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---Logopened Tue Jan 03 00:00:00 2006
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00:06<[|^__^|]>caker: in future, it might be handy for all accounts to have a pre-made finnix profile that you can just add your disk images to
00:07<[|^__^|]>just to make rescue as simple as hitting the big red OMFG button
00:08<Battousai>i propose this OMFG button be created in the gimp
00:08<Battousai>that way it looks crappy enough to be scary
00:08<Battousai>oh i forgot... maximum compression
00:09<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: caker and I were debating an OMFG button that would just automatically add your images to ubdb-g and boot, but it would be hard for the user to know what disks got assigned to what device names
00:10<[|^__^|]>well the LPM thingummy has names for them
00:10<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: but I like your idea of preloading the finnix profile, maybe just with no user-created images (they would have to add those themselves)
00:10<[|^__^|]>it's a lot easier to say "Well okay you need to make this image ubdb here"
00:10<[|^__^|]>than to say "...oh and then don't forget the initrd and did you..."
00:11<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: did you use the CD on gaspar yet? did it find the SCSI gooeyness?
00:11<[|^__^|]>the drive is dead
00:12<[|^__^|]>but it's an IBM drive so what do you expect
00:12<fo0bar> <-- boo fucking ya
00:12<[|^__^|]>new release?
00:12<fo0bar>22:08 < fo0bar> [|^__^|]: as for the "real" finnix, the next release will be out soon, when (if) linux 2.6.15 is final
00:12<fo0bar>ask any ye shall receive
00:12<[|^__^|]>2006-01-03 05:04 UTC
00:13[~]fo0bar preps kernelland
00:13<fo0bar>(my kernel build system)
00:15<@linbot2006>caker: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.15; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is unknown; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.15-rc5-mm3.
00:15[~]mikegrb snickers
00:15<@mikegrb>fo0bar: caker doesn't trust you
00:15<[|^__^|]>okay, mail *seems* to be running again on frotz
00:15<fo0bar>heh, gitsnapshots and prepatches just disappear on
00:16<fo0bar>after a release
00:19<fo0bar>great, no .config options added
00:20<taupehat>.15, eh?
00:20<taupehat>so make oldconfig will be a happy moment for me =]
00:21<fo0bar>taupehat: I was referring to -rc7 to final
00:22<fo0bar>there are maybe a dozen additions from 14 to 15 (in x86)
00:22<taupehat>what's shiny?
00:23<[|^__^|]>hooray, and the spam flows in!
00:23<[|^__^|]>and gets rejected promptly
00:23<fo0bar>taupehat: there's a new scheduler available (but I haven't tried it yet), but I like the addition of ppp mppe to vanilla
00:24[~]taupehat might have to look at the scheduler improvements
00:24<fo0bar>but if you do oldconfig and just hit enter, your 2.6.14 config should work no problem
00:24<fo0bar>err just keep hitting enter :)
00:24<taupehat>yeah, it's a familar game
00:25<taupehat>The first goarond I just hold down the enter key until I get back to the prompt
00:25<fo0bar>powerpc is another beast, they COMPLETELY revamped the arch layout, in an attempt to merge ppc with ppc64
00:26<fo0bar>(which is why the patch file is 6MB)
00:28<anderiv>caker: I know this has been asked recently, but I can't remember your answer...I have a client who is interested in a linode-80. Any updates as to the availability of those?
00:29<anderiv>that must have just happene...
00:29[~]fo0bar steals it
00:29<Battousai>i believe you just got pwned ;)
00:29[~]mikegrb pwns Battousai
00:29<anderiv>I loaded up the page like 3 minutes ago and it still said 12/15.
00:30<@caker>fo0bar: apply skas to 2.6.15 yet?
