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02:07fake anyone awake
02:07fake why does it say 1 192 available
02:07fake yet i cant buy it
02:07fake im in a money spending mood
02:10fake =/
02:12fake anyone
02:13BurtyB dunno
02:15@caker fake: try now, please
02:16fake okay
02:17fake haha i have absolutely zero need for this
02:17fake but i am severly depressed and need something to play with while my insomnia rages
02:18fake caker can you set me up tonight?
02:19@caker fake: yes
02:19fake what datacenter?
02:19@caker fake: looks like it'll go to Fremont
02:20fake okay
02:20fake i'll be near fremont in two weeks :)
02:22fake ok done caker
02:26fake i used to be a customer last summer .. any big developments since then
02:27@caker fake: ok, account activated -- thanks
02:29fake what distro do you guys recommend for someone running mail simple http and doing lots of network coding
02:30BurtyB the one your most familiar with
02:31fake i guess i can just play around with them
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03:05taupehat hmm
03:05@mikegrb lolz
03:05taupehat lol
03:05taupehat hrm
03:05taupehat mikegrb replies to fake ctcp with an away message =]
03:06fake is ubuntu even a server distro
03:06taupehat it's debian sarge
03:13encode fake: yes it si
03:13encode i run it with no probs
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06:53internat howdy all
06:54internat out of corisoty, has anyone in here ever done a mysql-proftpd set up? im just corious cause im trying to work out how the group section of it works and how userids/groupids work
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08:14needhelp where do i get help
08:15tjfontaine what kind of help?
08:16needhelp server help
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08:17tjfontaine ugh
08:17linbot New news from forums: outbound smtp in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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08:20schwuk anyone know anyhting about exim4?
08:22tjfontaine not I
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08:34@mikegrb schwuk: what's your question?
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08:37schwuk mikegrb - I'm trying to configure exim4 (on Debian Sarge) for virtual domains, but I'm running into a "unknown lookup type" when testing it
08:38@mikegrb ahh
08:39schwuk I'm trying to test the virtual domains with 'exim -bt'
08:40schwuk it works when I use the localhost, but not one of the virtual domains
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09:25lyoungz I am having trouble setting up mail on my server -- I can't seem to get it to answer to port 25 on the external IP address.
09:25lyoungz It does answer itself if I telnet localhost 25
09:25lyoungz Is there any blocking of SMTP going on at LINODE?
09:25tjfontaine no
09:26lyoungz I set it up to listen on port 10025, and I can connect and send mail fine on that port
09:26tjfontaine do you have a firewall turned on?
09:26@mikegrb your isp is proably blocking port 25 it is /very/ common
09:26@mikegrb mine does
09:26lyoungz no, it is the ubuntu distro and I left it alone. iptables looks empty
09:26linbot ... but it is Kitchener or a 120 miles away, lyoungz ...
09:27tjfontaine I agree with mikegrb about your isp
09:27lyoungz the input policy is ACCEPT and there were no rules. I added a couple of logging rules
09:27lyoungz from the linode box I can telnet localhost 25 but I cant telnet to my own ip address on 25, even on the same box
09:28tjfontaine whats the ip?
09:28@mikegrb check netstat -vlnp
09:28@mikegrb see hat it's binding to
09:29tjfontaine I don't think you're binding to it
09:29tjfontaine because it's connection refused
09:29lyoungz tcp 0 0* LISTEN 5113/master
09:29lyoungz tcp6 0 0 :::25 :::* LISTEN 5113/master
09:29tjfontaine odd
09:29lyoungz I set up PostFix to listen to both 10025 and 25
09:30lyoungz yeah, I was quite confused
09:30lyoungz the packets are appearing in the log (I added iptables logging)
09:30tjfontaine you shouldn't have had to specify anything for postfix
09:31tjfontaine I assume you use 10025 for amavis
09:31tjfontaine inet n - y - - smtpd
09:31lyoungz no, I just set it up in desperation when 25 wouldnt work.
09:31lyoungz I don't use amavis
09:32tjfontaine your config files
09:33lyoungz the postfix config files?
