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00:09<taupehat>I'd have thought that "Ybtta
00:09<taupehat>pbzchgref, bjarq ol Nagubal Ybtta".
00:09<taupehat>would have been a dead give-away
00:24[~]errorlevel wonders if host 50 had a problem.
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00:28<errorlevel>I can traceroute to host50 but cannot connect via ssh.
00:29<errorlevel>ssh does not work.
00:29<tierra>interesting, I'd say that's a problem then
00:32<GenMac>wont let me connect :(
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00:36<Internat>host 50 crashed
00:36<Internat>have u not read that
00:38<errorlevel>Where would I have read that?
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00:43<errorlevel>Okay. I see a thing about it panicking (seems to happen a lot) and that it happened over an hour ago.
00:49<tierra>those new processors seem to be causing a lot of problems...
00:49<tierra>host50 in particular
00:49[~]tierra wonders if a migration is in order
00:49<errorlevel>Lucky me. =)
00:49<errorlevel>I just signed up a couple days ago.
00:49<tierra>(or if a box is setup for one)
01:04<Internat>hopefully xen will be out soon.. *drools*
01:25[~]taupehat enjoys host15
01:25<taupehat> 23:25:44 up 90 days, 5:27, 1 user, load average: 0.13, 0.17, 0.14
01:25<taupehat>haven't had a panic in a while (like, never)
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02:30<fo0bar> <-- "Sorry for sounding anal. I'm not a graphic designer, but I play one on TV."
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04:19<Internat>ooc, how hard is it to make debian work with a ups?
04:19<Internat>that is, when we lose power and the ups attempts to notifiy the debian box of this, i want to make the debian box shutdown.. does that sound hard?
04:19<@mikegrb>not hard at all, unplug the computer, plug into ups
04:20<Internat>i was meaning software wise mike :P
04:20<@mikegrb>apt-cache search upsd
04:20<Internat>oh.. serious?
04:21<@mikegrb>apt-cache search should always be the first place to look when the question is how do you X in debian ;)
04:21<Internat>i didnt think there would be a package.. didnt think it would be that kinda thing
04:23<@mikegrb>it requires software, right?
04:23<Internat>shuddaup :P
04:23[~]Internat puts himself back in the n00b corner
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11:16<warewolf>oh, shit.
11:16<warewolf>my webserver is getting slashdotted.
11:17<warewolf>well not slashdotted, but almost.
11:17<anderiv>warewolf: where was your link posted?
11:19<warewolf>the tivo lovers livejournal blog :/
11:19<warewolf>CES TiVo photos
11:20<anderiv>good luck.
11:20<warewolf>I mirrored them fro mmegazone's website 'cause his was slow.
11:20<warewolf>now mine's slow.
11:20<warewolf>15 requests currently being processed, 0 idle servers
11:20<[|^__^|]>you should have coralized
11:20<[|^__^|]>you still can.
11:23<anderiv>warewolf: how's your load average?
11:23<warewolf> 12:23:41 up 6 days, 10:10, 7 users, load average: 0.38, 0.34, 0.31
11:23<anderiv>warewolf: ahh - that's not bad.
11:24<warewolf>io_count=27170277 io_rate=0 io_tokens=399913 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
11:24<warewolf>my io tokens graph isn't bad
11:24<anderiv>when your load average gets >30, then you can start worrying.
11:24<warewolf>it won't
11:24<warewolf>my apache is severely limited
11:24<warewolf>apache will just queue up requests and make people wait
11:26<anderiv>warewolf: good plan
11:26[~]warewolf looks at network graph on
11:27<warewolf>it SKYROCKETED
11:27<warewolf>holy shit
11:28<kvandivo>you mean hosting popular pictures, high apache load, and high network graphs are actually related??!!?
11:28<warewolf>I mean this is like 10000000x my norm.
11:28<[|^__^|]>warewolf: you could make an index page that coralizes the img src links
11:29<warewolf>(when it finally gets around to loading)
11:31<warewolf>whelp, my load isn't bad, and my io token usage isn't bad neither.
11:31<warewolf>my memory usage went up a tad, and so did my swap usage
11:31<kvandivo>what size node do you have, out of curiosity?
11:31<warewolf>and it's overloaded.
11:32[~]warewolf adds another 5 apache threads
11:33<warewolf>already hit the ceiling
11:36<kvandivo>sounds to me like you need to get some google ads up on your mirror
11:36<warewolf>oh man
11:36<[|^__^|]>oh yeah
11:36<[|^__^|]>make that stuff work for you
11:36<warewolf>I think I'm getting the brunt of the load too.
