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00:37<EmleyMoor>What is a sensible size for /var these days?
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00:45<lethias>I am running Debian Unstable on my laptop, its a Dell Latitude X300. I'm using fdpowermon to monitor my battery. The only issue I'm having is how do get fdpowermon see both the battery in my laptop as well as the battery in my dock station?
00:46<lethias>My question is, would this be a configuration issue or am I missing a piece of software that I'm unaware of to help monitor both batteries.
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00:49<scientes>how do i bi-directionally connect /dev/ttyUSB0 to /dev/ttyUSB1 ?
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01:49<gattytto>I'm installing squeze amd64 to a notebook with Core i5. I've got 2 NTFS partitions in which win 7 resides and I'd like to know if there's a way to use LVM without loosing the pre-existing ntfs partitions data and of course the disk mbr
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01:57<microbe>Is this possible that a bad mounted NTFS disk on debian can arm system disk ?
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01:59<microbe>like cause system crash, and force a verification of each disk sectors ?
01:59<gattytto>I need some help on LVM
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02:04<gnugr>gattytto: go there and read all about: it will help you out
02:07<canon>hi, i'd like to install an encrypted debian using two hard drives, one small ssd and a big "normal" one. Is it possible, to set up /boot, /root and swap on the ssd and /home on the other hd in a way that i just have to enter my passphrase once while booting?
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02:15<gattytto>so this docs means that using debian-installer I can create an LVM partition out of free space and then create lvm volumes inside of it? I'm still using my Win 7 NTFS partition to start grub so no need to create a non-lvm /boot to avoid booting problems
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02:16<nevyn>canon: yes.
02:17<nevyn>but the installer is probably going to make it difficult.
02:17<nevyn>in that what you need to do is have one crypt-vg with multiple pv's
02:18<canon>but when i create one vg containing 2 hds, how do I ensure, that a particular lv is created on a particular pv?
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02:21<canon>e.g.: i have 30GB on my ssd and 100 GB on the other disk. Creating one vg yield one virtual disk with 130Gb. When I create a 30GB volume on the virtual disk, i don't really know, whether it is set up on the first or second physical disk
02:21<canon>or maybe on both
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02:23<bones_was_here>canon: there are arguments to pass to the lv* commands to determine that sort of stuff, but during install, it's probably best to only add the disk you want to install on, to the vg
02:23<bones_was_here>adding more later and adding or expanding volumes is pretty straightforward
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02:25<canon>ok, thanks a lot. So in a first step I create an encrypted lvm with one vg just containing the space on the ssd. And afterwards i expand the vg using the space on the other disk?
02:26<bones_was_here>yes, though i havn't used encrypted volumes much myself so it might add some complication i havn't thought of :)
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02:27<canon>thx, i'll figure it out :D
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02:34<bony>I want to download testing DVD image other than from the official sweden mirror. I tried to google out but didn't get any link
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02:34<bony>help me to find a mirror from were i can download debian testing DVD iso.
02:36<canon>unfortunately, i've got still some problems: i can only encrypt partitions, physical ones and lvs. But I'd like to encrypt the volume group itself. Do I miss something?
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02:37<KotH>moin boys
02:37<KotH>i'm here to kill some maintainer...
02:37<KotH>which fucking package is responsible for rewriting my fstab to use UUIDs instead of device files?
02:37<KotH>and i'm not talking about a fresh install but update
02:39<bony>gnugr: I know but since the traffic is generally high i don't get the download speed more than 300KB/s
02:39<bony>were as i have a connection that can go till 2.5MB/s
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02:40<bony>so if i can find another mirror were weekly-builds are maintained that would be great.
02:41<ompaul>KotH: you might want to remove the kernel
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02:41<bony>for netinst and "businesscard" mirrors are available
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02:41<KotH>ompaul: er.. i'm not joking... and i'm in a fucking bad mood because this just did cost me an hour for something that shouldnt take more than 10 minutes...
02:42<ompaul>KotH: you might want to remove the kernel
02:42<KotH>ompaul: why the kernel?
02:42<gnugr>bony: testing CDs work that way
02:42<ompaul>that's where the support came from
02:42<KotH>ompaul: the problem is _NOT_ the kernel
02:42<ompaul>all distros do it that way now due to the amount of detachable devices
02:42<bony>few years back i remember downloading unstable dvd's too but that was i guess 5 years back
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02:42<KotH>ompaul: yes, i know... it might be generally a good idea
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02:42<KotH>ompaul: but i know my hw, i know how it works and i know when i change something
02:43<KotH>ompaul: i can easily deal with that
02:43<KotH>ompaul: that's why i have device files in my fstab
02:43<KotH>ompaul: but, something along the path changed those to UUIDs... with nice side effects....
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02:44<KotH>ompaul: i needed a bigger disk, so i just copied all data over to a new one, booted from a install cd, went into rescue mode and run grub-install
02:45<KotH>ompaul: unfortunately, grub used the UUIDs (which have changed) from the fstab instead of the device files which didnt change
02:45<KotH>ompaul: took mee nearly an hour to fix that
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02:45<KotH>ompaul: i dont mind if debian uses UUIDs by default... i think it's a good idea for most people
02:45<KotH>ompaul: but not for me
02:46<KotH>ompaul: and i dont want anyone touching my fstab after install
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02:56*EmleyMoor has found that snort has filled /var two nights running. Going to make /var a bit bigger tonight anyway, but just done a reconfigure - hoping this may make it a bit quieter. Any additional advice?
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02:56<KotH>put the log of snort onto its own partition
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02:57<KotH>a lot of stuff doesnt like when it cannot write into /var anymore
02:57<EmleyMoor>KotH: Hmmm... yes, that's another idea... will consider that.
02:58<ompaul>EmleyMoor: there is a not so old adage, log all you want, monitor all you log.
02:59<EmleyMoor>ompaul: Yes... the thing is, I don't think I ever reconfigured snort to allow for my internal addresses - hence it going beserk in recent days.
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02:59<ompaul>EmleyMoor: so that config might be first and best
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03:00<EmleyMoor>Got to put a new BIOS on tonight, so will also take some time to resize...
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03:02*EmleyMoor has only just noticed that the other thing he wanted to fix this weekend has fixed itself
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03:08<bony>gnugr: but i don't get the GUI after installation from the first CD image
03:09<bony>which demands me to download 2nd and 3rd images to get the GUI
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03:10<EmleyMoor>Is there a channel that discusses Jabber transports? (Also, is there a transport for Yahoo that actually works on amd64?)
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03:47<Infiltrator>Completely random (and probobly invalid/stupid) question: are there any Debian BIOSes?
03:47<Infiltrator>bony: You could just use the debian mirrors, no?
03:47<EmleyMoor>Infiltrator: I very much doubt it.
03:47<Infiltrator>I don't know what's on the CDs; I always use netinst.
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03:52<EmleyMoor>I'm hoping the new BIOS will fix VMs for me... and also allow me to boot USB sticks... if it also goes any way towards stopping the display hardware crashes I've been having, that will be a plus.
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03:53<EmleyMoor>(at the moment I can't run tvtime or wine, because both lead to a display hardware crash...)
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03:56<Infiltrator>EmleyMoor: What hardware/BIOS combo have you got that causes that? And why wine specifically? Does glxgears also crash it?
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03:59<bo>hello guys and girls. I'm currently installing Wheezy and got stucked during the installation. I don't know which kernel to choose. there are 4 options and I have no clue witch one to take
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04:01<bo>all are called "linux-image" two have "3.1.0" added and then again two of each have either "486" or "686-pae" added
04:01<Infiltrator>Does anybody know a good private backup solution? Tape drives these days cost more than HDs, and burning to DVD just doesn't seem practicable.
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04:01<Infiltrator>bony: Unless you know you need 486, used the 686.
04:01<bo>Infiltrator, have you tried Dropbox? ;-)
04:02<ansgar>Infiltrator: Backup to an external disk (eSATA/USB/whatever).
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04:02<Infiltrator>The 486 is for _really_ old CPUs; you can read the description of the package (not sure if you can in the installer).
04:02<Infiltrator>bo: I don't like the idea of somebody else having all my private data. :P
04:02<Infiltrator>ansgar: Ew external disks. :P
04:03<bo>Infiltrator, so you would suggest the 686 linux image?
04:03<Infiltrator>I know I'm being difficult, but _are_ there any other solutions?
04:04<EmleyMoor>Asus M5A99X EVO, BIOS is the original 0402. NVidia GeForce 9600 I think, nouveau. Pass re glxgears. wine, allowing me to run Anagram Genius, corrupted and then froze the screen last night
04:04<ansgar>Infiltrator: What makes you unhappy about disks? What do you miss there?
04:04-!-canon [] has joined #debian
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04:05<Infiltrator>ansgar: Well, externals cost more, and leaving any disk unused for long can mean that when you spin it back up, it might not work.
04:06-!-microbe [] has joined #debian
04:06<Infiltrator>bo: Linux 2.6.32 for old PCs
04:06<Infiltrator>The Linux kernel 2.6.32 and modules for use on PCs with a 486, Pentium or compatible processor.
04:06-!-phdeswer [] has joined #debian
04:07<Infiltrator>That's the description of the *486 packages; so unless you know you need the 486 packages, use the 686.
04:07-!-Miguel0n [] has joined #debian
04:07<Infiltrator>Also, if you have a 64-bit chip, you should actually used the amd64 package.
04:07<ansgar>Infiltrator: You can by USB connectors where you can plug in internal disk drives. And you should update the backup from time to time, so #2 should be noticed.
04:08<bo>Infiltrator, ok... I try this 3.1.0 686-pae thing
04:08<ansgar>Infiltrator: Though one should use >1 disk in rotation for backup.
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04:10<EmleyMoor>I use 3, and keep one at another location, swapping it every time I go there.
04:10-!-gunkamanti [~sarefo@] has joined #debian
04:10<EmleyMoor>(unless, of course, the last one I took back hasn't been used yet...)
04:11-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
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04:14<Infiltrator>ansgar: I know what you mean, but I'm just wondering if there are any _other_ solutions.
04:14-!-crshd [~crshd@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:14<Infiltrator>bo: No 64-bit chip?
04:14-!-crshd [~crshd@] has joined #debian
04:15<Infiltrator>ansgar: EmleyMoor: I don't really have anywhere else to keep the disks other than my home. Also, three extra disks sounds expensive. :P
04:15<bo>i dont know it out from my mind and the computer is installing now...
04:15<canon>hello, i've still got some problems setting up encrypted lvm using 2 hds. i'd like to have one encrypted volume group containing 2 hard drives. I want to create three partitions in this vg, but decide, which partition shall be created on which physical hard drive. Can anyone tell me how to do that?
04:15<Infiltrator>bo: No worries; just that if you have a 64-bit chip, you should install the *amd64 (ie 64-bit) packages. You can always do it later anyway.
04:16-!-themill [] has joined #debian
04:16<Infiltrator>canon: The adding one first and then the other later didn't work for you?
04:17-!-cloud [] has joined #debian
04:17<bo>Infiltrator, since I read that 64-bit packages are not that well supported I stick to 32bit anyways since they also work and I don't care for my home desktop
04:17<bo>not sure if that still makes any sence
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04:19<Infiltrator>bo: Where did you read that? I've had very few* issues with 64-bit packages. * I run unstable/experimental, so there obviously will still be issues.
04:19<canon>inifltrator: i'm not sure, how to set up the encryption: When i encrypt the partition in which i create my lvm on the first disk, i will have to make a seperate encrypted partition on the other disk. when I encrypt the lv on the first disk, i can grow my vg using the second disk, but have to create a seperately encrypted lv.
04:19<canon>Furthermore i've already decided to install via debootstrap on a live system, so i have more flexibilty
04:20<Infiltrator>canon: From memory, I think you're supposed to encrypt the PVs before adding them to the VG.
04:20-!-byonk [] has joined #debian
04:21<Infiltrator>The alternative is to have unencrpyted PVs and then encrypt your LVs instead, but then you lose the ability to resize them...
04:21<Infiltrator>Or even move them.
04:21<Infiltrator>...I think... :P
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04:21<canon>in this case i have to encrypt both PVs seperately, right? But then i end up with two encrypted devices and have to enter my pw two times
04:21-!-babilen [] has joined #debian
04:23-!-alyosha_sql is now known as alyosha
04:23<Infiltrator>canon: You could use a key instead of passwords?
04:23-!-foolano [] has joined #debian
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04:24<canon>then I have to cary something like an usb, haven't I?
04:24<Infiltrator>canon: See
04:24<Infiltrator>Yes, I know. :\
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04:25<Infiltrator>The other way would be to raid them together so they appear as one disk.
04:25-!-sagaci [] has joined #debian
04:25<Infiltrator>But then you lose the ability to put certain LVs on certain PVs. :\
04:25-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:25<mjr>umm, you can resize a dm-crypt mapping?
04:26-!-abdulkarim [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:26<Infiltrator>canon: Listen to mjr.
04:26-!-Sicelo [] has joined #debian
04:26<canon>mjr: is that a question? i don't get it.
04:27<mjr>no, sorry, it's a statement
04:27<mjr>in opposition to losing the ability to resize then
04:27<mjr>anyway, you can stick the encryption on either layer, it's more usual probably to encrypt the PVs
04:27-!-dirichle1 [] has joined #debian
04:28<mjr>personally I use just one raided PV, and extend the RAID, then that single PV, if extension is needed
04:29<mjr>though as it happens that setup doesn't have the PV encrypted because at that time I wanted an unencrypted LV and an encrypted one ;]
04:29-!-dirichlet [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:29<canon>So I can use dm-crypt to somehow join 2 PVs? And then setup one LVM on this joined device, with the ability to specify for each LV on which PV it should be created?
04:29<Infiltrator>mjr: The problem is that he wants to stick certain LVs onto certain PVs, so he can't merge the PVs into one.
04:30<canon>thx infiltrator
04:30<mjr>canon, no :]
04:30<canon>yes, thats exactly my problem
04:30<Infiltrator>canon: I think what mjr is saying is that contrary to what I said before (don't trust me), you actually _can_ resize LVs even if you encrypt them and not the PVs.
04:31<mjr>yeah, that's pretty much it
04:31-!-serjs [~serjs@] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
04:32-!-the-M [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
04:33<Infiltrator>mjr: What are the dis/advantages of encrypting the LVs instead of the PVs, though?
04:33<Infiltrator>Any good articles?
04:33<canon>which still does not solve the problem, that i'd like to have multiple LVs in one uniformly encrypted VG
04:33-!-serjs [~serjs@] has joined #debian
04:34<Infiltrator>canon: The encryption does't work on the VG in either case; it's on the PV or the LV. Again, don't trust me. :P
04:34-!-Kamping_Kaiser [~kgoetz@] has left #debian []
04:34-!-edog [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:35-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
04:35<canon>i think i just don't encrypt / using only one encrypted pv with swap and /home. Is it discouraged to not encrypt / ?
04:35-!-nex_necis [~nex@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
04:36<Infiltrator>canon: It's a matter of what and why you want to encrypt.
04:36<Infiltrator>Frankly, I see the best solution as just entering your password twice.
04:37<Infiltrator>It beats all the other workarounds. :\
04:37<canon>Basically because of private data in my home directory. And some paranoia :D
04:37-!-edog [~edog@] has joined #debian
04:39<canon>Can I trust in the order of LVs? E.g. if i have a VG containing 2x50GB disks and create one LV of 40GB. Can I be sure, that this LV is created on the first disk?
04:39<Infiltrator>Well, if you only need /home encrypted, then make that its own LV and encrypt only that?
04:39<Infiltrator>canon: You can specify parameters.
04:40-!-Heiserhorn [~michele@] has joined #debian
04:40-!-mark76 [] has joined #debian
04:40<canon>The question was more because there might be some reasons not to use an unencrypted system, because of the possibility of using keyloggers or whatever. I have no idea whether this could be a problem
04:40<Infiltrator>canon: You can also migrate LVs onto certain PVs (if there's enough space).
04:41<canon>Inilftrator: Yes, but not using the encryption i'd like to have
04:44-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:45-!-tamberlo [~tamberlo@] has joined #debian
04:45-!-bo [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
04:45<Infiltrator>canon: If you have a keylogger, you're kind of screwed no matter if it's encrypted or not.
04:46<canon>... you're completely right ^^; so i just install without encrypting the system
04:46<canon>thanks a lot for your help
04:46<Infiltrator>And as far as I know (don't trust me) you can encrypt either PVs or LVs; if you have multiple PVs, you'll have to either combine them (e.g. RAID) or encrypt each separately.
