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00:12<fo0bar>encode: this is a unit with caching and battery back up... I think it's possible to defer writing of the checksums, but we'll see
00:14<warewolf>fo0bar: it's a better idea to make a partition on /dev/sda
00:14<warewolf>fo0bar: most utilities expect to operate on a partition
00:24<Dreamr3>ok, anyone awake?
00:25<Dreamr3>fo0bar: defer writing checksums? sounds like a terrible idea
00:33<cmantito>anyone have any idea what this out of dmesg would mean?
00:33<cmantito>spca5xx: version magic '2.6.10-ARCH SMP preempt 686 gcc-4.0' should be '2.6.10-ARCH SMP preempt 686 gcc-3.4'
00:33<@caker>cmantito: module loading version match failed
00:34[~]cmantito blows up his kernel.
00:34<cmantito>I didn't need that anyway.
00:38<fo0bar>cmantito: yeah, you (need?) to use the same compiler to compile a module that was used to compile the kernel
00:39<fo0bar>I believe there are hacks though
00:39[~]cmantito goes off to find an old version of gcc
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00:41<fo0bar>cmantito: when you do, I use this to switch from one gcc to another:
00:41<fo0bar>it works for debian etch, you may need some tweaking
00:42<cmantito>danke :D
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02:08[~]warewolf groans
02:08<warewolf>no you don't *need* to use the *same* compiler to compile modules for your kernel, it's just a goddamn good idea
02:08<warewolf>it's because both the kernel and GCC are a wild and erattic moving target
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05:38<dungeon>morning, all
05:38<dungeon>anyone around?
05:38[~]dungeon waits, patiently....
05:39<dungeon>got a question about IP addresses and hosts.
05:39<dungeon>as in: I have the IP addresses of my servers.. but I don't know what host they're on
05:40<dungeon>so trying to track them - so that I can equate the "HOSTnn problems" forum posts to my server(s)
05:40<internat>log into the console
05:40<internat>memebers section
05:40<internat>it tells u what host ur on then
05:40<dungeon>okay, slight issue
05:40<dungeon>one of mine I have the login for
05:40<dungeon>another, I don't.
05:40<dungeon>as in: it's not my server, but I'm "responsible" for it
05:41<dungeon>the owner's vanished for a while
05:41<dungeon>so is uncontactable
05:41<dungeon>trouble is.. the server's now starting to play up
05:41<dungeon>and I can't get into it
05:41<internat>i wish there was a way via the node to get its parernt.. probably is tho
05:41<dungeon>yah. I ought to have put this info in my local /etc/hosts
05:41<dungeon>so that I have a record of it
05:41<dungeon>but I can't SSH into this duff server at the moment
05:41<dungeon>so wanted to know if there's a known issue
05:42<dungeon>I know one of ours (YAK) is on host27
05:42<dungeon>so that's "taken care of", as it were
05:42<internat>ur going to have fun getting access to the toher one tho
05:42<dungeon>yah. we're desperately trying to contact the owner
05:42<dungeon>since she's the only one with the control panel login info
05:43<dungeon>never thought we'd need it since I have r00t on that box.
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05:43<dungeon>hence can bounce it if needs be.
05:43<dungeon>but not restart the node itself.
05:43<internat>u should get a sshkey put in for lish
05:43<internat>then u can do most things via lish
05:43<internat>like boot and rebot
05:43<dungeon>erm.. that won't work either.. will it?
05:43<dungeon>it seems sshd has frozen on da boxen
05:44<internat>lish runs on the host, not ur node
05:44<dungeon>or does lish hit the underlying layer below the linode..
05:44<dungeon>.. ahhhh....
05:44<internat>u can boot reboot shutdown etc in lish
05:44<dungeon>so I can ssh to the LISH then do it from there?
05:44<internat>ud be able to do the basics
05:46<internat>yeah u can boot/rebot/shutdown thru lish
05:46<internat>which would really be everyrthing u would need
05:46<internat>if it crashes.. u have console access thru that as well
05:46<internat>so if sshd shits itself, u can just go thru lish
05:47<dungeon>ahh... okay.
