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06:56<sakax>W: Download is performed unsandboxed as root as file '/root/.synaptic/tmp//tmp_sh' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)
06:57<sakax>any idea why I get such warning now and then when I install something from synaptic package manager?
06:58<sakax>you can only launch synaptic via entering root password
06:58<sakax>so dont know why this warning is shown
06:59<jm_>which version?
07:00<duclicsic>it's giving the warning because apt usually switches to it's own user "_apt" to perform downloads, but in this case that user lacks permission to write where it wants to.
07:00<sakax>jm_: debian stable, synaptic manager 0.84.2
07:01<sakax>duclicsic: can i fix this somehow?
07:01<jm_>sakax: yeah two bug reports for that with no comments
07:02<sakax>can you share the link me?
07:04<jm_>sakax: uhm you have a link to it on the page for the package so
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07:08<sakax>jm_: yes found it, just quick question, how where you able to quickly find these 2 bug reports? :)
07:09<sakax>i found these meanwhile
07:09<sakax>just curious how you were able to trace both so quickly
07:11<jm_>sakax: I just went straight to its bugs page and searched for tmp_sh assuming if someone reported it they would put that message in the subject ;)
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07:17<sakax>jm_: ok thanks :)
07:18<jm_>no worries
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08:41<iXavik>Hi all
08:44<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
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08:53<dpkg>This is not a chat channel, this is a Debian user support channel. Unless you have a Debian support question, please chat elsewhere, like #debian-offtopic, or #moocows on or ##chat on
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09:29<jitterstick>Why is luakit not a household name in web browsing?
09:31<jitterstick>just a suggestion for all of you looking to improve the speed of an old machine.
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09:37<jitterstick>I have been attempting to make a live distribution from my current install with slax live boot and can not get it to boot. I have gotten it to the directory structure but when copied to usb it fails to run the batch file(in windows) and the sh script (in linux) due to permission issues on the usb keys mbr. any suggestions?
09:37<jitterstick>At least I think it is the mbr that has the issue.
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09:41<jitterstick>I am going to try another method.
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09:51<blast007>jitterstick: browsers other than firefox-esr and chromium do not get security support in Debian.
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09:54<EmleyMoor>Is there a good, workable SCP client for Linux that connects well to Debian stable?
09:55<blast007>are you looking for SCP specifically, or SFTP?
09:55<EmleyMoor>blast007: SFTP would probably be just as good
09:56<blast007>afaik, SFTP is a much more featureful protocol
09:56<blast007>Gnome's file manager has support for SFTP
09:56<EmleyMoor>Don't really mind either way... if it does what I want...
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09:57<ToBeFree>lol arto
09:57<EmleyMoor>Erk... just realised I've not asked the right question.
09:58<EmleyMoor>I'm actually looking for a client for Android - getting a bit tangled up in things today
09:59<ToBeFree>depending on what you're trying to achieve, my solution would be Google Drive or OneDrive
09:59<ToBeFree>to be honest
09:59<Brigo>EmleyMoor, i belive most android ssh clients are scp capable.
09:59<ToBeFree>(because these work nicely)
09:59<EmleyMoor>Brigo: Unfortunately, the one I'm using is not "most"... so I'm looking at changing it
10:00<blast007>ES File Explorer can, I think, but I'm not a fan of the newer versions of that (due to all the permissions it asks for) - I have an old version built into the base firmware on my device that I use
10:00<EmleyMoor>ToBeFree: Is there a Google Drive server for Debian?
10:00<Brigo>EmleyMoor, i think some one time http file sharing programs could be the easiest way.
10:00<Brigo>something like woof
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10:00<Brigo>Woof (Web Offer One File) is a tool to copy files among hosts. It can serve a
10:00<Brigo> specified file on HTTP, just for a given number of times, and then exits.
10:01<ToBeFree>EmleyMoor, no, I would then pay for a Google Drive account with the needed storage. I'm obviously not suggesting what you had been asking for, I'm just offering an alternative solution that *works*, for the case that the original idea fails for whatever reason. One reason might be "the client sucks" or "it does not work"
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10:01<ToBeFree>(if this is for backups, a third-party cloud is probably even advisable)
10:02<EmleyMoor>No, it's for simple file exchange on "need"
10:02<ToBeFree>that's what I am using it for ^.^
10:02<ToBeFree>but I don't want to troll. The others likely know how to implement what you have been asking for
10:02<ToBeFree>just keep mine in mind
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10:10<EmleyMoor>OK, Termius is looking pretty good but need to sort out some keys and forwards
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10:17<EmleyMoor>Nice - that's goodbye ConnectBot (and AndFTP which I couldn't get to work)
10:19<EmleyMoor>Termius seems to be able to handle port forwarding as an "aside" - interesting
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11:20<sdk>Q: does anyone know if the gnome-software use apt or dpkg to install a .deb? (I'm so used to use the cli that I don't remember XD)
11:23<petn-randall>sdk: yes
11:24<sdk>petn-randall: yes, it use apt or yes it use dpkg ? :)
11:25<petn-randall>sdk: dpkg is a low-level tool, and apt uses that. gnome-software likely uses libapt, so it will be doing the same thing as apt.
