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00:22<JasonWoof>[|^__^|]: wow, nice site. this page is particularly funny:
00:22<[|^__^|]>all hail!
00:22<[|^__^|]>I like the chemistry ones the best
00:23<[|^__^|]>complete with MENDELEEV: RUSSIAN BIGAMIST
00:23<[|^__^|]>like, the ad hominem crap in the debunking
00:23<[|^__^|]>so classic
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00:42<JasonWoof>ahh, priceless: According to gravitationalists, gravity applies in a straight line between different objects; gravity does not make things spin in circles. But the planets do move in circles, and then they say such orbits prove macro-gravity. This is mere circular reasoning.
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01:15<@linbot>New news from forums: Host47 Panic in System and Network Status <>
01:23<errorlevel>Eh? Which linodes?
01:24<Battousai>those on host47
01:25<errorlevel>Ahh, okay. I understand now.
01:25<errorlevel>I just got my account tonight.
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03:05<internat>did another host crash?
03:05<eco>Is there some kind of bandwidth limiter (like the io limiter)?
03:05<internat>or more to the point, why was my node restarted?
03:06<eco>I had transfers going at 1.5MB/s total then they all suddenly dropped to ~150KB/s
03:08<internat>and i see thea nnoncement now :) ok, im satisfied
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03:10<eco>Interestingly my HTTP traffic didn't drop in speed at all.
03:12<errorlevel><linbot> New news from forums: Host47 Panic in System and Network Status <>
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07:43<jekil>high load on host21
07:43<jekil>lish dont work
07:47<jekil>wtf my linode on host21 is under dos
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08:05<predius>hey guys
08:05<predius>what's the average time for the account to be set up? I already recieved my receipt and all, and I'm kinda in a hurry.
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08:27<xinu>host40 is dead
08:28<guinea-pig>LONG LIVE HOST40!
08:28<@mikegrb>xinu: working on it
08:30<xinu>why does it crash so often? I haven't had more than a couple weeks uptime in ages.
08:32<@mikegrb>um, last time was three weeks ago, time before that was 5 months before
08:34<predius>mikegrb, can I get some kind of estimate?
08:35<jekil>lish on host21 dont work
08:35<guinea-pig>oh noes, is it the y2k+6 bug?
08:35<@mikegrb>predius: on?
08:35<predius>i paid for the account a couple of hours ago
08:36<predius>average time until I get the account?
08:36<@mikegrb>you account was activated a half hour ago
08:36<predius>oh, k,
08:36<predius>fast, thanks.
08:37<xinu>5 months? never.
08:37<@mikegrb>jekil: try now
08:38<jekil>mikegrb: now works
08:38<@mikegrb>xinu: just because your linode wasn't up for that time doesn't mean the host and other linodes on it weren't
08:39<jekil>mikegrb: but wtf happen every day at host21, each day i get a dos (little or big), today 1 hour!
08:40<@mikegrb>jekil: you're eating io
08:40<@mikegrb>check your cron jobs
08:41<jekil>mikegrb: o dont have any cron jobs t this hour
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09:10<xinu>damn kernel panic corrupted the mysql db again :-(
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11:04<predius>does the reverse dns configuration work?
11:05<Redgore>yes, can take upto 24 hours or so to work though
11:05<Redgore>it needs to propogate
11:07<predius>ah, k.
11:08<predius>longer than dns?
11:08<predius>my dns change took less than an hour
11:09<Redgore>can take up to 24 hours
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11:11<warewolf>47 panic'd
11:12<warewolf>actually come to think about it I think I saw when my linode came back up, I saw gaim log back into my jabber server.
11:12<warewolf>I was in the middle of playing WoW
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11:43<predius> having troube_
11:44<predius>never mind
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13:38[~]errorlevel wonders why there are so many panics.
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14:29<ravsi>linbot help!
14:29<ravsi>any admins around?
14:35<JasonF>mikegrb: caker: ravsi needs you!
14:36<ravsi>yes please :)
14:37<ravsi>no booty!
14:37<ravsi>which is pretty sad on new years
14:37<ravsi>host40 panicked earlier
14:37<ravsi>now my node won't boot
14:38<@caker>ravsi on host40?
14:38<@caker>it's booted and pinging for me
14:38<ravsi>its said that it is running but it won't respond to anything
14:38<ravsi>I have restarted it a few times
14:38<@caker>only one of your IPs is pinging
14:39<@caker>ravsi: know about Lish?
14:40<ravsi>ok its alive, if forgot to make that second ip load up at boot, and all my ssh settings are to that ip
14:41<ravsi>I am stupid
14:41<ravsi>thank you very much
14:41<ravsi>I didn't know about lish
14:41<ravsi>thats cool
14:51<@linbot>New news from forums: apt-get unable to parse status file in General Discussion <>
15:17<guinea-pig>lish makes mouths happy!
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18:13<internat>im having one of thse wtf moments.. i have the rdiff backup working just like mikegrbs tutorial describes it, its been working for the last few days.. then seince my node got restarted when the host crashed.. it wont work.. and i dont know why :/
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20:53<dopey>is the rdns settings page working ? If so, whats the propagation delay on setting reverse-dns?
20:55<dddd44>anyone here own a palm ?? how much application can install will dependent on ram or storage card??anyone??
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21:14<taupehat>dopey: it takes a while
21:15<taupehat>the rdns works fine, but yeah, propigation is a delay
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21:42[~]taupehat sends a "LART these jerks please" mail to a hosting company in chermuny
21:43<internat>*kicks broken* work dammit!
21:45<internat>stupid ssh being gay
21:46<taupehat>I didn't realize that ssh had attained the ability to express a sexual preference
21:46<internat>ud be suprised
21:48<kas_3>excuse me .. is that possible to install applcation into storage card in symbian phone?? my phone not enough memory..anyone??
21:49<taupehat>kas_3: this is the linode support channel... perhaps there's another channel that'd be a better fit for your question?
21:54<internat>hey mikegrb, whenever u wake up.. or are arround i have a question.. got any decent ideas for ur rdiff-backup tutorial that allows it to work with sshd having permitrootlogin being no?
21:57<internat>stupid me being secure and turning root logins off
21:58<taupehat>blam and blast, eh/
21:58[~]taupehat has root logins off as well, along with fail2ban running =]
21:58<internat>whats fail2ban?
21:58<internat>after x ammount of fails they get blacklisted?
21:59<taupehat>iptables -s foo -j DROP
21:59<internat>ah.. nice :)
21:59<internat>i should stick that on
21:59<taupehat>apt-get install fail2ban - it's that easy
21:59<internat>i wrote my own perl version of that :P
21:59<taupehat>pretty much runs itself, and reading the log is entertaining
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23:00<fo0bar>dear santa, for new years I want a pony, a new BB gun, and linux 2.6.15 so I can release an updated finnix
23:02<fo0bar>also, this is what I've been playing with today:
23:02<fo0bar>I should make an iPod port of Finnix :)
23:11<fo0bar>jeez, I hadn't done a dist-upgrade on the finnix dev system in over a month... 40MB/~100 packages of updates
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23:12<fo0bar>pretty much all of the functionality changes I've wanted were done in november, so now I'm really just waiting for 2.6.15 to come out
23:38<taupehat>does anyone here know of a good management tool for windows boxes that has some of the features of MS SMS but runs on a Samba and not AD domain?
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