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00:07<@mikegrb>turns out creating a partition in unpartitioned space and formatting it really means create a partition in the unpartitioned space and then reformat all existing partitions
00:08<warewolf>on linode?
00:08<@mikegrb>the disk labled software restore is really a hardware test disk with no option of restoring the operating system
00:08<taupehat>good god
00:08<taupehat>that sounds like norton's system rescue disk right there
00:09<@mikegrb>if you want to reinstall the operating system, you have to have the computer running, insert the desk and double click the install icon
00:09<psykoyiko>makes sense
00:09<@mikegrb>so it is worthless to actually reinstall the operating system as it requires the operating system already be installed
00:10<@mikegrb>the newer desk that works won't work as it came with a different piece of hardware and proclaims "This restore disk may not be used on this hardware."
00:10<@mikegrb>didn't stop it from reformating the drive though
00:11<taupehat>now that's starting to sound like a Dell disk
00:11<taupehat>or hp
00:13<taupehat>you can work around that, by the way =]
00:13<taupehat>there's a directory called .images on each system restore disk
00:13<taupehat>full of dmg files
00:25<taupehat>=[ even
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00:42<@mikegrb>Estimated Total: $156.95
00:42<@mikegrb>for osx
00:46<npmr>i lost my debian system restore disk
00:46<npmr>ALL IS LOST
00:50<psykoyiko>I just install INTERNAL BETA releases leaked from APPLE
00:51<taupehat>psykoyiko: have fun downloading 4.7 gigs of a single text line saying 'GNAAGNAAGNAA'
00:51<psykoyiko>actually, people at $FIRM have connections.
00:52[~]taupehat watched with some amusement when several of his friends spent four days torrenting that file only to discover what it was
00:52<psykoyiko>but GNAA sounds cool.
00:52<taupehat>not really
00:52<taupehat>they're jerks, frankly
00:52<taupehat>but it was a good prank nonetheless
00:53<taupehat>they created a 4.7 gig ISO that had a single file, and that's all it was
00:53<taupehat>sent it out to the pirate bay
00:54<psykoyiko>it's that extra mile that counts.
00:54<psykoyiko>I would have just created a single file
00:54<psykoyiko>without bothering to create a valid ISO
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01:01<qreepii>ne linode ops awake?
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01:06[~]taupehat just forkbombed his toaster
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01:08<taupehat>oom killer to the rescue!
01:08<taupehat>say hi to my toaster
01:09[~]tronix pops in a bread
01:09<taupehat>seriously, check it out
01:09<tronix>will in a sec. sounds interesting. btw,
01:09<tronix>if you want v6, you can apply for a /30 for free from HE at
01:09<tronix>did that for my Linode. :) works great
01:09[~]taupehat is at HE
01:10<tronix>and once config'd, easy to test: ping6
01:10<tronix>and did I really say /30? *sigh*
01:10[~]tronix idiot
01:10[~]tronix *meant* to say /127 :)
01:11<tronix>I know v6; i set up it on the servers and a lot of apps at work, but still default to v4 thinking, apparently. :P
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01:11<tronix>HE also gives you /64 netblocks but that might be for extra charge, not sure.
01:11<tronix>for sure, the /127 p-t-p netblock is free.
01:11<tronix>which is fine for a single IP
01:12<tronix>a word to the wise: it may take a while for the HE v6 people to enable the account -- it's a bare minimum of 1 day wait, and sometimes up to 3 weeks.
01:12[~]taupehat knows who to bug at HEnet
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01:12<tronix>the delay is to lessen possibility of idiot skript kiddies applying to get a temp v6 IP to act silly on irc networks
01:13<tronix>nice! that's a nifty toaster
01:14<tronix>next up: wiring your own $15,000 gas chromatograph. ;)
01:14<taupehat>I added a drive to it lately
01:14<taupehat>it's rather full-featured
01:14<taupehat>or rather
01:14<taupehat>large on the inside
01:16<tronix>first time I saw a gas chromatograph was huge piles of them on a HP factory floor (dad worked as a HR flunky at HP at one time)
01:16<tronix>"dad, why are there so many microwaves?"
01:17<tronix>(the GCs *really* _did_ look just like microwaves...)
01:17<tronix>only with a more sophiscated keypad/display interface. ;)
01:17<tronix>and built-in small printer
01:18<tronix>I was going to pop open the door to one. "DON'T TOUCH THAT!!" "why not? it's just a microwave"
01:18<tronix>"no, son. that's a $15,000 'microwave'."
01:18<taupehat>full of cyanide
01:18[~][|^__^|] floods the channel with argon
01:19<tronix>potassium is nasty, but amusing when combined with dihydrogen monoxide ;)
01:19[~]taupehat puts electrodes at either side of the room
01:19<taupehat>I wish I had that email I sent
01:19<tronix>I'll never forget the time a city hall of some small town passed a law banning DMHO.
01:20<[|^__^|]>that was the peak of the DHMO joke
01:20<[|^__^|]>it's been downhill since then
01:20<taupehat>I dunno
01:20<taupehat>it's useful about once a year
01:21<taupehat>although I very nearly got myself fired by that means
01:21<taupehat>we had a sick building syndrome scare
01:21<taupehat>something was very assuredly wrong
01:21<taupehat>but a few people latched onto the first idea of cause tossed out and accused anyone who disagreed with participating in a coverup
01:22<taupehat>was really out of hand
01:22[~]tronix winces
01:22<taupehat>so it was in this atmosphere that I sent out an email to staff@ that alerted everyone to this chemical that was being used a lot in the building, linked to the MSDS at, etc
01:23<taupehat>you know
01:23<taupehat>the best part of it
01:23<tronix>man... we could use more managers with at least a rudimentary background in chemistry. a sense of humor would help, too. :)
01:24<taupehat>was when I went to help a science teacher with her broken computer, and she was on the phone arguing with the guy at poison control that there was such a thing as DHMO and that she demanded answers
01:24[~]tronix winces
01:24[~]tronix does both.
01:24<taupehat>I'm like "OK, hang UP the phone. No, really. Two hydrogens, one oxygen... think!"