04:47-!-renchy [] has joined #debian
04:47<Infiltrator>canon: Besides, as long as you only use Debian, you should be safe from keyloggers. :P
04:47<Infiltrator>Also, as far as I can guess, no keylogger should be able to be running to see you enter the password on boot.
04:48<canon>caution sacrilege: I've thought about trying linux mint debian, but that should be safe from keyloggers, too
04:48<Infiltrator>I always say that if somebody is going to go _that_ much effort to try to screw you over, there are much easier ways for them (e.g. lead pipe decryption) and there are other things you should worry about. :P
04:49<Infiltrator>canon: We bear no responsibily for your sins.
04:49<babilen>canon: (and also don't provide support for anything but Debian in here)
04:50-!-renchy [] has left #debian []
04:50<EmleyMoor>Mint is based on Debian, but importantly it's not Debian - we can't be sure of the effects of its differences
04:50-!-bony [~chatzilla@] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.88 [Firefox 3.6.10/20100922073514]]
04:51-!-mjr [] has left #debian []
04:51<canon>of course not. i would not think a second about requesting support for mint in #debian
04:51<XayOn>10:49 < Infiltrator> canon: Besides, as long as you only use Debian, you should be safe from keyloggers. :P
04:51<canon>xayon: what do you mean by that?
04:51-!-phantasticphenomenon [~kagiso@] has joined #debian
04:51<XayOn>Uh, there are some linux keyloggers, but yes, they're shitty as hell, there is even one wich is open source... but you can notice it easily
04:52<XayOn>And you're not safe from hardware keyloggers
04:52-!-dirichlet [] has joined #debian
04:52-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
04:53-!-phdeswer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:53-!-sl1ce [~sp0fft0@] has joined #debian
04:54-!-jet [] has joined #debian
04:54-!-dirichle1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:55<XayOn>Be careful with the keyboard you use, always check the connection with the computer (and still they could've replaced it with one with the keylogger integrated, I keep a small piece of tape in the joints of my keyboards for that purpose)
04:55<XayOn>And have in mind that if you think your computer might have at risk at some point, you are still at risk.
04:55*XayOn enters paranoic mode
04:56-!-frank__ [] has joined #debian
04:56-!-frank__ [] has quit []
04:56<Infiltrator>XayOn: As I said, there are more efficient methods people can use, such as lead pipe decryption.
04:56-!-csmall [] has joined #debian
04:57-!-phantasticphenomenon [~kagiso@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
04:57<Infiltrator>Nobody is going to go to that much effort to try to screw you over, simply because there are easier ways.
04:57-!-csmall [] has left #debian []
04:57<XayOn>Infiltrator: Hardware keyloggers are the easiest way ;-)
04:58-!-hendry [~hendry@] has joined #debian
04:58<hendry>hmm my time on my Singapore is 2hrs ahead despite a ntpdate -s and checking /etc/timezone Any hints how to fix this?
04:58-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
04:58-!-voltagex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
04:58-!-Holborn [] has quit []
04:59-!-canon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:00<Infiltrator>XayOn: Not really. Think about the effort required; lead pipe decryption is easier.
05:00<Infiltrator>hendry: dpkg-reconfigure tzdata?
05:00-!-jet__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:00<hendry>Infiltrator: it's still 2 hours ahead
05:01<Infiltrator>But does it put you into the correct timezone?
05:01<Infiltrator>And what GMT time do you have?
05:01-!-sl1ce [~sp0fft0@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
05:01<Infiltrator>s/GMT/Universal Time/
05:02-!-mentor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:04<XayOn>Infiltrator: But it's less fun
05:06-!-hggdh [] has joined #debian
05:07<Infiltrator>XayOn: Actually lead pipe decryption is _extremely_ fun. :P
05:07-!-legnaleurc [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:08-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:09-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has joined #debian
05:10-!-reklipz [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
05:11-!-lukasz_gut [] has joined #debian
05:11<kelkoobenoitr1>hello: i have a local repo, set up with reprepro
05:11<XayOn>Infiltrator: And that's the reason I leave mi brain at home when I'm going to drink.
05:12-!-legnaleurc [] has joined #debian
05:12<Infiltrator>hendry: What timezode does it say you're in and what UT do you have?
05:12<Infiltrator>!tell kelkoobenoitr1 about ask
05:13<kelkoobenoitr1>it seems that the "archive" field seen in aptitude of the packages i have installed from that repo is <NULL>
05:13-!-legnaleurc [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:13<kelkoobenoitr1>where should i configure the archive field ?
05:14<kelkoobenoitr1>in my conf/distribution of my local repo ?
05:14-!-xreal [~mweber@mailgw.FB12.Uni-Dortmund.DE] has joined #debian
05:14<xreal>How can I completly remove kernel 2.6.x?
05:14<Infiltrator>!tell kelkoobenoitr1 about reprepro
05:14<Infiltrator>xreal: Just aptitude or apt-get and remove it.
05:14<Infiltrator>Assuming you have _another_ kernel to boot into?
05:14<xreal>Infiltrator: which packages are affected ?
05:14<xreal>Infiltrator: of course :p
05:15-!-andersej [] has joined #debian
05:16-!-andersej [] has quit []
05:16<xreal>dpkg --list | grep linux-image-2.6
05:16<dpkg>xreal: I'm not sure, is it larger than a breadbox?
05:16<xreal>./dpkg --list | grep linux-image-2.6
05:16<xreal>something like that?
05:17-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
05:17<hendry>Infiltrator: Fri Feb 10 12:06:16 UTC 2012 is my UTC. I guess that's wrong, eh?
05:17<xreal>headers and image?
05:18<kelkoobenoitr1>Infiltrator: what do you mean ?
05:20-!-ant [] has joined #debian
05:21<Infiltrator>hendry: Well, that's two hours ahead of what it should be. :P
05:22<Infiltrator>xreal: I don't think any packages depend on kernel packages, other than the obvious point that there needs to be _a_ kernel.
05:22-!-PTKDev [] has joined #debian
05:22<Infiltrator>kelkoobenoitr1: I'm not sure what you're asking about.
05:23<hendry>hmmm, tried changing UTC=no and it's still wrong after `ntpdate -s`
05:23-!-Iridos [] has joined #debian
05:23<Infiltrator>hendry: Try a different ntp server?
05:23<hendry>oh... Feb 10 20:12:14 wb ntpdate[11934]: no servers can be used, exiting
05:23<Infiltrator>s/a different/_a_/ :P
05:24<themill>hendry: UTC=no is about whether your hardware (bios) clock is in UTC or not and only makes a difference at boot time
05:24<hendry>why doesn't it use NTPSERVERS in /etc/default/ntpdate
05:24<Infiltrator>Well, actually 'an', but yeah. :P
05:24<kelkoobenoitr1>Infiltrator: doing this on my machine: aptitude search '~i' -F "%p %V# %v# %t#"
05:24-!-hardwalker [] has quit [Quit: 暫離]
05:25<kelkoobenoitr1>gives me some packages where "%t" (which is the archive field) is <NULL>
05:25<Infiltrator>xreal: Obviously the kernels in stable are more stable and less buggy than those in testing/unstable/experimental.
05:25<kelkoobenoitr1>and these are all my packages that come from my local repo setup with reprepro
05:25-!-lluis [] has joined #debian
05:25<kelkoobenoitr1>so how can i replace <NULL> with toto ?
05:26-!-ant [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:26-!-pedro_ [] has joined #debian
05:26<kelkoobenoitr1>all other packages installed from squeeze or squeeze-backports give "squeeze" or "squeeze-backports"
05:26<kelkoobenoitr1>in the archive field.
05:27<Infiltrator>kelkoobenoitr1: Are you using file:// or http://?
05:27-!-lluis [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:27<hendry>wtf, there is a ntpdate-debian command which uses /etc/default/ntpdate, but the default ntpdate doesn't ? #WTF
05:27<kelkoobenoitr1>in my source.list i have http for my local repo
05:28-!-samineru [] has joined #debian
05:29<samineru>Does anyone know a pager that will respond to horizontal resizes? Less just leaves things at the original width or wraps jaggedly.
05:29<Infiltrator>hendry: do a which ntpdate and then ls -l it to see if it's a link.
05:29<themill>kelkoobenoitr1: You need to specify the "Suite" header in your Release file
05:30<kelkoobenoitr1>you mean in the distribution file of the local repo ?
05:30-!-rage7 [] has joined #debian
05:30<hendry>ntpdate is the binary, ntpdate-debian is a shell script which sources /etc/default/ntpdate
05:30<hendry>why-o-why, so daft
05:31-!-tazz [~gaurav@] has joined #debian
05:31<Infiltrator>hendry: You'd have to ask ntpdate upstream, I guess.
05:31<themill>hendry: probably because someone complained that ntpdate in debian had deviated from upstream...
05:31<themill>hendry: also, don't use ntpdate at all, just use ntp
05:31<themill>kelkoobenoitr1: yes, the information from conf/distributions eventually ends up in dists/*/Release
05:32<hendry>themill: don't want to run a daemon ...
05:32<hendry>themill: last time I checked ntp was h00ge
05:32<themill>hendry: ntpdate is pretty evil in what it does and how it does it.
05:32<dba>hendry: but running ntpd is the right thing to do[tm]
05:32-!-panko [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:32<themill>kelkoobenoitr1: you will need to regenerate repo and apt-get update for that information to propagate through
05:32-!-drdanz [] has joined #debian
05:33<Infiltrator>themill: Why is it evil?
05:33<kelkoobenoitr1>themill: great thank you :D
05:33<themill>Infiltrator: time warps are nasty
05:33<dpkg>ntpdate is an obsolete and unmaintained program to set a system clock via <NTP>. Just install the ntp package instead. Since Lenny, ntp's default configuration files (NTPD_OPTS='-g' in /etc/default/ntp, 'iburst' option for default servers in /etc/ntp.conf) make ntpdate unnecessary. See also <why not ntpdate>.
05:35<themill>I've seen many things misbehave quite badly with time warps of both the forwards and backwards variety. See also
05:35-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:36-!-Link [~wircer@] has joined #debian
05:36-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
05:37-!-rage [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:37-!-samineru [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
05:39-!-xombix [~xombix@] has joined #debian
05:39-!-lukasz_gut_ [] has joined #debian
05:39-!-lukasz_gut [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:40-!-Juanjo [] has joined #debian
05:40-!-Juanjo [] has quit []
05:41-!-nickb [~nick@] has joined #debian
05:41-!-fatdick [] has joined #debian
05:41-!-xombix [~xombix@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:43-!-Link [~wircer@] has left #debian [wIRC]
05:44-!-gruetzkopf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:44-!-dirichle1 [] has joined #debian
05:45-!-Juanjo [] has joined #debian
05:46-!-dirichlet [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:46-!-Juanjo [] has quit []
05:47-!-ant [] has joined #debian
05:47-!-fisted_ [] has joined #debian
05:48-!-miguel__ [] has joined #debian
05:48-!-__iron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:49-!-fatdick [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
05:50-!-tamberlo [~tamberlo@] has left #debian [Sto andando via]
05:50-!-priv1 [] has joined #debian
05:50-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
05:50-!-matteolnxutente [] has joined #debian
05:51-!-zem [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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05:53-!-Miguel0n [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:55-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
05:57-!-Rezonans [] has joined #debian
05:57-!-Rezonans [] has left #debian []
05:58-!-mnemonic [] has joined #debian
05:58-!-mnemonic is now known as Guest2128
05:59-!-miguel [~miguel@] has joined #debian
06:00-!-__iron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:01-!-Guest2128 [] has quit []
06:02-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
06:04-!-midox [~midox@] has joined #debian
06:05-!-Heiserhorn [~michele@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:05-!-gudjon [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:05-!-midox [~midox@] has quit []
06:10-!-q66 [~quaker66@] has joined #debian
06:13-!-Nik05 [] has joined #debian
06:14-!-hychen [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:14-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
06:14<Nik05>hey guys, how does updating with apt work, when a program is running?
06:14-!-ubuntu is now known as Guest2132
06:14<Nik05>do you need to stop the program?
06:15<Nik05>cause you cant do that when you want to update aptitude, if you are updating with aptitude...
06:15<Guest2132>cheat up and suck me now please :D
06:15-!-Guest2132 [] has left #debian []
06:15<Nik05>!ops !ban
06:15<dpkg>Hydroxide, dondelelcaro, ):, helix, LoRez, RichiH, mentor, xk, abrotman, gravity, azeem, Maulkin, stew, peterS, Myon, Ganneff, weasel, zobel, themill, babilen: nik05 complains about: !ban
06:16-!-abdulkarim [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
06:16<weasel>Nik05: seriously?
06:16<Nik05>what? :P
06:16<weasel>don't do that.
06:17<Nik05>didnt knew i would highlight everyone...
06:17-!-pedro_ [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
06:17<weasel>Maulkin: hit an run idiot, already left, nothing to see
06:17<Maulkin>weasel: ack.
06:17<Nik05>he was here yesterday too... so just ban the ip...
06:18<Nik05>or is it a proxy? :P
06:18<weasel>stop lying.
06:18<weasel>or stop talking if you don't know what you're talking about.
06:18-!-afuentes [~afuentes@] has joined #debian
06:19<weasel>that host wasn't here before, at least in february.
06:19<XayOn>+1, isn't in my logs neigher.
06:20<babilen>Let's move on please.
06:20-!-dirichle1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:20<Infiltrator>Nik05: In general, when upgrading, services are shut down and restarted gracefully. Programs already running, such as aptitude, can generally have their binaries replaced without any problems, as it's already in memory.
06:21-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
06:21<Infiltrator>babilen: We shall never move on!
06:22-!-hoshi411 [] has joined #debian
06:23-!-Volley [] has joined #debian
06:23-!-dirichlet [] has joined #debian
06:24-!-abdulkarim [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:27-!-garga [~garga@] has joined #debian
06:28-!-garga [~garga@] has quit []
06:31-!-scrp3l [~scrp3l__@] has joined #debian
06:31-!-sonia [] has joined #debian
06:33-!-gruetzkopf [] has joined #debian
06:35-!-nickb [~nick@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:35-!-Se-bash^2 [] has joined #debian
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06:36-!-Se-bash^2 is now known as Se-bash
06:38-!-artista_frustrado [~fernando@] has joined #debian
06:40-!-mode/#debian [+l 496] by debhelper
06:40<hoshi411>anybody know of something like a touch based file manager
06:40<hoshi411>nautilus and thunar etc are great
06:40<hoshi411>but im looking for something with touch functionality for my tablet
06:40-!-crshd [~crshd@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:42-!-hoshi411 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:43-!-anbe [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
06:43-!-nestorsalceda [] has joined #debian
06:45-!-jordanm is now known as jordanmn
06:45-!-jordanmn is now known as jordanm
06:46-!-Freddy105 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:48-!-sonia [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:48-!-zophy [] has joined #debian
06:53<xreal>Is there a lightweight http server for debian, which has php support and comes in packages?
06:54<Volley>xreal: maybe a stupid question, but doesn't php defeat lightweight here?
06:55<xreal>Volley: ;)
06:55-!-hoshi411 [] has joined #debian
06:55<Volley>xreal: and how lightweight does it need to be, and why?
06:55<xreal>nginx seems to be nice, but I don't want to mess around with config files to install PHP
06:55<xreal>volley: apache consumes 200 MB when idling...
06:56<Volley>xreal: nah ... can't be
06:57<hoshi411>did anyone mention any file managers for touch devices by any chance? : D
06:57-!-manue [] has joined #debian
06:57<xreal>volley: ah damn, 200 MB VIRT :-)
06:58<Infiltrator>I never understood all the different "memories". Is there a good article about it somewhere?
06:59<Volley>xreal: don't get me wrong, i also use a different web server sometimes (lighttpd), but for other reasons. And apache + php + php-apc feels damn good
07:00<xreal>php-apc ?
07:00<jordanm>xreal: apache can be configured to use much less memories
07:00<manue>mi name is manuel and you
07:00<jordanm>erm memory
07:00<xreal>what is php-apc?
07:00<manue>fuck you
07:00-!-angel_ [] has joined #debian
07:00<manue>you are silly stupid
07:01<jordanm>manue: do you have a debian related question?
07:02<manue>yes ando you??fuck you
07:02<jordanm>!ops manue
07:02<dpkg>Hydroxide, dondelelcaro, ):, helix, LoRez, RichiH, mentor, xk, abrotman, gravity, azeem, Maulkin, stew, peterS, Myon, Ganneff, weasel, zobel, themill, babilen: jordanm complains about: manue
07:02-!-mode/#debian [+b *!*manuefarg@*] by Ganneff
07:02-!-manue was kicked from #debian by Ganneff [manue]
07:02-!-angelabad [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
07:05-!-dpkg [] has quit [Quit: buh bye!]
