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03:41<bmouterd> is under maintenance?
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03:51<k_>bmouterd, it works for me.
03:52<bmouterd>I tried on my phone I got the same problem
03:52<bmouterd>got a 403
03:53<bmouterd>ok it works under my vpn
03:53<bmouterd>so it's my location ?
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03:59<bmouterd>I tried with 2 differents ISP, I still get the 403
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04:00*bmouterd is in thailand
04:00<Brigo>it works for me too, spain.
04:00<Brigo>Maybe a language related issue?
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04:01<Brigo>it works too:
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04:02<bmouterd>whatever is after return a 403
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05:03<PMode>Hi, I have a plain dm-crypt on a hard disk with one ext4 file system directly in it (in raw without partition table or LVM). cryptsetup accepts the password nicely but complains does not create the device mapper. Any hints how to proceed?
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05:13<TomasCZ>PMode, I see you put there offset, why can't you just create a dummy PT and use sdb1 instead?
05:14<PMode>TomasCZ: I would like to do that after I got the data out of the partition :-)
05:15<PMode>TomasCZ: sorry, I meant file system because there is no partitio.
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05:15<TomasCZ>To me that would look the same just no offset. As long as your system will not try to automount you can even say it's fat32 or whatever.
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05:16<TomasCZ>Wait. I think you got one detail wrong. I can't say for sure now about where would sdb1 start by default, but if you would add it in fdisk that will only modify PT it does not format anything beside that.
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05:17<TomasCZ>PT is just a information of disk layout. only after you start mkfs or so, only then that geometry data from PT is used.
05:17<PMode>TomasCZ: I added the offset since I tried to open the crypt in plain and not via LUKS since I thought that might help to get the device mapper but it did not.
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05:18<TomasCZ>PMode, ok. now you got me a bit confused why the offset?
05:18<TomasCZ>... then.
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05:20<TomasCZ>PMode, LUKS does not work why? What were you using originally?
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05:20<TomasCZ>PMode, I think anyone would want more info, one command that is failing is not the whole story.
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05:26<PMode>TomasCZ: Basically, I am resizing a LUKS partition on the 1st disk (backup to 2nd, trash LUKS on 1st, create new LUKS on 1st). The 2nd disk is the described one: I freshly created a luks container on 2nd (after creation of partition table failed before in gparted), inside the luks an ext4. Today, I want to mount 2nd disks LUKS to restore files to 1st disks new LUKS.
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05:32<TomasCZ>umm, you are losing me there. 1. So you had 1st and you copied the data to 2nd. If that is correct how did you do that?(rooutine check) 2. you re-formated LUKS on 1st again with some changes. 3. "freshly created..." I thought you made image?
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05:38<PMode>TomasCZ: 1. create 2nd as described, mount 2nd, copied via midnight commander, trash partition on 1st, reboot (without mounting 2nd disk); 2. yes, create new bigger LUKS ext4 partition; 3. The disk was used before, I did not wipe the disk byte by byte but created the container and partition on it.
05:40<TomasCZ>PMode, uhoh, so ummm, before rebooting you made sure that your important encrypted LUKS on 2nd is unmounted? And you verified before trashing original that you can remount the 2nd and see the data on it?!
05:41<PMode>TomasCZ: well.
05:41<TomasCZ>PMode, write cache(missing corrupted data) and possibility of incorrectly mounted LUKS never happened to you?
05:41<PMode>TomasCZ: not yet maybe :)
05:42<TomasCZ>well, I once was creating new LUKS and put data on it. I guess I've did it wrong
05:42<TomasCZ>because when I tried to remount, I can recall if it was unsuccessful or simply empty.
05:42<TomasCZ>just sayin
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05:44<PMode>TomasCZ: As of I need to find the other piece in the system causing EBUSY on the device.
05:44<TomasCZ>I mean sure, OS and filesystems get unmounted when you shutdown/reboot
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05:46<TomasCZ>udev or idk? I mean I tried lsof myself, but does not seem to do the trick in telling me what. Maybe lvm does it's scan somehow...
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05:47<PMode>TomasCZ: lsof did not help me either. idk? I use jessie+gnome3.
05:47<TomasCZ>I can't help much on this detail. Mainly if anything encrypted I usually had a PT and therefore data in one of the partitions.
05:47-!-ml|_ is now known as Guest3720
05:47<TomasCZ>oh and why did you need to re-format it?