01:24<tronix>man. that's just incredible.
01:25<taupehat>oh man
01:25<taupehat>principal of the building was _livid_
01:26<taupehat>I chose to not mention to her that I'd just made her job easier in the long run.
01:26<taupehat>the superintendent got it, although he somewhat wryly instructed me to spend the next april 1 on the river, fishing, and not at work.
01:27<tronix>only thing better would be working on april 1st at Sun. ;)
01:27<tronix>(like the year they put the CEO's car on a raft or something in middle of a pond
01:27<tronix>can you imagine the call to AAA?)
01:28<taupehat>replying to a helpdesk call: "I stopped by your office today, but you weren't there. I'll have to get back to you on my next rotation into town. Cheers!"
01:30<taupehat>got my ip6 tunnel =]
01:30<tronix>that was quick. I had to wait something like three weeks. ;)
01:31<taupehat>someone's awake down in Fremont =]
01:31<taupehat>so it's a /64
01:32<taupehat>oh wait
01:32<taupehat>it's a /127
01:33<tronix>i just found out you can get a /64 :)
01:33<taupehat>if you setup revdns
01:33<tronix>i just clicked on it and was given one on the spot
01:33<tronix>nah you can do it w/out revdns and set up dns later
01:33<tronix>(according to the page in question)
01:33<taupehat>how's it help?
01:33<tronix>just leave the nameserver fields blank
01:33<tronix>help? hmm.
01:33<tronix>more hosts, I guess. :)
01:33<tronix>(a whole lot more.)
01:34<tronix>doesn't make much sense for a single host. but if you've got a large home network or something...
01:34<tronix>with the TB, it's either /127 or /64, so it's either a single host or gazillions of them.
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01:37<tronix>if you're jonesing for the /64, can get it on the spot from:
01:37<tronix>if you only need a single host setup, the /127 is fine.
01:38<taupehat>yeah, I'm chatting with a HEnet tech right now about it
01:38<tronix>heh cool
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01:46<tronix>what distro do you run on the v6 host? if it's Gentoo, I've got a short config sample from /etc/conf.d/net. if it's debian, think i've got the /etc/network/interfaces entry if you need, too.
01:47<taupehat>debian works fine
01:47<tronix>one sec
01:47<taupehat>endpoint is up
01:50<warewolf>ip6 is a fad
01:50<taupehat>so are my shoes
01:51<tronix>warewolf: maybe, but certain big customers wants it badly, so we've got v6 support
01:51<tronix>[at work]
01:52<tronix>on the bright side, any modern OS or distro pretty much v6-izes mostly out of the box
01:52<tronix>a few apps needs patches but decent distros will have that integrated
01:54<taupehat>I'm just feeling the need to try to break it in order to gain an understanding of the tech at the same level as I have with ip4
01:55<tronix>the only thing about v6 that really gives me a major headache is maintaining reverse dns
01:55<tronix>all these 0's and dots, geez. ;)
01:55<tronix>too easy to get cross-eyed.
01:55<warewolf>tronix: I'm a contractor for the US federal government. What pains me about ip6 is getting all our shit working on ip6.
01:55<tronix>heh understandable
01:55<warewolf>tronix: IMHO there is no need to move to IP6 for me (or my office) Yet.
01:55<taupehat>poor warewolf
01:55<warewolf>also, it's going to cause me, as an intrusion detection analyst a shitload of pain.
01:55<tronix>i got our stuff v6-ized for four different os platforms over two weekends but it was *extremely* intense and long weekends
01:56<tronix>network people needed a few years to work out the kinks
01:56<tronix>(and even then, I just found a cisco bug with v6 routing)
01:56<tronix>heh aye. we found out that cisco vpnclient basically ignores any v6
01:56<tronix>interfaces because it doesn't know how to deal with them
01:57<tronix>which essentially opens yourself up to split routing (unknowingly)
01:57<tronix>when vpn'd in
01:57<tronix>security people weren't too happy about that.
02:04<warewolf>... why, shortly after I take a dose of pepto bismal do I suddenly get acid reflux?
02:04<warewolf>that doesn't make sense
02:04<warewolf>tronix: oh dude the cisco vpn client blows goats
02:04<warewolf>tronix: and thank you for that info, I'll have to pass that on to my coworkers.
02:04<warewolf>tronix: do you ahve a url for that anywhere?
02:05<tronix>no, we came across it while testing some stuff
02:05<warewolf>tronix: "I heard from someone on IRC that ...." isn't going to fly very far
02:05<tronix>it's easy to reproduce.
02:05<warewolf>tronix: well dammit get onto posting on bugtraq then!
02:05<tronix>just fire up the client. then from outside just ssh -6 in to the v6 ip
02:05<warewolf>we don't ahve v6 here yet :)
02:06<tronix>hmm. *thinks*
02:08<tronix>mitigating factors for that is to heavily acl/firewall the v6 setup, but that's only a cheap band-aid at best
02:08<tronix>we really wish cisco would just add v6 support to vpnclient already
02:08<tronix>it's been nearly a decade since rich stevens gave v6 programming examples...
02:08<tronix>(and they're not that hard, either.)
02:10<warewolf>alright I'll toss this to the wolves on my office's distro list
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02:16[~]warewolf tosses it out to some other people in the info-sec community
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02:42<warewolf>tronix: you just got me (indirectly) in trouble
02:42<warewolf>tronix: my govvie boss said "It's 3:18 am, what are you doing chatting online?"
02:42<warewolf>man I just wrote the most smoke-blowey email of my life
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03:13<tronix>whoops. (re: boss)
03:14<tronix>well, could go... "boss, I'm doing some serious security research for emerging technologies. Isn't that worth something? Dedicated employee." :)
03:15<tronix>it's all a matter of perspective!
03:15<tronix>I should also point out the irony of your boss grumping at 3:18am...
03:16<warewolf>with the number of hours I'm fucking DONATING to them, they should be giving me a raise.
03:16<tronix>he's apparently also awake and reading then, too. *cough*
03:16<tronix>("what are you doing up?" "same thing as you")
03:16<tronix>but I digress.
