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00:07<Beirdo>that better give ya sexual favors for that price
00:07<Beirdo>well, I'm off to bed
00:10<taupehat>haha efudd
00:22<[|^__^|]>paulproteus|laptop: thanks!
00:22<[|^__^|]>paulproteus|laptop: It is 塊魂
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00:35<@mikegrb>paulproteus|laptop: switching back to month to month means losing the free 50% extra space, options are lose the space completely or pay the extra monthly fee for the space
00:39<@caker>paulproteus|laptop: nope
00:39<@caker>whoops, wasn't scrolled all the way .. (nope to keeping the bonus if you go back m2m)
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00:44[~][|^__^|] pokes golgatem
00:47<efudd>wow; google local mobile for blackberry is ++++++
00:47<efudd>it's as a blackberry java app
00:47<efudd>satellite and all.
00:48<@mikegrb>the j2ee version seems quite apt to lock up my phone :<
00:48<efudd>doh. :)
00:48<@mikegrb>it seems linked to low signal level
00:49<efudd>i'm very low signal at the house; still works the little i played with it
00:49<@mikegrb>so I think poor coding in either the j2ee implementation or the ap itself, data isn't getting there and so it waits forever without retransmitting or timing out
00:49<efudd>another useful tool to keep on the bb anyway.
00:49<efudd>BSG was ++ tonight
00:49<efudd>the last 30 seconds especially
00:49<tierra>I need to catch up on BSG
00:49<efudd>yes, you do.
00:49<tierra>watched a few episodes as per a friend's request finally, and am hooked now
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01:16<encode>so its pretty good? im gonna watch it in a few hours i think
01:18[~][|^__^|] is still getting it
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03:34<warewolf>best dumb blonde joke ever:
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05:05<encode>warewolf: ha ha haaa
05:11<encode>took me around 3 clicks before i realised what was going on
05:11<encode>i wonder just how far it goes
05:14<warewolf>pretty damn far
05:14<warewolf>then it loops for about 20
05:15<warewolf>the journal I got it from after a couple clicks I posted a three word reply
05:15<warewolf>care to guess those words?
05:15<warewolf>"I hate you."
05:16<encode> <-- how cool is that!
05:16<warewolf>I want one
05:16<warewolf>except well, not in ATX.
05:16<warewolf>just needs to deliver +12v
05:17<encode>i want a nano-itx board
05:17<warewolf>my carpc project's mobo takes straight +12v or +19v
05:17<encode>i'd love to build a carpc, but i dont have the time to get all the software sorted, nor the money to do it properly
05:18<warewolf>I want to do it in linux, but there isn't any good gps navigation software for linux.
05:18<encode>what mobo do you use?
05:18<warewolf>but so far I've got a mobo, memory, cpu, tv/radio capture card, 30g laptop hard drive, 120g desktop drive, 1g CF card, and a slot-loading laptop DVD+-RW DL burner.
05:18<warewolf>lemme look it up
05:19<warewolf>it's made by freetech, but it's also sold under another name
05:19<warewolf>by commel
05:19<warewolf>or something
05:19<warewolf>LV-671 is the other name it's sold under
05:19<warewolf>that's the freetech part number
05:20<warewolf>P8F216 even
05:20<encode>i was thinking of getting a via mini-itx board
05:20<warewolf>well, I went with this one because it has onboard LVDS and takes straight +12v
05:20<encode>or a nano-itx board if they ever come out
05:20<warewolf>and has onboard video
05:21<encode>do u use the LVDS?
05:21<warewolf>soon as I can find a LVDS flat panel I like, I will
05:21<warewolf>you would not believe how fucking difficult it is to find a 16:9 LVDS 8" panel
05:21<Karnaugh>you must not drive it straight off your car battery
05:21<Karnaugh>use a dc-dc power supply or voltage regulator
05:22<warewolf>Karnaugh: ofcourse
05:22<encode>Karnaugh: you mean like the one i linked to about 5 mins ago?
05:22<Karnaugh>warewolf: just saying, some people get silly and wonder why their stuff blows "But its 12V lolz"
05:22<warewolf>yeah well card when running can spike as high as 18-24v when the alternator is in high gear :_
05:23<warewolf>esp if the AC is not on and the enginge can put out all it's power for the alternator :)
05:23<warewolf>but I refuse to use an inverter
05:23<warewolf>that's just absurd
05:23<encode>i'm trying to find the height dimension for the via mini-itx boards, but no-one seems to have them
05:23<warewolf>anyone who uses an inverter for a carpc project deserves to be shot. repeatedly. and then killed.
05:24<encode>haha @ engine putting out *all* its power for alternator - surely there would be some power for propulsion? :P
05:24<Karnaugh>warewolf: interters are silly
05:24<warewolf>Karnaugh: I agree.
05:24<Karnaugh>warewolf: what I wonder is why they are even used in PC UPS
05:24<warewolf>Karnaugh: I see no point in converting DC into AC, and then back into DC again.
