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02:25<NicolasBarbier>Debian 9.9, everything updated, kernel Linux 4.19.28-2~bpo9+1, Lenovo Thinkpad T440s. After a reboot about 2 days ago and probably getting a new kernel version or so, my touchpad stopped working after waking up from standby. Anyone recognizes this? Is it a known problem?
02:30<twb>NicolasBarbier: have you looked at dmesg yet
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02:31<twb>NicolasBarbier: it's a fairly common problem for sleep/wake to not bounce the USB hubs properly, and you usually get a whinge in dmesg when such things are happening
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02:44<NicolasBarbier>twb: I already rebooted (have to work), and don't seem to know whether dmesg is logged somewhere or is lost after a reboot?
02:44<twb>NicolasBarbier: try journalctl -k -b-1 to see dmesg from previous boot
02:44<twb>Won't appear unless you have /var/log/journal dir
02:44<twb>You can also try /var/log/kern.log
02:45<twb>NicolasBarbier: or just generally - check whatever logs you can find
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02:46<NicolasBarbier>twb: "Specifying boot ID has no effect, no persistent journal was found", I have the impression that /var/log/messages includes dmesg, but hell that contains a lot of other crap too
02:47<NicolasBarbier>twb: /var/log
02:47<NicolasBarbier>seems to do the trick
02:47<twb>NicolasBarbier: /var/log/messages is a RH thing.
02:47<twb>NicolasBarbier: on Debian, by default, syslog messages go to /var/log/syslog OR /var/log/auth.log, and sometimes also an auxiliary file (such as kernl.log or daemon.log)
02:48<twb>If you "sudo mkdir /var/log/journal", you will start getting persistent journals as well. These are much easier to search, but require more space to store.
02:48<NicolasBarbier>how much is "more space"? MBs? 100s of MBs?
02:49<NicolasBarbier>will try it for next time
02:49<NicolasBarbier>that is a systemd thing yes?
02:49<twb>NicolasBarbier: it depends. Yes, it's a systemd thing. It has magic to avoid using up "too much" space, by deleting the oldest parts of itself.
02:49<drzacek>twb, define "too much" :D
02:50<drzacek>hello there btw
02:50<NicolasBarbier>right after wake-up: psmouse serio1: synaptics: Touchpad model: 1, fw: 8.1, id: 0x1e2b1, caps: 0xd002a3/0x940300/0x127c00/0x0, board id: 2668, fw id: 1545510
02:50<NicolasBarbier>psmouse serio1: synaptics: serio: Synaptics pass-through port at isa0060/serio1/input0
02:50<twb>drzacek: see /etc/systemd/journal.conf
02:50<NicolasBarbier>no errors
02:50<NicolasBarbier>maybe that is somehow different from normal and X doesn't understand the change?
02:51<twb>NicolasBarbier: OK that looks reasonable to me
02:51<drzacek>my journal dir is 2.6gb if that helps
02:51<twb>NicolasBarbier: that's saying you have a synaptics touchpad connected via the serial chip (i80642 or something), i.e. it's a PS/2 not USB
02:52<NicolasBarbier>drzacek: thanks, that's quite a bit yes. maybe I can change the settings to it rotates more quickly (if rotation is still a thing with systemd logs?)
02:52<NicolasBarbier>OK, thanks for the help guys. going to work now (have an urgent deadline). will try more next time I have the problem and I have more time
02:52<twb>NicolasBarbier: the problem is therefore more likely to be in Xorg, so next check Xorg.0.log
02:52<twb>NicolasBarbier: also, next time it happens, try simply doing Ctrl+Alt+F2 +F3 +F4 to swap to/from text console. That might suffice
02:52<NicolasBarbier>tried that already
02:52<NicolasBarbier>doesn't help
02:52<drzacek>I see all settings are #ashed out, but you can reduce time it is stored and max fs use or something there
02:52<NicolasBarbier>maybe restarting X would help
02:52<NicolasBarbier>but that would also suck almost as badly as having to reboot
02:53<NicolasBarbier>see you soon
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02:55<ach>twb mh i have no journal dir but i think i always had journalctl as i remind i used it on every of my system i look cause just about a month few weeks old
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02:55<twb>ach: you have /run/log/journal which doesn't survive reboot
02:55<jm_>also, with large journal files, journalctl is painfully slow to search in
02:56<twb>jm_: the index isn't just- oh, because it's structured more like a tape archive, ugh
02:56<twb>jm_: because if it wasn't tape-style linear, it wouldn't be able to do the whole "sealing" gimmick
02:56<jm_>twb: yeah, but it's highly annoying, it's like one is on an i386 again or something
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02:57<twb>It's certainly very in the "normal" use case of e.g.