05:49<dungeon>but I need access to the control panel to set up the LISH keys, mind.. don't I?
05:51<dungeon>inda puts me back to the original problem, in some ways!
05:51<internat>indeed it does
05:51<dungeon>m.. may have to get chris on the case.
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05:55<claire{H-0}|away>ummm is thier a Chris Acker here?
05:56<internat>hes probably afk at the moment
05:56<internat>but yes he is here
05:56<claire{H-0}|away>dungeon just told me to pop in here and have a word with him, dungeon got pultted away
05:57<internat>ur probably better off emailing them
05:57<internat>i doubt they are paying attention to irc at the moment
05:58<claire{H-0}|away>k thanks
05:59<dungeon>claire: I'll paste you my logs in a mo, when I get back
06:12[~]dungeon heads out
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06:14<claire{H-0}|away>internat it was you dave was talking to?
06:16<claire{H-0}|away>dave as talking about connecting to the vds via the host,
06:16<claire{H-0}|away>but the problem i see is, something like that normally requires a private key and a public key
06:16<internat>indeed it does
06:17<internat>it needs to be uploaded via the webpage
06:17<internat>its ssh keys
06:17<claire{H-0}|away>and i would also imgain that i would need control panal access to do anything with that
06:23<claire{H-0}|away>is it possible for someone with access to fix up the sshd so we can reboot the box from our end?
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09:48<Beirdo>that too :)
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11:01<ferik>Hey all, Are no Linode 80 available anymore ?
11:02<anderiv>ferik: did you check here -->
11:02<anderiv>ferik: some may become available before that, though, due to people cancelling or upgrading.
11:02<ferik>I did and I don't seem to be able to 'reserve' one either
11:03<anderiv>ferik: yah - I don't think caker has implemented any sort of "waiting list".
11:04<ferik>gotcha. Thanks.
11:05<ferik>What 'modern' linux distro do people usually install ? It seems the latest are debian and CentOS ? RH/FC and Ubuntu seem outdated ?
11:05<anderiv>ferik: I'm a gentoo nut, but it's not for everyone.
11:06<ferik>though I am sure Gentoo is fine, I'd rather not learn yet another distro. I have dabbed with RH, SUSE & Debian (Ubuntu, FC, ...)
11:07<anderiv>ferik: for a headless server, my second choice would be Debian.
11:08<ferik>mostly doing SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, SpamAssasin and some toying around with other stuff
11:23<Beirdo>gentoo on linodes is asking for trouble
11:23<Beirdo>don't forget, they are intrinsically shared hardware, and gentoo requires a LOT of compiling for ongoing maintenance
11:23<Beirdo>compiling tends to use a lot of your IO allotment
11:24<Beirdo>something completely binary-package oriented is likely to cause you less frustration at update times
11:24<Beirdo>just my $0.02
11:27<kvandivo>is that cad or usd?
11:28<npmr>AUD HATER!
11:29<npmr>man, i love hong kong
11:30<npmr>i need to go visit again
11:30<Beirdo>man, I love doxygen
11:30<kvandivo>i love oxygen. couldn't live without it
11:34<anderiv>Beirdo: heh - I understand your points, but realistically, I don't do all that much compiling.
11:35<Beirdo>well, in that case, you're golden :)
11:35<anderiv>Beirdo: I'm not of the type that obsessively runs emerge -uD world via cron every night.
11:35<Beirdo>good thing :)
11:35<Beirdo>that would be sucktacular
11:35<anderiv>Beirdo: basically I only upgrade when there are security vulnerabilities released.
