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00:09<scientes>Orpheus, it is in testing
00:10<scientes>Orpheus, "stable" is frozen, so it will never have 2.7
00:10<scientes>until it wheezy is released, and it becomes oldstable
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01:31<mzgcz>who used debian on arm
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01:39<gnugr>mzgcz: you can ask on #debian-arm channel
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01:41<Myktl>saludos swex_
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01:46<mzgcz`>gnugr: thank you
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03:39<scientes>I added new files to a vfat filesystem, exactly how i added the older ones
03:40<scientes>but while the newer ones work fine on another computer
03:40<scientes>and they include long file names
03:40<scientes>the new folder doesn't even show up
03:40<scientes>and i put it back in the computer these files came from and everything
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03:40<scientes>and renamed the folder and stuff
03:40<scientes>WTF is going on?
03:40<scientes>its a SD card
03:41<nevyn>did you run sync? did you unmount the filesystem?
03:41<scientes>yes i umounted the filessystem
03:41<scientes>and mounted it and unmounted it again
03:41<scientes>multiple times on each computer
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03:41<scientes>and tried fsck.vfat
03:41<nevyn>are both computers debian?
03:42<scientes>and also tried to mount with -t msdos
03:42<scientes>oooo, they are actually ubuntu, i'll see what shows up in my debian arm box
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03:43<nevyn>well that makes it ot for here anyway. but if they're both "linux" hrm
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03:43<scientes>it shows up on the debian arm box
03:43<scientes>maybe there was a regression in airlied's drm-next tree......
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03:47<scientes>ahh it was a locking problem
03:48<scientes>of unplugging it while a process still had its working directory in that directory
03:48<scientes>so even through i remounted it, it somehow couldn't let go of that directory listing
03:48<scientes>wierd stuff
03:48<nevyn>how the hell did you do that. if youunmounted it?
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03:49<nevyn>unmount will fail if there's a process running from under it's mountpoint
03:49<scientes>well i unplugged it while i had a shell open in the directory
03:49<nevyn>18:39 < nevyn> did you run sync? did you unmount the filesystem?
03:49<scientes>so when i did the subsequent mount's remounts, it was doing a 2nd mount
03:49<scientes>and never actually mounted
03:49<nevyn>I asked if you unmounted it.
03:49<scientes>YES i did
03:49<scientes>i did unmount it
03:49<nevyn>clearly you didn't
03:49<scientes>just not the very first time
03:49<jm_>yeah "just"
03:50<ratnick>why do the Computer and Trash desktop icons change position ?
03:50<scientes>but "mount" didn't show it
03:50<scientes>jm ^^^^
03:50<scientes>aka /proc/self/mounts
03:50<scientes>didn't even show it
03:50<scientes>after i unmounted it subsequest times
03:50<scientes>and the process of the hung folder---bash showed root@(nonexistant)
03:50<scientes>it was wierd
03:50<scientes>when i tried to cd ..
03:50<scientes>i had to cd /
03:50<scientes>to get out
03:51<scientes>cause there was no handle on that folder anymore
03:51<scientes>so it DID unmount
03:51<scientes>its just that specific inode of that specific folder was held in a wierd way
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03:52<ratnick>also I had a zombie process in Metacity
03:53<scientes>ratnick, why do you care?
03:53<ratnick>it's confusing
03:53<scientes>hmm, gnome 2 or 3?
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04:07<wesley> software center is not working...anyone know how to fix it...
04:07<CactusMage>not working how?
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04:08<wesley>when i click on the icon it kind of glows but it does not open...
04:08<ratnick>kde or gnome?
04:09<wesley>i don't know what that means...
04:09<ratnick>desktop environment
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04:11<wesley>I still don't know what that means...i'm using a lap top...its version 11.10...I dunno...
04:11<CactusMage>Ubuntu? But this is the debian stable channel!
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04:12<dpkg>Ubuntu is based on Debian, but it is not Debian. Only Debian is supported on #debian. Use #ubuntu ( instead. Even if the channel happens to be less helpful, support for distributions other than Debian is offtopic on #debian. See also <based on debian>.
04:12<jm_>wesley ^^^^^^
04:12<CactusMage>You could try to reinstall it 'sudo apt-get remove software-center' then 'sudo apt-get install software-center'
04:13<wesley>k...please forgive me...i am new to this whole thing...this is my third day not using windows...
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04:52<dpkg>Это английскоговорящий канал, пожалуйста, говорите по-английски или посетите #debian-russian (Russian speakers please go to #debian-russian)
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05:34<CVirus>After an aptitude full-upgrade on Wheezy .. X doesn't start .. help ?
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05:36<jm_>try checking ~/.xsession-errors
05:36-!-Tao [~TAO@] has joined #debian
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05:37<CVirus>jm_, nothing interesting there
05:38<sanix>проверка pidgin
05:38-!-Tao [~TAO@] has joined #debian
05:38<CVirus>jm_, suggestions ?
05:38<jm_>CVirus: the pasted log looks fine, try starting a simple session (xterm, ...)
05:38-!-Tao [~TAO@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:39<CVirus>jm_, I try startx and it fails
05:39-!-kinboster [~bqin@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:39<jm_>CVirus: well startx will use whatever is your default session manager/wm/terminal emulator, in this order
05:40-!-weox [~weox@] has joined #debian
05:40-!-kinboster [~bqin@] has joined #debian
05:40<jm_>first is to honour ~/.xsession though, so try with editing that
05:40<CVirus>jm_, I don't have that
05:40-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
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05:41<weox>can i download chromium deb from it's site and use it or should i use 6 version??
05:42<jm_>CVirus: this should be a familiar concept - create it if it doesn't exist
05:42<jm_>weox: which site?
05:42<weox>jm_ : chromium offical site
05:43-!-kinboster [~bqin@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:44<jm_>weox: do they actually provide binaries?
05:44-!-toabctl [] has joined #debian
05:45<CVirus>jm_, xterm started .. I think it's a KDM/KDE issue then
05:45-!-zyga_ [] has joined #debian
05:45<jm_>CVirus: are you sure it doesn't report anything in .xsession-errors then? you can also try starting it from xterm then
05:45<jm_>!start kde
05:45<weox>jm_ : they have .deb file !!
05:46<jm_>weox: where?
05:46<weox>jm_ : wait 1 min
05:46-!-Cristina [] has joined #debian
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05:47-!-gmarseliss [~kot@] has joined #debian
05:47<CVirus>jm_, no errors in xsession-errors but I can't focus xterm so that I can type in it
05:47-!-gmarseliss [~kot@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:47<weox>jm_ : look at it provide .deb file
05:47-!-gmarseliss [~kot@] has joined #debian
05:48<jm_>CVirus: just move cursor over it and try typing, it should work even though cursor looks like it doesn't have focus or somesuch
05:48<CVirus>jm_, no cursor
05:48<jm_>weox: that's not chromium, that's google chrome, and yes, you can only download it from google if you want to use that
05:48<CVirus>wait cursor appeared .. lol
05:48<CVirus>jm_, but still can't focus
05:49<CVirus>jm_, managed to focus .. this is weird
05:49<CVirus>jm_, what do you want me to do now ?
05:49<jm_>CVirus: hmm this always worked fine for me when I used it; just start kde
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05:49-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has joined #debian
05:49<CVirus>jm_, how do I start KDE ?
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05:50<weox>jm_ : sorry for interrupt you , but it work in debian 6 ?? when i want to install chromium 17 it said : not resolvable dependencies !! can i install this deb file (google chrome)??
05:50-!-themill [] has joined #debian
05:50<jm_>CVirus: try "startkde"
05:50-!-ant_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
05:51<jm_>weox: yeah it works fine for me, but I use it very rarely
05:51<jm_>weox: just install it with apt
05:51-!-the-M [] has joined #debian
05:52<weox>jm_ : tx very much ,, i try it , if i have problem , i tell you , thanks :D
05:52<jm_>weox: no worries
05:53<CVirus>jm_, not found
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05:54<jm_>CVirus: well that may be why KDM doesn't work perhaps?
05:54<jm_>!install kde
05:54<dpkg>From squeeze onwards, the 'kde-standard' package gets you the common set-up, 'kde-plasma-desktop' and 'kde-plasma-netbook' provide minimal KDE 4 setups with respective flavouring, and 'kde-full' installs everything KDE 4. To install using Debian-Installer (if not using KDE CD-1): from the Installer boot menu, select "Advanced options > Alternative desktop environments > KDE > Install". See also <KDE>.
05:54<jm_>CVirus: try that
05:55<CVirus>jm_, KDE was working fine till I did aptitude full-upgrade :(
05:55-!-TaitenP [~TaitenP@] has joined #debian
05:55-!-ant_ [] has joined #debian
05:55<jm_>CVirus: yes, so maybe it was removed or whatever, you can check your dpkg/apt
05:55<jm_>+ log
05:55<CVirus>will do
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06:02-!-erol [] has joined #debian
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06:03-!-macfreak [~macfreak@] has joined #debian
06:03-!-stefanolotech [] has joined #debian
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06:05<CVirus>jm_, everything is fixed now .. thanks a lot
06:05-!-CVirus [~CVirus@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
06:05-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
06:06-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has joined #debian
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06:10-!-cwarp [~cwarp@] has joined #debian
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06:12-!-felix_ [] has joined #debian
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06:13-!-WildTux [] has joined #debian
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06:15-!-Volley [] has joined #debian
06:18-!-felix_ [] has joined #debian
06:19-!-sanix [~vodopyano@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:20<weox>sorry for this stupid quastion , this dpkg is a bot ??
06:20<berto>dpkg: are you a bot?
06:20<dpkg>I ain't no stinkin' bot. I am a finely tuned and hand crafted tool. Oh wait... I guess I am a bot (that you should not abuse).
06:21-!-mimilus [] has joined #debian
06:23<macfreak>dpkg: hi
06:23<macfreak>dpkg: parlez vous francais ?
06:23<dpkg>macfreak: parse error: dunno what the heck you're talking about
06:24-!-debsan [~debsan@] has joined #debian
06:24<macfreak>dpkg: you started speaking foreign language
06:24<dpkg>I resemble that remark!
06:24-!-mimilus [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:24-!-toabctl_ [~tom@] has joined #debian
06:26-!-maldoror_ [] has joined #debian
06:27-!-kuhkatz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:27<macfreak>dpkg: how do I install php
06:27<dpkg>To install PHP5 on apache2, "aptitude install libapache2-mod-php5", then restart your browser and try to access a php page. See also <php wants me to download still> <php mpm> <phpmyadmin> <install mysql> <install apache2>. There are also CGI and CLI versions of PHP available in the php5-cgi and php5-cli packages.
06:28<macfreak>dpkg: have you heard of the new apache 3
06:28<dpkg>macfreak: i haven't a clue
06:29<babilen>macfreak: Please stop playing with the bot. If you want to use it, "/msg" it please, but you have to realise that you will *not* be able to have a sensible conversation with it.
06:29<macfreak>just found out today (that he is a bot), sorry for that. ha ha, so funny :)
06:30-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has quit [Read error: Connection timed out]
06:30-!-__iron [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
06:32-!-toabctl [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:33-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:33-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
06:34-!-ethang [] has joined #debian
06:35-!-gusnan [] has joined #debian
06:37-!-floe__ [] has joined #debian
06:37-!-kuhkatz [] has joined #debian
06:37-!-darkskiez [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:37-!-hardwalker [] has quit [Quit: 暫離]
06:39<ethang>I'm having problems getting the wifi card in my laptop to work. I've read everything I could find online but have yet to be successful. can anyone help?