03:16<warewolf>ok I fucking hate microsoft exchange.
03:16<tronix>yeah that, i'd subscribe to. I'm not terribly fond of them for a number of reasons
03:17<tronix>backup related, support of various protocols and conventions, etc
03:17<warewolf>god DAMN
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03:59<warewolf>this. is. a. damn. good. song.
04:12[~]encode downloads
04:14<warewolf>download the entire xerxes artist directory :) it's good stuff.
04:14<encode>well the beginnning is certainly....interesting
04:17<warewolf>also pull down x-rayed
04:19<encode>i dont mind it, but its kinda more like background music than something that grabs your attention
04:19<warewolf>oh yeah
04:19<warewolf>I listen to it while I work
04:19<warewolf>otherwise the office is dead silent.
04:19<warewolf>and I can't stand that.
04:19<warewolf>this is called "ambient"
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04:20<warewolf>usually "ambient trance"
04:20[~]encode open plan office
04:20<encode>kinda sucks
04:20<encode>we have an open plan office at work
04:20<encode>moved buildings about 4 or 5 months back
04:21<warewolf>what's an open plan office
04:21<encode>from an isolated little suboffice, which had a really cool and fun and loud social feel
04:21<warewolf>open (floor) plan?
04:21<encode>open plan office is basically where there isnt really any big partitions, its mainly open space, divided up into cubicles by low partitions
04:21<warewolf>got it.
04:22<warewolf>I work in a security operations center.
04:22<encode>which sucks compared to our old office
04:22<warewolf>it's like 20x40 feet
04:22<encode>where we had loud music, much ball throwing, general chats etc
04:22<warewolf>raised tile floors
04:22<encode>and everyone knew everyone else
04:22<warewolf>same here
04:22<warewolf>we couldn't do the cubicle thing here
04:22<warewolf>it just wouldn't work
04:24<encode>so basically we went from an office of 20 people
04:24<encode>to 150 people all being on the same floor
04:24<warewolf>holy shit
04:24<warewolf>that would kill me
04:24<warewolf>one big wide open space?
04:24<encode>well, its kinda divided in half
04:25<encode>with reception, toilet block, and comms room in the middle
04:25<warewolf>encode: ever watch farscape?
04:25<warewolf>damn then you wouldn't get the joke I was about to make.
04:25<encode>ok, jules_theme is kinda funky
04:25<warewolf>artica is good
04:26<warewolf>and club sixtyfour
04:26<warewolf>that one I love to death
04:26<warewolf> good
04:26<warewolf> good
04:26<encode>just download that now
04:27<warewolf> good
04:27<encode>i should vpn to work and download them now lol
04:27<warewolf>VERY GOOD
04:27<warewolf> good
04:27<warewolf>and if oyu ahve an xm player
04:27<warewolf>extra special good
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09:21<weasel>host15 looks quite swamped
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09:27<weasel>mikegrb: you should make a known_hosts file out of
09:28<weasel>mikegrb: so I can just download it and add it to my local known_hosts file
09:37<[|^__^|]>Or you could just say "yes" when asked
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11:00<@caker>damnit .. I've got that stupid "What's Up" (4 non blonds) song stuck in my head
11:00<@caker>kill me now
11:00<anderiv>sorry man
11:00<@caker>Hey, yeah, yeah hey hey, hey yeah, yeah .... I SAID HEY
11:00<@caker>WHAT'S GOING ON
11:01[~]caker loads shotgun
11:01<[|^__^|]>caker: I always clean my head out with Violent Femmes' "Add It Up", because it changes so many times. There's always a transition out of whatever repetition you've got going
11:01|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
11:04<@caker>[|^__^|]: I guess it's something to do with luck
11:04<@caker>.... :) better.
11:04<[|^__^|]>Don't shoot shoot shoot that thing at me
11:05<[|^__^|]>run down kitchen at the top of the stairs...
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11:23<fo0bar>hi caker
11:24<@caker>fo0bar: hey
11:24<fo0bar>caker: got time for the finnix upgrade?
11:25<@caker>I will in a bit, once I get host2 up and running
11:36<[|^__^|]>ooh, is there a Xen finnix?
11:36<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: the finnix startup scripts are xen-aware, but nothing in the bootable livecd is xen-enabled
11:36<warewolf>hahaahhaahahha HAHHAAH
11:36<fo0bar>IE, the main CD kernel isn't a dom0
11:36[~]warewolf dies laughing
11:36<warewolf>[has sound] [worksafe] [for WoW players]
11:38<fo0bar>warewolf: I do not get it
11:38<warewolf>fo0bar: do you play WoW?
11:38<warewolf>ok then.
11:38<warewolf>lemme 'splain
11:38<warewolf>WoW has lots of servers
11:38<warewolf>and *lots* of players
11:38<warewolf>sometimes too many players for a server to handle
11:39<warewolf>so you get stuck in a queue
11:39<warewolf>lately the queues have been getting worse
11:39<warewolf>this is a joke about waiting in queue
11:39<Redgore>WoW addicts, no such thing as a WoW player
11:39<warewolf>Redgore: no, that's Evercrack.
11:39<[|^__^|]>Oh. Proprietary software.
11:39<warewolf>Redgore: and actually I'd have to say I'm a WoW player, not a WoW addict.
11:39<Redgore>nah thats WoW
11:39[~][|^__^|] shrugs
11:39[~]fo0bar kills warewolf and farms his gold out to India
11:40[~]Redgore has 15 friends who play and are addicted to WoW
11:40<Redgore>every hour they arent working
11:40<warewolf>and that's not me.
11:40<warewolf>I spend more time working and sleeping
11:41<Redgore>id have to admit it if I had broadband id prolly get addicted to a game
11:41<Redgore>like I did back in the old days of counter strike
11:41<@caker>fo0bar: Darwinia rocks, btw .. I ended up getting the full game :)
11:42<fo0bar>caker: yeah, it's like some sort of strategy game, combined with Lemmings
11:42<fo0bar>that's the best explanation I've been able to give to people
11:43<fo0bar>without giving the full game story
11:43<@caker>fo0bar: ok .. which host am I putting the files on, and URLs, please.
