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00:31<Guest1525>linode staff: finding solutions in the forums, disregard my question. thanks!
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01:50<Nemesis__>Host 55 appears to be down...
01:53<warewolf>you sure?
01:53<warewolf>$ traceroute
01:53<warewolf>traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
01:53<warewolf> 2 ( 42.660 ms 41.727 ms 42.051 ms
01:53<warewolf> 3 ( 42.976 ms 42.170 ms 41.970 ms
01:53<warewolf># warewolf@xell:~$ ping
01:53<warewolf>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=0 ttl=62 time=42.2 ms
01:54<warewolf>they appear to be working on it already
01:54[~]warewolf waits for linbot to spew something into the channel
01:54<Nemesis__>hm, the box looks like its back up now...
01:54<Nemesis__>do the linodes on it come back up automagically?
01:55<warewolf>I'm not entirely sure
01:55<Nemesis__>doesnt look like ssh is up on 55...
01:55<warewolf>does to me
01:55<warewolf># warewolf@xell:~$ telnet 22
01:56<warewolf>Connected to (
01:56<warewolf>Escape character is '^]'.
01:56<warewolf>oh wait
01:56<warewolf>it appears to be stuch
01:56<Nemesis__>yeah, you should get some openssl crap
01:56<warewolf>ala SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.5p1
01:56<warewolf>yeah it's stuck
01:56<warewolf>open a support ticket, they probally assume it's still up
01:57<warewolf>whatever they use to verify that the host is up may be confused and guessing that the host is still up
01:57<warewolf>ssh isn't responding on the host, and your linode isn't functioning?
01:57<Nemesis__>seeing as ping still works
01:57<warewolf>support ticket.
01:58<warewolf>Nemesis__: have you signed up for
01:58<warewolf>lemme go see if other people have
01:58<warewolf>if their clients stopped reporting, I should see that on the rankings page
01:58<Nemesis__>ratemylinode? haha
01:58<warewolf>go sign up :)
01:58<Nemesis__>what, do people post photos of their dmesg or something, lol
01:58<warewolf>it rates io tokens usage
01:58<warewolf>check it out, it's awesome
01:59<warewolf>only one other person has signed up on host 55, and their client hasn't reported back in 1d 2h 43m
02:00<warewolf>I hope that's a configuration error for that user, and that the linode host hasn't been down for over a day
02:00<warewolf>that'd suck
02:00<Nemesis__>support ticket probably sends me an email ... which is hosted on my linode... its like a catch22
02:00<Nemesis__>oh, its only been unresponsive for about 30 mins
02:00<warewolf>doesn't send /you/ an email
02:00<warewolf>sends caker/mikegrb an email which wakes their ass up
02:01<Nemesis__>does mikegrb actually do anything to fix it? ;)
02:01[~]warewolf abuses the mikegrb bot
02:01<linbot>lol zug moo dance
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02:01<warewolf>internat: host 55?
02:01<warewolf>no you're 47.
02:02[~]warewolf waves at his brother :)
02:02<taupehat>someone just pranked me
02:02<taupehat>do not view a video named mister hands, is all I'm going to say
02:02<warewolf>taupehat: oh man, you should check out this really cool site, it's called
02:03<warewolf>taupehat: then you should check out
02:03<warewolf>taupehat: and then you should go visit ...
02:03<taupehat>warewolf: I've seen both of those
02:03<taupehat>and nothing
02:03<taupehat>not anything I've ever seen in all the banal disgusting crap that's on the internet
02:03<warewolf>taupehat: you should know better than to click on urls that end in .jpg or .mpg or .avi on the intarweb
02:03<taupehat>none of it was that bad
02:03<taupehat>warewolf: it was one of those youtube clones, so it didn't have a .mpg at the end
02:04<taupehat>this was... beyond
02:04<taupehat>oh well
02:04<Nemesis__>goatse is doing mpegs now??
02:04<taupehat>Nemesis__: this is worse than goatse
02:04<taupehat>way way way worse
02:04<Nemesis__>taupehat: no way...
02:04<taupehat>google your way into being disgusted if you must
02:05<warewolf>taupehat: urlme
02:05<warewolf>taupehat: please
02:05<taupehat>you do not want to do this
02:05<Nemesis__>depends how bored I get
02:05<taupehat>you really do not want to do this
02:05<taupehat>oddly, it's lawful what is done on this vid
02:05<warewolf>taupehat: URL ME
02:05<taupehat>warewolf: I don't need to tell you how nsfw this is
02:05<Nemesis__>warewolf: im sure google can find it for you
02:06<warewolf>Nemesis__: actually I just looked
02:06<warewolf>Nemesis__: all I found was some SNL skit
02:06<Nemesis__>warewolf: at least it wasn't conan..
02:06<taupehat>join #flood
02:08<taupehat>lol, SNL skit
02:08<taupehat>that's Mr. Bill!
02:08<taupehat>"Oh noooooooooooooooo!"
02:09<warewolf>the video taupehat's talking about I've seen before
02:09<taupehat>warewolf: you were warned
02:10<warewolf>yes it's gross
02:10<warewolf>and yes it's NSFW
02:10[~]taupehat just can't fathom the depths of stupidity involved
02:12<[|^__^|]>well one fathom is six feet
02:12<[|^__^|]>so if you can get it in some other unit, we can convert.
02:12<warewolf>oh man
02:12<taupehat>this was a one-fathom unfathomable act
02:12<warewolf>wormfly was one that made me almost puke
02:12[~]Nemesis__ twiddles thumbs..
02:13<taupehat>Nemesis__: you snooze, you lose. At least you'll sleep well tonight - I'm not sure I will be able to
02:13[~][|^__^|] does an impression of someone not gullible enough to download stupid goatse videos
02:13<taupehat>[|^__^|]: you do that dance
02:13<[|^__^|]>it's very lifelike
02:13<[|^__^|]>because in real life, I don't get trolled by vomit-inducing vids
02:14<@mikegrb>Nemesis__: waiting for tp to respond to reboot request
02:14<@mikegrb>Nemesis__: for some reason the remote console unit is closing the connection as soon as it is opened
02:15<warewolf>Nemesis__: see? there he is. Linode support at its finest.