06:40<babilen>ethang: Sure! Could you give me the output of "lspci -nn|grep -i network" please? (Assuming it is *not* a USB adaptor)
06:40-!-alexandre [~alexandre@] has joined #debian
06:41-!-alexandre [~alexandre@] has quit []
06:42<ethang>16:03:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Intel Corporation WiFi+WiMAX 6050 Series Gen2 [8086:0885] (rev 67)
06:42-!-DragonDon [~DragonDon@] has joined #debian
06:43<babilen>,pciid 8086:0885
06:43<judd>[8086:0885] is 'Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150' from 'Intel Corporation' with kernel module 'ata_generic' in squeeze. See also
06:43<babilen>ethang: Ok, couple of things. I assume that you are using squeeze (aka Debian stable). Is that correct?
06:43<ethang>yes but with a backport kernel
06:44<babilen>Ok, great. Which kernel do you have installed?
06:44-!-KPOT^^ [~KPOT^^@] has joined #debian
06:44-!-toabctl_ [~tom@] has quit [Quit: adios]
06:44-!-toabctl [~tom@] has joined #debian
06:44<ethang>custom from the latest backport kernel source package
06:45<ethang>amd64 btw
06:45<babilen>ethang: Well, lets assume it is 3.1 or 3.2 -- Do you have firmware-iwlwifi installed from backports as well? (apt-cache policy firmware-iwlwifi)
06:46<ethang>oops no not installed
06:46-!-KPOT^^ [~KPOT^^@] has quit []
06:46-!-scott_ [] has joined #debian
06:47<babilen>ethang: Do you have <contrib> and <non-free> sections of the repository enabled already?
06:48<ethang>oh yes
06:48-!-daube [] has joined #debian
06:48-!-gogo40 [~quassel@] has joined #debian
06:49-!-ernesto [] has joined #debian
06:49<babilen>ethang: Ok, please install firmware-iwlwifi from backport (apt-get -t squeeze-backports install firmware-iwlwifi) and reload the module (modprobe -r iwlwifi ; modprobe iwlwifi). The wireless adaptor should work and you shouldn't see any error messages in "dmesg|tail -n30" after reloading the module.
06:49-!-scott_ [] has quit []
06:49<DragonDon>looking for some expertise on how to clear up a 100% filled rootfs partition. I removed a bunch of packages and deleted a bunch of temp files but no love. Kinda stuck.
06:49<ethang>ok i'll do it now. thanks babilen! brb
06:49<babilen>ethang: In particular you should now see wlan0 in "ifconfig -a" and it should have wireless extensions in "iwconfig" -- Scanning for networks should succeed with "ifconfig wlan0 up ; iwlist wlan0 scan"
06:50-!-mode/#debian [+l 493] by debhelper
06:50<babilen>ethang: If any of these assumptions/predictions are wrong let me know ;)
06:50-!-edog [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:51<ethang>ok i'll get apt up and working
06:51<babilen>DragonDon: An easy way is to delete packages from the download cache with "aptitude autoclean" or "aptitude clean"
06:51<babilen>DragonDon: (That will delete packages in /var/cache/apt/archives/)
06:51<DragonDon>done that, has not changed the space on rootfs
06:52-!-cirzgamanti`` [] has joined #debian
06:54<ethang>babilen: modprobe says Module iwlwifi not found
06:55<DragonDon>babilen, when I run ldconfig I get "ldconfig: Writing of cache data failed: No space left on device" there is only one partition that is full. Someone else did mention something about permissions possibly being an issue somewhere as well.
06:55-!-vipintruder [~vipintrud@] has joined #debian
06:55<babilen>ethang: Ooops. Which module is used by your card? "lspci -knn|grep -A2 -i network" should list it
06:55-!-marcus_ [~marcus@] has joined #debian
06:56<babilen>ethang: Ah, sorry. Should have been "iwlagn" -- Please try it with that instead of iwlwifi :-/
06:56<ethang>OK I'll try it
06:57<babilen>DragonDon: Typically 5% of the inodes are reserved for root in a filesystem. Which one is full? (df -h) -- But I have to run soonish :-(
06:58<DragonDon>I appreciate your efforts, wish I was here earlier :/
06:59*themill swears at
06:59<DragonDon>themill, oh?
06:59-!-cirzgamanti` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:59<ethang>babilen: what package is iwlagn in?
06:59<dpkg> takes forever to load, makes us enter a captcha to see your paste and fills the screen with ads. Please either link the raw paste ( or use a different site, like
07:00-!-bluenemo [] has joined #debian
07:01<ethang>I'll search
07:01-!-dirichlet [] has joined #debian
07:01-!-Holborn [] has joined #debian
07:02<DragonDon>dpkg, I would highly suggest checking your system, I get no ads, it loaded up instantly and the pastebin widget that comes with Debian includes it.
07:02<dpkg>You are person #2 to send an unparseable request, DragonDon
07:02-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has joined #debian
07:02<DragonDon>would be nice if I could edit the list of pastbin services listed(anyone know how?) but I can use if you like
07:03<themill>DragonDon: works nicely
07:03<DragonDon>unparseable request? please explain?
07:03<themill>DragonDon: is full of flash crap and ads which many find annoying. I let flashblock eat them, but that doesn't stop it from asking me to enter a captcha to see pastes about 50% of the time. (and dpkg is bot)
07:04<DragonDon>ah, bot, thanks.
07:04-!-vipintruder [~vipintrud@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:05-!-dpkg [] has quit [Quit: buh bye!]
07:05<DragonDon>flashblock and adblock works wonders. who doens't use them, I would be pretty surprised that there is a high percentage of Linux users who don't know basics on ad blocking :/
07:05-!-kilelme [~kilelme@] has joined #debian
07:05-!-dpkg [] has joined #debian
07:05<themill>But as I said, that doesn't make any less annoying.
07:06<DragonDon> is not convenient. Unless you know how to hack the desktop widget to include it :D
07:06<themill>"the desktop widget"?
07:07<DragonDon> (re-do of pastebin)
07:08<DragonDon>the pastebin dedsktop widget included with KDE.
07:09<themill>ahh... most of us tend to use pastebinit from the command line
07:09-!-macfreak_ [~macfreak@] has joined #debian
07:09<DragonDon>well, if there is an easier way, i'm all for it :)
07:09<DragonDon>what would be the syntax?
07:10-!-mode/#debian [+l 499] by debhelper
07:10-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:10-!-hychen [~hychen@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:11-!-MissionCritical [] has joined #debian
07:13-!-rimokatoji [~rimokatoj@] has joined #debian
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07:13-!-floe__ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
07:14-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has joined #debian
07:14-!-WildTux [] has joined #debian
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07:16-!-ayaka [~ayaka@] has joined #debian
07:17-!-ethang [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:18-!-Se-bash^2 [] has joined #debian
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07:18-!-gutoyr [~gutoyr@] has joined #debian
07:19-!-Dimoutlook [] has joined #debian
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07:20-!-Se-bash^2 is now known as Se-bash
07:20-!-janos_ [~janos@] has joined #debian
07:20<DragonDon>themill, too bad I can't install pastebinit due to this error :/
07:20-!-Dimoutlook [] has quit []
07:21-!-babilen [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
07:21-!-Dimoutlook [] has joined #debian
07:23-!-bitelmen [~bitelmen@] has joined #debian
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07:24-!-DragonDon [~DragonDon@] has joined #debian
07:24-!-kilelme [~kilelme@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:26<ayaka>I hear that we don't use xinetd or inetd now, why
07:26-!-freex [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:28-!-Dimoutlook [] has left #debian [Leaving]
07:30<jm_>ayaka: sure we do
07:30<weox>jm_ , sorry for interrupt you , i install google chrome from google site and deb package ... but i dont have google chrome in my menu , what should i do ??
07:31<jm_>weox: run it from a terminal, although I can see it adding itself to right dirs, perhaps try update-menus
07:31-!-daube [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:32-!-kilelme [~kilelme@] has joined #debian
07:32<weox>jm_ , i think i made mistake. i install it with gdebi package manager.. how can i install it from apt ?? i have deb package
07:33<jm_>weox: well you do'nt have to reinstall it if its status is OK
07:33-!-daube [] has joined #debian
07:35-!-Deltatash [] has joined #debian
07:35-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has joined #debian
07:35<weox>jm_ : gdebi say this package is installed , but i think issue is in my menu ... what should i type in terminal for google chrome ??
07:35-!-freex [] has joined #debian
07:36<ayaka>jm_ why
07:36<weox>jm_ ok ,, i can run it but from terminal ,, how can add that in my menu??
07:36<jm_>ayaka: what do you mean why? because they are standard tools
07:36<jm_>weox: did you run update-menus?
07:37<ayaka>jm_ why we don't use, I don't see it recently
07:37<jm_>ayaka: see it where?
07:38<ayaka>jm_ you mean we still use them
07:38<jm_>ayaka: yes
07:38<weox>jm_: sorry , seem's you are too busy
07:38<Deltatash>Hi I have a permissions problem Was wondering if anyone could help me, I have a .sh file on my memory stick I need to run I go into terminal and type sudo bash and press enter then I get " line 53: ./boot/syslinux/lilo: Permission denied"
07:38<Deltatash>how can I get this to work I have been trying for hrs and I cant seem to get past "permission denied"
07:38<jm_>weox: no, did you run it as root? did you try logging out/in after it>?
07:39<weox>yes ,,, but no login and logout , i am going to try it , tx
07:39<ayaka>jm_ thank you
07:39<jm_>ayaka: no problem
07:40-!-weox [~weox@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
07:40<Deltatash>I have tried as root to with su and then password and then and I still get permission denied
07:40<jm_>look at mount options
07:41-!-clopez [] has joined #debian
07:41<Deltatash>sorry I am still kinda noob, where do I see the mount options to my memory stick
07:41<ayaka>about dhcp, when I should defind the broadcast address, it much be available ip +1
07:41-!-steeb [] has joined #debian
07:41<jm_>type 'mount' in a terminal
07:41<petemc>Deltatash: what is that script supposed to do?
07:41<Deltatash>ok, thanks
07:41<Deltatash>its supposed to make my memory stick bootable petemc
07:42<petemc>i would be careful with it if i were you
07:42-!-weox [~weox@] has joined #debian
07:42<Deltatash>jm_, want my "mount" results paste bin?
07:42<Deltatash>petemc, its just to make a linux installer from usb
07:42<petemc>ayaka: you can define the broadcast address for an interface in /etc/network/interfaces
07:43<jm_>Deltatash: if you can't interprete it yourself
07:43<petemc>ayaka: you often dont have to, tho
07:43-!-LaYeR^ [] has joined #debian
07:43-!-LaYeR^ [] has quit []
07:44<weox>jm_ , dosnt work , i login/out sudo update-menus, i think if i install it with apt maybe it work , how can that ? install it with apt and i have its deb file
07:44<jm_>weox: which DE are you using?