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11:55<npmr>i used to build a whole operating system four times a day
11:56<npmr>perhaps you've used it
11:56<kvandivo>stone monuments will be chiseled in your honor
11:56<npmr>one of the releases, at least
12:09<@mikegrb>npmr: I think it is a sore subject with him, he blames his loss of reiser fs to that distro ;)
12:11<npmr>funny, i'd blame reiser
12:12<@mikegrb>it was just an easy target at the time
12:12<@mikegrb>as well as me, since I recommended the distro to him
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12:39<[|^__^|]>oh dear
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12:45|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 27 sekundy
12:46<kvandivo>mikegrb: awful glad you're around to keep things running smooth
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12:49<npmr>linbot, roulette
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12:50<kvandivo>they're dropping like flies
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12:59<Beirdo>flap flap flap
12:59<cmantito>is the network hurting itself/
12:59<cmantito>I can't hit my linode
12:59<[|^__^|]>it seems to be
12:59<[|^__^|]>I'm getting spotty connectivity to mine
12:59<cmantito>I'm not getting much of any to mine.
12:59<[|^__^|]>it seems to die every time I get my rsync sessions set up
12:59<[|^__^|]>but I suspect that's just paranoia :)
12:59<anderiv>...working fine now, though.
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13:00[~]Beirdo shakes his fist at TP
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13:00[~]bendy24 laughs
13:00<[|^__^|]>but I have ~20% packet loss on my last two hops to zork
13:00<Beirdo>stop shit-canning our traffic!
13:00<cmantito>'s back
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13:02[~]Beirdo gives TP the evil eye
13:02[~]cmantito helps.
13:02<kvandivo>would you guys make up your minds!?
13:02[~]bendy24 gives the 100% uptime to Beirdo
13:02<Beirdo>no viagra, thanks
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13:05<[|^__^|]>Welcome to Internet.
13:05<@caker>Please deposit 25 cents to place this call
13:05|-|efudd_ changed nick to efudd
13:05<Beirdo>[|^__^|]: stop rsyncing so much pr0n
13:06[~]caker is now known as TheLawnmowerMan
13:06<cmantito>anyone have any idea what happened yet?
13:06<npmr>the windong worm
13:06<Beirdo>some joker in TP playing "net goes down, net goes up"?
13:06<Beirdo>I used to play that at university sometimes
13:07<Beirdo>oh the days of ethernet being on coax :)
13:07<npmr>ha ha
13:07<[|^__^|]>oh boy thinnet
13:07<[|^__^|]><IT_Manager> But hubs are so expensive! Let's just use a thinnet backbone!!!!!
13:08<[|^__^|]>we actually had thicknet on the RS/6000 section of the network
13:08<npmr>i used to advertize routes to a /24 in reserved space
13:08<npmr>my school didn't filter those at all
13:08<[|^__^|]>mostly just to connect the X Terminals
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13:08<[|^__^|]>we had someone do that
13:08<[|^__^|]>Justin Sher
13:12[~][|^__^|] tries the rsync ONE LAST TIME
13:12<cmantito>if it kills the network... ;)
13:13<[|^__^|]>it's over ssh for cryin' out loud
13:13[~]bendy24 cuts more cat5
13:14<[|^__^|]>it's just ssh traffic
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13:14<cmantito>[|^__^|]: you kill the network... I'll hurt you... ;)
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13:14<[|^__^|]>this isn't me!
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13:14<Beirdo_>for fucks sakes.
13:14<bendy24>there sure are alot of cables to cut
13:14|-|Beirdo_ changed nick to Beirdo
13:15[~][|^__^|] is still connected to his node
13:15[~]cmantito is too, now.
13:15<Beirdo>it only dropped my oftc connection
13:15<bendy24>well, thats all the blue cables
13:16<bendy24>next are the red!
13:16<cmantito>bendy24: nyet! purple.
13:16<Beirdo>cut the big thick black ones, I dare ya
13:16<[|^__^|]>ooh, it's working...
13:18<cmantito>could someone just confirm that the webserver at is currently running for me?
13:18<cmantito>mmm, nevermind
13:18|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
13:18<bendy24>i cant resolve
13:18<cmantito>yea, I couldn't get that domain :)
13:18<cmantito>I tried.
13:18<bendy24>an irc network
13:19<[|^__^|]>This is the website for the Double0 IRC Network, or 00Net for short. Contained in this site, you will find lists of our staff members, servers, connection info, and help with the network. Please feel free to explore the site, and should it raise any concerns or questions, contact a staff member from the staff page.