02:57<twb>journalctl -u foo.service -u foo.timer -p warning --since='1 hour ago' --output=json
02:57<twb>very convenient
02:58<twb>--priority is what I miss most in grepping plain logs, because rsyslog doesn't save those by default
02:58<ach>mh yeah but i know i am a fan of ipv4 especially tcp/ip
02:58<twb>But yeah, I have about 4TB of /var/log/syslog and I don't even consider migrating that to .journal format
02:59<ach>more i get often tired of computer
02:59<jm_>I have nowhere near that big journal at home (it's on a PCIE NVME SSD) and it's super slow to search or even scroll to the end
03:00<twb>jm_: interesting
03:00<twb>jm_: what is your journalctl --disk-usage
03:00<twb>jm_: I usually use -b0 and --since so it never even opens the older ones. Biggest /var/log/journal I have is about 600MB
03:01<jm_>twb: I'll have to check at home, I am at work now (at work it's 545M, but here I use defaults - at home I have intentionally told it to store data for longer)
03:05<ach>i mean so much do the same such less own
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04:37<simon__>So I'm having a weird issue on Debian 9, I can't start/restart ssh with systemctl start/restart ssh, the terminal just hangs, but service ssh restart works just fine. This means ssh wont automatically start on boot. How can I fix this?
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04:38<Konomi>are you tying to do this from an ssh session?
04:38<simon__>on local machine
04:38<twb>Konomi: that *shouldn't* matter because ssh.service has KillMode=something to avoid that particular footgun
04:39<twb>simon__: do you definitely have host keys in /etc/ssh/?
04:39<Konomi>that is odd then, does `sudo sustemctl -l status ssh` have anything useful to say when it happens?
04:40<twb>"systemctl restart ssh" and "service ssh restart" should do the same thing under the hood
04:40<simon__>this is on a fresh install, all ive done is apt-get update && upgrade and install openssh-server
04:41<twb>simon__: in /etc/ssh/ do you have ssh_host_*_key files ?
04:41<simon__>systemctl status ssh says Loaded: loaded and Active: inactive (dead)
04:41<simon__>gonna check
04:41<twb>ssh can be started in two ways -- via ssh.service or via ssh.socket + ssh@.service
04:41<twb>You might have accidentally enabled both
04:42<simon__>i have a bunch of host key files yes
04:42<twb>ssh.service (ahead-of-time) is better for security reasons (MaxStartups works), and is the Debian default unless you delete /etc/machine-id, which causes systemd to go into "break things" mode
04:43<twb>simon__: good. ssh_host_*_key files being present means this is *probably* not an entropy problem
04:43<twb>simon__: journalctl -b0 -u ssh.service -u ssh.socket --since='1 hour ago', see if anything suspicious is in there
04:44<Konomi>won't that need sudo?
04:44<simon__>no entries
04:45<twb>Konomi: unless you are a member of adm group
04:45<twb>simon__: run "journalctl --system" and make sure you see any logs at all
04:45<simon__>screen filled up with that one
04:45<twb>simon__: good, so you can read the logs
04:46<twb>simon__: what I would try at this point is "journalctl -fn0" (backgrounded or in another window), then "systemctl restart ssh" and see what appears
04:46<twb>if you have "good" and "bad" commands, compare the output between them
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05:30<simon__>@twb unfortunately im not able to test that since im not actually on the local machine sorry. Im in a proxmox web shell. This issue seems connected to the fact that im running debian in a lxc container, as the same issue appears if i create a centos7 container. Whats even stranger is that i have another debian container without any similar issues
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05:32<twb>simon__: oh, then it is probably because oom score adj isn't working
05:32<twb>Actually no, that would just prevent it starting at all
05:34<simon__>if i restart ssh with service ssh restart, systemctl start ssh sometimes starts working again, until the system reboots
05:34<simon__>i spun up a vm instead and everything works as it should in there
05:34<twb>what is running outside the LXC?
05:35<simon__>im sorry im not quite sure what you mean? proxmox?
05:35<simon__>im using proxmox to create containers and vms
05:37<twb>if debian 9 is running inside the LXC container, what is the OS that is providing the LXC container support?
