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#linode IRC Logs for 2005-11-30

---Logopened Wed Nov 30 00:00:21 2005
00:03<npmr>taupehat, lag?
00:03<taupehat>not exactly
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00:09<@caker>mikegrb: I think a security scanner is in our best interest
00:10<npmr>could you leave my ip out on good faith?
00:10<@mikegrb>caker: I've often contemplated other such measures but haven't been able to work out how it could scale to our needs
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00:11<@mikegrb>npmr: I think we can make sure it hits every body once, except for you
00:11<@caker>mikegrb: perhaps an ebtable -CONT rule on those ports?
00:11<@mikegrb>hourly for you!
00:11<@mikegrb>caker: yes, that was along the lines I was thinking
00:11<@mikegrb>this was for ssh though
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00:11<@mikegrb>can ebtables match initial connections?
00:12<npmr>you know, at first glance i read that as "hooray" and not "hourly"
00:12<@mikegrb>if so, a count rule to count outbound ssh connections
00:12<@caker>never bothered to look, however
00:12<@mikegrb>and then similiar graphing to the traffic graphs
00:12<Newsome>I don't see why it couldn't
00:12<@mikegrb>and a perl script to look through the rrd data files for high rates
00:13<@mikegrb>then we could look at a graph, see that it is >> AVG for that user and bob's your uncle
00:13<@caker>Newsome: layer2 is stateless, AFAIK
00:13<npmr>i think you'd run afoul of people who use ssh as a transport for everything
00:13<@caker>it just so happens that it can do some layer3 stuff
00:13<@mikegrb>npmr: yeah, hince the graphing to compare to avg
00:14<npmr>can you write ebtables rules that detect hot linode-on-linode action and compare that to average?
00:14<@mikegrb>I am in the process of fixing $SO's bike. The throttle "worked"
00:14<@mikegrb>previously, in that twisting it _usually_ changed the engine speed.
00:15<npmr>so, for example, you could automatically stop subnet worms
00:16<npmr>actually, i take that back
00:17<npmr>about half of the domains i do backup mx and secondary ns for are hosted on linodes
00:17<npmr>i'm half linode-on-linode action, half the time
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00:22<Newsome>hmm, I guess the closest ebtables gets is 'basic IP header field filtering'
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04:36<@linbot>tronix: *click*
04:44<tronix>catching up on old convos: kill-a-watt meter is great
04:44<tronix>we love it so much we bought a bunch, out of our own pockets to
04:44<tronix>use at home too :)
04:44<tronix>(me and various co-workers)
04:45<tronix>it was very useful for more realistic numbers for capacity planning
04:45<tronix>when we were looking at some upcoming power work
04:45<tronix>instead of having to depend on mfr's worst-case numbers or WAGs
04:45<tronix>and it's so easy that we can mail one to an idiot, tell him to plug stuff in, read off numbers, move on...
04:47<tronix>we did have to get ours via mail order. suck. no biggie, just
04:47<tronix>would have had been nice to pick up in store... that instant
04:47<tronix>gratification thing, you know. ;)
04:49<tronix>jgoebel: how did you call sendmail in that cgi? (curious)
04:49<tronix>if it uses -t, that's your problem right there.
04:49<tronix> -t Extract recipients from message headers. These are added to any
04:49<tronix> recipients specified on the command line.
04:50<tronix>both sendmail and postfix (with its sendmail-compatible clone) supports this.
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04:52<tronix>caker: re: putting 18A on a 20A circuit...
04:52<tronix>I should point out that the U.S. NEC suggests loading a circuit
04:52<tronix>to no more than 80% of the rated number
04:53<tronix>as that builds in a safety margin. (fwiw/fyi)
04:53<tronix>80% of 20A would be 16A.
04:53<tronix>reason, from recollection, is that it's rated for 20A at the breaker,
04:54<tronix>but that assumes 'free air' to vent heat
04:54<tronix>breakers don't live in this 'lab setting'... they live in
04:54<tronix>enclosed spaces, so there's heat output
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04:54<tronix>heat derates effectiveness of the breaker
04:54<tronix>so the NEC sets loading at 80%; if you exceed that number,
04:54<tronix>you're playing !rr :)
04:55<tronix>(it'll probably work, but if *anything* is marginal, it gets... interesting)
04:55<tronix>[NEC = National Electrical Code]
04:58<tronix>some cool short movies...
05:02<tronix>pretty funny, shows what happens when two jet pilots with an ego tangles ;)
05:02<tronix>about 2 minutes long? 8 MB
05:02<tronix>that one is truly incredible.