05:48<TomasCZ>I mean, not bad idea to use LUKS and then LVM inside it. You can resize afterwards all you want.... ;-)
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05:50<PMode>TomasCZ: I use LVM with LUKS on it on the other disk. Did not setup the LVM on LUKS now because it was supposed to be just a quick backup and the approach was similar to what I did always on the partition level. I did not realize that it will be such a pain to get it now out.
05:50<PMode>TomasCZ: correction, other disk=disk3.
05:51<PMode>TomasCZ: will try the same without gnome started. What else could normally interfere?
05:53<TomasCZ>lsmod|grep dm-crypt ? There is the thing about automount, /proc/partitions. Ou, I have better for you, boot in single user. It's sometimes called recovery options or something when GRUB/Lilo menu shows.
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05:53<TomasCZ>You'll need root pwd, preferably, and network will not work.
05:54<TomasCZ>But the benefit is that almost all services will not be started including WM, X11 your gnome and stuff. You will be stuck with just a text console.
05:54<TomasCZ>So if that is not for you, we need other alternative I guess.
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05:56<PMode>TomasCZ: Thx for the pointer. Configuring wpa_supplicant.conf and irssi on the shell.
05:56<TomasCZ>and PMode next time, for god sake if you will be doing a backup, please do something like dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sdc assuming /dev/sdb is what you use in LUKS/crypt command
05:56<TomasCZ>PMode, can't you just have another pc/something for communication and google/duck
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05:58<TomasCZ>PMode, wpa... irssi sounds like you will be ok. Don't forget dhclient if you don't have static ip ;-)
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05:59<TomasCZ>If anyone else can also participate, I'm not expert on LUKS even by long shot.
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06:02<PMode_>TomasCZ: Thanks. Hint with stopping gnome3 was helpful. Now it works like a charm.
06:02<PMode_>TomasCZ: No, wpa_supplicant needed since IP was already handed out, service gdm stop was sufficient on the command line.
06:02<TomasCZ>PMode_, you got your data?
06:03-!-ansel [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:03<PMode_>TomasCZ: yes. I just do not know who was trying to keep hold of /dev/sdb and I did not see it in lsof
06:03-!-ansel [] has joined #debian
06:04<TomasCZ>PMode_, well, single user would be last way, that should always work. Frankly I'm all ten against fully automated stuff in my OS. No surprise I'm not user of GNOME or KDE.
06:05<TomasCZ>could be some automount or maybe applet. What does gnome do when you plug usb stick in pc? Opens a folder with it?
06:05-!-ank [~ankush@] has joined #debian
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06:15<PMode_>TomasCZ: I use libpam-mount to mount luks containers when plugged in. Thanks for the great help! Very much appreciated.
06:15-!-LnD [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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08:14<novemberjr>hello, may I get some help with debian?
08:16-!-joelkraehemann [~joelkraeh@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:16<Parckwart>just ask…
08:16<Marillion>dpkg: tell novemberjr about asking
08:17<Lyze-of-Kiel>Anyone know how to expand "windows buttons" under XFCE?
08:17<Lyze-of-Kiel>To make it longer..
08:19-!-measter [~W|] has quit []
08:19-!-drdanick1 [] has joined #debian
08:21<novemberjr>I have a laptop with debian installed, and it seems its netcard driver doesn't work, so I don't have a network connection, can't use apt-get etc. I've found an older driver version, rtl8168, and I don't know how to install it. I only can trasnfer files using flash drive.
08:22<Parckwart>if you have the driver as a .deb file: dpkg -i <file.deb>
08:22<Lyze-of-Kiel>Normally debian will ask you for the wireless driver during installation
08:23-!-w0lfeh [] has quit []
08:23-!-cooey [] has joined #debian
08:24<Lyze-of-Kiel>Just plugin in the USB that contain the .deb driver during installation then it will auto install for you
08:24<novemberjr>There is a driver installation script there, and it says I need to unload the current version of the driver
08:25<novemberjr>I can't find the .deb driver
08:27<Parckwart>trl8168 is realtek
08:27<Parckwart>you need firmware-realtek
08:27<Lyze-of-Kiel>hope this link will help you
08:29<novemberjr>what should I do with the first link? There are .dsc and tar.gz files, I need only one of them?