09:33tjfontaine yes
09:33tjfontaine if you would please
09:33lyoungz ok
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09:38tjfontaine #
09:38tjfontaine inet n - - - - smtpd
09:38tjfontaine #
09:38tjfontaine :25 inet n - - - - smtpd
09:38tjfontaine #
09:38tjfontaine ::1:smtp inet n - - - - smtpd
09:38tjfontaine #
09:38tjfontaine :10025 inet n - - - - smtpd
09:38tjfontaine thats a bit odd
09:38tjfontaine I would replace it with something like this:
09:38tjfontaine smtp inet n - n - - smtpd
09:39lyoungz I added the :10025 entry
09:39tjfontaine I would replace those four entries with one
09:39lyoungz ok, I'll give it a shot.
09:45lyoungz smtp inet n - n - - smtpd
09:45lyoungz :10025 inet n - - - - smtpd
09:45lyoungz I now have those two lines only, and it is working fine on both ports
09:46lyoungz I guess the way ubuntu installed Postfix by default was no good.
09:46lyoungz thanks a bunch for the help
09:46tjfontaine np, they installed that way so you wouldn't be a relay
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10:43Redgore hmm if only my postfix was working properly
10:43* Redgore cant send any emails
10:45tjfontaine now what did you do?
10:45Redgore its still the smtp auth problem
10:45Redgore never got around to fixing it
10:45tjfontaine oh
10:45* tjfontaine stays out
10:45tjfontaine :)
10:45Redgore im tempted to just compile qmail to take over
10:46Redgore and not have the thing chrooted which is proilly my problem with postfix
10:46tjfontaine no, no qmail
10:46@mikegrb no!
10:46tjfontaine and chroot is probably the extra fu that's causing failures in your authyness
10:46Redgore qmail is the only MTA I havent had a single problem
10:46Redgore with
10:47@mikegrb other then it being qmail and broken!
10:47Redgore then youll have to help me fix my foobar'd postfix
10:48Redgore :P
10:56tsi i've had more problems with qmail than postfix, but i'm not about to say that either is perfect
10:56tsi at least they're not sendmail
10:56* tsi hides his bat book
10:56Redgore its more debian's postfix I think
10:57Redgore now I cant find the problem at all
10:57Redgore no auth is being asked for
10:58* Redgore forgets tjfontaine and mikegrb and goes to something he knows
11:00@mikegrb does debian even have a qmail project?
11:00@mikegrb er package
11:00eurozip yea
11:00@mikegrb nope
11:00@mikegrb just a src package
11:00@mikegrb that's awesome
11:00@mikegrb as it is against qmail license to distribute binaries
11:00@mikegrb it's not free software
11:01eurozip look for other debian sources, perhaps marlliet
11:01Redgore and your point is ?
11:01eurozip (spelling)
11:01@mikegrb eurozip: but that isn't debian
11:01@mikegrb it's a debian package, but it isn't in debian
11:01eurozip yea
11:01npmr eurozip, what those other distributors are doing is against qmail's license
11:01@mikegrb becuase it would be against qmail's license
11:01@mikegrb yeah
11:01@mikegrb because qmail sucks
11:02@mikegrb it's worse then exchange server license wise!
11:02eurozip so I guess you can only have a qmail package in gentoo
11:02eurozip ha
11:02@mikegrb because it pretends to be free
11:02tjfontaine Redgore: sorry am a bit busy and can't help track it down for you
11:02abock hello... after running apt-get dist-upgrade... sshd seems to be broken
11:02tjfontaine Redgore: if you're around tomorrow I'll tackle it
11:02tjfontaine and blog it!
11:02Redgore tjfontaine: id have to find the problem again
11:02@mikegrb abock: mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled
11:02Redgore at least I know what im doing with qmail
11:03abock ssh localhost reports "Connection closed by"
11:03abock same problem after the move
11:03abock hah
11:03abock restarting helps
11:03abock thanks
11:03abock what's that about anyway?