11:44<fo0bar>host11... and one sec
11:44<fo0bar>(wget only, stupid sourceforge)
11:44<fo0bar>should work out of the box
11:45<kvandivo>famous last words
11:50<@caker>fo0bar: ok, moved into place.
11:50[~]fo0bar boots
11:50[~]guinea-pig sneakers
11:51<fo0bar>[*] Finnix version 86.2 ready; 343 packages available
11:51<fo0bar>that was surprisingly painless :)
11:51<warewolf>12:45 < kvandivo> famous last words
11:52<fo0bar>thanks caker
11:53<@caker>fo0bar: np
11:54<@caker>fo0bar: I'll get that moved to the rest of the hosts this evening
11:56<fo0bar>there's not much newness in 86.2 that would be of use to a linode user, but I wanted to get this out of the way to see if my UML/xen autodetection worked
11:57<Redgore>always good to be upto date though
11:58<@caker>bah .. sata_mv breaks with used with LVM
12:01<kvandivo>sounds like a compelling reason to umm.. err.. dump lvm
12:03<Beirdo>or to use sata_nv boards :)
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12:08[~]fo0bar beats caker over the head with the 3ware stick :)
12:09<warewolf>someone do me a flavor
12:09<warewolf>go to
12:09<warewolf>tell me if you get that flash animation I just pasted here
12:10<@caker>fo0bar: that could be an option. I really don't want to wait weeks/months until sata_mv is stable... Should I look into just a "standard" 3ware sata card?
12:10<@caker>or look into the 4 port RAID 9500 thing?
12:10<fo0bar>speaking of which, the new 3ware 9550sx SCREAMS. Then again, it's also $600 for an 8-port card
12:10<fo0bar>caker: how many disks do you normally have in a box?
12:11<@caker>fo0bar: two, although I might go with 3 for these new boxes
12:11<@caker>there's no other onboard SATA ports on these SM AMD boxes
12:11<fo0bar>for 2, I use the 8006-2LP (~$120), and for 4 I use the 9500s-2lp (~$300)
12:12<@caker>perfect Linux support, etc?
12:12<fo0bar>I really wish they would partner with some mobo manufacturers and offer integrated controllers
12:13<fo0bar>caker: yeah, they work with the developers, so in many cases, the driver they have on their web site is the exact same as the one in vanilla kernel
12:13<@caker>fo0bar: why not the 8506-4LP for >2 ports?
12:13<fo0bar>I've got about 40 linux hosts with 3ware cards deployed (as well as one or two windows machines)
12:14<fo0bar>caker: IIRC, the 8506-4LP isn't much cheaper than the 9500S-4LP
12:14<fo0bar>and the 9500S-4LP has onboard cache
12:15<@caker>fo0bar: you are correct, sir.
12:16<@caker>LP == Low Profile <-- ++
12:16[~]tronix lubs my old 8006-2LP and considering the 9550SX now for 4-drive hw raid-5 setup
12:16<tronix>just works, and no hassles with drivers or anything.
12:16<fo0bar>they're not cheap, I'll admit (well, the 2-port is decently priced), but the reduced headache from not having to work with software raid (as well as having hotswap sata) is worth the extra price
12:17<fo0bar>and BTW, I've actually tested hotswap, and it works perfectly
12:17<@caker>So you do use HW raid on them all?
12:17<warewolf>I may have to purchase one of them
12:17<warewolf>12 port, ofcourse.
12:17<@caker>How do resyncs work, or if you remove/add another drive, etc? All that stuff is backgrounded?
12:17[~]warewolf will pay through the eye socket, and nose no doubt.
12:17<tronix>I also like fact that 3ware has an admin utility cli too
12:17<tronix>(along with email notification, web ui)
12:18<tronix>works with freebsd and windows and probably some others, in addition to linux. rock solid.
12:18<fo0bar>when we were first evaluating 3ware, I built a machine... 5 minutes after it was done, my boss comes in... "does it work?" "well, I was just about to test..." [he instantly yanks one of the drives, OS does not go down] "seem to be."
12:18<warewolf>-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 19M Jan 18 13:15
12:18<warewolf>I think it's time to rotate that file.
12:19<tronix>caker: iirc, backgrounded. it's been a while since I last looked at the details
12:19<fo0bar>caker: yeah, HW raid on all machines. as for rebuilds, there may be an automatic rebuild option, but it defaults to requiring input before a rebuild takes place
12:19<fo0bar>then that rebuild is backgrounded
12:19<fo0bar>and this can all be initiated within the OS from a CLI management tool
12:20<@caker>I can't afford a machine rebuilding at the BIOS screen, so as long as that won't happen it sounds pretty good :)
12:20|-|[i|moon] [] has joined #linode
12:20<npmr>i r lag
12:20|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:20<fo0bar>caker: definitely
12:21|-|Netsplit <-> quits: cow, VS_ChanLog, Guest593, flatronf700B, adamg, cmantito, Zymurgy, npmr
12:21<fo0bar>caker: I also wrote a script to check on the status of an array, that can be integrated into nagios
12:21<@caker>fo0bar: neat
12:21<fo0bar># 3w9k_status ; echo $?
12:21<fo0bar>c0:9550SX-8LP u0:OK p0:OK p1:OK p2:OK p3:OK p4:OK p5:OK
12:21<warewolf>where's your ;
12:21<fo0bar>6 disks, one logical unit, all fine
12:21<warewolf>c'mon man
12:22<warewolf>where's your performance data
12:22<@caker>fo0bar: ever do any benchmarks on HW RAID vs SW?