07:44<ayaka>petemc no, I means dhcpd.conf
07:44<petemc>you dont need to set it
07:44<weox>jm_ 6.03
07:44<jm_>weox: no, desktop environment
07:44<Deltatash>here is my pastebin
07:45<weox>jm_ , ah gnome 2.30
07:45<Deltatash>jm_, I can i have followed instructions exact, and look on slax forumnsthis is a common bug lots of people are suffering with it, i was just wondering if anyone here can help me as none of the solutions work
07:46<jm_>weox: hmm i would expect it to work for gnome, bu I never used it unfortunatelly - but it does add a file to /usr/share/menu so from what I know this is OK for gnome, sorry for the lack of clues
07:47-!-marcus_ [~marcus@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:47<jm_>Deltatash: note the showexec option
07:47-!-fabrianchi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
07:47-!-fabrianchi [] has joined #debian
07:49<Deltatash>so how can I get around this "permission denied problem" II have tried everything I can find but nothing seems to work :/
07:50<jm_>you need to change mount options, what exactly are you trying to do?
07:51-!-magellanino [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:51<Deltatash>trying to run the script or bash whichever it is to make the usb bootable
07:51<Deltatash>so I can boot into slax
07:51<Deltatash>form usb
07:51<Deltatash>for another computer
07:52<Deltatash>What do I need to change the mount options to then? :s
07:52<weox>jm_ i uninstall google chrome , and i want install it from apt-get with terminal (i have deb in my computer), how can do that with apt ??
07:53-!-MerlynKorr [~scott@] has joined #debian
07:53<jm_>weox: add it to sources.list -- the package itself offers the option
07:54-!-Udoblunt [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
07:54<jm_>but I can tell you that it won't help you
07:55<jm_>Deltatash: remove the showexec option or simply run it from a real fs
07:55<Deltatash>hmm how do I remove the showexec option?
07:56<jm_>the simplest method is remount I suppose
07:56-!-mns [~mns@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
07:56<weox>jm_ how can do that ?? add it to source litst ??
07:57-!-floe__ [] has joined #debian
07:57<Deltatash>how does just remounting remove the showexec option? I dont have to do anything just remount?
07:57<jm_>weox: it asks you during package installation
07:57<SynrG>jm_, Deltatash: so what are we doing supporting slax here? or is there some part of this discussion i missed where it was related to debian somehow? (not to be a killjoy ... you're certainly welcome to pursue further support off-channel if it's not debian-related)
07:58<jm_>sorry I thought he's doing it in debian but for slax boot or whatever\
07:58<SynrG>could be. it was just never explicitly stated.
07:58-!-Udoblunt [] has joined #debian
07:58<weox>jm_, the problem is i dont know how install it with apt-get when i have deb file in my computer in /home/downloads
07:58-!-magellanino [] has joined #debian
07:58<Deltatash>SynrG, the bug is common with Debian/ubuntu...otherwise this script works perfect on other distros by all accounts so its a problem with Debian stopping me using a script... thats why I came here I can not find the answer anywhere else
07:59-!-krashed [] has joined #debian
07:59<jm_>weox: you don't, use dpkg -i and it will ask you about sources.list and then you can use apt from then on
07:59<Deltatash>I am doing it in Debian jm_ I am inside Debian now trying to run a script to make my usb bootable
07:59<SynrG>Deltatash: fair enough. just needed clarification
07:59<Deltatash>ok :)
07:59-!-krashed [] has quit []
07:59<weox>jm_ tx and sorry, i forget dpkg :D
07:59<Deltatash>I have remounted USB going to try again
08:00<Deltatash>jm_, I still get " line 53: ./boot/syslinux/lilo: Permission denied" after remounting :(
08:00<jm_>Deltatash: you remount it mount -o remount.noshowexec /mount_point or so
08:00<Deltatash>ahh ok
08:00<Deltatash>I will try that thanks
08:00<jm_>bleh remount,noshowexec
08:01-!-daube [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:02-!-mark__ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
08:02-!-surreal7z [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:02-!-pos [] has joined #debian
08:02<Deltatash>jm_, I use "-o remount.noshowexec /media/018D-45B0/" but I get bash: "-o: command not found" do I need sudo first? :s
08:03<Xavi>what does v means in aptitude search for a certain package?
08:03<weox>jm_, i do that ,, with dpkg . and it installed, at the end say : Processing triggers for gnome-menus ...
08:03<weox>Processing triggers for menu ...
08:03<weox>Processing triggers for man-db ... but still i dont have any menu item about google chrome in my internet menu
08:03<jm_>Deltatash: mount -o remount,noshowexec /mount_point
08:03-!-daube [] has joined #debian
08:04<jm_>weox: yeah I told you that it won't change it ;)
08:04<weox>jm_ , and then ? what should i do ?? manualy create a menu item ??
08:04-!-_0x377a_ [] has joined #debian
08:05<Deltatash>it doesnt work jm_ it says "mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /media/018D-45B0 busy" :s
08:05<jm_>weox: I'm affraid someone else will have to help you now
08:05<weox>jm_ , ok
08:05-!-mns [~user@] has joined #debian
08:06<jm_>Deltatash: well then I recommend you to umount and mount it manually
08:06<SynrG>weox: it's possible whatever menu the google chrome creates isn't in a submenu you have enabled for your desktop
08:06-!-chitchat [~guest@] has joined #debian
08:07-!-Dmitry [~dmitry@] has joined #debian
08:07-!-pos [] has quit []
08:07<SynrG>but gnome (if you're using that) does allow you to edit menus (by right-clicking on it perhaps? i forget exactly how.)
08:07-!-pos [] has joined #debian
08:07<SynrG>you can then browse to see where the menu entry was put and enable it
08:07<gdb>SynrG: It's the program Alacarte and should show up as "Main Menu" under the Preferences menu.
08:08<SynrG>see, i mostly use gnome3 now and have forgotten all that stuff :)
08:08<weox>SynrG: yes , i create a menu file with gedit ,,, but i think this way you told is esaier
08:08-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:08-!-naoliv [] has joined #debian
08:08<SynrG>weox: if the google chrome package maintainers have done a good job, they should have supplied a .desktop file installed in the appropriate place. but google may have different ideas about where it belongs in the menu hierarchy than debian does.
08:09<gdb>SynrG: It added a Google Chrome entry for me without issue.
08:09*SynrG shrugs
08:09<SynrG>in which menu? Internet?
08:09<SynrG>huh. it's a mystery, then
08:10-!-MerlynKorr [~scott@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
08:10<Deltatash>hmm sorry but i am still quite new to all this I am having trouble manually mouting the drive with your nosowexec jm_ I get this message "mount: can't find /dev/sdb1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab"
08:10-!-dmz [] has joined #debian
08:10<gdb>weox: Do you have this in your sources.list or sources.list.d/google-chrome.list (or similar): deb stable main
08:11<jm_>Deltatash: you need to supply both mount point and device
08:11<Deltatash>I used fdisk -l to find the usb whcih was /dev/sdb1/ and then i used "sudo mount -o .noshowexec /dev/sdb1"
08:11<Deltatash>oh ok
08:11<jm_>remove the . and you don't need noshowexec normally
08:11<Deltatash>so I select mount point first ? then put the device location? Or i select device first then show mount point?
08:11<gdb>Deltatash: /device /mntpoint
08:11<jm_>Deltatash: no, man mount
08:12<gdb>Deltatash: as in mount $this $here
08:12<Deltatash>hmm ok so if I just mount manually noshowexec shouldnt load then ? and I can make it bootable
08:12-!-pos [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:12<weox>gdb : sorry i dont know anythings about source list !!
08:12-!-pos [] has joined #debian
08:12<gdb>I'm not sure what the dot is doing there. Is ".noshowexec" correct? Shouldn't it be "noshowexec"?
08:13-!-q66 [~q66@] has joined #debian
08:13<gdb>Deltatash: Anyway, if the rest of that command is fine (again, I don't know about the . in there), then just append /mnt or whatever at the end of it and run it again.
08:13<jm_>no that was my typo previously, but I removed it in subsequent example, yet Deltatash insists on using it ;)
08:14<gdb>weox: So you're not using the Google repository for Chrome? I'd recommend doing that so you can receive updates.
08:14<gdb>jm_: Ah. ;-)
08:14<ayaka>petrmc thank you
08:14<Deltatash>it now says "mount: you must specify the filesystem type" I assume that goes just afte rI select the device before I select the mount point? i add fat32?
08:14<gdb>Deltatash: That's the -t option
08:14<Deltatash>ahh ok
08:14<weox>gdb : yes
08:14<gdb>Deltatash: $ sudo mount -t $fs_type -i $options $device $mount_point
08:15<gdb>fill in the $items with the correct values
08:15-!-zem_ [] has joined #debian
08:15<gdb>er -o $options
08:15<gdb>not -i
08:15-!-victor [~wircer@] has joined #debian
08:15-!-victor [~wircer@] has left #debian []
08:15<weox>gdb : i have google chrome menu in my /usr/share/menu but it not appear in my menu
08:15-!-indistylo [~aruns@] has joined #debian
08:16<gdb>weox: How did you install Chrome?
08:16<jm_>weox: actually looking at its postinst it does use "$XDG_DESKTOP_MENU" install /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome.desktop and this should do the trick
08:16<jm_>so as long as you have xdg-desktop-menu it shall work
08:16<weox>i download it from google , and install it with dpkg
08:16<gdb>weox: I set it up in sources and then did "apt-get install google-chrome-stable"
08:16<jm_>it also runs uodate-menus
08:16-!-zem [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:16<gdb>weox: It's likely that installing the package by hand created that for you.
08:17<Deltatash>"sudo mount -t -i /dev/sdb /media/mnt" gives "mount: unknown filesystem type '-i'" :s
08:17-!-pos [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:17-!-pos [] has joined #debian
08:17<gdb>weox: Do you have a file google-chrome.list in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ? You can check with ls.
08:18<ayaka>Deltatash witout -t try again
08:18<Deltatash>ayaka, without -t i get "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"
08:18<weox>gdb : yes i have
08:18-!-pos [] has quit []
08:18-!-zig_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:19<gdb>weox: I honestly can't remember if I had to add the Internet menu item myself or not. I don't think I did. But if it's not working for you, then you might choose to install alacarte "apt-get install alacarte" and then select System -> Preferences -> Main Menu and set it up.
08:20<gdb>You won't get the Chrome icon on the menu item unless you set it yourself. Those icons are stored in /opt/google/chrome/
08:20<Deltatash>how do I tell it the filesystem type? I look on google..but I dont see anywhere that tells me a command to tell it the file system...
08:20<gdb>Deltatash: It's -t $fs_type
08:21<gdb>where $fs_type is one of ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, xfs, iso9660, fat, fat32, etc, etc
08:21-!-jesusprubio [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
08:21<Deltatash>so for fat 32 I do "sudo mount -t Fat32 -i /dev/sdb /media/mnt
08:21<Deltatash>or sudo mount -t $fs_type -i /dev/sdb /media/mnt
08:21<jm_>Deltatash: mount tries various fs types until it runs out of options or it succeeds
08:22<weox>gdb : when i install it google-chrome appear in /usr/share/menu .. and it's contain information seems currect, but i dont have in menu
08:22<naoliv>Hi. I have one USB flash drive that is identified as 2 disks (sdb and sdc, both with one partition). When fdisking -l I can see right after sdb section: "Warning: Unable to open /dev/sdc read-write. /dev/sdc has been opened read-only." Any ideas on how to play with this, please? (remove sdc, for example)
08:22<gdb>weox: You will need to use alacarte to set it up in Programs -> Internet.