11:04eurozip if using debian, use postfix, read this:
11:04eurozip nice article on setting it up
11:04eurozip sarge anyway
11:04eurozip which is frozen now :)
11:05Redgore I have been through so many different guides
11:05Redgore none work
11:05Redgore including that one
11:05* npmr uses postfix on debian ( on his linode
11:06npmr i don't do any kind of auth, though
11:06npmr because i don't relay for any smtp clients
11:06Redgore I need auth
11:06Redgore for clients emails
11:07npmr acutally, i take that back, i relay for
11:07abock I'm using postfix+procmail+spamassassin+courier-imap
11:07Redgore just gone apt-get remove postfix and it lists mysql-server
11:07Redgore to be removed
11:08npmr hee
11:09* Redgore starts to strangle debian
11:12* mikegrb connects to npmr's mail server from!
11:12@mikegrb bet you didn't see that comming
11:14tsi oh ho ho! tricky
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11:20npmr [inkblot@dorothy:~]$ postconf mynetworks
11:20npmr mynetworks =
11:20npmr you'd still be able to connect, of course
11:21npmr provided you could get your grubby hands on
11:21* npmr considers the possibility highly unlikely
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11:40Redgore hmm I seem to have a sane non auth enabled postfix config
11:40Redgore now to work on sorting out auth
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11:51tjfontaine to Get the Auth
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11:53carlonarcisi | hi
11:53carlonarcisi | body is there ?
11:53@mikegrb I am body.
11:53tjfontaine you are body
11:53carlonarcisi | hi
11:54carlonarcisi | I have some rpoblem to sing in inode
11:54carlonarcisi | i tryed 3 time ...
11:54carlonarcisi | but no email arrived !
11:55@mikegrb what email address?
11:55carlonarcisi |
11:56carlonarcisi | this is very important ... i would buy linode access to create a smtp server
11:56carlonarcisi | for my application
11:56carlonarcisi | but problably linode IPs are spammed by my server mail
11:56@mikegrb May 10 12:00:32 nova sendmail[24994]: j4AESphO012919: to=<>, delay=01:31:41, xdelay=00:00:02, mailer=esmtp, pri=150674, [], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: 421 Service not available - too busy
11:56@mikegrb May 10 12:00:32 nova sendmail[24994]: j4AFojEp023618: to=<>, delay=00:09:46, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=150674,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred
11:57@mikegrb heh, did have some spam attempts from in the log too
11:58carlonarcisi | so what can I do ?
11:58@mikegrb but it is set to retry
11:58@mikegrb it has retried twice already
11:58@mikegrb is this your isp?
11:58@mikegrb you could try calling them, or signing up with another email address
11:59Redgore hmm with debian can I mix sources ?
11:59Redgore i.e. use stable and testing packages ?
11:59fake hah i signed up for a linode because i couldn't sleep last night and wanted something to play with
12:00@mikegrb Redgore: you can but it is highly cautioned against
12:00@mikegrb Redgore: best would be use for the newer things you need
12:00@mikegrb or just go to testing
12:00Redgore Package libsasl-dev is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source
12:01Redgore testing ^
12:01Redgore I have non-free and non-us defined
12:01Redgore oh hold on I dont have non-free
12:01Redgore surely it isnt in there though ?
12:03@mikegrb I wouldn't think so
12:03@mikegrb might try unstable
12:03@mikegrb it really is quite stable
12:04kvandivo ...famous last words..
12:05@mikegrb kvandivo: shut it
12:05@mikegrb I use unstable
12:05@mikegrb and my desktop is ubuntu breezy!
12:06tjfontaine breeeeeeeze
12:07carlonarcisi | so mikegrb has spammed linode ?
12:08@mikegrb carlonarcisi: tried to, but we don't have it blocked
12:09@mikegrb carlonarcisi: when our mail server connects to theirs, their mail server tells us it is too busy and to try again later
12:09carlonarcisi | ok
12:09carlonarcisi | thanks
12:10carlonarcisi | i will try with a hotmail account
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12:17Redgore hmm semi of the way to auth with my postfix server
12:21Redgore oooh looks like it worked :)
12:22tjfontaine see, persistence
12:22Redgore well seems to
12:23Redgore D713016C63 1630 Tue May 10 13:21:39 (mail for loops back to myself)
12:27Redgore any idea what would cause that ?
