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01:18warewolf mikegrb- around?
01:26kvandivo no
01:28Jey hm, linode needs a suspend feature
01:28@mikegrb lolz
01:28encode lol
01:28Jey i don't know why, but it does
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02:34ironie the lish logs must be costing caker and ourselves a fair amount of space. mine is almost complete going back a year
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02:57jotun is there a page to monitor host uptimes/stats?
03:14encode its called netcraft
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06:59internat any ppl good with apache in here?
07:03internat anyone?
07:05BurtyB why not just blurt out the question.. you never know someone might answer..
07:06internat ok
07:06internat can anyone help me quickly with apache and virtual hosts? i thought i had it downpat but i dont
07:06internat <internat> basicly i have 2 ip addresses, and i want any webpage connection to goto /home/nf/www except if i have a diff virtual host, like that i want to goto /home/maven
07:06internat multiple different domain names point to the box
07:08BurtyB and do they point on different IPs?
07:08internat no
07:09BurtyB in that case make your virtual host entry for whatever site goes to /home/nf/www first in the list and put the rest after it and it should do that
07:10internat err.. shouldnt i do it the other way arround?
07:10internat /home/nf/www should be like the catchall
07:11BurtyB if you think that then try it....
07:11internat im just trying tos ave myself time by asking, i thought it would be logical for the catchall to be at the end..
07:12BurtyB *shrug* it works the way I said it works for me.. ymmv
07:12internat ymmv?
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07:25tjfontaine you're mileage may vary
07:26tjfontaine the first is the default, you need at least two vhosts for resolution to work
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07:30internat ah ok
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15:11eurozip caker you here?
15:13@mikegrb I am
15:13eurozip any way you can block all incoming connections except from my ip on my linode?
15:13@mikegrb not really
15:13eurozip process "pwned" running :)
15:13@mikegrb you can though
15:13eurozip 12 is load level
15:13eurozip can't do anything
15:14eurozip I just shut it down
15:26eurozip mikegrb, can you or caker modify files on my uml node?
15:27eurozip like /etc/shadow, ha
15:27eurozip seems pw has been changed
15:30kvandivo good thing you had backups
15:30eurozip yes, I do
15:30eurozip however, without root I can't put the old /etc/shadow there
15:31tsi lish, boot single user
15:31eurozip will try, thx
15:32@mikegrb tsi: thanks
15:33tsi i hate hackers
15:33fo0bar reformat, install windows xp
15:35eurozip yea, then I won't have to worry about anything
15:35eurozip lish goes through a kernel loader, like lilo?
15:36npmr uml kernels are not loaded by a loader like lilo
15:36fo0bar eurozip: not exactly, to boot in single user mode, log into the web interface, open the current profile, and there's a radio button for single user mode
15:36npmr a uml kernel is simply a program on the host machine
15:36tsi (or make a new one, and name it "single user mode")
15:36npmr lish just gives it the right command line arguments
15:38@caker being able to do "boot single" or "boot init=/bin/bash" via Lish would be cool
15:38@mikegrb it would
15:38* caker adds to the to-do
15:38@mikegrb I should get on that
15:38@mikegrb shouldn't be too dificult
15:38fo0bar mikegrb: was there any serious issue with 2.6.10-linode11?
15:39eurozip thanks
15:40fo0bar caker: be careful to screen the input for something like that... it would be too easy to do "boot single ubdc=/linodes/mikegrb/grbpr0n.fs"
15:40@caker fo0bar: no, linode12 has mppe-mppc and policy-map added
15:40npmr boot ubdh=/etc/passwd
15:40@caker fo0bar: yeah, it wouldn't actually pass values, just check against a list
15:40* mikegrb boots npmr
15:41fo0bar caker: cool... was the "load !< 1.00" problem fixed?
15:42@caker fo0bar: no -- Blaisorblade is working on it:
15:42eurozip that worked, pw back to normal
15:42fo0bar caker: ok, thanks
15:42eurozip I wonder what was used, time to look
15:43eurozip guess I need to emerge sync...
15:43* fo0bar should reboot one day... new kernel... and there's 1.5GB not being utilized on the running system's partition
15:44fo0bar though space is no longer an issue, I found out what was eating up all my disk... I turned on query logging on named one day, and forgot to turn it off :)
15:44adamg hah
15:45adamg some people have turned on mysql query logging, and wondered why they are out of disk space within a day
15:45fo0bar imagine trying to shave off a couple hundred MB here and there, then noticing a 3.5GB log file :P
15:47adamg that could be a tad annoying
15:51encode hahha
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16:05eurozip -rw-r--r-- 1 apache apache 13985 Dec 19 10:29 dc.1
16:05eurozip -rwxrwxrwx 1 apache apache 19242 Dec 19 10:09 r0nin
16:05eurozip in /tmp
16:05eurozip obviously a php or apache vunl
16:05@caker or awstats
16:05@caker or phpbb
16:06eurozip not awstats
16:06eurozip may be phpbb, probably is
16:06jotun is there a page that lists uptimes and other stats for hosts?
16:06eurozip I forgot I had that running on 1 virthost
16:07eurozip going to stop it now, ha
16:07jotun also, caker, thanks for a great service -- it's dreamy so far
16:13@caker jotun:
16:13@caker jotun: you're welcome :)
16:14internat host9
16:14internat 17:08:08 up 371 days, 11 min, 3 users, load average: 2.04, 2.12, 2.54
16:14internat WOAH.. THATS IMPRESSIVE!
