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01:49<taupehat>god this is stupid, but a lot of fun!
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02:49<cmantito>taupehat: niice. nothing like a little injection to start the day.
02:50<cmantito>or, in my case I suppose, end the day.
02:50<taupehat>end of my day also
02:50<taupehat>1am almost
02:50<cmantito>4 am almost.
02:50<taupehat>see this one first
02:50<cmantito>been sick, couldn't sleep.
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04:02<dryan>does anyone know why i have loads of ruby <defunct> processes with lighttpd + rails
04:10<Phreakazoid>you'd have to give a bit more info
04:10<Phreakazoid>for me to have any idea
04:11<Phreakazoid>it could be a problem with the rails app, or it could be a problem with the ruby/rails install *shrug*
04:11<dryan>i think its a misconfiguration with lighttpd
04:11<Phreakazoid>it could even be an fcgi thing
04:11<Phreakazoid>I haven't ever successfully run rails on lighttpd myself
04:15<Phreakazoid>I'm wondering if there is a reason why in the linode distro wizard when I pick a password it doesn't accept certain characters that are actually legal unix password characters
04:15<Phreakazoid>I can still set my password with these characters after sshing in, just wondering if there is any reason behind this on the web interface?
04:19<warewolf>Phreakazoid: it's problaly a bug in the web interface
04:19<warewolf>Phreakazoid: set it to a half decent password, then ssh into the host and log in via lish
04:20<warewolf>ssh to as your linode username and you'll get access to the UML console
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04:22<Phreakazoid>yeah as I said I've been able to set my password :D
04:22<Phreakazoid>just wondering if it was intentional that it doesn't work using the web interface
04:26<Phreakazoid>I think I know one possible reason why now that I think of it
04:28<warewolf>your pass probally contained a $ or a ` or some other unixshell meta character
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04:32<Phreakazoid>I was thinking more along the lines of something that needs to be escaped in a html form
04:32<warewolf>ah, & and </>
04:33<Phreakazoid>and +
04:33<warewolf>you're thinking in the URI
04:33<warewolf>and yes I have had problems with + in form-elements before, once on
04:34<warewolf>I used and they fucked it up into "myemail"
04:34<warewolf>how they did that, I'll never know. I know they sure suck at making websites though.
04:34<Phreakazoid>+ in a http get URI will expand to a space
04:34<Phreakazoid>so will %20
04:35<Phreakazoid>if you want an actual + you need to use a code like %20 except for +
04:35<Phreakazoid>not sure what it does in a post variable
04:35<warewolf>yes, I'm a webdeveloper :)
04:35<Phreakazoid>yeah me too :P
04:36<Phreakazoid>yay web developers!
04:36<warewolf>when the browser sees + inside a form, it should uri encode it into + or %20
04:36<warewolf>either suffice
04:36<Phreakazoid>I usually just pipe stuff through an escape function
04:37<warewolf>it's scary when you pull out of thin air because you've seen %3a and %2f enough damn times
04:38<warewolf>it's nice that / is 2f, and ? is 3f :)
04:38<Phreakazoid>mm heh
04:38<warewolf>I forget what = is
04:38<warewolf>and I have so much work to do right now :)
04:39<Phreakazoid>always the way
04:40<OvrLrd-Q>= is %3d i think
04:40<OvrLrd-Q>or maybe that's ?
04:40<Phreakazoid>I don't really remember
04:40<Phreakazoid>I have helper functions to do it for me
04:41<OvrLrd-Q>yea 3d is = and 3f is ?
04:44<warewolf>$ perl -le 'printf("%%%02x\n",ord("%"))'
04:44<warewolf>% is %25 :)
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04:50<OvrLrd-Q>bah, real men use unpack :P
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04:51<OvrLrd-Q>perl -le 'print unpack("H*", "%")'
05:10<warewolf>don't make me get TMTOWTDI on your ass.
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06:48<OvrLrd-Q>there's more then one way to do it
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07:05<xinu>host40 looks dead again
07:07<Phreakazoid>I don't think my host has died since I got my linode
07:07<xinu>how long has it been?