05:02<tronix>Formula 1 driver racing a Porsche down streets of Paris, up to 140 MPH / 225 kph
05:03<tronix>9 min film (~35 MB)
05:03<tronix>runs so many red lights. no permit for this, so director ignored
05:03<tronix>and did it anyway. :)
05:03<tronix>director was arrested upon first showing this film.
05:03<tronix>still hasn't revealed whom the driver is, to this day. but
05:03<tronix>very skillful driving.
05:03<tronix>red lights, one-ways, etc...
05:04<tronix>keeps moving throughout whole film. end is amusing.
05:04<tronix>camera was mounted on the front bumper / fender
05:04<tronix>one word: man!
05:04[~]tronix tangos with Mr. Sandman &
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08:10<jgoebel>tronix: hey
08:10<jgoebel>tronix: is -t the default/
08:12<jgoebel>tronix: sendmail_path in php.ini is not set
08:12<jgoebel>-t -i is default
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08:19<@caker>tronix: which is why RMS load is only about 13A on each circuit
08:31[~]tronix loses battle with Monsieur Sandman
08:31<tronix>caker: ahh cool :)
08:32<tronix>jgoebel: heh there you go :)
08:32<jgoebel>tronix: but what will happen without the -t... i wonder if it will work at all, there's a reason it's defaulted
08:32<jgoebel>tronix: doesn't php just pass the entire message?
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09:03<zer0cubed>i'm in the market for a dedicated web host. i'd like to hear some personal opinions about linode, if anyone is willing to share
09:04<zer0cubed>if you're all not asleep, that is
09:04<tronix>I like it a lot. was about right price point for me
09:04<tronix>I spent a lot of time looking at co-lo and other options
09:05<tronix>UML isn't the fastest of solutions, but seems ok to me
09:05<tronix>only real problem has been the data center my machine is in
09:05<tronix>has been up/down/up/down/up/down so much
09:05<zer0cubed>ah, has it?
09:05<tronix>yeah. ThePlanet in Dallas
09:05<tronix>the other has been rock solid, Hurricane Electric in Fremont
09:06<tronix>I understand Linode has been looking to set up shop in a third data center somewhere else
09:06<tronix>(other than TP)
09:06<tronix>most TP outages aren't long, but about twice this year, we had a 8 hour outage or some such
09:06<tronix>both power related
09:06<tronix>cascading failures
09:06<zer0cubed>it seems a bit different from other hosts. multiple linux installations?
09:06<tronix>other times, just keeps on runninga nd running
09:07<tronix>zero: yeah, have option which initial linux distro you want to start with
09:07<tronix>or can set up your own distro
09:07<tronix>(with a little work)
09:07<tronix>basically they give you some cpu, some disk, some network
09:07<tronix>you do whatever you like with it, within terms of the AUP policy
09:07<zer0cubed>shared with others?
09:07<tronix>not 'entirely'... they do have special code that
09:08<tronix>limits cpu/disk i/o and other stuff
09:08<tronix>memory isn't shared
09:08<zer0cubed>ah ok
09:08<tronix>this place would be useless without said limiters :)
09:08<zer0cubed>what other hosts looked interesting to you before you decided to go with linode?
09:08[~]tronix thinks
09:09<tronix>I don't have my notes... it's been 2 weeks short of 1 year now, but
09:09<tronix>there's a major competitor to Linode... name escapes me now
09:09<tronix>very similar offering
09:09<tronix>but service isn't as good.
09:09<kvandivo>ignore me
09:09<zer0cubed>what about Netsonic?
09:09<tronix>No Deli? *gets hungry*
09:10<tronix>I also looked at rented dedicated servers
09:10<tronix>but didn't like what I saw
09:10<tronix>because whle they have *tons* of cpu power and stuff...
09:10<tronix>most had one drive setup
09:10<tronix>and who knows how long the staff gets around to
09:10<tronix>doing 'special maint requests'
09:10<zer0cubed>i had a rented dedicated server from nocster. i liked it a lot
09:10<tronix>dead drive, weird single user mode problem, console, etc
09:11<tronix>my last server was in a co-lo... good deal until they jacked their prices big time
09:11<tronix>so I had to move
09:12<tronix>Linode basically is priced for people who has relatively not demanding
09:12<tronix>workloads and wants to pay out as little as possible
09:12<tronix>a step up from 10 MB + shell access at some ISP
09:12<tronix>and sort of a step below a full blown dedicated server
09:12<tronix>and priced about in between.