12:29@mikegrb possibly because it doesn't know how to deliver it locally
12:29@mikegrb so it looks up the domain and sees it points back at itself
12:30tjfontaine mydest and virtual_domain clash
12:30Redgore it should be sending from to
12:30@mikegrb rather then connect to itself to send the message on to itself it notices this
12:30Redgore it shouldnt be sending to self
12:30tjfontaine mydest and virtual_domain clash
12:31Redgore I dont have virtual_domain set
12:31tjfontaine do you have any virtual domains?
12:32Redgore I have multiple entries in mydestination for each of the domains I mean to serve
12:33tjfontaine well, that is not the "optimal" way to handle multiple domains for the same domain
12:33Redgore ive sorted it
12:33Redgore I had a relay_host set for some reason
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12:34carlonarcisi | i have sing-up in linode and i have just received receipt e-mail .. why i can't access in my account ?
12:35--- ---> Uniball [~strcat@] has joined #linode
12:37carlonarcisi | my username is biosfera
12:37tjfontaine you have to wait to be approved
12:37* adamg beaten again by tjfontaine
12:37tjfontaine adamg: get used to it ;)
12:38carlonarcisi | how long is the time for approving new user ?
12:38adamg ill get my own back in vegas
12:38tjfontaine heh
12:38tjfontaine carlonarcisi: however long mikegrb or caker takes
12:38adamg i would say poker but you are probably better than me
12:39tjfontaine don't count on it ;)
12:39carlonarcisi | wow !
12:39tsi carlo: about 24-48 hours is typical
12:39adamg what that you are petty than me
12:40@mikegrb carlonarcisi: you are activated
12:41carlonarcisi | thanks !
12:41* adamg still cant type what he thinks
12:42* tjfontaine pets adamg on the head
12:42tjfontaine don't worry you'll recover from your car drive
12:42tjfontaine car ride too
12:42* adamg goes back to blaming tj for everything
12:43adamg as least i didnt fall to sleep had to stop off for an espresso
12:43* Redgore slaps himself for locking himself out of his linode
12:43tjfontaine Redgore: hah
12:43* mikegrb unlocks the door
12:43@mikegrb Redgore: all better
12:44Redgore Chain INPUT (policy DROP) < woops
12:45tjfontaine shorewall++
12:45Redgore hmmm
12:45* mikegrb woopses tjfontaine
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13:44* adamg order pizza
13:45--- ---> gpd [] has joined #linode
13:45tjfontaine sounds good
13:45kvandivo i had a really good pizza a week or so back from papa johns.. it was hamburger and green pepper.. the two went together very well
13:46tjfontaine I had hungry howies the other day
13:46tjfontaine that was new and pleasant
13:46kvandivo while i do feel sorry for the fact that they had to kill all those green peppers to make the pizza, i managed to get over that
13:46tjfontaine quickly
13:47adamg i am sure it wont stop you eating other killed peppers in the furture
13:55--- <<-- gpd [] has quit (Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Firefox 1.0.3/20050414])
14:01Sh8d0w shorewall++
14:01tsi i'm a big fan of ham and green pepper
14:10adamg yay pizza arrived
14:10tjfontaine mmmm
14:12kvandivo did you go with hamburger and green peppers!?
14:22adamg no hawiann me boring
14:24kvandivo is that pineapple and canadian bacon, or what is it?
14:24adamg pinapple+ham
14:25kvandivo good combo if you are in the mood for it
14:26@caker wisdom teeth coming in == pain
14:26fake i can't choose which distro to use =/
14:26@mikegrb that is why I ate all mine
14:26@mikegrb well, the navy stole them
14:26tjfontaine fake: debian
14:26@mikegrb they were afraid they would come in while I was in some bay off the coast of china
14:26tjfontaine poor caker
14:27@mikegrb in a sub underwater
14:27adamg drink the pain away
14:27BurtyB fake you dont have a usual/something your used to?
14:27@mikegrb and need airlifting out
14:27@mikegrb yeah, lots of drinking
14:27@caker They're affecting my balance too, it's odd
14:27@mikegrb indeed
14:27tjfontaine don't ride the hog today
14:27fake BurtyB: I used gentoo a while ago but I'm not really into the source compilation thing anymore
14:27fake tjfontaine: I like new stuff =/
14:27@caker well, not really balance -- just getting up or laying down, my head feels weird
14:28tjfontaine fake: debian unstable + experimental
14:28BurtyB fake centos4?