11:25<sdk>petn-randall: ty
11:26<petn-randall>sdk: specifically, the dependency chain is: gnome-software → packagekit → libapt-pkg5.0.
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16:42<ullbeking>i had a hard crash the other day and my root partition (lvm, encrypted) got a little bit hosed. i fixed all the errors with a manual fsck, but i think a lot of files got corrupted, judging from the few hundred times (it seems) that i had to type 'y'.
16:43<grawity>what filesystem were you using?
16:45<ullbeking>is there a way of restoring this partition to a correct state, for example, using apt tools?
16:45<ullbeking>or would it be easier to simply reinstall?
16:45<ullbeking>thankfully this is very new system, and coincidentally i had only recently done a fresh install
16:46<ullbeking>"new" meaning there wasn't much time between the os installation and when the crash happened
16:46-!-thunderrd [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:48<jhutchins_wk>ullbeking: Restore your backup.
16:49<jhutchins_wk>ullbeking: I think what you're looking for would be to copy off your data and do a clean install.
16:56<ullbeking>jhutchins_wk: yes, i should restore from backup
16:58<ullbeking>that's what i was planning to do, unless there was some way that i didn't know about to use debian tools, like apt, to check the integrity of every package that is installed into the root partition
17:01-!-jhutchins_wk [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:02-!-amacater [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
17:04<mnuhmnuh>ullbeking: i've been through that sort of fsck hell (hundreds of "y"s) before with no troubles afterwards. i'd trust fsck until i found any reason otherwise not to. fwiw.
17:08-!-ToBeFree [] has quit [Quit: Connection closed for inactivity]
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17:57<ullbeking>mnuhmnuh: there were thousands of files in lost+found. How is one supposed to make head or tail of it all?
17:58<ullbeking>Surely I can’t trust my root filesystem after that?
17:58<ullbeking>I mean, that signifies corrupted files, right?
17:59-!-CEP-2015-Jessie [] has joined #debian
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18:07<mnuhmnuh>ullbeking: that's fsck's job, to sort that out. rinse, lather, repeat until done, or until you decide it can't.
18:10<mnuhmnuh>ullbeking: 1000's of files, perhaps you're better off starting ove; didn't know it was that bad. still, the principle's sound. it's what fsck does.
18:13<peter1138>It can only fix so much, though.
18:26-!-danopa [~gnome@] has joined #debian
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18:30<sarnold>note that fsck *did* fix it, by relinking those files into lost+found
18:30<sarnold>now you get to figure out what they were and if you care about them
18:30-!-fpat [] has joined #debian
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19:58-!-mode/#debian [+l 374] by debhelper
19:58<pastly>I want to run an authoritative DNS server. What are the most popular options?
19:59<pastly>Bind and unbound? Which do you think is better for this purpose?
20:00-!-dragon12 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:00<sarnold>iirc unbound doesn't do auth
20:00<sarnold>take a look at powerdns and knot
20:01-!-dragon12 [] has joined #debian
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20:01<pastly>Is bind like ... 10x more popular than powerdns and knot? Like git is to mercurial
20:02<sarnold>powerdns is involved in basically every dns query in europe on either the request or the response, and a huge amount of americas..
20:02<sarnold>there may be more bind installs, but in pure queries it's probably pretty close
20:02<pastly>huh okay then
20:10-!-ach [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:18<koollman>pastly: bind, knot, nsd, powerdns
20:19<koollman>I would say bind is probably the most deployed, knot and nsd are very active and used on important servers (like root servers), and powerdns is quite practical to use
20:22-!-TotallyNotKim [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:45-!-maize-haze [] has joined #debian
20:45-!-maize-haze is "maize-haze" on #debian
20:47<maize-haze>Hi there folks. I'm attempting to install Debian 9.5.0 on an Intel Skull Canyon NUC and am experiencing some very challenging visual issues. It appears that there are 10 very small installers at the very top of the screen, overlaid over the GRUB boot screen.
20:48<maize-haze>I cannot see these tiny terminal-based installers, making it immensely difficult for me to actually install Debian. I have searched for answers regarding this issue and have come up empty-handed repeatedly, which has been very frustrating. Does anyone have any idea what this might indicate, or how I would go about resolving it??