05:24<encode>well thats mainly for convenience
05:25<Karnaugh>I see no point in converting AC to DC, then back to AC and then back to DC
05:25<encode>otherwise you'd have to have a specialised power supply for each different type of connector and watt rating
05:25<Karnaugh>encode: why?
05:25<warewolf>lets see
05:25<Karnaugh>encode: watt rating is something people seem confused about..
05:26<encode>because if the ups output DC, then you'd need a power supply that ran off DC
05:26<Karnaugh>encode: no, your pc runs off DC
05:26<encode>so you'd need to build not only a ups, but a power supply
05:26<encode>Karnaugh: no, your power supply runs of AC
05:26<warewolf>I intend to put my playstation one in the car, along with a OBD-II diagnostic scan tool, a USB or serial based GPS dongle, and osmething else.
05:26<Karnaugh>encode: so you'd just need.. a PC
05:26<warewolf>Oh! and the motherboard I have also has pcmcia!
05:26<Karnaugh>encode: It coverts it to DC for the pc
05:26<warewolf>and mini-pci
05:26<encode>no, because PC's use a number of different voltages
05:27<warewolf>encode: uh, they use +12v, and +5v.
05:27<Karnaugh>encode: the PSU only actualy produces 12V ;)
05:27<warewolf>that number would be two.
05:27<encode>err, no
05:27<Karnaugh>encode: thats then regulated to the other voltages
05:27<warewolf>Karnaugh: BZZT. +12v, and +5v.
05:27<encode>also 3.3 and the core voltage for the cpu
05:27<warewolf>encode: the mobo produces that
05:27<encode>and also they produce -12 and -5
05:27<Karnaugh>yes, but you only need 12V to produce those
05:27<Karnaugh>encode: uhm no, -12 is just polarisation
05:28<encode>so why are there so many conductors on an ATX connector?
05:28<Karnaugh>encode: redundancy
05:28<warewolf>and ATX 2.0 stuff
05:28<Karnaugh>that too
05:28<warewolf>like sleep power
05:28<Karnaugh>I'm not saying get rid of the power supply
05:28<warewolf>power-good signals
05:28<Karnaugh>but when you use a UPS
05:28<warewolf>multiple +12v rails
05:29<warewolf>so anyway
05:29<Karnaugh>gallons of power is just disapaited as heat in converting back and fourth from AC to DC
05:29<warewolf>Karnaugh: EXACTLY MY POINT!. You get a cupie doll!
05:29<warewolf>my car pc project because the mobo has pcmcia and minipci will become a mobile wifi access point
05:30<warewolf>verizon cellular broadband card + a/b/g minipci nic == intarweb for laptoys inside the car, or near by :)
05:30<Karnaugh>My masters thesis will likely be on DC PSU/UPS stuff for PC (or large network monitoring)
05:30<encode>Karnaugh: but theres no point
05:30[~]Karnaugh has put much thought into this
05:30<encode>its a simple matter of economics
05:30<warewolf>I totally intend to stream mp3s off driving to/from work in my car.
05:30<Karnaugh>encode: there is alot of point if you have 20 PC's
05:31<Karnaugh>encode: eliminating the inverter from a UPS saves *alot* of money
05:31<encode>no there isnt, there simply isnt enough demand
05:31<warewolf>encode: uh
05:31<Karnaugh>encode: no demand, or a lack of supply?
05:31<warewolf>encode: ever been to a carrier hotel?
05:31<warewolf>encode: did you know that ALL telecom equipment runs off 12v DC?
05:31<encode>warewolf: bzzt wrong
05:31<encode>at least in australia
05:31<Karnaugh>warewolf: 40 or 60V usualy
05:31<encode>it runs of 49v
05:31<warewolf>ok well in the US
05:32<Karnaugh>encode: its still DC.
05:32<encode>no it isnt
05:32<Karnaugh>of course it is
05:32<encode>well, by the time its in the equipment yes
05:32<Karnaugh>Proxima Tsunami stuff all runs off 49V DC
05:32<encode>but DC power distribution is too inefficient
05:32<Karnaugh>encode: long haul only
05:32<encode>the only market you would have for an UPS that outputs DC is in the normal consumer home
05:32<Karnaugh>encode: if you could have one UPS/DC Power supply pwer rack
05:33<encode>which isnt big enough
05:33<warewolf>think colo facilities
05:33<Karnaugh>you save alot of money, and cut down on the heat you produce
05:33<warewolf>BIG colo facilities
05:33<encode>warewolf: i work at a company that owns one
05:33<warewolf>if you only convert your 3 phase into DC once, think of the energy savings
05:33<encode>for starters they're never going to spend money to refit it
05:33<encode>and neither is any other company
05:33<@mikegrb>48v dc, silly
05:34<Karnaugh>encode: well thats cart and horse, just like IPv6
05:34<encode>and for another, dc power distribution is too inefficient, especially when you're talking about 5v and 12v for each server
05:34<encode>mikegrb: yeah well, the 8 key is close to the 9 key
05:34<Karnaugh>encode: energy is becoming expensive, and repeated reconversion is a major waste of power
05:34<Karnaugh>and just think of all that AC noise on CAT6 ;)
05:35<encode>and again i say, people don't care enough - the cost of conversion outweighs any saving
05:35<@mikegrb>colo places normally offer DC but at data centers that don't do colo, dc power is bigger
05:35<encode>especially since no vendors produce such power supplies
05:35<@mikegrb>encode: no, the energy cost is one of the biggest factors in data centers today
05:36<@mikegrb>it's the biggest reason there are only 55 linode hosts instead of 155
05:36<encode>mikegrb: perhaps so in the uS
05:36<Karnaugh>encode: I care, because I have a nest of AC cables and lots of expensive UPS's making heat which all has to be cooled by aircon etc which is more power etc etc
05:36<warewolf>finally, someone who knows what they're talking about.
