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00:17<ryouma>on #systemd i got my answer about the entropy seeking making booting take hours thing: it is used by systemd, presumably for generic purposes. so it would apply to any boot. correct me if that's wrong.
00:18<ryouma>dunno if wiggling the mouse would make booting always be normal speed
00:19<ryouma>were thre changes in stretch repos when buster released? i mean besides changing the link to oldstable
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00:21<dpkg>cve-2018-1108 is a security fix for a lack of randomness at boot. Delays the use of the kernel crng by applications till sufficient randomness is ready. Can cause delays (up to to 4+ minutes) in boot time just before or just after login, esp with LUKS enabled. Short term workarounds: Wiggle mouse/tap keyboard a lot, install rng-tools5 or haveged pkgs
00:21<jm_>it's not just the link, it's also in Release files
00:21<somiaj>maybe that could help, but haveged or rng-tools5 might be one way to get more entropy at boot
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00:23<ryouma>what changes to release files?
00:24<jm_>they too now say Suite: oldstable
00:24<ryouma>oh. ok, so nothing like removing them or anything.
00:24<ryouma>on the on ion repo
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00:25<jm_>no, the oldstable should remain on the mirrors for now
00:25<ryouma>somiaj: thanks for confirming. haveged is supposedly insecure according to experts but had not heard of rng-tools5 (and don't know if haveged is as insecure as it is supposed to be)
00:26<ryouma>kept getting errors on those repos and ondered if a chantge aws made\
00:27<jm_>rng-tools5 make use of CPU's built-in RNG
00:28<jm_>so if you trust that ... :)
00:28<ryouma>interesting. my computer is pretty old (core 2) so maybe it does not have any rng hw.
00:28<ryouma>yeah there is that also
00:29<somiaj>I'm unsure on the details, just that those are ways to add entropy at boot if needed.
00:29<jm_>grep rdrand /proc/cpuinfo
00:29<ryouma>ec is false
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01:06<marcus_>do the live images offer persistance for buster?
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01:12<jm_>live manual still has this chapter so one would presume yes
01:16<ppc64>okay .. dumb question ... I pkg purge'd out resolvconf and I systemctl disable NetworkManager.service as I want the boxen to just be static ip assigned based on /etc/network/interfaces and also systemctl set-default but on reboot .. everything looks great .. no ip address on eth0 .. what??
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01:27<jm_>ppc64: have you read how in buster ethX-like interface names are deprecated? also, is it marked auto in interfaces file? is ifupdown installed? what does journalctl say for it?
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01:30<ppc64>jm_: this is a debian 9.5 system
01:30<ppc64>jm_: so it says eth0 from ip link show
01:31<jm_>ppc64: ok the other questions still apply
01:31<ppc64>is it marked auto in interfaces ?? one sec
01:32<ppc64># The loopback network interface is auto lo and nothing else
01:33<jm_>put your interfaces file on the paste site
01:33<ppc64>one sec
01:34<ppc64>I manually setup the interface and def route .. so
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01:36<ppc64>anyways .. if I reboot .. no netowrk is setup
01:38<ppc64>maybe I need to nuke the wpa_supplicant.service too
01:39<jm_>ok, so if you change it to "auto eth0" and run ifup -a manually, does it configure it? first deconfigure it or simply reboot
01:39<ppc64>I will take a stab at putting auto in there and then reboot ... may get lucky
01:41<ppc64>okay made a one line change
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01:48<ppc64>that seems to work
01:48<ppc64>on reboot systemctl status is good and sshd running and I can login
01:49<ppc64>stange .. I don't recall doing 'auto eth0' in /etc/network/interfaces
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01:52<jm_>I find it strange - if you read man interfaces, one would expect allow-hotplug to work, but AFAIR this is not the first time a change like this helped
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01:59<ppc64>well it seems to work well enough
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02:10<adribg>Can I share my big disappointment with Debian 10? ...
02:11<zamuro>No. You got twitter for that
02:12<adribg>k :)
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02:16<Shentino>How do I build a custom kernel? I'm stuck living on a potato with only 1g of ram and I want to enable zbud/z3fold
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02:19<jm_>or if you don't care about having kernel .debs, just build it the upstream way
02:21<Shentino>Does the debian version of the kernel have any deviations from the default config provided by upstream?
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02:22<jm_>yes, you can find debian's config in /boot
02:23<Shentino>oh thanks
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02:44<user_>Can someone help me with a debian installation gone bad?
02:44<user_>Getting a failed installation and error: "Command 'grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg' returned non-zero exit status 1.
02:45<zamuro>Sure... let me find my crystal ball to guess what's your problem.
02:45<jm_>have you tried running that manually?
02:46<user_>jm_: You talking to me, right?
02:46<user_>jm_: What do you mean by running that "manually"?
02:47<jm_>user_: yes, «grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg»
02:47<user_>jm_: I did not...I'm not sure what that would do now that the install process has failed...
02:48<jm_>user_: perhaps give us more details about the error
02:48<user_>jm_: Give me a sec...
02:48<jm_>you can run it during installation too on tty2
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02:49<EmleyMoor>I tried do do a "reportbug" against the kernel last night but haven't been notified of its number yet
02:50<EmleyMoor>Not shown on web page either. I'm wondering if the machine I reported from is lacking something it needs to send it...
02:50<rant>reportbug needs a properly configured MTA or you have to copy/paste the output into a working mail client
02:52<EmleyMoor>rant: It saves the output somewhere, I guess, but where
02:52<user_>jm_: Here is something that might be useful
02:52<user_>jm_: "Command 'grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg' returned non-zero exit status 1.
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02:52<rant>EmleyMoor: afaik it DISPLAYS the output to you if you tell it to do so
02:52<user_>jm_: Then it prints: "/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for / (is /dev mounted?).
02:53<rant>I dont use it, its a steaming pile of unnecessary shit
02:53<EmleyMoor>rant: It did say it had saved it somewhere
02:53<user_>jm_: Like grub couldn't find my "/" in installation?
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02:54<jm_>user_: yes, is there something special about it?
02:54<user_>jm_: Well I'm trying to make an encrypted "/"
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02:55<user_>jm_: I've partitioned everything manually. I have a fat32 /boot/efi partition, a ext2 /boot partition and then a luk lvm with a "/" ext4 and a swap partition inside
02:55<jm_>user_: and you relied on d-i to do that for you?
02:55<user_>jm_: No, I did it manually.
02:55<jm_>user_: ok so that may be why then :)
02:56<user_>jm_: Yeah, I'm guessing I screwed something up in that process.
02:56<EmleyMoor>Unfortunately (a) I was very tired by that stage (b) I had to reboot to get on with other necessaries
02:56<jm_>user_: I'm affraid I am not familiar enough with LUKS to help
02:57<user_>jm_: S'right. I appreciate you trying. This has just been driving me up the wall.