14:28fake so i should install the small debian one and upgrade everything?
14:29adamg yes
14:29@mikegrb there is a wiki article about it but it is pretty straight forward
14:29@mikegrb install debian small
14:29@mikegrb open up /etc/apt/sources.list in yor favorite editor
14:29@mikegrb change stable to unstable everywhere
14:29tjfontaine s/stable/unstable/ apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade
14:30@mikegrb then apt-get update
14:30tjfontaine z00m
14:30@mikegrb apt-get upgrade
14:30@mikegrb tj is soo fast
14:30fake thanks ;p
14:30fake i should be studying for finals .. but fuck it
14:30@mikegrb make sure you mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled afterwords
14:31tjfontaine pfft finals
14:31tjfontaine /updike
14:31fake i don't know anything about scientific computing =/
14:31@mikegrb fo0bar wins
14:32tjfontaine node?
14:32Redgore mikegrb or tjfontaine: either of you willing to help me with amivsd-new and SA ?
14:32@mikegrb dunno
14:32@mikegrb Redgore: tj would be better
14:32@mikegrb I haven't used amivsd
14:32@mikegrb he should write a howto
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14:33tjfontaine Redgore: pretty straight forward stuff, ont he postfix end it's two changes
14:33Redgore its all set-up on the postfix end
14:33tjfontaine then what is the question
14:33Redgore I want it to always include a header with the SA result in it
14:33Redgore score (in SA speak)
14:34tjfontaine regardless of tag level
14:34fake some index files failed to update? ;/
14:34adamg set the inital tag level to undef
14:34Redgore yep, so I can let users to filtering at their end
14:35tjfontaine well if thats the case maybe you'd rather them use procmail and spamd
14:35tjfontaine unless you're setting up a sql/ldap based interface
14:35Redgore got any good links on how to do that ?
14:38tjfontaine if you have lots of folks you would use spamc and spamd instead of calling spamassassin
14:40tjfontaine also stay tuned for adamg's VAS that has all that you require (user based white/black lists, web interface to quarantine etc etc)
14:40tjfontaine the best part about it is it doesn't run on your node, so you save yourself the overhead
14:40Redgore the only problem I have with the VAS idea is the bandwith, but I suppose you have to give something up for less load
14:41tjfontaine no, you would only be charged bw for the legit emails passed to you
14:41tjfontaine it saves you bw
14:41Redgore see that I didnt know
14:41tjfontaine it sits in front of your current mta
14:42tjfontaine you change nothing on your end
14:42tjfontaine modify your dns to send mail first to his mta's then they relay to an ip you set
14:42Redgore a simple MX at dns level and your off
14:42tjfontaine yup
14:42tsi wooo! more people reading my email!
14:43tjfontaine there is a strict privacy policy
14:43adamg yeah i already get over a 5000 emails a day dont want to read anymore
14:43tjfontaine heh
14:44Redgore whats the policy on mails to a rude domain for it ?
14:45kvandivo adamg: if you've got any DB slots open, i'll take one for testing.. i'm curious to see if it will allow me to do what i need on my little baby linode.. if you don't have, no biggie.. i'm managing fine as is
14:45adamg pm me, username, password and db name
14:49adamg Redgore, as long as it is legal i really couldnt care less
14:49adamg kvandivo, what do you want to do?
14:49Redgore gg you might be serving i**** :P
14:50adamg if that floats your boat
14:50--- <<-- spr [] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
14:51* adamg leaves in wales where apparently the welsh **** sheep all the time, so rather common place
14:51--- ---> GN_ [] has joined #linode
14:51Redgore I live near the Welsh border
14:51Redgore often called Welsh by people with no geographical knowledge
14:51@mikegrb !!!
14:52* tjfontaine may have a welshian heritage
14:52@mikegrb heidi's aunt lives in whales
14:52--- ---> spr [] has joined #linode
14:52adamg good if it was your aunt mikegrb, i would have to leave
14:52@mikegrb :<
14:52--- <<-- sec39` [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
14:53kvandivo CZT is welsh!
14:55adamg Redgore, which part of the welsh border
14:56fake hm, what is slackware package management like?