00:30<Battousai>oh god street fighter
00:30<Battousai>thank you van damme
00:30<taupehat>eh caker any thought on shifting availability toward the lower-end 'nodes? It would seem from looking that you have a lot of big nodes but not very many small ones
00:30<@caker>taupehat: I would, cept we don't roll like that
00:31<fo0bar>caker: I've been running skas-2.6.14-v8.2 against 2.6.15-rc for awhile now, with no problems
00:31<@caker>taupehat: each host is dedicated to a specific plan type
00:31<@mikegrb>it makes us better then just about everyone else
00:31<@caker>fo0bar: looks like whatever was patching arch/i386/kernel/ldt.c needs to be skipped ..
00:31<Shaun>caker, i dont know how you got your debian image so small, even with a debootstrap sarge /blah it's like 150MB
00:31[~]taupehat shoulda sent linode a couple-a servers for x-mas
00:31<@mikegrb>Shaun: magic caker dust
00:32<npmr>you could have mixed hosts with xen, couldn't you?
00:32<@mikegrb>taupehat: better would be a place to put those servers
00:32<taupehat>out of U?
00:32[~]Battousai sends mikegrb a refrigerator box
00:32<@mikegrb>iyt of power
00:32<fo0bar>skas-2.6.14-v8.2-2.6.15-rc4.patch.bz2 <-- caker: oh yeah, I forgot about that (and how I rolled my own that got around it)
00:32<Battousai>that oughtta hold ya over
00:32<taupehat>lol @ the fridge idea
00:32[~]warewolf wears his NES beanie (
00:32<fo0bar>caker: I can throw that patch up somewhere if you want it
00:33<@caker>fo0bar: cool -- lemme try this first (almost through .config)
00:34[~]taupehat sends a few ultrasparks to linode...
00:34<warewolf>mmmm... sparc.... *drools*
00:34<warewolf>my workstartion is a SunBlade 1k
00:34<taupehat>spark! sparc is some Sun garbage
00:34<warewolf>my coworkers keep trying to take it away from me
00:34<warewolf>I keep threatening to quit if they do
00:34<warewolf>(so far I get to keep it, I think it's working)
00:35<Battousai>so ultraspark = son garbage?
00:35<@caker>npmr: it's possible, yes.
00:35<warewolf>ultraspark = what you get when you're arc welding.
00:36<warewolf>ultrasparc = Sun CPU type
00:36<taupehat>warewolf: or using a cutting torch... they throw a nice shower
00:36<taupehat>22:34 -!- prowlah is now known as prowlahz
00:36<taupehat>22:34 <+prowlahz> register e0csAr
00:36<taupehat>22:34 -!- prowlahz [] has
00:36<taupehat> left #freenode []
00:36<taupehat>oops =]
00:36<Battousai>haha, freenode
00:36<@mikegrb>damn that is funny
00:36<@mikegrb>but you only had to paste the last line
00:37<@mikegrb>well second to last I guess
00:37<taupehat>you know that dude's all changing passwd on all his machines now
00:37<@mikegrb>that's where the punchline is, right?
00:37<@mikegrb>[00:36] <taupehat> 22:34 -!- prowlahz [] has
00:37<Battousai>[01:36:15] <taupehat> left #freenode []
00:37<Battousai>that there is the money shot
00:37[~]Battousai take no prisoners
00:38<taupehat>I think the part where he says his register password to the channel is the setup to the channel part
00:38<taupehat>pshew - just watched The Aristocrats last night
00:38<Battousai>you mean the aristocats?
00:38<taupehat>Battousai: hehe
00:38<warewolf>god damn I hate Harmon/Kardon
00:38<Battousai>my laptop has h/k speakers
00:38<@mikegrb>I thought you were making fun of the screwed up non rfc compliant host string
00:38<taupehat>mikegrb: oh, that's... don't get me started
00:38<Battousai>they sound like a couple of rats humping a microphone
00:38<@mikegrb>but then lilo said there are no rfcs for irc so he can do what ever he wants
00:39<Battousai>1459 doesnt count?