05:38<supaman>so, to install remmina in stretch I need to enable backports, but that package relies on libssh-4 (>= 0.8.1) but the main repo has 0.7.3 and so apt refuses to install remmina, how to make apt install the 0.8.1 (which is in backports) version instead?
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05:40<simon__>Proxmox VE 5.4-3 (Debian-based)
05:40<twb>simon__: do you know what debian that's based on?
05:40<twb>simon__: like, debian 8 or 9 or 10
05:41<twb>supaman: try apt install remmina/stretch-backports libssh-4/stretch-backports
05:41<simon__>Debian 9
05:41<twb>supaman: if you like living dangerously, you can "apt install -t stretch-backports remmina", which will allow it to get ANYTHING from backports, without checking first
05:42<supaman>twb: thanks, that did the trick :-)
05:42<twb>supaman: cool. For things like libreoffice, you have to rinse-repeat that many times
05:46<_kab>Is there an overview somewhere of packages that have been removed from testing recently? sysbench being removed caught me by surprise and I'd like to avoid that going forward.
05:47<twb>I think the canonical place is one of the MLs
05:47<twb>Whatever it is annoyed me last time I wanted it
05:48<twb>(via main page)
05:48<twb>That in turn links to
05:50<bremner>_kab: #debian-next is for testing support
05:51<_kab>Yeah the summaries help, could have noticed the link twb
05:51<_kab>bremner: I'll keep that in mind going forward
05:53<twb>_kab: quacking led me to
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06:04<supaman>hehehe ... quacking ... I like that one :-)
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06:15<lleo>is there a xlts wheezy deb source?
06:15<twb>lleo: "xlts" is a package name?
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06:16<jm_>extended long term support?
06:16<twb>Wheezy is dead, but its contents might be on
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06:17<dpkg>Limited commercial support for wheezy exists in form of Extended LTS, see and
06:18<jm_>try those URL-s
06:18<lleo>thnx, bleeding edge 'r us :)
06:19<twb>I have systems abandonder than that by at least two years :-(
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09:12<codingquark>Hi! I have enabled backports on Debian 9. How do I ask apt to install gajim from backports? Or will it do so by default?
09:14<codingquark>peter1138: thanks, I was reading just that :)
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09:34<supaman>codingquark: if you need to tell apt to take gajim from backports instead of stable, then you can use apt install gajim/stretch-backports
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10:08<eudc78>It looks like my hardware's guc/huc firmwares are only available on the unstable firmware-misc-nonfree package. If I install that unstable package on my stretch stable build (with kernel from stretch backports), am I riksing anything? Sorry, I'm a Linux noob but I don't think I have any choice if I want to enable iGPU hardware encoding on my J5005 CPU.
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11:08<somiaj>eudc78: I would manually copy the firmware you need to /lib/firmware (vs an unstable package) if it isn't available in stretch-backports.
11:08<somiaj>,v firmware-misc-nonfree
11:08<judd>Package: firmware-misc-nonfree on amd64 -- jessie-security/non-free: 20161130-5~deb8u1; stretch/non-free: 20161130-5; stretch-backports/non-free: 20190114-1~bpo9+2; buster/non-free: 20190114-1; sid/non-free: 20190502-1
11:08-!-keithp [] has quit [Quit: ZNC 1.6.5+deb1+deb9u1 -]
11:10<somiaj>eudc78: also are you sure it isn't in the stretch-backports package. I see vaious guc/huc firmwares there. (Unsure if that extra few months from 1/14 to 5/02 added much)
11:13<ach>!package manager
11:13<dpkg>You can use several package managers in Debian. From the console, aptitude and apt-get are popular tools. In X, synaptic seems to be popular. Whatever you use, be consistent and try to avoid mixing package managers. dpkg, which is not a package manager, gets told what to install/remove/etc by the package manager. See also <aptitude> <apt-get> <dselect> <synaptic>
11:13-!-keithp [] has joined #debian
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11:14<ach>i wouldn't deny apt tells not can install your stretch would get hurt
11:15-!-jhutchins_wk [] has joined #debian
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11:16<somiaj>!msg the bot
11:16<dpkg>Please have conversations with the bots in a private message as much as possible. Instead of using "!topic" or "!tell <your nick> about <topic>" in the channel, you can just "/msg dpkg topic". See <bot help> and to learn more and browse my factoids on-line at . Also ask me about <judd>, which is another bot and window into the Ultimate Debian Database.