02:15<taupehat>the man never sleeps
02:15<Nemesis__>whos tp?
02:15<taupehat>the planet
02:15<warewolf>one of th ehosting centers
02:19<Nemesis__>what time's it over there anyway?
02:19<warewolf>TP is texas IIRC
02:19<taupehat>there are 4 timezones
02:19<warewolf>mikegrb is on the east coast?
02:19<warewolf>I think caker is too.
02:19<taupehat>so it's like 4am
02:19<taupehat>or 3am?
02:19<taupehat>math is hard.
02:19<warewolf>math /is/ hard.
02:19<Nemesis__>i thought the US had two timezones? hence why all the torre*cough*er.. TV shows I legally subscribe to*cough* say like, "9/8 central"
02:20<taupehat>they just tape-delay stuff for mountain and pacific time
02:20<taupehat>and make central deal with the offset hour
02:21<[|^__^|]>it has to do with broadcast ranges and the old network system
02:21<taupehat>ok, now this is funny
02:21<[|^__^|]>people in central used to actually watch/listen to east coast broadcasts, but that doesn't work across the rockies
02:21<taupehat>someone put together a flickr pool of photos taken of people as they viewed goatse for the first time
02:21<warewolf>thank you
02:21<warewolf>was that from Airpwn at Defcon?
02:22<taupehat>among the victoms is none other than Ron Jeremy
02:22<taupehat>which is poetic justice if ever there was such a thing
02:24<taupehat>the body language of the guy looking at it
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02:31<taupehat>someone is actively trying to referral-spam my blog
02:31<taupehat>too stupid to realize that referral links aren't displayed
02:31<taupehat>but they're very busy doing it
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02:32<taupehat>a kazillion different porn domains
02:32<taupehat>all on the same server
02:32<taupehat>but coming from a kazillion different compromised windows machines
02:33<taupehat>spamvertized server is in London. Anyone from there in here?
02:34<taupehat>oy, nevermind
02:34<taupehat>spamvertized server is in Poltava
02:42<linbot>New news from forums: Host 55 Reboot in System and Network Status <>
02:42<warewolf>god damn
02:42<warewolf>chocolate covered coffee beans are awesome
02:42<taupehat>you only just now noticed?
02:42<warewolf>damn are they fucking addictive
02:42<warewolf>I've never had them before
02:43<taupehat>the local coffee drive-up here gives you one with every cup of coffee
02:43<taupehat>or you can buy a bag of them
02:43<taupehat>but that's not a good idea
02:43<warewolf>these came from starbucks apparently
02:43<taupehat>you get really wired
02:43<warewolf>and it is a bag of them
02:43<warewolf>I limit myself tho
02:43<taupehat>have fun
02:44[~]taupehat has a unicorn moment before heading for bed
02:44<warewolf>unicorn moment?
02:45<taupehat>my antispam table has 4220 rows
02:46<taupehat>wikipedia can help you with your unicorn moment
02:46<warewolf>#$ ls -lah *
02:46<warewolf>-rw------- 1 warewolf warewolf 2.5M Jan 12 03:32 auto-whitelist
02:46<warewolf>-rw------- 1 warewolf warewolf 2.5M Jan 12 03:45 bayes_seen
02:46<warewolf>-rw------- 1 warewolf warewolf 5.1M Jan 12 03:45 bayes_toks
02:46<warewolf>-rw-r--r-- 1 warewolf warewolf 1.5K Oct 7 13:42 user_prefs
02:46<Nemesis__>how resource intensive is spam assassin?
02:46<warewolf>very very very very.
02:46<warewolf>it's a memory hog.
02:46<Nemesis__>and is it even very effective?
02:46[~]warewolf kicks taupehat
02:47<warewolf>Nemesis__: you can use spamassassin on a Linode *only if* you severely limit it.
02:47<Nemesis__>RBLs appear to be blocking a lot of spam, but I want to can the other 20% that gets through..
02:47<warewolf>taupehat: bastard.
02:47<taupehat>I've gone down from a few dozen spam emails a day to zero just by greylisting.
02:47<warewolf>taupehat: no hits on wikipedia
02:48<warewolf>Nemesis__: yeah, greylisting is teh awesomeness
02:48<taupehat>the spam I deal with is blog-related, and almost none of it hits the public page
02:49<warewolf>taupehat: define unicorn moment pls
03:11<@mikegrb>A reporter at noticed an extremely unintentional inside joke with Apple's closing share price today. On the very day the company officially announced its first Intel-based product, Apple's stock price closed at $80.86.
03:17<warewolf>yeah wasn't that funny?
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04:21[~]warewolf ponders researching how much money he can get for a home loan
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04:56<linbot>New news from forums: Can't SSH into linode. in General Discussion <>
05:03[~]warewolf blackholes
05:03<warewolf>that's what you get for hammering my sendmail
05:04<warewolf>oh wait
05:04<warewolf>it already is effectivly blackholes in /etc/mail/access
05:04<warewolf>thanks to taupehat, I believe.
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05:34<xinu>host40 again
05:37<xinu>can you tell us more about what causes these outages than simply kernel panic? like, what causes *that*?
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07:55<srw>Q: I didn't see anything in the forums, but I was wondering, was host40 down again this morning? My linode appears to have been offline for two hours, but came back before I noticed. (but not before one of my clients noticed.)
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09:34<@caker>!weather 37216
09:34<linbot>caker: The current temperature in Nashville, Tennessee (37216) Conditions & is 42\xB0F (8:53 AM CST on January 12, 2006). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 81%. Dew Point: 37\xB0F. Windchill: 37\xB0F. Pressure: 30.06 in 1018 hPa. Visibility: 7.0 miles 11.3 kilometers.
09:36<kvandivo>!forecast 37216
09:36<linbot>kvandivo: Error: "forecast" is not a valid command.
09:36<Redgore>!weather EGOS
09:36<linbot>Redgore: The current temperature in Shawbury Air Base, United Kingdom is 44\xB0F (2:50 PM GMT on January 12, 2006). Conditions: Mostly Cloudy. Humidity: 67%. Dew Point: 37\xB0F. Pressure: 30.19 in 1022 hPa (Falling). Visibility: 17.0 miles 28.0 kilometers.