09:13<tronix>me, all I need is my pr0n^H^H^H^H^err! mail and web server :)
09:13<tronix>latter is 0 traffic
09:13<tronix>former (mail! not pr0n!) is like 30-40 messages a day
09:13<zer0cubed>see, i'd prefer to keep costs down, but i'm afraid i've been spoiled with my dedicated server
09:13<tronix>so it's low impact workload for me.
09:13<tronix>$40/mo was decent
09:14<tronix>heh understandable
09:14<tronix>yeah, got to say a dedicated server has tons more cpu/mem
09:14<jgoebel>any recomendations on webmail herE?
09:14<npmr>zer0cubed, linodes are dedicated servers
09:14<jgoebel>i nkow there are a few large php software packages, wondering what's good, etc
09:14<tronix>npmr: in a sense.
09:14<npmr>the difference is that they are virtual, and not one-per-machine
09:14<jgoebel>i want to set it up for transparent access to any thing we host via imap
09:15<jgoebel>zer0cubed: i mean something we would host
09:15<tronix>squirrelmail was decent
09:15<npmr>jgoebel, horde > squirrelmail
09:15<tronix>haven't tried others
09:15<jgoebel>npmr: what is the one other?
09:15<npmr>i have installations of both webmail systems on different servers
09:15<jgoebel>npmr: that's big?
09:16<zer0cubed>thanks for the help, everyone.
09:16<tronix>zer0: one thing about Linode that's spoiled me is the crowd here
09:16<tronix>users *and* admins
09:16<tronix>both hangs out
09:16<jgoebel>i have one cpanl box and it provides 3, maybe ijust need to go check
09:16<tronix>helpful, shoots breeze, solve issues
09:16<tronix>keeps on top of stuff
09:16<tronix>announcements and whatnot
09:16<npmr>zer0cubed, yeah, caker and mikegrb are the guys who run linode
09:16<zer0cubed>that's good. i like that
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09:17<zer0cubed>alright. maybe i'll give it a shot
09:17<npmr>zer0cubed, money back guarantee
09:17<npmr>zer0cubed, check the website
09:17<jgoebel>horde is probably a big complex to be honest but... *goes to look it up*
09:17<tronix>welcome. npmr's got a point :)
09:17<zer0cubed>ah, sweet :)
09:17<jgoebel>i'm going to make a decision based on screen shots
09:17<jgoebel>always the best approach
09:17<npmr>zer0cubed, it's a few days or somesuch
09:17<zer0cubed>see y'all later
09:17[~]tronix waves
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09:18<npmr>jgoebel, i have squirrelmail on my server and horde on a server at work
09:18<npmr>jgoebel, horde is more work to set up, but the result is much nicer
09:18<jgoebel>npmr: which do you like best?
09:18<npmr>well, i don't actually use either of them
09:18<npmr>as an admin, i like squirrelmail because it's pretty easy to set up
09:18<jgoebel>npmr: oh, you just set them up?
09:19<npmr>if i were a webmail user, though, i'd prefer horde
09:19<jgoebel>but youthink horde would be a better experience for uers?
09:19<jgoebel>how hard was horde exactly?
09:19<npmr>i had a lackey do it
09:20<npmr>he did it in about a day
09:21<jgoebel>well, i certainly dono't have 8 hours to spend
09:21<jgoebel>did you customzie the UI in either of the installs?
09:22<jgoebel>it's not gmail... that's for sure
09:22[~]npmr wouldn't know
09:26<@caker>jgoebel: also,
09:27<@caker>haven't tried it yet .. it's one of them AJAX deals
09:27<jgoebel>caker: that's a new one *goes to look*
09:27<jgoebel>caker: hey
09:27<jgoebel>caker: you need to check the billing on my acount
09:27<jgoebel>caker: i let you a voicemail a long time ago
09:27<jgoebel>caker: this isn't something i think about all that ofeter, but i think i'm not being billed for my upgraded plan
09:27<@caker>jgoebel: I'm not very good with VM .. what's the issue?
09:28<jgoebel>caker: i think you're only billing me half
09:28[~]caker runs a report
09:28<jgoebel>caker: which is fine with me, but maybe you should fix it :-)
09:28<jgoebel>caker: i have a $40/mo package (upgraded from $20) and i think i'm still charged $20
09:28<@caker>hmm, not showing any discrepancies .. username?
09:29[~]kvandivo grins evily.
