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00:38<warewolf>yaay slashdot is broken!
00:43[~][|^__^|] pops open a bottle of champagne
00:44<Karnaugh>when the internet is broke and all else fails, get drunk
00:49<[|^__^|]>oh no
00:49<[|^__^|]>I mean, any time slashdot is down is a reason to celebrate
00:49<[|^__^|]>and I say this as someone who has been lauded on slashdot
00:49<[|^__^|]>someone who knows those guys
00:50<[|^__^|]>Jeff Bates is a great guy
00:50<[|^__^|]>but I wish slashdot would vanish
00:50<[|^__^|]>It's been dead since like 1999
00:50<Karnaugh>I don't actualy give a damn about slashdot
00:50<Karnaugh>I've never used it
00:50<Karnaugh>I think it's ugly
00:50<Karnaugh> is better
00:50<[|^__^|]>it used to look like a spiral-bound notebook
00:50<Karnaugh>yes i remember those days
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03:26<warewolf>caker- ping
03:30<warewolf>caker- you have e-mail :)
03:55<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: I wouldn't be so harsh on slashdot, they were relevant until 2001
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05:05<marc_in_lux>good morning
05:05<marc_in_lux>is there a place one can check the kernel config?
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06:09<marc_in_lux>cool. thanks
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06:39<marc_in_lux>I don't get FUSE working. Anybody else using it?
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07:08<marc_in_lux>NeonNero, working with yesterday's 2.6.15 kernel
07:08<marc_in_lux>fuse is supposed to be in
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12:01<jekil>host21 loaded?
12:03<jekil>and screen have a troublre:
12:03<jekil>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
12:06<npmr>caker, mikegrb
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12:11<jekil>my linode is dossed, wtf have host21? last 2 weeks were hell!
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12:19<npmr>how quaint
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12:25<jekil>same question of above
12:26<npmr>when you connect to your host, what happens?
12:26<npmr>is that when you see that message "Your Linode isn't running, or another ...."?
12:26<jekil>lish cant resume session and give me that message
12:27<jekil>and anyway my linode is under dos...
12:27<npmr>do you already have another connection to lish?
12:27<npmr>the dos won't cause the problem that you are having with lish
12:27<npmr>mikegrb or caker can fix that lish problem for you
12:28<npmr>have you opened a support ticket on the web site?
12:28<jekil>the dos is another problem..
12:28<npmr>on the web site, can you shut down your linode?
12:29<jekil>but i dont want, i am not crazy..
12:29<npmr>have you opened a support ticket on the web site?
12:30<jekil>anyway i can access via ssh
12:30<npmr>ok, mikegrb and caker will be automatically paged, then
12:30<jekil>the problem is that host 21 is veervy slow from 2 weeks
12:30<npmr>they may be able to solve that as well
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13:31<npmr>trip, info?
14:00<trip>just curious about network status
14:01<npmr>all that from "borked"?
14:02<trip>yeah i went afk right after i joined so i kept it short and undecipherable
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18:00<gsf>Sorry, kinda new to irc.
18:00<JasonF>Sorry, I'm an old irc troll.
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18:25<FireSlash>lol. I love it when I'm uploading lots of smallish files to FTP, and you see the exact point when you've run out of IO tokens :/
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18:27<@mikegrb>mmm cake
18:27<FireSlash>mmm cake.
18:28<FireSlash>lol mike. might want to change it to only match when the sentance STARTS with cake. For this kinda reason :)
18:28<FireSlash>Heh. You'd almost think mike was here.
18:28[~]FireSlash slaps mikegrb with a on:#:TEXT command
18:36<@mikegrb>umm, I don't speak that moon language
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18:48<linbot>lol zug moo dance
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19:45<lyoungz>Has anyone ever tried taking a Linode in-house by just copying the image of the linode and running it locally?
19:45<lyoungz>anyone -here-, that is :-)
19:46<Internat-afk>and how do u propose u do that
19:46<Internat-afk>since we dont have acces to the linode image :)
19:47<lyoungz>we do, we can just mount it as a second disk.
19:47<lyoungz>nothing to stop you from having multiple boot images and mounting one to the other
19:47<Internat-afk>yeah but as far as im aware thast still not the uml image
19:48<Internat-afk>ernel command line: mem=120M fake_ide fakehd con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1 devfs=nomount root=/dev/ubda ubda=/linodes/internat/18644.fs ubdb=/linodes/internat/18645.fs eth0=tuntap,internat_0,fe:fd:46:55:1f:a1 token_max=400000 token_refill=512
19:48<Internat-afk>fakehd : Changing ubd name to "hd".