07:05-!-Bucciarati [~buccia@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:05-!-dpkg [] has joined #debian
07:05-!-albaa [] has joined #debian
07:05-!-manuel [] has joined #debian
07:06<manuel>ola albaaaa
07:06<manuel>que axes
07:06-!-mode/#debian [+o babilen] by ChanServ
07:06-!-mode/#debian [+o weasel] by ChanServ
07:06-!-mode/#debian [+q *!*] by babilen
07:06-!-mode/#debian [-o weasel] by weasel
07:06-!-albaa was kicked from #debian by babilen [albaa]
07:06-!-manuel was kicked from #debian by babilen [manuel]
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07:09<Volley>i suddenly realize the troubles such popular channels can cause
07:09-!-albaa [] has joined #debian
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07:13<Volley>i recently noticed libpam-ssh being removed from unstable and testing ... does one know of alternatives? ( As in: alternative to automatically get a ssh agent on login and preferrably get keys loaded )
07:14-!-qord [] has quit [Quit: Nettalk6 -]
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07:19-!-dtw [] has joined #debian
07:21<Volley>jordanm: uhm ... i'm not sure if i understand you right ... do you mean i should take this discussion to the bugtracker?
07:21-!-debsan [~debsan@] has joined #debian
07:21<jordanm>Volley: no, I was pointing out why it was removed. looks like someone needs to work on the package to get it re-uploaded
07:22-!-abdulkarim_ [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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07:24-!-floe [] has joined #debian
07:27-!-jonnyATroot [~jonny@] has joined #debian
07:27<Volley>jordanm: ah ok. well, i've allready found that report. actually except for the being orphaned part it doesn't state why *exactely* it really got removed ( one person mentions "multiple problems", but doesn't state which ) ... but you are right, someone needs to work on the package ...
07:33-!-arand [] has joined #debian
07:34-!-redwolf [~redwolf@] has joined #debian
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07:39<jordanm>Volley: it had a pending policy violation:
07:40<Iridos>that's actually the only bug coming up :)
07:40<Iridos>that's not been archived
07:41-!-leDams [] has joined #debian
07:41-!-jonnyATroot [~jonny@] has joined #debian
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07:44-!-and1bm [] has joined #debian
07:44-!-HansD [~hansDiete@] has joined #debian
07:44<Volley>and i didn't look at it any closer because its been marked fixed :)
07:44<Volley>but now i get what the fix is :)
07:44-!-HansD [~hansDiete@] has quit []
07:46-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
07:47-!-paulio [] has left #debian []
07:48<Iridos>makes it a bit hard to see in the archived ones which were also "fixed" that way
07:48-!-mitya57 [] has joined #debian
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07:53-!-berto_ is now known as berto
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08:02-!-AzaToth [] has joined #debian
08:02-!-Se-bash [] has joined #debian
08:02<AzaToth>Does anyone have any insight why for example most files in linux-headers-3.2.0-1-amd64_3.2.4-1_amd64.deb are zero-sized?
08:03-!-SLot [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:03<jordanm>AzaToth: probably because something simply checks for the existance of the file
08:04<AzaToth>I'm trying to figure out the kernel sourc/headers/"common headers"/etc... logic and layout, and my brain is starting to cook over
08:04<AzaToth>jordanm: aha
08:06<AzaToth>do you know if there is a list somewhere of files that should be in a header package?
08:08-!-gnugr [~vangelis@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.6]
08:08-!-pleb2 [~pleb2@] has joined #debian
08:08-!-mormor [] has joined #debian
08:09<AzaToth>I'm working on a kernel package and I can't use make-kpkg as it's meant for a customer product
08:10-!-serjs [~serjs@] has quit [Quit: Computer has gone to sleep.]
08:12-!-X0n [] has joined #debian
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08:24<jordanm>AzaToth: why does that prevent you from using kernel-package?
08:28-!-degli [] has joined #debian
08:30-!-Rezonans [~skarasov@] has joined #debian
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08:30-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
08:32<AzaToth>jordanm: it's probably because I've not been able to understand it all, but I've gotten the understanding that kernel-package will only produce binary packages
08:33-!-micky [] has joined #debian
08:33<AzaToth>and I must be able to provide the source for it and we don't want to have to supply it externally of our repo
08:33-!-micky [] has quit []
08:34-!-mormor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:34<AzaToth>jordanm: also make-kpkg only allow using defaly config targets, while we want to be able to use "platform1_defconfig" and "platform2_defconfig" etc..
08:34<robertf>i can't launch icedove with debian squeeze / there is a message "/usr/lib/icedove/icedove-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/icedove/components/ undefined symbol: NS_Alloc
08:35<AzaToth>if I've missunderstood anything, please enlighten me
08:35<robertf>before it worked.
08:35-!-chgtg [~chg@] has joined #debian
08:36<jordanm>robertf: looks like it is fixed in newer version of libc
08:37<jordanm>,versions libc6
08:37<judd>Package: libc6 on i386 -- lenny: 2.7-18lenny7; lenny-security: 2.7-18lenny7; squeeze: 2.11.3-2; sid: 2.13-26; wheezy: 2.13-26
08:38-!-abdulkarim__ [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
08:38-!-bluenemo [] has joined #debian
08:38-!-philwyett [] has joined #debian
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08:42-!-rom [~rom@] has joined #debian
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08:44<AzaToth>jordanm: basically we handle two architectures, ppc and armel, and I want to make sure we don't break any licences by shipping binary kernels without the direct source used for building them
08:44-!-gmnes [~gmnes@] has joined #debian
08:45-!-xreal [~mweber@mailgw.FB12.Uni-Dortmund.DE] has joined #debian
08:45<xreal>%02.8f doesn't this create numbbers like 08.12345678 ?
08:45<AzaToth>offcourse I miht have missunderstood how kernel-packages work, but I've under the impression make-kpkg only creates custom kernels for local installation
08:46<AzaToth>i.e. for amature kernel hackers
08:46<AzaToth>(no offense)
08:46<AzaToth>jordanm: ↑
08:47<Infiltrator>xreal: What context? But generally, yes.
08:47<xreal>Infiltrator: Uhm, I'm in the wrong channel. This isn't PHP, sorry.
08:48<Infiltrator>xreal: You probably also don't need the 0...
08:48<AzaToth>jordanm: therefor I've tried to extract the logic out of the debian linux package and create our own source package to build the kernels
08:48<Infiltrator>Don't trust me, though.
08:48<robertf>jordanm: libc6 2.11.3-2 is installed but the problem is not solved
08:49<valdyn>AzaToth: its defenitely not just for local kernels
08:49<jordanm>AzaToth: you should be able to create a source package with dpkg-source from the debian/ directory that make-kpkg generates
08:49<robertf>jordanm: i also backported icedove
08:49<jordanm>robertf: reopen the bug report?
08:49<valdyn>AzaToth: but it is also not how debian distro kernels are built
08:49-!-navinv [~navinv@] has joined #debian
08:49<jordanm>robertf: oh, then don't reopen the bug report
08:49-!-nex_necis [~nex@] has joined #debian
08:50-!-mode/#debian [+l 506] by debhelper
08:50-!-janos_ [] has joined #debian
08:50<AzaToth>valdyn: well, I was able to create a good image package, but I forgot to create a header package :(
08:52<robertf>jordanm: can you help me to reopen the ticket?
08:53<Infiltrator>robertf: kernels are built
08:53<Infiltrator>robertf: 00:49 < jordanm> robertf: oh, then don't reopen the bug report
08:53<Infiltrator>Sorry about the misclick there.
08:53-!-ernesto [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:54-!-navinv [~navinv@] has left #debian []
08:54<jordanm>robertf: rollback to the non-backported version and see if there is still a problem. if so use "bts repopen <#>" and send an email with details
08:54-!-degli [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:54-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has joined #debian
08:54-!-darky7544 [] has joined #debian
08:55-!-mitya57 [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
08:55<AzaToth>jordanm: trying to do debuild after done make-kpkg debian remove the debian dir ヾ
08:56<robertf>jordanm: how to rollback? uninstall icedove and install it again?
08:56<robertf>i never rollbacked jordanm
08:56<jordanm>robertf: yes, that would be the easiest way. direct downgrades are not supported through apt
08:57<AzaToth>robertf: apt-get install icedove=VERSION
08:57-!-blake [] has joined #debian
08:57<jordanm>AzaToth: it shouldn't since it allows you to hand edit the debian directory prior to building. maybe it only deletes it if it didn't exist when started?
08:57<AzaToth>and be it doesn't crash your computer
08:57-!-fffff [~fffff@] has quit [Quit: fffff]
08:57<AzaToth>jordanm: it didn't exists before I made make-kpkg debian
08:58-!-abdulkarim__ [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:59<AzaToth>jordanm: it runs "test -f stamp-building || rm -rf debian"
08:59<robertf>jordanm: it doesn't work
08:59-!-tanox [~tanox@] has joined #debian
09:00-!-safinaskar [~quassel@] has joined #debian
09:00<robertf>bts repopen #617759
09:01-!-pswen [~pswen@] has joined #debian
09:01<robertf>"bts repopen <#617759>"
09:02<robertf>bts reopen #617759
09:03-!-afuentes [~afuentes@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:03-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
09:04-!-astio [] has joined #debian
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09:16<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
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09:17<Iridos>perhaps he only wanted to say hello, though
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09:23<solis>ola uapa
09:23<solis>kieres follar ?¿
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09:24<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
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09:36<DrOwl_U5>Hi All, I am having "fun" with my audio... every time i restart my laptop, my main audio chan "Front" is muted...
09:36-!-wintelle1t [] has joined #debian
09:37<DrOwl_U5>Im running deb 60.04, and am begining to think its just my profile thats affected, or its Gnome doing it!
09:38<DrOwl_U5>as when i start up and get to the login screen, i get a nice loud start beep
09:38<DrOwl_U5>but then i log in and once again Front is muted.
09:38<DrOwl_U5>WTH would such config be, or what would be causing that to happen
09:40-!-mode/#debian [+l 512] by debhelper
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09:43<XayOn>deiban 60? time travelers everywhere
09:43-!-kristianpaul [] has joined #debian
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09:56<DrOwl_U5>ow ya 6.0.4 =) 60.04 is almost the same thing but using Firefoxes release numbers ;)
09:56-!-jgarvey [] has joined #debian
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10:34<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: What are you using? Alsa? Pulse? OSS? Something Else?
10:37<Iridos>DrOwl_U5, obviously it's something happening when you log in... so yes, suspect a gremlin or gnome
10:37-!-gmnes [~gmnes@] has joined #debian
10:39-!-floe [] has joined #debian
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11:03-!-dirichlet [] has joined #debian
11:03<DrOwl_U5>Iridos: I think its all through Alsa, though my knolage of how sound works is primitave
11:03<onryo>looking at my boot logs I see "Booting paravirtualized kernel on bare hardware" I know what it means (use a lot of hypervisors) but why am I seeing it when my host boots. I am not running xen or anything like that.
11:03<DrOwl_U5>ops that was ment to be directed at Infiltrator =)
11:03<onryo>looking at my boot logs I see "Booting paravirtualized kernel on bare hardware"
11:04<DrOwl_U5>Any ide where to start looking in Gnome for this sort of issue
11:04-!-txt_file [] has joined #debian
11:04<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: I think it holds things in ~/.gnome*
11:04-!-Volley [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
11:06<onryo>Sub 0 ring ownage is really bad. I am not saying this is the case here but I am wondering if I am seeing this because the Debian kernel is Xen enabled.
11:06-!-inimicus [] has left #debian [Verlassend]
11:06<Infiltrator>onryo: I think the 3.x kernels are Xen enabled, yes.
11:07<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: Much as I'll be flamed for this, have a look here:
11:07-!-gnugr [~vangelis@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5]
11:08<Infiltrator>That's for pulse, though. Is that what you're using?
11:08-!-bananowski [] has joined #debian
11:08-!-bananowski [] has left #debian []
11:08<DrOwl_U5>ill have a read thanks Infiltrator
11:09-!-vladuke_ [~vladuke@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:09<Iridos>dpkg, tell Infiltrator -about fire
11:09<randomness>is there a way to make clearlooks-based GTK engines less slow in 64bit debian?
11:09<Infiltrator>Iridos: ?
11:09<Infiltrator>randomness: HW upgrade?
11:10-!-mode/#debian [+l 506] by debhelper
11:10<randomness>Infiltrator no lag on 32bit
11:10<randomness>but lag on 64
11:10<Iridos>Infiltrator, you asked to be flamed :D
11:10-!-jonnyATroot [~jonny@] has joined #debian
11:10<randomness>I dont think hw is at fault....
11:10<onryo>Infiltrator yes they are. All the same I am not sure this is what is causing the log info. Looks like the OS is wrapped by a hypervisor. Things like "The Blue Pill" are dangerous.
11:10<Infiltrator>Iridos: Indeed. Thank you.
11:11<Iridos>Infiltrator, effective, wasn't it
11:11<txt_file>randomness: why don't you use another theme?
11:11<Infiltrator>onryo: I don't really know. Idle here, though. I'm sure someone who does will come along.
11:11<Infiltrator>txt_file: I think it's more that he's trying to find the underlying problem.
11:12<Infiltrator>randomness: Does glxgears work?
11:12<randomness>txt_file that's what I am doing now, but really clearlooks is best and I would like to use it
11:12-!-gnugr [~vangelis@] has joined #debian
11:12<randomness>Infiltrator direct rendering: Yes
11:12<randomness>glxinfo | grep direct ^
11:13<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: This one is old and fixed in pulse 0.9.15-4, so not sure if it applies:
11:13-!-s [] has joined #debian
11:13-!-s [] has quit []
11:13<onryo>Could somebody else with a 3.x kernel see if they have this in there logs "Booting paravirtualized kernel on bare hardware"
11:13-!-Volley [] has joined #debian
11:13<onryo>dmesg | grep paravirtualized
11:14<randomness>onryo 3.2 kernel here, that line is present
11:14-!-e-ndy [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:14<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: Here's an open (but old :S) one:
11:14<DrOwl_U5>Infiltrator: Oh intresting, i do have an older version of pulseaudio then the patch in that bug
11:14<onryo>randomness thx I can breath a little easer.
11:15<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: It seems to have re-appeared in 0.9.19-2, though.
11:15<txt_file>onryo: 3.2 also with this line
11:15<Infiltrator>Happens at 0.0 seconds; interesting.
11:17<DrOwl_U5>first bug says it was fixed in shudder "1:0.9.22~0.9.21+341-g62bf-0ubuntu1"
11:17<Infiltrator>DrOwl_U5: Ignore the ubuntu one; check the Debian ones.
11:17-!-toto42 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:18-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:18-!-vitopalumbo [] has joined #debian
11:18-!-andre [~penna@] has joined #debian
11:19-!-brathbun [] has joined #debian
11:20<onryo>txt_file good to know. Have a feeling that since the Debian kernel is Xen enabled we are getting that. Reason being the OS does not know if it is a DomU. The devs should let the user tell the OS it is in fact on bare hardware. This is in fact a big security risk. I use to program stuff like this.
11:20-!-vitopalumbo [] has quit []
11:21-!-tony [~user@] has joined #debian
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11:24-!-floe_ [] has joined #debian
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11:24-!-weland [~weland_tb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:25<DrOwl_U5>thanks Infiltrator, i shall play tonight
11:25-!-jonnyATroot [~jonny@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:26-!-Volley [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
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11:39-!-pleb2 [~pleb2@] has joined #debian
11:40<ballison>i'm having 1991 nfs issues. :) i've got a nfs server, set up my /etc/exports, went to my second computer to mount the nfs mount and it times out. when i do a showmount -e against the nfs server i get "mount clntudp_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Timed out
11:40-!-pleb2 [~pleb2@] has quit []
11:40-!-txt_file [] has left #debian []
11:41*randomness wants next episode of
11:42-!-rektide [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:42-!-bighornram [] has joined #debian
11:42<themill>randomness: wrong channel?
11:42-!-jonnyATroot [~jonny@] has joined #debian
11:43-!-Zzyzix [~Zzyzix@] has joined #debian
11:44-!-gusnan [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
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11:46-!-rektide [] has joined #debian
11:46-!-dczammit [] has joined #debian
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11:48<Iridos>sounds like rpc isn't running
11:49-!-kriller_ [] has joined #debian
11:49-!-andre [~penna@] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
11:49<nevyn>ballison: is portmapper running on your "client" machine
11:49<ballison>nevyn: yes
11:50<ballison>rpninfo -p returns that it's using port 111 on the client side
11:50<nevyn>where are you running that?