14:56* adamg is still annoyed that the charge you for coming into wales but not for leaving
14:56heidi mikegrb: it is wales
14:56Redgore adamg: I live in Shropshire
14:56Redgore so well away from the stupid bridge
14:57adamg theres two!
14:57Redgore bridges
14:57adamg 4 pound fecking eighty to go over that stupid bloody bridge
14:57adamg heidi, where is wales?
14:58adamg s/is/in
14:58--- <<-- GN__ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:02adamg people must have bored of the converation, so me move on and fire up mytop
15:03tjfontaine top of the my
15:05adamg damm it running mytop on the wrong fecking node
15:05tjfontaine :/
15:05tjfontaine lose the IO tokens
15:05adamg thats better shows what I want now
15:07heidi adamg: i am not sure
15:07adamg k
15:19--- ---> sec39` [] has joined #linode
15:25--- ---> GN__ [] has joined #linode
15:28--- <<-- GN__ [] has quit (Quit: )
15:33--- <<-- GN_ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
15:34--- ---> jotun [] has joined #linode
16:00--- <--- tierra [] has left #linode (bug, n: A son of a glitch.)
16:03--- ---> bdash [] has joined #linode
16:16fake man linode has come so far since i used it last (like a year ago)
16:16@caker fake: you think?
16:16fake yeah
16:16fake wait
16:16@caker fake: in what regard?
16:16fake well
16:16fake lish actually works very well
16:16fake the reverse dns manager is great
16:16fake lots more distro's
16:17fake everything seems more polished
16:18fake although a little sluggish at times
16:18fake caker, where do i set auto-boot? I can't seem to find it..
16:19fake also upgrades are now (somewhat) automated it seems which is cool. I remember having to submit tickets for that.
16:24fake anyone know what this is
16:24fake INIT: Id "c0" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes
16:24fake INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel
16:24fake (gentoo booting)
16:24@mikegrb login via ssh
16:25@mikegrb and open /etc/inittab
16:25@mikegrb change the line with ttys0 to vc/0
16:25@mikegrb and then add vc/0 to /etc/securetty and run "init q"
16:25fake so replace tty0 with vc/0 ?
16:26@mikegrb yes
16:26fake k
16:26fake nice
16:26fake worked
16:26@mikegrb :D
16:26fake now why isn't my domain setting =/
16:27@mikegrb did you set it in /etc/hostname? and if your distribution has it /etc/domain or /etc/domainname
16:27@mikegrb some distribution has the /etc/domain(name), don't remember which
16:27fake i set /etc/hostname
16:27fake gentoo has dnsdomainname
16:27fake which i set too
16:29--- <<-- internat [~internat@] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
16:31--- <<-- sec39` [] has quit (Quit: )
16:31fake man lish works really great now
16:31fake ;p
16:33--- <<-- npmr [] has quit (Quit: brb)
16:34--- ---> npmr [] has joined #linode
16:34npmr linbot, roulette
16:34linbot npmr: *click*
16:37adamg hmm only 1.2 MB/s between tp and he
16:38tsi he hate me
16:45fake oh
16:45fake i figured it out
16:45fake the default /etc/issue in gentoo is broken
16:46fake has the wrong escape code for domain name :)
16:46linbot New news from forums: SSH Brute Force Attacks in General Discussion <>
16:50--- <<-- Redgore [] has quit (Quit: SMDC-Network IRC |
16:56--- <<-- Sh8d0w [] has quit (Quit: Trillian (
16:57iggy fake: issue is right, how it's set is wrong
16:59tsi if you had recomiled with --funroll-loops it would have worked right
16:59tsi or -O7
16:59fake Uhm. \O isn't a valid flag. \o is .. and it works fine.
16:59* BurtyB slaps tsi
16:59tsi or whatever gentoo people tell you to compile with these days
16:59fake Am I missing something?
17:00tsi only performance
17:00tsi if you recompile with other options you can get another 13 HP
17:00iggy it's -funroll-loops
17:00tsi those stripes on the side of your server are worth at least 10 bogomips
17:01iggy what about the plexiglass windows?