12:22|-|Netsplit over, joins: VS_ChanLog
12:22|-|Netsplit over, joins: flatronf700B
12:22|-|Netsplit over, joins: cmantito
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12:22|-|Netsplit over, joins: cow
12:22|-|Netsplit over, joins: Zymurgy
12:22|-|Netsplit over, joins: Guest593
12:22<fo0bar>caker: not in awhile, it's been so long since I've done software raid :)
12:23<fo0bar>but I may have some data, I'll dig around
12:23<tronix>sw raid-5 was a dog. raid-1 or raid-0 (or a combo) was fine
12:23<@caker>fo0bar: think Linode should drop it and move to HW, eh? hotswap would be a big plus
12:23[~]caker checks mwave
12:24<tronix>sw raid-5 felt like accessing HDs at usb 1.1 speeds. ;)
12:24<fo0bar>caker: it's up to you to decide if it's worth it from a cost perspective, but as long as you're using a supermicro machine with a hotswap sata backplane, hotswap is a godsend
12:24<warewolf>tronix: clearly, you have never used a hardware raid card that went EOL in 1992.
12:24<warewolf>tronix: I have one of the _ORIGINAL_ IBM ServeRAID cards.
12:24<tronix>ahh nice
12:24<warewolf>tronix: 3 uw-scsi 2 channels.
12:24<warewolf>tronix: SLOW AS SHIT.
12:25<fo0bar>caker: the biggest suckage is mwave doesn't carry the controllers. I have to order the server from mwave and the card from newegg
12:25<tronix>I think I've got one of the ServeRAIDs in a Netfinity but we don't use RAID on them since these boxes were one-offs with non-critical apps
12:25<fo0bar>caker: but we have spare 8006-2LP and 9500S-4LP units at work, so I 2nd-day the server, and do ground shipping on the controller
12:26<fo0bar>(which, while living 10 hours from LA, means sometimes ground shipping gets here before 2nd-day. go figure :)
12:29|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
12:31<[|^__^|]> <-- how appetizing
12:31|-|jekil [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:33<warewolf>Redgore: btw, I havn't signed on to WoW since the 15th, for reference.
12:37<tronix>speaking of appetizing... I'm starving for lunch. :)
12:37[~]tronix -> lunch &
12:49|-|ferik [] has joined #linode
12:50<ferik>Quick non-linode related question you guys might have a quick answer for. Do you know while the mail files delivered by postfix/procmail would have the following permissions: (as such my dovecot server cannot access them)
12:50<ferik>| `-- [root mail ] 1137610050.10785_0.li9-234
12:50<ferik>not permission, ownership
12:50<ferik>Jan 18 13:50:14 li9-234 dovecot: imap(ed): open(/home/ed/Maildir/cur/1137610050.10785_0.li9-234:2,) failed: Permission denied
12:53<fo0bar>ferik: sorry, my only experience is qmail/bincimap
12:55<npmr>ferik, i've never seen that happen before
12:55<ferik>they should be owned by my user (ed), right ?
12:56|-|Newsome [] has left #linode [Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
13:10<ferik>I have mailbox_command procmail -a "$EXTENSION"
13:10<ferik>for postfix
13:16<ferik> DROPPRIVS = yes does it ?
13:18<ferik>that worked
13:25|-|claire{H-0}|away [] has joined #linode
13:27|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
13:27<claire{H-0}|away>member of linode's staff around please?
13:33<kvandivo>caker and mikegrb should both have a trigger for the word 'staff' in the channel
13:49<anderiv>claire{H-0}|away: do you have a question?
13:50<claire{H-0}|away>areyou a member of linode's stafF?
13:51<anderiv>claire{H-0}|away: no, but I (or others) may be able to answer your question.
13:51<claire{H-0}|away>not this time sorry
13:52<anderiv>claire{H-0}|away: suit yourself
13:52<claire{H-0}|away>its not a tech question
13:53<claire{H-0}|away>and unless your a member of staff your not going to be able to help
13:53<kvandivo>take that, anderiv
13:53<anderiv>kvandivo: ouch
13:54<anderiv>claire{H-0}|away: just trying to help. Several of us here have been customers for a long time and may be able to answer non-tech questions. Feel free to wait, though.
13:54<kvandivo>or, to put it another way: regardless of the topic, be prepared for rejection when it comes to women
14:01|-|womble [] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
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15:01<[|^__^|]> <-- here comes burning man oh yes oh yes
15:13[~]tronix reboots to install hardware for Asterisk... mmmm
15:13|-|tronix [] has quit [Quit: ta-ta, back another time]
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16:22|-|encode_ changed nick to encode
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16:45<ferik>how does linode make their rrdtool report look so nice, anti-aliased
16:46<taupehat>they're just leet sauce that way =]
16:46<Battousai>mikegrb did it
16:46<Battousai>you'll have to tell caker to yell at him
16:54|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:11|-|tronix [] has joined #linode
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17:49|-|Neurotic changed nick to Neurosis
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17:55<Neurosis>if i want to point my domain to my linode do i have to create a nameserver or just use bind?
17:57<Neurosis>im lost
17:57<npmr>running bind is the same thing as creating a nameserver
17:58<npmr>that is one option
17:58<npmr>the other option is to use someone else's nameservers
17:58<npmr>for example, offers free nameservers
17:58<npmr>if you choose to run your own, you will need a secondary
17:59<npmr>i can do that for you if you want
18:02<Neurosis>they have free ones?
18:02<Neurosis>so all i do is make one with and then tell them the ip of the server machine?
18:03<Neurosis>i dunno if i feel confident to use bind right now... but i guess i could one sounds easier tho
18:05|-|[Erik] [] has joined #linode
18:06<npmr>no, you need to tell them the *name* of the server machine
18:07|-|emcnabb [] has quit [Quit: IRC: Where men are men, women are men, and little girls are FBI agents]
18:07<npmr>you only need to tell your registrar the ip if the name is in your domain
18:07<Neurosis>how do i name it?
18:07<npmr>dns name
18:07<Neurosis>how do i do that?
18:08<npmr>and if you use zoneedit, they will have names like,, etc
18:08<Neurosis>im a retard on dns man i never done this
18:08<npmr>go to
18:08<Neurosis>o im there
18:08<Neurosis>i just dont know how to set the dns name... like u said
18:08<npmr>click on "free sign up"
18:08<Neurosis>im signin up
18:09<npmr>after that, just keep following the directions
18:09<npmr>they will tell you what the names of the nameservers are
18:09<npmr>you just need to decide what records to put in the zone for your domain
18:14<Neurosis>k i got the nameservers
18:16<Neurosis>so i add these nameservers in place of the old ones with the registrar
18:17<Neurosis>there is never any reference to my linux box
18:17<Neurosis>how how do they find me?