11:50<ballison>the client
11:51-!-dczammit [] has quit []
11:51<ballison>i think the problem is firewall based. i did a nmap scan from the client and the only port it sees as open is port 22
11:52-!-vladuke_ [~vladuke@] has joined #debian
11:53-!-tuxampol [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
11:54<ballison>how do i make nfs use tcp and only bind to a given port rather than use udp and random portmapper assigned ports?
11:55-!-gnugr [~vangelis@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5]
11:56-!-vladuke_ [~vladuke@] has quit []
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11:58-!-fabrice [] has joined #debian
11:59-!-project2501a [~gmarselis@] has joined #debian
12:01<nevyn>so you can do it but it's a giant pain
12:01-!-ma_ [] has joined #debian
12:01<nevyn>and you need like 8 ports
12:03-!-freealan [] has joined #debian
12:03-!-ma_ [] has quit []
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13:10-!-serjs [~serjs@] has joined #debian
13:12-!-EmleyMoor [] has joined #debian
13:13-!-gattytto [~teb@] has joined #debian
13:14-!-whirli [~whirl@] has joined #debian
13:14<gattytto>Hello, I've got Win7(NTFS) and installed Squeeze creating LVM in unallocated space
13:15<gattytto>the thing is that I didn't want to loose win7 boot mger so I didn't install grub over it and I'm using grub4dos
13:15<gattytto>How can I use grub4dos to boot the LVM installed squeeze?
13:15<EmleyMoor>If I want some tapN interfaces for VMs, can I make a bridge from them and eth0:0 or must I use eth0?
13:16-!-weland [~weland_tb@] has joined #debian
13:16-!-Fotografiona [] has joined #debian
13:16-!-Iridos [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:17-!-freex [] has joined #debian
13:18<kop>gattytto: Did you make a separate /boot partition that's not lvm? I think that grub2 does lvm/software raid and does not require it, but it's usually a good idea to have a separate boot partition just because most bootloaders won't do lvm/raid.
13:18<gattytto>I've read about that but I think grub4dos is grub 1
13:18<kop>gattytto: So, about /boot?
13:19<gattytto>and no, I didn't make a separate ext3 /boot :$
13:19<Infiltrator>gattytto: I think it's also reccomended, for the same reason to make /boot ext2, not ext3.
13:19-!-GriZmio [~grizmio@] has joined #debian
13:20-!-mode/#debian [+l 505] by debhelper
13:20-!-akrasia [] has joined #debian
13:20-!-akrasia [] has left #debian []
13:20<kop>gattytto: An alternate approach would be to install grub2 in the partition instead of the mbr and figure out how to make the win7 bootloader chainload grub2. I did this once with the xp bootloader and grub. It's always painful dealing with MS.
13:20<gattytto>I also am not using any live cd or anything.. what I did to install was to make some free space (like 50G) and installed grub4dos over win7 boot loader, there booted the debianinstall kernel from the grub command line and downloaded everything from the net.. but now no grub
13:20<kop>Infiltrator: That does not matter much, although because /boot does not get updated much ext2 will work fine.
13:20<Infiltrator>I normally install grub and get it to chainload windoze; I find that easier.
13:21<gattytto>well, it's mom's notebook so I didn't want to touch her booting process, they tend to get mad at that
13:21<kop>Infiltrator: Me too. Although I hardly ever keep the MS stuff around.
13:21<Infiltrator>kop: Only on other people's computers.
13:21<kop>gattytto: Figure out how to get the win7 bootloder to chainload. Then you won't have touched anything.
13:22<Infiltrator>gattytto: They complain about it until their windoze dies and you revive it using the Debian you installed before. :P
13:22<kop>gattytto: But it's a bit late now, since you've already clobbered the win7 bootloader.
13:23-!-q66 [~quaker66@] has quit [Quit: Leaving..]
13:23-!-q66 [~quaker66@] has joined #debian
13:23<Infiltrator>Just make grub have a timeout of 1-3secs.
13:24<Infiltrator>And default to the windoze.
13:24-!-nort [] has joined #debian
13:24-!-drdanz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:25<gattytto>lol infiltrator that's so right! "I tink I got a virus" .. "yes, bill gates developed it"
13:25-!-q66 [~quaker66@] has quit []
13:25-!-q66 [~q66@] has joined #debian
13:25<gattytto>I'll try to chainload win7 bootloader with grub2 so I can get the LVM up
13:25-!-jlsookiki [] has joined #debian
13:25-!-freealan [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:25<gattytto>but.. is there a grub2 that I can copy to NTFS C:\?
13:26<kop>gattytto: With grub1 I think you could tell it to not delay at all, thereby making it pretty invisible, and you'd hold down shift (or something) to get a grub menu at boot. I don't know what grub2 does.
13:26-!-jlsookiki [] has left #debian []
13:26-!-nomad [] has joined #debian
13:26<kop>gattytto: I don't think that made it entirely transparent that grub was installed, but pretty close.
13:27<kop>gattytto: You install the mbr into the partition instead of into the drive, then then chainload goes to the partition to get grub going and you don't have to have anything in the MS fs.
13:27<gattytto>I put 5 secs delay to win 7 loader and GRUB as a second choice. But that second choice (which loads grldr.mbr) is a grub 1 so I need to replace that grub for a grub 2 so I can boot the LVM
13:27-!-serjs [~serjs@] has quit [Quit: Interrupted]
13:28-!-nomad [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:28<kop>gattytto: It sounds like you did not overwrite the mbr after all.
13:28<gattytto>not at all, that's what tried to avoid
13:29<kop>gattytto: So do you understand?
13:29<gattytto>Yes, I could install grub2 over MBR and give it 1 second delay
13:30<kop>gattytto: But how about installing grub2 into the partition instead of the mbr?
13:30<gattytto>that's what I'm looking for
13:30<gattytto>does that exist?
13:30<kop>gattytto: So what's your question?
13:30<valdyn>gattytto: grub2 creates /boot/grub/grldr.img
13:30-!-aPpYe [] has joined #debian
13:30-!-aPpYe [] has quit []
13:31<gattytto>Imma look into that right now
13:31<gattytto>while I drink some mate
13:31<kop>gattytto: Install into, say, /dev/sda2 instead of /dev/sda.
13:32<gattytto>I'll try to find a grub 2 that can be copied to the NTFS partition
13:32<valdyn>gattytto: grldr from grub2 cannot be static ( shipped ) because of how grub2 works, I guess
13:32<kop>gattytto: It does not need to be in the ntfs partition (Unless somehow MS requires that, why would it?)
13:32<gattytto>but I think I'll have problems with the grldr.img since the win 7 bootloader right now is loading a .ram file.. dunno if it's capable of loading .img
13:33<kop>gattytto: You don't understand. You don't want it to load a file, you want it to read sectors off the disk at the beginning of a partition.
13:33<valdyn>gattytto: thats only a file suffix, you can rename
13:33-!-dman49 [] has joined #debian
13:33<kop>gattytto: Although valdyn may have an alternate approach.
13:34<gattytto>kop: I'm keeping the MBR approach as a plan B, I'm trying to let it unmodified
13:34-!-dman49 [] has left #debian []
13:34<valdyn>well, I'm sure chainloading should work, but gattyttoo was looking for a file that is there
13:34*EmleyMoor is trying a VM on his new BIOS...
13:34<kop>gattytto: I'm not talking about the mbr. I'm talking about chainloading.
13:34<valdyn>gattytto: /usr/lib/grub/i386-pc/grldr.img is there too, thats static
13:34<gattytto>I see, you mean NTFS Grub1 loading LVM GRUB2?
13:35<EmleyMoor>Hmmm... no better, it seems
13:35<kop>gattytto: No. I mean win7 bootloader in the mbr at the start of the disk reading the grub2 bootloader stub at the start of the Debian partition.
13:36<gattytto>the debian partition is into an LVM.. shouldn't it be mounted before any grub1/win7 bootloader can access it?
13:36<kop>gattytto: That's what chainloading is. It does not involve files, aside from whatever the initial bootloader does before it gets around to reading the alternate bootloader straight off the disk without going through the filesysetm.
13:37<kop>gattytto: The bios does not need to mount a filesystem before reading the mbr.
13:37<valdyn>gattytto: your lvm physical volume should be a partition
13:37-!-freex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:37-!-Zzyzix [~Zzyzix@] has quit []
13:37<gattytto>now I get it
13:37<gattytto>Ok now, I'll need to find a way to install grub2 at the begining of the lvm FROM MS-DOS
13:38<gattytto>damn dir command...
13:38<valdyn>gattytto: you cant install it from MS-DOS
13:38<kop>gattytto: Why? You just do it from the install cd (or whatever). It only needs to be done once.
13:38<valdyn>gattytto: the loader is *generated* on install time, its not just copied to a place
13:40*kop has no clue if the win7 bootloader will actually chainload, which MS no doubt calls something other than chainloading just to make it harder.
13:40<gattytto>I did install it from the kernel image with the grub4dos installation over NTFS
13:41<gattytto>it must be something like fluid condensation for ms
13:41<kop>gattytto: If you chainload grub4dos is no longer anywhere in the picture. (I didn't understand what "it" was in that sentence.)
13:41-!-franam [] has joined #debian
13:41<EmleyMoor>Is there a good program for determining whether a fault is in a CPU or motherboard? Either in Debian or something that comes as a bootable image...
13:41<gattytto>Now I understand the final part of my installation, it asked me for a partition to install grub2 on..
13:42<kop>gattytto: Right.
13:42-!-samsul [~samsul@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:42<gattytto>And I didn't answer anything to it
13:42<kop>gattytto: You can install into a drive, in which case it goes into the mbr, or a partition, in which case you must chainload to get to it.
13:42<gattytto>So can I just go throught the grub2 part in debianinstall?
13:42<kop>gattytto: Right. I think there's an option to install grub2 when you boot in rescue mode.
13:43-!-Ariegeois [~myz@] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
13:43<Infiltrator>EmleyMoor: You can try running stress tests... though not sure if that'll help. Still the image corruption issue?
13:43-!-hpvincent [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:44<gattytto>kop: no rescue mode for me.. just Grub4dos, command line and "kernel /linux | initrd /initrd.gz" then debianinstaller comes up for language selection
13:44<kop>EmleyMoor: That does not sound entirely possible. Although there may be specific cases where you can tell, depending. I always run memtest86+ to test that sort of hardware stuff, but it mostly tells you about ram.
13:44-!-samsul [~samsul@] has joined #debian
13:45<kop>gattytto: Should work. Or be made to work. I'm not clear. Better read the install guide. You may instead need to use the installer to get to a shell prompt and mount the root partition and chroot into it and run grub-install from there. I'm not clear on it.
13:46<kop>gattytto: I imagine that the installer will do the right thing.
13:46<gattytto>ok imma try the debianinstaller by skipping to the grub step
13:46-!-bob1234 [~bob1234@] has joined #debian
13:47-!-bob1234 [~bob1234@] has quit []
13:47-!-reklipz [] has joined #debian
13:47-!-lollercaust [] has joined #debian
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13:48-!-vladuke [~vladuke@] has joined #debian
13:50-!-NIN_ [] has joined #debian
13:50-!-mark76 [] has joined #debian
13:51<EmleyMoor>Hmmm... I think, even though I still get the timeouts, they are happening more quickly, if that makes sense
13:51-!-alibungker [~sd@] has joined #debian
13:51-!-hele [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
13:52-!-hele [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-hpvincent [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-polomek [] has joined #debian
13:52-!-mcr [~mcr@] has joined #debian
13:53-!-g8m [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:53<mcr>I'm trying to teach someone remote how to do a debian install via serial + ssh. screen+ssh-to-continue-install I figured.
13:53-!-onryo [~Freedom@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:53-!-dya [] has joined #debian
13:54<mcr>But, screen doesn't grok the output from dialog well enough. I usually have to use a gnome-terminal, (rather than an xterm) , and make sure that I pick UTF-8 encoding to get the installer to display nicely.
13:54<mcr>so, my guess is that the screen doesn't like the unicode. Any idea how to make them happy with each other?
13:54<petemc>screen -U
13:54<petemc>or do you not mean gnu screen?
13:54-!-poinck [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:54<EmleyMoor>Yes - more processing between timeouts - and only tried FreeBSD yet...
13:55<kop>EmleyMoor: Might be temperature related.
13:55-!-shanttu [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:55-!-NIN [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:55<dya>Ok I r retarded, someone tell me a repo or how to get the source and headers for 3.2.0-1-amd64
13:55<kop>EmleyMoor: (Put it outside and you're good 'till spring! ;-)
13:55<dya>Lol @ emley
13:56<kop>dya: What are you trying to do?
13:56<mcr>petermc, thanks. google just found -U option too.
13:56-!-vladuke [~vladuke@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
13:56<mcr>thank you.
13:56-!-PTKDev [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:57<kop>!tell dya about stable
13:57<dya>Recompile my kernel for some generic ass USB 3.0 controller. And I was slow had a Sid repo in my sources and upgraded to 3.2 on accident
13:57<kop>!tell dya about overview
13:57<EmleyMoor>kop: Do you mean on a transient basis... CPU getting too hot?
13:57<kop>EmleyMoor: Yes, or some other part.
13:58<EmleyMoor>kop: I don't think that is the case
13:58<kop>EmleyMoor: Does not have to be "too hot", just has to be hot enough to make it fail.
13:58<EmleyMoor>(fans should be going faster if it's like that anyway...)
13:58<kop>dya: So you're running sid?
13:59-!-nestorsalceda [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:59<dya>Squeeze with 3.2
13:59<judd>Available kernel versions are: sid: 3.2.0-1-686-pae (3.2.4-1); wheezy: 3.2.0-1-686-pae (3.2.4-1); squeeze-backports: 3.2.0-0.bpo.1-686-pae (3.2.1-2~bpo60+1); squeeze: 2.6.32-5-686 (2.6.32-41); lenny-backports: 2.6.32-bpo.5-686 (2.6.32-35~bpo50+1); lenny: 2.6.26-2-686 (2.6.26-27)
13:59-!-PTKDev [] has joined #debian
14:00<EmleyMoor>kop: I can't recall having good VM performance with this motherboard ever yet... and the last upgrade I did was intended to make VMs a better prospect, rather than a worse one
14:00<dya>So would I just use the 686 source?
14:00<kop>dya: You should get 3.2 from backports not sid. Mixing releases breaks things. If you want something newer than 3.2 from backports then you want <make-kpkg>.
14:00<kop>!tell dya about make-kpkg
14:01-!-shanttu [] has joined #debian
14:01<EmleyMoor>I'm on squeeze with the 3.2 kernel from backports - seems pretty good
14:01-!-PTKDev [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:02<EmleyMoor>(only on this machine... no backports on my PBX and not using a backported kernel on my laptop)
14:02-!-byonk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:02<gattytto>kop: I've mounted the LVM / and chroot'ed to it, now apt-get(ed) grub2 but grub-install /dev/sdb4 gives me error "cannot find a device for /boot/grub"
14:02<Infiltrator>gattytto: Have you got /boot mounted?
14:03<gattytto>it's on /
14:03<gattytto>I mean, it's a subfolder of / BUT the whole LVM thing is sdb4, then IF (and only if) I mount the lvm thingie I get / and swap
14:04-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
14:04-!-trifolio6 [] has quit []
14:04-!-PTKDev [] has joined #debian
14:04-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
14:05<kop>gattytto: I bet you need --root-directory=/boot/boot/grub But that's a guess and it's not good to go on guesses for stuff like this.
14:06-!-egwk [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
14:06<gattytto>yeah when I chroot to lvm/ my /dev is empty
14:06<Infiltrator>I think you need to bind /dev to /newroot/dev before you chroot.
14:06<kop>Infiltrator: That sounds right.
14:06<gattytto>ln -s?
14:06<Infiltrator>mount --bind /dev /mnt/new/dev
14:06<Infiltrator>Hard link.
14:07<kop>Infiltrator: not really a hard link.
14:07<Infiltrator>Soft link would break once you chroot.
14:07-!-vladuke [~vladuke@] has joined #debian
14:07-!-michal [] has joined #debian
14:07<Infiltrator>kop: A bind. You know what I mean. :P
14:07<kop>Infiltrator: right.
14:07-!-michal [] has left #debian []
14:08-!-floe_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:08<dya>How do I check which version of debian I am running.
14:08<gattytto>uname -a
14:09<gattytto>dya: also can do "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" you'll see the codename
14:09<kop>dya: cat /etc/debian_version But that's only if you didn't break things.