08:30-!-eljefe_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
08:30-!-eljefe_ [] has joined #debian
08:30<Parckwart>just download the .deb file …
08:31<novemberjr>okay, thank you, I'll try that now
08:33-!-me_ [] has joined #debian
08:33<awal>Lyze-of-Kiel, not sure but check in xfce settings, section (I dont rebember which one exactly, where you change window decoration theme). Lxappearance have that feature (end tab), but I dont know if it's able to config xfwm too
08:33-!-me_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
08:34-!-khazakar [] has joined #debian
08:34<awal>Lyze-of-Kiel, excuses, I misunderstood your question. forget it. your solution is choose a different window decoration theme in xfce settings. now yeah :P
08:35-!-em|tue_ [] has joined #debian
08:36-!-Lemmata [] has joined #debian
08:36<awal>Usually, people want smale windows buttons, and you are looking for bigger one :D
08:37<khazakar>Hi All! i need a method for dnsmasq to filter via MAC,e.x attach IP to specified MAC,no host,but client.It is possible?
08:37-!-em|tue [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
08:37<awal>!laugh at Lyze-of-Kiel
08:37<dpkg>HAHAHA! AH-HAHA! Lyze-of-Kiel just cracks me up!
08:38-!-Vollstrecker [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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09:13<Walakea>i feel like something is still secretly drawing power from my laptop (i have powertop and bbswitch reports i t is off)
09:15<Lyze-of-Kiel>awal & dpkg, I am using HDPI
09:15<Lyze-of-Kiel>hope that explain! :)
09:15<Lyze-of-Kiel>why I need a longer windows bar
09:18-!-mode/#debian [+l 751] by debhelper
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09:53<novemberjr>I have installed the drivers and checked the adapter with lshw, it seems to be working now. Now I can't set up the connecton. I've added "auto eth0" and "iface eth0 inet dhcp", then used "ifup -a" and it says no dhcpoffers received. Ping says destination host unreachable, though it's reachable from another computer connected to the same router. How do I know if my adapter is OK?
09:53-!-Guest3735 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:53-!-Kayla [] has joined #debian
09:54-!-heroux [] has joined #debian
09:55<Parckwart>oh, i thought that this was about wifi
09:56<Parckwart>i never had to install any drivers for ethernet
09:56<novemberjr>Unfortunately I have no wifi router
09:57-!-Samouy [~Samouy@2001:67c:1350:105::7] has joined #debian
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09:57<Parckwart>try this: ifconfig eth0 up && dhclient eth0
09:58-!-maldoror [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 1.4]
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10:00<novemberjr>I don't know if something happened. Ping still doesn't work
10:05-!-smhar [~salman@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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10:25<blu>hi guys. I'm using nginx to terminate ssl in front of varnish. it works well, but sets the server: nginx header in the open source version.. in this case, I really only need to terminate ssl. what else could I use instead of nginx? atm I do http/https => nginx => varnish => apache + fpm workers and so on.
10:26-!-H3N9Dz [~H3N9Dz@] has joined #debian
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10:51<gas>Hello, guys. I've installed Debian not long ago and let the installer do the partitioning. It gave 2G for root and 140G for home. I had no idea at the time of what that was. So now after happily installing a bunch of packages i've run out of those 2G. I've searched a bit on the Internet and am thinking about using the GParted live CD to move the boundaries. Is this the right way to go? Are there better ways?
10:51-!-maldoror [] has quit []
10:51-!-Guest3758 is now known as ml|_
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10:55<sney>gas: that should work
10:55-!-fred1m [~quassel@2a01:e35:2e55:9770:8:bff:fe01:2318] has quit [Quit: - Discuter simplement. Partout.]
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11:01<gas>I am also wondering now abount partitioning. I remember the installer suggesting that if I'm not a noob I should choose separate /usr, /boot, /var, .... I chose the noob option, but what would be different if I was an expert? Why split at all if I have a single HDD? Are there performance reasons?
11:02-!-jurisl [~jurisl@] has joined #debian
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11:08<CaBa>there are repositories like [1] that kind of seem to contain all the directory structure required for building a .deb package. Is there a tool that I can just provide the repository URL and a tag and it builds me a .deb package from that repository? or another straightforward way?
11:08-!-fooctrl [] has joined #debian
11:09<__z>make such a tool :D
11:09-!-CutMeOwnThroat [] has joined #debian
11:09<CaBa>__z: how about 'git-buildpackage'? is that not designed for such a task?