00:39<warewolf>I bought some refurb'd speakers and right at the 30 day mark, something in them gets fried by some static electricity, and it cranks the bass up to 10000% of what it should be
00:39[~]taupehat can get lilo going so quick... just mention that, or make fun of gentoo
00:39<@mikegrb>Battousai: nor the other three or four
00:39<taupehat>I talked smack about gentoo once and he started flaming me in the channel, I got tired of it and parted, and he flamed me in pmsg, so I left the network
00:39<Battousai>chun-li is one dumb woman
00:39[~]warewolf will have to bring into work his Altec Lansing speakers from home
00:40<Battousai>"Let me just punch this 500-pound (all muscle) gorilla Russian guy in the face."
00:40<taupehat>that movie
00:40<warewolf>-rw------- 1 warewolf warewolf 3705616 Aug 3 23:02 aristocrats.wmv
00:40<taupehat>it's side-splitting
00:40<warewolf>^ southpark
00:40<taupehat>warewolf: hehe
00:40<Battousai>that is a lot of cameos
00:40[~]taupehat has the avi
00:41<taupehat>Battousai: it's all comedians telling their version of this joke, and talking about it
00:41<warewolf>this is fro
00:41<taupehat>I would have never ever ever thought gilbert gotfried could be funny, but he's lethal
00:42<taupehat>You expect someone like George Carlin to bust out with the really crude humor, but gottfried? And it's funny? Wouldn't have thunk it.
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00:43<warewolf> oh damn
00:43<warewolf>I might have to get that dvd
00:43<Guest635>caker: mikegrb: I just submitted an order for that linode 80
00:43<warewolf>if that southpark clip is actually the joke
00:44<warewolf>I'm definitly going to have to get it
00:44<Guest635>can I ask one of you a couple of questions?
00:44<@caker>Guest635: Sure
00:44<taupehat>warewolf: is the clip about a family and a talent agent?
00:44<@caker>Guest635: account activated -- thanks
00:44<warewolf>it's completely absurd
00:44<taupehat>then, yes, that's what the movie is about
00:44<taupehat>the whole damn movie is different versions of that joke
00:44<taupehat>only way more over-the-top than the south-park clip
00:45[~]warewolf logs into netflix now
00:46<warewolf>... interesting.
00:46<warewolf>what netflix thinks I have at home, and what I actually have at home (I believe) is wrong.
00:47<warewolf>(Then again, I've probally had the same 3 dvds for the past 5 months)
00:47<warewolf>OH SHIT
00:47<warewolf>the dvd isn't out yet
00:47<warewolf>taupehat: damn you
00:47<taupehat>last week I went to send them back my movies, and found that I had 4 movies - I have a 3-movie subscription
00:47<taupehat>warewolf: hehe
00:48<taupehat>it's not out yet?
00:48<warewolf>Releases on DVD Jan 24, 2006
00:48<warewolf>so Netflix says
00:48<warewolf>maybe they don't like me
00:48<fo0bar>tar jxf ../sources/linux-2.6.14.tar.bz2 && mv linux-2.6.14 linux-2.6.15 && cd linux-2.6.15 && patch -p1 < ../patch-2.6.15.bz2 && cd .. && rsync -a linux-2.6.15/ linux-2.6.15-orig/
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00:48<taupehat>or maybe that's what the nag text that keeps appearing at the bottom of my copy is on about
00:48[~]taupehat shrugs
00:48<warewolf>you have a pre-release rip? :P
00:49[~]taupehat will probably purchase a hard copy of it, though
00:50<taupehat>or at least rent the DVD - I want to see the special features
00:50<@linbot2006>New news from forums: apt-get unable to parse status file in General Discussion
00:50<warewolf>I will have to talk to my friend-of-a-friend-who-knows-somebody-who-has-a-friend-who-works-with-someone-who-had-cancer-once-and-survived-to-tell-the-story-of-the-aristocrats
00:59<fo0bar>caker: let me know if just skipping ldt.c works... looking at the diff between my diff and bb's diff, there are a few extra things different. problem is, I did the skas patch for 2.6.15-rc4 a long time ago and didn't document as I was going along
01:02[~]taupehat adds "living in oblivion" to his netflix queue
01:02[~]Battousai adds mikegrb's room to his
01:02<Battousai>it's an indy
01:03<@mikegrb>highly regarded though
01:03<@mikegrb>Elapsed time: 4896
01:03<@mikegrb>Total: 181 reports in 81m 36s. 27.04 seconds per report.