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09:39<TehDan>morning all...
09:39<TehDan>are we having any rdns issues?
09:43<@caker>TehDan: not that I'm aware of
09:45<TehDan>can't get an rdns on my IP, and I have mail being rejected
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09:49<TehDan>Hmm... some dns servers are working, some aren't... must be SEP :)
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10:08<TehDan>caker: shouldn't I be able to get an rdns record out of from my linode?
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10:52<linbot>New news from forums: RDNS problem in Linux Networking <>
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11:17<tronix>something funky with host27? Linode froze and I get connection established when I ssh to host27 itself for lish, but no prompt
11:17<@caker>I'm on it already...
11:17<tronix>ahh cool
11:17[~]kvandivo wonders how long it is going to take for caker to beat 27 into submission.
11:17<warewolf>is that two or three hosts that have gone belly up in the past 18 hours?
11:18[~]warewolf begins to wonder if someone is doing something evil to Linode
11:18<@caker>I can't wait until all these panics are destroyed.
11:18<@caker>driving me nuts
11:18[~]tronix gives caker a BFG9000
11:18[~]caker wields
11:18[~]warewolf hands caker some cells
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11:21<@caker>I'm ready to go back to 2.4 on these boxes...
11:29<warewolf>caker- what class are those hosts? linode 80s or what?
11:29<warewolf>caker- do the panics some more often on more heaviliy loaded linode 80 servers?
11:34<tronix>warewolf: host27's got the 160s
11:52<besonen>caker: what's the root of these panics?
11:53<@caker>Host27's panics aren't related to the panics that keep occuring on hosts ~40-55
11:53<@caker>We've hit real bugs in 2.6.11, 2.6.13,, and 2.6.15 ... I just now compiled
11:54<@caker>The wider problem on hosts > 40 is related to a slippery SKAS bug, which no one can figure out. So, that goes away when we move to Xen
11:55<Redgore>any ETA on full xen rollout ?
11:55<@caker>Q12006 :)
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11:56<linbot>New news from forums: Best way to achieve redundancy? in Linux Networking <>
11:56<warewolf>the year 12006
11:56<@caker>Milestone: Xen Public Beta - Due in 3 days - 85% complete - Closed tickets: 11 Active tickets: 2
11:56<@caker>last two are fairly easy
11:58<warewolf>holy shit
11:59<warewolf>I apparently didn't turn off my laptop before putting it in my laptop bag and coming home
11:59<warewolf>my laptop ahs been on, running it's fan at full throttle for about an hour inside my bag!
11:59<warewolf>holy shit is it ever hot
12:00<tierra>heh, I've done that before
12:00<kvandivo>heh heh.. heh heh.. that's hot.. heh heh.. heh heh..
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12:08<cout>!weather 29464
12:08<linbot>cout: The current temperature in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (29464) Conditions & is 73\xB0F (12:56 PM EST on January 12, 2006). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 53\xB0F. Pressure: 30.08 in 1019 hPa (Falling). Visibility: 10.0 miles 16.1 kilometers.
12:08<cout>hmm, wunderground says 77.9
12:09<@caker>!wunder 29464
12:09<linbot>caker: The current temperature in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (29464) Conditions & is 73\xB0F (12:56 PM EST on January 12, 2006). Conditions: Partly Cloudy. Humidity: 50%. Dew Point: 53\xB0F. Pressure: 30.08 in 1019 hPa (Falling). Visibility: 10.0 miles 16.1 kilometers.
12:09[~]caker shrugs
12:15<efudd>efudd: The current price of NTAP is 33.74, as of 12:59pm EST. A
12:15<efudd> change of +3.30 from the last business day.
12:15<efudd>go go netapp.
12:15<efudd>i sold at 29. :/
12:16<cout>wasn't it near 29 just yesterday?
12:16<efudd>well, closed 30.44 yesterday
12:16<efudd>dunno whassup
12:17<efudd>interestingly enough, tuesday appl closed at 80.86......
12:17<efudd>same day they announced intel macs :0
12:17<cout>you mean AAPL?
12:17<efudd>that too.
12:17<cout>stocks usually react to news.
12:18<efudd>34.09 right now
12:18<efudd>we had no news. odd odd.
12:18<efudd>well; Network Appliance Intensifies Presence in Asia Pacific
12:18<tronix>i'm just waiting for AAPL to close at 680.00 ;)
12:20<cout>that's yesterday's news
12:21<Redgore>!quote ADBE
12:21<linbot>Redgore: The current price of ADBE is 39.86, as of 1:06pm EST. A change of +0.53 from the last business day.
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13:35<adamg>caker, you still around?
13:37<adamg>the pending xen beta, is it going to be at tp?
13:37<@caker>for starters, yes
13:38|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
13:38<adamg>planning new nodes at he?
13:38<adamg>well hosts
13:38<@caker>Yes .. pretty much need them for the xen migration
13:38<adamg>got round the 4 gig limitation?
13:39<@caker>gotta rethink host naming .. host1-8 @ tp, host9-26 @ HE, hosts 27-55 @ tp, then next set at HE, etc, etc .. won't really work
13:39<@caker>Yeah .. The xen test box now has 6G
13:39<adamg>append them with H and T
13:39<@caker>was thinking about .. host#a, host#b, etc a = HE b = TP, c = ??
13:39<Redgore>im happy to stay on whats currently host17, not had a single problem that I can recall
13:40<@caker>and just start over with 1-n on each
13:40<@caker>so there'd be a host1a and a host1b ...
13:40<adamg>yeah since in then end everyone will be moving to xen, then all the new hosts can use whatever
13:40<kvandivo>why not just he1, he2, tp1, tp2, etc
13:40<adamg>that may be confusing
13:40<@caker>kvandivo: why advertise them?
13:41<kvandivo>anyone that knows what it means already knows
13:41<kvandivo>so to speak
13:43<adamg>and people are going to work out what a and b means anyway
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14:41<fo0bar>/UNIONFS/dev/sda1 1.5T 129M 1.4T 1% /mnt/hd
14:44|-|npmr [] has joined #linode
14:44<npmr>linbot, roulette
14:44<linbot>npmr: *click*
14:45<npmr>caker, mikegrb.... pm?