09:33<jgoebel>caker: this looks kinda mac like, i like :-)
09:33<jgoebel>*recent (and proud) Mac convert*
09:35<jgoebel>except i can't view more screenshots
09:39<jgoebel>is there a mailing list for the "we gave you new memory and more disk space, reboot your mcahines" type messages?
09:40<jgoebel>or are we just supposed to leanr organically?
09:41<@caker>jgoebel: the announcements forum, you can click "Watch this forum" at the bottom of it
09:41<@caker>jgoebel: or, use the RSS feed generator thing for the forums
09:41<jgoebel>caker: ok, cool
09:41<jgoebel>caker: i'm trying this webmail demo, thanks for the link
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09:42<jgoebel>caker: i'll let you know how it turns out
09:42<kvandivo>do round things turn out?
09:44<@caker>kvandivo: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
09:44<kvandivo>2 cords
09:44<@caker>kvandivo: the rain in Spain falls mostly on the _____?
09:44<jgoebel>caker: is it a girl or buy woodchuck?
09:45<jgoebel>caker: makes a big diff
09:45<@caker>jgoebel: it matters?
09:45<jgoebel>girls woodchucks tend to do more whining about the wood provided than chucking
09:45<kvandivo>caker: you're supposed to say "I don't know" and the we get to watch you thrown into the bottomless pit
09:45[~]caker goes back to conjuring majik SQL
09:46<jgoebel>apple post it notes are pretty cool
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09:48<FireSlash>caker> Its only majik if it uses two PL/SQL triggers that sort your data into four different tables for no reason other than to piss other programmers off :)
09:49<jgoebel>FireSlash: dude you can use pl/sql triggers to do that?
09:49[~]jgoebel goes off to write two PL/SQL triggers that sort your data into four different tables for no reason other than to annoy the other programmers
09:50<@caker>mmmm delivery 1 of 3 of my new AMD based server just arrived
09:50[~]caker pets the pretty RAM chips
09:51<jgoebel>caker: going amd... good man
09:51<jgoebel>caker: when you switching to Xserve
09:51<jgoebel>? :-)
09:51<@caker>jgoebel: when cows fly
09:51<FireSlash>jgoebel> Yeah. ON INSERT, foo :)
09:51<jgoebel>caker: you used mac on the deksotp though?
09:52<@caker>jgoebel: my laptop is mac, yes. I was a mac bigot for many years
09:52<jgoebel>i've used linux since i gave up MS, but i've ordered 3 macminis in the past week :-)
09:52<FireSlash>Or, if you want to be real sneaky, write the actual sorting as a procedure, and write an obfuscated trigger to call the procedure ^^
09:53<jgoebel>caker: i was never a bigot... but i never got it... i think you have to use it :-)
09:53<jgoebel>caker: it took me like 24 hours with my mini to fall in love
09:57<@caker>I have an Apple ][gs and a ][c, among other ][ parts somewhere in my parent's attic.... I think there's a broken Mac SE/30 (woohoo) somewhere in there, too
09:57<@caker>did the Apple thing for a loooong time (my dad was an educator)
09:57<lhurgoyf>anyone played with rrdtool who has some information about printing smooth curves? it was easy with gnuplot with enabling oneparameter
09:57<lhurgoyf>it seems that I need to prepare a CDEF. googling for it though
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10:36<kvandivo>linbot: talk to me
10:36<linbot>kvandivo: I'm Rick James, Bitch!
10:37<kvandivo>linbot: have some coffee
10:37<linbot>No idea.
10:42<@caker>hmm .. no heatsinks for me today. I should get the rest of the server, however
10:42[~]caker looks over at his pile of 60 Xeon heatsinks+fans
10:43<@caker>!weather 37211
10:43<linbot>caker: The current temperature in Brentwood, TN is 33\xB0F. Conditions: Sunny. Humidity: 66%. Wind: CLM at 0 mph (0 km/h).
10:43<@caker>!weather dish, tx
10:45<anderiv>caker: hehe
10:46<anderiv>I heard that story on NPR a few days ago.
10:46<anderiv>good stuff
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10:46<Beirdo>that's pretty cold for Nashville area, isn't it?
10:46<Beirdo>!weather yyz
10:46<Beirdo>stupid bot :)
10:46<@caker>Beirdo: depends. Weather here is schizophrenic
10:46<Beirdo>!weather Toronto
10:46<linbot>Beirdo: The current temperature in Toronto, Ontario is 36\xB0F. Conditions: Overcast. Humidity: 74%. Wind: WSW at 12 mph (19 km/h).