01:03<@mikegrb>Tue Jan 3 00:58:41 CST 2006
01:03<@mikegrb>lots of them
01:03<taupehat>mikegrb: reports?
01:04<@mikegrb>spam reports
01:04<taupehat>is it my box?
01:05<taupehat>I run it through a proxy checker now and then, but it's always reassuring that nobody's complained about what the box is doing
01:07<@mikegrb>this is spam to spamtraps
01:07<@mikegrb>not spam reports to linode
01:09<taupehat>I've been enjoying the output of my fail2ban log lately
01:09[~]Battousai ganks mikegrb's 320
01:18<fo0bar>ok, 2.6.15-um-finnix done, uploading to dev server now
01:40<fo0bar>and 2.6.15-x86-finnix, let's see if this junk works
01:45<fo0bar>now, in 4 years, the ppc kernels will finish, and I can test them
01:45<fo0bar>(compiling is done on a 400mhz G4)
01:46<fo0bar>and testing is done on a 1.2ghz mini
01:46<fo0bar>I know that sounds crazy, but the G4 has one thing the mini doesn't: gigabit ethernet
01:46<taupehat>first (and second-to-last time) I did gentoo was on a G3 iBook, and of course I had to do a stage 1
01:46<fo0bar>ha ha
01:46<taupehat>KDE, Mozilla, Evolution...
01:47<taupehat>it really literally did take a week
01:47<fo0bar>I once did gentoo on a 800mhz Via Eden, which is about the computational power of a 300mhz P2
01:49<fo0bar>the Edens are good at one thing and one thing only: power consumption. they typically come on motherboards/power supplies that can take a straight 12v power supply
01:49<fo0bar>I was going to put one in my car, hook it up to the car's touchscreen display
01:50<taupehat>my toaster runs a 7XXmhz Via C3
01:50<taupehat>so yeah
01:50<taupehat>compiling on it is a test of patience
01:51<fo0bar>but the mod for adding a VGA/Composite to my car's in-dash display was like $400, so I never got around to it
01:51<fo0bar>yeah, IIRC, the Eden is the next small step up from the C3
01:51<taupehat>it works friggin great though
02:03<[|^__^|]>I'm calling it quits
02:03<[|^__^|]>caker: thanks for all your help today. Totally above and beyond, dude.
02:04<[|^__^|]>caker: I'm gunna crash and hope that frotz survives the night. Then tomorrow is all about setting up rdiff-backup again :)
02:08<taupehat>random link of the night, highly recommended:
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03:46<dgfb>wirc server download
03:47<dgfb>help me
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12:50<strikesam>hi, can I install two different distros on same linode, on different partitions and boot any one I want?
12:51<anderiv>strikesam: yes
12:51<Beirdo>ain't it cool?
12:51<strikesam>yep, indeed
12:51<@linbot2006>rafx: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.15; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is unknown; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.15-rc5-mm3.
12:52<strikesam>will it need different swap partitions or it works on same swap for both distros?
12:52<@caker>strikesam: same swap will work
12:52<anderiv>strikesam: you should be able to share swap
12:52[~]anderiv will let caker answer the questions from here on out ;-)
12:52<@caker>anderiv: actually -- go ahead
12:52[~]caker goes back to Xen
12:53<strikesam>I haven't tried it out yet but what do I have to do for that?
12:54<strikesam>any configuration changes .. ?