17:01tsi you've clearly done this before
17:01tsi pun intended
17:01* BurtyB adds tsi to his "anti gentoo" list of people to ignore
17:02tsi i'm not anti gentoo in particular
17:02tsi just anti any distribution that isn't hat, slack, or debian
17:02--- ---> sec39 [moon@] has joined #linode
17:02kvandivo real men roll their own
17:02iggy peculiar, usually people that like slack or debian can't stand redhat
17:03npmr io_count=28675249 io_rate=5123 io_tokens=325327 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
17:03BurtyB real men do what they want and ignore peer preasure of people telling then things are good or such
17:03npmr oh boy!
17:03BurtyB suck
17:03tsi yeah well, when i go to consult at a place that's got gentoo or ubuntu running on their servers, i'm going to charge triple for all the googling i have to do to find other people with the same problem
17:03npmr i like my computer just the way it is
17:03tsi hat/slack/debian are very well documented
17:03npmr except for all the i/o
17:03npmr but i know what that's all about
17:04npmr and it's temporary
17:04adamg npmr, what are you doing to generate all that io?
17:04npmr moving all of my mail
17:04adamg oh
17:06iggy you're probably on my host knowing my luck
17:06adamg always the same, when someone hits high IO everyone stats on the get off my host trip
17:27--- ---> Uniball [~strcat@] has joined #linode
17:34adamg hi Uniball
17:39Uniball hey adamg
17:39--- User: *** Uniball is now known as MSameer
17:40--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
17:44--- <<-- fake [] has quit (Quit: )
17:50--- <<-- bdash [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
17:54--- ---> bdash [] has joined #linode
18:06--- ---> Kain [] has joined #linode
18:07--- User: *** Kain is now known as Kainite
18:12--- ---> scanline [~micah@] has joined #linode
18:13scanline my token_refill is at 100 again :P
18:13scanline it looked like it was working just fine before that
18:13scanline I'm getting a little tired of having my $40/month service completely killed at random because someone thinks my database activity looks like swap thrashing :(
18:14@mikegrb scanline: well it's not that it looks so much like swap thrashing as it is that it is in reality really thrashing io
18:14@mikegrb and hurting the other customers on the host
18:14scanline hmm. well, I can try to smooth that out so it doesn't generate big spikes of I/O usage
18:15@mikegrb it might be that your db activity is such that anything less then a dedicated server is insufficient, or it could be that mysql needs more tuning
18:15@mikegrb or the db
18:15scanline but it really does make my linode completely useless to me when the I/O quota gets nuked like that
18:15@mikegrb yeah
18:15@mikegrb could helpl
18:15@caker scanline: have you reduced mysql's memory usage? You're currently around 130M into swap
18:15scanline caker: I have a lot in swap, but I haven't seen evidence that it's actually swapping a lot. I doubt much of that is mysql, it's probably apache and twistd
18:15@caker ahh
18:16scanline I think you're just seeing some I/O spikes created by some hourly maintenance tasks. I can disable those temporarily and then bring them back up with some I/O throttles
18:16scanline but please, at least email me or something if you're killing my I/O quota? it makes my linode useless to me
18:20@caker scanline: will do
18:21scanline thanks muchly. I'll see what I can do about smoothing out my I/O usage
18:30Kainite caker: how much would it cost to get a dedicated i/o channel for a linode?
18:31Kainite (i.e. dedicated disk?)
18:31npmr dedicated controller, too?
18:32npmr or at least a channel on a controller
18:32Kainite not necessarily
18:32Kainite could live without that if you're already using a FC fabric or something like that
18:32npmr it's not
18:33npmr it's two sata disks on a 2-channel sata controller
18:33npmr in each host
18:33Kainite ah
18:33npmr the disks are raid-1
18:33npmr so really, all the linodes on a host are currently sharing a disk
18:33npmr and effectively, a channel
18:36npmr <-- if you are good with The Calculus you could accurately estimate the size of my mail archive from this graph
18:36npmr as with all problems of The Calculus, the solution is left as a exercise for the reader
18:38Kainite or you could just do it the wrong way and iterate over each column of pixels.
18:38scanline Kainite: or you can do that and still sound like you know what you're doing by calling it a numerical integral
18:39Kainite the problem is, I never know what I'm doing.. I've been in over my head for the last 15 years!
