-ip start).
22:29<Shinnlx>thank you so much it's working now
22:29-!-bob_bob [] has joined #debian
22:30<bob_bob>hey guys i was wondering how do you change your password if there is no passwd binary.
22:30<dobian>you may see?
22:30<bob_bob>a working passwd binary*
22:32<dobian>Shinnlx: stop lol
22:32-!-alphad [~alphad@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:33<dobian>Shinnlx: directoryis open lol
22:34-!-josh_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:34<dobian>Shinnlx: you have not index.html
22:34-!-stfux [~pinskia@] has left #debian [Leaving]
22:35<dobian>Shinnlx: your addres
22:35-!-K_Dallas [] has joined #debian
22:36<Shinnlx>directory is open?
22:37<K_Dallas>Hi guys! Is there a chan for developers? To clarify, I am not a developer but I am interested to know more about the way developer teams function on projects? Thanks
22:38-!-kalpik [~kalpik@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:38-!-libereco [~libereco@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:38<K_Dallas>(virtual team is the topic I am intersted in)
22:38<bob_bob>um you need to read the website
22:39<K_Dallas>thanks. I am going to right away
22:40-!-jscinoz_ [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
22:42-!-muammar [muammar@] has joined #debian
22:43-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
22:44<K_Dallas>there is the constitution ;) That is helpful, but still it would be nice if I could ask a few questions from one or two active developers. Probably tomorrow as right now my eyes are just going off.
22:46-!-jscinoz [] has joined #debian
22:46<bob_bob>If its to a specific project contact the maintainer, if you want to be a new maintainer refer to this
22:49<nevyn>bob_bob: I'm guessing psych major.
22:49<bob_bob>nevyn what made you guess that?
22:49<K_Dallas>I don't intend to join the team (I tried once as a translator but that branch is dead right now;) I am working on project-management issues in a virtual-team environment. How they are different from usual project-teams and ...
22:49<K_Dallas>hi nevyn ;)
22:49*bob_bob breaks out a notebook, and sits in his office chair
22:49<K_Dallas>nou, it is more management
22:50<nevyn>K_Dallas: I think that characterising debian as a coherent team is quite hillarious
22:50<bob_bob>nevyn: I quite agree
22:50-!-naldo [~naldo@] has joined #debian
22:51-!-confound [] has joined #debian
22:51-!-naldo [~naldo@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:51<K_Dallas>well, let me put it this way: if there a problem like developing a new GUI for the installer (not sure if it is finished or ...) and then they get 10 main people to work on it, how do they make it work
22:51<nevyn>debian's interactions are far more... primal than they are collaberative ;)
22:51<bob_bob>nevyn: dont u dare say ubuntu
22:51-!-confound [] has left #debian []
22:52<nevyn>K_Dallas: it's probably best mapped onto a feudal style model
22:52<K_Dallas>so how do they make it work and release every 6 months
22:52<bob_bob>its very political
22:52<nevyn>a debian developer has complete control over the packages he/she maintains
22:52<bob_bob>people who aren't careful get there typing hands chopped off
22:52<K_Dallas>but it is a major problem in almost any project
22:53<nevyn>K_Dallas: they don't release every 6 months.
22:53<K_Dallas>well, they used to or I might be mistaken
22:53<K_Dallas>maybe it is just the kernel
22:53<bob_bob>a kernel release comes out e--
22:53<nevyn>K_Dallas: the technical committee can in theory override insanely bad decisions of a DD but it's unusual.
22:53<bob_bob>a new kernel releases like every few weeks
22:54<amphi>ghod, .26 will be upon us any moment
22:54-!-msoon [~msoon@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:54<nevyn>K_Dallas: debian has three release stable testing and unstable
22:54<K_Dallas>DD = Debian Developer ?
22:55<nevyn>no 4 4 releases. there's also oldstable
22:55<bob_bob>DD = Double damage
22:55<nevyn>K_Dallas: dd == debian developer
22:55<amphi>well, 2, as testing and sid aren't releases
22:55<amphi>and then there's experimental
22:55<K_Dallas>nevyn i have used debian from time to time for the past 5-6 years
22:55<nevyn>aw fuck it's turning into the spanish inqusition.