07:07<Phreakazoid>bit over 3 months
07:07<Phreakazoid>not too long really
07:08[~]xinu has not had such luck
07:13<xinu>can you ping
07:14<xinu>same thing happened about a week ago
07:15<srw>Hello. Is Host 40 down? Do I need to submit a ticket?
07:15[~]xinu might have bad luck, a host drive died before that...
07:15<xinu>yes 40 is down
07:16<srw>I assume a ticket has been submitted then?
07:16[~]xinu just came here to let them know
07:22[~]xinu submits a ticket =)
07:27<@mikegrb>tickets aren't necessary
07:27<@mikegrb>we are already paged
07:27<srw>thanks mike. That's all I wanted to hear.
07:28<srw>Maybe a suggestion for the future... a quick post in the forum as soon as a problem is discovered would let people know that you're already working on it and don't need to submit a ticket.
07:32<warewolf>srw- they do usually
07:34<srw>warewolf - they do, usually, but not immediately. The same thing happened on Dec 31st... host40 was down, I checked the forums, no post, so I submitted a ticket and came into irc. They were probably working on the problem right away, but didn't post in the forum until after they had the host back up and were in the process of rebooting the linodes.
07:35<srw>All I
07:36<srw>All I'm saying is a quick post that, yes, we know about it and are looking into it would make me very happy. Not that I'm unhappy with Linode... I think they're great. This is just a small suggestion to make them greater.
07:36<@mikegrb>getting the Linodes back up is our top priority
07:36[~]xinu prefers they fix it before posting too ;-)
07:37<xinu>fwiw srw, whenever this happens they always seem to know, and fix it very quickly
07:37<srw>How long does a quick post in the forums take? Oh well, I guess I'm outvoted.
07:38<srw>Xinu - I remember one time that it took hours for caker to respond. Of course, that was shortly before he hired mike.
07:38<srw>I mean really... caker shouldn't have a life or require any sleep, should he? ;-)
07:39<xinu>i've only been here since June 2005
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07:55<linbot`>New news from forums: Host 40 Panic in System and Network Status <>
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08:41<linbot`>New news from forums: Lots of panics in General Discussion <>
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09:04<linbot`>New news from forums: Can't SSH into linode. in General Discussion <>
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11:01<anderiv>caker or mikegrb around?
11:01<@caker>anderiv: hello
11:02<anderiv>have you seen any other reports of this:
11:02<anderiv>check the second to last post...
11:03<@caker>ending at Starting Local problem?
11:03<anderiv>caker: yep.
11:03<@caker>They need to boot with init=/bin/bash and fix0r their /etc/inittab, methinks
11:04<@caker>or, ssh in and fix it (if ssh is working)
11:04<anderiv>ok - I'm actually seeing the same thing on one of my linodes.
11:04<anderiv>I'll see if the inittab is borked.
11:04<anderiv>(ssh is working, thankfully)
11:04<@caker>What do your inittab lines look like? Something about tty/0 ?
11:04<@caker>There should be only one. (line uncommented) :)
11:05<anderiv>ahh yes - there are a bunch there uncommented.
11:06<@caker>ok, you must have accepted etc-update changes then...
11:06<@caker>What's one of them look like?
11:06[~]anderiv shoots himself in the foot
11:06<anderiv>#c2:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty2 linux
11:06<@caker>huh .. gentoo?
11:06<anderiv>...after commenting it out obviously
11:07<@caker>comment the rest, and add: c0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 vc/0 linux
11:07<@caker>then run: "init q"
11:07<OvrLrd-Q>fgetty for the win
11:07<@caker>a prompt should magically appear in Lish
11:07<anderiv>no - shooting myself in the foot by accepting etc-updates.
11:07<anderiv>thanks caker
11:07<anderiv>I'll give that a try.
11:08<anderiv>caker: bingo
11:08<@caker>anderiv: oh, don't forget to add "vc/0" to your /etc/securetty file
11:09<anderiv>worked like a charm
11:09<anderiv>caker: it's already there.
11:10<[|^__^|]> <-- [|^__^|]
11:19<cmantito>I'm sitting here killing off processes on my linode to free up some memory and un-sluggish-ise it, and it turns out my linode's fine, it's my net connection that's crpa.