14:09<daemonkeeper>wrong and wrong. Try /etc/debian_version or lsb_release -a
14:10<EmleyMoor>I think whatever it was that was wrong with my VMs before, the new BIOS has at least fixed the networking
14:10<dya>Yay! K now I am running Sid :p
14:11-!-Greg [] has joined #debian
14:11<kop>dya: If you upgraded your sources.list to get a kernel from sid it's hard to tell what happened. You may have a little of both sid and stable.
14:11<kop>dya: Sid is probably not what you want.
14:12<dya>Meh it's for learning and fun anyway. I just don't want to break the kernel by recompiling with the wrong source
14:12-!-samsul [~samsul@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:12<Infiltrator>Yeah, go for experimental. =D
14:12-!-cybersphinx_ [] has joined #debian
14:12<gattytto>omg :S
14:12<gattytto>pvs will output /dev/sdb4
14:13<daemonkeeper>Experimental is not a full suite.
14:13<dya>I like my x :(
14:13<kop>gattytto: Nothing wrong with that.
14:13<Infiltrator>daemonkeeper: The rest gets filled in with monkeys. Don't worry.
14:13<gattytto>now after the bind (thanks to infiltrator) and chroot, when do grub-install /dev/sdb4 the output is "unable to identify a filesystem in hd1,msdos4; safety check can't be performed"
14:14-!-Maxics [~Massimo@] has joined #debian
14:14<Infiltrator>It doesn't (with good reason) like msdos.
14:14-!-zimme [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:14-!-hever [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:14<kop>Infiltrator: ? I thought that just ment it was an msdos partition table, as opposed to EFI (or whatever).
14:15<gattytto>it's not msdos, pvs will say /dev/sdb4 is LVM2
14:15<kop>Infiltrator: Does grub2 really do lvm? Lemmie look.
14:15-!-dee0x400 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:15<kop>The docs say yes.
14:16<gattytto>maybe insmod lvm?
14:16<dya>So it's not possible to get the source for 3.2.0-1-amd64 from repositories? Which should I download from then?
14:16<kop>gattytto: Should be there or you couldn't have mounted it.
14:16<gattytto>I agree
14:16<gattytto>so I feel stuck
14:17-!-eadric [] has joined #debian
14:17<kop>gattytto: There's always reading the instructions to understand what's going on. :)
14:17-!-gusnan [] has joined #debian
14:17-!-eadric [] has quit []
14:17<kop>gattytto: What's your vg and lv names?
14:18<dya> would that be the same as 3.2.0?
14:18<gattytto>that's for /
14:18-!-melmothX [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:19-!-cybersphinx [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:20-!-mode/#debian [+l 499] by debhelper
14:20<kop>gattytto: I'm thinking grub-install needs more to understand lvm....
14:21<gattytto>I'll try google more
14:21<dya>I'm thinking LILO just works..
14:21<kop>dya: Not with lvm.
14:22<kop>gattytto: You could read the directions. there's a --module
14:22<dya>I did and it worked fine except some slight nas nas issues
14:22-!-melmothX [] has joined #debian
14:23<dya>(well slight might be an understatement)
14:23-!-ang [~ang@] has joined #debian
14:23<dya>Damned iPad nas nfs issues
14:24<kop>gattytto: You want to tell it more about the fs on /dev/sda4, and it's right, there's not one. It's a pv. It needs to know about /dev/kvm-srv/sistema to do it's check, but I'm unclear on how to tell it to look there to check. (Although it's got to be in the info pages.)
14:25<gattytto>root-directory flag?
14:26<kop>gattytto: Dunno. I don't have my act together on grub2. You want "how to install grub2 from an lvm logical volume" or some such.)
14:26<kop>gattytto: This is why I always make a separate /boot partition.
14:27-!-amarc [] has joined #debian
14:27<kop>gattytto: That's not lvm.
14:27<gattytto>I see
14:27-!-chealer [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:27<gattytto>there has to be a way.. I feel so close
14:27<gattytto>Imma go put more hot water
14:27<kop>gattytto: There's bound to be a way.
14:27-!-ang [~ang@] has quit []
14:29<dya>Linux is fun :D
14:29-!-daedor [~m@] has joined #debian
14:30<dya>Btw the answer to my question is that even though the uman -r calls it the 3.2.0 kernel it's the 3.2.4 one backport
14:31-!-scientes [] has joined #debian
14:31<dya>Err uname
14:31-!-sagaci [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
14:32<valdyn>dya: debian does not use mainline minor versions but it usually will take the patches. There's reasons for that.
14:32-!-papa_ [~papa@] has joined #debian
14:33-!-papa_ [~papa@] has quit []
14:33<dya>Hmmm k.
14:33-!-Pitxyoki [] has joined #debian
14:34-!-samsul [~samsul@] has joined #debian
14:34<dya>New gnome = perrty
14:35-!-vindeliker [] has joined #debian
14:36<dya>Is there some way to get ooo 2.2
14:36-!-vance [~vance@] has joined #debian
14:37<randomness>and here I thought was a dating site
14:37<dya>You mean it's not?
14:37<randomness>apparently no :<
14:38-!-tuxampol [] has joined #debian
14:38-!-mcr [~mcr@] has left #debian []
14:38-!-vance [~vance@] has quit []
14:38<Infiltrator>randomness: I actually went there... I don't get it...
14:38<dya>But then where are nerds to find women they can talk too?
14:39<randomness>they don't.
14:40-!-vance [~vance@] has joined #debian
14:40<dya>So I gotta work out and be dumb to get laid!?! O when will it end!
14:41-!-s_i_m [] has joined #debian
14:41<vance>I'm having a bit of trouble with pulseaudio. It seems alsa won't output to the pulse sink and I'm a bit lost. Anybody knowledgable?
14:42<dya>Killall pulseaudio if anyone's got something better let me know
14:42<s_i_m>I do not use pulse, but should not it be the other way around? i.e. pulse is on top of alsa?
14:42<randomness>apt-get purge pulseaudio
14:43<randomness>only thing I can suggest as a non-user.
14:43<dya>I gotta do it every time I run VMware
14:43<vance>so the general consensus is to dump pulseaudio
14:43<dya>Skype uses pulse audio.
14:43<vance>i don't really care about skype, i just want my usb headset/mic to work
14:43<dya>So that's the only reason I keep it
14:44<dya>Purge = good
14:44<s_i_m>dya, it is linked with libpulse, but works without it
14:44<s_i_m>i mean, without the server
14:44<s_i_m>well, at least it is what i have here
14:45<dya>I never really tried just stopping the serv.
14:46-!-jesus [] has joined #debian
14:46<vance>I'm willing to drop pulseaudio, only installed it to try and get this headset to work properly. Just wondering what needs to be done in alsa then to get it to work
14:47<s_i_m>vance, nowadays, typically nothing
14:47<dya>What program are u using it for?
14:47<vance>firefox mostly, but not getting any audio output atm
14:48<dya>Well with pulse only one thing can output audio
14:48<dya>Typically in my experience
14:48<vance>i've removed pulse
14:48-!-jesus [] has quit []
14:48<daedor>Greetins, can i somewhere here get help for my "Neighbour table overflow" problem? (Treshs (2048,4096, 8192) - 2.6.32-5-amd64
14:48<dya>Check if your out put is set to the usb
14:49-!-melmothX [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:49<vance>ah lemme get a reboot, brb
14:49-!-vance [~vance@] has quit [Quit: rebooting]
14:49-!-irakl [~irakl@] has joined #debian
14:50-!-mode/#debian [+l 505] by debhelper
14:50<s_i_m>daedor, what is that? IPv6 related?
14:50-!-irakl [~irakl@] has quit []
14:51<nocturnal>any planned date for debian 7?
14:51<nocturnal>new stable
14:51<s_i_m>when it is ready
14:51<daedor>s_i_m, I set the ipv4 tresh higher, but it did nothing (googled solution) - ipv6 is in the build but haven't set it up ... don't know where the problem really comes from. It's a dedicated machine in a DC.
14:52<Hydroxide>nocturnal: no. Debian is currently targeting June 2012 to stop adding new features or version and focus only on bug fixes
14:52<Hydroxide>nocturnal: but debian doesn't set release dates, and if 7.0 isn't sufficiently solid by then, debian prefers to take longer than release something bad
14:53-!-manio [~manio@] has joined #debian
14:53<s_i_m>daedor, are you ona big LAN?
14:54-!-att [~att@] has joined #debian
14:54<daedor>s_i_m approx 500-700 machines in the DC
14:55<s_i_m>that error is related to ARP
14:55<dya>Gimmie a sec to get my machine running reasonably and I'll help ya out
14:55<s_i_m>can be an ARP poisoning attack or just a big ill designed LAN
14:56<simonlnu>Hydroxide: one of my favourite release policies is that, "take time to fix it instead of releasing"
14:56<dya>Simonlnu its also why I use deb :)
14:56-!-DWD [] has joined #debian
14:56<dya>And have been for ten odd years
14:57<simonlnu>same here
14:57-!-vance [~vance@] has joined #debian
14:57-!-Dominic6464 [] has joined #debian
14:58<daedor>s_i_m is my 6th year in the DC , error appeared 1 week ago. Increased the ARP cache to 2048, 4096, 8192 which worked for most people with this problem.
14:58<vance>okay, so pulse is gone. the usb headset is detected, and listed in the sound settings dialog, but I cannot find anywhere to set it as the default
14:58<s_i_m>daedor, if you run tcpdump do you see all those ARP resuests?
14:59-!-kaziem [] has joined #debian
14:59-!-Dominic6464 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:00-!-UltimediaOS1 [] has joined #debian
15:01-!-zimme [] has joined #debian
15:03<dya>Vance choose based on application
15:04-!-zigo [~quassel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:04<daedor>s_i_m, yes it spams a lot - 00:0c:xx:xx:xx:xx > ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, ARP, length 60: Request who-has 212.117.x.x tell 212.117.x.x, length 46
15:04-!-UltimediaOS [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:05<daedor>s_i_m, lots of different ips, some from inside the DC some from outsite
15:05-!-degli [] has joined #debian
15:07-!-vance [~vance@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:07<s_i_m>daedor, the ARP requests are always present, but in your case it can be so that someone tries to abuse it
15:07-!-cuba33ci [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:08-!-DWD [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:08-!-weland [~weland_tb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:09-!-dtw [] has quit [Quit: Zzzz]
15:09-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has joined #debian
15:09-!-cuba33ci [] has joined #debian
15:10<nocturnal>Hydroxide: that's nice
15:11<daedor>s_i_m, thank you very much already, do you have any idea how i could investigate this more?
15:11-!-vladuke [~vladuke@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:11<dya>Kde or gnome?
15:11-!-safinaskar [~quassel@] has joined #debian
15:14<s_i_m>daedor, pay attention to ARP *replies*. if you see lots of them targeted to different IPs and coming from a host that is not a router or something like a game server, than it is likely that machine abuses ARP
15:14-!-mentor [~mentor@] has joined #debian
15:14-!-wilson [] has joined #debian
15:15-!-mentor is now known as Guest2169
15:15<dya>S_i_m: do you know how I could get OOo 2.2?
15:15-!-miguel [~miguel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:16<s_i_m>why do you need that?
15:16<dya>Eyeos ver oneye or I need something similar to eyeos
15:16-!-wd40s [~wd40s@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:16-!-Guest2169 is now known as mentor
15:17-!-weland [~weland_tb@] has joined #debian
15:17<daedor>s_i_m, ok i'll research , thanks
15:17-!-trifolio6 [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:19<dya>Daedor look for torrents
15:19-!-ab_fab [] has joined #debian
15:20-!-ab_fab [] has left #debian []
15:21-!-marchlew [] has joined #debian
15:21-!-vance [~vance@] has joined #debian
15:21<vance>hmm, so i finally got some sound to come out of my usb headset
15:22<vance>but it's really crackly... found a recommendation on archlinux's site that suggested I add a line to /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf
15:22<vance>so I created the file and added the line, to no avail
15:22-!-rage8 [] has joined #debian
15:22<dya>I've never had mine crackly.
15:22<daedor>dya, What do you mean? Have no torrents running on the machine, apache + tor relay, that's all
15:23-!-rage8 [] has quit []
15:23<vance>yeah, it's awful
15:23-!-floe_ [] has joined #debian
15:23<vance>should I make my changes in alsa-base.conf
15:23<vance>instead of modprobe.conf
15:24-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has joined #debian
15:24-!-wilson [] has left #debian [Konversation terminated!]
15:24-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
15:24-!-phdeswer [] has joined #debian
15:25-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has joined #debian
15:25-!-chealer [] has joined #debian
15:25<dya>Yes to alsa just save a copy before messin with it.
15:26-!-DonManInBlack [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
15:29<s_i_m>vance, I hope, your computer is not from Pentium MMX era? =)
15:29-!-abdulkarim [~abdulkari@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:29-!-rage7 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:29<dya>Buttt it has usb
15:30-!-vance [~vance@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
15:30<dya>U scared him away :O
15:31-!-Maxics [~Massimo@] has left #debian []
15:31<cconstantine>that's one heck of an alsa config to drop him off the net
15:32-!-pswen [~pswen@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:35<cconstantine>ok, so I have a brand spanking new lenovo T420s laptop and 2 dell monitors
15:35-!-lollercaust [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:35<cconstantine>and I want to get all 3 screens going at once
15:35<cconstantine>I'm having a hard time with it. I can get 2 going, but not 3
15:36-!-tuxampol [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
15:37<s_i_m>btw, actually, I also have a little pulseaudio-related problem: after a recent update of ethernal lands there is no sound in the game, and the log shows that it tries to initialize pulseaudio which I do not have. Anyone playing eternal lands?
15:37<cconstantine>when I turn on the 3rd monitor in the gnome control panel thinger I get a dialog with this error:
15:37<s_i_m>i am on wheezy btw
15:37<dya>No but if you install pulse don't let it start it's server
15:38-!-dudley [] has joined #debian
15:38-!-safinaskar [~quassel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:39<dya>What's eternal lands?
15:39-!-dertauman [] has joined #debian
15:39-!-dirichle1 [] has joined #debian
15:39<dudley>Is there a problem with the latest Debian Live CD?
15:40<dudley>It absolutely will not boot on my IBM T43.
15:40<dudley>Kernel panics all around.
15:40-!-dertauman [] has quit []
15:40-!-dougmencken [~username@] has joined #debian
15:40<dougmencken>hello, guys
15:41<s_i_m>dya, here are the debs
15:41-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:41<dya>Ccon dude that laptop probably only supports 2 monitors, it's own +1 or 2 -it's own
15:41-!-dirichlet [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:42-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has joined #debian
15:42-!-randomness [~v@] has quit [Quit: Quit]
15:42-!-a_landim_xhkl [] has quit [Quit: Fim da transmissão...]
15:42<dougmencken>guys, where can I get 64-bit QEMU?
15:42<dougmencken>(yep, still the same question)
15:42-!-pedro [] has joined #debian
15:42<s_i_m>dudley, what is the kernel version there on Live CD?
15:42<dudley>Anyone know?
15:43<dudley>How can I check?
15:43-!-pedro [] has left #debian []
15:43<nocturnal>uname -a
15:43<s_i_m>it says when booting
15:43<dudley>It's the latest image from the mainpage.
15:43<dudley>Okay. Will reboot.
15:43<ompaul>dougmencken: install it
15:43<ompaul>on a 64 bit system
15:44<dougmencken>ompaul: how to?
15:44<dougmencken>I'm not on x86
15:44<ompaul>are you on debian linux amd64?
15:44<dudley>I cannot see the kernel version.
15:44<dougmencken>uname -m
15:44<ompaul>dougmencken: well install that it installs on that
15:44<dudley>In verbose mode it flies right by.
15:44<dougmencken>it is only 32-bit
15:44<s_i_m>dudley, does it boot to cmd line?
15:45<dougmencken>the entire userspace
15:45<dudley>It's the live cd
15:45<ompaul>dougmencken: no idea how it works there
15:45<dudley>It's the latest live cd.
15:45<nsadmin>aptitude install qemu (courtesy of ompaul)
15:45<dudley>SQAUSHFS error
15:45<dudley>and then it just hangs.
15:45-!-remo [] has joined #debian
15:45<nsadmin>, versions qemu --arch amd64
15:45<judd>Package: qemu on amd64 -- lenny: 0.9.1-10lenny1; lenny-security: 0.9.1-10lenny1; squeeze: 0.12.5+dfsg-3squeeze1; wheezy: 1.0+dfsg-2; sid: 1.0+dfsg-3
15:45-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:46<ompaul>dougmencken: what you asked is how do I do 64bit stuff on 32bit, no idea is my answer to that however
15:46<s_i_m>dudley, have you checked the CD for errors?