12:54<strikesam>any documentation pointers would be a nice thingy for me..
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12:58<anderiv>strikesam: just a sec...
12:58<strikesam>anderive: do you have any idea how a apache tomcat and SOAP server would perform on linode 80
12:59<strikesam><- also goes on forum to search docs
13:01<anderiv>strikesam: I've never run tomcat on a linode, but I'd expect that it would be a bit slow on an /80.
13:02<strikesam>even after strip?
13:02<anderiv>strikesam: to get another distro on your linode, you'll first need to free up enough disk space for the new distro.
13:03<@mikegrb>stripping the binary won't do much to help tomcat
13:05<strikesam>still i would give it a try.. and I will install linode from scratch
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14:09<hotnikks>caker; any idea why i get serious latency / packet loss to my host?
14:10<guinea-pig>hotnikks: have you diagnosed where in the routing it is (who's network, etc)
14:12<hotnikks>yeah let me fire up mtr
14:12<hotnikks>one sec
14:16<hotnikks>seems ok now, handoff to hurricane adds a little, but tahts all i can see
14:16<hotnikks>what usually happens is it just starts dropping packets
14:17<hotnikks>then 30 seconds later, after my ssh session is lagged out.. it comes back
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15:54<tsi>token 01/01 00:00 reboot, i take it?
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17:53<agile>I just rebooted my linode.. is there a way I can find out what it's IP is now (assuming it's different), I cant login to the support site because I requested the password to reset and cant get into that mailbox until tomorrow..
17:53<@caker>agile: same IP as it ever was
17:54<agile>user is cavok
17:54<agile>it should be at then?
17:54<@caker>that looks right
17:54<@caker>agile: btw, /sbin/reboot doesn't actually reboot the system
17:54<@caker>agile: want me to boot it for you?
17:55<agile>please. :) I did a shutdown -r now
17:56<@caker>agile: booted.
17:57<agile>thank you very much :)
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19:44[~]tronix peers at the assembled congress of Linoders and waves 'hi, everybody'
19:45<tronix>host27 happy? can't seem to reach the host for lish or my Linode on it
19:45<tronix>last line in mtr: 14. 0.0% 212 52.6 51.6 48.0 111.1 7.4
19:46<tronix>wondering if I'm just on crack here. :)
19:47<@mikegrb>yeah, seems to be a problem
19:47<tronix>ok cool
19:47[~]tronix will sit tight, then
19:48<tronix>I didn't do it! :)
19:48<@mikegrb>tronix: how long have you noticed it being like this?
19:48<tronix>couple mins
19:48<@mikegrb>caker: indeed
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19:57<fo0bar>gdi? isn't that a windows programming thing?
19:57<tronix>(or the largest fraternity at many universities ;) )
19:58<fo0bar>tronix: I may have known that if I went to college :)
19:58<tronix>fo0bar: hahaha :) not missing much, sometimes. :) surprised I survived college in one piece given crazy friends then
19:59<tronix>fo0bar: gdi is an informal acronym that, politely translates to 'gosh durned independent' (ie, person is not affilitated with any greek organization)
20:02<tronix>some people were proud to be in a greek organization, and, well, some were proud to *not* be in one, and the most just didn't really care either way. :)
20:04<fo0bar>in other news, I currently want to strangle whoever maintains the vfat section of the linux kernel
20:04<tronix>buggy? reaches deep into inappropriate data structures?
20:04<tronix>spaghetti code?
20:04<tronix>lots of GOTOs?
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20:05<AndyHat>So if we're seeing file corruption today on our host27 node, should we just chalk it up to that crash yesterday?
20:06<tronix>hmm... probably. host27's up but haven't seen my linode started yet so either they're staggering the starts or
20:06<tronix>they're fsck'ing
20:06<fo0bar>vfat requires a default codepage, which is another config option in a different part of the config. One would assume that if you change CONFIG_VFAT_FS from m to y, it would also change CONFIG_NLS_CODEPAGE_437 to y (the default codepage)
20:06<tronix>(or doing something else, of course.)