02:57<user_>jm_: I tried letting d-i do it, but it wanted to write a lot of random data to my ssd during encryption which didn't seem like a good idea; also seemed had to set over-provision space for my ssd
02:58<user_>jm_: Sorry, meant to say, "It also seemed really hard to set over-provision space"
02:58<jm_>user_: with no choice to not overwrite it with random?
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02:58<user_>jm_: I didn't see one, it just started doing it when I said I wanted an encrypted lvm
02:59<user_>jm_: If d-i could do this, but 1) not write random data to my ssd, 2) let me leave free space for OP; I would be great.
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03:03<user_>jm_: Do you know if you still have option to do an encrypted setup if you set "manual" in d-i or if you can put two partitions (root and swap) in one lvm in d-i?
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03:08<jm_>user_: sorry I don't
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03:12<EmleyMoor>Reported at last
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03:13<eshat>Hi All,, what is the default/recommended filesystem on Buster systems?
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03:17<eshat>jm_: Oh, still? I thought they would have switched to at least XFS or btrfs.
03:17<jm_>eshat: why would one?
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03:19-!-mode/#debian [+l 578] by debhelper
03:19<eshat>jm_: Well enterprise linux distros like SuSe or Red hat have been using XFS as default for years
03:21<jm_>eshat: sure, a valid choice, just like ext4 - but to change it just because someone else chooses it is not a sound principle
03:21<eshat>However, I am fine with ext4, since it works for the usual default user. Just suprised.
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03:22<eshat>jm_: thanks. I am not going to start the useless performance/feature flamewar ;-)
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03:23<jm_>eshat: yeah, anyway, one has a choice to do things manually so you can still use those file systems with debian
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03:49<marcus_>doesn't the installation normally store a preseed.cfg in the /root home?
03:53<EmleyMoor>Bug #931901 is my kernel bug
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04:25<bzed>cpaelzer: you're welcome. I wanted to upload 3.19 to experimental, but file (run by dh_shlibdeps) crashes on the .so files O_o
04:26<bzed>(need to build with binaries as there is a soname bump again...)
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04:59<AleksejShilin>Hi all. I've noticed that simply inserting a flash drive with buster amd64 netinst on it into a Windows PC corrupts the image a bit. More specifically, /boot/grub/efi.img doesn't pass the checksum validation anymore. The file is indeed different from the original. Has anyone seen this issue before? o_O
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05:02<AleksejShilin>I can provide 'cmp -l' output if anyone is interested.
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09:14<ghavil>Anyone know offhand how to use "aptitude purge '~c'" but to exclude a specific package?
09:16-!-texou [] has joined #debian
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09:30<ghavil>Ah ha, I think "aptitude search '?and(?obsolete, ?not(?name('package-name-here')))'" does what I'm after
09:32<noln>~c translates to ?config-files according to
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09:51<chakaman>Hello. I have an issue with sudo. I created a file named "1-r" in /etc/sudoers.d and these are its contents:
09:51<chakaman>r ALL= NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/systemctl poweroff, /usr/bin/systemctl halt, /usr/bin/systemctl reboot
09:51-!-simon_ [] has joined #debian
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09:51<chakaman>However, typing "sudo /usr/bin/systemctl poweroff" as user r prompts for the password
09:52<chakaman>"1-r" is the only file in /etc/sudoers.d, so that line is the last parsed match for my user and the commands; "sudo -l" confirms the file is parsed.
09:52<chakaman>Does anyone know what the issue may be?
09:55-!-neibb [~neib@2a01:cb14:d34:2200:fe11:feb4:8c78:e2a1] has joined #debian
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09:59-!-mode/#debian [+l 584] by debhelper
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10:28<jyakke>What is the underlying issue if I have installed a package that contains a header file that is required to build a project, but the project still says that the header file is not there
10:28<bremner>jyakke: probably you need to tell the project where to look for the headers.
10:29-!-rgrewe [~rgrewe@] has left #debian []
10:29<jyakke>how can I tell where it has installed the headers
10:31<bremner>dpkg -L the-package-name
10:31<dpkg>ii the-package-name 1.1-11.1 bremner's private coin collection
10:31<bremner>cute. wrong, but cute.
10:32<jhutchins_wk>jyakke: A proper configure script will search the appropriate paths. If it doesn't, you should question whether the software is intended to run on Debian.
10:34-!-JayAreJ44 [~JosephRJu@] has joined #debian
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10:36<jyakke>i've gotten it to build before but i think i might have gotten rid of the dep and now reinstalling it isn't working
10:38-!-vriaeros [~oftc-webi@] has joined #debian
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10:39<vriaeros>is there any chanel to ask for help for my debian instalation?
10:39-!-lhannigb [~lhannigb@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
10:39<a0z>vriaeros: ask here
10:40<vriaeros>problem 1 when I give a coomand in terminal it says bash: command not found
10:41-!-towo` [] has joined #debian
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10:41<vriaeros>any help?
10:41-!-JayAreJay [~JosephRJu@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:41<a0z>vriaeros: what is the command you are trying to run? is it installed on your system?
10:42<vriaeros>dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base
10:43<vriaeros>I upgraded to debian buster from stretch and I have only dummy sound card output
10:43<vriaeros>that's the problem 2
10:43<a0z>that dpkg command should be run as root. type putting sudo before the command
10:43<tarzeau>vriaeros: with which sound software? alsa or pulseaudio?
10:43<tarzeau>oss emulation on or oss only software?
10:44-!-fang [~fang@] has joined #debian
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10:45<vriaeros>I have pulse audio
10:45<dpkg>如果您想要以中文得到 Debian 相關的協助,請加入 或 上的 #dot 頻道,連線與加入頻道的方法請參閱 IRC 程式之相關說明,或於網路上搜尋。謝謝您的合作!
10:45<bremner>fang: ^
10:46<vriaeros>I used alsamixer in terminal to see if there was a sound card but there is no one only the dumm outpout
10:46-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
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10:46<vriaeros>Package linux-sound-base is not available, but is referred to by another package. However the following packages replace it: oss4-base
10:47-!-ayers_______ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:48<somiaj>vriaeros: do you have timidity running (check ps fax)
10:49<somiaj>I don't think reconfiguring linux-sound-base is going to help
10:49<somiaj>vriaeros: also check 'cat /proc/asound/cards' to see what cards alsa detects
10:50-!-luizromario_ [~luizromar@2804:7f1:c080:a2fe:e7ce:6882:f17c:1e0f] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:50<vriaeros>cat /proc/asound/cards says 0 [PCH ]: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH HDA Intel PCH at 0xe2620000 irq 29
10:51<somiaj>vriaeros: is the service timidity running (check ps fax | grep timidity)
10:51-!-fang [~fang@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:51<vriaeros>806 ? SL 0:00 /usr/bin/timidity -Os -iAD 12616 pts/1 S+ 0:00 \_ grep timidity
10:51-!-di0x [] has joined #debian
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10:52<somiaj>vriaeros: that is your problem, kill that process, stop/mask the timidity service. I think it is called timidity-daemon. Does 'systmctl status timidity-daemon' give you any info?