11:10-!-H3N9Dz [~H3N9Dz@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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11:14-!-Yst is "Yst Dawson" on #debian #
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13:22<Chibibowa>Hey people :-). I'm new to Debian and I tried to install Steam. It worked but when I want to launch it, i got an error. I searched on the net, runned a command in terminal but even with that it seems to not work. Has anyone tips and tricks for resolving that issue? Thank you by advance ! :D
13:22<Chibibowa>The error I get is the following: "You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:
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13:34<eddy_lopez>se supone que es un chat para discutir ideas
13:34<eddy_lopez>aqui por que nadien habla
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14:51<sunbird>any chance someone can help be troubleshoot a d-i problem on stretch? i'm at select & install software and it fails with "unable to access repository."
14:51<sunbird>but if i drop to a root shell, i can ping the repo just fine.
14:51<sunbird>this is on amd64 alpha 5...
14:51-!-JohnML [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:52<Yst>⎎unbird: You might have better luck getting an⎎wer⎎ on #Debian-Next .
14:52<Yst>sunbird: You might have better luck getting an⎎wer⎎ on #Debian-Next .
14:53<sunbird>Yst: ah, thanks. i'll try there.
14:53-!-adept256 [] has quit []
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14:53<Yst>Yeah, no problem.
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14:57<Telefunken>Hi. Is there anyone form Brazil here?
14:58<Telefunken>Hi. Is there anyone from Brazil here?
14:58<dpkg>Este canal é apenas em inglês. Por favor, use #debian-br (/j #debian-br) para ajuda em portugues.
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15:05<acu>what is the application to install gnome menu - old style - with categories ?
15:05-!-chasmo77 [] has quit [Quit: It's just that easy]
15:05<acu>in jessie ?
15:05<somiaj>acu: what do you mean by 'old style'?
15:05-!-Sirenia [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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15:06<somiaj>debian still has the 'menu' program, and then it also generates menus from .desktop files (what gnome does). Unsure if gnome still honors debian's old 'menu' scripts.
15:06<acu>Like you have categories - Office Applications - Internet Applications and so on
15:06<jnr2820>are we talking about "fallback" mode in GNOME 3?
15:06<acu>I have to give a debian jessie to kids - and they are confused, it is a salad of applications without category
15:08<jnr2820>Is it the regular GNOME3 install that you have?
15:08<somiaj>maybe try another desktop. Mate is gnome2, cinimon is a gnome-shell fork.
15:08<jnr2820>or XFCE :)
15:08<somiaj>but I'm unsure if gnome allows you to change thigns that much anymore.
15:08<jnr2820>There should be an option on the login screen still right?
15:08-!-oneleaf [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:09<Parckwart>im familiar with the problem of exposing newbies to the awfulness of gnome. xfce always did the job for me.
15:09<somiaj>gnome3 no longer supports a fallback mode in jessie.
15:09-!-level7 [~quassel@] has joined #debian
15:10<jnr2820>This might help
15:11<jnr2820>try: "apt-get install gnome-session-flashback"
15:11-!-houston [~houston@] has joined #debian
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15:13<Yst>Xfce is a great and intuitive desktop.
15:13<Yst>THe menu is divided into categories like you want too.
15:14-!-marcello1_ [] has quit [Quit: Sto andando via]
15:14<jnr2820>Personally, XFCE is my favorite :D
15:14<Yst>Yeah, mine too.
15:14-!-acu [~acu@2601:246:4f00:d300:2d09:99b6:ae62:8ce] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:14<jnr2820>I even use it at work :)
15:15-!-Telefunken [~Rodrigo@] has quit [Quit: debianices gráficas não me farão desistir]
15:15<jnr2820>(on Deb stable)
15:15<Yst>Nice! It must be nice not being stuck on stupid Windows at work.
15:16<jnr2820>I have Winderz in a VM, for the stuff that needs it.
15:17<jnr2820>but its still faster as a VM LOL
15:18-!-grayrat [~grayrat@] has joined #debian
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15:48<MichaelPaoli>Curious if folks know "fix" / work-around for this - Debian GNU/Linux 8.2 --> 8.3 (jessie) x86_64 upgrade issue; scenario: systemd & sysvinit installed, configured to boot/run and is running sysvinit, upgrade causes systemd to become the running init (causing many issues) on the host (at least until reboot).
15:49<MichaelPaoli>... did also apply current security fixes too at same time, so not 100% sure exactly which package upgrade triggered the issue, but I'm guessing a systemd upgrade in the mix triggered the issue.