11:20<eudc78>somiaj: Yes, it looks like only the unstable package has the "Intel Gemini Lake" guc:
11:21<eudc78>Now how do I copy the specific firmware I need from the unstable package? And how do I make sure which firmware is that?
11:21<somiaj>The firmware package shouldn't cause any harm, but one can also manually just copy the firmware to /lib/firmware, which is what I would do.
11:21<somiaj>you can check dmesg to see what firmware is failing to load, and I would get the firmware form intel vs the debian package in this case.
11:22<ach>just download and click
11:22<ach>not then dpkg
11:22<ach>dpkg -i *.deb
11:22*dpkg installs *.deb into ach's head with a bone saw and a few screws
11:23<somiaj>eudc78: but the package has no depends, so it could be installed safely. I just wouldn't want to chance other firmware updates don't match the kernel, hence why I suggest manually copying, but I don't see any problem with installing that single package form sid.
11:23<eudc78>Oh ok
11:23<eudc78>This is what I see in dmesg
11:23<eudc78>[ 4.150495] [drm] GuC: No firmware known for this platform!
11:23<eudc78>[ 4.150498] [drm] HuC: No firmware known for this platform!
11:24<eudc78>And it looks like unstable has these
11:24<eudc78>[ 4.150495] [drm] GuC: No firmware known for this platform!
11:24<eudc78>[ 4.150498] [drm] HuC: No firmware known for this platform!
11:24<eudc78>* Intel "Geminilake" GuC firmware, version 32.0.3
11:24<eudc78> (i915/glk_guc_32.0.3.bin)
11:24<eudc78> * Intel "Geminilake" HuC firmware, version 3.1.2893
11:24<eudc78> (i915/glk_huc_ver03_01_2893.bin)
11:25<somiaj>eudc78: please paste at or another pastebin.
11:25<somiaj>anyways, that error makes me think even sids firmware package won't work. "No firmware known for this platform!" sounds like the kernel doens't know of any firmware that works.
11:26<somiaj>the error you usually see when you have missing firmware, is 'failed to load firmware <path to file>'
11:26<somiaj>So the issue there could be the hardware and the kernel vs missing firmware. You may need to wait for buster's release and to get a newer 5.x kernel for that hardware.
11:26<somiaj>(from buster-backports and run buster)
11:27<somiaj>Anyways, nothing wrong with trying the sid package.
11:27<eudc78>Well, according to this guide: , you need to enable guc manually. I did that a few days ago and the error was different.
11:28<eudc78>Let me do that again now and show you the error
11:31<eudc78>Here you go
11:32<eudc78>How will I know which firmwares in the current package I have are being used by the system?
11:34-!-BCMM [] has joined #debian
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11:40<ach>for the first look you have just install if that works the firmware-misc-nonfree
11:41-!-ribe [] has joined #debian
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11:42<eudc78>Ok. But just to be sure, how do I know which current firmwares is my system using?
11:42<eudc78>At least from the firmware-misc-nonfree package
11:44<ach>well their two ways conform one dmesg + journalctl or modprobe
11:44<dpkg>Add module to kernel: "modprobe foo"; Remove module from kernel: "modprobe -r foo"; Define module options: "man modprobe.conf", "echo options foo bar=baz qux=quux >> /etc/modprobe.d/local.conf". See also: "man modprobe", "man modprobe.conf", /etc/modprobe.d/* , <blacklist>.
11:47<jhutchins_wk>eudc78: You can browse dmesg and it should show each one that is loaded.
11:48<jhutchins_wk>ach: Modprobe is kernel modules, not firmware.
11:49<ach>interesting i load my i think realtek dongle firmware with modprobe
11:49<ach>my stand
11:49<eudc78>Can I simply dmesg | grep firmware?
11:50<ach>grep intl ?? guc
11:50<ach>lel no
11:51<eudc78>No, I want to know which other firmware (other than intel guc/huc) is being used. So that when I install the unstable package, I'll know which will be affected
11:52<ach>simply install it afterwards ask?
11:57<eudc78>ok, i'm installing it now
11:57<eudc78>but i'm confused
11:58<eudc78>apt upgrade does nothing even though apt update already sees that the firmware-linux-nonfree (depends on firmware-misc-nonfree) is upgradable
11:59<ach>just then no
11:59<ach>click the link and download
12:00<ach>probalby you upgraded your system to sid
12:01<ach>no cross sources.list versions
12:02<ach>for even a browser i would forbid
12:03<eudc78>nope. i figured it out. i just adjusted apt preferences and just installed firmware-misc-nonfree manually
12:03<eudc78>no firmware-linux-nonfree metapackage
12:04<jhutchins_wk>ach: Yes, loading a module with modprobe will cause associated firmware to be loaded as well, but modprobe is not the mechanism that does that.