16:14internat host21
16:14internat 17:08:42 up 371 days, 37 min, 605 users, load average: 3.60, 3.83, 3.81
16:14internat *falls over*
16:15@caker ignore the # of users -- utmp bug
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16:34fo0bar bah, 371 days... that's nothing
16:34Surferdude ?
16:35fo0bar my record is just over 500 days... on a solaris x86 box, in san francisco, during the energy crisis, with no UPS
16:35fo0bar uphill, both ways!
16:35fo0bar (it helped that we were on the same grid segment as a hospital)
16:36fo0bar 14:13 <@caker> jotun:
16:36fo0bar 14:14 < internat> 17:08:08 up 371 days, 11 min, 3 users, load average: 2.04, 2.12, 2.54
16:36fo0bar 14:14 < internat> WOAH.. THATS IMPRESSIVE!
16:36Surferdude ohh
16:36fo0bar sorry, didn't see you just join
16:37Surferdude np
16:38@caker One of my old XO colo boxes wrapped Linux's uptime
16:38@caker and then some
16:38@caker I think it wrapped around 471 days er something?
16:38@mikegrb mmm bacon tomato pizza
16:38@caker but, that box just sat there and did nothing (it was a backup box)
16:38@mikegrb homemade sauce with fresh herbs
16:38@mikegrb mmmmm
16:39@mikegrb mmm cake
16:39Surferdude better than cake mikegrb? :P
16:39@mikegrb close
16:40Surferdude Call me a noob, but is cfm a real programming language
16:40jotun i think it's coldfusion
16:40Surferdude Ah
16:41Surferdude I was wondering what language caker used to code the LPM
16:41eurozip perl
16:41fo0bar COBOL
16:41@mikegrb cfm
16:41@caker Surferdude: ColdFusion on the web side, perl on the host side
16:41@mikegrb backend is perl
16:41Surferdude Ah
16:46Surferdude Behold my lazy coding skills
16:47Surferdude I got a freelancing job... just starting it now
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17:16GN coldfusion rules!
17:16adamg ...
17:16GN :)
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17:21@mikegrb mikegrb rules
17:21* mikegrb runs away
17:26tjfontaine ha ha liar
17:36kvandivo Oh boy, here we go again. A local talk radio station in New Mexico has offered Flee-ance Jennifer Wilbanks a job as a commentator.
17:36kvandivo heh heh.. flee-ance... heh heh..
17:37tjfontaine you crack you up
17:39@mikegrb he so does
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18:12syntaxman I'm having trouble telling if my web server is completely out of the water, or if the corporate firewall is killing my attempts to connect.
18:12syntaxman would someone please be kind enough to see if is functioning at all?
18:12@mikegrb what's your url? I can try connection from here
18:12@mikegrb k
18:13@mikegrb yup
18:13@mikegrb File listing for /
18:13tjfontaine groovy tuesday
18:13syntaxman ah.. well that's good and bad. ;-)
18:13@mikegrb syntaxman: indeed
18:13syntaxman web server is up, and there ain't nothing I can do about fixing it.
18:13syntaxman Thank you!
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18:15@mikegrb no problem syntaxman
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18:18adamg sleep time
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18:21tjfontaine night
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18:38* mcowger wonders if caker is awake
18:39@mikegrb I am.
18:39mcowger Cool.
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18:40mcowger I'm currently a month by month customer, and have been for about 1.5 years. I'm now confident in this service (actually quiete pleased) and would like to switch to yearly billing. So. 1) How can I do that. and 2) Do I still get the extra space if I do?
18:41@mikegrb yes and yes
18:41@mikegrb er
18:41@mikegrb one moment and I'll make it so
18:42@mikegrb done
18:42@mikegrb if you are currently logged into the member's site log out and back in to see your new space
18:42mcowger damn. Quick. Will I get and invoice?
18:43@mikegrb at the end of the month
18:43mcowger Awesome. Thanks mike.
18:43@mikegrb you are already payed up until then so you will be billed on the first for a full year
18:43@mikegrb no problem
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18:58JasonF caker: ping
18:58@mikegrb pong
18:59JasonF caker: I'm going to be writing an article for LinuxWorld magazine about virtualization, and why it's a good thing(tm), and I'd like to interview you.
18:59JasonF I'd love to schedule one, possibly Wednesday.
18:59JasonF I might be able to use a quote from you too, mike, but to be honest, one guy from linode would be enough, and the head honcho is > you :p
19:00Newsome JasonF: print or online?
19:00@mikegrb JasonF: duh, of course he is
19:00@mikegrb JasonF: ;)
19:00tizen i think my CC is almost expired
19:00tizen i might have to just bill a month and then deal with it
19:01JasonF Newsome: print
19:02* mikegrb prints JasonF
19:02JasonF Ooh, I love the way the lazer feels on my special parts
19:02@mikegrb mmm
19:04encode mmkay
19:08Newsome LinuxWorld print is still part of sys-con, right?
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19:12JasonF Newsome: yes
19:13Newsome k, thanks
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23:01pj howdy all
23:02pj hey caker ... sorry for the I/O load on host40 ... I am setting up mysql replication
23:11linbot New news from forums: talkd in Linux Networking <>
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