15:49<MichaelPaoli>... or do folks already know it as at least a "known" issue?
15:53-!-ao2 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:53<TomasCZ>I would bet that the problem lies in fact that you still have both in system when using sysv.
15:53<somiaj>So you want to use sysvinit as your init system, and upgrading from 8.2 -> 8.3 broke it?
15:53-!-Jones [] has quit []
15:53-!-thundercloud [] has joined #debian
15:53<somiaj>I wonder if you just aren't configugint sysvinit to be the init system correctly
15:53<somiaj>!remove systemd
15:53<dpkg>To use an init system other than systemd in jessie, install the systemd-shim package (for logind) and remove the systemd-sysv package: aptitude install systemd-shim sysvinit-core systemd-sysv-. To stick with sysvinit for wheezy->jessie upgrades, follow the pinning advice in the release notes: - See also <upstart> and <openrc>
15:53<MichaelPaoli>Also, some other data - when issue occurred, I checked /proc/cmdline and /proc/1/exe - those confirmed host was in fact booted (much earlier) with sysvinit, but has switched to running systemd as init when the 8.2 --> 8.3 upgrade was done (at least until rebooting after that)
15:53-!-barbanegra [] has joined #debian
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15:55<somiaj>MichaelPaoli: You may have found a regression bug, in that case report it. It could also be you didn't proerply configure debian to use sysvinit, so during the upgrade apts logic pulled in some packages which removed any changes you made. Did you follow what the bot told you about remove systemd?
15:55-!-ml| is now known as Guest3793
15:56<MichaelPaoli>Thanks, I'll look those over ... initial with upgrade to Jessie, systemd just wasn't playing nice on that host, so first I manually gave kernel parameter to use sysvinit, later I reconfigued grub to continue to do so - haven't done more than that to have it "stick" to sysvinit. Sounds like there's more bits I should do - thanks for the info! :-)
15:56-!-Yatekii [] has joined #debian
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15:58<somiaj>MichaelPaoli: that is probabaly the issue, properly configure debian to use sysvinit, and the upgrades shoudln't break it.
15:58-!-tgies [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:58<MichaelPaoli>Yes, ... sounds like a bug ... if nothing else, not sufficiently covered in the documentation ... the install & release notes don't cover the additional recommended steps ... the earlier point release updates didn't cause this problem of the running init switching from sysvinit to systemd on the host while it was running.
15:58-!-william_ [~william@2601:5cc:4402:2c00:15a7:ea9:f095:f59a] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:58-!-Szernex [] has joined #debian
15:59<somiaj>yea, I do agree documentation for correctly removing systemd in favor of sysvinit in debian is a bit scattered. Also there is a lot of 'bad' documentation out there on the web I've seen linked here
15:59-!-tgies [] has joined #debian
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16:08<MichaelPaoli>Thanks, ... maybe I'll also see if I can reproduce the issue on virtual machine. And yes, Debian rocks! :-) ... first time I've hit a more disruptive glitch on a point upgrade of stable in many many years - beats the heck out'a everything else! :-)
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18:02<nick[0]>How can I create a default ACL for a directory that gives rw permissions to a user for all files and rwx permission for all directories? Everything I've tried gives effective rwx to everything for a specified user's ACL entry
18:04-!-Andy_ [~Andy@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:04-!-mlundblad [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:05-!-twb [~twb@] has joined #debian
18:05-!-javier [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:05<twb>Is there a way to say "tell all the debian/changelogs that thank me by name" ?
18:06<twb>ATM it's easy to say "how many bugs have I reported, and how many of those are fixed", but I can't think of a simple way to do the other
18:09<nick[0]>I can manually fix the default rwx ACL with "sudo find ./ -type f -exec setfacl -m mask:rw {} +" but I want this to happen automatically
18:10<twb>nick[0]: I just got here, what was your original problem report?
18:10-!-qrpp [~code@] has quit [Quit: Gone]
18:12<nick[0]>twb: Hi, thanks for helping out! :-) My trouble is that adding a default user ACL of rwx (so that this user can descend into directories created by another user) applies to files and not just directories. From everything I've read, a default rwx ACL on a directory is supposed to be smart about files
18:13-!-MichaelPaoli [] has joined #debian
18:13<twb>Ah so basically you want to grant one use the power to bypass the POSIX DAC ?