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14:48<dopey>host1-12 for site1, host 12 ?
14:54<fo0bar>caker: that's actually 6x400GB in RAID50
14:58<linbot>tronix: *click*
14:58<tronix>so far, so good... ;)
15:01<tronix>dopey: not sure, but know Linode, Inc. has dozens of hosts if memory serves.
15:01<tronix>(spread across two sites, of course.)
15:02<Battousai>it's in the 50s somewhere right now i think
15:22<besonen>caker: is 2.6 only a problem on a limited number of hosts? and if so, are there any common denominators other than the 2.6 kernel?
15:23[~]efudd grumbles at gentoo, kde, and pam
15:23<@mikegrb>besonen: it's a specific revision of a specific model of cpu
15:24<besonen>intel or amd?
15:24<kvandivo>getting those boxes from a guy selling them out of the back of a van doesn't seem so bright now, does it
15:27<besonen>thanks mikegrb
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16:11<@caker>this is just silly...
16:11<@mikegrb>man that IS silly
16:11[~]mikegrb runs
16:20|-|Redgore [~Redgore@] has quit [Quit: A geek without purpose - | SMDC-Network IRC -]
16:44[~]encode wonders what is just silly
16:47<@mikegrb>your face!
16:48<encode>this is true
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16:51|-|anderiv [] has joined #linode
16:53|-|internat [] has joined #linode
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16:55|-|internat [] has joined #linode
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17:11|-|spr [] has joined #linode
17:46|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
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18:08|-|Claude [] has joined #linode
18:08<Claude>customer service please....
18:11<womble>Please hold. Your call is important to us, and will be answered by the next available operator.
18:11<womble>mikegrb/caker: You're up.
18:13<@mikegrb>Thank you for contacting Linode customer service, this is mikegrb, how may I help you?
18:14|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
18:16<internat>err rofl*
18:26<womble>Uhm, Claude, you're supposed to ask your question now...
18:31[~]mikegrb just got done moving a giant, heavy, did I say giant? desk from room to room
18:32<@mikegrb>giant == physically impossible to move through a doorway
18:32<@mikegrb>to big
18:32<@mikegrb>heavy == made of real wood, heavy stuff that wood is
18:32<@mikegrb>pain in the arse
18:35<Claude>i thought no one was here
18:35<Claude>r u still there womble
18:35<internat>lol ur meant to be asking mikegrb the question :P
18:35<Claude>i am looking for a virtual dedicated server
18:36<Claude>or shared hosting
18:36<Claude>what is the lowest price
18:38<Claude>yeah,i was just there
18:38<Claude>thats what brought me here
18:39<encode>$19.95 / month
18:39<encode>in US dollars
18:39<Claude>ok , i need 300 domains though
18:39<encode>plus a $10 setup fee
18:39<encode>so buy 300 domains
18:39<Claude>will the $19.95 allow me to host 300 domains
18:40<encode>but depending on traffic
18:40<encode>your 300 domains might be very slow
18:40<JasonF>You're able to host as many domains as you have the sysadmin abilities to setup.
18:41<Claude>what control panel comes with the $19.95 plan
18:42<Claude>ha ha
18:42<Claude>ok, i need a control panel
18:43<AndyHat>More host27 problems?
18:43<Claude>so whats the price for a shared hosting account with a control panel
18:44<Claude>for unlimited domains
18:45<JasonF>Claude: linode doesn't offer managed services
18:45<Claude>i dont want managed
18:45<Claude>i just want space on a server with a control panel to create domains
18:45<JasonF>managed = cpanel or other control panel
18:46<JasonF>unmanaged = /bin/bash
18:46<Claude>is there a website or book or other resource you can recommend where i can learn to create domains without a cpanel
18:46[~]encode recalls that post on the forum that cpanel slows a linode 80 to a crawl
18:48<JasonF>Claude: if you don't know how, and you want 300 domains, I'm not sure linode is a good choice for you
18:48<JasonF>because it takes quite a bit of knowledge to do it
18:48<womble>Claude: As far as I know, linode only provides complete virtual servers for you to do whatever you want on. If you want additional services, you'll need to either install it yourself or contract someone else to do the setup for you.
18:48<encode>why would you want 300 domains for anyway?
18:49<Claude>hmm quite a bit of knowledge huh?
18:50<Claude>i am trying to find cheap web hosting
18:50<Claude>with control panels
18:51<encode>then a vps like linode probably isnt what you're after
18:51<Claude>yeah i guess
18:53<encode>if you know what you're doing, then its fantastic
18:53<encode>but if you feel the need for a control panel to do the heavy lifting, then maybe not
18:55<womble>Claude: Feel free to hire me to setup your linode with SysCP on it, though
19:06|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
19:12|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
19:13<internat>im interested to know what the 300 domains are for
19:13<internat>seems like a sitter to me :/
19:57<AndyHat>So, mikegrb, any idea why our host27 node shut itself down a little while ago? Same old kernel bug?
19:57<@mikegrb>well, it's different then the bug affecting higher numbered hosts
19:58<@mikegrb>I believe caker put a new kernel on it this time
19:59<AndyHat>I think he tried yesterday, but had to revert.
20:01<AndyHat>I just wanted to make sure it wasn't just something we screwed up this time, and I didn't see an update in the forum on this crash :)
20:02|-|thread [] has joined #linode
20:02<thread>what's going on peoples?
20:02<thread>suddenly I can't access my linode
20:02|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
20:02<thread>and I go to reboot it, and the shutdown event is just hcillin in the queue
20:03<internat>which host ?
20:03<@mikegrb>thread: we're on it
20:03<internat>yah! another kernel bug :D
20:04<thread>uh oh...