10:53<vriaeros>systmctl: command not found
10:53<di0x>systemctl list-unit-files | grep timidity
10:53<somiaj>vriaeros: systemctl (Sorry typo)
10:53<jmcnaught>'systemctl stop timidity ; systemctl disable timidity' timidity-daeomon is the package name
10:53<vriaeros>timidity.service generated
10:53<somiaj>ahh okay, wasn't sure what the service was called. vriaeros run the two commands jmcnaught shared
10:54<somiaj>then restart pulse
10:57<vriaeros>pulse ok thanks:)
10:58-!-Torben [~oftc-webi@2a04:4540:1501:f201:88b1:e323:d826:849e] has joined #debian
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10:58<jmcnaught>!timidity pulseaudio
10:58<dpkg>Some users have had <timidity> blocking access to their sound card, resulting in <pulseaudio> only seeing a dummy output. Check if timidity is running with 'systemctl status timidity' and stop/disable with 'systemctl stop timidity ; systemctl disable timidity' and/or remove the timidity-daemon package.
10:58<Torben>hey may somebody please test my uploadserver with best root 1 gig? ( wget -4 -O /dev/null --report-speed=bits ) thanks!
10:58<somiaj>that is probably something that needs to make it into the release notes under known issues
10:59-!-gtristan [~tristanva@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:00<vriaeros>ok kicked out timidity
11:00<vriaeros>now second and final problem
11:01<vriaeros>I tried to add to sudoer by using usermod -aG sudo user as root but it says bash: usermod: command not found
11:03<vriaeros>any suggestions?
11:06-!-jhutchins_wk1 [~jonathan@] has joined #debian
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11:08<somiaj>vriaeros: adduser username sudo
11:09-!-jerZey [~joshua@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:09<vriaeros>bash: adduser: command not found
11:09<vriaeros>Iam in root
11:10<a0z>try /usr/sbin/adduser username sudo
11:11<vriaeros>ok worked:)
11:11-!-Talkless [] has joined #debian
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11:12<vriaeros>but the command not found as root is there a way to solve this problem... or must I permenatelly use sudo?
11:13-!-noln [~boy@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:13-!-jhutchins_wk [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:14<towo`>vriaeros, yes, use su - instead of su
11:16<somiaj>(which is mentioned in the release notes by the way)
11:16-!-kavan [~kavan@] has joined #debian
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11:19-!-kavan is now known as wolfmannight
11:20<vriaeros>ok thank you all:)
11:20-!-vriaeros [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:26<wolfmannight>can i make .deb from installed package ?
11:28-!-gtristan [~tristanva@] has joined #debian
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11:44<sdk>wolfmannight: Why not download the original .deb instead?
11:45-!-marvil07_ [~quassel@] has quit [Quit: - Chatee cómodamente donde sea.]
11:45<wolfmannight>yahh.. but I'm installing latest gnome from jhbuild and it doesn't make package file.
11:45-!-marvil07 [~quassel@] has joined #debian
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11:45<wolfmannight>sdk: anyways i found it, "dpkg-repack" can do it
11:46-!-di0x [] has left #debian []
11:47<wolfmannight>damn this debain... fkin soo much stable
11:47-!-chele [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:47<wolfmannight>I can't even look at other distros.
11:49-!-neibb [~neib@2a01:cb14:d34:2200:fe11:feb4:8c78:e2a1] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
11:50<wolfmannight>buster.... hell yaa..... ultra fast boot...
11:50-!-neibb [~neib@2a01:cb14:d34:2200:fe11:feb4:8c78:e2a1] has joined #debian
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12:00<jhutchins_wk1>We have managed to train a whole generation of userrs to use su incorrectly.
12:03<rwp>jhutchins_wk1, I think it must be two generations by now.
12:04-!-BCMM [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
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12:05<rwp>peter1138, Just a while back in the scroll back will be a discussion related to su and sudo.
12:09-!-fgogdB7^ [] has joined #debian
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12:39<lolcat--007>hello when i run rfkill list to see if my bluetooth adapters is up i get this output
12:39<lolcat--007>0: phy0: Wireless LAN
12:39-!-kmshanah [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:39<lolcat--007> Soft blocked: no
12:39<lolcat--007> Hard blocked: no
12:39-!-TomTheDragon [] has joined #debian
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12:39<lolcat--007>it seem the adapters is not up and running
12:39-!-coruja [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:39<lolcat--007>any help
12:39-!-zamuro [] has joined #debian
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13:05<jhutchins_wk1>lolcat--007: Do you have the bluez packages installed?
13:05<dpkg>Bluetooth is a wireless communications protocol (, about as secure as shouting. aptitude install bluez-utils; then run hidd --search as root. . For support of Qualcomm Atheros devices, ask me about <ath3k>. See also <btusb>.
13:05-!-kts [~kts@] has joined #debian
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13:07<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk1: yes
13:07<lolcat--007>i have bluez installed and bluetooth
13:09-!-rfm [~rfm@2620:1f7:10d5:446::31:b7] has joined #debian
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14:02<sqrt{not}>lolcat--007: what do want to do with this bluetooth adapter ? speaker ? headphones ? internet ? something else ??
14:02<sqrt{not}>ehhh, too dlow
14:02<sqrt{not}>slow even
14:03-!-semeion [] has joined #debian
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14:14<oux[m]>why is `youtube-dl` installed with `apt install mpv`?
14:15<a0z>because it's a dependency?
14:15-!-pert [] has joined #debian
14:15-!-pert is "John" on #debian-science #debian-next #debian #debian-kde
14:16<oux[m]>yeah i understand that but why would mpv need youtube-dl? i mean, its pretty outdated
14:16<annadane>i mean yes that's the literal definition but i'm curious about why myself
14:16<thsnr>mpv recommends youtube-dl. you can install it without it using apt install --no-install-recommends mpv
14:17<oux[m]>ok, its no problem, i want yt-dl, but not a version from januari :D
14:17<oux[m]>i was just curios
14:17<Gabriel_7>Well you can probably use youtube-dl to stream in mpv from websites
14:17-!-imega [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:17<annadane>i stick youtube-dl in /usr/local and have cron update it weekly
14:17<annadane>replaces the youtube-dl mpv pulls in
14:18<oux[m]>yes, i know, but that doesnt mean we NEED yt-dl for mpv
14:19<rudi_s>oux[m]: That's why it's only a Recommends, not a hard dependency.
14:20<oux[m]>can i disable that recomended packages auto install?
14:20<ppc64>Is there a reasonably easy method to removal of sudo ? In such a way that a user can still "su - root" and not have that fail.
14:21<rudi_s>oux[m]: Sure, just put a file in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ (e.g. 95local) with the following line: Apt::Install-Recommends "false";
14:21<ppc64>I am making a guess that "apt purge sudo " will do the trick
14:21<rudi_s>ppc64: apt purge sudo?
14:22<ppc64>rudi_s: ha .. well okay then
14:22<rudi_s>su is not affected by (the removal of) sudo.
