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03:21<fo0bar> <-- caker
03:21<fo0bar>I did a demo via vnc2swf
03:21<fo0bar>wasn't the easiest to do, but worked overall
03:30<fo0bar>caker: also, 2.6.15 has a slightly more verbose UML init
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09:23<smitty>anyone there?
09:23<smitty>the new network activity charts are great
09:24<smitty>i have one question
09:24<smitty>what time zone are they in?
09:25<smitty>i am trying to track down the source of a network traffic spike from my linode
09:25<smitty>knowing the exact time is a big help
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09:30<bendy24>mikegrb: mine is set to pacific time?
09:31<smitty>If i rent a second server, do I have to open a second linode account?
09:32<Redgore>smitty: yes
09:33<smitty>is there a way to move an ip address between 2 different linodes dynamically?
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09:34<efudd>smitty, no.
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09:55[~]npmr wonders if the spike smitty's trying to track down is the month-change graphing glitch
09:58<npmr>caker, got a billing problem, pm?
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10:10<npmr>caker, nevermind, i got it resolved
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10:29<npmr>caker, how come invoices and receipts don't go to the billing email?
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11:29<fo0bar>mikegrb: make them UTC. I had the same problem when doing graphing for datacenters in opposite coasts. it worked out better in the long run to make the time wrong for everyone :)
11:30<fuzzie>i have all my machines/clocks set to UTC here, which seems to serve only to confuse all my visitors during the summer
11:31<fuzzie>but i'm one person it'd be right for. :P
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11:39<@mikegrb>fuzzie: all time times on the website are eastern, as are all the hosts
11:39<@mikegrb>and all the linodes default to eastern
11:39<@mikegrb>not that utc wouldn't be better, bit late to change me thinks
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12:17<risto>I have all my servers in UTC, it's just one link: /etc/localtime -> /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC
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13:49<rafx>any news on when kernel-2.6.14-linode will be available?
13:49<[|^__^|]>-lilo- [Global Notice] (Oops, ignore previous message. :)
13:50<[|^__^|]>^-- mikegrb
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14:06<kevinl>i want to try the vps out, im just going to sign up for the basic plan for now, is there any contract?
14:07<kvandivo>like, minimum time you can try it out?
14:07<kevinl>ya, if it sucks can i cancel it
14:08<kevinl>coolio. i looked through the tos but didnt see anything about that.
14:17<heidi>well you have to pay for a month at a time
14:17<heidi>but the tos should have something about a time frame for getting refunded and whatnot
14:17<Redgore>I think its a week or two
14:17<Redgore>but dont quote me on that
14:17<heidi>i don't know exactly what the policy is on that but you don't sign a contract saying you will buy service for 6 months or a year
14:17<kvandivo>Redgore said it was a week or two, kev
14:18<heidi>thanks kvandivo
14:18<kvandivo>not a problem. anytime i can help, let me know
14:19<Redgore>after that "trial" period its then dependant on if you paid for a annual or monthly package
14:33<@mikegrb>7 days
14:34<kvandivo>I'm sure that Redgore said a week or two
14:34<Redgore>I did
14:34<Redgore>didnt I ? :P
14:34<kevinl>ah ya i just wanted to make sure its not a year or somethin
14:34<kevinl>am i supposed to get an email asking me what kinda distro I want?
14:35<kvandivo>no. you set all that yourself
14:35<anderiv>kevinl: it's all done through the web interface
14:35<Redgore>you just need to wait apon a account activation email, which prolly wont be long coming as mikegrb is about
14:35<anderiv>kevinl: see the LPM demo --->
14:37<@mikegrb>kevinl: you are in like flynn
14:38<anderiv>kevinl: if you have any other questions, I'd be glad to help out. I'm in here (as well as many others) during normal business hours (central time).
14:45<kevinl>thanks guys
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14:50<kevinl>interesting.. i deployed debian (small) and went to the job queue and it says its done, in like 5 seconds, could that be right?
14:51<npmr>boot that thing and log in
14:52<npmr>mikegrb, how come invoices and receipts don't go to the billing email?
14:52<@mikegrb>npmr: I don't know
14:52<@mikegrb>npmr: I think the fields got added but not implemented or some such
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14:53<npmr>that's disappointing
14:55<kevinl>this rules
14:56<tierra>hehe, wait til you get around to playing with some line speed tests
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15:09<soupa>Hola. .
15:09<marc_in_lux>good evening...
15:09<soupa>afternoon here
15:09<soupa>how's it going ?
15:09<npmr>kevinl, the one major caveat that everyone seems to hit at least once is the revolving quota for i/o operations
15:09<soupa>I have heard great things about the linode user interface
15:10<npmr>kevinl, there's a decent amount of documentation about how it works and how to avoid it on the website
15:10<marc_in_lux>what's the plan on introducing kernel.2.6.14...? I'm after the userspace file systems...