20:51-!-Jing [] has joined #debian
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21:02-!-fpat [] has quit [Quit: bbl]
21:02<blast007>tried both the graphical and text installer?
21:03<maize-haze>This is on the text installer -- the graphical installer doesn't display anything past the GRUB screen, other than a black bar where the 10 tiny vterms are.
21:05<annadane>sounds like a potential corrupt image
21:05<annadane>how'd you write the image to disk?
21:05<maize-haze>etcher, see
21:06<maize-haze>Verified the image as well -- I believe the checksum is good
21:06<dpkg>Initial testing shows etcher is not a reliable way to copy debian images for installation. instead use cp or dd for linux, or win32diskimager for windows.
21:07<annadane>dpkg, no, etcher is <reply> Initial testing shows etcher is not a reliable way to copy Debian images for installation. Instead, use cp or dd for linux or win32diskimager for Windows.
21:07<dpkg>okay, annadane
21:07<maize-haze>Is this the case for all linux distros? or just Debian?
21:07<annadane>don't know
21:08<annadane>oh ok you're asking in freenode too
21:08<maize-haze>yeah, they're kind of significantly less helpful.
21:08<maize-haze>I'll try dd from my other system and see if that works.
21:16<maize-haze>just dd'd a fresh netinst image onto a USB drive from another system -- still experiencing the same issue. Is there an intelgfx mode for GRUB that I should be setting?
21:17<annadane>ah well. was worth a shot. now we move beyond tier 1 and i promptly shut up
21:17<maize-haze>lol, that's fair.
21:18<blast007>maybe try with the 'nomodeset' boot option
21:19<maize-haze>and that would be with pressing 'E' to edit selection and typing in nomodeset?
21:19<blast007>I think, but I don't have a way to try right now
21:23-!-t3chn0 [] has quit [Quit: Quit]
21:24<maize-haze>so I added nomodeset after quiet on the GRUB prompt, and the same issue occurs. There's a vga=788 option on there, which I didn't add. Should I try removing that?
21:25<maize-haze> after googling vga=788 I found this. Might that be relevant?
21:25-!-Jing [] has quit [Quit: Jing]
21:27<dpkg>TIAS is "Try It And See".
21:27<maize-haze>well, looks like the answer is no -- just tried it :(
21:30-!-awal1 [~awal1@] has joined #debian
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21:34<maize-haze>gonna try acpi=off and vga=ask, as that appears to be another option...
21:34<annadane>we need more graphical experts in these channels
21:34<annadane>they're always so tedious to diagnose
21:35<maize-haze>This issue has singlehandedly kept me on Fedora, which I don't like very much, and I'm set on getting it fixed now
21:35-!-jitterstick [~quassel@2600:8800:d00:5c3:90d1:6b14:fe04:251a] has joined #debian
21:35-!-jitterstick is "John Doe,,," on #debian
21:36<maize-haze>aargh, that doesn't work either.
21:37<annadane>i wonder if it's not some kind of missing firmware issue
21:37<maize-haze>¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have no clue, personally.
21:37<annadane>what does dmesg | grep -i firmware say
21:38<annadane>also how do people like you have the shrugging emoji ready so quickly? does it just reside in your clipboard?
21:38<maize-haze>in Debian? or is it OK if I do that in my pre-existing Fedora install?
21:38<maize-haze>text expansion
21:38<annadane>er... good point, i guess debian
21:38<maize-haze>well that's a bit of a catch-22
21:38<annadane>it works in fedora right? and doesn't in debian
21:39<maize-haze>I can boot into Fedora just fine, which if I recall is a mostly-free distro?
21:39<annadane>well, idk. i'm an idiot so find someone smarter i guess
21:39<maize-haze>you say this, but you don't know how much of a distro-hopping idiot I am
21:39<sarnold>maybe compare fedora lsmod vs debian lsmod output?
21:40<annadane>you can use a live image to access debian i guess but i don't want to make life any harder
21:40<maize-haze>I can try a live image, but somehow I doubt I'll get any further
21:40<maize-haze>is there a specific one I should try?
21:42<maize-haze>I'll try Gnome, as it's the most "standard" one... fingers crossed.
21:45-!-bhh [] has joined #debian
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21:53-!-awal1 [~awal1@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:54<jitterstick>xfce is amazing and fast
21:54<maize-haze>ah, well I'm 52% through DD'ing the image to my USB
21:55<maize-haze>sunk cost fallacy, I know, but eh... lazy engineer
21:55<jitterstick>gnome is stable and pretty now
21:55<jitterstick>gnome is lazy, basically a pretty run box
21:55<jitterstick>if you like lazy checkout luakit browser
21:56<maize-haze>at this point, I just want "works"
21:56<jitterstick>o to open pages and shift ;(or colon) to open command window. tab shows list of commands.