18:13<twb>This is the CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE in capabilities(7)
18:14<twb>Oh, unless you *only* want to let them read one other user, instead of everything
18:15<nick[0]>twb: yes, *only* for a specified directory. (owned by a POSIX group that user is not part of)
18:15<twb>Is the high-level user story something like "I need to let web devs log in as fred, but edit code in /srv/www owned by www-data" ?
18:16-!-phdeswer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:16-!-edgar [~edgar@] has joined #debian
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18:17<nick[0]>twb: more or less, yes, and only a subset of /srv/www, for security reasons ;-)
18:18<twb>OK the main methods I use to do that are: 1. chrooted sftp or rsyncd; or 2. a cron job that either fixes permissions, or copies content from somewhere esle.
18:18-!-InvadeD [] has joined #debian
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18:19<twb>I haven't done this with acls, but I'd be a bit worried that the webdev would mess it up by new dirs they created not inheriting the acl override
18:19-!-Valvalion [~Valvalion@] has quit [Quit: Quitte]
18:20-!-DanTDM [] has joined #debian
18:20<twb>Or about them deliberately breaking it, like creating a hard link from /etc/shadow into /srv/www, then letting the ACLs give them write access to the original
18:21-!-tgies [] has joined #debian
18:21<gas>Hey guys, I'm reading manpages on Debian, and the page on syslog recommends to see syslogd(8) and syslog.conf(5). I tried even as root, yet still I get "no manual entry" for both of them. Should I install some package?
18:21-!-hedge [] has quit []
18:21<twb>gas: you're probably using either journald or rsyslogd
18:21-!-hedge [] has joined #debian
18:21<twb>gas: syslogd was the original implementation, rsyslogd is a competing implementation of the same protocols
18:22<gas>twb: even if I compile a program that uses syslog.h?
18:22<DanTDM>Hey everyone! Dan here from he DiamondMinecart!
18:22-!-hedge [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:22<twb>syslog(3) simply writes to data in a particular format to a pipe at /dev/log
18:23<gas>"rsyslogd - reliable and extended syslogd" :)
18:23<twb>On jessie, systemd-journald hijacks this and listens to it, and you can't really stop it. So even if you're running the original syslogd, it has to be told to listen to a non-standard location (/run/journald/something-something)
18:23<gas>twd: thanks
18:23-!-Rehevkor [] has quit []
18:23-!-ZombieTree [] has joined #debian
18:24<DanTDM>Dan here from the Diamond Minecart!
18:24<twb>(I was a bit annoyed about that, because it meant I had to switch from lightweight busybox-syslogd back to rsyslogd, just to get logs to the central logserv)
18:25-!-DanTDM [] has quit []
18:25-!-okapi [] has joined #debian
18:25-!-SleepyHead [] has joined #debian
18:25<gas>So rsyslogd is not just "reliable and extended syslogd" as the man page states?
18:26<gas>Why is syslogd unreliable?
18:26<nick[0]>twb: hmm... Honestly my use case is for a collaborative shared directory, with relaxed permissions in one subdirectory. Would a chrooted sftp be best for this?
18:27-!-Starxman [] has joined #debian
18:27-!-Zimmer_Nova [] has joined #debian
18:27<nick[0]>twb: I wasn't planning on using sftp, since I very quickly learned ACLs don't work well with it
18:27-!-Guest3786 [~Corey84@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:27<twb>It depends :-)
18:27<Starxman>has anyone seen my friend DanTDM?
18:27<twb>I generally like to have a clear separation between where development happens and where prod runs
18:27<twb>Starxman: he just left.
18:28-!-Azerothian______ [] has quit []
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18:32<nick[0]>twb: is there a way to modify option 2 to use an inotify trigger rather than a cron job?
18:32<twb>Uh... probably
18:33<twb>I haven't done inotify for a while, but IIRC it was pretty straightforward
18:33-!-jova2 [~jova2@] has joined #debian
18:33<nick[0]>I was hoping by now someone would have written an inotify (or, dnotify now, I guess) program that would watch a directory and execute a script if anything inside of it changed
18:34-!-Mikelevel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:34*nick[0] is a dumbass... there's a command called "dnotify" for this now!