14:22<oux[m]>rudi_s: thanks
14:22<ppc64>rudi_s: thankfully no one has borked "su" yet
14:23<rudi_s>oux[m]: np; that's the first I do when I setup a Debian system, recommends pulls in too much crap (in my opinion).
14:23<ppc64>rudi_s: however I am certain someone is working on that and a systeemctl service with a database under it and a daemon and six levels of complexity
14:23<rudi_s>ppc64: :D
14:23<rudi_s>Personally, I don't use su either. I just login as root.
14:24<ppc64>rudi_s: no kidding ... however for some hardware there is no easy way to install Debian so I have to go with a vendor provided variation of debian and then fight with the config
14:24<sdk>rudi_s: Just curious, what would be the best solution to remove recommanded packages that have already been installe w/o breaking everything?
14:25<oux[m]>rudi_s: yeah. still pretty new to linux so i didnt really know it was recomendations, i always thought it was real dependecies
14:27<annadane>recommended's are "kind of" dependencies
14:27<annadane>most people will want them
14:27<annadane>but... yeah
14:27<oux[m]>should i make a new file namned 95local?
14:28<blast007>oux[m]: generally you want the recommended packages. Also, if you just want to exclude a single recommended package during an install, you can use 'apt install mpv youtube-dl-' (the extra - at the end of a package name indicates that you want to remove/exclude it)
14:29<rudi_s>blast007: I don't agree. Most recommended packages are not related at all to the packages you're installing.
14:29<rudi_s>oux[m]: You can call it whatever you like. The loaded in (sort) order, so that's why I chose 95 as prefix.
14:29<oux[m]>why would i want that? if theres something i need im gonna install it. if i get packages i dont want thats bloat, i dont want that
14:30<oux[m]>ah okey, cool. thanks
14:30<rudi_s>sdk: You can add the following to your apt config file: APT::AutoRemove::RecommendsImportant "false"; and APT::AutoRemove::SuggestsImportant "false";
14:30<bremner>fine, but please don't report bugs until you verify they are not caused by missing depends
14:30<rudi_s>It's not perfect, but then e.g. apt autoremove should get rid of most of the recommended packages.
14:30<bremner>s/missing depends/missing recommends/
14:31<oux[m]>bremner: sure
14:31<blast007>I would think that recommended packages are used by the other package you're installing, but aren't necessarily required unless you use that feature of the software
14:32-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
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14:32<rudi_s>blast007: Not only that, they are also packages which might be (quite) useful in combination with the installed packages.
14:32-!-bob1 [] has joined #debian
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14:32<bremner>that's more suggets
14:32-!-frikilinux2 [] has joined #debian
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14:33<rudi_s>Well, not in my experience. Sure, suggests is even less "useful", but even recommends pulls in so many packages.
14:33-!-debalance [] has quit [Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.]
14:33<sdk>rudi_s: Thanks ;)
14:33<rudi_s>You're welcome.
14:34<rudi_s>Personally, I like to install on what is actually required.
14:35<oux[m]>wow, could write a book with these packages being uninstalled due to only `RecommendImportant`
14:36<oux[m]>a lot of language files it looks like tho
14:41-!-Plim [] has joined #debian
14:41-!-Plim is "[] Development release" on #debian
14:43<Plim>On Debian Stretch, when disabled the default network in virt-manager, it doesn't remove the "-A FORWARD -i virbr0 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable" entry from your iptables.
14:43<Plim>Every time you disable the default network, it adds another entry to your iptables
14:44-!-t3chn0 [] has joined #debian
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14:44<Plim>Debian Buster, I mean*
14:45-!-imega [] has joined #debian
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14:46<coruja>though not recommended for all users, one could prevent apt from installing recommends automatically, even during installation
14:46-!-BCMM [] has joined #debian
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14:47<bob1>I'm having a problem with netinst to a usb flash drive - it keeps trying to format "F" swap partitions on other drives. How do I prevent the install from touching other drives. I don't want them even mounted after the install is done. should I use some other method of installing?
14:49-!-mode/#debian [+l 580] by debhelper
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14:50<jmcnaught>bob1: there's a new calamares installer on live ISO images that you could try. It's a lot simpler than the debian-installer. If you do full disk encryption however watch out for this issue:
14:51-!-pavlushka [] has joined #debian
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14:51<Plim>So on Debian Buster virt-manager, if I enable and disable the default network, I will have "-A FORWARD -i virbr0 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable" x5 in my iptables list while the default netowkr is disabled. This a bug correct?
14:52<bob1>Jmcnaught: thanks, I will try it. not using full disk encryption. bye for now.
14:55-!-nowhere_man [] has joined #debian
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14:55<jmcnaught>Plim: sounds like a bug with libvirt
14:55-!-bob1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:56<jmcnaught>Plim: it's happening here too
14:57-!-Baby479 [] has joined #debian
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14:59<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
15:00-!-edeak [] has joined #debian
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15:01<Baby479>somebody talk spanish??
15:01<frikilinux2>I talk spanish but we should move to #debian-es
15:02<Baby479>ok, gracias, no tenia ni idea de eso
15:02<Baby479>que distro usas??
15:03-!-sezuan [sezuan@2a07:241:1:4000::9df] has quit [Quit: ____]
15:04<annadane>"what distro do you use" is not a debian support question
15:04<dpkg>This is not a chat channel, this is a Debian user support channel. Unless you have a Debian support question, please chat elsewhere, like #debian-offtopic, or #moocows on or ##chat on
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15:14<annadane>i guess i worded that a bit rudely, sorry
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15:52-!-lolcat--007 [] has joined #debian
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15:53<lolcat--007>hi i have this error when the system is boot this error is very annoying
15:53<lolcat--007>kernel:[ 8070.259158] mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 0: Machine Check: 0 Bank 6: ee2000000040110a
15:53<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: Is anything failing?
15:53-!-redlegion [] has joined #debian
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15:54<dpkg>Este canal es de soporte técnico en Inglés para Debian. Si prefiere que el soporte sea en Español, puede ingresar en #debian-es tecleando /join #debian-es en la línea de chat.
15:54<sarnold>lolcat--007: install rasdaemon then try ras-mc-ctl --summary or ras-mc-ctl --errors
15:56<lolcat--007>sarnold: here the entire output
15:56-!-Guest6772 [] has quit [Quit: Guests]
15:59<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk: no but when the system suspend and i power it again give me this annoying error
16:00<lolcat--007>sarnold: rasdaemon that is memory test or what??
16:01<sarnold>lolcat--007: rasdaemon knows how to scrape machine check exceptions and other errors out of the linux kernel; sometimes it can help you identify which piece of hardware is broken
16:02<lolcat--007>sarnold: ok lets run that
16:04<lolcat--007>sarnold: ok the test said there is no errors
16:06<sarnold>lolcat--007: dang :/ that's not what I expected. I was hoping it'd be a lot more informative..
16:06-!-noln [~boy@] has joined #debian
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16:07<lolcat--007>sarnold: no memory errors no PCIe AER errors no extlog error no MCE errors
16:07<sarnold>lolcat--007: *maybe* it had to be installed beforehand. if so that's not very pleasant.