20:04<internat>err that didnt sound right
20:04<internat>stupid cpu bug
20:06|-|Nemesis__ [] has joined #linode
20:06<thread>woot! back
20:08<Nemesis__>Host initiated restart
20:08<Nemesis__>Job Entered 01/01/1974 12:00:00 AM
20:09|-|SupaZubon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:10<@caker>!errno -23
20:10<linbot>caker: (unknown) (#-23): Unknown error 4294967273
20:10<@caker>!errno 23
20:10<linbot>caker: ENFILE (#23): Too many open files in system
20:10|-|thread [] has quit [Quit: thx gyz]
20:12<Nemesis__>for some reason, a restart job entered into my linode's job queue
20:12<Nemesis__>but its refusing to restart
20:12<Nemesis__>its just sitting in the queue
20:12<@mikegrb>they go one at a time
20:12<AndyHat>Host27 appears to be down again, too.
20:13|-|linville [] has joined #linode
20:17|-|lyoung [] has joined #linode
20:17<lyoung>Anyone home?
20:18<encode>depends who you're after
20:18<lyoung>My host is down. Someone on staff would be nice :-)
20:18<encode>which host is it on? 55 or 27?
20:19<encode>16 minutes ago
20:19<encode><@mikegrb> thread: we're on it
20:19<@mikegrb>linodes are comming up now
20:19<lyoung>k, thanks.
20:19<lyoung>That host has been feeling poorly.
20:30|-|SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
20:32<fo0bar>caker: do you have to do any BIOS tweaking when setting up a xeon supermicro system?
20:33<@caker>fo0bar: not really ... just console redirection, etc
20:34<fo0bar>I built a "modest" system today... 2U 6024H-T, 2x3.6ghz xeon 800mhz 2MB, 8GB, 6x400GB RAID
20:34<fo0bar>but the damn thing kept overheating
20:34<fo0bar>mostly on CPU#1
20:34<@caker>man .. host27 again. Something has to be wrong with it
20:35<fo0bar>I took off the heatsinks and noticed the thermal paste was bad on the first CPU, so I replaced them both with good old arctic silver
20:35<fo0bar>but that didn't help
20:35<@caker>fo0bar: set fans to max?
20:35<fo0bar>(by overheating I mean >80C)
20:35<@caker>fo0bar: close lid, etc?
20:35<[|^__^|]>Set fan pressure to stun
20:35<fo0bar>here's the funny thing, it only happened when the lid was closed
20:35<@caker>[|^__^|]: lock on host27
20:36<fo0bar>since it's forced air over a passive heatsink, you would think the opposite was true
20:36<[|^__^|]>oh, case lock?
20:36|-|Nemesis__ [] has quit [Quit: ]
20:36<[|^__^|]>OH I GET IT LOCK-ON
20:36<[|^__^|]>I had a long day on alcatraz
20:37<fo0bar>caker: you know what happened? all the therman management options in the BIOS were off
20:37<@caker>fo0bar: odd
20:37<[|^__^|]>poor Therman!
20:37<encode>[|^__^|]: hhahahaha
20:37[~]caker considers the options for host27...
20:37<[|^__^|]>I gave my name as "Boris" to the sandwich folks today, and they spelled it "Boryuse" and called it out as "Bar-yuiss?"
20:38<encode>that does sound odd, surely the default wouldnt be to have thermal management off
20:38<[|^__^|]>I need to go back to Napoleon
20:38<fo0bar>Temp1: +46.0 C (high = +90.0 C, hyst = +85.0 C)
20:38<fo0bar>Temp2: +56.0 C (high = +90.0 C, hyst = +85.0 C)
20:38<fo0bar>Temp3: +35.5 C (high = +80.0 C, hyst = +75.0 C)
20:38<fo0bar>and that's while hammering the sucka
20:39<[|^__^|]>bruthas gonna work it out
20:39<fo0bar>caker: also:
20:39<fo0bar>libata version 1.20 loaded.
20:39<fo0bar>sata_mv 0000:02:03.0: version 0.5
20:39<@caker>fo0bar: oh?!
20:40<fo0bar>caker: I don't have any devices on it (and didn't even know onboard was a marvell), but finnix found it automatically
20:40<@caker>fo0bar: using the hotswap plane then?
20:41<fo0bar>caker: I'm using the hotswap plane, but the system comes with all 6 bays routed to the onboard SATA ports
20:41<@caker>fo0bar: what are your drives connected to, then? the onboard ICH5 or whatnot?
20:41<fo0bar>I simply remove them and plug them into the 3ware 9550sx we bought for it
20:41|-|SupaZubon [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:41<fo0bar>(non-hardware RAID == teh suck)
20:42<encode>fo0bar: don't u hate it when your creation starts doing things better than you can do them?
20:42<encode>time to stop finnix now before it becomes skynet
20:43<fo0bar>On August 29, 2007, Finnix became self-aware.
20:44<fo0bar>but seriously, I need to go see HOW it found the controller, since I'm pretty sure the device isn't in the pcitable database
20:47<fo0bar>0000:02:03.0 0104: 11ab:6081 (rev 03)
20:47<fo0bar>^^^ sorry for using the channel as a notepad :)
20:51[~]fo0bar will need to dig through the source for hwsetup
20:52<fo0bar>since it also found the 9550sx, which isn't in the database either (but the 9500s is)
20:52[~]encode hands fo0bar a crowbar, a shovel, and a fine toothed comb
20:52<encode>enjoy ;)
20:52<[|^__^|]>okay, well, I'll make me a curry
20:52|-|pcomfort [] has joined #linode
20:53<@caker>Well, we're going to have to limp along on host27 for a few days until, then we'll move everyone off.
20:53<@caker>*until I can have TP install some hardware*
20:54<@caker>I'll ship it tommorrow overnight, they'll likely get it done over the weekend
20:54[~]fo0bar detects a bit of frustration in caker's bytes
20:54<encode>does host27 have one of those troublesome processors?
20:54<@caker>No, this must be some other failure
20:56|-|gene203 [] has joined #linode
20:56<gene203>Hello, wondering if linode staff are working on host27.
20:57|-|internat [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:58<[|^__^|]>yeah, it's a pretty entrenched problem
20:58<[|^__^|]>18:53 <@caker> Well, we're going to have to limp along on host27 for a few days until, then we'll move everyone off.