19:48<lyoungz>Do you mean it isn't the kernel? under UML, there is the kernel and then there is the root-fs. I think one can copy the whole fs, but just not the kernel.
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19:49<Internat-afk>hmms i dunno
19:49<Internat-afk>but if u just want toc opy the file system, why dont u just rsync the whole thing off?
19:49<lyoungz>I suspect it would work unless it has been deliberately made dependent on something particular to
19:50<lyoungz>ok, thanks.
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20:05<Internat-afk>ewww u had an domain
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20:07<Internat>dun worry, im just shitty that u have to be a stupid business to get a domain in australia
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20:19<@mikegrb>lyoungz is gone :<
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20:53<guinea-pig>aww man
20:53<guinea-pig>i wanted to ask him if she shit in the woods
20:53<guinea-pig>errm he
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21:00<[|^__^|]>fail2ban > *
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21:06<@mikegrb>if you like having lots of iptables rules
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22:06<tronix>since I only drop in here every once in a while, I'm allowed to rehash old convos. :-)
22:06<tronix>funniest EFnet IRC moment was when I hopped on with my preferred nick
22:06<tronix>it was available (tronic) so I used it. cool.
22:06<tronix>one day, some dipwad was mad I was using tronic, and started
22:07<tronix>to harass me with /msgs and stuff...
22:07<tronix>sure, I could've /ignore'd him. but why bother?
22:07<tronix>'cause what he didn't know was that the place I worked at, at the time,
22:07<tronix>ran not a single EFnet node, but a hub...
22:08<tronix>and the hub admin was a couple cubicles over. :)
22:08<tronix>"Yo, dude! C'mere... I wanna show you something funny."
22:08<tronix>he walked over, took a look at my irc window.
22:08<tronix>frowned. walked back
22:08<tronix>10 seconds later, somebody was booted with a 'now, that's not nice' message.
22:09<tronix>these days, years later, I really don't give a hoot what nicks are in use and what's free.
22:10<tronix>and if such an a$$wipe came along again, I'd just /ignore him|her.
22:10<tronix>I also made the motd of our hub server once, when somebody typo'd a curse and said my name instead
22:10<tronix>so I swiveled around and 'yo?' (meaning, what's up?)
22:11<tronix>had to be there, I guess. :) hub admin cried and put it in the motd.
22:12<tronix>good ole days. </old fart> :P
22:12[~]tronix re-lurks
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22:44<fireS>What are the odds of host46 having a bad stick of ram? :P
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23:06<fo0bar> <-- woo
23:06<fo0bar>I'm still not sure why you would want a permanent hard drive installation of Finnix, but people keep requesting it
23:07<fo0bar>now, I just have to RELEASE 86.2
23:08<fo0bar>little issues keep cropping up
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23:40<taupehat>ZOMG! 'sploding CPU!
23:41<fo0bar>taupehat: that's a hoax
23:41[~]mikegrb was going to say
23:41<@mikegrb>and posted in here about a month ago?
23:42<taupehat>missed it
23:43<fo0bar>#1, if the fan wasn't running, a 1.4ghz duron overclocked to 4ghz (even if that's possible, which I doubt), removing the heatsink wouldn't make much of a difference
23:43<fo0bar>#2, he picked it up with his bare hand by the heatsink, which again, if it were 4ghz, would be scalding hot
23:44<fo0bar>#3, the recovered pieces are split too well (I would expect it to be in about a thousand pieces)
23:44<taupehat>but eet ees tue extrem!
23:44<fo0bar>most likely they put small charges under the motherboard
23:44<taupehat>kinda like the old lady and the airbag
23:46<@mikegrb>7. An express-gotta-be-there-I-don't-want-any-excuses-dammit box that the
23:46<@mikegrb> secretary (apparently) filled completely with those foam shell things and
23:46<@mikegrb> forgot the actual item. Result: a box that was charged on equivalent
23:46<@mikegrb> weight[1] and cost the customer almost USD$1000 to deliver a box full of
23:46<@mikegrb> foam packaging.
23:47<@mikegrb>[1] Equivalent weight is when your package is bulky but doesn't weigh much,
23:47<@mikegrb>so they screw you anyway.
23:47<taupehat>this one goes out to all of you who had to do the christmas party thing:
23:52<@mikegrb> <-- awesomness x 1000
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