15:46<ompaul>dougmencken: I'd get me a 64bit box they are really cheap by comparison with some other stuff out there
15:46<dudley>It was verified after the burn by Brasero.
15:47<towo`>verify sayes nothing
15:47<towo`>check the md5sum
15:48<dougmencken>ompaul: cheap is not that makes my world go round and round
15:48-!-remo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:48-!-mentor [~mentor@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:48<ompaul>dougmencken: if you want 64bit it can be
15:48-!-Anon_ [] has joined #debian
15:48<dougmencken>ompaul: by re-building 180 libs, yes
15:48-!-Anon_ [] has quit []
15:48<dougmencken>manually building that
15:49<dougmencken>180 libs + qemu
15:49<simonlnu>dougmencken: i assume your userspace is 32 bit?
15:49-!-supremo [] has joined #debian
15:49<dougmencken>simonlnu: yes
15:49<dya>My sound on eternal works fine
15:49<simonlnu>dougmencken: and you want qemu 64 bit? why?
15:49<s_i_m>dya, you have pulse srv running?
15:49<dougmencken>simonlnu: to run 64-bit x86 windows7
15:49-!-Anon_ [] has joined #debian
15:49-!-supremo [] has quit []
15:50-!-Anon_ [] has quit []
15:50<simonlnu>dougmencken: virtualbox?
15:50<towo`>windows 7 in qemu
15:50<dougmencken>simonlnu: QEMU
15:50<towo`>forget it
15:50<dougmencken>simonlnu: I'm on PowerPC, not x86
15:50<dougmencken>towo`: why? it works well, just can't use >2 GiB of RAM
15:50<dya>Thanks Doug
15:50<s_i_m>dya, before it worked nicely without pulse
15:51<simonlnu>dougmencken: i know ;)
15:51-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has quit [Quit:]
15:51<dougmencken>I want it to use at least 32
15:51<towo`>works well, i'm laughting
15:51<dougmencken>out of my 64
15:51-!-supremo [] has joined #debian
15:51<dougmencken>towo`: it works well
15:51<nsadmin>can you backup your /home and just install 64b debian?
15:51<simonlnu>dougmencken: i don't see how that's possible without a chroot
15:51<dya>Pulse IMO is easier to work with but should be called a beta release
15:51<nsadmin>or is there such a thing on ppc?
15:51<simonlnu>nsadmin: there is no ppc64 userspace
15:52-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has joined #debian
15:52<nsadmin>and kernel?
15:52<dougmencken>nsadmin: kernel is 64-bit
15:52<dougmencken>ppc32 kernel can't run on ppc64
15:52-!-supremo [] has quit []
15:52<nsadmin>maybe it would be enough to have just a 64b kernel and 32b userland
15:52<dougmencken>well, without a lot of illegal instruction handling
15:53<dougmencken>nsadmin: nope, it is not
15:53<simonlnu>dougmencken: you could try running the 32b qemu? or you did try already?
15:53<dougmencken>simonlnu: # ps -A | grep qemu 4816 pts/2 05:57:48 qemu
15:54<simonlnu>ok, and it's not working?
15:54<dougmencken>simonlnu: it does work, I'm about 64-bit userspace
15:54<dya>S_i_m just remember to kill pulse when your done withit causes too much head ache
15:54<dougmencken>and >2 GiB RAM for QEMU quest
15:54<dougmencken>and ability to install x86_64 Win7 inside QEMU guest
15:54<nsadmin>the kernel won't use the ram?
15:55-!-ota [] has joined #debian
15:55<dougmencken>nsadmin: kernel? it does
15:55-!-rage [] has joined #debian
15:55<dya>Anyone know where I can get OOo 2.2
15:55<dougmencken>it can, 76% is unused and inactive and even not cached
15:55<nsadmin>you can get libreoffice
15:55<dougmencken>dya: LibreOffice is better
15:56<dougmencken>dya: and TeXLive is much more better
15:56-!-e-ndy [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
15:56<dya>I need it for eyeos oneye .8
15:56-!-ota [] has left #debian []
15:56-!-Greg [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
15:56<nsadmin>if you know latex or (umm!) tex
15:56-!-mentor [~mentor@] has joined #debian
15:57<dougmencken>\textbf{You must call it} \Tex{}
15:57<dougmencken>oops, \TeX{}
15:57-!-mentor is now known as Guest2172
15:57<simonlnu>dougmencken: what you're asking is hard without rebuilding the ppc userspace in a chroot for ppc64
15:57-!-amarc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:57<dougmencken>simonlnu: I already heard about full re-building, but it's LFS way
15:57<dougmencken>not Debian way
15:58<s_i_m>dougmencken, \relax
15:58<dougmencken>\end{relax} % I mean
15:58<nsadmin>you could build packages
15:59<dougmencken>nsadmin: one-after-other, ~180 libs
15:59<dougmencken>I know
15:59<dougmencken>I'm not on #lfs now
15:59<dougmencken>I'm here to ask Debian maints
16:00<nsadmin>then, what you ask is hard as there is not a 64b userland for ppc
16:00<dougmencken>why can't non-x86 users have 64-bit userspace or at least statically-linked QEMU 64-bit?
16:00<simonlnu>there's no official ppc64 port, so nothing's built for it
16:00<simonlnu>so build a static qemu
16:00<dougmencken>nobody cares?
16:01<nsadmin>on top of that, you;re looking at cross compiling
16:01<simonlnu>i don't decide that... i care, but my voice counts for shit in those decisions
16:01<dougmencken>nsadmin: nope, just gcc -m64 would suffice
16:01<dougmencken>nsadmin: I did that for a lot of packages, spend ~month, and stopped
16:01-!-zimme [] has quit [Quit: There's no place like]
16:02<dougmencken>and came here to complain!
16:02<dya>What's a good irc client
16:02<simonlnu>ppc64 isn't the only one that got the chop
16:02<dougmencken>dya: irssi
16:02-!-XeonBloomfield [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:02<simonlnu>alpha got chopped last month
16:02-!-chealer [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
16:02<dougmencken>simonlnu: chop?
16:02<simonlnu>cut from being supported
16:03<dougmencken>ah? simonlnu, so ppc64 is not supported?
16:03<dougmencken>ppc64 builds ~100 times faster than ppc32
16:03<simonlnu>i said as much less than 5m ago
16:03<dougmencken>okay, ~80
16:03<ansgar>dougmencken: non-x86 can have 64-bit userland. on s390x ;)
16:04*dougmencken doesn't know what s390x is
16:04<dougmencken>and I know, I can have 64-bit userland; but every update replaces 64-bit libs with 32-bit ones!
16:04<ompaul>main frame
16:04<simonlnu>another arch. ibm mainframe sorta deal
16:04<daemonkeeper>Nobody really knows what s390 is.
16:05<s_i_m>well, some worked om 370
16:05<dougmencken>my own built ones with your ones
16:05<ompaul>daemonkeeper: I used to know how it all worked the 5000 scheduled jobs with dependencies every night it was on the chart on the wall
16:05<ansgar>dougmencken: Also, no idea how much is working though.
16:05<ompaul>back before there was real linux on main frame
16:06<dougmencken>ompaul: now the main target is cellular phones, I know
16:06<s_i_m>xedit rules
16:06-!-deeq [] has joined #debian
16:06-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:07<dougmencken>I asked for ARM desktop, they gave me netbook
16:07-!-dyaval [] has joined #debian
16:07<dougmencken>*desktop* is a huge tower-like box
16:07<daemonkeeper>ompaul: Ah! So, you're the s390 user we have!
16:07<dougmencken>not laptop
16:07<ompaul>daemonkeeper: I was
16:08<daemonkeeper>ompaul: One of 15!
16:08<dyaval>how do i change my nick within irssi
16:08<ompaul>daemonkeeper: never ran debian on it
16:08<dyaval>actually nm
16:08<dougmencken>dyaval: /nick idiot
16:08-!-dya [] has quit [Quit: dya]
16:08<daemonkeeper>dougmencken: /quit stfu
16:08<ompaul>would have loved to and would have stayed in that job if I was
16:08<dyaval>lol yea yea
16:08<dougmencken>daemonkeeper: I love you too
16:08-!-dyaval is now known as Dya
16:09-!-noahfx_ [~noahfx@] has joined #debian
16:09-!-deeq [] has quit []
16:09<daemonkeeper>ompaul: I think only completely insane people run Debian on a s390.
16:09<ompaul>daemonkeeper: baaaaa
16:10-!-mode/#debian [+l 497] by debhelper
16:10<ompaul>it is just a massive multi node box
16:10-!-babab [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
16:10<dougmencken>I want to look at s390 ISA specification
16:11-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has joined #debian
16:11-!-crane [] has joined #debian
16:11-!-crane [] has quit []
16:12-!-chealer [] has joined #debian
16:12<Dya>so no one knows where i can get that damned OOo 2.2
16:13<dougmencken>Dya: which CPU architecture?
16:13-!-mlechner [] has joined #debian
16:13<Dya>dougmencken: x86
16:13<dougmencken>Dya: or do you need 10GiB of sources?
16:13<cconstantine>just install debian testing and I have no sound. the gnome control panel lists a bunch of devices, and choosing them doesn't produce errors, but I never hear anything
16:14<dougmencken>cconstantine: what does alsamixer show?
16:14<s_i_m>compgrokker, muted?
16:14<s_i_m>cconstantine, ^
16:14<cconstantine>nothing is muted
16:14<dougmencken>cconstantine: tey pavucontrol
16:14<cconstantine>alasmixer shows stuff
16:15<dougmencken>F6 and choose your card
16:15<dougmencken>and remember it's number
16:15<dougmencken>and install pulseaudio
16:15-!-aroundthfur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:15<cconstantine>it's number?
16:15<cconstantine>it's just listed as 'HDA Intel PCH'
16:16<dougmencken>F6 and look on left
16:16<cconstantine>and hitting the volume keys changes the volume in the mixer
16:16<cconstantine>ok, 0
16:16-!-GriZmio [~grizmio@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:16<dougmencken>cconstantine: 0 is cool, you don't even need to disable kernel modules then
16:16-!-jet [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
16:17-!-TheLaughingMan [] has joined #debian
16:17<dougmencken>cconstantine: and try #alsa
16:17<dougmencken>they are great
16:17<Dya>dougmencken: soo where can if find it?
16:17<cconstantine>wasn't sound solved in the 90s?
16:17<dougmencken>still >10 messaged on alsa mail list
16:17-!-gattytto [~teb@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:17<TheLaughingMan>Hey guys, what is the best way to restart the networking on debian? I know you use to be able to do /etc/init.d/networking restart but now if I do it there is a warning saying that this is no longer the best way to do it and my interfaces don't come back up
16:18<dougmencken>TheLaughingMan: man ip?
16:18<s_i_m>TheLaughingMan, everything depends on what you have in /etc/network/interfaces
16:19<dougmencken>oh, I switched to helping mode
16:19<dougmencken>I have a problem
16:19<chealer>cconstantine: welcome to GNU/Linux
16:19<TheLaughingMan>A static IP assigned to eth0 and then some up ip/down ip to add some other ips to eth0:0-3
16:20<dougmencken>how to "heal" HFS+ drive?
16:20-!-iiu7 [] has joined #debian
16:20<cconstantine>chealer, as apposed to just Linux? I was 'here' back in the 90s when sound/graphics was getting sorted out
16:20<retrospectacus>TheLaughingMan: e.g. ifup eth0:0
16:21<iiu7>I don't want to put a "startx" in .bash_profile because when I ssh into the box it can't start X, where else can I put startx when I don't run a login daemon?
16:21<s_i_m>TheLaughingMan, do you have "auto" stanzas there?
16:21-!-stummi [] has quit [Quit: Bye!]
16:21<dougmencken>iiu7: putting startx in .bash_profile is stupid ;)
16:22<chealer>cconstantine: well, as opposed to wherever your expectations come from (maybe Windows)
16:22<retrospectacus>iiu7: run startx when you want to, don't put it anywhere
16:22<cconstantine>chealer, ubuntu
16:22<iiu7>dougmencken, yes I agree, but it's how it's proposed on
16:22<iiu7>I want it to run automatically, only not when ssh into the box.
16:22<dougmencken>iiu7: don't they know about runlevels?
16:22<chealer>cconstantine: heh. I don't think Ubuntu existed before 2000
16:22<retrospectacus>iiu7: how about when you open a terminal?
16:22<cconstantine>chealer, it didn't
16:22<dougmencken>or Debian is moving from SysV startup to something 1-way?
16:23<cconstantine>chealer, I was debian before ubuntu. I'm trying to move back because it's what our servers are running
16:24<s_i_m>iiu7, either nodm or /etc/inittab may help you
16:26<TheLaughingMan>That is what I have in my /etc/network/interfaces, so ifup would restart it?
16:27<s_i_m>TheLaughingMan, add eth0 to auto
16:27-!-iiu7 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:28<TheLaughingMan>s_i_m, and then what would I need to run to restart the networking
16:28<s_i_m>same command you did
16:29<TheLaughingMan>So /etc/init.d/network restart should then work?
16:29-!-guayu [~guayu@] has joined #debian
16:29-!-babab [] has joined #debian
16:30<TheLaughingMan>or networking I should say
16:30-!-guayu [~guayu@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:30-!-cconstantine [~cconstant@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:30-!-jgarvey [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:30-!-black [] has joined #debian
16:31<dougmencken>so how to fix HFS+ volume?
16:31<dougmencken>symptoms: directories do constanly disappear, the further the more
16:32<dougmencken>dmesgs says: [432258.653678] hfs: request for non-existent node 7536735 in B*Tree
16:32<dougmencken>^^^^ a lot of such stuff
16:32<s_i_m>dougmencken, format the drive to ext4, restore from a backup?
16:32<dougmencken>[426366.248111] hfs: recoff 51383 too large
16:32-!-black [] has quit []
16:32<dougmencken>s_i_m: 16 TiB drive?
16:33-!-HuntingBears [~huntingbe@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:33<TheLaughingMan>s_i_m, it appears to not be doing it properly. I remove eth0:0 and upon restarting the networking it is still there
16:33<s_i_m>well, it is your precious data there, not mine =)
16:33<dougmencken>s_i_m: and with ext3-4, I can't open it on non-linux systems
16:34<dougmencken>s_i_m: and in fact, 12 TiB are on ext4 (sdc2),only 4 are on HFS+
16:35-!-filePeter [~filePeter@2002:1f10:7b1a:2:897f:60f0:6e77:28c6] has joined #debian
16:35<s_i_m>TheLaughingMan, try ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0 from the cmd line and look for errors
16:35<dougmencken>the HFS+ driver in kernel is bad
16:35<dougmencken>that's why HFS+ partitions goes to hell on a time
16:36<TheLaughingMan>Well I can't do a ifdown eth0, using SSH
16:36<dougmencken>meanwhile, linux (kernel) guys gave me a solution
16:36<dougmencken>working one
16:37<dougmencken>** The volume exthd-hfsplus appears to be OK.
16:37-!-log0ut [] has joined #debian
16:37<filePeter>I try debugging mutt and have mutt-dbg installed… Unfortunately gdb won’t show me the source when commanding gdb to run “list” and show me the source. What’s wrong?
16:38<dougmencken>filePeter: are you sure you buil with -g ?
16:38<dougmencken>filePeter: and not stripped the result binarier?
16:38-!-gudjon [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:39-!-noname [] has joined #debian
16:39<valdyn>filePeter: show us the error?
16:39-!-marchlew [] has quit [Quit: Wychodzi]
16:40-!-joo [~joo@] has joined #debian
16:40<joo>where is the 3.1.0-1-686-pae (default installation) kernel headers located?
16:41<filePeter>dougmencken: Well, running gdb-mutt tells me: “Reading symbols from /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/mutt-org... done” - So I suppose the symbols are installed and loaded…
16:41<valdyn>joo: /usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r), if the headers package is installer
16:41<dougmencken>filePeter: no
16:41<joo>the package simply doesn't exist, the way i see it
16:42<valdyn>joo: which package does not exist?
16:42<dougmencken>filePeter: are you inside gdb now?
16:42<joo>but it is the kernel the latest debian comes with
16:42<valdyn>joo: then the kernel does not exist either, as a package in debian
16:42-!-ytrh [] has joined #debian
16:42<dougmencken>joo: "latest debian", heh
16:42-!-ytrh [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:43<valdyn>joo: no, you got that wrong, it could be a kernel of some sid installer, thats not the "latest"
16:43<dougmencken>which Debian is the latest one? ;)
16:43<joo>ah now i know... it is probably on the cd which i removed from sources :-)
16:43<filePeter>dougmencken: Sure.