18:39scanline that's fun too :)
18:40--- ---> FesterCouples [] has joined #linode
18:43npmr well, looks like my mail transition has successfully succeeded
18:44npmr with the exception of secondary ns, i am now fully linode-hosted
18:45Kainite does traffic between multiple linode hosts count as part of the monthly bandwidth allotment?
18:45npmr not if the two linodes are in the same datacenter
18:46npmr if one is in fremont and the other is in dallas, then it will
18:55--- <<-- funkycow [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:00--- ---> cow [] has joined #linode
19:00--- ---> Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:03--- <<-- scanline [~micah@] has quit (Quit: leaving)
19:07linbot New news from forums: Hunting: Brilliant Firewall builder for debian in Linux Networking <>
19:13--- ---> GN [] has joined #linode
19:15--- ---> TheQ [] has joined #linode
19:15TheQ i have a question about my home system
19:15@mikegrb shoot
19:15TheQ im getting HTTP 403 Forbiden on the webmin address
19:16@mikegrb yeah
19:16adamg https
19:16@mikegrb I believe you have to tell it allowed ip addresses or something like that
19:16TheQ anywhere i can do that
19:16TheQ you know where the config file is
19:17@mikegrb /etc/webmin?
19:17@mikegrb dunno never really messed with it
19:21--- <<-- Kainite [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
19:23--- ---> GN_ [] has joined #linode
19:30--- <<-- GN [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:33--- ---> TheQ` [] has joined #linode
19:33TheQ` for some reason its ignoring me
19:33TheQ` i got it to work once but login failed
19:35--- <<-- TheQ [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
19:51TheQ` got it to work
19:59--- ---> thoth39 [~hm@] has joined #linode
20:00--- User: *** GN_ is now known as GN
20:03--- ---> Chang [] has joined #linode
20:06GN fer da webmin
20:07--- <<-- Chang [] has quit (Quit: )
20:10GN linbot: a/s/l?
20:10linbot I don't have a clue.
20:10GN hehe
20:10GN its quiet here tonight
20:11--- <<-- TheQ` [] has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
20:14--- <<-- jekil [] has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
20:35--- ---> loop_until [] has joined #linode
20:36loop_until is it possible to add another linode to my already existent account?
20:37loop_until and if it is, i'm not sure how to proceed to to so...
20:38--- ---> TheQ [] has joined #linode
20:39loop_until someone? :)
20:40--- ---> Chang [] has joined #linode
20:42--- <--- loop_until [] has left #linode ()
20:45--- <--- Newsome [] has left #linode (Leaving)
20:53--- <<-- Chang [] has quit (Quit: Chang)
20:55TheQ does anyone know a domain seller place that accepts paypal
20:56npmr i think mine might
20:56npmr let me check
20:57npmr hmmm, no
21:20npmr ha ha
21:32TheQ how do i verify a paypal account
21:32taupehat TheQ: send your credit card number, vvc, and PIN to the website in the email you got =P
21:33npmr verified paypal accounts have a bank account (checking or savings) associated with them
21:33npmr you set that up through the website
21:34npmr the links are all pretty clearly labeled in the sidebar on the left after you log in
21:38--- <<-- thoth39 [~hm@] has quit (Quit: Leaving)
21:41--- ---> tierra [] has joined #linode
21:45--- ---> tierra_ [] has joined #linode
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21:52--- <<-- tierra [] has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
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22:07--- <<-- sec39 [moon@] has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:09--- ---> sec39 [moon@] has joined #linode
22:31--- <<-- GN [] has quit (Quit: So long and thanks for all the fish)
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22:59--- <--- VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode (Rotating Logs)
22:59--- ---> VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:10--- ---> dotwaffle [] has joined #linode
23:10dotwaffle Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening all!
23:17@mikegrb dotwaffle: welcome
23:17dotwaffle hello there! my linode is about 12 hours old, thought I would just pop in and say hi :)
23:19@mikegrb :D
23:21dotwaffle maybe i'll come back another time, it seems kind of kind - well, it is 0521 local here :S
23:23--- <<-- dotwaffle [] has quit (Quit: leaving)
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