08:23<Deltatash>so how do I mount it... I do "sudo mount -t $fs_type -i /dev/sdb /media/mnt" and it dont work....
08:23-!-_0x377a_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:23<DragonDon>I've managed to clean up some of the issues but I am still getting this type of error message:
08:23<weox>gdb : how can rename a file with terminal , i forgat its instruction !!
08:23<gdb>Deltatash: $fs_type is an example, you need to supply the correct filesystem type
08:23-!-nightsh [~nightsh@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:23<gdb>weox: with the mv command
08:23<Deltatash>thats what im asking I dont know the command to replace for Fat32
08:23<gdb>-t fat32
08:24<jm_>Deltatash: "cat /proc/filesystems" to get a list
08:24<Deltatash>ok, thanks
08:24<jm_>(ignore the nodev stuff)
08:24<Deltatash>im assuming vfat is fat32?
08:25<gdb>Should work
08:25<jm_>it's several fat implementations yes
08:25<Deltatash>ok I will try that
08:25<DragonDon>has anyone ever run into "failed in write on buffer copy for backend dpkg-deb during"?
08:25<gdb>jm_: My problem is assuming that people recognize $word as a shell variable representing "whatever you want it to be". ;-)
08:25-!-wankino [~wankino@] has joined #debian
08:25<jm_>DragonDon: do you really expect a yes or no answer?
08:26<gdb>DragonDon: I've not.
08:26<SynrG>vfat is "any fat-based filesystem supporting long filenames" as i understand it
08:26<jm_>gdb: yeah, newbies typically have troubles using some of their adventurous spirit ;)
08:26<Deltatash>Hmm now I get an error when I use vfat option :s my command is sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /media/mnt and I get this
08:26<Deltatash>it is definatly Fat32 I just formatted it to Fat32 with gparted inside Debian...
08:27<DragonDon>jm_, why wouldn't I expect that? if someone has, then I would hope they could give some advice on how to handle it, if no, then my hopes are that I can be guided to the right place to look. Google doesn't always help.
08:27<jm_>not /dev/sdb, it's probably /dev/sdb1
08:27<SynrG>man mkfs.vfat implicitly links vfat to fat32 (but also mentions 16-bit fat filesystems are possible with the tool)
08:27-!-michschm [] has joined #debian
08:27<gdb>Deltatash: You need to mount a partition, not the whole disk.
08:27<Deltatash>hmm ok
08:27<gdb>I see jm_ caught that
08:27-!-michschm [] has quit []
08:27<Deltatash>my mistkae, it worked when i added sdb1 thanks :D
08:28<gdb>Very good!
08:28<Deltatash>sorry about that, I will try and run my now see if it works
08:28<jm_>DragonDon: is /tmp on /?
08:29<DragonDon>df -Th output
08:29<DragonDon>I can't install pastebinit and people complain about pastebin links...
08:30<Rydekull>DragonDon: your filesystems are a bit full
08:30<gdb>What's the issue with installing pastebinit? Just curious, I'm using it fine.
08:30<jm_>well you have zoer space left on / still
08:30-!-clopez [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:30<gdb>Infact, I use it with this alias: alias dpaste='pastebinit -b'
08:30<gdb>Ah, nevermind, if / is fulle. ;-)
08:30<Rydekull>DragonDon: temporary files used in different commands cant be created when your filesystems are full
08:31<DragonDon> Error I get when trying to install anything, obviously due some fullness
08:31-!-jespada [~jespada@] has joined #debian
08:31-!-louise [] has joined #debian
08:31<gdb>DragonDon: It's possible you've filled your rootfs with packages. You may try to running "apt-get clean" to clear out the content of /var/cache/apt/archives -- do you have a lot of files in there?
08:32<DragonDon>and thus I need to know how to 'unfull' my file system....I've only had this system for a week....
08:32-!-louise [] has quit []
08:33<gdb>oh nevermind, you have /var on another fs
08:33<DragonDon>there are only 8 packages sitting there
08:33<DragonDon>I've run apt-get clean many times, no change.
08:34<jm_>you need to remove some stuff on /, /var is a different fs.
08:34<DragonDon>so apt-get cleans out those 8. Tghere is a 'lock' file and a partial direcotry.
08:34<gdb>DragonDon: You can find which directories on / are consuming the most space with this command: # du -xhs /
08:35-!-LordShiva [~Shiva@] has joined #debian
08:35<gdb>That will give you a summary of the space consumed by each directory that is part of your / filesystem (skipping those that are on other mount points).
08:35<Rydekull>(dont forget the /tmp-filesystem)
08:35-!-SLot [~SLot@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
08:35<DragonDon>tells me what I already know, / is taking up 321M
08:35<gdb>DragonDon: Yes, as I noted, you have /var on a different filesystem, so the apt archive would not be causing this issue.
08:35<Deltatash>jesus now I cant even untar the .tar again I keep getting "tar: Child returned status 1, tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now" from "tar -zxvf slax.tar" what am I doing wrong :s
08:35<Rydekull>oh sorry, it wasnt a problem
08:35<DragonDon>when I isntalled Debian, it mentioned using LVM. I opt4ed for this.
08:36-!-a_landim_xhkl [] has joined #debian
08:36<gdb>DragonDon: Sorry, try this # cd / ; du -xhs *
08:36<gdb>DragonDon: The first command summarized / itself, I'm looking to get you a summary of all directories *inside* / that aren't mount points for other filesystems (the -x option).
08:36<weox>gdb : i fix it ,, tx a lot ,, and jm_ , tx too
08:37<gdb>weox: Very good!
08:37-!-LordShiva [~Shiva@] has quit []
08:37<gdb>DragonDon: Your tar file isn't compressed. Omit the -z option.
08:37<gdb>er sorry wrong person
08:38<gdb>Deltatash: Your tar file isn't compressed with gzip. Omit the -z option.
08:38<DragonDon>gdb, no probs :)
08:38<DragonDon>output of du -xhs *
08:38<Deltatash>so use "sudo tar -zvvf slax.tar /media/mnt/" ?
08:38<jm_>in fact, tar is smart enough to uncompress it itself based on extension, so just use tar xf or a tool like aunpack
08:38-!-SLot__ [~SLot@] has joined #debian
08:39-!-SLot__ [~SLot@] has quit []
08:39<gdb>DragonDon: Well, that didn't give me the output I was looking for, but I can filter out the ones on other filesystems.
08:39-!-SLot [~SLot@] has joined #debian
08:39-!-bgcmdr [] has joined #debian
08:39<Deltatash>give up ...ill just double clcik the tar and extract it with gui..command line being stupid lol nothing will work for me today >.< will extract through GUI then try the through command line
08:40<DragonDon>gdb, a bit of backgroud. I upgraded from 2.6 to 3.2 and left 2.6 just in case I need ed to go back to what worked :)
08:40<jm_>why do you have so much stuff in /opt?
08:40<gdb>DragonDon: I see you have a lot of data in /opt, is that software installed by hand?
08:40<gdb>haha jm_ caught that first -- again
08:41<DragonDon>AH, left over stuff from a program or two I was working with? Some game I DL's and had to be compiled locally.
08:41<gdb>DragonDon: The combination of /lib (which you need) and /opt (which you may or may not need) is what's filling your disk. You might consider moving opt somewhere else.
08:41-!-hggdh [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.8-dev]
08:41<wankino>e...I can't install grub2 on my usbstick
08:42<DragonDon>just so I don't delete too much, "rm -r /<old folder>"
08:42<gdb>DragonDon: for example, from / do something like this: # mv opt home ; ln -s home/opt opt
08:42-!-prem_ [~prem@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:42<gdb>DragonDon: You may need to restart any programs that are running out of /opt currently if you do that.
08:42-!-hggdh [] has joined #debian
08:43<DragonDon>I am not running it, it can be deleted fine, meaby some menu cleanup at most
08:43-!-Kristi [~Vamp@] has joined #debian
08:43<gdb>DragonDon: That's going to reclaim you 110MB or about 1/3 of your / in free space. :-)
08:43<Deltatash>I assume its "sudo umount /media/mnt" to unmount my drive I manually mounted?
08:43-!-indistylo [~aruns@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:43-!-Kristi [~Vamp@] has left #debian []
08:43<gdb>Deltatash: That will work, yes. If /media/mnt is indeed where it's mounted.
08:44<Deltatash>thats wher ei mounted it... I extracted some files in there..but its empty...
08:44<Deltatash>and I cant unmount...
08:44<Deltatash>nothing is working for me... :/
08:45<DragonDon>ok, seems I can't remove the odd. I suspect I am using the wrong syntax to remove it. "rm -r /<folder>" is that right? I am currently root@
08:45-!-Naeblis [~naeblis@] has joined #debian
08:45-!-degli [~degli@] has joined #debian
08:45-!-gusnan [] has quit [Quit: Lämnar]
08:45<gdb>DragonDon: I wouldn't remove /opt and you need to be root to delete things in there (unless you've done some group permission magic like I do). Try this if you want to clear it out: $ sudo rm -rf /opt/*
08:45<gdb>DragonDon: that will leave /opt in place and delete everything inside of it.
08:46<DragonDon> well, firefox11 is there, there is only one directory I want to delete.
08:47-!-fike [~fike@] has joined #debian
08:47<gdb>DragonDon: If you're wanting firefox 11, and automatic updates with your OS (apt-get upgrade), then you might check out -- The Iceweasel team provides new versions of Iceweasel (obviously Firefox without branding) in a backported form for Squeeze.
08:49<Deltatash>going to have one more go before I give up I made a new mount point and formatted the usb again...
08:49<Deltatash>what is the best way for me to extract the contents of a .tar file from my desktop into my mount point in my home directory?
08:49<DragonDon>Actually, I don't really need it, I am using Iceweasel any ways. Which is using the FF add-ons from when I first installed pre-3.2 upgrade
08:49<DragonDon>cd /opt
08:50-!-kslt1 [] has joined #debian
08:50<Deltatash>I assume I use "sudo tar -xvvf slax.tar /home/mnt" ?
08:51<Deltatash>any help at this point would be appreciative, I have been at this all day...nothing will work...
08:51<jm_>Deltatash: no, cd /home/mnt ; tar xf /path/to/slax.tar
08:51<jm_>command starts after "no, " obviously
08:51<Deltatash>hmm ok, thanks I will try
08:52-!-lulzim [~lulzims@] has joined #debian
08:52-!-lulzim [~lulzims@] has left #debian []
08:52<Deltatash>jm_, it worked thanks :D hopefully now the will work!
08:52<Deltatash>but I need to go afk a sec to do something
08:52<Deltatash>I will be back soon and try
08:53<Deltatash>thanks for the help so far everyone :)
08:53<Deltatash> /afk
08:53-!-kslt1 [] has left #debian []
08:54<gdb>Deltatash: I'm concerned that you're unfamiliar with Unix use and yet you're messing with some script that apparently impacts how your system boots. What is it you're trying to do?
08:54-!-chitchat [~guest@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:55<DragonDon>ok, /opt is cleared out. ran apt-get autoremove worked fine now, apt-get upgrade is going well so far, will see when done.