13:20<bendy24>no updikes where harmed during this crisis
13:20<cmantito>is there a routing issue right now? I can't route from the linode to another server in Fareham UK
13:21<@caker>cmantito: give me more to go on, and I'll look
13:21<cmantito>right, I can't route from the linode to, which is a cname to
13:21<cmantito>IP is
13:21<cmantito>...and now it's back. routing is hopping all over today.
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13:22[~]caker hooks in another drive
13:23[~]efudd attempts to space out at his desk
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13:33<efudd>Previous backup seems to have failed, regressing destination now.
13:33<efudd>rdiff-backup sure is full of feedback.
13:36<efudd>ah, --terminal-verbosity 0-9
13:43<kvandivo>terminal-velocity was an ok movie
13:43<kvandivo>since i can't currently get to linodes website.. what's the charge per gig for going over your bandwidth allocation?
13:46<fo0bar>Scientific conclusion (using, like, numbers and stuff): RAID10 is much faster than everything else
13:46<@caker>kvandivo: $0.50/gig
13:47<@caker>fo0bar: use LVM much?
13:48<efudd>raid10 should be faster.
13:48<efudd>you get 2 sets of striped readers.
13:48<efudd>writes will decrease overall due to 2 sets of striped(parity calculation) writers.
13:51<fo0bar>efudd: I was pretty sure raid10 would be fastest (not counting raid0 of course), but I was hoping raid50 would be at least close
13:54<fo0bar>caker: occasionally
13:56[~][|^__^|] wonders if he should fsck
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14:01<[|^__^|]> <-- In which John Mark Walker discovers economic determinism, and argues with the Great Man theory of history. HOW VISIONARY!!!!!!!!&%!%@%@%@!!!!eleven
14:03<[|^__^|]>caker: dvd-jon mailed me asking for a tour of alcatraz
14:03<cmantito>oi, linode acting funny again
14:03<@caker>[|^__^|]: yeah, isn't that why you were there yesterday?
14:03<[|^__^|]>I'm there every week
14:10<cmantito>....and it works now.
14:10[~]cmantito blows up comcast.
14:11<bendy24>big episode on tonight!
14:12<warewolf>one more dvd and I will have completed watching every episode in season 1 of farscape
14:12<bendy24>poor you!
14:12<warewolf>yes, very poor. Especially since it cost me probally $50+ each season
14:12<[|^__^|]>BURRITO TIME
14:13<[|^__^|]>warewolf: trust me. Do not watch the fourth season. Do not even watch the season finale of the third season. The whole show ends in the penultimate episode of the third season
14:14<warewolf>I've seen it
14:14<warewolf>I'm just making sure I've seen every episode
14:14<Beirdo>this is screwed
14:14<taupehat>you all must be talking about that frell show
14:14<[|^__^|]>haha yes
14:14<taupehat>I don't even need to look at scrollback
14:14[~]taupehat knows well SupaZubon's opinions of seasons 4 and 5
14:14<warewolf>there is no season 5.
14:14<[|^__^|]>there was a season 5?
14:14<warewolf>there was a twp there was a two part mini series
14:14<Beirdo>linode -> freenode is going up and down like a cheap whore
14:15<[|^__^|]>there was that vomitous miniseries
14:15<[|^__^|]>I don't think that counts as a season
14:15<taupehat>sort of does
14:15<warewolf>it is a cheap replacement for season 5
14:15<warewolf>and goddamnit I didn't want D'Argo to die.
14:15<[|^__^|]>which could not help but be cheap anyway
14:15<[|^__^|]>he didn't
14:15<[|^__^|]>he survived the explosion on the command carrier
14:15<[|^__^|]>and then the show ended!
14:16<[|^__^|]>aaaand BURRITO TIME!
14:20<taupehat>he was so stoic when he died
14:20<taupehat>but then again
14:20<taupehat>have you ever seen the guy who plays D'Argo out of his costume?
14:21<taupehat>obviously, flamboyantly gay.
14:21<warewolf>love D'Argo
14:21<taupehat>I shit you not...