16:08-!-pavlushka [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:08<lolcat--007>sarnold: look here
16:09<lolcat--007>it seem a dell problem
16:09<lolcat--007>i have a dell inspiron 5566
16:09<lolcat--007>maybe is a firmware problem
16:09<lolcat--007>but i dont know how to deal with that
16:09<sarnold>lolcat--007: *wow*
16:11<lolcat--007>sarnold: hahaha
16:12<sarnold>lolcat--007: I've never seen an entire class of devices spew errors like this before
16:12<sarnold>lolcat--007: normally it's bad memory or bad motherboard or something
16:12<sarnold>but "dell made some crap and haven't fixed it yet" is definitely a new low :(
16:13-!-TomTheDragon [] has joined #debian
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16:13<lolcat--007>sarnold: ok so there is no solution at the moments
16:15<sarnold>lolcat--007: I don't know what to suggest next. dell support perhaps?
16:16<lolcat--007>sarnold: what about this line
16:16<lolcat--007>it seem a solution
16:16<lolcat--007> You should add CONFIG_INTEL_PMC_CORE and (maybe) CONFIG_INTEL_PCH_THERMAL to your kernel config, rebuild kernel, reboot and voila!
16:16<sarnold>lolcat--007: it's worth a try if your kernel doesn't have them, but the next comment said it didn't help him
16:18<lolcat--007>sarnold: yes but maybe i have look the problem is i dont know how to config the kernel that way
16:18<blast007>worth checking if there's a BIOS update available for the laptop
16:19-!-ol [~quassel@2406:e006:5eb:1a01:8e89:a5ff:feca:57fe] has joined #debian
16:19-!-ol is "Ol" on #debian
16:20<lolcat--007>blast007: where or how can i update the bios?
16:20-!-rayon [~rayon@] has joined #debian
16:20-!-rayon is "realname" on #debian
16:20<rayon>hi guys i have a problem
16:21<rayon>someone can help me ?
16:21<blast007>I'm not as familar with the Inspiron line, but at least with the Latitude line I can copy the BIOS onto a flash drive and press F12 during boot and pick the option to update/flash the BIOS
16:21<blast007>rayon: what do you need help with?
16:22<sarnold>lolcat--007: look for fwupd or fwupdmgr or similar
16:22<rayon>i've installed debian 10 today but my audio when there isn't sound it buzz
16:22<sarnold>lolcat--007: building the kernel is a bit much if you haven't done it before.. it's not terrible, it just takes time :)
16:23<rayon>this happen only on debian while on windows this not happen
16:23<blast007>if you build the kernel yourself, so you have to manually do that for every update, or is there some magic that can automatically build a new one when there's a security update (with the same options you've set)?
16:24<rayon>i search literally every where but i didn't find the solution
16:25<rayon>sorry for my bad english.
16:25<sarnold>blast007: 'make oldconfig' can help you move your working config forward to new versions
16:26-!-TomTheDragon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:27<rayon>someone know the solution ?
16:27<lolcat--007>sarnold: look for fwupd where
16:27<EmleyMoor>I have a new setup of buster on this laptop - how do I define a key on my keyboard to be the "Compose" key?
16:28<sarnold>lolcat--007: apt-cache search fwupd or similar :)
16:28-!-rayon [~rayon@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:29<lolcat--007>sarnold: this one
16:29<lolcat--007>fwupd - Firmware update daemon
16:29<lolcat--007>i should install it
16:32<lolcat--007>sarnold: ok it is already install it
16:32<lolcat--007>what next
16:32-!-tdy [] has joined #debian
16:32-!-tdy is "tdy" on #debian
16:33<sarnold>lolcat--007: now look for fwupdmgr or similar
16:33<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: If nothing is failing I wouldn't worry about it. You have the Intel microcode installed I take it?
16:33<EmleyMoor>In stretch there was a settings app that allowed me to choose that right Ctrl be Compose. Can't find a setting in buster
16:34<sarnold>EmleyMoor: can xmodmap do that?
16:34<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: Unfortunately some programmers use error messeges as status monitors and throw them when something is just unexpected, not necessarily wrong.
16:34<sarnold>machine check exception is *not* status monitor error reporting :)
16:34<jhutchins_wk>EmleyMoor: I believe you are running standard gnome?
16:34-!-kingsley__ [] has joined #debian
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16:34-!-Plim [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:34<EmleyMoor>Ah, found in Tweakn
16:34<jhutchins_wk>sarnold: Nothing's failing.
16:34<lolcat--007>sarnold: there is nothing like fwupdmgr or similar
16:35-!-kingsley_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:36<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk: the problem is when the system suspend and i power it again the system give a beat sound
16:36<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: A beep sound?
16:36<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk: yes
16:38<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: That's probably intended. Most bioses will beep on start-up.
16:38-!-wompa [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:39<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: As suggested, you could check with Dell for a BIOS update. Dell's pretty good about addressing issues after new hardware goes out.
16:39<sqrt{not}>lolcat--007: the packages for automatic updates of firmwares and microcode are: fwupd and fwupdate
16:40-!-jaroslav [] has joined #debian
16:40-!-jaroslav is "realname" on #debian
16:40<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: When I managed an office of PCs we would routinely update the BIOS before deploying new gear (I guess that was mostly IBM).
16:40<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: You _could_ do a memtest on it, but it looks like it's very clearly CPU not memory.
16:40<sqrt{not}>lolcat--007: and yes, get the newest BIOS from the Dell website, it is easy to install from a USB stick, like blast007 ssaid
16:41<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: I'd give the bios update a shot.
16:42<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk: ok i will update the bios
16:42<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: what next i already installed fwupd and fwupdate
16:43<lolcat--007>what to do next
16:44<sqrt{not}>they should automatically run, if you have the default automatic updates
16:44<sarnold>lolcat--007: try this: fwupdmgr get-updates ; fwupdmgr update
16:44-!-kingsley__ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:46<lolcat--007>sarnold: this
16:46<lolcat--007>Fetching signature
16:50-!-pron [~pron@2a03:b0c0:0:1010::3de:7001] has joined #debian
16:50-!-pron is "Jons Plunts" on #debian #debian-installer
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16:52-!-tdy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:53-!-towo` [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:56<lolcat--007>what next
16:58<sqrt{not}>next: congratulate yourself for running debian,and enjoy !
17:00<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: lol
17:01<lolcat--007>do you think the problem
17:01<lolcat--007>is solve
17:01-!-goncalor [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:03-!-goncalor [] has joined #debian
17:03-!-goncalor is "goncalor" on #debian
17:03<lolcat--007>should i restart now the system to see if i have luck
17:04<sqrt{not}>lolcat--007: I'm not sure what problem. Did you download new BIOS from Dell ? Did you install it ?
17:04<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: not yet
17:05<lolcat--007>but what about this i just download it right now
17:05<lolcat--007>Fetching signature
17:05<lolcat--007>what i have to do with it
17:05<lolcat--007>just restart or i have to do something else
17:06<sqrt{not}>did the fwupdmgr update actual install some new code somewhere ?