18:17<Neurosis>theres no where asking for my servers ip or anything
18:17<Neurosis>it just asked my domain
18:19<Neurosis>Nameservers modification for successfully submitted to registry. Please review your changes in 15 minutes to verify that they were accepted
18:19<Neurosis>k so now will get sent to for resolution...
18:19<Neurosis>but zoneedit doesnt know anything about the location of my site lol
18:20<Neurosis>they never asked for ip or nothing for the server
18:20<Neurosis>i know im stupid
18:20<Neurosis>im sorry lolz
18:20<Neurosis>hi mike
18:20<Neurosis>found it
18:21<Neurosis> = numeric ip
18:21<Neurosis>In this example, we assign the IP address "" to the domain name "".
18:21<Neurosis>i got it now
18:21<Neurosis>thank you very very very very very much npmr
18:25|-|[i|moon] changed nick to sec39
18:27<Neurosis>our linodes ips dont change do they?
18:28|-|didymo [] has quit [Quit: ttfn]
18:32<encode>Neurosis: nope
18:32<encode>unless you move between datacentres, highly unlikely
18:34|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
18:54|-|id10t [] has joined #linode
18:56<internat>damm u quicken!
18:57<[|^__^|]>Highlander: The Sickening.
18:58<id10t>anyone available for a quick question?
18:58<[|^__^|]>quick sure no problem
18:58<[|^__^|]>ask away
18:58<id10t>just got a second ip, can i have a eth1 instead of aliasing an extra ip to eth0?
18:59<[|^__^|]>hmmm, at the risk of sounding pushy, is there a specific reason why you need this?
18:59<id10t>different iptables rules
19:00<id10t>been a while since i tried, but the last time i tried eth0:1 iptables didn't like it
19:07<[|^__^|]>I bet you it'll work now
19:07<[|^__^|]>you may have to specify eth0:0 for the main alias
19:07<[|^__^|]>dunno how smart it is
19:08<id10t>well, i can always connect via lish if it bombs :)
19:08<@mikegrb>or you can match based on destination ip
19:11<id10t>Warning: weird character in interface `eth0:0' (No aliases, :, ! or *).
19:11<id10t>maybe its just the script i've been using
19:12<@mikegrb>no, it's iptables
19:14<id10t>so i guess i either need to really learn iptables, or i need to find a new script/script generator
19:15[~]encode recommends firehol
19:15<encode>its what i use, its simple to use
19:19[~][|^__^|] sticks to fail2ban and not running services he doesn't want peopl eto connect to
19:20<encode>or there is that approach
19:42|-|emcnabb [] has joined #linode
19:49|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
19:49|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
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20:00<Battousai>man, my route to he sucks all of a sudden
20:03|-|linville [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:04<taupehat>warewolf: ping
20:11|-|id10t [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:12|-|spr [] has joined #linode
20:12|-|sprouse [] has joined #linode
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20:21|-|sprouse [] has quit [Quit: [BX] The Borg use BitchX. It will be assimilated. Shouldn't you?]
20:54<Dreamer3>mikegrb: hey
20:54<Dreamer3>it's the 18th
20:54<Dreamer3>where are the new 160s? :-)
20:54<npmr>his pants
20:58<npmr>caker, so xen's only held up on host availability now?
20:58<npmr>or is there still more software to wait for?
20:58<@caker>yup. Finnix and initrd's don't work, otherwise everything else is completed.
20:59<@caker>but those two don't need to hold up the public beta
20:59<fo0bar>caker: yes they do damnit
20:59<@caker>fo0bar: :) .. they'll get done Real Soon Now
21:00<fo0bar>yeah. compiling a xen kernel is a bit of a pain, but the squashfs/unionfs patches do apply cleanly to xen's 2.6.12 kernel sources
21:00<JasonF>caker: are you going to be migrating UML users over to xen, or will it only be available for new people
21:00<@caker>fo0bar: ordered the 9550SX-4LP .. excited :)
21:01<fo0bar>... oh, we didn't discuss those :)
21:01<@caker>JasonF: the public beta will be moving existing Linodes to Xen hosts, that whole deal.
21:02<fo0bar>caker: the 9550SX was only added in kernel 2.6.14. if you're going earlier, you will have to compile from the sources on 3ware's site and overwrite the existing 3w-9xxx.ko
21:02<fo0bar>once that's done it'll be fine, but it is an extra step
21:02<@caker>fo0bar: yeah, found the entry in 2.6.14's changelog
21:02<@caker>fo0bar: good to know
21:03<fo0bar>how much is the 4-port?
21:03<@caker>$309.35 from thenerds
21:03<Dreamer3>caker: public beta?
21:03<fo0bar>oh, that's not bad
21:03<@caker>Dreamer3: TBA
21:03<Dreamer3>i see 160
21:04<Dreamer3>now, do i need a 80 or 160 :-)
21:04<Dreamer3>decisions, decisions
21:04<Dreamer3>can one go from 80 -> 160 and keep iPs?
21:04<@caker>Dreamer3: yes, if staying in the same datacenter
21:05<fo0bar>also, the 9550SX series are SATA2 controllers. they will work fine with existing SATA150 drives (that's what I'm running on our single 9550SX-8LP), but if you can get equivalent SATA2 drives for the same price, by all means, get them
21:05<@caker>yeah .. my recent WD caviar selection is SATA ][
21:05<Dreamer3>caker: you still on SATA, not SCSI?
21:06<fo0bar>Dreamer3: you make it sound like moving to SCSI would be a good thing...
21:06<fo0bar>SCSI is not worth the high price and low storage size IMHO
21:07<fo0bar>and I've bought maybe 150 SATA drives (seagate) in the last 2 years, with 1 failure (and that was a DOA)
21:08<encode>they're even using mainly SATA drives in one of our SANs at work
21:08<encode>theres not much of a performance difference, especially with SATA 150 drives at 10k rpm with NCQ
21:09<fo0bar>SAS has been introduced recently (SAS is to SCSI as SATA is to ATA), but I haven't tried them yet
21:09<encode>SAS = Serial Attached SCSI doesnt it?