12:05<blast007>eudc78: did you have non-free sources added to your /etc/apt/sources.list ?
12:11<eudc78>yes I did
12:11<eudc78>I already installed it
12:11<eudc78>but no dice
12:11<eudc78>still no firmware loaded
12:11<eudc78>I'm playing with i915.conf now
12:12<eudc78>still nothing. I tried enable_guc=-1 and 1 but it still says there is no guc firmware
12:14<eudc78>I did confirm that the new glk firmwares are present in /lib/firmware/i915 though
12:16-!-lleo [~leo@] has joined #debian
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15:52<Abdullah>I installed debian from net install iso and chose luks on lvm. before I had 2 partitions, now I have three. one of them is still the old one. can I delete it?
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17:09<ninja>I wanna use efistub on my machine which is luks encrypted on lvm. I had 2 partitions on previous install. netinstall create new partition and didn't delete one from previous install. is it okay?
17:09<ninja>or I should delete the old one.
17:22-!-GenTooMan [~cyberman@2601:547:4380:2fe0:21f:5bff:fefe:a883] has joined #debian
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17:27<scar>hey i've found i needa run a certain gui application like this: "sudo QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1 <app>" but was wondering how i could run that from the alt-f2 prompt? i've tried using gksu and gksudo instead but it doesn't launch the app for some reason
17:31-!-mattcen [] has joined #debian
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17:44<jmcnaught>scar: try using pkexec
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17:47<maxrazer>I figured out that Audacity is what was messing up my integrated sound.
17:47<maxrazer>So, I just uninstalled it.
17:47-!-mnemonic is "semeion" on #bitlbee
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17:57<GenTooMan>Hmmm I need to force install a package, yet I can't seem to find the correct option for apt-get
18:08<bzed>GenTooMan: you can't force apt to install a package as this does not make sense at all.
18:09<bzed>GenTooMan: you can download a deb and force dpkg to install it, but in most cases it is not what you want
18:11-!-gusnan [~gusnan@] has joined #debian
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18:14<GenTooMan>well I have a broken install (big mess translation) and if I can get python 2.7 installed about 70 broken dependencies will stop. That doesn't fix everything but it would be a start. The other option is to reinstall debian completely.
18:14<dpkg>In order to troubleshoot your problem with apt-get, apt or aptitude we need ALL OF THE FOLLOWING information: 1. complete output of your apt-get/apt/aptitude run (including the command used) 2. output from "apt-cache policy pkg1 pkg2..." for ALL packages mentioned ANYWHERE in the problem, and 3. "apt-cache policy". Use to provide us with this information. Also ask me about <localized errors>.
18:16-!-ribe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:33<GenTooMan>OK that took a while
18:34-!-Diziet [] has joined #debian
18:34-!-Diziet is "Ian Jackson" on #debian #debian-xen
18:34<Diziet>I have a firefox profile which still has all the extensions disabled. Another profile in the same user account is fine. Trying to "add" ublock origin again doesn't seem to do anything.
18:34<Diziet>firefox-esr, stretch
18:36<sarnold>GenTooMan: wow, that's a seriously unhappy machine
18:37<GenTooMan>sarnold I am trying to avoid the reinstall of debian because my network has a good chance of breaking. Although if I disable the internal network device I suspect everything will just work at that point.
18:38<GenTooMan>sarnold yes debian does have a fatal flaw in it's warnings because it tells you to shut something off and it killed the xsession ... which of course aborted the install
18:38<phazon>Diziet: you can try this, it's a bit of a hack tho:
18:39<jmcnaught>Diziet: is your firefox-esr package up to date? The latest version is 60.6.3esr-1~deb9u1, you can check with "apt-cache policy firefox-esr"
18:40-!-KombuchaKip [~KombuchaK@] has joined #debian
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18:41<sarnold>GenTooMan: so.. my guesses: (a) try apt-get install python python2 python2.7 apitrace- apitrace-tracers- -- that should try to uninstall apitrace and apitrace-tracers while trying to install pythons
18:41<sarnold>GenTooMan: *maybe* that'd get you to a point where the rest feels more plausible.. if not, (b) is to remove all the non-debian packages and non-debian apt sources, and then try moving forward
18:41<Diziet>jmcnaught: Thanks, it is up to date
18:42<Diziet>Hrm, the "Hotfix" extension from the Mozilla blog fixed it.