11:20<cmantito>--- ping statistics ---
11:20<cmantito>26 packets transmitted, 24 received, 7% packet loss, time 25025ms
11:20<cmantito>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 64.134/655.893/955.818/328.620 ms
11:21<cmantito>similar results to google and back.
11:21<cmantito>time to call £$^£$^ing comcast again.
11:21<cmantito>I just bought a new modem too, they told me it'd solve everything.
11:22<cmantito>granted my modem no longer resets on torrent/video conference, but it's still slow as all fuck.
11:22<cmantito>on my 6/384 I pay for, I'm actually lucky to be getting 2/256
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11:34<cmantito>oi, no wonder, my SNR is huge.
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11:35<RollaCosta>any op alive?
11:35<anderiv>RollaCosta: morning
11:35<RollaCosta>my linode is delinquent and my mail server is on the same linode
11:36[~]anderiv is not an op ;-)
11:36<RollaCosta>and my password doesn't seem to be working
11:36<RollaCosta>hello anderiv
11:36<RollaCosta>caker, mikegrb?
11:37<anderiv>RollaCosta: so...this password - is it for a shell user on your linode, or your lish/lpm user?
11:40<RollaCosta>lish lpm
11:40<anderiv>RollaCosta: did you try that?
11:41<RollaCosta>shelling into the account is futile... my account is delinquent
11:41<RollaCosta>Grrr... how I hate the cc comanies
11:42<cmantito>if I ping anywhere from my router, I see around 7% packet loss. if comcast pings me, they see NO packet loss, that tells me that the problem is on their side, on their routers leaving the comcast network.
11:42<cmantito>but no, they'd rather send out a technician.
11:43[~]cmantito sighs.
11:43<OvrLrd-Q>RollaCosta: so wait, how'd ytou signup in the first place?
11:43<anderiv>cmantito: heh
11:43<anderiv>cmantito: bummer
11:43<anderiv>cmantito: I've had surprisingly good luck w/ comcast
11:43[~]anderiv knocks on wood
11:43<cmantito>you bastard
11:43<cmantito>I'll kill you! >< :P
11:43<anderiv>whoa calm down buddy
11:43<cmantito>stealing all the comcast magic for yourself.
11:43<cmantito>GIVE ME SOME ><
11:44<cmantito>I'd be set if I could just get dsl out here
11:44<cmantito>tpp far from CO
11:44<cmantito>live in the middle of no where
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11:46<anderiv>cmantito: I could try and ping you from my segment of the comcast network if that would be helpful in any way...
11:46<cmantito>s'worth a shot.
11:47<cmantito>well, what segment are you on?
11:48<cmantito>are you on the 68. network?
11:49<anderiv>cmantito: no - 67
11:49<anderiv>erik@juke ~ $ ping
11:49<anderiv>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=1111 ms
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=47 time=671 ms
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=47 time=1098 ms
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=47 time=1116 ms
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=5 ttl=47 time=1151 ms
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=6 ttl=47 time=1156 ms
11:49<anderiv>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=7 ttl=47 time=1149 ms
11:49<anderiv>--- ping statistics ---
11:49<anderiv>8 packets transmitted, 7 received, 12% packet loss, time 7003ms
11:49<anderiv>rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 671.218/1065.080/1156.773/162.170 ms, pipe 2
11:49<cmantito>fer the love of god those peings are huge...but that's nothing new :)
11:50<cmantito>I don't know what kind of crack comcast is smoking then.
11:50<cmantito>if they ping fine, and no one else can...
11:50<cmantito>cat on keyboard
11:51<cmantito>I'm gonan graph my pings for a while
11:51<cmantito>and give it to the tech who I've got comingo ut tomorrow.
11:57<anderiv>LOL @ cat on the keyboard.
12:31<@caker> <-- recent Xen benchmarks
12:32<@caker>Summary: it's about 80% as fast as the host, on average, and I don't think they've done any performance voodoo yet
12:34<[|^__^|]>how does UML compare?