10:47<Beirdo>it's warmer here, that's just wrong
10:47<heidi>!weather 32504
10:47<anderiv>I have you both beat....
10:47<linbot>heidi: The current temperature in Gonzalez, FL is 46\xB0F. Conditions: Sunny. Humidity: 57%. Wind: N at 10 mph (16 km/h).
10:47<kvandivo>!weather gnome, alaska
10:47<anderiv>!weather 55401
10:47<linbot>anderiv: The current temperature in Minneapolis, MN is 17\xB0F. Conditions: Light Snow. Humidity: 67%. Wind: NNW at 4 mph (6 km/h).
10:47<kvandivo>!weather gnome
10:47<futhin>!weather calgary
10:47<heidi>except we don't really live in gonzalez
10:47<Beirdo>anderiv was that last week here
10:47<heidi>not sure where that comes from
10:47<anderiv>kvandivo: it's nome ;-)
10:47<kvandivo>!weather nome
10:47<linbot>kvandivo: The current temperature in Nome, AK is 22\xB0F. Conditions: Snow. Humidity: 96%. Wind: NNE at 3 mph (5 km/h).
10:48<heidi>but that temp is right for here
10:48<futhin>!weather edmonton
10:48<heidi>!weather pensacola
10:48<@caker>!weather north pole
10:48<linbot>heidi: The current temperature in Pensacola, FL is 43\xB0F. Conditions: Sunny. Humidity: 65%. Wind: NNE at 6 mph (10 km/h).
10:48<Beirdo>!weather 00646
10:48<futhin>linbot recognizes toronto but not calgary?
10:48<linbot>Dunno, futhin.
10:48<Beirdo>Toronto's the center of the universe. :)
10:48<Beirdo>!weather Dorado, PR
10:48<Beirdo>you suck, linbot
10:48<linbot>No idea, Beirdo.
10:49<Beirdo>I think the weather providers are being silly again
10:49<Beirdo>can't wait to move.
10:49<linbot>Beirdo: I learned it by watching YOU
10:49<futhin>whats freezing temp in F ?
10:49<Beirdo>boiling (at sea level) 212F
10:50<anderiv>trivia what temperature to the Celcius and Fahrenheit scales intersect...
10:50<Beirdo>and it's damn cold
10:50<anderiv>yah - we usually get 1 or 2 days per winter at that temp per season
10:50<@caker>To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 degrees and divide by 1.8. To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 1.8 and add 32 degrees.
10:50[~]caker commits to memory
10:51<futhin>-40 is fun, felt like i had a mustache when i had no facial hair (all the tiny hairs got frozen)
10:51<kvandivo>that wasn't already committed?
10:51<Beirdo>(-40 * 1.8) + 32 = -40
10:51<@caker>kvandivo: purged with your home address
10:51<kvandivo>from what i understand, blowing soap bubbles is really fun at about 50 below
10:51<Beirdo>heh, never tried that
10:52<Beirdo>always been more concerned about getting my ass back inside where it's warm
10:52<kvandivo>they turn into little frozen spheres, supposedly like really thin Christmas ornaments
10:52<futhin>apparently the coldest place on earth, siberia, only gets down to -60
10:52|-|spr [] has joined #linode
10:52<Beirdo>apparently kicking tires at -60F causes the rubber to shatter
10:52<@caker>"The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was -129F recorded in 1983 at the Russian Base Vostok in Antarctica." <-- google
10:52<Beirdo>never tried that one either
10:52<kvandivo>we had some missionaries at the church last year from about halfway up in BC
10:52<kvandivo>they were telling us about the soap bubbles
10:53<Beirdo>ummm, didn't they measure something lower than that on Mt. Washington?
10:53<Beirdo>oh, no, that was 320km/h winds
10:53<Beirdo>never mind
10:53<kvandivo>i WANT to to go mt wash
10:53<Beirdo>I've been there, but not on the mountain
10:53<Beirdo>then lost the film
10:53<kvandivo>what an awesome place
10:53<Beirdo>it is.
10:53<futhin>Beirdo: thats only -51 celsius though, i don't think tires would shatter..
10:53<kvandivo>for those that don't already know.. commit to memory
10:53<Beirdo>futhin: maybe it was -60C?
10:54<kvandivo>the weather story there is astounding
10:54<Beirdo>either way, if it were that cold, I wouldn't be trying to kick tires, I'd be bundled up like the Michelin Man anyways
11:03<kvandivo>wearing the tires, in other words?