18:42-!-GenTooMan [~cyberman@2601:547:4380:2fe0:21f:5bff:fefe:a883] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:42<Diziet>phazon: Wow that's pretty ugly
18:43<Diziet>Thanks for the help though, that is what I would have tried next I guess...
18:44-!-Konomi [] has left #debian [WeeChat 2.3]
18:48<phazon>Diziet: almost as ugly as mozilla requiring users to enable their spyware "feature" to get the fix via "official" means
18:50-!-wololoer [] has joined #debian
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18:53<Diziet>phazon: I'm totally with you on that one.
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19:00-!-ribe [] has joined #debian
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19:04<scar>jmcnaught, so "pkexec --user root QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1 PROGRAM"? doesn't run anything either
19:05<jmcnaught>scar: are you in GNOME with Wayland?
19:06<scar>jmcnaught, yeah in gnome, not sure what wayland is... but i just remembered about "env" command.... so "gksudo env QT_X11_NO_MITSHM=1 PROGRAM" works
19:08-!-ribe [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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19:11<scar>ok i see wayland is different option when logging in, probably not using it but i can try it out next time i log in
19:12<jmcnaught>scar: the reason I asked is because some programs (synaptic is one apparently) cannot run under wayland and require an Xorg session
19:14<ninja>How to install kde5 on buster?
19:14-!-t3chn0 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:14<ninja>I mean what it is called there. or a whole set of kde stuff what's it called?
19:15<jmcnaught>ninja: the task-kde-desktop will install KDE
19:15<jmcnaught>sorry, task-kde-desktop package
19:15<scar>jmcnaught ok thx for the heads up i'll try it out
19:16<ninja>lol its more than 1008 M ;-)
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19:45<ninja>How do we change defaults apps in debian? like terminal emualtors etc...
19:45<ninja>and is there a way if we install some new terminal emulators, it should not change our choice.
19:46<sarnold>the system-wide configurations are managed via update-alternatives(1)
19:46-!-drazil100 [~demo@2601:2c3:480:5d3::1c8f] has joined #debian
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19:47<drazil100>would anyone be able to help me troubleshoot an issue I have with installing mx linux here?
19:48<ninja>sarnold: as root?
19:48<sarnold>ninja: yeah
19:48<ninja>drazil100: sure, what's your issue?
19:48<drazil100>I am booting to an external stick and if I remove the stick (with the machine powered off) and boot into something else and then later plug it back in my system can no longer boot to it
19:48<drazil100>I have tried installing at least 10 times
19:49<ninja>drazil100: I think you didnt instlal bootloader
19:49<ninja>or maybe you installed it on the wrong drive
19:50<drazil100>I did. I tried all 3 options
19:50<drazil100>the problem only occurs if I remove the stick at some point
19:50<drazil100>I can power it off and boot back into it
19:51<drazil100>I can even boot into something else by choosing a different boot drive (I.e. without touching mx's grub install)
19:51<drazil100>but after I remove it I have to do a boot repair from a live cd to even get into it
19:52<ninja>are you using debian?
19:52<drazil100>mx linux. if I am in the wrong channel feel free to boot me I don't know where to go xD
19:52<drazil100>this is just where the live usb hexchat pointed to
19:53<drazil100>mx is debian based though if thats what you are asking.
19:54<ninja>I'm a guy who never minds where the question was asked. there is no boundaries I think. but yeah maybe if you ask it in mx, they better guide you.
19:54<drazil100>is there an mx channel?
19:54<sarnold>what error message do you get/
19:54<ninja>I hope there should be.
19:55-!-ap4lmtree [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:55<drazil100>well I can try booting directly and it shows up as bootable but it just fails to boot and loses information about what type of distro is installed on it and just shows up as the flash drive name
19:56<drazil100>like it stops saying MX..... and just says the product name
19:56-!-torify [] has joined #debian
19:56-!-torify is "torify" on #debian #tor-project #tor-dev #oftc #guardianproject
19:57<torify>hi all.
19:57<ninja>welcome torify
19:57<torify>ninja i have a RPI3 for this job. Is it works?
19:57-!-ap4lmtree [] has joined #debian
19:57-!-ap4lmtree is "ap4lmtree" on #debian
19:57<ninja>I think yeah it will.