20:07<tronix>ahhh... ick, that's evil (CP/defaults thing)
20:07<AndyHat>Well, we cam back up not too long after the reboot yesterday, but have had some weird stuff failing today (e.g. apt-get upgrade getting random (and non-repeatable) errors in dpkg).
20:08<tronix>aye. yeah, I'd guess crash-related corruption. not very often but does happen with some folks
20:08<fo0bar>the net effect is without compiling in the codepage, the vfat code is useless (so why bother making vfat compiled-in?)
20:08<fo0bar>err without compiling in or activating the module
20:09<@mikegrb>AndyHat: dyafter your linode is restarted, you can shutdown and resize up or down a meg via the website to have the host fsck your disk image
20:09[~]fo0bar ONCE AGAIN checks that his backups from home to his linode are occurring regularly
20:09<tronix>ahh that's a neat trick/tip, thanks
20:09[~]tronix files away for reference
20:09<AndyHat>Ah, we just took it down to single-user mode and did the fsck manually, but that would probably be easier in future.
20:09<tronix>ha! they run nightly. I can tell because my net connection at home lags for about 5 minutes at midnight every night ;)
20:09<AndyHat>Well, I should say, are presently doing the fsck.
20:09<AndyHat>Hasn't finished yet.
20:10<AndyHat>The weird thing is that /var/lib/dpkg/available appears to have become corrupted, but that shouldn't have been in use at the time of the crash.
20:10<fo0bar>tronix: heh, so schedule it for 4:42AM or something
20:10<tronix>usually awake then. :( noon, maybe. ;)
20:11<tronix>nah, I like midnight since it fits in nicely with the log rotation and reports then
20:11<tierra>AndyHat: the advantage to resizing to check is that you won't have to worry about the io_limiter
20:11<tronix>that's true.
20:11<AndyHat>Ah. Right. We'll definitely do it that way next time :)
20:14<tronix>Joe Shlabotnik is my hero! (well, and caker/mikegrb, too, of course.)
20:27|-|SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
20:38<Newsome>you and Charlie Brown
20:58<[|^__^|]>uh what
20:58<[|^__^|]>caker: uh, no host problems on host27?
20:59<[|^__^|]>caker: did we reboot?
20:59<[|^__^|]>mikegrb: was this just me, or the host?
21:05<@caker>[|^__^|]: ugh, yes. 2.6.14 paniced (according to TP, no other details), so the kernel has been reverted
21:06<[|^__^|]>caker: ah, phew
21:07[~][|^__^|] mops his brow in relief
21:07<[|^__^|]>okay, I'll take frotz into single-user mode sometime tonight and fsck -f it
21:11|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
21:11<internat>lol everyone seems to be talking about that...
21:11<internat>reboot it to single user and then fsck -f
21:15<encode>why is everyone fsck'ing?
21:15<@mikegrb>encode: because they want baby filesystems
21:16<[|^__^|]>internat: nono, shutdown has a -F switch
21:16<[|^__^|]>which I will be using
21:16<[|^__^|]> The -F flag means ‘force fsck’. This only creates an advisory file /forcefsck which can be tested by the system when it comes up
21:16<[|^__^|]> again. The boot rc file can test if this file is present, and decide to run fsck(1) with a special ‘force’ flag so that even properly
21:16<[|^__^|]> unmounted filesystems get checked. After that, the boot process should remove /forcefsck.
21:17<[|^__^|]>and indeed /etc/init.d/
21:17<[|^__^|]>does check this file and uses it to do a fsck -f
21:18<[|^__^|]>I'll just touch that myself
21:19<[|^__^|]>that's a good file to just leave around in case of a crash
21:22[~][|^__^|] also sets FSCKFIX=yes in /etc/default/rcS
21:22<[|^__^|]>take that, foul corruption of filesystems!