11:06<cout_>caker: that sounds right. i remember it from trivial pursuit genus edition.
11:13[~][|^__^|] prefers phylum edition
11:16<tronix>side note: someone was climbing Denali (Mt. McKinley in Alaska) during an aborted winter trip...
11:16<tronix>some of his companions didn't make it
11:16<tronix>he survived but lost some appendages/fingers
11:16<tronix>anyway, he said it was -60 to -70 deg F (actual temp)
11:16<tronix>+ a 100+ MPH wind...
11:16<kvandivo>he just wanted it to sound good for the camera
11:16<tronix>so wind chill was something really extreme :)
11:16<kvandivo>it was actually 20 degrees with a light north breeze
11:16<tronix>-140 or something crazy like that
11:17<tronix>I don't mind a little cold, but think I'd be out of my element in -60 actual temp / -140 wind chill ;)
11:17<tronix>-25 was hard enough!
11:17<[|^__^|]>well, you put on gear to compensate
11:17<tronix>side note: at -25, tires (rubber) do become kinda square-ish when sitting overnight
11:17<[|^__^|]>it's not like he was out there in a sweater and jeans or anything
11:18<tronix>but warms up with thumps after about 30-60 secs
11:18<tronix>i've got arctic gear from arctic trip... very good gear, but wouldn't find it a picnic for that extreme :)
11:19<[|^__^|]>no, I'm sure
11:20<tronix>though, nice physiological fact (but very dangerous) is that body can't really tell intensity of cold past -25 deg F
11:20<tronix>so it feels the same at -60 as it does at -25
11:22[~]tronix brrs -- shiver me timbers! and goes off in quest of hot liquids
11:24|-|lhurgoyf [~can@] has left #linode []
11:26<futhin>rubber tires become squarish overnight at -25 because they're starting to melt!
11:27<futhin>tronix: i can tell the diff between -30 and -40 celsius
11:54|-|jgoebel [] has joined #linode
11:59|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
12:06|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has joined #linode
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12:42|-|jgoebel_ [] has joined #linode
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12:46<vaxen>how do i see what packages are installed in debian 3.1 small?
12:47<jgoebel_>vaxen: dpkg -l
12:47|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:53<vaxen>jgoebel_: thanks
13:17<gpd>any idea why firefox on osx insists on saving .zip and .gz to ?
13:19[~]anderiv wishes he had a mac to run firefox on ;-(
13:19<@caker>more rumors...
13:20<@caker>"We are becoming more convinced that Apple will introduce its first Intel-based PowerBook at Macworld San Francisco," Gardner said in a note to clients. That conference runs from Jan. 9 to 13.
13:32<vaxen>it beats me how apple can keep their new products such a big secret
13:32|-|FireSlash` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
13:36|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
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14:09|-|womble [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:25<npmr>vaxen, i know people work for apple
14:26<npmr>apple's upper management makes it very clear what's to be kept secret
14:26<npmr>and i don't know for a fact, but i'd bet that the consequences are spelled out in the employment contract
14:26<npmr>i couldn't tell you how many times i've heard "i can't say anything more"
14:27<kvandivo>just last night i had a guy telling me "well, I'm not really supposed to say"
14:29<fo0bar>the other night I heard "black or pinto beans on your burrito, sir?"
14:29<fo0bar>(I got black beans)
14:30<fo0bar>and medium salsa with queso sauce
14:30<fo0bar>it was yummy
14:31<anderiv>mmmmmm @ chipotle
14:31<fo0bar>qdoba actually
14:31<fo0bar>they don't have chipotle here
14:31<npmr>pnachero > chipotle
14:31<anderiv>doh....I figured I had a good chance of guessing right :-)
14:36|-|spr [] has joined #linode
14:50<[|^__^|]>chipotle is owned by McDonald's
14:58<fo0bar>so is boston market, which I didn't learn about until recently
14:58|-|k0x [] has joined #linode
14:58|-|Jeremy [] has joined #linode
14:58|-|Jeremy [] has quit [Quit: ]
15:00<fo0bar>and then there's Yum! Brands (A&W/KWC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Long John), which I'm not sure if Pepsi still has a controlling interest
15:01<fo0bar>err KFC
15:01<@mikegrb>they spun off taco bell, kfc, and pizza hut many years ago
15:02<@mikegrb>became named "Tricon Global"
15:02<@mikegrb>that is when kfc name was changed to just the initials
15:03<fo0bar>well, that's why I said "controlling interest" instead of "owned by", since even though it was a separate company, pepsico still owned majority stock
15:10<anderiv>is it just me or are the linode forums not quite as active as they once were?