08:55-!-chitchat [~guest@] has joined #debian
08:55<DragonDon>ah, so the /OPT folder was the end culprit it seems :)
08:55<DragonDon>I can run ldconfig and no issues now :)
08:55<gdb>DragonDon: Yes, I want to be clear that the apt-get autoremove would not have helped here as /var is a different filesystem. So that command wasn't necessary in this case.
08:56-!-crshd [~crshd@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:56-!-kenifanying [~kenifanyi@] has joined #debian
08:56-!-crshd [~crshd@] has joined #debian
08:56<bgcmdr>may i ask a question? i tried setting up a pxe server on a debian squeeze machine as described here: but i always get "PXE-E53: no boot filename received."
08:56<DragonDon>so when some instructions say ti install someting into /opt, I should just put it somewhere else?
08:57-!-q66 [~q66@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
08:57-!-leviathan_ [] has joined #debian
08:58<gdb>DragonDon: Well, not necessarily. You can have /opt be a symlink to somewhere with more space. I'd suggest /home since that filesystem is pretty large.
08:58<gdb>DragonDon: # cd / ; mv opt home ; ln -s home/opt opt
08:58<DragonDon>indeed. Thanks everyone!
08:58-!-artista_frustrado [~fernando@] has joined #debian
08:58<gdb>Then you can use "/opt" to install things to and it's really in /home/opt
08:58<gdb>Sure thing!
08:58<DragonDon>gdb, will do that as soon as the upgrade is done.
08:59<DragonDon>yea, everything updated fine :)
09:00-!-mode/#debian [+l 505] by debhelper
09:00<DragonDon>now, le'ts see what I can break next :D
09:01-!-SLot [~SLot@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:02-!-jkf [~Greg_od@] has joined #debian
09:02-!-Georg [~georg@] has joined #debian
09:02-!-Georg [~georg@] has quit []
09:03-!-ernesto [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:05<DragonDon>ok, I need a real world example of using pastebinit. Google is sucking at this request. The man doens't give any syntax examples. Anyone?
09:06-!-rage [] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
09:06-!-amphi [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:06<jm_>echo sl is still awesome | pastebinit
09:06<gdb>DragonDon: There's really not much to it. If you want to use debian's pastebin, I use this alias: alias dpaste='pastebinit -b'
09:06-!-AwesomeNerd [~james@] has joined #debian
09:06<gdb>DragonDon: Note that debian's pastebin will not accept pastes less than, I think, 4 lines of text.
09:07<weox>i installed nautilus terminal plug in , but i cant see any terminal related things in nautilus ??
09:07-!-SLot [~SLot@] has joined #debian
09:07-!-AwesomeNerd [~james@] has quit []
09:08<DragonDon>so a directory output is : ls -al |pastebinit
09:08-!-AzaToth [] has joined #debian
09:08<gdb>Yes, that should work.
09:09<DragonDon>indeed, decided to just try it any ways :)
09:09-!-alyosha [~a@] has joined #debian
09:09<DragonDon>I love shortcuts :)
09:09-!-lac [] has joined #debian
09:09-!-lac__ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:10<DragonDon>i'm gonna celebrate with a nice apple pastry!
09:10-!-Holborn [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
09:10<DragonDon>thanks again everyone! I really appreciate it!
09:14-!-gogo40 [~quassel@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:14-!-cybersphinx_ [] has joined #debian
09:14-!-hazard2 [] has joined #debian
09:16-!-bluenemo_ [] has joined #debian
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09:18-!-lionel_ [] has joined #debian
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09:18-!-anoself [~anoself@] has joined #debian
09:18-!-amphi [] has joined #debian
09:19-!-berto [] has quit [Quit: Gotta go home]
09:20-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
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09:21-!-lionel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:21-!-bgcmdr [] has quit [Quit: using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12]
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09:23-!-felix_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
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09:27-!-naoliv [] has quit [Quit: ;-)]
09:28-!-rgms [] has joined #debian
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09:30-!-mode/#debian [+l 499] by debhelper
09:30-!-kriller_ [] has joined #debian
09:30-!-__iron [] has joined #debian
09:31<gdb>DragonDon: haha awesome with the pastry -- i'm jealous
09:31-!-xharx__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:31*gdb goes to get a pop tart
09:31-!-leviathan_ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
09:31-!-magellanino_ [] has joined #debian
09:31-!-bluewater [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
09:32-!-tuxampol [] has joined #debian
09:33-!-magellanino [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:33-!-magellanino_ is now known as magellanino
09:33<Deltatash>gdb, sorry fro slow reply, I got a little busy with something here away from the computer, but I am just making a bootable usb the script does not touch my actual physical drive mbr
09:33<gdb>Ah, okay :-)
09:35-!-Quintasan [] has joined #debian
09:35-!-swayz [~swayz@] has joined #debian
09:37-!-meebey [~smuxi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:38-!-TCW [~TCW@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:38-!-TCW [~TCW@] has joined #debian
09:39-!-meebey [~smuxi@] has joined #debian
09:41<Deltatash>gdb, I have mounted it manually to my own mount directory rather than let it mount automatically and then ran the in terminal and it completed the command sucessfully allowing me to create/edit a MBR for the USB to make it bootable
09:41-!-Quintasan_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:41-!-q66 [~q66@] has joined #debian
09:41<Deltatash>but yes it is true I am still learning unix/linux commands etc im not as familiar with it as i would like to be but now I have this working it was a good learning curve I think :) so thanks for all your help everyone :)
09:41<Deltatash>appreciaite it :)
09:41-!-hazard2 [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
09:42<Deltatash>sorry if at any point i seemed a little on edge or annoying xD
09:42-!-chitchat [~guest@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:43-!-jm_ [] has quit [Quit: Disconnecting]
09:43-!-Xavi [] has quit [Quit: Abandonando]
09:44-!-jet [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:45-!-miksuh [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:45-!-jet [] has joined #debian
09:47-!-tensorpudding__ [~michael@] has joined #debian
09:47<weox>what diff between chromium and google chrome ??
09:47<Dmitry>the code of chromium is open
09:47<Dmitry>the chrome is closed
09:47-!-kilelme [~kilelme@] has quit [Quit: going to coffe shop]
09:47-!-salvin [] has joined #debian
09:48-!-_Qman [] has joined #debian
09:49<weox>google support chromium ?? or google get chromium code and +it's built in plugin's and publish that ?? i mean chrome or chromium what its name .. actully is for google ??
09:50-!-sumit [~sumit@] has joined #debian
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09:53-!-leviathan_ [] has joined #debian
09:54-!-Deltatash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:54-!-hbomb_ [] has joined #debian
09:56-!-remikp [] has joined #debian
09:56-!-blair [] has joined #debian
09:56-!-Blacker47 [] has joined #debian
09:57-!-Fotografiona [] has joined #debian
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09:58-!-thunderrd [~thunderrd@] has joined #debian
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09:58-!-gusnan [] has joined #debian
09:58-!-daimonion [~daimonion@] has joined #debian
09:59-!-daube [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
10:00-!-mentor [~mentor@] has joined #debian
10:01-!-mentor is now known as Guest7338
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10:05<weox>seem's everybody sleep :D
10:06-!-nooize [~nooize@] has joined #debian
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10:13<weox>what is this error :*** You must have either have gettext support in your C library, or use the
10:13<weox>*** GNU gettext library. (
10:13-!-javier_ [~javier@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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10:14<swayz>any Aussies?
10:15-!-sorina [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
10:15<daemonkeeper>Not really a good local time for that.
10:16<SynrG>weox: asleep? Dmitry pointed you at the site that answers your questions. did you just ignore that?
10:16<SynrG>10:50 < Dmitry> weox,
10:16<swayz>good point. 1:16am local time
10:17-!-tuxampol [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
10:17<weox>SynrG , no you havnt see my problem : look at this :
10:17<SynrG>weox: your *previous* question
10:17<weox>SynrG:what is this error :*** You must have either have gettext support in your C library, or use the
10:17<weox><weox> *** GNU gettext library. (
10:17<SynrG>i saw that. i'm addressing the first one.
10:18-!-mns` [~user@] has joined #debian
10:18-!-mns [~user@] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
10:18-!-bremner [] has joined #debian
10:18<SynrG>it seems you ask lots of questions, then don't read their answers. until you learn to read, our incentive to answer your next questions will be low
10:19<bremner>do any of the cluster shell utilities work with password authentication? Obviously it won't be super secure, but there you are.
10:19-!-angel [] has joined #debian
10:19-!-mvedelag [~mvedelag@] has joined #debian
10:20-!-clopez [] has joined #debian
10:20-!-mvedelag [~mvedelag@] has quit []
10:21<daemonkeeper>swayz: Why would that matter, after all?
10:21<SynrG>weox: as for the gettext error, what are you actually trying to do? we need to know the context before we can help.
10:21<Dmitry>SynrG, ?
10:24<SynrG>unless weox's "everyone's asleep" comment was just a meaningless observation rather than a complaint that his questions went unanswered ... if that's the case, sorry for misinterpreting
10:24<swayz>daemonkeeper: why would what matter?
10:24<SynrG>i thought it had to do with his questions about chromium vs. chrome, which you answered nicely
10:25<daemonkeeper>swayz: Being Australian. This is a support channel, I guess most if not all question can be answered by any nationality.
10:25-!-chelfkedah [~chelfkeda@] has joined #debian
10:26<swayz>daemonkeeper: ah, i see. i just asked because i am considering moving there. didn't need 'nationality-specific' debian support, just general questions about culture.
10:26-!-chelfkedah [~chelfkeda@] has quit []
10:28<abrotman>swayz: more a question for #debian-offtopic
10:28<swayz>okay, sorry
10:29-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has joined #debian
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10:29-!-Guest7338 is now known as mentor
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11:55-!-zuhao [] has joined #debian
11:55<fede>español alquien?
11:55<SynrG>the language here is english and the topic debian support.
11:55<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
11:55<fede>no inglish
11:55-!-drewdavis [~adw@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
11:56<vipintruder>hola compañero, si necesitas algo, haz la rpeguta directamente
11:56-!-Teletabi [] has joined #debian
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11:56<sney_>(pero no aqui, porque aqui es ingles solamente)
11:56<Teletabi>hay tema chicos?
11:56<vipintruder>ok, es verdad
11:57<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte tecnico en Ingles para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en espanol, por favor ingrese a #debian-es con /join #debian-es tecleado en la linea de chat.
11:57-!-yangzhiwei [~yang@] has joined #debian
11:57<xayon>Teletabi: No, debian-es. Escribe /join #debian-es
11:58-!-kriller_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:58-!-liverwurst [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
11:59<Teletabi>que aceis para divertiros?
12:00<vipintruder>Teletabi: debes posicionarte sobre el servidor OFTC y luego escribir lo siguiente: /join #debian-es
12:00-!-wankino [~wankino@] has joined #debian
12:01-!-CactusMage [~fw@] has joined #debian
12:01<sney_>cuantos años teneis
12:01<Teletabi>yo 15
12:02-!-yangzhiwei [~yang@] has quit []
12:02<Teletabi>y tu
12:02-!-macfreak_ [~macfreak@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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12:08<intore>hi, someone knows about ldap objectclasses?
12:09<intore>i have a doubt, which is the structural objectclass for posixAccount and shadowAccount?
12:09-!-zyga_ [] has joined #debian
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14:13<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
14:13-!-philipp [] has joined #debian
14:13-!-vipintruder [~vipintrud@] has joined #debian
14:14<dalset>Okay. I'm trying to join a specific channel or server or whatever they're called (I have no idea what I'm doing).