14:21<warewolf>"Broken Kravlah"
14:21<warewolf>"Possibly internal bleeding"
14:21<warewolf>*coughs up blood*
14:21<warewolf>"Definetly internal bleeding"
14:21<anderiv>frick - is TP still having issues?
14:22|-|TheFirst [] has joined #linode
14:22[~]taupehat pats his HENet node contentedly
14:22<cmantito>if I had the money, I'd get a 2nd node in HE.
14:23[~]Beirdo uses TP to wipe his butt
14:23[~]anderiv is sick of getting paged today...
14:23<TheFirst>something odd going on with tp or host44? keep getting timeouts and such
14:23<taupehat>looks like 2 people asking
14:23[~]taupehat pokes mikegrb and/or caker
14:23<anderiv>taupehat: it's been up and down all afternoon...
14:23<Beirdo>like a $5 whore
14:23<anderiv>I think I've recieved 5 pages or so.
14:23<TheFirst>yah been having problems for the last few hours
14:24<taupehat>put in a ticket - it'll page help
14:24<Beirdo>they know
14:24<Beirdo>but feel free to make mikegrb vibrate a bit more :)
14:24<cmantito>seems to be TP issues in general today.
14:24[~]TheFirst is beginning to really dislike TP
14:25<taupehat>it's probably one host, eh?
14:25<Beirdo>don't think so
14:25<cmantito>no, cause i'm on a different host and having issues
14:25<Beirdo>it's the colo somehow
14:25<cmantito>seems to be routing issues
14:25<anderiv>...or linode's segment...
14:25<Beirdo>I've had traceroutes star out at their connection to alternet
14:25<Beirdo>it's TP
14:25<anderiv>but I doubt it
14:25<cmantito>cause routing breaks between random locations sometimes.
14:26<cmantito>I won't be able to route from the linode to a server in Fareham UK, and then I will but I can't route to Medford NJ YS
14:26<cmantito>and if I get one more SMS I'm going to shoot someone ><
14:26<anderiv>cmantito: amen
14:26<cmantito>I've already "disabled" my pager.
14:26<kvandivo>what's your phone number. i've never actually caused anyone to shoot someone before
14:27<cmantito> should do it ;)
14:27<Beirdo>should add that to some spamlists
14:27<cmantito>I'll just change it :P
14:27<Beirdo>beep beeep beeeeeeep
14:27<kvandivo>by saying it here, he just did, B
14:28|-|scottk [] has joined #linode
14:28<kvandivo>mon cour
14:28<scottk> just signed up for my second linode. got pmnt reciept/etc. how long does it usually take for the linode to be provisioned?
14:29<anderiv>scottk: not long
14:29<scottk>hmm, k. login's not working
14:29<Beirdo>well, unless the employees are busy trying to track down routing issues :)
14:29<anderiv>scottk: usually depends how busy the linode staff are.
14:29<anderiv>Beirdo: exactly :-)
14:29<scottk>have there been network issues this morning?
14:29<Beirdo>all afternoon
14:30<anderiv>scottk: not linode's fault, though...colo issues.
14:30<Beirdo>making me want to take a baseball bat to my work laptop :)
14:30<scottk>Beirdo: you work for linode?
14:30<Beirdo>I'd be off running around chasing TP people right now if I were :)
14:30<anderiv>scottk: caker and mikegrb are the two resident staff members.
14:31<scottk>cool. thanx
14:31<taupehat>they're very responsive
14:31<scottk>so while i'm here ;) i'm having some issues with iptables on my rhF2 node
14:32<scottk>"Unloading iptables modules: Opening /proc/modules: No such file or directory"
14:32|-|RollaCosta [] has joined #linode
14:32<anderiv>scottk: do you have modules support in your kernel?
14:32<scottk>i don't know. i'll check. i just took the stock linode kernel
14:32<scottk>can you update the kernel on your node, or does that get mucky?
14:33<anderiv>scottk: nope - can't do it.
14:33<anderiv>not that I've seen anyway
14:33<scottk>that's what i figured
14:33<scottk>so i'm guessing that module support isn't baked into this kernel
14:33<RollaCosta>any op alive?