15:13<@caker>anderiv: dunno if we've reached terminal velocity with regard to people finding answers from previous posts .. but, activity has always been in spurts
15:13<anderiv>caker: makes sense.
15:24<anderiv>random question - any cisco hardware experts in the house?
15:24<@caker>anderiv: if it costs more than 1000 bucks, then not I
15:25<anderiv>caker: hrm - bummer
15:25<@caker>what's the q?
15:25<anderiv>caker: well I'm trying to find the correct model number of an addon FastEthernet module for a Catalyst 2651 router.
15:26<anderiv>caker: cisco's website is surprisingly difficult to navigate and/or find any useful info.
15:26<@caker>what are you looking for? a gige module?
15:26<anderiv>caker: nah - just a 10/100 port. The router has two already, and I need to add one more.
15:27<@caker>I have an unused 1000B-SX module, but that won't help you
15:28<anderiv>if you're giving it away, I'll be very willing to relieve you of it
15:28<anderiv>finally found the page I was looking for.
15:29<@caker>ok, off to FedEx (drive home with be during rush hour too) because I didn't hear the door :(
15:40<[|^__^|]>I am being sold the ultimate online pharmaceutical. I assume it uses UDP.
16:06|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:16<kvandivo>caker: don't play your music so loud
16:17[~]caker plays a little Bela Fleck just for kvandivo
16:21<anderiv>caker: Bela's great.
16:22<anderiv>caker: do you have the CD he recorded w/ Edgar Meyer? "Music for Two"?
16:42|-|k0x [] has quit [Quit: ]
16:42|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
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16:53|-|[|^__^|] [] has joined #linode
17:11|-|jgoebel_ [] has joined #linode
17:11<jgoebel_>how do i add ssh keys?
17:11<jgoebel_>so i can log into the host via key?
17:13<@mikegrb>from the member's site there is a link on the overview page, near the bottom of the page I believe
17:14|-|jgoebel [] has joined #linode
17:14<jgoebel>sorry, was disconnected
17:14<@mikegrb>from the member's site there is a link on the overview page, near the bottom of the page I believe
17:15<[|^__^|]>mikegrb: how do I get elite access?
17:15<[|^__^|]>mikegrb: I can hack unix let me in
17:17<[|^__^|]>Town Square>> ;;xyzzy
17:17<[|^__^|]>Town Square>>
17:17<[|^__^|]>doesn't work any more
17:17<[|^__^|]>by the way, is *still* a telnettable citadel BBS
17:17<[|^__^|]>totally crazy
17:18<npmr>[inkblot@host30 lish]# xyzzy
17:18<npmr>Unknown command 'xyzzy'
17:19<[|^__^|]>I am now determined to IRC from a chocolate cafe
17:19<[|^__^|]>BE WARNED
17:20|-|jgoebel_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:22<@caker>anderiv: nope
17:30|-|[|^__^|] [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:32<iggy>tronix: badass movie
17:36|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
17:48<jgoebel>any postfix users here?
17:50|-|jgoebel_ [] has joined #linode
17:51<SupaZubon>a few
17:54|-|[|^__^|] [] has joined #linode
17:56|-|jgoebel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:07<@caker>jgoebel_: screen+irssi <----
18:07<JasonF>hah, amen
18:07<[|^__^|]>screen + irssi == teh win
18:12|-|internat [] has joined #linode
18:18<encode>[|^__^|]: indeed
18:18|-|jgoebel_ [] has left #linode []
18:18<internat>anyone here used much of smoothwall?
18:18<@caker>bah .. Marvell SATA driver hell
18:19<@caker>luckily, they open sourced their spec a few months back, driver will be in 2.6.15
18:42<@caker>fo0bar: <-- new SuperMicro A+ systems (lower-end)
18:44<fo0bar>caker: neat. the problem right now is not many people carry the aplus systems (none of which I order from and I'd rather stick with intel than add yet another vendor to get stuff from
18:45<@caker>fo0bar: yeah .. I ended up ordering the box from, cpus/drives from mwave, and ram from ATP
18:45<@caker>oh, the box and heatsinks from thenerds
18:46<fo0bar>as it stands now, I get everything but the 3ware controller from mwave (their "barebones" server configuration page kicks ass)
18:46<@caker>I've asked mwave about the aplus stuff ... no reply
18:47<fo0bar>but since we have one of each needed 3ware card type available as spare, I order 2nd day from mwave, and whatever's cheapest from newegg
18:47<fo0bar>mwave is a mixed blessnig... decent selection, usually same-day shipping, 2nd day shipping is usually $1 more than 3rd day
18:48<fo0bar>however, their customer support sucks ass
18:48<fo0bar>they're REALLY anal about credit cards
18:48<fo0bar>and they have no sort of "business program"
18:49<@caker>I had to call them yesterday, could barely understand the chick on the phone
18:49<fo0bar>I've spent over $70,000 with them in the last year. for that, I want a sexy female business rep giving me a massage after every order
18:49<@caker>talked about a mile/minute, along with an asian accent
18:50<fo0bar>speaking of which: Thank you for placing an order with! This e-mail is your confirmation that we have received your order.