20:58<[|^__^|]>18:53 <@caker> *until I can have TP install some hardware*
20:58<[|^__^|]>18:54 <@caker> I'll ship it tommorrow overnight, they'll likely get it done over the weekend
20:59<fo0bar># 3w9k_status ; echo $?
20:59<fo0bar>c0:9550SX-8LP u0:OK p0:OK p1:OK p2:OK p3:OK p4:OK p5:OK p6:NOT-PRESENT p7:NOT-PRESENT
20:59<fo0bar>heh, I've never tried my status wrapper on a controller that wasn't full. doh.
20:59<@mikegrb>gene203: right, what [|^__^|] pasted
21:00<@mikegrb>gene203: there will probably be a post in the forums this evening or tommorow mentioning that and then an email to everyone on host27 when the migrations are set up
21:00|-|internat [] has joined #linode
21:01<internat>well that sucked wang
21:01<encode> <-- hehehe
21:01<linbot>New news from forums: Host27 Hardware in System and Network Status <>
21:04<womble>encode: Is that the one that starts "A for effort, F for give me a fucking break"?
21:05|-|gene203 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
21:05|-|gene203 [] has joined #linode
21:05<encode>womble: yep
21:06<gene203>Well, that is not acceptable to my customers. is there any way that i can get the files in my mysql?
21:06<gene203>so that I can use my web server at home.
21:10<internat>so whats this thats not acceptable?
21:10<internat>host 27?
21:11|-|SupaZubon [] has joined #linode
21:11<internat>and as for the files in mysql just do a sql dump
21:11<internat>using something lik phpmyadmin should make that very simple
21:12<internat>hmms i need to make me a script that pings my node so i can get notifed when its down..
21:14<gene203>Okay, now I can access the server host27.
21:14<[|^__^|]>gene203: yes. it has rebooted as promised.
21:14<gene203>so you said that 'host27' will limp over the weekend?
21:14<[|^__^|]>It's limping now.
21:15<internat>there organising another box, as the forum post says
21:15|-|gene203 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
21:15<@caker>except SupaZubon gets a box of his own (cursed)
21:16<[|^__^|]>It's uncanny
21:16<[|^__^|]>I wasn't going to mention it because it would sound like whining
21:16<@caker>Man, it'll be like the 4th move for some of these guys
21:16<[|^__^|]>but it is unreal.
21:16<[|^__^|]>caker: I bet you moving me to xen will eventually lift the curse
21:17<[|^__^|]>caker: put me on mikegrb's host!
21:17<@caker>I'm hoping. I would if I had the hardware/space (soon)
21:17<@caker>Milestone: Xen Public Beta - Due in 3 days - 86% completed - Closed tickets: 12 Active tickets: 2
21:18<internat>whats left todo?
21:18<@caker>Check if every distro can handle "ro" flag by default, and a script that reverts inittab and fstab, for the Xen to UML case
21:19<warewolf>HOLY SHIT
21:19[~][|^__^|] blesses shit
21:19<internat>xen to uml? incase we have to revert back for some reason?
21:19<warewolf>I have 30K options with my previous employer
21:20<warewolf>which adds up to $9K
21:20<@caker>warewolf: options, or shares? Options usually go away with employment.
21:20<[|^__^|]>okay, shopping time
21:20<warewolf>caker- options
21:20<warewolf>caker- but they didn't throw them away
21:20<warewolf>caker- start up firm, they didn't have their act together
21:20<@caker>warewolf: what's their strike price, and current price of the stock?
21:21<warewolf>not sure
21:21<warewolf>the company's estimated market value is $1.10/share
21:21<warewolf>but for some reason I only get $0.30/share
21:21<@caker>for example, I had a crapload of HSTM options, strike price was $7.50, stock price was $1.75 :)
21:22<warewolf>this is interesting
21:22<@caker>I wasn't about to PAY $5.75 a share :)
21:22<warewolf>I work for the company for a year, and now eitehr invest in it, or cash out I think.
21:23[~]warewolf -c work &
21:25<internat>stupid question how do i find out if a hdd is in dma mode or udma?
21:31<lyoung>caker- Why does it take days to fix a hardware problem? Do you not have spares/parts ??
21:31<lyoung>caker- or a service contract?
21:32<@mikegrb>in the past we have
21:32<@caker>lyoung: in this case? Yes, I do. I have them here which I'll prepare and ship up. The other alternative is to move the drives into a spare machine I have online already, but I believe that would be more downtime than if we waited
21:33<lyoung>I don't really understand, I would have guessed that moving the drives would take minutes.
21:35<lyoung>On my machines I can just pull them right out the front (dell 2850s)
21:35<@caker>I could, if I were doing it (or you, sounds like). It might also take a datacenter tech much longer. Not knowing how long it would take them isn't a risk I'm willing to take
21:35<@caker>these particular machines are PATA
21:35<@mikegrb>plus the amount of time for them to get over there and do it
21:36|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
21:37<lyoung>PATA hotplug? Or pata open-up-the-case-and-deal-with-a-monster-tangle-of-cable-origami?
21:38<@mikegrb>non hotplug but on removable trays afaik
21:40<fo0bar>yeah... some pata trays claim they're hotplug, but that's just asking for a fried disk (besides, the OS usually doesn't actually support it)
21:40<lyoung>I just bought a bunch of 2850s for $1700 each. I'm surprised you guys are messing with that stuff when you have them hosted remotely.
21:40<fo0bar>though IIRC, the dual-opteron machine(s) caker is evaluating is SATA hotplug
21:42<fo0bar> <-- I believe
21:47<@caker>They are, and newer machines after host27 are PATA hotplug, but ICH5 can't do hotplug, and I never used the marvel ports on those boards
21:48<@caker>... since the old Marvel driver wasn't GPL and required an initrd
21:50<fo0bar>caker: if I can squeeze some time in, I'll move the ports on this test machine back from the 3ware card to the onboard marvell and see how well it fares
21:50<@caker>fo0bar: that would be lovely
21:53<fo0bar> <-- what I have so far
21:53<lyoung>The only time I end up hotplugging is when I add extra drives to a running system, which is something I can always schedule.