17:07-!-ruger [] has joined #debian
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17:07-!-ruger [] has left #debian []
17:08<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: i run apt install fwupdate
17:08<lolcat--007>and that install this packeges
17:08<lolcat--007>efibootmgr fwupdate fwupdate-amd64-signed libfwup1
17:09-!-finnx [~sheppards@2600:1702:1ae0:930:3c73:c9b6:aebb:f0b1] has joined #debian
17:09-!-finnx is "steve sheppard" on #debian
17:09<lolcat--007>then i run
17:09<lolcat--007>fwupdmgr get-updates
17:10<lolcat--007>and that installed
17:10<lolcat--007>Firmware metadata has not been updated for 30 days and may not be up to date.
17:10<lolcat--007>Update now? (Requires internet connection) [y|N]: y
17:10<lolcat--007>Fetching metadata
17:10-!-dboles [] has joined #debian
17:10-!-dboles is "dboles" on #debian
17:12<sqrt{not}>yes, and then ?
17:12<sarnold>lolcat--007: did you run fwupdmgr update ?
17:13<lolcat--007>sarnold: yes
17:13<sarnold>lolcat--007: cool; did it do anything? I've got an ancient laptop, and nothing happened, so I'm not sure if nothing happened because I'm up to date, or if nothing happened because my machine isn't even in the database :)
17:15<lolcat--007>sarnold: fwupdmgr just download something
17:16<lolcat--007>Update now? (Requires internet connection) [y|N]: y
17:16<lolcat--007>Fetching metadata
17:16-!-finnx [~sheppards@2600:1702:1ae0:930:3c73:c9b6:aebb:f0b1] has left #debian [Leaving]
17:17<sqrt{not}>you said that was from running "fwupdmgr get-updates" now we ask did you run "fwupdmgr update" ??
17:18<lolcat--007>sarnold: but what i have to do with that file
17:18<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: fwupdmgr update doesnt do nothing
17:19<sarnold>lolcat--007: you don't have to do anything with that file, it's just a status message
17:19<lolcat--007>sarnold: ok but what next do you think that fix the problem?
17:20-!-parrot [~parrot@] has joined #debian
17:20-!-parrot is "realname" on #debian
17:20<lolcat--007>should i restart now
17:20<dpkg>Parrot OS ( is a security and penetration testing distribution. It is based on Debian testing, but it is not Debian and is not supported in #debian. Seek help in #parrotsec on Freenode, the community pages, or try the mailing lists at Also ask me about <based on debian>.
17:20<parrot>new to parrot OS
17:20<sarnold>lolcat--007: if you didn't get output from the fwupdmgr update command, it probably didn't do anything. probably no need to reboot just for this.
17:20<annadane>sorry, parrot's not supported here, see the dpkg factoid
17:21-!-parrot [~parrot@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:22<lolcat--007>sarnold: ok so now i should update the bios?
17:22-!-kingsley [] has joined #debian
17:22-!-kingsley is "Kingsley G. Morse Jr." on #blug #debian
17:23<sarnold>lolcat--007: yeah -- that's probably worth a try. I was hoping to save you the trouble of doing that yourself.. check the dell support site for firmware updates
17:23<lolcat--007>one questions the system doesnt broken when i trying to update the bios
17:25<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: Sorry, that doesn't make sense in English.
17:26<lolcat--007>sarnold: i mean if the system doesnt broke or damaged if i try to update the bios by usb flash drive
17:26<lolcat--007>sarnold: excume for my bad english
17:26<jhutchins_wk>It's better than my French.
17:27<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk: lol
17:27<jhutchins_wk>I think you're asking "what happens if the bios update goes wrong and breaks my system?", and then answer is you try it again with a clean new copy.
17:27<lolcat--007>where are you from jhutchins_wk
17:27<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: It's very rare for a bios update to "brick" a PC, but it's possible. Back to Dell it goes.
17:28<jhutchins_wk>US, right in the middle.
17:29<lolcat--007>jhutchins_wk: yes that is exactly what i trying to said
17:29<lolcat--007>I think you're asking "what happens if the bios update goes
17:30<sqrt{not}>lolcat-007: if your machine is Inspiron 5566, Dell lists a new BIOS as "urgent", update 16-May 2019, on the Dell webpage blast007 mentioned above.
17:31<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: ooh really i didnt know that
17:31<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: i never update the bios before that is why im asking here for a hepl
17:31<jhutchins_wk>lolcat--007: Like I said, I used to manage a couple hundred desktop/laptop systems. I updated the BIOS on almost all of them and never had one go wrong.
17:33<sqrt{not}>lolcat-007: See this Dell webpage. go down to the place where is says "installation instructions"
17:33-!-marcus [] has quit []
17:33<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: can you please send me the file or the link of the exact of the file i have to download
17:33<lolcat--007>my machine
17:33<lolcat--007>dell inspiron 5566
17:34<jhutchins_wk>Dell is reasonably Linux friendly these days, they offer systems with Linux pre-installed from time to time.
17:34<sqrt{not}>see that webpage. it gives instructions, and has a download link for the bios bile
17:34<jhutchins_wk>also for the file.
17:34-!-jhutchins_wk [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:34<sqrt{not}>yes, the bios file, sorry.
17:36-!-SkarmoutsosV [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:36<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: it is a window file execute
17:36<lolcat--007>like .exe
17:37<sqrt{not}>lolcat-007: yes, but READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. it tells you how to install from a USB stick.
17:37<somiaj>is this firmware, dells are fairly nice with firmware these days, often times you can install it directly from the currnet firmware and not need anythign special
17:37<somiaj>Prefer that over having to boot into freedos
17:37<sqrt{not}>this is a new BIOS image
17:38-!-ol [~quassel@2406:e006:5eb:1a01:8e89:a5ff:feca:57fe] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:38<sqrt{not}>the boot menu (F12) will give an option to install it, no WIndows is needed
17:38<somiaj>Yup, on current dels the firmware can be installed from a vfat usb drive directly via the current firmware, which is nice, no additional os/tools needed.
17:40<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: ok but i just have to put that file into a flash drive or i have to make the flash bootable
17:40<lolcat--007>i never do that before
17:43<somiaj>lolcat--007: I think the flashdrive just needs to have the file in it on a vfat file system, then the firmware (setup) can read the file and install it
17:43<somiaj>I belive that is what I needed to do with my last few dell's
17:47-!-czesmir [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:48<sqrt{not}>just copy it onto a flash drive. That is also what I have done on my Dells. I don't think you need a "bootable" USB drive, never mind the instructions.
17:49-!-mode/#debian [+l 568] by debhelper
17:49<lolcat--007>wish me luck
17:49<sqrt{not}>When you press F12, one of the options should be to do a BIOS update, as I remember. (I would have to reboot this machine I'm typing on, to see exactly how it looks.
17:50<sqrt{not}>Then it will try to find the file, and ask you to confirm which file it will install, yes or no.