05:36<@mikegrb>encode: not just in the us
05:36<encode>in australia its bandwidth costs that far eclipse any other costs
05:36<@mikegrb>but austrailia is a bit different in that regard
05:36<warewolf>encode: oh come on man, you think it's cheap to get pr0n to Oz and back?
05:36<@mikegrb>the exception rather then the norm
05:36[~]Karnaugh is in SA
05:37<encode>i guess australia is different, and i suppose i can't really speak for the rest of the world
05:37<Karnaugh>power is *cheap* here, but the ambiant temperature is like 25'C all year round
05:37[~]warewolf is in Maryland, USA, North America, Earth, The Milky Way, Universe[0].
05:37<encode>warewolf: dude, you forgot the solar system
05:38<warewolf>I can't wait to get home.
05:38<Karnaugh>University of Maryland? :P
05:38<@mikegrb>I was kind of blown away ;) by the a/c output at this super computer --
05:38<warewolf>Karnaugh: no, actually - I'm at the Internal Revenue Service.
05:38<@mikegrb>they were in the process of building a noc monitoring center inside the computer room
05:39<@mikegrb>they had raised the floor a foot
05:39<@mikegrb>in that spot
05:39<Karnaugh>warewolf: are you keeping your eye on linode?
05:39<@mikegrb>and had tiles leaning against the opening
05:39<warewolf>Karnaugh: yes
05:39<warewolf>Karnaugh: why do you ask?
05:39<@mikegrb>that was a lot of fsking air
05:40<Karnaugh>mikegrb: HVAC is fun when it goes wrong
05:40<warewolf>speaking of HVAC, I need to find a way into my Liebert
05:41<warewolf>I need to monitor it
05:41<@mikegrb>well they needed it, standing next to the racks was uncomfortably hot
05:41<Karnaugh>mikegrb: we had freezing cold water cascading down our building staircase
05:41<@mikegrb>standing in the middle of the aisle was uncfortably cold
05:41<Karnaugh>to add to that, it then became electrified freezing cold water :D
05:41<@mikegrb>Karnaugh: awesome!
05:41<@mikegrb>more awesome!
05:41<@mikegrb>pictures required
05:42<Karnaugh>I wish i had pictures
05:42<Karnaugh>or videos of the chaos
05:42<encode>one of our customer's had their computer room flooded by rain
05:42<Karnaugh>it was ok at first
05:42<encode>they dried out the servers, and turned them back on
05:42<encode>and they've been running over a year lol
05:42<Karnaugh>and then all of a sudden the lights flicker and go out
05:42<Karnaugh>and the security start shouting for everyone to get the fuck out of the building before they are all killed
05:43<Karnaugh>lucky me was however corndered and had to climb up various staircases and things :/
05:43<warewolf>what exactly happened?
05:43<warewolf>did HAL take over?
05:44<Karnaugh>warewolf: they pump chilled water through the building from a resivour
05:44<Karnaugh>warewolf: one of the pipes mid way burst
05:44<@mikegrb>לתלונות על , email spam וירוסים או דואר אחר המנצל לרעה, אנו זקוקים לקבל את כל ה- headers של הודעת הדואר ואת הודעת הדואר המקורית עליה אתם מתלוננים.
05:44<Karnaugh>and its like serious pressure because of the water that is just storred in the building its self
05:44<warewolf>right ok
05:45<warewolf>so the building was flooding extremely quickly?
05:45<Karnaugh>warewolf: yup
05:45<encode>how did it become electrified? from the light fittings?
05:45<Karnaugh>warewolf: but it then flooded one of the high voltage substations
05:46<encode>shouldnt that trip the breaker of said high voltage substation?
05:46<Karnaugh>encode: apparently not
05:46<encode>time to sue the electrician
05:46<Karnaugh>encode: someone explained why it didn't, but i forgot now
05:47<Karnaugh>oh, now i remember
05:47<warewolf>probally grounding
05:47<Karnaugh>it was a battery room for the colo
05:47<warewolf>oh haha
05:47<warewolf>"turn off the power!"
05:47<Karnaugh>"it IS the power!"
05:47<warewolf>"We can't! It's coming from batteries!"