11:37<warewolf>I'm the first link on all the pages that point to mirrors
11:37<[|^__^|]>for a while was the #1 google image search for "porn" because of a joke image someone posted
11:37<kvandivo>that's a highly valuable position, i'd reckon
11:37<[|^__^|]>I decided not to cash in on that one, and just yelled at the user
11:53[~]warewolf drops max clients back down to 15
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12:02<warewolf>ok if the website traffic continues at this rate, I shouldn't overrun my BW anytime soon.
12:03<warewolf>well, atleast not in shorter than two days.
12:04<@caker> <-- re Google stock splits, or lack thereof
12:04<warewolf>heeeeey caker
12:04<warewolf>you're about to get a support ticket :)
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12:05<kvandivo>bah.. could be $90,000 like a share of brk-a is
12:06<@caker>!quote brk-a
12:06<linbot>caker: The current price of BRK-A is 89900.00, as of 12:28pm EST. A change of +100.00 from the last business day.
12:06<@caker>holy smokes
12:06<warewolf>er, I guess that didn't generate a support ticket.
12:06<warewolf>!math 24/106
12:06<linbot>warewolf: Error: "math" is not a valid command.
12:07<linbot>warewolf: Error: "24/106" is not a valid command.
12:07<warewolf>stupid bot
12:07<kvandivo>!calc 24/106
12:07<linbot>kvandivo: 24 / 106 = 0.226415094
12:07[~]warewolf flips
12:07<warewolf>4 days.
12:20<[|^__^|]>caker: yeah, |o_o| was saying that Google is mimicking Berkshire-Hathaway by never splitting
12:22<[|^__^|]>caker: 10:22 <@emad> the chef has prepared an excellent stock marjét with roasted mushrooms
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13:10<fo0bar>caker: now or never for the pci autodetection stuff (sata_mv will still be in the kernel, it just won't find your controller during bootup without the pci ids)
13:11<fo0bar>or should I say, "now, or not 86.2" :)
13:12<fo0bar>otherwise I'm freezing the sucka and starting regression testing
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18:00<@caker>BSG .. BSG .. BSG! :)
18:03<guinea-pig>Beige Sandy Goop
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18:08<encode>caker: not yet, but soon
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20:59<warewolf>prowlahz I am not nickserv.
20:59<warewolf>prowlahz: I would suggest changing your nickserv password now that you tried identifying and registering at me.
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21:01<interferon>i bought additional ram for my linode, but now i'd like to go back to the base amount. how would i go about that?
21:05<warewolf>interferon: open a support ticket
21:09<interferon>ok, thanks. i didn't know if there was something in the control panel i was missing.
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23:40<paulproteus|laptop>Shucks, no Linode 80s for a while.
23:40<paulproteus|laptop>They keep going in and out of stock.
23:40<paulproteus|laptop>It makes me sad.
23:40<paulproteus|laptop>It's toying with my feelings.
23:41<efudd>Dell and NVIDIA announced a new XPS system coming later this year that will sport not one, not two, but FOUR GeForce 7800 GTX 512 GPUs running in a quad-SLI configuration. There are two physical graphics cards in the system still, but each has two seperate PCBs with a GPU and 512 MB of memory on each.
23:41[~]efudd heh
23:41<paulproteus|laptop>[|^__^|]: Nice nick you've got there. (-:
23:43<taupehat>efudd: in case you want to spend 3 grand on the video cards to put in the computer...
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23:44[~]taupehat has a single 7800GT and it works just fine thanks
23:46<paulproteus|laptop>Question for an official linoder: If you buy one month, can you pay for the next 12 and get the "50% more disk free" offer?
23:46<paulproteus|laptop>That is to say, one month you pay $20 for the Linode 80, and then the next month you pay $240 - do you get the 50% disk bonus?
23:47<paulproteus|laptop>Similarly, once you get the bonus, after that year is up, do you lose the extra 50% space?
23:49<encode>you get the bonus once you pay for 1 year at time
23:50<encode>once the year is up, you either pay for another year, and keep the 50% bonus
23:50<encode>or...i dont know what the or is
23:50<encode>care to help?
23:50<paulproteus|laptop>encode: Right, that's the thing. If you start paying month-by-month after that, do you keep the bonus?
23:51<paulproteus|laptop>Good to know you can get the bonus after you sign up; I was worried I'd have to commit to this before actually knowing the service well.
23:51[~]paulproteus|laptop jabs mikegrb (-:
23:51<encode>they're probably asleep
23:51<encode>they do that sometimes
23:51<paulproteus|laptop>Weirdos. Who does that these days?
23:55<efudd>"From $14,600.00 USD"
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