15:18<anderiv>soupa: yes - it's as good as you've heard.
15:19<SupaZubon>soupa: YOU ARE IN VIOLATION
15:19<SupaZubon>you are not allowed!
15:20<SupaZubon>anderiv: you are in collusion with this bogus supa!
15:21<rafx>marc_in_lux: i asked the same question at 13:49 here. no response from caker or mikegrb yet
15:21<marc_in_lux>rafx, that may just mean they're still working on it from your 13:49 question :-)
15:25<marc_in_lux>well... maybe tomorrow...
15:25<marc_in_lux>have a good night everybody...
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15:28<[|^__^|]>soupa: he's jealous
15:28<soupa>we can all get along.
15:29<[|^__^|]>thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, yes.
15:29[~]SupaZubon hugs soupa
15:29<soupa>virtual hug is OK
15:29<soupa>but a serious note, I don't get down like that homes.
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15:30<SupaZubon>soupa: on behalf of the lollipop guild we welcome you to munchkin land
15:33<smallfries>It's not always rainbows and butterflies
15:34<[|^__^|]>sometimes it is flying monkeys
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15:37<smallfries>very possible
15:38<smallfries>so what is the overall feeling about uptime and linode ?
15:38<smallfries>I'm having trouble deciding vps or dedicated
15:38<smallfries>dedicated is more flexible , but vps is so much cheaper.
15:38<anderiv>smallfries: I've had very good uptime...I think I was up past 200 days before migrating off of my linode-80 to a 120.
15:39<smallfries>an network has been stable
15:39<smallfries>hat network are the servers on ?
15:39<smallfries>multihomed I'm guessing.
15:39<anderiv>smallfries: ---->
15:40[~]anderiv reminds himself that Ctrl-V doesn't paste in irssi.
15:43[~]tierra always has to remind himself right-click DOES paste in PuTTY
15:44<smallfries>I love the right click
15:52<efudd>mm xen 3.0 released.
15:52<tierra>I do too, but I always forget since I'm in gnome-terminal at home
15:53<@caker>efudd: yeah :)
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15:55<efudd>RELEASE IT!@#!@ /hide :P
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16:08<PenguinOfDoom>Is there a local Debian mirror? I see some forum discussion from two years ago, but nothing since then.
16:10<npmr>PenguinOfDoom, no there isn't
16:10[~]PenguinOfDoom has a pathological attraction to unstable.
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16:42<anderiv>Zymurgy, huh?
16:42<anderiv>I participate in the hobby as well...
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18:29<heidi>on my new mac mini
18:30<[|^__^|]> <-- kickass game
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18:36<rafx>pong rules
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18:39<[|^__^|]>oh look, You_Wish is back!
18:42<chris>I remember You_Wish
18:42<chris>He kicked ass
18:44<[|^__^|]>He was the bestest little hobbit of them all
18:46<linbot>New news from forums: Terminal unresponsive in General Discussion <> || A few questions in Sales Questions and Answers <> || blocking ip addresses in Linux Networking <> || Running Asterisk PBX On Linode in General Discussion <> || Problems sending mail
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20:15<irgeek>caker: I haven't been following Xen development much, but I noticed a story on Google News today and I'm curious where Linode's Xen status stands. Anything interesting happened lately?
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21:33<@caker> <-- mikegrb
21:34<@caker>irgeek: Xen-3.0 was release today, mostly (from what I read) to get a wider audience to report bugs, etc. Last I messed with Xen (pre-3.0 release) there were still some issues. Most of the Xen support @ Linode has been completed already, so we're just waiting for stability in Xen itself
21:34<@caker>so, I'll be messing with 3.0-final this week, and if it looks good enough, we'll start up the private beta again
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22:08<@mikegrb>----l lllll-----,,
22:08<@mikegrb>///////\\--- - - ,.
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22:11<[|^__^|]>internat: welcome back, You_Wish!
22:13[~]efudd leaves ebay feedback: Trustworthy. Fast Shipping. Didn't let the chickens fly out of the coop. A+++!
22:15<irgeek>caker: Thanks for the update. The 3.0 release was the story I saw. At the moment I could be buggered whether we move to Xen or not--service has been great since I signed up--but I was just curious. PS -> How's business? How many hosts now?
22:16<internat>ooohh shit! xen-30 released! *drools*
22:20<[|^__^|]>poor internat
22:20<[|^__^|]>he had xen-30 in his mouth, but he released it
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22:59<tierra>whoa, already this late
22:59<tierra>think it's time to leave work
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23:41<irgeek>I know this is far off topic, but does anyone here know a good poker site that doesn't require downloading spyware?
23:41<irgeek>Or adware... etc
23:45<@mikegrb>The Comedy Central site has a flash based poker doobie
23:47<irgeek>Comedy Central? I would not have thought of that.
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