05:48<warewolf>I have teh powah
05:48<warewolf>I have teh marine cycle heavy duty batteries
05:48<Karnaugh>moral of the story, make sure you put pipes in a crawl space which has a flood zone
05:49<encode>and waterproof the batteries for the ups
05:49<Karnaugh>crap building
05:49<Karnaugh>apparently every year it slides down the hill
05:49<warewolf>the building MOVES?
05:49<encode>so tie it to the building next to it
05:49<Karnaugh>its on the side of a hill
05:49<encode>hahah, the building is alive
05:49<encode>its trying to kill you all
05:50<Karnaugh>they rate it moves down the hill by 5mm every year
05:50<warewolf>holy shit what is wrong with the foundation?
05:50<warewolf>oh that's nothing
05:50<warewolf>at some point the pipes will snap though :)
05:50<encode>how many years has it been doing that?
05:50<encode>5mm is rather a lot over a decade
05:51<@mikegrb>it's 50mm
05:51[~]mikegrb runs
05:51<encode>gee, thanks math wizz
05:51<warewolf>that's like, holy shit, almost 2 inches
05:51<encode>its about .8mm short of 2 inches
05:52<warewolf>You have: 50 mm
05:52<warewolf>You want: in
05:52<warewolf> * 1.9685039
05:52<warewolf> / 0.508
05:52<Karnaugh>encode: like 30 years :P
05:52<encode>surely pipes would have already burst?
05:52<Karnaugh>encode: *shrug*
05:52<encode>unless they're made of lead or something, very flexible
05:52<Karnaugh>its such a stupid building
05:53<Karnaugh>some sort of architectural idea of the university
05:53<warewolf>god damnit
05:53<encode>copper should have work hardened to become fairly inflexible with that amount of movement
05:53<warewolf>I Want to go home
05:53<warewolf>I want to start my farscape marathon
05:53[~]Karnaugh is home
05:53<warewolf>I own all of farscape
05:53<warewolf>I will watch it from beginning to end
05:54<encode>all your farscape are belong to me
05:54[~]Karnaugh decides to play some Quake4
05:54<encode>sorry, you have none left to watch
06:11<warewolf>Jan 7 07:09:27 xabean milter-greylist: k07C9Lpv028674: addr from <> to <> delayed for 00:30:00
06:11<warewolf>I KNEW IT
06:11<warewolf>I TOLD THEM NOT TO SPAM ME
06:11<warewolf>mother fuckers
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07:27<linbot>New news from forums: what's the problem with credit card authentication? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
07:32<linbot>New news from forums: Why do i need an authentication for my credit card? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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07:43<zhaoke>Who's the sale of
07:45<zhaoke>Does anybody can help to solve my problem?
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07:49<zhaoke>who is linode support?
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07:52<zhaoke>hi, all. Does anyone here knows who is the linode support?
07:52<zhaoke>i have a question to ask him.
07:54<darkbeholder>caker and mikegrb are linode support
07:54<zhaoke>thx darkbeholder. :)
08:06<warewolf>zhaoke: I'm not Linode support, but may I ask what your issue is?
08:06<zhaoke>hi, warewolf.
08:06<warewolf>zhaoke: If it isn't something with billing or I don't know, something -linode- specific, I might be able to help.
08:07<zhaoke>pls look at this thread at linode form:
08:07<zhaoke>thx in advance, warewolf. :)
08:07<warewolf>okay :) billing specific.
08:08<warewolf>nevermind then! :)
08:08<@mikegrb>zhaoke: you need to follow the directions in the email
08:10<zhaoke>i have reviewed the same issue like me on the forum, i don't think i need to do things mentioned in the email.
08:10<@mikegrb>if you want a Linode account you do
08:10<warewolf>mikegrb's right
08:11<zhaoke>right? why i need to send or fax my private information to the linode? i have paid the fees.
08:12<warewolf>zhaoke: they want to make sure that the credit card being used isn't fradulant.
08:12<warewolf>zhaoke: it's for your, and their protection.
08:12<warewolf>zhaoke: would you like it if someone stole your credit card and purchased something without your consent?
08:13<@mikegrb>zhaoke: it isn't like we are asking for information we don't already have
08:13<@mikegrb>zhaoke: we just wish to verify the information you gave us is correct
08:14<zhaoke>if i send my credit card information to the linode via the unsecurely email or fax, i think i would lost my money.
08:14<@mikegrb>since some of the information you provided is certainly not correct
08:18<zhaoke>bullshit. i never seen such a support and company over the world.
08:20<@mikegrb>There is a bank with your name? You said on your signup form that the bank that issued your credit card is named after you
08:22<zhaoke>what? pls make sure what u said is for me.
08:25<zhaoke>pls do not waste my time, i have used some well-known and trusted vps and web hosting site. i siged with this credit card, have never no problem like ur company.
08:25<zhaoke>pls check this Invoice Number: 36658
08:26<zhaoke>that's my order.
08:26<warewolf>zhaoke: what country do you live in?