21:09<fo0bar>the cool feature of SAS is a SAS array controller is backwards compatible with SATA drives
21:09<fo0bar>encode: yeah
21:10<fo0bar>but yeah, SATA with NCQ nullifies most of the advantages of SCSI/SAS
21:10<fo0bar>and most SATA drives have NCQ these days
21:11<guinea-pig>i thought SCSI already *was* serial
21:11<fo0bar>nope, parallel
21:11<guinea-pig>in that, you could chain things, right?
21:11<encode>always parallel, hence the massive number of connectors
21:11<guinea-pig>i've never owned a scsi drive
21:11<encode>thats not serial
21:11<fo0bar>well, that doesn't really describe serial
21:11<encode>thats just having more scsi identifiers per channel
21:11<encode>kinda like IDE can have 2 drives
21:12<fo0bar>yeah, what I *HATE* about SCSI is the 85 different connectors a drive could have
21:12<encode>and terminators
21:12<taupehat>I like the sound scsi makes
21:12<@caker>fast ultra badass wide SCSI III
21:12[~]encode likes the sound of 6 15k rpm disks spinning up / down
21:12<fo0bar>taupehat: I could sell you an IBM deathstar that makes that same noise :)
21:13<encode>or even better , 16 of them
21:13<guinea-pig>oh crap. o only have the fast ultra smartass wide SCSI II
21:13<encode>hehe caker
21:31|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
21:44<Neurosis>thanks again npmr now resolves to my linode (that was fast)
21:49<guinea-pig>now set the rDNS
21:49<taupehat>and the DDNS
21:50<taupehat>and the MTDN-delay
21:50<taupehat>but don't forget the eyedee10tee-node-announce
21:50<taupehat>oh wait
21:50<taupehat>that's only on my node
21:51|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:51<guinea-pig>oh and DNS-LOC
21:51|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
21:52<Neurosis>the bad man is scaring me
21:52<guinea-pig>that's what bad men do
21:53[~]taupehat is good
21:54<fo0bar> <-- anyone who happens to be around :)
21:55<taupehat>nice version
21:56<encode>i dont think finnix would be much use for me at work
21:56<fo0bar>encode: I would think this would apply to any CD vs sharpie CDR, but at work we do tend to use finnix a lot
21:57<encode>does it include any windows recovery tools?
21:58|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:58<fo0bar>not really. you can mount and resize NTFS partitions, but that's pretty much it
21:58|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
22:01<fo0bar>encode: for windows stuff, you're probably better off with reatogo or bartpe
22:02<encode>i use UBCD for windows on the few occasions i need something like that
22:02<encode>but i dont generally deal with desktops & their associated issues
22:02<fo0bar>good man :)
22:02|-|Dreamr3 [] has joined #linode
22:03<taupehat>I use that to check in my whiteboxes
22:03<taupehat>make sure I didn't get a bad component etc
22:03<internat>anyone here send me nude picts iof themselfs?
22:03<taupehat>internat: you have problems...
22:03<internat>im his m8 left his comp unattended at a lan
22:04<taupehat>oh no
22:04<internat>now i could have some fun in some channels lol
22:04[~]taupehat declines to take clear advantage of this
22:05<taupehat>dammit, you know what I meant
22:05<encode>well, i could guess, but i wanted to make sure
22:16|-|Dreamr3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:18|-|MrJohnK [] has joined #linode
22:33|-|gsf [] has joined #linode
22:37<Neurosis>anyone know how to setup my mail services on linux?
22:37<Neurosis>i never ran the host b4
22:37<Neurosis>do i use sendmail?
22:37<Neurosis>trying to make my address
22:38<Neurosis> resolves to my linode box now... just dont know how to setup the server daemons for mail
22:42<MrJohnK>I use qmail-conf
22:42<Dreamer3>so should i get an 80 and bet small and upgrade later?
22:42<MrJohnK>qmail seems to be good. Been using it for email for about 10 years now
22:43<Dreamer3>i like postfix if you want to read and spend the time to set it up, it's quite nice, lots of options
22:46<MrJohnK>It seems that has it's MXs pointed at zoneedit. Is that what you intended?
22:50|-|Dreamer3 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:50<Neurosis>yea they route it to my ip
22:51<Neurosis>i didnt know how to setup my nameservers myself and they are free
22:51<Neurosis>i got sendmail workin
22:51<MrJohnK>free is good. I use free dns too.
22:51<MrJohnK>I lost many hair atop my head working on sendmail
22:52<MrJohnK>hope it works well for you.
22:52|-|Dreamer3 [] has joined #linode
22:52<MrJohnK>dial-up fail Dreamer?
22:53<Dreamer3>nope, testing Mac's new OpenGL drivers from 10.4.4 with Diablo
22:53<Dreamer3>they still suck
22:54<Dreamer3>is caker around tonight?
22:54<MrJohnK>I'm still so old fashion that I play starcraft still
22:54<MrJohnK>Wife dumped a glass of tea on my other laptop
22:54|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:54<MrJohnK>can't even play on this one anymore. It is just a regular pentium
22:55<MrJohnK>Never been too keen on Macs. Maybe one of these days.
22:56<Dreamer3>I left Windows years ago, been using Linux/FreeBSD... took 2 days of Mac to switch me
22:57<MrJohnK>I helped a guy at work get his ichat working on his mac notebooks.
22:58<MrJohnK>He couldn't get any video running. Was more of an Internet issue. We tried different DSL modems to make it work.
22:58<MrJohnK>one of those wierd hardware issues.
22:58<MrJohnK>Mac has nice hardware though. Well built.
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<Dreamer3>I bought a $500 one just to try, and I'm still using it
22:59<Dreamer3>might get an iMac or MacBook in March
22:59<MrJohnK>Not a bad deal
23:00<Dreamer3>wish caker was around
23:00<MrJohnK>can one get a copy of *nix running on one of those?
23:00<Dreamer3>sure, but why?
23:00<Dreamer3>It comes with *nix :-)
23:00<MrJohnK>familiar territory I guess
23:01<MrJohnK>Debian is my buddy.