21:54<fo0bar>first 2 machines are different boxes, different controllers, etc. the last 3 are from the machine I am currently testing
21:54[~]fo0bar is currently running bonnie++ against raid50 to compare
21:55<lyoung>I think Xen has the ability to migrate systems while they are running, doesn't it?
21:55<lyoung>Migrate an image to a new host? Or is that only with the proprietary management stuff?
21:55<fo0bar>(the machine is actually 8GB memory, but I'm not currently running a PAE-enabled kernel)
21:56<fo0bar>lyoung: yeah. in theory it's instant, but in practice it's about 10-15 seconds downtime during the ARP reconvergence
21:56<lyoung>That's just fantastic :-)
21:57<lyoung>I think you can beat the ARP convergence pretty easily by sending out ARP notifications
21:57<@mikegrb>my son just said "oh fuck"
21:57<fo0bar>I'm wondering if those new intel macs have the hardware hypervisor they've been developing. true hardware xen would rock
21:57<lyoung>I played with cutting ip's from one host to another and I found that I could do it immediately.
21:57<fo0bar>mikegrb: did you lay the smack down?
21:57<@mikegrb>"come on hunter let's go ni-night"
21:57<@mikegrb>"oh fuck"
21:57<lyoung>How old is he?
21:58<@mikegrb>16 months
21:58<lyoung>Wow :-)
21:58<lyoung>At least it is cute at that age.
21:58<@mikegrb>he doesn't know
21:58<@mikegrb>just happened to use it at a somewhat appropriate time
21:58<lyoung>My 7-year old can swear like a trooper and his teacher's don't find it so cute.
22:00<lyoung>foobar: are you running a datacenter?
22:01<lyoung>Silly question I guess. I was just wondering about your connection to linode.
22:01<lyoung>I assume that most linode customers don't have much in the way of their own facilities.
22:04|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:06<lyoung>mikegrb: Do you guys have a quick way to swap linodes from one machine to another? I have a production linode on host55, and host55 has been pretty sickly
22:06<encode>fo0bar: i've heard the cpus do have the hardware hypervisor
22:06<@mikegrb>if we have a slot on another host
22:06<lyoung>I have another linode on host15 that isn't being used for anything at the moment.
22:06<lyoung>can you swap the two?
22:06<@mikegrb>well the IP would have to change
22:06<@mikegrb>since they are different datacenters
22:06<fo0bar>encode: rockin'
22:07|-|pcomfort [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
22:07<@mikegrb>lyoung: if ip change isn't a problem I could swap the disk images around for you
22:08<fo0bar>lyoung: I work for a company that has about 100 (maybe closer to 150) servers in a datacenter. But I used to manage a datacenter, until it went out of business :(
22:08|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:08<lyoung>It isn't a problem if it happens at a known time at night, so I can rearrange the DNS
22:08<fo0bar>lyoung: as for my connection to linode... I'm just a customer who found them before "linode" was a household word :)
22:08[~]mikegrb updates fo0bar's dossier with a warning, "don't hire fo0bar for DC work unless you want Dc out of business"
22:08<lyoung>foobar iz
22:09<fo0bar>mikegrb: hahaha
22:09<fo0bar>mikegrb: the datacenter was excellent, it's just the sales people couldn't sell shit
22:09<@mikegrb>lyoung: want to do it tommorow night then? I took some nyquil about an hour ago and think you would probably rather I didn't touch your Linodes right now ;
22:09<lyoung>Great :-) That way I can back it all up just in case.
22:10<@mikegrb>tommorow night you can shutdown the one on host15 first and I can transfer the image over to host55
22:10<@mikegrb>then shutdown the one on host55 and I will transfer the image to host15, associate it with the account there and then you can boot
22:10<@mikegrb>for minimal downtime
22:11<heidi>that didn't make sense to me
22:11<@mikegrb>then I'll fix up the other image for the linode that was on 15
22:11<@mikegrb>heidi: I don't think it did to me eiether :<,
22:11<heidi>its your bedtime
22:11<heidi>hunter is sleeping
22:11<@mikegrb>maybe lyoung will understand
22:11<lyoung>Well, I guess with rsync it could make sense
22:11<heidi>i did so good
22:11<internat>god that idjiot on the forums is funny
22:11<lyoung>since an incremental update is way faster than an initial transfer.
22:14<lyoung>foobar: so what do you use linode for, then? I'm curious. I use them mostly for 'play' servers because they make it easy, though I do have one production app.
22:14<internat>someone is trying to log into my hosting box with'
22:15<lyoung>Which is sadly on host55 ;-)
22:15<JasonF>I got on linode around host ... 41?
22:15<JasonF>so I haven't been around for as long as some of you crazies
22:15<JasonF>but I'm a vet by now
22:16<internat>hhehe im on 47.. but i was on another host before that with a mate
22:16<internat>man id hate to see the dc hosting fees for 55 hosts :/
22:17<JasonF>I'm on 51 now
22:17<JasonF>mainly because I've been on like 3 hosts that have died
22:17<JasonF>destruction follows me
22:17<lyoung>I guess at 15 I'm long of tooth in this group.
22:17<fo0bar>lyoung: I have a 192 (or whatever the memory is after they raised it across the board...) for personal websites and mail, as well as a 64 for testing/playing. I know your next question is "if you work at a place with 150 servers in a datacenter, why not colo there?" -- the answer is I don't like to colo with employers... might be ugly if I quit/fired/etc, and I value my email too much :)
22:18<fo0bar> <-- encode
22:18<lyoung>Oh, it is for -personal- stuff. I see. In my case I mix freely, 'cause it is my company.
22:18<lyoung>Which is probably not a good enough reason :-)
22:19<internat>mines a half dev/half production box :)
22:19<JasonF>I run on a linode (also is a node in the irc network)
22:19<lyoung>I'd hate to think about all the personal stuff on my email server
22:19<JasonF>I run on *their* node
22:19<lyoung>that anyone in my company could read if they were feeling rude.
22:19<JasonF>and I have a xen beta test ndoe
22:19<JasonF>lyoung: if you're that distrustful, remind me never to colo with y ou
22:19<internat>u still have a xen beta node?
22:19<internat>i thought they all got killed?
