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00:00<Neurosis>u trying to hypnotize me?
00:00<Neurosis>what is trollio?
00:01<psykoyiko>so, in.talkd is designed to be run from inetd, or xinetd
00:01<psykoyiko>ie, something that handles the sockets for it.
00:02<Neurosis>yea i didnt find an entry for it in xinetd
00:04<dopey>you could start in.talkd from tcpserver
00:05<warewolf>that would be a bad idea
00:05<warewolf>seeing as how ntalk is udp based
00:05<Neurosis>Error on read from talk daemon: Connection refused. Press any key...
00:05<Neurosis>thats what i get when i try to use talk
00:05<dopey>warewolf: in that case, i'd have to agree.
00:06<warewolf>Neurosis: why do you want to use talk?
00:06<dopey>(considering I didnt actually look at talkd specifically)
00:06<Neurosis>my buddy is logged in on a shell and im root and i was gonna help him out
00:06<MrJohnK>iptables checked?
00:06<warewolf>Neurosis: oh
00:06<Neurosis>plus i wanted to show my root powers off lol
00:07<Neurosis>im gonna bone his sister and she thinks im a genius... thats why i never introduce her to real geniuses :)
00:07<Neurosis>cuz then she will see me asking alll my stupid questions lol
00:08<MrJohnK>she admires your root power
00:09<Neurosis>is there another way a root can suck user into chat session?
00:09<Neurosis>the way talk does
00:09<MrJohnK>you can run IRC from root, but that is not very safe
00:09<Neurosis>not the same
00:10<Neurosis>this thing on talk i am reading tells me i have to setup a dummy network device
00:11<Neurosis>and do something with my config and routing tables
00:11<Neurosis>sounds dangerous lol
00:11<@mikegrb>mmm cake
00:11<Battousai>mmm cake
00:12<warewolf>Neurosis: can I make a suggestion?
00:13<warewolf>Neurosis: you're not going to like what I have to say, but I'm serious, and it needs to be taken to heart.
00:14<Neurosis>go right ahead
00:14<warewolf>Neurosis: Please do the rest of the internet a favor, and purchase (or read online) something like a "Linux for Dummies" book. Otherwise you will end up configuring your linode in such a manner that it will be open to multiple security vulnerabilities, get hacked, and then abused by some script kiddie. Potentially to the point where they use your linode to perform a DDoS against someone.
00:14<Neurosis>thats not fair dude
00:14<Neurosis>to clump me with those guys
00:15<Neurosis>but i hear ya
00:15<Neurosis>i'll ask my questions elsewhere
00:15<warewolf>Neurosis: has some great how-tos. The netfilter how-to (iptables) is wonderful. That's the linux firewall.
00:15<warewolf>no I'm not saying ask elsewhere
00:15<warewolf>I'm sure many people will be helpful here, myself included.
00:15<Neurosis>i have read alot on linux thru the years... some subjects i have not worked on b4
00:15<Neurosis>alot actually
00:15<warewolf>Neurosis: no offense intended
00:16<MrJohnK>connection refused can be either other end not listening or packet filter (iptables) blocking
00:16<MrJohnK>usually the latter since it didn't time out
00:16<warewolf>Neurosis: are you trying to use 'talk' locally, or across the internet? (eg: talk ?
00:17[~]MrJohnK talking to myself.../usr/bin/perl -e 'while(){};'
00:17<Neurosis>and some i just dont understand and im afraiid to tackle without assistance
00:17<Neurosis>none taken
00:17<Neurosis>its cool
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00:17<Neurotic>right then my modem shit out on me
00:18<warewolf>MrJohnK: don't paste stuff like that :P people will run it :{
00:18<Neurotic>i use most of the time was what i was gonna say
00:18<MrJohnK>Antidote: ^c
00:18<warewolf>Neurosis: so like I said, are you trying to talk to someone on your linode locally who is logged in?
00:19<warewolf>Neurosis: or across the internet?