17:51<sqrt{not}>It worked pretty easily last times I did it.....
17:52-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
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17:53<blast007>if that option doesn't show up, then you may have to make a DOS boot disk to do it, somehow
17:55-!-omez is "" on #kernelnewbies
17:55-!-omez [] has joined #debian
17:56-!-hkbear [] has joined #debian
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17:56<lolcat--007>blast007: alright
17:58-!-thiras_ [~thiras@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:02-!-daniel [~daniel@2600:1700:1880:6d60::48] has joined #debian
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18:10<sqrt{not}>lolcat-007: maybe you have to press F2 key at boot time, instead of F12 key, to see the BIOS options ? maybe you have to try both, to try to find the BIOS update option ?
18:11-!-omez [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:11<sqrt{not}>(I mean try one at a time, if it isn't what you wanted , then try the other one, F2 or F12)
18:11-!-kmshanah [] has quit [Read error: Connection refused]
18:12-!-lolcat--007 [] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
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18:39-!-vadear [] has joined #debian
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18:42<vadear>Has anyone here installed the latest linux-libre LTS supplied by jxself?
18:42<vadear>on buster?
18:44<vadear>the output of uname -a is: Linux mylaptop 4.19.58-gnu #1.0 SMP Tue Sep 27 12:35:59 EST 1983 x86_64 GNU/Linux
18:44-!-imega_ [~coma@] has joined #debian
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18:45<vadear>the date the kernel was built is weird: Tue Sep 27 12:35:59 EST 1983
18:45-!-ol [~quassel@2406:e006:5eb:1a01:8e89:a5ff:feca:57fe] has joined #debian
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18:53<somiaj>vadear: contact the person who created that kernel, in general we don't support thrid party software here, only packages inside debian
18:55<vadear>OK, thanks
18:56-!-debianaut [] has joined #debian
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19:20-!-debianaut is now known as Debianaut
19:23<vadear>somiaj, what is the name of the package inside debian that i need to install in order to upgrade my laptop' s bios?
19:25<somiaj>that is independent of the os. You need to use the tools your laptop manfacutre provides (often times this need to be done on a freedos boot disk)
19:26-!-b4udv8 [~oftc-webi@2601:602:c700:8387:c49e:b751:b0ba:84aa] has left #debian []
19:26<sarnold>vadear: fwupd might work, some of the vendors are working together on this one, but not all
19:27<vadear>the tools that manufacturer provides are windows ones
19:27-!-troys [] has joined #debian
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19:27<blast007>vadear: what laptop is it?
19:28-!-UnCoolRoy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:29<vadear>Acer Aspire E5-576G
19:31<blast007>looks like their .exe should run under DOS. the file program says: ZAA_149.exe: MS-DOS executable, COFF for MS-DOS, DJGPP go32 DOS extender
19:32<blast007>so you should be able to load some sort of DOS environment, such as DR-DOS or FreeDOS and run that file
19:35<rant>vadear: why are you upgrading the BIOS?
19:35-!-Ophrys [~nicolas@2a01:e0a:24:2ef1:b975:121c:d92a:7ef0] has joined #debian
19:35-!-Ophrys is "purple" on #debian
19:35<vadear>can you please tell me what needs to be done (step by step) to upgrade my laptop' s bios?
19:36<rant>1) don't. 2) don't. 3) don't
19:36-!-vadear [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:37-!-italian_wanker is "[] Development release" on #kernelnewbies #tor-bots
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19:37-!-ol [~quassel@2406:e006:5eb:1a01:8e89:a5ff:feca:57fe] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:38<noln>Do they really expect users to dl/install DOS? There must be another way
19:39<rant>those flash utils typically run from a dos boot disk
19:39<blast007>noln: they expect that most people will do it from Windows
19:39<rant>but the fact that its that damn old and foolishly programmed, and the user doesn't know what they're doing, its a horrible idea
19:39<rant>the machine works now, it may not work after that
19:39-!-dvs [] has joined #debian
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19:43-!-italian_wanker [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:44<sarnold>if you can't do fwupd for your bios updates, this might work for you
19:47<rant>the bios job is to boot the system, if the system is booting, you leave it the hell alone.. is what is gauranteed to work
19:49-!-bashfulshell is "dx" on #oftc #revolution
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21:02<annadane>hi NoobScript, how can we help you?
21:02<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
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21:19<lolcat--007>hey dude i finally update the bios but i keep getting the same errors
21:19<lolcat--007>any help
21:21<annadane>weren't you told *not* to update the bios...?
21:23<somiaj>what errors, the firmware bug errors?
21:23<annadane>okay different person, sorry
21:23<annadane>i can't read...
21:23<somiaj>I forget problems after walking away from my keyboard, so I often need to be refreshed
21:24<lolcat--007>somiaj: this one
21:27<somiaj>what cpu did you have? Have you installed the appropriate microcode?
21:27<jmcnaught>lolcat--007: does something bad happen when you get these errors?
21:28<lolcat--007>somiaj: intel i3
21:29<somiaj>,v intel-microcode
21:29<judd>Package: intel-microcode on amd64 -- jessie/non-free: 3.20180425.1~deb8u1; stretch/non-free: 3.20180807a.2~deb9u1; stretch-backports/non-free: 3.20190312.1~bpo9+1; jessie-security/non-free: 3.20190618.1~deb8u1; stretch-proposed-updates/non-free: 3.20190618.1~deb9u1; stretch-security/non-free: 3.20190618.1~deb9u1; bullseye/non-free: 3.20190618.1; buster/non-free: 3.20190618.1; sid/non-free:
21:29<lolcat--007>jmcnaught: those errors happend when the system boot and the i put the system in suspend mode
21:29<lolcat--007>are very annoying
21:29<lolcat--007>also my bluetooth doesnt work
21:29<somiaj>Update microcode might help, but as jmcnaught said, bexsides seeing these do you have any actual issues
21:29<lolcat--007>i dont care to much about the bluetooth
21:30<somiaj>bluetooth is probably a separate issue than this. And if you aren't experiencing any actual issue, you might just want to report a bug and maybe a future kernel will fix the issue.
21:30<somiaj>this in buster (so 4.19?)
21:32<lolcat--007>somiaj: judd so how can i install the properly firmware to my intel cpu
21:33<somiaj>if you have non-free enabled, install the package, so 'apt install intel-microcode'
21:33<somiaj>I have found various things about these mce errors, they often point to bad hardware, but if it only happens at boot and you dont' notice any issue except seeign these errors, you may just have to ignore them. They could also be something else.
21:33<lolcat--007>somiaj: yes is already installed
21:33<lolcat--007>intel-microcode is already the newest version (3.20190618.1)
21:33<somiaj> -- gives some info
21:34-!-jyakke [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:36<lolcat--007>somiaj: ok but what will it be the solution?? cause i dont think it is memory problem cause the system is working good and fast
21:36<sqrt{not}>version b4 is already the latest for processor 806e9
21:36<somiaj>lolcat--007: if you notice nothing bad happening execpt seing the errors, the solution maybe just ignore them.