18:51|-|[|^__^|] [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:51|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
18:57<fo0bar>caker: which model did you just order?
18:58<@caker>it feels damn quick, 'cept all I've been able to do is tool around in the installers
18:59<fo0bar>oh, it's arrived/assembled?
18:59<@caker>Yup :) came today
18:59<@caker>just powered it on about an hour ago
18:59<fo0bar>does your cdrom drive stick when ejecting?
18:59<@caker>the last one I built (6014H-t) did, but it was the label I stuck on the door
19:00<@caker>I peel off the SuperMicro raised-sticker thing to make room
19:00<fo0bar>lucky. about 75% of the ones I have with that same front configuration stick because there is so little clearance between the bottom bezel and the disk below it
19:00<@caker>You're peeling off the clear plastic covering on both lids, right?
19:01<fo0bar>anyways, it's annoying, but not the end of the world. you press eject, listen to it click a few times, then take your fingernail and edge it out
19:02<fo0bar>what CPUs did you get? dual-core?
19:02<@caker>No, too expensive .. 246's? 2Ghz Opterons
19:03[~]fo0bar has never used an opteron before
19:04<@caker>I like the BIOS better on this box
19:04<@caker>same maker (Pheonix?) but it's ... less ad-hocish
19:04<@caker>bunch of options I have NFI about
19:06<fo0bar>oh well. I guess there must be chain requirements down in hell, now that I know of a person who has seen a non-Intel supermicro system with his own eyes :)
19:06<@caker>chain requirements?
19:07<fo0bar>heh. many of the roads in the mountains around here require tire chains when it's snowing/icy
19:08<@caker>ok, just making sure
19:08<@caker>as in "cold day in hell"
19:08[~]caker smart
19:09<@caker>Subject: [Lustre-discuss] ..: [Lustre-discuss] Re: [Lustre-discuss] **: [Lustre-discuss] does lustre work on x86_64 platforms?
19:09<@caker>real smart mailing list they got there
19:33<@mikegrb>so does it?
19:50[~]gpd downloads Knoppix 4.02 at 5.81M/s... ETA 1:35... muhahahahaha
19:52|-|besonen_ [] has joined #linode
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21:33<tronix>caker: mother of bios guide, at
21:33<tronix>saw it on /. not too long ago
21:33<tronix>explains over 300 options
21:33<@caker>tronix: yeah
21:35<tronix>nice trip down memory lane for some of the 486 bios options
21:39|-|mowser [] has joined #linode
21:40<vaxen>hehe...rojakpot malaysian site
21:40<vaxen>malaysia boleh
21:46<futhin>hmm, how do i install mod_rewrite in debian
21:46<futhin>this time for the install, i see that i have rewrite.load in mod-available but not in mod-enabled.. i don't remember needing to ln -s it before
21:46<futhin>yeah apache2
21:46<futhin>i'm just wondering why i didn't need to ln -s it before..
21:47<futhin>some script or something that i missed?
21:47<@mikegrb>"sudo a2enmod"
21:48<futhin>i wouldn't have used that at all
21:48<futhin>oh well..
21:51<npmr> <-- teh sukc
21:51|-|bendy24 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:51<npmr>mutual funds aren't supposed to do that
21:52|-|funkycow [] has joined #linode
21:56<gpd>how would you create an animated gif from the command line...
21:56|-|mowser [] has quit [Quit: BitchX: no this is NOT a cybersex client]
21:56<gpd>imagemagick has 'animate' but it only plays it... doesn't save a file.. afaik
21:57<gpd>... vague bells ringing... convert all images to gif... then the last filename is the animation...
21:58|-|cow [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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22:03<gpd> <-- animation from cmd line
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