12:36<@caker>Really depends on the workload .. UML's overhead is in syscalls. From my kernel-compile test a few months back, UML was about 33% as fast as the host
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13:04<guinea-pig>33 is ouch
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13:15<[|^__^|]>yeah, but that's somewhat pathological
13:15<[|^__^|]>still, good to note
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13:44<claire{H-0}|away>anyone from linodes around please?
13:44<kvandivo>whatcha need?
13:45<claire{H-0}|away>when i try and log in to an account on one of your vds's i'm getting "Server unexpectedly closed remote connection"
13:45<claire{H-0}|away>any ideas?
13:46<OvrLrd-Q>ssh isn't setup right? client not setup right?
13:46<kvandivo>you logging into your own machine, or are you trying to log into lish?
13:46<claire{H-0}|away>ummm the ssh server was working the other day fine...
13:47<claire{H-0}|away>and as far as i am aware it hasn't been touched
13:47<claire{H-0}|away>i'm a user of the box
13:47<OvrLrd-Q>probably be better off asking whoever the admin is of that vps :)
13:48<claire{H-0}|away>yeah i did, and was told its just filling up and needs a reboot.... but that doesn't seem to make sense, so am taking the initive to see if thiers any other possibities
13:48<OvrLrd-Q>filling up and needs a reboot? O_o
13:48<claire{H-0}|away>thats what i thought
13:49<anderiv>OvrLrd-Q: sometimes the inodes don't get released until the partition is remounted...
13:49<anderiv>OvrLrd-Q: I've seen that a few times - can't remember if it only applies to a certain fs, though.
13:50<kvandivo>they actually told you "it's just filling up and needs a reboot" ?
13:50<kvandivo>or are you paraphrasing?
13:51<claire{H-0}|away>nope thats about it
13:52[~]anderiv reminds claire{H-0}|away that she's not away any more.
13:52<claire{H-0}|away>heh yeah, well...
13:53<claire{H-0}|away>i was just woundering, if anyone had any ideas,
14:02<claire{H-0}|away>okay thanks
14:02<anderiv>claire{H-0}|away: well there could be any number of thigs preventing ssh login...your admin is really the only one that can be of much help.
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14:02<kvandivo>now claire really is away
14:02[~]anderiv took a bit too long to post that last msg.
14:02<anderiv>oh well
14:05<Beirdo>keep bendy away from that...
14:06<kvandivo>she's clearly happy
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15:50<[|^__^|]>oh man
15:51<anderiv>heh - what?
15:51[~][|^__^|] can't ping his node
15:51[~][|^__^|] hopes that this is just the internet
15:51<[|^__^|]>11. 0.0% 8 71.3 68.7 65.5 71.4 2.0
15:51<[|^__^|]>12. ???
15:52[~][|^__^|] tries the host
15:54<[|^__^|]>SupaZubon should ping out soon...
15:56<[|^__^|]>caker: I can't ping host27
15:56<@caker>[|^__^|]: working on it now
15:56[~][|^__^|] nods
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15:59[~]caker rebuilds a kernel on Debian
16:00<@caker>this is a different problem
16:00[~][|^__^|] is still praying that host27 just has a loose network cable
16:00<@caker>kernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:487 <-- genuwhine issue
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16:03<[|^__^|]>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
16:04<@caker>few more minutes, please.
16:04[~][|^__^|] nods
16:04<[|^__^|]>yeah, I was about to ask
16:04<D|AFK>So was I ;)
16:04[~]D|AFK pulls up a seat
16:07<kvandivo>is the seat near your keyboard?
16:07[~]JasonF points and laughs at people with downed nodes
16:08[~]D|AFK farts in JasonF's general direction ;)
16:13<linbot>New news from forums: Host27 kernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:487 in System and Network Status <>
16:16<kvandivo>ja rule
16:16<[|^__^|]>kvandivo: are you a rastafarian?
16:17<kvandivo>ya mon
16:17<[|^__^|]>hmmm, sneakums says that 2.6.15 is available to nodes but not as the "latest 2.6" option
16:19<[|^__^|]>JobID: 219856 - Host initiated restart
16:19<[|^__^|]>Job Entered 01/01/1974 12:00:00 AM
16:19<[|^__^|]>that's before I was born!