08:26<zhaoke>now i am in china.
08:26<warewolf>zhaoke: and again, I am not a Linode employee
08:26<@mikegrb>zhaoke: yes
08:26<@mikegrb>zhaoke: I looked at your order, I am the person who sent you the email you received from us
08:27<zhaoke>warewolf, thx for ur help, now i am talking with mikegrb.
08:28<zhaoke>what's the problem u found in my order? i am a honest person.
08:28<@mikegrb>1) your order was given a high fraud score
08:28<@mikegrb>2) the bank you claimed issued your credit card is named after you
08:29<@mikegrb>3) you filled false information into the box for the phone number on the back of the credit card
08:29<zhaoke>that's my actual mobile number.
08:30<@mikegrb>not what I am talking about
08:30<@mikegrb>there is a box that asks for the phone number on the back of the credit card
08:30<@mikegrb>you typed in text
08:32<zhaoke>text? it is a number.
08:33<@mikegrb>there is a number in the box for your telephone
08:33<@mikegrb>the box for the credit card telephone number had text
08:33<zhaoke>maybe i mistyped.
08:34<@mikegrb>the IP that your signup came from was also identified as an open proxy in the past
08:34<zhaoke>no, if i sigup from a proxy. that's my proxy on my vps at hongkong.
08:35<@mikegrb>not a proxy, an _open_ proxy
08:35<zhaoke>it's my private proxy on my virtual private server at hong kong.
08:36<@mikegrb>right then, I'm done
08:36<@mikegrb>you have instructions to follow if you would like for me to activate your account
08:36<zhaoke>what's the instructions?
08:37<@mikegrb>or you can send an email to explaining why you should be treated differently then others
08:37<@mikegrb>the email you received from us
08:37[~]mikegrb is away
08:37<zhaoke>fuck! a bad guy.
08:38<zhaoke>never seen such a bad support.
08:38<zhaoke>u waste my lots of time.
08:51<zhaoke>Remote host said: 550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown
08:51<zhaoke>no such an email address.
08:52<zhaoke>mikegrb is not a trusted person.
08:55<zhaoke>linode has a very very bad support.
09:18<zhaoke>hi, all, pls look at my new post at linode forum:
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09:50<linbot>New news from forums: PostgreSQL or MySQL? in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
09:54<zhaoke>hi, linbot, is ur website?
10:07<Redgore>linbot is a bot
10:07<linbot>Redgore: Error: "is" is not a valid command.
10:11<zhaoke>a bot, hehe..
10:13<zhaoke>Mikegrb, i have sent an email to
10:14<linbot>New news from forums: Bind Help or Tutorial in Linux Networking <>
10:15<@mikegrb>now it will be for my boss to decide
10:16<zhaoke>thx, pls help to launch my account.
10:16<@mikegrb>I can't do it
10:16<@mikegrb>my boss will when he is at work
10:17<@mikegrb>well, he will review it
10:17<zhaoke>en, i understand.
10:17<@mikegrb>and decide to activate it or not
10:22<zhaoke>i must go now, bye. everyone.
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10:44<linbot>New news from forums: Getting random mysql errors intermitently and ideas? in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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11:58<linbot>New news from forums: Wanna say some issues about linode service in Sales Questions and Answers <>
12:06<npmr>this zhao guy sure is a whiner
12:12<heidi>seriously, if it wasn't fraud he would have no problems doing as instructed, he should feel safe knowing that linode is trying to protect him rather than pissed because of a little inconvenience to ensure that he is in fact who he says he is
12:13<npmr>no, that's not true
12:13<npmr>i remember being extremely pissed off at network solutions' procedures when i wanted to transfer my domain, and i wasn't trying to anything fraudulent
12:14<@mikegrb>that was a global procedure
12:14<@mikegrb>this is applied only to suspicious activations
12:14<@mikegrb>I can see being annoyed, but having his reaction is just absurd
12:16<npmr>wunderground broke?
12:17<NeonNero>npmr: looks like it... it won't connect at all
12:20<NeonNero>telnet to on port 80 doesn't respond, and connections to on port 25 are refused
12:20<NeonNero>something's up
12:25<NeonNero>besides the whining fellow, that is
12:29<npmr>wg is back
12:29<npmr>wugga wugga wugga
12:30<npmr>half back
12:35|-|zhaoke9 [LinodeJava@] has quit [Quit: zhaoke9]
12:41|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: -- Your #1 source for cool, yet totally useless PHP scripts!]
12:43|-|J[SS] [] has joined #linode
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13:41<Newsome>caker, mikegrb around?
13:51<@caker>Newsome: pong
13:51|-|tibbetts [] has joined #linode
13:56<tibbetts>I'm doing a CPU-bound operation on a linode machine. How does linode limit CPU utilization of my host? And am I in danger of being charged if I use too much?
13:56<@caker>tibbetts: nope
13:57<tibbetts>Cool. Should i expect top to tell me useful things about how much CPU the job is using?