22:55<bob_bob>I keep forgetting isn't obsolete one of them too?
22:55<nevyn>NObody expects shuddup!!!
22:56<K_Dallas>and i even once used experimental ;) to get the latest teTeX but alas! teTeX is history
22:56<bob_bob>aalib is the future!
22:57<nevyn>K_Dallas: so there is quality critera to have a package move from unstable to testing.
22:57<K_Dallas>so there is the technical committe which overseas all the developing teams. Then there is team leader/manager and its corresponding members
22:57<nevyn>for a few Major components that's true
22:57<K_Dallas>nevyn, of course and the bug fixing and ...
22:58<nevyn>however the vast majority of packages are maintained by individual DD's
22:58<bob_bob>perhaps K_Dallas
22:58<nevyn>the notable exception being the xorg
22:58<bob_bob>You should read this
22:58<K_Dallas>bob_bob, i am
22:58<bob_bob>If you wanna understand the what a Debian citizen has to do
22:58<K_Dallas>but a bit too long ;)
22:59<bob_bob>Windows source code is too long
22:59<K_Dallas>i have to skip it for tonight though
22:59<nevyn>K_Dallas: ok you're loosing sympathy here ;)
22:59<K_Dallas>no no, i mean i am just too tired, my eyes cannt see anymore
22:59<bob_bob> is very short
22:59<bob_bob>Then goto a doctor
22:59<bob_bob>Thats not debians responsibilty
22:59<K_Dallas>for being tired?
22:59<K_Dallas>i will read it tomorrow
23:00<bob_bob>k bye
23:00-!-anajjar [] has joined #debian
23:00<K_Dallas>but thanks for all your help though
23:00-!-K_Dallas [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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23:00<bob_bob>lol feudal system
23:01-!-doombringer [] has joined #debian
23:01<nevyn>bob_bob: I think it's a reasonable first aproximation
23:02<bob_bob>nevyn: i know but dont you think its a bit extreme?
23:02<nevyn>not really
23:02<bob_bob>people can still vote
23:02<nevyn>no they can't
23:02<bob_bob>they cant oh wait
23:02<nevyn>only DD's [lords] vote
23:02<bob_bob>i think we got that confused
23:02<bob_bob>i thought you were talking about something else
23:03<nevyn>they can file bugs
23:04<nevyn>and they can go to the technical committee [king?] but they have limited recourse in a differenc of opinion between a DD and a user of their package.
23:04-!-doombringer [] has quit []
23:04<bob_bob>PL's have more power tho than a single DD
23:04<bob_bob>well in there juristiction
23:06-!-E0x_ [] has quit [Quit: off]
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23:13<nevyn>The PL's powers imho are severely curtailed by the constitution.
23:15-!-snogglethorpe [] has joined #debian
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23:43-!-josh is now known as Guest1727
23:43<Guest1727>my windows colors and overall look, look oldschool. I recently upgraded my gtk version could that have something to do with it?
23:44<Guest1727>I can post a screenshot if you like
23:44-!-alanhaggai [~alanhagga@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:45-!-skysurf [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
23:46<Guest1727>please help
23:48-!-AbsintheSyringe [~havoc@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:49-!-Holborn [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
23:50-!-alanhaggai [~alanhagga@] has joined #debian
23:51<Guest1727>i think i messed up my gtk
23:53<dendrite>Guest1727: What flavor of Linux are you using?
23:54<Guest1727>debian lenny
23:55<Guest1727>did you see the screenshot, doesnt' the colors and looks look like windows 95 or an old os
23:55<dendrite>Mmm. No idea, really. Did you just upgrade within Lenny? And, are there any bugs filed that might be relevant?
23:56<Guest1727>It happened after i upgraded my gtk about 6 months after i upgraded to lenny from etch
23:59-!-alias [] has joined #debian
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