00:19<MrJohnK>or ctl-c for those who haven't read the linux for dummies yet
00:20<Neurotic>hes logged onto my linode
00:20[~]linbot kisses you passionately
00:21[~]Neurotic does a package check
00:21<linbot>I'm whatever you want me to be, baby
00:21<warewolf>Neurosis: ok, so you should not need ntalkd. There's two talk daemons, in.talkd and in.ntalkd. ntalkd is the network one. That's the UDP based one.
00:21<Neurotic>thats creepy
00:21<warewolf>Neurosis: the in.talkd daemon is for local chatting only.
00:21<warewolf>Neurosis: what distro are you running on your linode?
00:22<Neurotic>redhat 9
00:22<Neurotic>the large one
00:22<Neurotic>i wanted to play with vnc :)
00:22<MrJohnK>vnc is small
00:22<MrJohnK>packs a lot in a small package
00:23<Neurotic>its cool as hell tho
00:23<Neurotic>i knew you could do that remotely but i never had
00:23<warewolf>Neurosis: ok
00:23<warewolf>Neurosis: in /etc/xinetd.d, you need to edit the talk file
00:23<warewolf>Neurosis: there will be a line that says 'disable = yes'
00:23<warewolf>Neurosis: comment that out.
00:24<warewolf>Neurosis: open the file with whatever editor you like, and put a # at the beginning.
00:24[~]Neurotic beats head on wall
00:24<Neurotic>see u cant get that outta a book
00:25<warewolf>run service xinetd restart
00:25<warewolf>and that will tell xinetd to restart itself to re-read the configuration files
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00:26<warewolf>now 'talk otheruser' should work.
00:26<Neurosis>still get con refused
00:28<MrJohnK>We need some on-hold music
00:30[~]Neurosis is jamming [The Americans - That_Magic_Moment.mp3 (128kbps)]
00:31<warewolf>ok you need to turn on ntalk not talk
00:31<warewolf>so go back and edit that talk file in /etc/xinetd.d and uncomment that disable line
00:31<warewolf>and then comment out the disable line in e/tc/xinetd.d/ntalk
00:32<warewolf>aslong as your iptables firewall isn't blocking the udp traffic to port 518, you should be OK.
00:33<warewolf>not a problem.
00:33[~]Neurosis vey happy
00:34<Neurosis>everyone is all impressed
00:35<Neurosis>mission accomplished
00:35<Neurosis>little do they know how much trouble i had ... finding the on switch
00:35<MrJohnK>we're speachless.
00:38<Neurosis>i appreciate the help and i promise i check google everytime b4 i ask :)
00:39<MrJohnK>google rocks. I learn more that way than anything else.
00:41<MrJohnK>Nap time. Way past my bedtime.
00:42<Neurosis>in my channel on tdd 90% of our answers are go check google
00:42<Neurosis>night night
00:42[~]MrJohnK waves bye, "see y'all later" (in my best Tennessee redneck voice)
00:51<taupehat>warewolf: ping
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01:04<taupehat>that was not what I meant to do
01:07<psykoyiko>23:07 <@psykoyiko> press 5 to kill the troll
01:07<psykoyiko>23:07 < Dumont> 55555
01:08<psykoyiko>taupehat: you lose
01:09<psykoyiko>that's my favorite 'mistype in the wrong screen window'
01:09<psykoyiko>'c' is the keybinding to change folders in mutt
01:09<taupehat>oh ah
01:13<warewolf>taupehat: pong
01:14<taupehat>warewolf: how's zomg treating folks?
01:14<warewolf>I left the channel
01:14<taupehat>I suppose I could console into it and check in
01:15<taupehat>its cousin has been happily burbling away in #freenode for a while now
01:15<taupehat>only a couple people seemed to notice
01:15<warewolf>my talllest!! my all mighty tallllllleeeeeesssssstttttttt!