22:20<JasonF>cialis opensource # ping
22:20<JasonF>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
22:20<JasonF>64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=2.97 ms
22:20<fo0bar>JasonF: shhhh, you can't discuss that with those who aren't members of the secret masonic xen beta
22:20[~]fo0bar proceeds to do a 5-minute-long secret handshake with JasonF
22:22<lyoung>I really want to set up a linode-like facility for internal use, but the 'professional' setups are outrageously expensive
22:22<lyoung>and rolling one's own is too much work.
22:23<lyoung>server virtualization is sold at quite a premium at the moment.
22:23<JasonF>yeah, free.
22:23<fo0bar>lyoung: I just set up a UML dev server at work for internal use. nowhere near the level of linode, but you can still deploy new images, etc
22:23<JasonF>Open source, baby
22:24<fo0bar> <-- eww, RAID50 isn't looking so hot
22:24<lyoung>The problem is there are no up-to-date UML distros out there
22:25<lyoung>and building them is a black art.
22:25<fo0bar>lyoung: ehh, it does take a lot of learning to figure out the ins and outs of UML, but it makes sense once you do :)
22:26<fo0bar>and yeah, almost nothing is up to date kernel-wise. you pretty much have to follow the development groups and compile as its released
22:26<lyoung>I do have one UML setup, but I don't use it.
22:27<encode>fo0bar: *grin* @ blog post
22:27<lyoung>It's on my mail server, which is an odd spot for it.
22:27<lyoung>Xen may be easier, just because there is a company actively promoting it.
22:28<lyoung>And when Intel puts out their new hardware, it will be more worthwhile.
22:29<lyoung>It would be nice to be able to mix Linux and Windows deployment
22:29<fo0bar>lyoung: easier to get up and running, yes. but UML is more in sync with releases (client support is built into the vanilla kernel, and host SKAS support is usually released days after a new kernel comes out)
22:29<fo0bar>but yeah, when hardware virtualization becomes a reality, xen will rock
22:29<lyoung>I thought Xen doesn't require a custom kernel?
22:30<lyoung>Even now.
22:30<womble>lyoung: It requires porting on all current hardware
22:31<lyoung>So I need to recompile the guest kernel with Xen support?
22:31<fo0bar>I think they plan on an emulation layer for legacy kernels, but right now it requires a quite extensive patch.
22:31<fo0bar>the added offset is that it's quite a bit faster than UML currently
22:32<fo0bar>and will probably be even more so once hardware hypervisor support becomes a reality
22:32<lyoung>I've been thinking of putting in the effort to try it because I need to put up some linux servers soon
22:33<fo0bar>lyoung: go to xen's homepage and download the demo cd. it's rather nice to see how it all works
22:33<lyoung>and I don't want to lock in to buying machines for each server. These need to be local, linode isn't an option.
22:34<lyoung>ok, I'll give it a look. Have you played with it at all? (other than via linode)
22:38<fo0bar>yeah. finnix has support for xen, and instructions on how to use it via the xen cd
22:39<fo0bar>( -- if you haven't downloaded it already, you're uncool :)
22:40<fo0bar>though I need to tweak the instructions for finnix 86.2, which was released recently
22:54<internat>woot my cheap "is my linode dead or alive" script is almost done
22:56<lyoung>internat: There are free web services that do that for you
22:57<internat>but will they sms me if it goes down?
22:57<lyoung>They will email you.
22:57<encode>internat: what are you using to send the sms?
22:57<internat>email doesnt help me since the linode hosts my email
22:57<internat>with my mobile providers file :)
22:57<lyoung>doesn't your carrier offer an email address for smsing you?
22:58<internat>mor3e then likely it does at a price tho
22:58<internat>this doesnt cost me
22:58<internat>well it costs me a sms
22:58<internat>but thats it
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59<lyoung>Now I feel bad, can I mail you a sandwich?
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<internat>whereas they provide me with a webinterface to send sms and all it costs me is the price of that sms
22:59<lyoung>Where will you run your linode checking script?
23:00<internat>on one of my servers at my house :)
23:01<lyoung>You might want to look at host-track anyway, as they give you stats on uptime and downtime.
23:02<lyoung>is that the plural to 'hmm'?
23:04<fo0bar>hmm, it seems linux doesn't like disks larger than 2TB
23:05<fo0bar>sda : very big device. try to use READ CAPACITY(16).
23:05<fo0bar>SCSI device sda: 4687368192 512-byte hdwr sectors (2399933 MB)
23:05<fo0bar>and then fdisk pukes and says something about cylinders
23:06<psykoyiko>there's some config option for that.
23:07<internat>Host is Dead!!!!!!
23:07<internat>omfg host is still down
23:07<internat>lol thats what its outputting atm
23:07<psykoyiko>fo0bar: large block device support
23:08<fo0bar>psykoyiko: no matter, this is just for shits and giggles (6x400GB RAID0)... looks like I can run mke2fs on /dev/sda itself without partitioning it
23:08|-|jotun [] has left #linode []
23:08<internat>unrelated question, anyone happen to know what sit0: unknown hardware address type 776 means?
23:08<fo0bar>in reality it'll probably be RAID10 (1.2TB)
23:08<psykoyiko>fo0bar: :<
23:08<psykoyiko>ahh, CONFIG_LBD
23:09<psykoyiko>now I can just reply with a terse
23:09[~]psykoyiko pats himself on the back
23:09<fo0bar>or possibly RAID5, 5x400GB with a hot spare (if it's faster than RAID10)
23:09<fo0bar>RAID50 is definitely slower
23:10<fo0bar>my only requirements from the "customer" (different department) are it has to be at least 1TB
23:10<fo0bar>and as fast as possible
23:12<lyoung>g'night, folks
23:12|-|lyoung [] has left #linode []
23:30<encode>raid5 is slow with lots of writes
23:30<encode>because writes have to be made to multiple disks
23:30<encode>and XOR's calculated
23:30<encode></end knowledge of relative speed of raid5>
23:32|-|womble [] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
23:40<warewolf>raid 5 is fairly fast on read though
23:41<warewolf>iirc the more disks you have spinning the more throughput you can have on read
23:49|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
23:49<internat>woot my script is alive and running
23:51|-|Claude [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
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