19:57<torify>As i know there is no stable Debian for RPI3, correct?
19:58<torify>There is just preview image available.
19:58<torify>This is sad.
19:58<ninja>drazil100: I'm a efistub guy tbh
19:58<sarnold>torify: here's a description of setting up rdns with a lightsail instance
19:59<ap4lmtree>i am using stretch, with my motherboards's intel integrated graphics, and an generic active dp -> hdmi, and my regular hdmi port to display two monitors. Often, i get flickers and i have to reset the settings to turn one off int he setting then turn it back on
19:59<ap4lmtree>if i got a discrete card, then i would less likely be having this issue right?
19:59<ninja>torify: I only install from stable as I have that one downloaded years ago but I always go for testing after installation and never faced a problem in testing
19:59-!-KombuchaKip [~KombuchaK@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:59<ap4lmtree>especialy a discrete card with two native hdmi ports rather than have to use an adapter
20:00<ap4lmtree>do any of you use multiple monitros with debian? i have multiple monitors with my windows box too, but on my debian box i am trying to figure this out
20:01<torify>ninja is this correct file for RPI3?
20:04<ninja>torify: I think its correct one, lemme check it in browser.
20:04<torify>but this requires an internet connection :|
20:05<torify>ninja i found this
20:06<torify>i found :)
20:07-!-wompa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:07<drazil100>ninja, these are my options for installing grub and I have tried all 3
20:07<torify>i am bit stupid. both of them requires internet.. :|
20:08<ninja> torify
20:08<torify>ninja To install the (unofficial, unsupported!) preview image on the SD card
20:09<torify>RPI3 is unsupported and unofficial
20:10<ninja>drazil100: you do dual boot with windows 10?
20:10<drazil100>I dual boot with linux mint using 2 different drives
20:11<binaryhermit>Devil's advocate, but why debian on the pi rather than raspbian?
20:11-!-wompa [] has joined #debian
20:11-!-wompa is "Tomas Heikkilä" on @#linux #debian-offtopic #debian-next #debian
20:11<ninja>I only use one OS in my systems but from other peopel I always hear windows 10 is problematic with dual boot.
20:11<drazil100>daily driver is mint but I like to swap out the external thumb drive with different distros to keep things fresh
20:12<drazil100>no other distro has given me trouble like this
20:13-!-ribe [] has joined #debian
20:13-!-ribe is "ribe" on #tor-project #tor-dev #debian-next #debian
20:14<torify>can someone clarify these? 1) How can i download offline installer debian images? 2) What does mean bt-cd, iso-cd, jigdo-bd, jigdo-dlbd and list-cd?
20:14<drazil100>think im gonna go. Ill find a more mx centric help place like their forums
20:15<ninja>drazil100: maybe you're so advanced like me :)
20:18-!-drazil100 [~demo@2601:2c3:480:5d3::1c8f] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
20:20<sqrt{not}>torify: you probably want install DVD-1: which is bootable DVD and includes enough for a working system.
20:21<sqrt{not}>torify: you can look at the extra DVD images, if you need to add extra software not included in the first DVD
20:21<torify>thank you for your share. i just want to install without internet connection.
20:22<sqrt{not}>torify: yes, this DVD-1 should do what you want.
20:22<torify>may i ask what is 2 and 3?
20:24-!-mattcen [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:26-!-kromaz [~kromaz@2601:280:4500:a6b7:c58a:cda5:5a2:94be] has joined #debian
20:26-!-kromaz is "realname" on #debian
20:28<sqrt{not}>torify: you can see the contents of the extra DVDs in this directory:
20:29<torify>thank you so much sqrt{not}. As i understand if i install main OS i should use DVD1, correct?
20:30<sqrt{not}>torify: yes, DVD1 is a bootable install disk. the others are not bootable, just extra data files to add more software later.
20:31-!-mattcen [] has joined #debian
20:31-!-mattcen is "Matthew Cengia" on #debian-au #debian
20:32<torify>sqrt{not} appreciate. i am using Ubuntu with real FDE with detached /boot partition on a USB drive. I want to switch to Debian but i don't know how can i do same job in Debian. Do you have any up-to-date guide for this job?
20:34<sqrt{not}>torify: do you mean encryption when you say FDE ?