16:43<joo>i downloaded version 5 :-)
16:43<valdyn>joo: version 5 does not have that kernel
16:43<joo>pity i will have to connect my cdrom drive again to retreive the headers now
16:43<dougmencken>filePeter: your command line for gdb?
16:44<dougmencken>gdb --args mutt
16:44-!-shanttu [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:44<valdyn>I somehow doubt that filePeter even specified the source
16:44-!-noname [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:45<dougmencken>I doubt he's building vanilla
16:45<filePeter>valdyn: Ah! Basically I thought the debugging symbols are just enough to come up with the source and the symbols for me.
16:45<filePeter>dougmencken: In fact I’m not.
16:46-!-TheCrittaC [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:46<valdyn>filePeter: no, just enough for line numbers and symbol names
16:46-!-jkf [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:46<dougmencken>filePeter: how do you build?
16:46-!-s_i_m [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:46-!-thomas [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:47<filePeter>valdyn: Ah, ok. So the source is NOT displayed from the symbols. - Sounds logical! :-) I’ll try specifiying the source then. Thank you.
16:47<dougmencken>filePeter: The official Mutt channel is #mutt on []
16:47-!-fisted_ [] has quit [Quit: brb]
16:47<dougmencken>filePeter: #gdb guys are on freenode too
16:48<filePeter>dougmencken: Thank you. It definately was a packaging issue about _debian_ :-)
16:48-!-_runner_ [] has joined #debian
16:48<filePeter>dougmencken: With a chunk of missunderstanding on my side.
16:48<dougmencken>oh, debian
16:49<joo>now i got my headers - cool :-)
16:49<dudley>If I copied the files to a USB device, would the debian installer run properly?
16:49-!-svend [] has joined #debian
16:49<valdyn>!usb install
16:49<dpkg>You can install Debian from a USB stick/thumbdrive/pen drive/key on x86 systems, as long as your system's BIOS can boot from USB. Details are in the Installation Guide, see and ask me about <install debian> for hybrid CD/DVD images. to prepare from Windows. BIOS can't boot from USB? Use
16:49<joo>maybe someday, i will figure out how to make my raid setup work in a new kernel, but for now im happy i got the headers installed :-)
16:50-!-mode/#debian [+l 490] by debhelper
16:50-!-_runner_ [] has quit []
16:50<dougmencken>valdyn: can I do the same on PowerPC?
16:50-!-ant [] has joined #debian
16:50<dougmencken>openfirmare 2.1 can boot from usb
16:50<valdyn>dougmencken: i have no idea
16:50-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has joined #debian
16:50<dougmencken>valdyn: so fix it
16:50<valdyn>dougmencken: fix what when I have no idea?
16:50-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
16:51-!-ubuntu [] has quit []
16:51<dougmencken>valdyn: yep :) get some idea maybe
16:51<valdyn>dougmencken: no im certainly not going to learn anything about ppc
16:51<joo>thanks valdy for your kind help, and dougmencken also
16:52<dougmencken>joo: I haven't helped
16:52-!-screenn [~screenn@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:52<dougmencken>valdyn: okay, so the idea is to stuck with x86?
16:52<joo>you helped more than you possibly can imagine
16:52<dougmencken>wow :3
16:53<dougmencken>joo: what you asked for?
16:53-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has quit []
16:53-!-Leon_Nardella [~Leon@] has joined #debian
16:53<dougmencken>/usr/src/`uname -r`?
16:53<joo>it was concerning my recent debian install, it wouldn't have succeeded without you, among others
16:53<dougmencken>ah okay :)
16:54<dougmencken>lokks like I must wrote at least 2 patches now
16:55-!-lduros [] has left #debian []
16:55<dougmencken>but instead of that, I'll run WinXP in QEMU and play PlantsVsZombies
16:57-!-nort [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:59-!-smb [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:59-!-smb [] has joined #debian
17:02-!-infinity01 [] has joined #debian
17:02-!-gusnan [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
17:03-!-ant [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:05-!-shanttu [] has joined #debian
17:05-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
17:06-!-infinity0 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:07-!-debsan [~debsan@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:09-!-filePeter [~filePeter@2002:1f10:7b1a:2:897f:60f0:6e77:28c6] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:11-!-scientes_ [] has joined #debian
17:14-!-log0ut [] has left #debian []
17:14-!-crizaor [] has joined #debian
17:15<crizaor>#join ubuntubr
17:15<crizaor>#join ubuntu-br
17:15-!-chitchat [] has joined #debian
17:15-!-themill [] has joined #debian
17:15-!-foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:15-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has joined #debian
17:16-!-knoppix_ [~knoppix@] has quit []
17:17-!-hkn [] has joined #debian
17:18-!-towo` [] has quit [Quit: so, nu isser wech]
17:19-!-balz [] has joined #debian
17:19-!-TheLaughingMan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:20-!-Dya [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:20-!-janos_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:21-!-m0rtis0000 [] has joined #debian
17:22<m0rtis0000>i have a question about flash
17:23<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
17:24<m0rtis0000>i'm using gnash 0.8.8
17:24<m0rtis0000>it seems to work on youtube
17:25-!-nestor [] has joined #debian
17:25<m0rtis0000>but... doesn't seem to be working on
17:26<m0rtis0000>it's just a grey block
17:28<heikkila>m0rtis0000, I had some troubles with gnash, but I switched to flashplugin-nonfree in contrib. It seems to work everywhere
17:30<m0rtis0000>is that in the software center?
17:30<dougmencken>heikkila: flash is for x86 only
17:31<dougmencken>it is dying technology
17:31<m0rtis0000>i'm running amd64
17:31-!-vindeliker [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
17:31<dougmencken>doesn't matter; x86 mans x86_16, x86_32, ...
17:32<heikkila>m0rtis0000, you have to enable contrib part of the repository
17:32<dougmencken>and non-free too
17:32-!-jhutchins_wk [~jhutchins@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:33-!-Cor3 [] has joined #debian
17:35<heikkila>Native 64-bit support Flash Player can now take advantage of native support for 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit web browsers on Linux®, Mac OS, and Windows®.
17:36<scientes>the netboot isos are 16 MB, are there any that are 14MB or smaller?
17:36<heikkila>I don't run 64bit Debian right now, but I don't think there's any problem running flashplugin-nonfree in it?
17:36<scientes>i have a 16 MB SD card
17:36<scientes>and it doesn't quite fit
17:37*retrospectacus has never had a problem with flashplugin-nonfree on 64bit
17:37<retrospectacus>enable contrib and install it, simple
17:37-!-scientes_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:38<m0rtis0000>will have to figure out how. i enabled contrib but when i open software center again and type in flash plugin doesn't seem to list it
17:38<heikkila>m0rtis0000, software-center, are you using Ubuntu?
17:39<retrospectacus>not sure what "software center" is... type "apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" in a root terminal
17:39<heikkila>m0rtis0000, that's not answer to my question.
17:39-!-torjeh [] has joined #debian
17:39<scientes>retrospectacus, software-center is the new "app store", designed for ubuntu
17:40<m0rtis0000>oh. i thought ubuntu was a gde
17:40-!-franam [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
17:40<retrospectacus>"store"? 0.o
17:40-!-degli [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:40<scientes>retrospectacus, agreed
17:40<retrospectacus>m0rtis0000: this channel only supports debian. If you have ubuntu we can't help you
17:40<m0rtis0000>i am using debian :P
17:40<retrospectacus>then we have already helped you
17:40<heikkila>It is some kind of simplified synaptic of sorts, retrospectacus. It's also in Debian, not installed by default though
17:41<scientes>i thought it had be ported to debian as part os utnutu
17:41-!-weland [~weland_tb@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:41<m0rtis0000>sorry for causing so much angst. thanks for the help on the command.
17:41-!-riccardo [] has joined #debian
17:42-!-alyosha [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:42-!-lollercaust [] has joined #debian
17:43-!-angelus [~angelus@] has joined #debian
17:43-!-OkropNick [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:43-!-anna [] has joined #debian
17:44-!-riccardo [] has quit []
17:44<heikkila>m0rtis0000, then you should have System/Admin/Program sources in your main Gnome menu (if you made a standard installation of Debian).
17:44-!-riccardo [] has joined #debian
17:44-!-angelus [~angelus@] has quit []
17:44-!-dirichle1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:45-!-ompaul [~ompaul@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
17:45-!-Nik05 [] has joined #debian
17:45<m0rtis0000>thank you all - it works great
17:46-!-anna [] has quit []
17:46-!-riccardo [] has quit []
17:48-!-toabctl [] has joined #debian
17:49-!-Pigeonaras [] has joined #debian
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17:54-!-Robatynia [] has joined #debian
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17:58-!-Volley [] has joined #debian
17:59-!-ptr [~ptr@] has left #debian [PING 1328914770]
17:59-!-konverguoju [] has joined #debian
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18:03-!-janos_ [~janos@] has joined #debian
18:04-!-corsair [~corsair@] has joined #debian
18:06-!-nestor [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:09-!-winsen [] has joined #debian
18:10-!-ssvloid [] has joined #debian
18:13-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
18:13-!-drakarius [~drakarius@] has joined #debian
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18:15-!-fabrice [] has joined #debian
18:19-!-jmho [] has joined #debian
18:20-!-insao [] has joined #debian
18:21-!-tapp [] has joined #debian
18:23-!-mlt [] has joined #debian
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18:29-!-hamfree [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:30-!-xreal [~mweber@mailgw.FB12.Uni-Dortmund.DE] has quit []
18:33<dpkg>VATTENE VIA!
18:33-!-Fotografiona_ [] has joined #debian
18:33-!-drakarius [~drakarius@] has quit []
18:33-!-Guest2172 is now known as mentor
18:33-!-ribe [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-zem [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-nickb [] has joined #debian
18:35<daemonkeeper>You could let people at least type themselves !list ...
18:36<ribe>hi all
18:36<nsadmin>daemonkeeper, what would be the purpose?
18:36-!-toabctl [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:37<daemonkeeper>None, of course. I'm just against prejudgment.
18:37<nsadmin>I think !list should be <reply>
18:37<daemonkeeper>It does.
18:37-!-bananowski [] has joined #debian
18:38<daemonkeeper>Try it a few times. /msg the bot
18:38<nsadmin>oh, you are probably referring to thinking that !list means "I am a pirate"
18:38-!-steeb [] has left #debian []
18:38-!-MisterFluffy [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.1.3 Equilibrium]
18:39<daemonkeeper>No, I'm referring to the fact jhutchins_lt judged before he heard a single word aside of an Italian greeting. Anyway, we're off-topic.
18:40-!-aroundthfur [] has joined #debian
18:40-!-Fotografiona [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:40<nsadmin>well the bot did the greeting in response to !list
18:40<nsadmin>!factinfo list
18:40<dpkg>list -- created by za <~za@> at Wed Aug 14 22:34:06 2002 (3467 days); last modified at Wed Dec 21 21:11:34 2011 by themill!~stuart@unaffiliated/themill; it has been requested 1673 times, last by heikkila, 1m 33s ago.
18:40-!-philwyett [] has joined #debian
18:40<nsadmin>and it's somewhat old :)
18:40<heikkila>Is vattene via a greeting?
18:41<themill>not quite
18:41<daemonkeeper>No. It means "piss off"
18:41-!-wissem [~localhost@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:42<nsadmin>heikkila, anyway.... for a list of software debian offers, see:
18:42<themill>Anyway, maybe we've had this discussion more than enough times and should leave the Italians to themselves
18:42-!-Janik [~Janik@] has joined #debian
18:42<heikkila>nsadmin, I know, I've searched it several times
18:43<nsadmin>I agree... and above is an offer of a new value for the list factoid :)
18:43-!-pos [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:44<daemonkeeper>It has already an alternative.
18:45-!-PTKDev [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:45<dpkg>VATTENE VIA!
18:45-!-bananowski [] has left #debian [Wychodzi]
18:45-!-kaziem [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
18:45-!-tapp [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:45*themill sends a few people off to play with the bot in private
18:47*Black_Prince whistles and walks away. Quickly.
18:48-!-aroundthfur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:48-!-m42 [] has joined #debian
18:49<amphi>!chase Black_Prince
18:49-!-floe_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:50-!-mode/#debian [+l 474] by debhelper
18:50-!-floe_ [] has joined #debian
18:50-!-MisterFluffy [] has joined #debian
18:51-!-Caroll [~caroll@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:52<jhutchins_lt>I did not intend to tell him to piss off, I had thought the response was changed, when it's actually rotating/random.
18:53-!-ribe [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:54-!-zimme [] has joined #debian
18:56-!-g8m [] has joined #debian
18:58-!-floe_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:58-!-papa_ [~papa@] has joined #debian
18:59-!-sauro [] has joined #debian
18:59<sauro>ciao a tutti
18:59<sauro>sono nuovo dellla chat
19:00<sauro>c'e' qualcuno?
19:00-!-dudley [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:00<jhutchins_lt>sauro: Bunch of dumb Americans here who only speak English.
19:00<dpkg>Ciao, vai su #debian-it per ricevere aiuto in italiano. Italian Speakers: Please use #debian-it, there you will get much more help.
19:01<jhutchins_lt>sauro: If you speak english, we have a question, possibly better for #debian-offtopic
19:01-!-nickb [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02<sauro>sorry my english is little bit
19:02<jhutchins_lt>sauro: /j #debian-offtopic please, I'll ask there.
19:03-!-att [~att@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:04-!-Volley [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
19:04-!-papa_ [~papa@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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19:08-!-p01son [~p01son@] has joined #debian
19:08-!-p01son [~p01son@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:09-!-vitor [~vitor@] has joined #debian
19:10<zykotick9>jhutchins_lt: i asked what vattene via meant on 2012/01/26 retrospectacus gave to repies "go away" and "get out"
19:10-!-daedor [~m@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:10-!-pos [] has joined #debian
19:12-!-att [~att@] has joined #debian
19:13*retrospectacus remembers
19:13-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:14<zykotick9>retrospectacus: wow, i had to search the logs ;)
19:14<retrospectacus>all three are reasonable translations, I think
19:15<vitor>Hello, I'm having problem with the gcc manpage. As it turns out it didn't get installed with gcc! "lsb_release -a" gives 6.0.4 squeeze
19:18-!-zimme [] has quit [Quit: There's no place like]
19:21-!-Nik05 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:21-!-ikon [~ikon@] has joined #debian
19:22-!-konverguoju [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:22-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
19:22<nsadmin>vitor, the info pages of gcc is collectively the book "Using and Porting GNU CC"
19:23<nsadmin>the man pages, are not often maintained
19:23<dpkg>The man pages for <gcc> are in non-free, as they are released under the <GFDL> with invariant sections, so they do not meet the <DFSG>. To install, ask me about <non-free sources> and install the gcc-doc package. If you are looking for man pages for printf, strchr etc then install the manpages-dev package.
19:24-!-mark76 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:24<nsadmin>even the man pages are gfdl?
19:24-!-jseutter [] has joined #debian
19:24<jseutter>I have a question about writing a .postinst script. Where is the right place to ask?
19:25<nsadmin>I'd say you can ask here
19:25-!-Janik [~Janik@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:26<nsadmin>the mentors regulars tend to filter based on intent
19:26<nsadmin>hence, they're not always useful
19:26-!-babab [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.2]
19:27*themill wonders when nsadmin last looked into that channel
19:27<nsadmin>when I was looking into packaging openacs
19:28-!-jonnyATroot [~jonny@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:28<nsadmin>someone there started an argument around suitability since it's code that you alter to get the behavior you want
19:28-!-Blacker47 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
19:29<nsadmin>when I repeated my original question, the person refused to answer
19:29<jseutter>I have a .postinst script that tries to read a setting with db_get packagename/setting and db_get seems to return an empty string. debconf-get-selections | grep packagename/setting shows that it is a string and displays a value. What am I missing?
19:29<nsadmin>and that, my friends, is -totally- useless.
19:30-!-mode/#debian [+l 467] by debhelper
19:30<daemonkeeper>yaya, you got your rant.