18:34<twb>If it's not there, it's quick to write in python or so
18:36<twb>In inotify-tools, or inotify-hookable, or roll your own with python3-pyinotify or similar
18:37<nick[0]>twb: if I can't track it down, I have to finally get aroundt to learning python. (I've managed to subsist on SH)
18:37<twb>I don't see a dnotify program in Debian
18:38<nick[0]>twb: yeah... I'm going to try tracking it down or finding a replacement. Failing that, I'll learn python
18:38<nick[0]>twb: thank you very much for the help :-)
18:39<nick[0]>twb: inotify-hookable looks like it will do the trick
18:40<twb>inotifywait is probably more popular, but meh
18:42-!-aranax [~aranax@] has joined #debian
18:43-!-kmshanah [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:44<nick[0]>twb: 'guess I'll go with it then, assuming more popular means more potential corner-case bugs have been found
18:46-!-x2xx3x [] has joined #debian
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20:32<twb>JohnMH: try /join #debian-mentors
20:32<JohnMH>twb: Yep, done
20:33-!-Solvius [] has quit []
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20:33<JohnMH>twb: I was typing a little too fast for my IRC client
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21:13-!-klatin_ [] has joined #debian
21:14-!-burzos [] has joined #debian
21:15<burzos>Debian detected my rtl8188ce wireless card during installation and asked me if I had the nonfree binary blob, I said no and the installatoin continue. Now I've installed the realtek-firmware package but lspci doesn't detect the card.
21:15<burzos>Not sure what to do.
21:15-!-AzaToth [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:16<twb>lspci (or lsusb) should see the card regardless of whether a driver is available
21:16<burzos>Right, but it's not.
21:16-!-krabador [] has quit [Quit: Take The Time]
21:16<twb>are you sure it's cabled to the PCI bus?
21:18<burzos>70% sure it's PCI express
21:19<twb>Can you copy-and-paste text off that host?
21:19<twb>"sudo update-pciids; lspci -nn"
21:19<twb>Also check lsusb, because that's easy to do
21:20<__z>daily reminder that one of the core tor devs is a feminist
21:20-!-klatin [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:22-!-CutMeOwnThroat [] has joined #debian
21:23<burzos>Nothing networking related in lsusb besides broadcom bluetooth device.
21:23<twb>OK, I agree with your analysis
21:23-!-acald3ron [] has joined #debian
21:23<twb>I would next check in the BIOS/UEFI if it's disabled
21:23<burzos>Should I just redo the installation since that seemed to detect it?
21:23-!-cybersphinx [] has joined #debian
21:23<burzos>I see
21:23<twb>Also if this is a laptop, try checking on e.g. archlinux wiki for notes about this model
21:24<twb>Also check dmesg (kern.log / journalctl _TRANSPORT=kernel) for references to the device
21:24<twb>It seems strange that the installer can detect it
21:24<twb>It would be interesting to compare lspci (or /sys/class/net) in the installer vs. installed environmnets
21:25<twb>The other thing you could do is just try installing the nonfree firmware blob and see what happens. I suppose that might magically fix it, although I can't see how
21:25<burzos>That's the first thing I did.
21:25<twb>OK :-)
21:26-!-oxenfrosch [] has joined #debian
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21:28-!-Miho [] has joined #debian
21:28<burzos>rtl8192ce (supported devices) Supports PCI-E devices based on the RTL8188CE and RTL8192CE chips.
21:28-!-tracewpearson [~Thunderbi@2601:1c0:8400:8113:4db8:6e6a:b6e4:21d2] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:28<burzos>That kernel module isn't being loaded by default.
21:28<burzos>But loading it doesn't seem to improve anything.
21:29<burzos>Maybe I need to load it, then restart the wireless?
21:29<burzos>Or networking in general?
21:30-!-eljefe_ [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
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21:33<twb>That shouldn't matter
21:33<twb>If the device exists it should be in lspci (or similar).
21:33<twb>If there's a driver, it should appear in "ip link"
21:34<burzos>Yeah true.
21:34<burzos>OpenBSD could detect the device, but didn't have a driver for it.
21:34<twb>I wonder if this is related to ACPI DSDT
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21:35<twb>There is a horrible feature where when linux boots up it tells the hardware "I am windows versions 98 through vista" or whatever, so the hardware goes "oh, then you support >feature<"
21:35<burzos>I see.
21:35<burzos>I could disable ACPI
21:35<twb>Except sometimes linux doesn't emulate the version of windows the hardware expects, so you have to futz with it
21:36<burzos>Going to look around at BIOS, rebooting
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