20:36-!-GenTooMan [~cyberman@2601:547:4380:2fe0:21f:5bff:fefe:a883] has joined #debian
20:36-!-GenTooMan is "realname" on #debian-next #debian-games #kvm #debian
20:37<GenTooMan>fixed it the draconian way reinstalled debian
20:39<torify>sqrt{not} yes. LUKS
20:40<sqrt{not}>torify: and are we talking about R.Pi ?
20:40-!-strelnikov [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:45<sqrt{not}>torify: this page talks about installing debian buster on R.Pi 3:
20:46<sqrt{not}>torify: the standard stretch or buster installs should be able to handle standard LUKS disks
20:46-!-kromaz [~kromaz@2601:280:4500:a6b7:c58a:cda5:5a2:94be] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:48<sqrt{not}>torify: If the guts of your ubuntu install are in the LUKS part of the disk, it might be more complicated to see what to keep and what to replace ?
20:49-!-strelnikov [] has joined #debian
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23:11-!-maxrazer [] has joined #debian
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23:12<maxrazer>Does anyone know why I would get a corrupted ssd and have to use the initramfs?
23:12<maxrazer>I was just playing Doom 2016 with Steam Play and got an out of disk space error. I rebooted and got the initramfs prompt
23:12<maxrazer>What could have caused this?
23:15<sarnold>it could be your drive ran out of remapping blocks
23:16<sarnold>as the drives notice bad blocks they try to remap the data within to remapping blocks
23:16<sarnold>they also use remapping blocks for wear leveling
23:18<sarnold>smartctl --all /path/to/device can dump a bunch of data, though interpreting that data is quite difficult
23:19-!-kmshanah [] has joined #debian
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23:29<maxrazer>sarnold, Ok, I think this would not have happened on windows. I am using the latest linux kernel. I don't know if that makes it more or less likely.
23:33<sarnold>maxrazer: what did you get back from smartctl?
23:34-!-milkt [] has joined #debian
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23:35<luizromario>Hello, all
23:36<maxrazer>sarnold, I got this
23:36<luizromario>I'm having problems running mingw cross-compiled stuff on wine
23:36-!-mnemonic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:36<luizromario>I'm missing libwinpthread-1.dll
23:37<luizromario>I think I've installed every package related to mingw
23:37<luizromario>Still no luck
23:39-!-wololoer [] has quit [Quit: WeeChat 2.4]
23:40<maxrazer>luizromario, I don't really have specific experience with that. I recently saw somebody suggesting lutris and some other tools. I mostly dual boot for native windows games.
23:41-!-snowyfox [~snowyfox@] has joined #debian
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23:44<sarnold>maxrazer: hmm, it feels like it's probably pretty healthy. write error rate, reported uncorrect, error correction count, erase fail count, all look fine. it feels like a high unexpected power loss count, but checking my own systems I was surprised they were in the 40s.. iirc.
23:46<luizromario>maxrazer: what I'm trying to do is to compile a cross-platform project of mine for windows
23:46<maxrazer>sarnold, I think my system may not respond to wake up some times and I don't know what is wrong so I hit the power. Not sure if it is on and just cut the power and reboot.
23:46<luizromario>And run it on wine
23:47<sarnold>luizromario: I'd wager the WSL stuff would work more reliably than mingw
23:47<sarnold>maxrazer: oh. ew. :/
23:47<maxrazer>sarnold, It did that a few times recently. I'm guessing that is what it is. Or crashes maybe.
23:48<maxrazer>sarnold, Is there nothing the operating system could have done to avoid this?
23:48<sarnold>maxrazer: it could be worth a fsck, then run debsums on all the packages you've got installed to see if you can spot any errors..
23:48<sarnold>maxrazer: you'd have to know what went wrong first :(
23:49<maxrazer>I know it seemed to happen during running the Doom 2016 with Steam Play on Linux.
23:50<sarnold>maxrazer: poke around in the logs in /var/log/ and *maybe* you'll get lucky. I'm not optimistic though.
23:51<sarnold>maxrazer: time for me to grab some dinner -- good luck
23:53<luizromario>sarnold: what WSL stuff?
23:54<sarnold>luizromario: :)
23:54<luizromario>I'm not running Windows, though
23:55<luizromario>I don't have Windows available right now
23:57-!-ghavil [] has joined #debian
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23:57-!-pluvano [] has quit [Quit: pluvano]
23:59<ghavil>Hi folks, I'm trying to figure out if there's a standard documented around whether packages should restart a daemon after an upgrade is complete. Anyone aware of something maybe in the Debian Policy that I can't seem to find?
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