14:33<anderiv>scottk: you may be able to select a new(er) kernel in LPM, though.
14:33<anderiv>RollaCosta: haven't been here in a while
14:33<anderiv>!seen caker
14:33<@linbot>anderiv: caker was last seen in #linode 30 minutes and 20 seconds ago: <caker> [|^__^|]: yeah, isn't that why you were there yesterday?
14:33<anderiv>!seen mikegrb
14:33<@linbot>anderiv: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 2 hours, 21 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <mikegrb> as well as me, since I recommended the distro to him
14:34[~]RollaCosta has a serious problem
14:34<anderiv>RollaCosta: are you in TP?
14:34<anderiv>they're currently having routing issues.
14:34<RollaCosta>my linode is delinquent due to non-payment
14:34<RollaCosta>some stuid CC issues I guess
14:34<anderiv>RollaCosta: heh - I talked w/ you about this a few days ago
14:35<kvandivo>you should spend less time at the theme parks and more time working, rc
14:35<anderiv>har har
14:35<scottk>anderiv: 2.6.9-linode9 that's the kernel i'm on
14:35[~]RollaCosta wonders why it isn't solved yet
14:35<RollaCosta>kvandiv :)
14:35<RollaCosta>kvandivo :)
14:35<anderiv>RollaCosta: did you submit a support ticket?
14:35<RollaCosta>anderiv thats the whole issue
14:36[~]anderiv goes to order a T1 card for his asterisk box...
14:36<RollaCosta>I cant submit a suport ticket as I cannot log in!
14:36<RollaCosta>and I can't log-in because when my account got disabled it's password got reset... the old assword doesn't work
14:36<scottk>i see there's a new kernel in the LPM, i'll give it a shot
14:37<anderiv>RollaCosta: maybe try emailing or
14:37<anderiv>not sure if those are valid email addys though.
14:37<RollaCosta>anderiv that didn't work too... I mailed a day ago
14:37<RollaCosta>no rely
14:37<anderiv>RollaCosta: did it bounce?
14:37<Beirdo>try with 2 Ps :)
14:37<anderiv>well then it's a valid email
14:37|-|bendy24 [] has left #linode []
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14:38<anderiv>RollaCosta: if it wasn't a valid address, you would have received an immediate bounce.
14:38<RollaCosta>Beirdo... I did try with two ps.. forgive my typo here
14:38[~]RollaCosta bangs the p on his keyboard
14:39<RollaCosta>what is caker's mail id?
14:40<anderiv>I'm not sure, but you can email him through phpbb:
14:40<Beirdo>just guessing, but likely caker.
14:47[~]RollaCosta tries
14:57|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
14:59<[|^__^|]>12:58 -!- \o\ is now known as |o|
14:59<[|^__^|]>12:58 <@|o|> wooOOOOooo
14:59<[|^__^|]>12:58 <@|o|> also
14:59<[|^__^|]>12:59 <@|o|> TOUCHDOWN
14:59<[|^__^|]>^-- emad
15:00<warewolf>thank you for that /imortant/ news bulletin, katmari
15:05|-|scottk [] has left #linode []
15:05<@caker>scottk: all set
15:05<warewolf>I hate it when that happens
15:06<warewolf>also: I hate it when my dvd player screws up playing a DVD
15:07<TheFirst>hmm seems timeouts have disappeared, lets see if it stays that way
15:15<@linbot>New news from forums: Getting APF to work on my linode in General Discussion <>
15:17|-|marc_in_lux [] has joined #linode
15:17<marc_in_lux>good evening
15:17<anderiv>good afternoon :-)
15:17<kvandivo>good morning
15:17<cmantito>good $period_of_time
15:18<marc_in_lux>anybody managed to get fuse working?
15:18<kvandivo>just light it, dude
15:18<Beirdo>I use circuit breakers, sorry
15:18<marc_in_lux>I have the corresponding kernel, but no luck with sshfs
15:18<marc_in_lux>you're in a good mood, it seems :-)
15:20<marc_in_lux>I'm still puzzled about where kvandivo is that justifies a 'good morning'
15:20|-|TheFirst [] has quit [Quit: You're a bloody puppet!]