21:28<internat>err wtf, say that again
21:28<internat>shutdown -F u say?
21:37<[|^__^|]>no, just shutdown -F
21:38<[|^__^|]>no -u
21:42<taupehat>Note: If still Win98/ME is used, these excessively are too old. These systems although it is not tested, are thought that the same vulnerability exists,the patch is not offered from the Microsoft corporation. The method of corresponding to this quite is limited. We should upgrade.
21:42<taupehat>yes, we should =]
21:43<[|^__^|]>that's babelfish for you
21:43[~][|^__^|] 塊魂
21:43<taupehat><3 babelfish Japanese-English mangles
21:46|-|spr [] has joined #linode
21:55|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
22:04|-|Alphi [] has joined #linode
22:11<Dreamer3>i wonder if load is high
22:11<Dreamer3>box feels really slow
22:11|-|AngelStar [] has joined #linode
22:21<Dreamer3>mikegrb: you up?
22:21<Dreamer3>it's not my linode
22:30<Dreamer3>it's definately behaving strangely
22:30<Dreamer3>10-20 seconds to do stuff that should take only a few tops
22:30<Dreamer3>taking long time to register keystrokes, etc
22:31<@mikegrb>I paused all io on the host for about 45 seconds abou a minute ago
22:31<Dreamer3>did you find the problem?
22:32<@mikegrb>not yet
22:32<Dreamer3>it seems to come and go
22:38<FireSlash>Man, I love lish.
22:39<FireSlash>Its the only app I know where it pretty much does what you want with no lip.
22:39<FireSlash>[fireslash@host46 lish]# boot
22:40<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: things feel a little better now?
22:40<FireSlash>No "Booting... blah... blah blah.. runlevel blargh". No "Please wait.". Just a simple "OK"
22:40<@mikegrb>FireSlash: type cake
22:41<Dreamer3>mikegrb: maybe
22:41<Dreamer3>yes, seems normal the past minute or so
22:42<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: it's a difficult situation to deal with, it isn't one or two people going over board on io
22:42<npmr>ha ha
22:42<npmr>any other easter eggs in lish?
22:42<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: it's a group of people all doing just a little over
22:42<@mikegrb>npmr: ;)
22:42<npmr>Unknown command 'lol'
22:43<Dreamer3>mikegrb: hmmm, yeah... that's what i wondered
22:43<Dreamer3>mikegrb: no good IO balancing?
22:43<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: I've throttled them all with a low token max and a token refill that is about 4 times the average
22:43<@mikegrb>and they are being throttled to the token max
22:44<Dreamer3>but that's a bad general purpose setup for everyone?
22:45[~]tronix nominates a !rr function to be put in lish. ;)
22:45<tronix>(speaking of easter eggs)
22:46<FireSlash>Is there a hotkey or command to return to lish?
22:46<tronix>ctrl-a then 'd'
22:46<tronix>(aka 'detach')
22:46<tronix>[that's how I remember it. ctrl-a 'd' = "detach from lish")
22:47<tronix>don't enter the single quotes when trying it. :)
22:47<FireSlash>Got it :)
22:47<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:47<FireSlash>In just had to try cake :P
22:47<tronix>lol cake
22:47<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:48<tronix>darn, I was hoping mikegrb would combine *both* responses :)
22:49<[|^__^|]>he use dto
22:53<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:53<encode>what does cake do in lish?
22:56<warewolf>the linode host servers really do need iLo cards
22:56<internat>is that the ram cards?
22:56<encode>integrated lights out
22:56<encode>but i wonder why they would need them
22:56<warewolf>it gives you a console to the box
22:56<encode>so does ssh
22:56<warewolf>you can power on/off the box remotely
22:57<warewolf>encode: ssh doesn't work when the box PANICs
22:57<warewolf>encode: nor does ssh give you access to the BIOS
22:57<internat>so ur trying to skip so tp doesnt have to restart etc?