21:36<sqrt{not}>it is what is in 3.20190618.1
21:37<ppc64>hello there flappy bird debian type people ... anyone know how to "make -DMAGIC_WORDS install " a new custom kernel wherein the damn initrd.img is small ?? Real small?
21:37<lolcat--007>sqrt{not}: how can i install those one
21:37<somiaj>but most things seem to say this is hardware, not software problems (mce errors), so if mobo firmware and microcode dont' help, it could actually be a hardware problem.
21:38<sqrt{not}>lolcat: the errors you posted show you already have it
21:38-!-user [~user@] has joined #debian
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21:38<lolcat--007>somiaj: what i really dont like is when the system get into suspend mode and power it again the errors pop up again and give a beep sound
21:39<somiaj>ppc64: maybe edit
21:39*ppc64 has a hardware problem also ... only 256MB of memory
21:39<somiaj>ppc64: maybe edit /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf and list only the modules you need or let it guess what modules you need stripping some stuff out.
21:39<ppc64>somiaj: ah well ... I will look there
21:40<ppc64>somiaj: I figure with lsmod | grep -v '0$' will give me a list of stuff I actually need
21:40<somiaj>lolcat--007: if the hardware is beepeing more sign it is hardware.
21:40<somiaj>ppc64: you can often get away with less than that too, not all modules need to be available during the initramfs stage
21:40<ppc64>somiaj: I was thinking that .. just enough to get off the ground
21:41<somiaj>I don't know of any other ways to strip out stuff, but nothing I have ever actually messed with.
21:42<ppc64>somiaj: I seem to recall from the dark past when a kernel would fit on a floppy that we could do "make -DINSTALL_MOD_STRIP=1 modules_install" sort of thing
21:42*ppc64 thinks too much damn ram these days and everything is bloated
21:43<somiaj>I think the initrd image is created separate of the kernel, but again not sure on the details.
21:43<lolcat--007>somiaj: ok i throught it was a software issue so that is why i keep asking for a solution so now i should leave this like that
21:43<ppc64>somiaj: yeah .. it comes after vmlinuz is done
21:43<lolcat--007>but in ubuntu i dont get those erros
21:43<lolcat--007>that is why
21:43<somiaj>lolcat--007: what kernel were you using in ubuntu
21:44<somiaj>yea, it could be a false positive, but mce errors seem to often be hardware
21:44<lolcat--007>4.19 the same like in buster
21:44-!-Guest7418 [~user@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:44<somiaj>maybe there is something small that debian is doing during boot that is causing this error, but outside of that it is fine.
21:45-!-dvs [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:45<somiaj>maybe the best you can do is report the bug, with the info that this doesn't happen in ubuntu
21:46-!-jaroslav [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:49<lolcat--007>somiaj: ok look when i made the installation of debian buster i made / partition boot and also i put boot flag mode in root partition i dont know if that can cause problem because that is the only part i did difference in ubuntu installation
21:51<somiaj>na, this is something with your cpu/memeory/cache causing this mce error (or a false positive in the debian kernel)
21:51<somiaj>since you aren't noting anythign execpt the error, things might be just fine. If you wanted you could try stretches 4.9 kernel, see if you get the same error (if not you know this is some regression).
21:51<lolcat--007>somiaj: ok so how can i report the bug
21:51<somiaj>If you discover it works in 4.9, y ou could try to track down when this issue happens to use
21:51<somiaj>!report bug
21:51<dpkg>reportbug is used to submit bugs to the Debian <BTS>. Install reportbug, then run reportbug. See for some general information about using reportbug and/or for <debian-installer> bug reporting. Also ask me about <report-bugs>., or <reportbug MTA>
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21:55<lolcat--007>thank you guys
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21:59<ppc64>somiaj: you are magnificent ... thank you .. edited /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf MODULES=dep RUNSIZE=196M and we have lift off on a very very small machine
21:59-!-pibarnas [~AdminUser@] has quit []
22:00<sqrt{not}>lolcat--007 is not here right now, but his MCE problems seem same as this:
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22:03*ppc64 thinks ... yes .really
22:05-!-Guest7422 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:06<somiaj>sqrt{not}: well hopefully they return, that would be good to add to the bug report, helps the chance it is backported in a point release.
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22:59<lhvf>Test! Hello World! (post without authentication).
23:01<lhvf>Why is the #debian isn't requiring authentication at the moment, or recently (in oposition to countermeasures taken for spammers/flooders incident of July 2018)?
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23:04<lhvf>[Why is it the #debian not requiring authentication anymore at the moment, or recently (in oposition to countermeasures taken for spammers/flooders incident of July 2018)?]
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23:12<lhvf>Someone online or available right now? Or the people helping are 'asleep'?
23:13-!-master [~master@2804:d45:5f96:7400::101] has joined #debian
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23:14<dpkg>If you have a question, just ask! For example: "I have a problem with ___; I'm running Debian version ___. When I try to do ___ I get the following output ___. I expected it to do ___." Don't ask if you can ask, if anyone uses it, or pick one person to ask. We're all volunteers; make it easy for us to help you. If you don't get an answer try a few hours later or on See <smart questions><errors>.
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23:17<lhvf>jmcnaught: Ok. Is it there someone/anybody available related to VideoLAN/VLC Project, a Debian collaborator or staff, that could update, making the description right for that page (seems clear what is actually the issue..):
23:17<lhvf>< >
23:17<lhvf>< >
23:18<jmcnaught>lhvf: try #videonlan on freenode, it's unlikely you will find the people responsible for the VLC website in #debian
23:20-!-handsome_feng [~feng@] has joined #debian
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23:20<lhvf>jmcnaught: I've already this Channel tried many days to contact the people, but always when I'm ready on my time fuse, the Collabotators of #videolan, are saying that at that moment, the involved people are 'asleep' (Freenode).
23:21<lhvf>I've already tried this Channel many days..]
23:22-!-master [~master@2804:d45:5f96:7400::101] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:27<lhvf>jmcnaught: What's occuring with #debian? Why is it not being needed anymore the authentication to be able to '/join #debian' before with '/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>'?
23:28<jmcnaught>lhvf: presumably it is to make the channel as accessisble as possible to Debian users who require help. Do you need help with Debian?
23:37-!-master_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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23:53<lhvf>Next days I'm planning to test a LiveUSB installation of the Debian-Live 9.9.0 (on a MicroSD/SD Class 10 Card LiveUSB Persistent). Maybe after I've quoted here the MultiBootUSB software, questioning the situation of it for try to install in parallel Linux Distributions with Persistent installations (mainly Debian) , and probably after this my doubt has make some guy on GitHub have had updated a Issue Ticket at the end of last month of June, 2019.
23:54<lhvf>And maybe he have resolved this doubt raised (*maybe)initially by me, making practical tests to make this situation clear, according to what I've indagated before:
23:55-!-tm [] has joined #debian
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23:55<lhvf>< >
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23:56<lhvf>< >
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