14:14<sney>!irc tutorial
14:14<dpkg>"A Short IRC Primer": . See also "The IRC Prelude":
14:14<retrospectacus>dalset: what's your irc client and what channel are you looking for
14:15<chengzha>Hi guys, I would like to apply for this year's Google summer of code. Is it a good place to discuss it?
14:15<dalset>I'm using this one called xchat and I was told to enter the 7chan channel address. and report if there were any errors.
14:16<retrospectacus>chengzha: no
14:16<retrospectacus>dalset: what is "the 7chan channel address"?
14:17<chengzha>I'm very interested in lintian. Is there a channel for it?
14:17<dalset>retrospectacus: 6667
14:17<retrospectacus>chengzha: this channel is for debian support only. Try #moocows or #tardigans or irc://
14:17-!-Greg [~Greg@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
14:17<chengzha>retrospectacus: thanks
14:17<retrospectacus>dalset: type /server
14:18-!-AbsintheSyringe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:18<dalset>retrospectacus: Where exactly?
14:18<retrospectacus>dalset: right here, on the chat line
14:18-!-dalset [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:19<xun>is it possible to tunnel all traffic through a ssh-tunnel? (not using VPN)
14:19<xun>How would you do it?
14:19<chengzha>retrospectacus: I know the webpage but don't know the irc channel for lintian.
14:20<eightyeight>according to ssh(1), you can use '-D', '-L' or '-R'
14:20<xun>eightyeight, yes, but how do I route all traffic through the tunnel?
14:20<retrospectacus>chengzha: no idea, what makes you think there is one?
14:20<eightyeight>xun: you have to configure the client
14:20<xun>eightyeight, thats what I dont want to do
14:20<eightyeight>xun: whatever client you want tunneled through ssh, that is
14:21-!-dalset [] has joined #debian
14:21-!-Miguel0n [] has joined #debian
14:21<xun>because I want _all_ traffic redirected through the tunnel, and some client doesnt even support socks
14:21<dalset>retrospectacus: when I typed a message, it said "no channel joined".
14:21<chengzha>retrospectacus: OK. I will try your recommendations. Thank you.
14:22-!-chengzha [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
14:22<retrospectacus>dalset: yes once you've connected to the server, you have to join a channel.
14:22<retrospectacus>by typing /join channelname
14:23<dalset>retrospectacus: I 'm assuming channel names are different for each one?
14:23<valdyn>xun: not possible
14:23<retrospectacus>yes. This channel, for example, is called #debian
14:23-!-freddy [~freddy@] has joined #debian
14:23<sney>dalset: most servers support the /list command for a list of channels
14:24<xun>valdyn, why?
14:24<valdyn>xun: an ssh tunnel can only forward a specific port
14:24<xun>no, -D sets up a socks proxy
14:24<dalset>sney: I see. Is it possible to log on to multiple servers at once?
14:24<xun>which you can tunnel any traffic through
14:25<sney>dalset: yes. Please read the irc tutorial linked back when you first joined. it explains all these things and more.
14:25<valdyn>xun: not you cant. Why are you asking us if you already know better?
14:25<dalset>sney: Oops. I may have missed that. Thank you for informing me.
14:26<xun>valdyn, I know it is possible, not how
14:26<retrospectacus>xun: I haven't found a way to do what you're saying though I am interested. It seems like it should be possible
14:26-!-remikp [] has joined #debian
14:26<retrospectacus>dalset: "A Short IRC Primer": . See also "The IRC Prelude":
14:26<xun>retrospectacus, I will let you know if I figure something out the
14:27-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Quit: In /dev/null no one can hear you scream.]
14:27<valdyn>xun: maybe you should read up on what a socks proxy is
14:28<xun>valdyn, do you have any good sources?
14:29-!-salamander [] has joined #debian
14:29<valdyn>xun: not yet
14:30-!-remikp [] has quit []
14:32<valdyn>xun: is not to bad
14:32<valdyn>xun: though its not directly explaining the why, see "SOCKS Clients"
14:33<retrospectacus>it says socks may be used for any form of TCP or UDP socket connection
14:33-!-me [~me@] has joined #debian
14:33<valdyn>retrospectacus: you cant expect to have a useful picture of the whole by reading a fraction
14:34<me>I made install from barebones, xscreensaver daemon isn't running, so what is responsible from banking out screen after some idle time?
14:34<xun>valdyn, will read that, however I still dont se why you wouldt be able to send all traffic through a tunnel (as thats exactly what vpn does)
14:35<retrospectacus>I was thinking some kind of tun/tap wizardry to get the kernel routing everything through a tunnel
14:35<retrospectacus>me: /msg dpkg screen blanking
14:35<valdyn>xun: what retrospectacus sais
14:36<valdyn>xun: every client computer or alternatively program needs to be configured to use the proxy
14:36-!-dinus [~dinus@] has joined #debian
14:36<me>retrospectacus: Thanks you.
14:37<xun>valdyn, yes ofc you have to configure stuff? Im not completly sure what you mean
14:37-!-PTKDev [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:37<valdyn>xun: an ssh tunnel is not enough, you need a (virtual) interface in front of it
14:38<retrospectacus>valdyn: yes that is the problem, eg "ping" will ignore your ALL_PROXY env
14:38<valdyn>xun: maybe that howto is useable
14:38<xun>valdyn, yes, indeed, and thats the part Im looking for
14:38<xun>oh, thx, will check it out
14:39<valdyn>xun: its still not going to be able to take all traffic I think, but it may be good enough for you
14:39-!-PTKDev [] has joined #debian
14:39<xun>valdyn, what would it not be albe to take?
14:42<retrospectacus>you'd need to get "ip route" to show "default via tun0" and have that going thru a tunnel somehow. This ubuntu article looks like it might know how
14:42-!-dalset [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:42-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
14:43<kop>I've not been following along, but why not just use openvpn? That would setup the tunnel, route to it, etc., etc.
14:44<xun>kop, I dont really have the ability to install an vpn server on the server in question
14:44<valdyn>xun: but you have root?
14:44<kop>xun: It's packaged.
14:44-!-itbox [] has joined #debian
14:45<itbox>how to mount an .iso image?
14:45<xun>valdyn, I do, but the problem is elsewhere
14:45<kop>itbox: mount -t iso9660 ...
14:45<valdyn>itbox: mount -o loop -t iso9660 file.iso /path/to/mountpoint
14:46<kop>itbox: Oops, sorry missed the "image" part.
14:47<xun>valdyn, retrospectacus thx for your help, will read some to see if I can figure it out
14:47-!-esaym153 [] has joined #debian
14:47-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit []
14:47<itbox>what do i put in the path to mountpoint?
14:47<itbox>/media/cdrom1 ?
14:47-!-vipintruder [~vipintrud@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:48<itbox>ok i figured it out
14:48-!-itbox [] has left #debian []
14:51-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
14:54-!-philipp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:55-!-shanttu [] has joined #debian
14:56-!-byonk [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:57-!-Fotografiona [] has joined #debian
14:57-!-dous [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:57-!-micove [~micove@] has joined #debian
14:57-!-janos_ [~janos@] has joined #debian
14:58-!-salvin [] has joined #debian
15:04-!-hubutm20 [~hubutm20@] has joined #debian
15:13-!-WildTux [] has joined #debian
15:13<mee>writes to /tmp are failing, despite du reporting that /tmp is nearly empty. lsof +D /tmp indicates that Xorg has 8 handles to /tmp/.X11-unix/X0, and it's the only progrom with a handle open to a file under /tmp. I suspect it's holding a handle to a large deleted file, can anyone think of a way to address this besides restarting X?
15:14-!-hotshot [] has joined #debian
15:14-!-degli [] has joined #debian
15:14-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
15:14-!-fede [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:14<mee>actually, that's a socket, so perhaps my theory is totally bogus
15:15<mee>since iirc, sockets are buffered by the kernel in memory
15:16-!-hotshot [] has left #debian []
15:16-!-dedeibel [] has joined #debian
15:16-!-toto__42 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:17-!-trifolio6 [] has quit []
15:18-!-hotshot [] has joined #debian
15:20-!-mode/#debian [+l 499] by debhelper
15:20-!-salamander [] has quit [Quit: Saliendo]
15:21-!-toto42 [] has joined #debian
15:22-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has joined #debian
15:22-!-breton [~bretonium@] has joined #debian
15:23<valdyn>mee: failing with what error message?
15:23<breton>how can I find out what packages are included on debian CD?
15:23<valdyn>!cd contents
15:23<dpkg>To find out which CD or DVD image contains a particular package or source file, use the search engine at . To see what a specific image contains, examine the package lists within the list-{cd,dvd} subdirectories for the relevant architecture at (e.g.
15:24-!-tuxampol [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
15:24<breton>valdyn: thanks
15:24<breton>dpkg: :-*
15:24<dpkg>i don't know, breton
15:24<xun>retrospectacus, that guide was good, did not have any problems setting up the connection
15:25<mee>valdyn, "No space left on device"
15:25-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:25-!-me [~me@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
15:25-!-breton [~bretonium@] has left #debian [killall -9 init]
15:25-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has joined #debian
15:26<valdyn>mee: ok. what does "df -i" give for that device
15:26<mee>%1 of inodes used -- plenty free
15:26-!-Udoblunt [] has joined #debian
15:26-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:27<valdyn>mee: and df ?
15:27-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has joined #debian
15:27<mee>100% in use
15:28<valdyn>mee: paste the whole line please, that save me some asking
15:29-!-animalitos_ [~animalito@] has joined #debian
15:29<mee>386347 366889 2 100% /tmp
15:29-!-freddy [~freddy@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:29<valdyn>mee: why is it *that* small?
15:30<mee>not sure -- I've never manually adjusted it's size, so I guess that was the default size.
15:30<valdyn>mee: since you didnt paste the whole line: i guess its a tmpfs ?
15:30<mee>yes it's a tmpfs
15:31<animalitos_>guys can anyone help me to install loic in ubuntu 10.10???
15:31<sney>!ubuntuirc animalitos_
15:31<dpkg>animalitos_: This is not the Ubuntu help channel. Please do /server and then /join #ubuntu. If you are using XChat, you can right-click the following link and choose connect. irc://
15:31<valdyn>mee: theres a large file inside and you cant find it...
15:31-!-hbomb_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:32-!-dous [] has joined #debian
15:32-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:32-!-jalcine_ [~desktop@] has joined #debian
15:33-!-debsan [~debsan@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:33-!-jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
15:33<mee>valdyn, that's not the case, no
15:33<animalitos_>anyone can help me with the loic???
15:33-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:34-!-scientes [] has joined #debian
15:34<Udoblunt>animalitos_: go to channel #ubuntu at freenode
15:37<mee>valdyn, thanks anyway.
15:37-!-thewanderer [] has joined #debian
15:37-!-animalitos_ [~animalito@] has left #debian [Αποχώρησε]
15:38-!-rivon [] has joined #debian
15:39-!-anbe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:39-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
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15:50-!-ricardo [~ricardo@] has joined #debian
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15:55-!-itbox [] has joined #debian
15:55-!-ant [] has joined #debian
15:56-!-ricardo [~ricardo@] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
15:57-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has joined #debian
15:57<itbox>Why are all my games lagging? Only games that are working normally are the Debian default games, but even Quadrapassel is lagging too much. Is it a driver problem?