23:01<Dreamer3>yes, FreeBSD is nice, but not debian
23:01<Dreamer3>I guess overall I like linux most for servers, but it's also what I have most exp with
23:01<Dreamer3>for desktop, Mac :-)
23:01<MrJohnK>I started out on RH years ago, but got tired of chasing dependencies
23:01<Neurosis>my mail works
23:02<Dreamer3>Neurosis: i'm thinking of setting up a mail server from scratch (again)
23:02<MrJohnK>Now all you need is a spam catcher to go with that email.
23:03<MrJohnK>spamassassin is a good one to start with
23:03<gsf>i'm trying to set up a mail server, too, on a debian linode
23:03<@mikegrb>as long as you propperly limit it
23:03<@mikegrb>it is a hog
23:04<gsf>i've got exim running, and can send messages out
23:04<MrJohnK>Yes, it can be with a lot of incomming mail.
23:04<@mikegrb>s/it can be/
23:04<@mikegrb>it is always a memory hog
23:04<gsf>but i don't understand how to set up the MX to receive
23:05<MrJohnK>in dns, point your MX record to the IP of your server
23:06<@mikegrb>nyet, mx records must point at names
23:06<@mikegrb>if an ip is found it is sup[posed to be ignored
23:07<gsf>so if the domain is i point mx at
23:07[~]warewolf sends mail to m!ch43l@[]
23:07<MrJohnK>I presented the abridged version. pointing to an A rec is right
23:07<MrJohnK>just not a CNAME
23:09|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
23:09<Neurosis>wow someone tried to brute force my server
23:09[~]mikegrb receives lots of bounces where the bounce reason is "improperly configured MX record pointing at IP"
23:09<@mikegrb>Neurosis: welcome to the internet
23:10<Neurosis>my eyeballs are my spam catcher
23:10<Neurosis>not like its the first time just surprised its happened so soon
23:10<Neurosis>this logwatcher is pretty kewl
23:10<Neurosis>i like it
23:10<gsf>which logwatcher?
23:10<MrJohnK>It is strange how fast the bad guys find a new server sometimes
23:10<Neurosis>comes with rh9
23:10<gsf>it's like they have robots or something
23:11<Neurosis>they do
23:11<MrJohnK>Usually within just a few minutes, you'll usually have a few ICMP hits
23:11<MrJohnK>then a TCP scan....
23:11<Neurosis>i had a ssh brute
23:11<Neurosis>i can tell cuz
23:11<Neurosis>the failed logins
23:11<Neurosis>are the same ones in my wordlist :P
23:11<Neurosis>i mean
23:12<MrJohnK>sure it wasn't from last night recent drinking binge when you blacked out and forgot your password?
23:12<Neurosis>not unless i type hella fast drunk
23:12<Neurosis>w/ zero mispellings
23:15|-|rafa [] has joined #linode
23:15<rafa>hello all
23:16<Neurosis>hi :)
23:16<rafa>hi neurosis
23:16<rafa>hi mike
23:16<MrJohnK>I sense trouble in you young rafa...
23:17<rafa>haha..not really
23:17<rafa>its just that i am opening a new account (a new linode)
23:17|-|rafa [] has quit [Quit: ]
23:17<psykoyiko>good one.
23:17|-|rafa [] has joined #linode
23:18<@mikegrb>rafa: all set
23:18<rafa>anyway..i was say..
23:18<rafa>oh...that was fast
23:18<rafa>thanks mike
23:18<rafa>cool..bye all..have a good one
23:19<MrJohnK>see ya
23:19|-|rafa [] has left #linode []
23:21<MrJohnK>any xen linodes up yet?
23:23<Battousai>i do not lie
23:23<Battousai>he said xen linodes
23:23<Battousai>i said no
23:23<internat>wasnt the public beta starting again now?
23:23<Battousai>they are, in fact, xenodes
23:23[~]Battousai runs
23:23<@mikegrb>there is a private beta
23:23<@mikegrb>software for the public beta is done
23:24<MrJohnK>so do you use a xerox machine to migrate to a xenode?
23:24<@mikegrb>it's a matter of being able to get more space in both DCs for new hosts
23:24<@mikegrb>no, a linox machine
23:24<Battousai>mikegrb coded its firmware
23:24<Battousai>in ppc asm
23:24<@mikegrb>yes :>
23:26<MrJohnK>xen stable enough or still for play?
23:28|-|womble [~mpalmer@] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
23:37<MrJohnK>I'm amazed....3 days with no swap allocated. apache+php4, mysql, squid, qmail, webmin
23:37<MrJohnK>linode 80
23:46|-|internat [] has quit [Quit: This computer has gone to sleep]
23:48[~]MrJohnK has gone to sleep
23:48<Neurosis>anyone know how to make talk work?
23:49<Neurosis>i keep getting connection refused
23:49<MrJohnK>my wife says the same thing when I talk to her too
23:50<Neurosis>maybe u need to fork() her more often
23:51<Neurosis>take sum viagra for that /dev/null of urs
23:51<MrJohnK>resulted in offspring
23:51<MrJohnK>wanted /dev/null, got a new process
23:52<Neurosis>kill -9 muhahhaah
23:52<MrJohnK>brings a new meaing to spawning a new process 'eh
23:54<Neurosis>./spawn ./television >> /users/johnk_jr &
23:54<Neurosis>i put a . wrong place
23:54<Neurosis>o well
23:54<Neurosis>its all local
23:54<MrJohnK>good one
23:57<Neurosis>[root@li8-47 root]# in.talkd
23:57<Neurosis>Socket operation on non-socket
23:57<Neurosis>i dont get it
23:57<@caker>fo0bar: does the 9550SX come with a BBU?
23:57<Neurosis>does that mean i tried to put it in her butt?
23:57<fo0bar>caker: no, they're about $100 more :(
23:58<@caker>fo0bar: ok .. so make sure write-cache is o f f
23:58<@caker>neat :)
23:59<psykoyiko>Neurosis: trollio
---Logclosed Thu Jan 19 00:00:10 2006