21:56<maize-haze>I've been trying to get debian running on this box for months on and off at this point, and I've never been able to get past the freakin' grub screen.
21:57<jitterstick>works well and the error mnessages point you in the right diurection to solve problems
21:57<jitterstick>sounds like a driver issue with 3d
21:58<maize-haze>yeah, and I can't figure out why
21:58<jitterstick>gnome will fall back to regular i believe
21:58<maize-haze>fingers crossed. i've tried nomodeset, acpi=off and vga=ask
21:58<jitterstick>if you know your card u can use module assistantyo
21:58<maize-haze>and that's all with the text-based installer
21:58<maize-haze>I do know what my card is -- unfortunately, it's an Iris Pro 580, only really found in a handful of uncommon devices
21:58<jitterstick>sudo apt install module-assistant
21:59<jitterstick>sudo m-a prepare
21:59<maize-haze>see, the problem is, I can't even get to a shell
21:59<jitterstick>sudo m-a a-i (module name)
21:59<annadane>install KoopaOS
21:59<jitterstick>cntrl alt f1
21:59<maize-haze>there's 10 tiny little vterms at the top of the screen, all identical
22:00<maize-haze>and the GRUB screen stays on in the background, lmao
22:00<jitterstick>yeah gdm stays open
22:00<jitterstick>there is a way
22:00<maize-haze>this is in the text installer, which I don't believe launches GDM
22:00<blast007>gdm wouldn't be running when using the text installer
22:01<jitterstick>on gdm screen there should be an option for xterm?
22:01<blast007>there is no gdm
22:01<maize-haze>this is just debian installer, straight up
22:02<maize-haze>well, time to try live
22:03<maize-haze>hey, that works
22:03<jitterstick>it says pushing e at the grub screen for ubuntu
22:04<maize-haze>alright, I got the bootable image running
22:05<maize-haze>now how do I install from the live image?
22:07-!-abacate [] has joined #debian
22:07-!-abacate is "realname" on #debian
22:08<abacate>I'm having trouble when intalling the TP-LINK TL-WN823N on my Debian 9.5.
22:09<annadane>maize-haze, you don't install the live image, it's meant to be run on top of the existing system
22:09-!-Delta-One [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:09<abacate>I tried many ways of installing, for many hours, and simply cannot connect to wireless using this USB adapter.
22:09<maize-haze>I meant, is there a way to launch the graphical installer from within the live image environment?
22:10<abacate>Appears that there is no free-as-in-freedom version of the driver, and the one version provided on the TP-LINK website cannot be compiled on my environment.
22:10-!-Delta-One [] has joined #debian
22:10-!-Delta-One is "P.F." on #debian-next #debian-kde #debian
22:10<jitterstick>maize try opening a terminal and typing inst and hit tab a couple times
22:10<jitterstick>abacate have you tried plugging it in before you boot up to install?
22:10<abacate>I tried installing a .deb from ubuntu, and tried some github unofficial versions, and not even one worked.
22:11<abacate>The Debian Wiki page for the chiptset used on the adapter (RTL819X) does not have support info for my specific version, that is RTL9182EU
22:11<maize-haze>install or instmodsh?
22:11<blast007>maize-haze: I think there's a boot option to launch the installer from the live image
22:11<blast007>no, not install
22:11<abacate>jitterstick, no, I only plugged it after booting
22:12<abacate>What is the difference?
22:12<maize-haze>"install: missing file operand"
22:12<jitterstick>ok install --help and see
22:12<blast007>the 'install' command isn't for installing debian
22:12<maize-haze>yeah, after reading the man page, I realized this
22:13-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
22:13-!-dvs is "realname" on #debian
22:13<jitterstick>abacate it may load the module for you, after install if it is a module that is not included in the kernel it is a process to include it. try plugging it in and running modprobe, and lsusb
22:13<abacate>OK jitterstick, I'll be back
22:14-!-abacate [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:14<blast007>maize-haze: worst case, you could install Debian the hard way from the live USB environment.
22:14<maize-haze>ahh, flashbacks to Arch
22:15<blast007>might need the kernel from stretch-backports
22:15<annadane>^ why did i not think of that?
22:15<annadane>(because i'm an idiot. don't answer that.)
22:15<sarnold>nice; I was go8ng to suggest debootstrap but all the missing things it couldn't handle, it felt cruel..
22:15<maize-haze>alright, what's the slightly-less-than-worst case then?