15:58-!-itbox1 [] has joined #debian
15:59-!-miihkael [] has joined #debian
15:59-!-miihkael [] has quit []
16:00-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Quit: In /dev/null no one can hear you scream.]
16:00<xun>How do I go about using a domain in /etc/network/interfaces
16:01-!-itbox [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:01<sney>itbox1: could be, what gpu do you have?
16:01-!-itbox [] has joined #debian
16:02-!-itbox1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:02<itbox>nVidia GeForce MX 440 with AGP 8x
16:03-!-miksuh [] has joined #debian
16:03<itbox>when i run those games, it looks like they are completely software-rendered
16:03<sney>yes, the default driver for nvidia gpus in squeeze doesn't handle 3d at all, really
16:03<itbox>i downloaded a driver
16:03<sney>it won't work
16:04<sney>they discontinued support for the geforce4 series a long time ago
16:04<itbox>but when i try to install the driver, it says i need to kill the x server
16:04<itbox>there is a driver on their site
16:05-!-Nik05 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:05<sney>oh, version 96 supports it? hmm
16:05-!-itbox1 [] has joined #debian
16:05-!-noahfx [~noahfx@] has joined #debian
16:06<sney>!nvidia dkms-96xx
16:06<dpkg>For Squeeze users (GeForce 2/3/4 GPUs supported). Ask me about <contrib> and <non-free sources>. "aptitude -r install linux-headers-2.6-`uname -r|sed 's,[^-]*-[^-]*-,,'` nvidia-kernel-legacy-96xx-dkms && mkdir /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d ; echo -e 'Section "Device"\n\tIdentifier "My GPU"\n\tDriver "nvidia"\nEndSection' > /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-nvidia.conf". Run "update-initramfs -u" and restart your system to enable the <nouveau> blacklist.
16:06<sney>itbox there are your instructions, if you get stuck let us know ^
16:06<sney>that will download and build the driver automatically and keep it built if you ever upgrade your kernel
16:06<valdyn>whos adding that useless sed magic in factoids
16:07<sney>for the nvidia ones I'm pretty sure it was babilen, haha
16:07<sney>you can just copy and paste it so it's not a big deal
16:07-!-w7rms [] has joined #debian
16:07<itbox1>that is all a one command
16:07<valdyn>sney: yea, but the lesson for readers gets lost
16:08<sney>itbox1: yep
16:08<itbox1>ok i pasted it and some packages are found
16:08<itbox1>i am installing
16:09<itbox1>oh and this
16:09<itbox1>it asks me for a Debian CD, but i gave it too a friend
16:09<itbox1>is there a way to download those files from the internet?
16:09<sney>you can comment out or delete the cdrom line in /etc/apt/sources.list
16:10<sney>!squeeze sources.list
16:10<dpkg>The list of repositories for installing packages is /etc/apt/sources.list and has lines like "deb squeeze main" and "deb squeeze/updates main". Be sure to run "aptitude update" after editing sources.list. Also see <mirrors> <apt-spy> <squeeze updates> <squeeze security> and "man sources.list".
16:10-!-DimitryKakadu [~DimitryKa@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
16:12-!-itbox2 [] has joined #debian
16:12-!-itbox1 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:13<sney>bad connection eh itbox
16:13-!-itbox [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:13-!-itbox [] has joined #debian
16:13-!-TheCrittaC [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
16:14-!-itbox2 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:17-!-Guest7343 is now known as mns
16:17-!-itbox [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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16:22-!-psil0 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:22-!-bernat [~bernat@] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
16:22<project2501b>hey guys. can i please have a clue as to what i should to to run chroot() apache2? i stumbled upon this guide: is it relevant,still?
16:23-!-antonio [] has joined #debian
16:25-!-Natureshadow [] has joined #debian
16:25-!-dinus_ [~dinus@] has joined #debian
16:26-!-and1bm [] has joined #debian
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16:32-!-clopez [] has joined #debian
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16:33-!-psil0 [] has joined #debian
16:35-!-Udoblunt [] has joined #debian
16:37-!-liegruppe [] has joined #debian
16:37-!-xharx__ [] has joined #debian
16:39-!-jalcine is now known as jalcine_
16:40-!-thkoch [] has quit []
16:40-!-WildTux [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
16:41-!-filip_ [] has joined #debian
16:42-!-jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
16:42-!-catsup [] has joined #debian
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16:43-!-frosty [~quassel@] has joined #debian
16:45-!-XeonBloomfield [] has joined #debian
16:46-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has joined #debian
16:48-!-and1bm [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
16:49<scientes>any chance debian will do the /usr move before wheezy?
16:49-!-floe [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:49<sney>a) what /usr move? and b) probably not, the big wheezy changes have already happened afaik
16:50<dondelelcaro>scientes: no, almost certainly not
16:51<scientes>I think it is a good idea
16:51-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:51<dondelelcaro>that's great, but there are tons of us who run machines with a separate usr, and it's a bit late to even attempt it for wheezy
16:51<dondelelcaro>you're free to move to a unseparated /usr if you want.
16:52<dondelelcaro>after all, the default in Debian unless you say differently is a single partition anyway.
16:53-!-floe [] has joined #debian
16:53<scientes>its aboute moving /lib /sbin and /bin to /usr/lib /usr/sbin and /usr/bin, respectively
16:53<sney>"An initramfs that supports mounting /usr on top of / before it starts 'init', makes all existing setups work properly."
16:53-!-artista_frustrado [~fernando@] has joined #debian
16:53<dondelelcaro>scientes: I'm intimately familiar with what it means, and that's not what it means.
16:53<dondelelcaro>scientes: the idea is to not have to try to mount /usr at early boot for things that need bits of it in order to work
16:53<scientes>and replacig those with symlinks
16:54<dondelelcaro>you don't need symlinks or anything
16:54<scientes>not really, its about codifying that /usr must be present in early boot, and simplyfying by removing the /usr split
16:54<scientes>which isn't supported anymore anyways
16:55<scientes>you remove the /lib /bin and /sbin directories
16:55<scientes>and replace them with symlinks to their respectives in /usr
16:55<scientes>and yes, you do need symlinks, for like every script that calls #~/bin/sh
16:56-!-Linux-Fan [] has joined #debian
16:56-!-Linux-Fan [] has left #debian []
16:58-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has joined #debian
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18:09<macarthur_>in the apt-pinning is there a way to mark all packages that contain a bit of text?or do I have to list every package that there is that contains it. For example, I'm using a gtk2 theme that was never updated since it came out and thus I cannot use it in gtk3. So then is there some kind of flag to pin it so that all "gtk3" packages are stuck with stable(aka not-installed)?
18:10-!-felix_ [] has joined #debian
18:11-!-mlundblad [~marcus@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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18:22-!-Noah [~nbarr@] has joined #debian
18:22-!-zarko [] has joined #debian
18:22<zarko>works :)
18:22-!-jhutchins_lt [] has joined #debian
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18:24-!-liegruppe [] has joined #debian
18:24-!-AbsintheSyringe2 [~havoc@] has joined #debian
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18:25-!-ao2 [] has joined #debian
18:25-!-mattwimpelberg [] has joined #debian
18:26<mattwimpelberg>anyone know anything about cups?
18:26-!-XeonBloomfield [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:26<mattwimpelberg>oops this is just for squeeze my fault
18:27-!-aribas [] has joined #debian
18:28<Noah>What is the scope of support for this channel by the way?
18:28<sney>debian gnu/linux stable support
18:28<sney>and that's debian only, no derivatives
18:29<Noah>So, for example, if I'm trying to get a device working under Debian on my laptop, would it be okay to ask here?
18:30-!-floe__ [] has joined #debian
18:31-!-liegruppe [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:31-!-Eren [~eren@] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 0.3.5]
18:31-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has joined #debian
18:32-!-catsup [] has joined #debian
18:32<Noah>Then, my T61 as a Synaptics touchpoint/touchpad, and everything works except middle button scroll, but I can fix that myself. However, the little red nub that controls the cursor, if you press in on it, it should emulate mouse button 1, but it doesn't seem to do anything.
18:32<scientes>Noah, what device?
18:32<sney>I have a t61 and I've never seen that behaviour
18:33<sney>pushing on the trackpoint? really?
18:33<Noah>Yea, if you press in on it, it should act like a mouse button.
18:33-!-dous [] has joined #debian
18:33-!-miksuh [] has joined #debian
18:33<scientes>i've never seen the clit mouse have that behavior
18:33-!-nicholi [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
18:34-!-clopez [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-daimonio1 [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-aribas [] has quit [Quit: Saindo]
18:34-!-floe_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:34-!-liegruppe [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-aribas [] has joined #debian
18:34<Noah>Trackpoint Style Pointer, hah, couldn't figure out what it was called
18:35-!-Zathras_ [] has joined #debian
18:35-!-Zathras_ is now known as zathraz
18:35<sney>but really, I've owned or worked on almost every generation of thinkpad since that thing was introduced, and none of them have ever had a push to click function
18:36-!-daimonion [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:36<Noah>Which T61 do you have?
18:36<sney>but, to humor you, if you run 'xev', move the pointer into the window that spawns, and press down on the trackpoint, does it show anything in the terminal window?
18:37<sney>that is anything other than a MotionNotify event
18:37<Noah>I do not.
18:37<sney>then it ain't supported
18:37<zathraz>hi. I have some issues on one machine with NFS when the firewall is enabled. I used the debian wiki article on secureNFS to fix the ports. The ports are fixed as by that wiki article (check ) but still a port outside the definition is used and therefor denied by the firewall. What can be the cause of this please?
18:39<scientes>sney, evtest vs xev?
18:39<zathraz>(fw on client, server is ok)
18:40<sney>some programs will use arbitrary ports for outgoing data. I'm not familiar enough with nfs to suggest much, though
18:40-!-frosty [~quassel@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:40<sney>scientes: xev is installed by default
18:40-!-zyga [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
18:40<zathraz>exactly what NFS does by design unless you force it to use certain ports:
18:41-!-dous [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
18:42<zathraz>also wondering if anyone has been successful on using WOL broadcasts on Squeeze stockkernel with e1000 driver
18:42<scientes>AFAIK WOL is about BIOS support
18:42<scientes>(on x86)
18:42<scientes>it has to be enabled in both the OS and BIOS
18:43<sney>aye, and for it to be supported by discrete nics the nic itself needs the eprom chip (and most don't have it)
18:44<zathraz>it is enabled on BIOS although I think that has more to do with being woken up by WOL and not so much waking up an external device, but I am bit n00b on the subject
18:44<scientes>is it a discrete NIC, or is it one on the motherboard?
18:44<zathraz>it is a PCI device, not an embedded NIC
18:45<scientes>also, ehre sht epackage to send the wakup-commands
18:45<zathraz>Intel Corporation 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 05)
18:45-!-catalyst [] has joined #debian
18:46<zathraz>used that one. Also tried the old trusted ethtool. Neither works
18:46-!-Kazuja [] has joined #debian
18:46<sney>zathraz: if you have local access, can you eyeball the nic itself and see if it has the wol chip? it's usually somewhat obvious, as there's an empty socket or a blank spot on the pcb when it's not there
18:46-!-dedeibel_ [] has joined #debian
18:47<Noah>Let's see, evtest on device "SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" shows something called ToolFinger (325), Tool Doubletap (333) and Tool Tripletap (334)
18:47<Noah>I wonder what those are
18:47-!-Kazuja [] has quit []
18:47-!-Maxou56800 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:47<scientes>sney, ^^^ thats why i use evtest
18:48<scientes>however, it does require root privlidges
18:48<zathraz>sney, I will look for it when I reorganize my hw whihc might be tomorrow. It's not easily accessible atm. I can also have another(!) go with the buildin nforce nic
18:48<catalyst>can i find tits in this channel?