19:30<themill>.o0( totally useless a bit like some of the "help" offered here )
19:33-!-bluewater [] has joined #debian
19:38-!-floe_ [] has joined #debian
19:39<vitor>nsadmin, themill, Thanks, enabling contrib and non-free allowed me to install gcc-doc
19:40-!-alibungker [~sd@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
19:42-!-frosty [~quassel@] has joined #debian
19:43-!-winsen [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
19:44-!-winsen [] has joined #debian
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19:44-!-zimme [] has joined #debian
19:45-!-pos [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
19:45-!-pos [] has joined #debian
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19:48-!-g8m [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:49-!-sinosino [~sinosino@] has joined #debian
19:49-!-andres is now known as zz_andres
19:51-!-kriller_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:52-!-priv1 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:53-!-kmshanah [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
19:57-!-user [~user@] has joined #debian
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19:59-!-chandra [~chandra@] has joined #debian
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20:07-!-hardwalker [] has joined #debian
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20:10-!-floe__ [] has joined #debian
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20:12-!-darkskiez [] has joined #debian
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20:17-!-vitor [~vitor@] has left #debian [Leaving]
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20:17-!-TheLaughingMan [] has joined #debian
20:23-!-qerter [] has joined #debian
20:25-!-kmshanah [] has joined #debian
20:26-!-ao2 [~u@2001:1418:117::1] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
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20:35-!-bobweaver [] has joined #debian
20:35-!-qerter [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:37-!-the-M [] has joined #debian
20:37<bobweaver>Hello there I have been googleing "How to upgrade from squeeze to sid" and am kinda getting no where. I was wondering if anyone knew of a good link or anything that could help me with my sitiuation. thanks
20:38<daemonkeeper>What situation would that be?
20:39<bobweaver>how to upgrade from squeeze to sid
20:39<bobweaver>the end goal is to have gnome 3
20:39-!-qerter [~qerter@] has joined #debian
20:39<daemonkeeper>I understood. However, given you need Google to find out how to do that I am not sure Sid is the right thing for you.
20:40<arand>bobweaver: You could get tha just by upgrading to wheezy(testing), but again, that is unsoppurted still...
20:40<bobweaver>sorry I am new what would be a good thing for me ?
20:40<bobweaver>arand: thanks
20:40<bobweaver>arand: I can get 3 + kernel with that right ?
20:41<bobweaver>3.X + *
20:41<daemonkeeper>You can get a 3.2 kernel in Squeeze, too.
20:41<daemonkeeper>It is in
20:41<bobweaver>yea I tried that in it failed to work
20:46<bobweaver>I am sorry I am comming from the buntu world and am use to upgrading versions being a little bit different. daemonkeeper the what happens is it says that it has to replace my kernel that i have installed. (synaptic) then I try to go forward and I get a failed download. I checked /etc/apt/sources.list and everything looks great. and update also works great. not sure maybe a dependency troubles? at any rate I would like
20:46<bobweaver> to have some more bleeding edge software. what would you or anyone suggest for a n00b like me ?
20:46-!-_julian_ [] has joined #debian
20:46<Black_Prince>yet synaptic is everything you did wrong.
20:47<Black_Prince>dpkg: bdo kernel
20:47<dpkg>Newer kernels for Debian stable releases are distributed via Ask me about <bdo> to add backports to your sources.list correctly, then run "aptitude update". To list available backported kernel image packages: aptitude search '?narrow(~nlinux-image,?origin(Debian Backports))'. To install a package (e.g.): aptitude -t squeeze-backports install linux-image-3.2.0-0.bpo.1-686-pae
20:47<daemonkeeper>I am not saying you can't use Testing/Sid. That said, it involves a lot of caution and perhaps some skills to workaround problems with it.
20:48-!-lollercaust [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:49-!-toto42 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:49-!-Leon_Nardella [~Leon@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:52-!-lorth_ [] has quit [Quit: quit]
20:54-!-_julian [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:57<bobweaver>cool thanks ! I do some dev work so I need some programs ,these are some of the programs that I need. python 2.7 and up monodevelopment code blocks genie , I found all most all of thouse but python 2.7+ is not in the repo's. I guess my question is. Am I better off just downloading sid or wheezy ant install that ? If so sid? or whezzy ? . this is how I rate my knowledge [1..10] 10 best .: compiling 6 or 7 :
20:57<bobweaver> packagemanagement 4 :keeping up to date 8 : subversion 7 bzr 8 git 3,or 2 causing busybox to happen 8 :>) so what do you all think ?
20:58<bobweaver>I would like gnome 3 that is a big + \
20:59<bobweaver>But If I could change back and forth at gdm that would be great . I dont know if that is possible ?
21:00-!-mode/#debian [+l 460] by debhelper
21:00-!-drdanz [] has joined #debian
21:01-!-aroundthfur [] has joined #debian
21:01-!-zacharias [] has joined #debian
21:01-!-zacharias [] has quit []
21:02-!-zacharias [] has joined #debian
21:02-!-zacharias [] has quit []
21:05-!-asr33 [~asr33@] has joined #debian
21:06-!-philwyett [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:10-!-the-M [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:12<nsadmin>bobweaver, (not up to speed yet, and...) you'd be better off compiling at least a subset of gnome 3
21:12<nsadmin>you just want to see it?
21:13<bobweaver>see it ?
21:13<nsadmin>I guess you'd have some work to do after compiling
21:13-!-AzaToth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:13<nsadmin>or, what has you wanting gnome 3?
21:14<bobweaver>IDK I like the way it looks and feels.
21:15<daemonkeeper>Compiling Gnome 3 takes quite a while - even on a fast PC - and is everything but trivial. Also you can't just install Gnome 3 as a showcase in parallel to your Gnome 2.
21:16-!-MopperWhite [~kzk@] has joined #debian
21:17<Black_Prince>a while?
21:17<daemonkeeper>On your PC 2 weeks.
21:17<Black_Prince>2 days at most
21:17<Black_Prince>with all deps satisfied
21:18<Black_Prince>It took me one week to get everything from the beginning on my crappy hardwar
21:18<daemonkeeper>Yeah one week of compiling just to find out the crap won't work sounds like a good plan.-
21:18<Black_Prince>it just worked (tm)
21:18-!-Cnote_ [] has joined #debian
21:18<bobweaver>I guess 1st thing is 1st if I want gnome3 then I need wheezy or above? correct ? so Is there a command like "do-release-upgrade -d" for debian ?
21:19<Black_Prince>dpkg: squeeze->wheezy
21:19<dpkg>First, understand that testing is a pre-release distribution without timely security support and that you will have a bumpy ride; ask me about <moving target> <testing> <testing security>. From /etc/apt/sources.list, remove stable-specific lines like squeeze-updates and backports, and change squeeze to wheezy. apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade. If you feel you need more instructions, perhaps you should wait a while.
21:19<daemonkeeper>do-release-upgrade is a scary wrapper around tweaking a sources.list and apt-get dist-upgrade
21:19<Black_Prince>yet just to spare ubuntards typing 2 more commands.
21:20<bobweaver>Black_Prince: one day I will be a Debiatard :>)
21:21<Black_Prince>I was also ubuntard, but never used anything that was specific to them, not even sudo.
21:21<bobweaver>I like the idea of control and tha is why I moved to debian. ju8st trying to get my feet wet and learn
21:21-!-Cnote__ [] has joined #debian
21:21<daemonkeeper>sudo is not specific to Ubuntu. Their excessive and pointless use is.
21:21<Black_Prince>yes, the second one.
21:23<bobweaver>The fact that they do not give the user the option to not install popularity-contest when installing or that conacail will not imput there is a long list why I moved to debian.
21:24<Black_Prince>Even debian insalls pop con, but gives user opportunity to choose wether to use it or not
21:24<scientes>bobweaver, not the reasons I would move (really old universe packages I would think of sooner), but welcome!
21:24<Black_Prince>installs even
21:24-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Quit: In /dev/null none can hear you scream.]
21:24<bobweaver>thaanks scientes!
21:24<scientes>oh, wait you DIDNT want it?
21:24-!-bluenemo [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:25<scientes>I explicitely install it, cause I don't think its a big deal
21:25<scientes>like on my arm box
21:25<daemonkeeper>That's in the standard installation.
21:25<scientes>and am apparently the only one:
21:25-!-Cnote [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:25<scientes>(1 sec)
21:26<daemonkeeper>I see 4 armhf users :p
21:26<scientes>"1.53em1 : 2 "
21:26<scientes>1.49em1 : 1 "
21:26<scientes>i'm one of those three
21:26<scientes>or maybe even two of them
21:28-!-Cnote_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:28-!-drdanz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:29<scientes>so ubuntu installs it and uses it by default?
21:30<bobweaver>scientes: not really sure. But like I said there is a long list of reasons. :D
21:31-!-mosno [] has joined #debian
21:31<simonlnu>yes, and they even some gui, or did, expanding on it
21:31<scientes>the split is definitely ugly, I have to agree
21:31<scientes>we need to reduce its costs, at all costs
21:32-!-qerter [~qerter@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
21:32<scientes>cause it holds us all back
21:32<simonlnu>ubuntu is like that bratty child. ignore the tantrums, but show them love and discipline.
21:33<simonlnu>set good example, etc
21:33-!-qerter [] has joined #debian
21:33<scientes>eeeeehhhhh, don't know about that
21:33-!-Cnote_ [] has joined #debian
21:33<scientes>its a complicated issue----cause I definitely witnessed some of the values of certain ubuntu decisions
21:33<scientes>like the value of having an installable live CD
21:34-!-Cnote__ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
21:34<scientes>which is the best way of targeting new, non-technical, users
21:34<scientes>you don't have much time to get your thingy done, you need killer defaults
21:35<scientes>things like command-not-found which help accomidate super-new users
21:35*simonlnu wonders why people interpret balance as something undesired
21:35-!-mentor [~mentor@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:37<simonlnu>and, we're reallt ot for here. join me in #d-ot
21:37<bobweaver>yes I Think tata there is some nice things about buntu also. launchpad is one of them. Is there something liike that for Debian ?
21:37-!-nozzy [] has joined #debian
21:37<scientes>bobweaver, alioth
21:38-!-aroundthfur [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:38-!-Pitxyoki [] has quit [Quit: Pitxyoki]
21:40<scientes>when will debian-installer start installing systemd by default?
21:40-!-Newboy [] has joined #debian
21:40-!-Newboy [] has quit []
21:40<scientes>I've installed it and am convinced
21:40<daemonkeeper>From a users perspective, Alioth and Launchpad are different things.
21:41<scientes>daemonkeeper, of course
21:41<scientes>there is also and reportbug
21:41<daemonkeeper>That's not what I meant. I suppose bobweaver is asking for random unsupported third party repositories where he can retrieve packages of unknown quality. That's not what Alioth is about.
21:42<scientes>ahhhhh, yes that is very differn't in ubuntu
21:42<scientes>personal package xxx
21:42<scientes>SuSe runs something similar which isn't widely used called suse builder
21:42<scientes>and does launchpad support building for debian?
21:43<simonlnu>ah no, not at all the same
21:43<daemonkeeper>Suse can build Debian packages, too.
21:43<scientes>daemonkeeper, thats why i mentioned it, cause it seems better ATM
21:43<bobweaver>but the add-apt-repsoitory script is not working for me
21:43<daemonkeeper>FWIW: You can even use Launchpad PPAs on Debian too. Not sure if one really wants that ...
21:43<scientes>I personally dont like that programmer groups often use ppa's rather than keeping their packages up to date
21:44<daemonkeeper>add-apt-repsoitory is just another hack, just like do-release-upgrade.
21:44<daemonkeeper>If you think you know what you're doing, just add the PPA to your sources.list.
21:44<scientes>do-release-upgrade is a nasty hack tooo.......ugly ugly ugly
21:44<scientes>I feel that the debian way on that is much better
21:45<scientes>but having a Web 2.0 interface for bugs is probably much more approachable for newcomers
21:47<daemonkeeper>bobweaver: Just go to and you get a copy & paste ready sources.list entry you can copy. As I said: Make sure you know what you'Re doing though. And, of course, whatever you install is not supported by Debian (or in here)
21:47-!-xharx__ [] has joined #debian
21:47<nsadmin>daemonkeeper, you would need to be careful about lib compatibility
21:47<bobweaver>daemonkeeper: here is the script that I found on launchpad but it is not working
21:47<daemonkeeper>nsadmin: Sure.
21:47<scientes>bobweaver, most imp. that a GOOD look over what is being installed, and more importantly upgraded, before you go ahead with a various apt-get install
21:48-!-q66 [~q66@] has quit [Quit: Leaving..]
21:48<nsadmin>anyway, going to jam... have fun all
21:48<bobweaver>just a simple if statement
21:48-!-nsadmin [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:49<bobweaver>maybe it is the varibles
21:49-!-james [] has joined #debian
21:50<bobweaver>but I have no time for that I need to get my kernel up-to-date, thanks for the help !
21:50-!-james is now known as Guest2197
21:50-!-jeff [] has joined #debian
21:51-!-jeff [] has quit []
21:51-!-dous [] has joined #debian
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21:51-!-crshd [~crshd@] has joined #debian
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21:53-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
21:54-!-Gerowen [] has joined #debian
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22:20-!-mode/#debian [+l 454] by debhelper
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22:22-!-mosno [] has joined #debian
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22:38-!-jmho [] has joined #debian
22:39-!-martin_ [] has joined #debian
22:41-!-ayaka [~Administr@] has joined #debian
22:42<ayaka>I have a problem about X work,could server(not x serve) use it gpu to work,then output it to client by ssh?
22:42<ayaka>because client gpu is not good
22:42-!-jardiamj [] has joined #debian
22:46-!-Fotografiona_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:47-!-gruetzkopf [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:47<scientes>ayaka, vlc actually does that for H.264 rendering
22:47<scientes>also cuda for nvidia propritary
22:47<ayaka>scientes, no I'm not such means
22:47<scientes>but not really for OpenGL
22:47<scientes>or X stuff, no
22:48<scientes>it involves too much bandwidth
22:48<scientes>to work over network
22:48<scientes>even a local network
22:48<ayaka>scientes, that server use its gpu to decode(use vdpau)then output to client
22:48<scientes>graphics swamp the southbridge already as it is
22:48<scientes>ayaka, that is what vlc does already
22:49<scientes>if you use GPU rendering
22:49<scientes>so just use vlc over X
22:49<scientes>and turn on GPU rendering
22:49<scientes>but it wont be pretty over ssh
22:49<ayaka>scientes, so client don't need a good gpu even it don't support vdpau?
22:50<scientes>only for h.264 and other codec rendering
22:50<scientes>but yes, only with vlc
22:50<scientes>that is how vlc is architected
22:50-!-floe__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:50<ayaka>scientes, wow,only vlc?not mplayer?
22:52<scientes>it was a design decision about vlc to support after-filters and do it this way
22:52<scientes>i don't know about mplayer
22:52<scientes>but certainly not gstreamer
22:52-!-zykotick9 [~ZykoticK9@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:52-!-zykotick9 [~ZykoticK9@] has joined #debian
22:53<ayaka>scientes, I see
22:53<ayaka>scientes, thank you
22:53-!-mosno [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:54-!-MopperWhite [~kzk@] has quit [Quit: 离开]
22:58-!-abdulkarim [~abdulkari@] has joined #debian
22:59-!-MMXII [] has joined #debian
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23:00-!-HappMacDonald [~HappMacDo@] has joined #debian
23:02<HappMacDonald>Say, I've been tracking a problem down with esmtp-run, where it will function properly from a shell but silently fail to do anything from a popen command (such as when invoked by nagios). Do they have a mailing list, or where can I go to talk to esmtp-run experts?
23:05<ayaka>HappMacDonald, in my memories,nagios and debian user have mail list
23:05-!-abdulkarim [~abdulkari@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:06-!-dvs [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:07<HappMacDonald>alright, but I've isolated the trouble as not being related to nagios, just using the popen command to run a shell command in a pipe, which is the standard way nagios invokes things. Should I ask this on the debian-users list then?
23:12-!-siver [~siver@] has joined #debian
23:12<ayaka>HappMacDonald, I'm afraid I can't understnad you,but you problem could be asked in debian-users list
23:13-!-siver [~siver@] has quit []
23:13<HappMacDonald>Alright, trying that next. Thank you, ayaka. :3
23:14-!-nozzy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:16-!-jacer [] has joined #debian
23:16-!-jamescarr [] has joined #debian
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23:36-!-gbg90 [] has joined #debian
23:38-!-scientes [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:38<gbg90>quick question please.. what is the deal with there being 8 seperate dvd ISO's to downloads for installing Debian. Are they set up like slackware where each disk holds different applications.
23:39<kilelme>gbg90 : dvd 1 for installation and another for repository
23:40-!-dudley [] has joined #debian
23:40<gbg90>thank you, I did not see this stated on the BT download page. only hash's and the iso's
23:40<blarson>gbg90: dvd1 has the most common programs.
23:41-!-dac [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:41<gbg90>so once I run DVD 1 I can just use aptitude to install additional applications?
23:41<blarson>Unless you are installing to a non-networked system, it's the only one you need.
23:41<gbg90>Excellent, thank you guys very much. that's all i needed
23:45-!-sauro [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
23:48-!-dac [] has joined #debian
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