22:15<sarnold>but there's a nice list of the missing things :)
22:15<blast007>you could try the install option from the live DVD boot menu
22:17-!-abacate [] has joined #debian
22:17-!-abacate is "realname" on #debian
22:17<maize-haze>nope, still got the same tiny-terminals-at-the-top problem
22:17<abacate>OK jitterstick, I logged on IC at another machine now.
22:18<maize-haze>Now, I could always install debian "blind"
22:19<abacate>jitterstick, I restarted my netbook with the usb adapter plugged. On Wicd I see no wireless network detected. On lsusb, the same thing as previously.
22:19<abacate>I don't remember the name of the other command.
22:19<koollman>maize-haze: it's a good time to test some preseed option. like just enough to start the installation over ssh for example :)
22:19<abacate>jitterstick, was it devmod?
22:19-!-Jing [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:19<koollman>maize-haze: but, the console fails on debian-installer boot, but works with a debian livecd ? same kernel options / version ?
22:20<maize-haze>the console *doesn't* work on anything, which is the weird part. I can boot straight into Gnome on the LiveCD
22:20<maize-haze>just can't run the installer or the console installer.
22:20<maize-haze>Using netinstaller 9.5.0 and gnome-liveCD 9.5.0
22:21<koollman>maize-haze: maybe the opposite way of what you tested. the kind of console that requires framebuffer because it cannot handle text vga
22:21<blast007>hmm, can the testing installer be used to install stable?
22:21<maize-haze>I mean, technically it does -- it's just illegibly tiny and duplicated 10 times across the top of my screen. Think surveillance cameras, except 10 of them, and all very tiny
22:21<maize-haze>Might this have anything to do with me using a 4K display?
22:22<sarnold>it sure sounds plausible
22:22<koollman>maize-haze: unlikely, but possible
22:22<sarnold>do you have a nice grampa's monitor handy to test with?
22:22<maize-haze>I have a couple, but no adapters from HDMI to VGA :(
22:23<maize-haze>I think I might have one, it's an active adapter and it's really bad.
22:23<sarnold>how about a bad tv?
22:24<maize-haze>Either way I'm gonna need it to run on the nice 4K monitor so... if it doesn't work right now that doesn't bode well
22:24<jitterstick>if the module is installed 'modprobe 8192eu' should work
22:24<koollman>maize-haze: can you see the text before linux boots ? Or can you start a graphical install ?
22:24<jitterstick>abacate if the module is installed 'modprobe 8192eu' should work
22:25<jitterstick>which graphics card do you have
22:25<koollman>(the 'Debian GNU/Linux installer boot menu' text)
22:25<jitterstick>maize which graphics card do you have?
22:25<maize-haze>I can see the GRUB menu, with all the options etc., and when I choose any given option (graphical or otherwise), I see the text at the very top of my screen as Linux boots up, duplicated 10 times in 10 very tiny terminals spanning the top of my display. This is an Intel NUC Skull Canyon, with Iris Pro 580 graphics.
22:27<abacate>jitterstick, modprobe 9182eu returned an error
22:27<koollman>maize-haze: the graphical option should end up with, well, graphics.
22:28<abacate>modprobe: FATAL: Module 9182 not found in directory /lib/modules/4.9.0-7-686-pa
22:28<maize-haze>unfortunately, that is not the case... I just see a tiny little bar of black screens across the top of my screen.
22:28<maize-haze>After seeing the usual linux bootup stuff scrolling by very quickly at unreadably small fonts, lmao
22:29<sarnold>maize-haze: twenty years ago I used to use vga=ask to try a variety of different modes.. could you try adding that to your kernel command line and try that out?
22:29-!-Jing [] has joined #debian
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22:29<koollman>unreadble even on 4k ? :)
22:29<abacate>jitterstick, the link you provided for github isn't exactly for the problem I'm having
22:29<maize-haze>yep, even with a magnifying glass :P
22:29<maize-haze>sarnold, should I do that with the graphical install or the text installer?
22:29<sarnold>maize-haze: text
22:30<maize-haze>same result.
22:30<jitterstick>abacate: what is the problem?
22:30<sarnold>maize-haze: heh, were you able to read the choices?
22:31<abacate>jitterstick, the problem I have is that this device isn't working, I can't install it correctly
22:31<maize-haze>I can take a photo to give you an idea of how tiny this is
22:31<maize-haze>I can see a single blue bar across each of the tiny little itty bitty teeny weeny vterms
22:31<abacate>jitterstick, I could not find drivers for my kernel version
22:31<koollman>I would try to use a preseed file with at least the options for network-console. Then continue the install in ssh, and see if the display can be set up once a system is installed
22:31<maize-haze>and that's the selection for the current option in the installer.