18:48<scientes>Zathras, according to what sney said above, you are more likely to have success with the built-in nic
18:49-!-liegruppe [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:49<sney>catalyst: highly unlikely
18:49<scientes>catalyst, yeah, right here (posted earlier):
18:49<catalyst>clitmouse lol
18:49-!-bluewater [] has joined #debian
18:50-!-dedeibel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:50<Noah>However, it's the event called "TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint" that is the trackpoint, and it doesn't show anything but the three standard buttons
18:50<zathraz>the intel reports: Supports Wake-on: umbg while the nVidia Corporation CK804 Ethernet Controller (rev a3) only Supports Wake-on: g
18:50-!-liegruppe [] has joined #debian
18:51<zathraz>but thanks for the input. Will try soon, but atm it's a bit tricky
18:51<scientes>Noah, well, do the button trigger while using evtest?
18:52<Noah>No :\
18:52<Noah>So it doesn't work entirely
18:52-!-doug_ [~doug@] has joined #debian
18:52<scientes>well then there is your answer
18:52-!-daimonio1 [] has left #debian [[IRSSI] Bye bye]
18:52<Noah>I wonder who'd I'd have to poke to have get it working, hehe
18:53<scientes>whats the module called Noah ?
18:53<scientes>check your dmesg
18:53<Noah>"Press-to-select is an optional feature, where a sharp tap on the pointing stick is equivalent to a button-click. The button thus clicked can be configured to be 1, 2 or 3."
18:54<scientes>but, as sney said, i've never heard of one of those having click functionality
18:54<scientes>hmmm, well, first try a modern-kernel, like the squeeze-backported 3.2
18:55<scientes>and then go pock around in the kernel sources, if you are so inclined
18:55-!-ubuntu [] has joined #debian
18:55-!-ubuntu is now known as Guest7415
18:55-!-iwantsee [~leo@] has joined #debian
18:55-!-melmothX [] has quit [Quit: bau]
18:56<iwantsee>hi to all...
18:56<scientes>its really not that difficult, although there are a few gotchas about getting the version numbers right on your post-compiled modules to load into your running kernel
18:56<scientes>!ask | iwantsee
18:57-!-drdanz [] has quit [Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.]
18:57-!-doug_ [~doug@] has quit []
18:57-!-foolano [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:58-!-drdanz [] has joined #debian
18:58<Noah>scientes, I can't find it in dmesg, my wlan seems to have spammed it
19:00-!-rivon [] has quit [Quit: Bye]
19:00-!-aidalgol [] has joined #debian
19:02-!-bumblebee [~bumblebee@] has joined #debian
19:02-!-catalyst [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:02-!-kriller_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:02<scientes>Noah, it all goes to /var/log/kern.log as wlel
19:02-!-drdanz [] has quit []
19:04-!-drdanz [] has joined #debian
19:04-!-roughnecks [~irc@2001:1418:100:463::2] has joined #debian
19:06<Noah>scientes, "serio" maybe?
19:06<scientes>well i was about to tell you to unplug and the plug it in
19:06<scientes>but then i realized that you cant!
19:07<scientes>but evetest should tell you
19:07<scientes>also lsusb
19:07<scientes>and lsusb -t
19:07<Noah>I'm pretty sure it's just an oversighted feature that never got coded in
19:07<scientes>just find the module name, and then you can look in the source
19:07-!-iwantsee [~leo@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:08-!-RichiH [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:08-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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19:09-!-liegruppe [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
19:09-!-Guest7415 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:09<sney>I would guess more that it's a feature made available by the device designers, but that the vendors never ordered
19:10-!-mode/#debian [+l 476] by debhelper
19:10<Noah>It works, this is a soft dome tracking stick
19:11<Noah>Plus, it worked in Windows which I came from, so I know the hardware functions. Googling finds people having trouble DISABLING it in Debian, but not the other way around
19:11-!-Black_Prince [~Prince@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:15-!-bumblebee [~bumblebee@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:15-!-lord-carlos [] has joined #debian
19:16<lord-carlos>Why is there no wine package in testing?
19:16-!-dvs [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:16<retrospectacus>!newer wine
19:16<dpkg>Debian has both wine and wine-unstable packages that contain various releases of <Wine>. They have not been recently updated as it was not possible to build packages for amd64 with the tools in Debian. Ask me about <cxoffice>, <siyh>, <wine-unstable>.
19:17<lord-carlos>ok, thanks
19:17<lord-carlos>i will try to compile it myself
19:17<sney>there are some newer debs on, use at your own risk
19:19-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
19:20-!-hcangr3 [~hiram@] has joined #debian
19:21-!-oztug [~oztug@] has joined #debian
19:22-!-ultr [] has joined #debian
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19:36-!-jkf [~Greg_od@] has joined #debian
19:36-!-lord-carlos [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:38<Noah>FOUND IT
19:38<Noah>echo -n 1 > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/press_to_select
19:38-!-matoc [~mat@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:39-!-jkf [~Greg_od@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:39<Noah>sney, If you're still around, try echo -n 1 > /sys/devices/platform/i8042/serio1/serio2/press_to_select and see if your trackpoint click works
19:39-!-Caroll [~caroll@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:40<sney>Noah: I'm not at home but I might check that later
19:40<sney>though I don't think it's a functionality I'd use
19:42<Noah>I like having it
19:42-!-jkf [~Greg_od@] has joined #debian
19:43-!-jkf [~Greg_od@] has quit []
19:43<Noah>But goes to show you, xev/evtest don't always tell you everything, hehe
19:43-!-andres is now known as zz_andres
19:44<Noah>Now, I wonder what I should make that ThinkVantage button do. I'm thinking play a loud la cucaracha sample
19:47-!-kolter [~kolter@2a01:e0b:1000:13:216:3eff:fe00:3e] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:47-!-fabrianchi [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:47<Noah>Ahh, I'll set it to open and close guake, hehe
19:47-!-XeroXer [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:48-!-gu7tyr [] has joined #debian
19:48-!-fabrianchi [] has joined #debian
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20:40-!-jalcine [~desktop@] has joined #debian
20:40-!-dous [] has joined #debian
20:40<Udoblunt>I've got gentoo installed on another partition but update-grub never adds it, alltho 30_osprober is supposed to do that
20:40<Udoblunt>I've been adding it manually , but now I'm trying to get it to work properly but just cant figure out why its not adding the gentoo
20:41<Udoblunt>and I can't make anything of the script itself :/
20:41-!-toto42 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:43-!-dous___ [] has joined #debian
20:43-!-trifolio6 [] has joined #debian
20:43-!-pastubbs [] has joined #debian
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20:45-!-lostson [] has joined #debian
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20:47-!-dous [] has joined #debian
20:48<Noah>Let's see, the other issue I'm having is enabling autoscroll on the middle mouse button on the UltraNav on this T61
20:49-!-anbe [] has joined #debian
20:49-!-salvin [] has joined #debian
20:49<Noah>Which might be application specific
20:49<sney>Udoblunt: if you run os-prober does it detect the gentoo install?
20:51<Udoblunt>sney: lulz, wasnt even installed >.<
20:51-!-dous___ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:51<Udoblunt>Noah: I can't autoscroll either, none off the apps, just tried a few
20:51-!-pastubbs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:52<Udoblunt>sney: thx fixed it
20:52<sney>no problem
20:52-!-feuerrot [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:52-!-feuerrot [] has joined #debian
20:53<Udoblunt>I just guessed it would be stndrd with grub instead of separate package
20:54<sney>yeah, I'm not sure why it's a recommend instead of a depend
20:54-!-lostson [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:54-!-drdanz_ [] has joined #debian
20:55-!-dous [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:55<Udoblunt>sney: they just told me in #grub it's cause it is not a part of grub project but of debian-boot
20:56<sney>that's why it's not in the grub package, but it doesn't explain why grub-common only recommends os-prober rather than requires it
20:56*sney shrug
20:56<sney>I suppose on single-boot systems it'd be unnecessary, but it doesn't harm anything by being installed on them.
20:56-!-lostson [] has joined #debian
20:59-!-drdanz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:59<Udoblunt>meh, just glad it's fixed :)
21:01-!-chitchat [~guest@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:03-!-dous [] has joined #debian
21:04-!-majlo [] has joined #debian
21:05<zathraz>in the meantime a NFS expert has arrived? :P
21:08-!-wissem [~localhost@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:09<Noah>Udoblunt, it seems to be (very) application specific. In Chrome, I'm using Chrometouch for now, and teleprompter
21:10<Noah>Udoblunt, but it's something you can enable via check box or something in Firefox, but I don't use it, so meh
21:11-!-dous [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
21:12-!-Known_problems [~Known_pro@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:12-!-salvin [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
21:12<Udoblunt>Noah: lol, dunno whats going on, but i never use the function; Im a page up and page down kinda guy
21:15<Noah>Twofinger scroller myself
21:15-!-amany [~amany@] has joined #debian
21:19-!-floe__ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
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22:16-!-hazard2 [] has joined #debian
22:16<scientes>dpkg package ruby-glib2
22:16<dpkg>scientes: i don't know
22:16<scientes>dpkg ruby-glib2
22:16<dpkg>scientes: I'm not sure, is it larger than a breadbox?
22:17<scientes>anyways, why does this package depend on libruby1.8 & libruby1.9.1
22:17-!-DragonDon [~DragonDon@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:17<scientes>cant cant it be OR
22:17-!-aribas_ [] has joined #debian
22:17-!-aribas_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:19-!-Udoblunt [] has joined #debian
22:22-!-chitchat [~guest@] has joined #debian
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22:24-!-user is now known as Guest7432
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22:35-!-dous [] has joined #debian
22:36<Udoblunt>hello back at ya
22:37-!-lostson [] has joined #debian
22:38-!-TheCrittaC [] has joined #debian
22:39<Guest7432>em. I need everything what you knew about Donation and resources which accept payment by donation. Sites, services, articles.
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22:39<kop>Guest7432: This is a debian support channel.
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23:19<deppy>i just install lubuntu on a aspire 5315 and it over heats. what package i use to fix the problem
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23:44<trifolio6>hi all. I have found one warning installing darktable package. WARNING: node <gettext_domain> not understood below <schema>
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23:44<trifolio6>I looked at the google and i found one bug reported with that warning
23:45<trifolio6>Do you think its a good idea to add some lines to that bug report with this new case?
23:46<trifolio6>if the answer is "yes" whats the usual way to add that new info?
23:46-!-mcellius [] has joined #debian
23:46<kop>trifolio6: Can't hurt. You send an email:
23:48<kop>trifolio6: It might be better to use reportbug, I think it will record your system info automatically and then send the email.
23:49<kop>trifolio6: reportbug -N 577719
23:50<trifolio6>i have used that but very few times, some time ago. ill try
23:50<trifolio6>if i have dubts ill ask here :)
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