13:58<@caker>it should -- the cpu time should be accurate
13:59<@caker>You're able to utilize an entire processor on the host, if no other nodes need it -- otherwise, host CPU time is shared equally among the nodes that need it
14:00<@caker>percentage's inside top will really display how your Linode has distributed the time the host has given it among your internal processes
14:00<@caker>make sense?
14:00<tibbetts>Hmm. Then maybe my job stalled out or something. I hate long jobs when you have to decide whether to kill them and start over or not.
14:00<@caker>is it at all disk bound?
14:00<@caker>cat /proc/io_status
14:00<tibbetts>Yeah, makes sense. is there any way to see how much total processor time my node is being given?
14:01<@caker>It is, but that number isn't very useful. I can tell you if the host is idle or not right now .. one sec
14:01<tibbetts>No, no disk io. I'm importing geocoding data from the Census into Geo::Coder::US. It's reading a 3.5 meg file and writing a smaller file, but having to think really hard on the way.
14:01<tibbetts>host32, if that helps.
14:02<adamg>probably just taking its time
14:02<@caker>[root@host32 root]# uptime
14:02<@caker> 15:02:38 up 202 days, 5:29, 3 users, load average: 1.09, 1.19, 1.36
14:02<@caker>so, at least a processor is idle. . there's plenty of CPU left
14:03<@caker>tibbetts: I see your node using minimal cpu at the moment
14:03<@caker>so perhaps it has stalled
14:03<tibbetts>Yeah, the job must have stalled in some way. Thanks for looking.
14:03<tibbetts>I'll start it over.
14:03<@caker>tibbetts: oh, you did hit the IO limiter
14:03<tibbetts>Strangely, the 1meg files went pretty quickly. I sense some O(n^2) lameness.
14:04<@caker>tibbetts: cat /proc/io_status
14:04<@caker>tibbetts: you're 200M into swap <--
14:04<tibbetts>io_count=64832455 io_rate=522 io_tokens=-22 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
14:04<@caker>yeah .. negative io_tokens
14:04<tibbetts>Oh, so it is io bound, because it is swapping. Thanks.
14:04<@caker>np ...
14:04<@caker>what's eating all that mem?
14:05<tibbetts>I guess I will do this import on some other computer.
14:05<tibbetts>The perl import process is apparently not that efficient.
14:05<@caker>Is it that process, or other stuff? ... heh
14:05<@caker>been there...
14:05<@caker>I'll raise your refill .. one sec
14:06<tibbetts>Oh, thanks very much. That's probably it for the heavy lifting today, but I guess a refill will perk everything else back up.
15:04<Newsome>caker: got a minute?
15:06<Newsome>caker: I'll pm
15:23|-|zhaoke [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
15:51|-|Internat [] has joined #linode
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15:56<taupehat>caker: or mikegrb: around?
16:17|-|paulproteus|laptop [] has joined #linode
16:23|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
16:24|-|sjansen [] has joined #linode
16:26<sjansen>mikegrb, caker: I think you acted very professionally dealing with an obvious idiot.
16:27[~]paulproteus|laptop wonders what that's in reference to
16:27<taupehat>they're pretty good at it... unfortunately it happens once and a while
16:29<paulproteus|laptop>So I'm looking to have a mail server on a UML or Xen host. I was thinking of getting a Linode, but there seem to be no Linode 80 plans for a week and a half, and meanwhile many other hosts offer more disk space.
16:29<paulproteus|laptop>I know I'm in a kinda biased channel, but anyone have any advice?
16:30<taupehat>hey tibbetts don't feel so bad (but feel free to contribute):
16:30[~]taupehat reduced his linode /64 to a puddle of slag
16:41<predius>Is there a way to get the kernel headers?
16:41<paulproteus|laptop>predius: For what distro?
16:42<taupehat>predius: apt-cache search linux
16:42<paulproteus|laptop>I guess you'd need Linode's custom kernel headers.
16:42<paulproteus|laptop>apt-get install kernel-headers-`uname -r` might not work.
16:42<predius>Since they're obviously not on the Debian archive.
16:44[~]JasonF is moving around his data drive
16:44[~]JasonF is glad he doesn't have an IO limiter on his home pc
16:45<JasonF>The hdd crunching is starting to sound melodic
16:45<taupehat>right before it starts to sound like a toasted drive
16:46<JasonF>this is always a loud drive
16:46<JasonF>loudest drive I've ever had
16:46<JasonF>but it works
16:46<JasonF>it's a seagate sata
16:53<sjansen>paulproteus|laptop: I have a friend starting a competing Xen based business with more space and cpu, but I'm not switching. Linode provides fast, competent support. It has a proven track record of reliability.
16:54[~]JasonF just read the thread
16:54<JasonF>Thanks mikegrb and caker
16:54<JasonF>That is all.
16:55<sjansen>You might want to give the competitors a chance since they have a better deal, but if you're unhappy you can be sure that Linode will be a good replacement.
16:57<taupehat>JasonF: that thread was started by me
16:57<taupehat>which host you on>?