22:31<jitterstick>abacate: i thought i gave you that link
22:31<annadane>linux is sort of in that nebulous area where it's easier than it was in the 90's but it's not _quite_ plug 'n play yet
22:31<sarnold>maize-haze: heh yeah if it's not too hard I'd get a laugh out of seeing it ;)
22:32<abacate>jitterstick, I already downloaded this entire github repository, compiled, installed, and was one more way to fail.
22:33<jitterstick>have you tried insmod with a direct path to the module?
22:33<maize-haze>this is on a 32" 4K monitor, they are miniscule
22:34<abacate>jitterstick, the question about insmod is for me?
22:35<maize-haze>this is as good of a closeup as I could get, it's truly "I can see the pixels" level of tiny
22:35<maize-haze>and there's 10 of those tiny things across the top of my screen
22:36<sarnold>amazing, there's easily enough pixels there to make it legible, if only they had been used properly :)
22:36-!-}ls{ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:36<maize-haze>with a magnifying glass and a steady hand, maybe
22:36<jitterstick>maize-haze: try
22:37<koollman>that's pretty
22:37<koollman>tiny cute linux install
22:37<blast007>jitterstick: that doesn't seem related
22:38<maize-haze>damn small linux irl
22:38*irl damn small linux
22:38<jitterstick>maize-haze: I have no idea what the problem could be, there is nothing online in regard to it. It works on the live cd so it must be something the install is detecting and accounting for that is different.
22:38<abacate>jitterstick, should I try re-installing from the github you provided?
22:39<jitterstick>abacate: i would if it matches your card.
22:40<maize-haze>jitterstick: this redhat issue seems different enough from what I'm experiencing -- this isn't artifacting, as I've been using other distros just fine with no artifacts or other issues, but seemingly an inability of GRUB to correctly adjust the display mode for the Debian installer.
22:40<maize-haze>Interestingly enough, Ubuntu installs fine... even though it's based on Debian...
22:41<sarnold>the installer and kernel are fairly different
22:41<koollman>maize-haze: it is most likely a different of module between the kernel of livecd and install cd
22:41<koollman>maize-haze: from debian livecd you can do: sudo debian-installer-launcher
22:41<koollman>err ... if you can still do that
22:42<koollman> :/
22:42<judd>Bug in wnpp (open): «O: debian-installer-launcher -- Debian Installer desktop launcher»; severity: normal; opened: 2016-11-17; last modified: 2016-11-17.
22:42<jitterstick>maize-haze: Link:
22:42<maize-haze>it's like you're trying to tell me not to install Debian on this Skull Canyon :P
22:43<abacate>ok jitterstick, I'm trying again, this time following strictly what is written on the
22:43<koollman>well, debian obviously isn't working well. the trick would be to install debian, update to latest available kernel and see if it changes anything
22:44-!-TotallyNotKim [] has joined #debian
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22:44<maize-haze>oh nooo. no more debian-installer-launcher
22:47<maize-haze>is there a grub option to set the display to 4K or something? an intel-gfx mode?
22:49<maize-haze>xrandr in grub
22:49<jitterstick>maize-haze: i keep seeing gnome.
22:50<maize-haze>looks like vbeinfo might be it in GRUB
22:51<jitterstick>maize-haze: could it be a bios setting?
22:52<blast007>maize-haze: I *may* have something else to try - just checking something first
22:53<maize-haze>awesome, thanks!
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22:55<annadane>kudos to you for not being like "screw this, i'm not installing debian"
22:55<maize-haze>hahaha, I did that a few times in the past, this time I decided "screw this, I'm installing Debian no matter what"
22:56<blast007>maize-haze: see if you can boot that one in expert install mode. with expert mode, it'll give you the option of installing stretch, testing, or sid, so you could try picking stretch.
22:56<blast007>(that ISO uses the sid kernel, 4.16, so that might better support your hardware)
22:57<blast007>you may need to set up debian backports and install the stretch-backports kernel from a chroot if you can't boot with the stretch kernel afterwards
22:57<abacate>jitterstick, after installing, it appears that the installation failed again
22:58<jitterstick>abacate: whats the link to the directions you followed?
22:58<abacate>More precisely, jitterstick
22:59<maize-haze>aaahahahahaha it still does the tiny screens thing, kill me now.
22:59<blast007>then I'm not sure :)
23:00<abacate>jitterstick, when the turorial says "sudo modprobe -a 8192eu", I type the command and don't get any reply.
23:00<maize-haze>i wonder if this is anything to do with some secret bios setting.