15:20<Beirdo>he wishes
15:20<marc_in_lux>ok, that works out :-)
15:20<kvandivo>they say you're only as old as you feel, so i figure i can be whereever i think i am
15:21<Beirdo>mental vacations count?
15:21<Beirdo>better watch out, you might run out of vacation days
15:21<kvandivo>not likely
15:22<kvandivo>as of today I'm sitting on about 9 and a half weeks
15:22<Beirdo>can I have some?
15:22<kvandivo>i wish i could sell it..
15:22<Beirdo>save it up to come to the Caribbean some winter
15:23<Beirdo>this Tourniquet ain't loud enough
15:23<Beirdo>that's better
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15:33|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
15:41<marc_in_lux>anyway...nobody on FUSE?
15:58|-|marc_in_lux [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:59<[|^__^|]>THIS JUST IN: my jinxed rsync finally finished
16:02|-|Battousai [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 'Marmalade']
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17:23<efudd> <- "Aero Ace" is cool. 2 channel remote controlled indoor/outdoor(light wind) airplane for $36 bucks @ target.. works well
17:24<Beirdo>what, no flying it in a hurricane?
17:24<Beirdo>what's the use? :)
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17:48<cmantito>So did anyone ever figure out what was going on with the Linode's routing earlier today or what?
17:51|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
17:55<@mikegrb>problems at the planet
17:56|-|gpd [~gpd@] has joined #linode
17:56<@linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is 2.6.15; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.15-git9; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.15-mm3.
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19:12<cmantito> $adb = fsockopen("", 80, $errno, $errstr, 20) or $error = 1;
19:12<cmantito>when through that socket, I request /index.php, I get a page with the following error:
19:12<cmantito><address>Apache Server at Port 80</address>
19:13<cmantito>not error, it's a 404 error, with that output
19:13<cmantito>however every vhost on my system has an index.php anyway
19:13<cmantito>so why should it 404 if it's connecting to localhost, and why is it connecting to localhost when it should connect to that IP, anyone have any thoughts?
19:16<@mikegrb>the ip there isn't the ip connected to, it is apache's server name
19:16<@mikegrb>if it can't detect it, it defaults to 127..0.0.1
19:16<cmantito>mmm, that makes some sense.
19:17<@mikegrb>as for the 404 for index.php
19:17<@mikegrb>likely the default vhost doesn't have an index.php
19:17<@mikegrb>see also
19:17<Battousai>and mikegrb for the win
19:18<cmantito>right, but then why is it displaying when I connect to it?
19:18<Battousai>because your socket program doesnt send a Host:
19:18<@mikegrb>because it doesn't know the servername so it defaults to i
19:18<Battousai>or whatever
19:18<cmantito>Battousai: it does.
19:18<Battousai>and the server is misconfigured
19:18<cmantito>but thanks for the help, I might be able to get it from here
19:18<Battousai>well then the server doesnt listen to Host: for vhosts
19:18[~]cmantito larts the server's owner.
19:18<@mikegrb>if you look at the apache error log when it started it will say something about not being able to find the servername
19:19<cmantito>don't have access to that, but I'll see if dan does
19:19<Battousai>tell this dan not to drop the ball anymore
19:19<Battousai>and if he does, he'll have to answer to linbot
19:20<cmantito>$out = "GET /index.php?".$outb." HTTP/1.1\r\n";
19:20<cmantito> $out .= "Host:\r\n";
19:20<cmantito> $out .= "Connection: Close\r\n\r\n";
19:20<cmantito>that *should* do.
19:20<Battousai>doesn't php have an http connection class?
19:20<@mikegrb>imagine so
19:21<cmantito>good point.
19:22<Battousai>not even a class, it just handles URIs
19:23<cmantito>aha, it's all being caused by an out of place \r\n
19:23<cmantito>thanks :)
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23:24<[|^__^|]> <-- mikegrb
23:26[~]mikegrb doesn't watch BSG
23:26<psykoyiko>YEAH RIGHT
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