16:57<taupehat>oh also
16:57<taupehat>testing fail2ban from the same machine that you've got an NX session running from is not a good path to success
16:57<paulproteus|laptop>sjansen: Well, I'd be interested in talking to him, at leaset.
16:58<JasonF>taupehat: no, I'm talking about the idiot customer who is like "zomg I'm not a frauder!!!?!?!!!"
16:58<taupehat>eh? link
16:58<paulproteus|laptop>Or seeing a website, if such a thing exists.
16:59<taupehat>those silly linode guys - not working 7 days a week
17:00<taupehat>here i want to say Mikegrb is a very very bad support.
17:01[~]taupehat is a very bad firetruck, by the way
17:01<JasonF>you did that?
17:01<taupehat>hell no
17:01<taupehat>I'm just saying that if mikegrb is a very bad support, then I'm a very bad firetruck.
17:02<taupehat>one bad noun deserves another!
17:02<taupehat>these posts are pretty funny
17:03<paulproteus|laptop>sjansen: A URL to your friend would be appreciated.
17:03<[|^__^|]>2). i don't know what ur means, pls give me an example.
17:03<[|^__^|]>I don't know what pls means
17:03<taupehat>I'm looking at this guy's website
17:04<taupehat>he claims to be a "security specialist" and yet his webpage uses counters from\
17:04<[|^__^|]> <-- emad
17:04<taupehat>I can forgive the broken english since he's from a non-english-speaking country
17:04<sjansen>He claims to be a security specialist, but he doesn't know how to spell words like please correctly.
17:05<taupehat>but flaming mikegrb because the credit card company flagged his purchase is moronic
17:05<encode>"Your journey starts here: We are sure by now you have surfed your finger off the edge of the cyberspace"
17:05<taupehat>security specialist using coppermine, too...
17:05[~]taupehat shrugs
17:06<sjansen>Everything about him screams unprofessional teenage punk wannabe.
17:06<taupehat>ya think?
17:06<[|^__^|]>It's like 1998 all over again
17:06<[|^__^|]>I also like how he couldn't get the chinese characters into his web page, so he used images
17:06<taupehat>his copyright bug says 1998-2005
17:07<taupehat>eh, maybe he wanted the nicer-looking ones
17:07<taupehat>unicode is ugly
17:07<[|^__^|]>fonts are fonts dude
17:07|-|sjansen [] has left #linode []
17:08<taupehat>but a lot of people don't have any chinese fonts installed on their computer
17:08<encode>he got chinese characters in his chinese version of the page
17:08<taupehat>I think that gif was the right call
17:08<taupehat>and people who are going to browse that page are going to be able to read chinese and thus have chineses fonts installed
17:08<encode>so yeah, i think images are the right way to go to display chinese characters on an english page
17:08<taupehat>again, for that, and for the broken english, I can forgive him
17:08<taupehat>but not the flame
17:09<taupehat>occasionally, I get asked to present ID when I use a visa card - so what?
17:09<taupehat>I hand over my ID, and make the purchase.
17:10<taupehat>if I don't want to deal with that possibility, I use cash =]
17:10[~]encode wonders how the fraud scores get calculated
17:10<[|^__^|]>The point is that the use of a unicode character set does not inherently mean an ugly font
17:11<[|^__^|]>associating them is like the way some people used to associate ASCII with courier/terminal/fixed
17:11<taupehat>encode: some of the stuff is pretty obvious - I made a bunch of "comsumer goods" purchases one day from a bunch of different stores, and the company phoned me at home to verify that I bought all that stuff. I think also a network services purchase coming from an IP address in China is a likely flag
17:12<taupehat>seeing as how china has become the favorite place for people to proxy up through
17:13<encode>i guess i dont use my credit card enough for things like that to happen to me
17:13<taupehat>nor do you proxy through an IP in china when you buy online =]
17:13<encode>maybe i should try it sometime
17:14<paulproteus|laptop>You'd think the Great Firewall of China would mean fewer proxies...
17:14<taupehat>paulproteus|laptop: Lately I've been wishing Cisco would build that to drop all traffic in or out
17:15<taupehat>--with-icmp-reply="Learn to patch your freaking machine, moron!"
17:26<tibbetts>sjansen/taupehat: Were you talking about me being an idiot earlier? I wasn't paying attention at the time and wanted to check.
17:28<taupehat>lol, not you tibbetts
17:29<taupehat>tibbetts: I did refer you to a link
17:29<taupehat>that shows me doing something rather foolish with my own linode =]
17:29<tibbetts>Ok. I didn't think so, but didn't see anything in the irc logs that would elucidate.
17:29<taupehat>you should read that, and please feel free to contribute
17:31<tibbetts>Ah, now I follow.
17:32<taupehat>tibbetts: did you read this?
17:39<tibbetts>Yes. it was informative. Particularly the bit about possibly switching from ext3 to ext2 to save on the io costs of journaling.