23:00<abacate>Also jitterstick, "lshw -c network" on the tutorial gives me a different result
23:00<blast007>I guess the only other thing I could think would be non-free firmware, so you could try
23:00<jitterstick>abacate: try sudo apt install module-assistant, sudo m-a prepare, sudo m-a a-i 8192eu, or sudo m-a a-i rtl8192eu
23:02-!-CEP-2015-Jessie [] has joined #debian
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23:02<abacate>jitterstick, it asks me "what is rtl8192eu"?
23:03<jitterstick>maize-haze: check the bios for settings that are for virtu technology assisted graphics with a dedicated card.
23:03<maize-haze>there's no dedicated card anything -- just a bunch of video settings for IGD minimum memory, IGD aperture size, and default video out ports
23:03<abacate>jitterstick, the driver installed on my machine is "rtl8xxxu", by the way. That was the result from "lshw -c network".
23:04<maize-haze>note that this is an intel NUC, i.e. a mini-PC with what is basically a laptop mobo in a tiny chassis
23:04<jitterstick>abacate: sudo rmmod rtlxxxu sudo modprobe -a 8192eu
23:05<abacate>jitterstick, modprobe again returned no result
23:06<jitterstick>ok sudo insmod 8192eu
23:07<abacate>jitterstick, "insmod: ERROR: could not load module 8192eu: No such file or directory"
23:07<jitterstick>abacate: sudo insmod /path/to/module
23:07<abacate>jitterstick, after the rmmod command, lshw does not list the usb adapter anymore
23:08<jitterstick>abacate: the module is not loaded
23:08<abacate>jitterstick, the /path/to/module is the path for the downloaded github files?
23:08<jitterstick>abacate: the compiled module that you built
23:08<abacate>Or the /usr/src/rtl8192eu?
23:09<jitterstick>abacate: i think that is a directory.
23:10<abacate>When I check "/usr/src/", there is one directory "rtl8192eu-1.0" and another "rtl8192eu-4.4". The tutorial said just "rtl8192eu", without any other number after it...
23:11<abacate>By the way, the hardware version of my usb adapter is 2.0
23:12<maize-haze>at this point i'm thinking is there a way to set a gfxmode for GRUB?
23:12<abacate>jitterstick, I don't have idea exactly what a module is and where I can find one.
23:12<koollman>maize-haze: grub is not the problem
23:13<koollman>maize-haze: I think you need either a different kernel, or a way to continue the installation without using the screen
23:13<abacate>I just wanted to plug, do some "apt install" and the device then working...
23:13<maize-haze>Is there an unstable/testing installer?
23:14<maize-haze>oh wait I tried that
23:14<blast007>there is a testing installer, but I assume that won't work either if that mini.iso didn't work
23:15<maize-haze>gonna try nonfree now
23:16<blast007>yeah.. beyond that, a non-4K screen, or a debootstrap install from the debian live DVD :)
23:19<jitterstick>abacate: dkms add . dkms install rtl8192eu/1.0 in the directory of the unzipped archive
23:20<jitterstick>abacate: 'dkms add .' 'dkms install rtl8192eu/1.0'
23:20<jitterstick>and it should work on reboot
23:20<abacate>jitterstick, I already typed this, when started the whole process. Should I type that again?
23:20<jitterstick>just those two
23:21<jitterstick>abacate: and then try after reboot
23:22<koollman>maize-haze: -> Daily snapshots
23:22<maize-haze>should I try netinst or other images?
23:22<abacate>jitterstick, "Error! DKMS tree already contains: rtl8192eu-1.0"
23:23<abacate>"You cannot add the same module/version combo more than once."
23:23<abacate>Is this "1.0" thing related to the hardware version?
23:25<koollman>maize-haze: netinst iso
23:25<jitterstick>abacate: plug the adapter in and reboot.
23:26<maize-haze>ayup, got that
23:27<abacate>jitterstick, it was plugged during the whole process. Rebooted. Now, what should I do?
23:28<abacate>jitterstick, module usbcore is used by "8192eu"
23:28<jitterstick>try the wifi
23:28<abacate>And by "rtl8xxxu"
23:29<abacate>The wi-fi does not works
23:29<jitterstick>what is the message
23:29<abacate>"No wireless network detected"
23:29<abacate>On Wicd
23:29<dpkg>Do not paste more than 2 lines to this channel. Instead, use: or for pics. Use for large files (think tar.gz) up to 100MB. Remember to tell us the URL of your paste! Cannot cut and paste? Ask me about <pastebinit>, <nopaste>, <wgetpaste>.
23:29<maize-haze>yeah... nope, daily latest doesn't work.
23:30<jitterstick>abacate: i use network manager applet, what is Wicd?