16:23<[|^__^|]>Oh, host27 is still down...
16:24<[|^__^|]>oh no
16:24<[|^__^|]>my bad
16:24<[|^__^|]>my session just hung
16:25<[|^__^|]>or it's back
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16:38<JasonF>caker: another panic?
16:38<[|^__^|]>JasonF: looks like a series of host crashes from here
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16:39<guinea-pig>the host is not crashing. reality simply is on vacation.
16:39<@caker>No, networking "works" (via tcpdump) but then suddently the kernel stops recognizing the traffic
16:40<@caker>something's borked w/ e1000 + 2.6.15
16:40<@caker>or bridging
16:44<tronix>realized it was networking when I saw I could get in on via lish :)
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16:51<[|^__^|]>host bootload hooooo
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16:53<OvrLrd-Q>does that 2.6.15 support FUSE that everybody was buggering about?
16:54<[|^__^|]>moot now
16:55<[|^__^|]>14:40 <@caker> reverted.
16:57<tronix>FUSE + sshfs is pretty slick. tried it on my desktop
16:57<tronix>and with the Linode as the remote end ;)
16:57<tronix>worked out of box. nothing fancy.
17:02<@caker>OvrLrd-Q: yes, it does
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17:12<OvrLrd-Q>bleh, tried out gmailfs said it couldn't find /dev/fuse :/
17:12<[|^__^|]>you're not the only one looking for that one
17:12<[|^__^|]>It's 10,229
17:12<[|^__^|]>you can mknod it
17:12<[|^__^|]>there should be a fuse group too, and you should make it 664
17:21<OvrLrd-Q>664 or 660
17:21[~][|^__^|] shrugs
17:22<OvrLrd-Q>bah, got a 404 :(
17:22<OvrLrd-Q>No messages found
17:22<OvrLrd-Q>HTTP Error 404: Not Found
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19:54<@caker>Milestone: Xen Public Beta - Due in 4 days - 69% completed - Closed tickets: 9 Active tickets: 4
19:54[~]caker snickers
20:01<guinea-pig>yum, i love me some xen
20:01[~]guinea-pig twix's
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20:11<Battousai>mmm... pubic beta
20:32<@caker>Milestone: Xen Public Beta - Due in 4 days - 77% complete - Closed tickets: 10 Active tickets: 3 :)
20:32<guinea-pig>err, are these 'tickets' like tickets for a show, or support tickets?
20:32<internat>omg onmg omg
20:33<internat>xen *drools*
20:33[~]guinea-pig hands internat the mop
20:33<@caker>guinea-pig: tickets == bug in trac's tracking
20:33<guinea-pig>clean up after yourself this time!
20:33[~]guinea-pig nods
20:33<internat>*wipes the floor and goes to clean himself up* sorry.. kinda made a mess of my pants :/
20:34<@caker>Ticket #19 (defect) - Opened 2 weeks ago - Last modified 2 weeks ago - Reconnect filesystem helper code into the xen boot sequence
20:34<@caker>^-- for example.
20:34<guinea-pig>ah, wasn't sure if people were supposed to sign up for a ticket to participate in the beta :P
20:35<guinea-pig>you should sell tickets. hype it so people can watch the beta testers crash like crazy... and then they don't
20:38<@mikegrb> <-- man oh man, crazy stuff
20:38<@mikegrb>he could have at least used backticks
20:39<@mikegrb>guinea-pig: I sell you a ticket, $259.95
20:40[~]guinea-pig pays mikegrb in SCO stock
20:40<@mikegrb>no thanks
20:40<@mikegrb>plenty of toilet paper
20:40<guinea-pig>why do you think i'm trying to get rid of it
20:40<@mikegrb>we shop at Sam's
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22:18<RollaCosta>caker can I PM you?
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23:43<Guest1525>linode staff: I'm getting slower than expected performance on the linode 80 I just set up...
23:43<Guest1525>I realize it isn't *supposed* to be that fast
23:44<Guest1525>anyway, my question is this: is it possible to test the 120/160, or test with more CPU/RAM without committing right away? To see whether it makes the performance adequate?
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