22:57<encode>ip based kvm would offer similar functionality
22:57<encode>apart from the power on / off bit
22:57<warewolf>internat: iLo cards would allow caker/mikegrb to see the actual panic instead of just TP saying "it paniced"
22:57<warewolf>encode: iLo cards are much _much_ more feature rich.
22:57<npmr>iirc, the linode hosts have serial consoles that are plugged into a terminal server to which the staff has remote access
22:58<encode>warewolf: yes i know, our servers here at work have them, very useful
22:58<internat>yeah i was pretty sure u could do everythingg via serial..
22:58<warewolf>npmr: *shrugs* that's only useful if the serial console has a buffer that you can tell it to re-display
22:58<warewolf>npmr: otherwise you're connecting to a serial port on a dead device, without any idea if what went wrong
22:58<npmr>you mean the terminal server, right?
22:58<warewolf>the serial console server yes
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<warewolf>npmr: most don't have any sort of buffer, they just drop you on the serial port, and that's it
22:59<warewolf>iLo cards also allow you to reboot the box (like pressing the reset button) remotely. Serial consoles or ip based KVMs won't. *(1)
23:00<npmr>i know for sure that linode has that
23:00<warewolf>1: serial consoles work well with sun boxes, since you can drop to the openboot prom and reboot the box from the prom.
23:00<npmr>baytech rpcs
23:02<@mikegrb>warewolf: we have remote power and console units
23:03<@mikegrb>IPMI cards were looked at
23:04<warewolf>IPMI cards are cool
23:04<warewolf>I wish I had one to play with
23:04<@mikegrb>but tp unplugged some of the servers from the rpc without permission
23:05<warewolf>oh, wasn't that the case one time when y'all tried to power cycle host X and due to them shuffling power cords ended up power cycling host Y?
23:05<npmr>are hosts 4 and 30 among them?
23:06<@mikegrb>possibly 30, would have to look
23:06<@mikegrb>4 isn't
23:06<npmr>4 is a freaking rock, man
23:07<npmr>i remember host4 had some major recurring problem like two and a half years ago
23:07<@mikegrb>well the kernel panics only occur on one revision of one model of cpu
23:07<npmr>after that was fixed i don't think it's ever had anything go wrong
23:07<@mikegrb>and that's only in newer boxes
23:09<warewolf>mikegrb: does linode have SuperMicro boards?
23:09<warewolf>mikegrb: the IPMI add-on cards for SM mobos looks *really* slick
23:10<@mikegrb>caker got a few to play with
23:10<warewolf>I'll give you $50 to buy one
23:10<@mikegrb>you can buy them for $50 from the ineternet
23:10<warewolf>I was just looking at them :)
23:12<@mikegrb>the uploading a disk image and it simulating a usb mass storage device for booting is spiffy
23:12<warewolf>that's in iLo cards too :)
23:14<npmr>mikegrb, are there any 120 slots available on hosts 1-8?
23:18[~]Battousai kicks wifi
23:18<Battousai>happy birthday npmr
23:20<Battousai>oh well
23:20<Battousai>happy day anyway
23:20<npmr>off by a pretty sizeable percentage of a year
23:20<npmr>thank you
23:21|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:37<npmr>i know whose birthday it is in about 22 minutes, though
23:38<[|^__^|]>It's our anniversary in two and a half hours
23:38<Battousai>holy crap new conan
23:38<npmr>[|^__^|], so it is.... four years?
23:39<[|^__^|]>4 Jan 2003
23:39<[|^__^|]>I know because it's like 4/1/2003
23:39<[|^__^|]>so it has 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4
23:40<[|^__^|]>also because we have that quaker-style certificate up on our wall :)
23:43<npmr>i get my grad school years mixed up more than any others
23:43<[|^__^|]>I still think of 2002 as the future
23:45<npmr>i'm about due for another trip to san francisco
---Logclosed Wed Jan 04 00:00:23 2006