17:40<taupehat>that link was intended to be more humorous than informative
17:40<taupehat>but I
17:40<taupehat>I'm glad it offered something useful =]
17:41<[|^__^|]>okay taupehat
17:41<[|^__^|]>I hate to do this
17:41<[|^__^|]>but after seeig that open-xchange thing
17:41<[|^__^|]> <-- still funny
17:42<taupehat>I'm gonna throw a drink at you if I ever run into you at the pub, ok?
17:42<taupehat>I can't believe you found me worthy of
17:42<[|^__^|]>no I never'd it
17:43<taupehat>you wrote your own webpage
17:43<taupehat>which is even worse
17:43<[|^__^|]>It's just an object lesson in misapplication of RDMBSes
17:43<taupehat>(yeah, plain text is hardly a page but damn)
17:43<[|^__^|]>and I find those useful
17:43<taupehat>it wasn't mail that was thrashing the node
17:43<taupehat>it was blogspam
17:44<taupehat>which caused me to take down the blog until I could find a better solution
17:44<taupehat>basically, the spammers were trying to fill the referrals with bogus BS, and mysql was doing a lookup on each referred-by, which was fine until they hit about 30/s rate of queries, at which time the whole thing died
17:45<[|^__^|]>but you shut down apache
17:45[~]taupehat throws a LAMP at SupaZubon
17:45<taupehat>when apache went down, the queries hitting mysql didn't have a path in
17:45<[|^__^|]>yeah, LAMP is such BS
17:45<taupehat>anyhow, I'm regrettibly somewhat stuck with the mysql mail thingy
17:46<[|^__^|]>that's tragic
17:46<taupehat>at some point I'll try to figure out how to back out of that whole bloody mess without losing anything, but for now it works allright
17:47<taupehat>basically, I was in a hurry and did this:
17:47<[|^__^|]>Of course, if you're seeding a torrent, you should use an ext2 filesystem for the seed, otherwise, the I/O limiter will kill you. There's a lot of overhead involved in ext3 journalling. "
17:47<[|^__^|]>I don't understand this statement
17:47<[|^__^|]>if you're seeding, surely that's read-only
17:48<[|^__^|]>and I thought ext3's code for reading was identical to ext2's
17:48[~]taupehat knoweth not
17:48<taupehat>although that FS benchmarking posted at /. yesterday did have some interesting things to say about ext2/3 differences
17:49<taupehat>it also showed reiser to be the bloody mess that we all know it to be
17:49<taupehat>bloody, and slow
17:49<[|^__^|]>haha yeah
17:50<[|^__^|]>where's the benchmarking?
17:50<[|^__^|]>got a URL?
17:50[~]taupehat looks
17:51<[|^__^|]>good old LG
17:51<taupehat>look at mount time haha
17:51<taupehat>JFS comes out of this benchmark looking really good
17:52<[|^__^|]>pity about stability
17:52[~]taupehat will stick with ext3
17:52<taupehat>which means I have to fight with SuSE installs... they still try to get everyone to use Reiser
17:54<[|^__^|]>I see ext3 winning a number of those benchmarks over ext2
17:55<[|^__^|]>In fact, so far I see ext3 winning most...
17:56<[|^__^|]>and in total test time it's dead even
18:04|-|jekil [~alessandr@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:05|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
18:21|-|spr [] has joined #linode
18:40|-|dryan [] has joined #linode
18:58<FireSlash>Hmm. Analog only looks at the "current" log.
18:58<FireSlash>Are there any similar programs that go back through the rotated and archived (.gz) logs?
19:31|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:42|-|tibbetts [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.66 [Mozilla rv:1.7.12/20050922]]
19:54|-|BReeZem4N [~kouklos_2@] has joined #linode
19:54<BReeZem4N>edw milate?
19:56[~]BReeZem4N speak re
19:57[~]BReeZem4N noobia
19:57[~]BReeZem4N speak re gamw thn panagia sas
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59[~]BReeZem4N /s -m
19:59<[|^__^|]>oh wow
19:59[~]BReeZem4N asap
20:00[~]BReeZem4N greek server
20:00|-|BReeZem4N [~kouklos_2@] has quit [autokilled: This host was used to launch an attack on the network. Mail if you feel this in error.]
20:00<[|^__^|]>it's doing greeklish
20:00<[|^__^|]>edw milate?
20:00<[|^__^|]>thn => "tin" (pronounced "teen")
20:01<[|^__^|]>and the username, "kouklos" is the word that the Ku Klux Klan mangled to make their name
20:01<[|^__^|]>I think it means like a society or fraternal order or something
20:02<[|^__^|]>I forget
20:02<[|^__^|]>but it's quite innocent in the original Greek
20:02<[|^__^|]>you'll see it used the way we use "community" nowadays on the net
20:08|-|dopey [matth@uruk-hai.bioinformatics.unsw.EDU.AU] has joined #linode
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21:23<linbot>New news from forums: when will i get my money back? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
21:24<[|^__^|]>He's at it again!
21:27|-|zhaoke [] has joined #linode
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