23:31<abacate>jitterstick, on lsmod, there are some other modules that might be interesting: "rtl8192ce", "rtl8xxxu", "rtl_pci", "rtl8192c_common", "rtlwifi", "macwifi"
23:32<abacate>jitterstick, Wicd is a network manager
23:33<koollman>maize-haze: how motivated are you to install this ? Is it likely that once the installer start the network is working (wifi, or rj45 cable?) ? :)
23:33<maize-haze>Ethernet link, it works fine on the livecd
23:33<maize-haze>so yeah, very likely that network will be up when the installer is up
23:34<maize-haze>and I'm pretty motivated
23:35<abacate>jitterstick, I don't know where I could enable the network manager applet you mentioned. I'm using LXDE and appears it does not have this. So, previously, I installed Wicd to check why my cabled network did not work
23:35<koollman>maize-haze: hm. it's more than 5am here. so I may set you on the path but maybe not finish this installation with you
23:36<koollman>maize-haze: the base idea would be to use (that documentation is pretty obsolete but the 'over ssh' part works)
23:36<abacate>jitterstick, I will really need to sleep soon, and tomorrow I will come back to this channel, because I need this adapter working for the mandatory trip I will do tomorrow
23:36<jitterstick>abacate: whats the output of inxi -N
23:36<maize-haze>yeah, it's almost midnight right now where I'm at and I got work early tomorrow AM. So I may need to get this done tomorrow
23:36<abacate>tomorrow means today, by the way
23:36<jitterstick>abacate: goodnight
23:37-!-Jing [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:38<abacate>jitterstick, my netbook had onboard wireless. Maybe it's this what is causing trouble?
23:38<koollman>maize-haze: what I would try (tomorrow then) is this: put a preseed.cfg file accessible somewhere on the network, containing the lines that enable network-console, and add the parameters (in the boot menu) to use that file
23:39<maize-haze> would this be feasible?
23:39<jitterstick>abacate: is this on your netbook?
23:39<koollman>maize-haze: so then the installer starts, do dhcp, get the config file, starts ssh, then you can ssh to the machine and continue the installation process
23:39<jitterstick>abacate: whats wrong with its wifi?
23:39<abacate>Physical fault
23:39<koollman>maize-haze: yes, that too. but I have never tested it, while I know the ssh works :)
23:39<abacate>jitterstick, the "inxi -N" returns Card-1 and Card-2. The first appears to be my onboard wireless card, and the Card-2 is "rtl8192ce".
23:40<maize-haze>looking more closely, webinstaller seems to be obsolete
23:40<jitterstick>abacate: select card 2
23:40<jitterstick>with Wicd
23:40<koollman>maize-haze: also, is there a system you want to keep on this machine ? (because once you start a preseed file, you're pretty close to fully automated install,so you may also go that way and do it with no interaction. but it's easier if it wipes everything, of course)
23:41<abacate>oh noes
23:41<maize-haze>eh, not really. I'd be replacing my fedora install with debian anyways
23:41<abacate>Holy gnu
23:41<abacate>I'm retarded
23:41<abacate>Now it works
23:42<jitterstick>abacate: well done.
23:42<abacate>thanks jitterstick
23:42<abacate>and sorry for all the trouble
23:42<jitterstick>not at all
23:43<jitterstick>it looks like your netbook card is working. is it turned off by the keyboard?
23:43<abacate>jitterstick, nope. I disabled it physically
23:43<abacate>(removed the antenna)
23:44<abacate>I don't like the idea of having wi-fi enabled when I don't want it
23:44<abacate>Also, I removed the camera and the microphone, because I can't use a PC that spies me
23:44<jitterstick>i feel the same way sometimes.
23:44<jitterstick>my schizaphrenia comforts me though.
23:44<abacate>I have external usb camera and microphone for when I need to use
23:45<abacate>The cool part is that my usb camera isn't supported by the manufacturer, so it only works on linux
23:45<jitterstick>I was totally afraid and then I developed schizaphrenia that always knows and lost all my fear.
23:46<abacate>I don't understand the relationship of schizaphrenia with surveillance paranoia.
23:46<jitterstick>the schizaphrenia is real people that see through my eyes and can create new people.
23:47<jitterstick>it was.
23:47<abacate>Creating new people is through sexual means?
23:47<koollman>maize-haze: you can try adding (to the text install boot line): auto ip=dhcp url=
23:47<abacate>Or it's like spawning in a videogame?
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23:48<koollman>maize-haze: of course that password is unsecure so if anyone else can reach this machine ip ... maybe don't do that
23:48<maize-haze>I'll take a look at that tomorrow AM
23:49<koollman>if it works and ping then you can : ssh installer@machineip
23:50<koollman>and continue the install from there
23:50<maize-haze>heck yrah
23:54-!-maize-haze [] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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