01:15<taupehat>not including lilo
01:15<warewolf>lilo couldn't notice an irc network if he ran it
01:15<warewolf>oh wait
01:15<warewolf>he does
01:17<@mikegrb>it's not an ircnetwork
01:17<@mikegrb>it is a chat network that loosely, LOOSELY, resembels irc
01:18<@mikegrb>"there isn't a single RFC for IRC I can do whatever I want"
01:18<@mikegrb>no, there isn't one rfc for irc, there are several
01:45<warewolf>heh nice video
01:45<warewolf>seen it before
01:45<taupehat>can't find it on snopes
01:45<taupehat>have wondered before
01:57<fo0bar>looks staged
01:57<fo0bar>the case looks like shit, and falls apart too easily (almost as if there were no screws on the door shell)
01:58<internat>off topic a bit here, so.. anyone know much about bootable cds? by much i mean would it be hard to make a dvd, that different installers, say for Winxp-pro, winxp-home etc to use as a recovery/useful tool
01:58<fo0bar>and what does the guy take as he's walking away? the shell
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03:03<tronix>internat: think it's been done before... vague recollection of reading about various corporate windows admins doing exactly that (for same reasons)
03:04<tronix>might need some kind of el torito header shuffling or something. it's been years since I last looked at that stuff.
03:04<tronix>best I can tell you from my now-useless memory is that it should be possible.
03:05<tronix>Google should probably turn up something. maybe 'el torito windows bootdisk dvd'...?
03:12<warewolf>there are multiple types of eltorito emulation
03:12<warewolf>including floppy and "hard drive"
03:12<warewolf>you can also have multiple images
03:13<warewolf>the difficult part (I assume) would be getting the windows installer to install from the correct "source" directory
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04:46<internat>so ive asked this before, and i think the answers were webalizer/awstats.. but im not 100% sure.. i need some way of tracking what sites that i host are using how much bandwidth etc..
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05:39[~]tronix hangs head in abject shame while doing battle with zaptel, heh
05:39[~]tronix sheathes the vorpal sword and stops hunting danged evil thingmajigbobs
05:40<@mikegrb>tronix: your mom is so open she is chmod'ed 777
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05:48<@mikegrb> <-mmmmmmm mmmm MMMMMMmmmmmmmm
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11:28[~]linbot percolates
11:30[~]kvandivo wonders who lit a fire under linbot.
11:35<@mikegrb>your mom
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11:56<kvandivo>whew.. just now quit laughing, mg
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12:09<rafa>hi all
12:10<rafa>im trying to remove my distro to start all over..but after erasing the profile it still shows disk space unavailable
12:10<rafa>can you help?
12:12<npmr>removing a profile does not remove the disk images
12:12<npmr>you need to do that separately
12:12<rafa> removing the images now
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13:34<vaxen>hi guys
13:34<vaxen>where do I setup my network configs in debian?
13:39<vaxen>can you show me a sample for static ip
13:40<npmr>iface eth0 inet static
13:40<npmr> address
13:40<npmr> netmask
13:40<npmr> network
13:40<npmr> broadcast
13:40<npmr>for yours, you will probably also need a "gateway" line
13:41<vaxen>what is that network line for?
13:41<npmr>that's where you'd put the ip of your default router
13:41<npmr>vaxen, that's the network address
13:41<npmr>(address) && (netmask)
13:42<npmr>broadcast is (address) && !(netmask)
13:42<npmr>(address) || !(netmask)
13:45<vaxen>do i really need the network line
13:45<vaxen>i never used it before
13:45<@caker>impressive ... UML + soft interrupts patch == 25% speed increase on kernel builds
13:45<@caker>that'll be in 2.6.16
13:45<npmr>yes you do
13:46<npmr>if you've been using dhcp, then no, you haven't been using a network line before
13:46<npmr>you will need it for a static ip
13:47<vaxen>i've never needed that line in gentoo
13:47<@caker>JasonF: ping
13:47<npmr>this isn't gentoo
13:47<vaxen>iface eth0 inet static
13:47<vaxen>okay to reboot?
13:47<kvandivo>caker: UML is so yesterday
13:47<npmr>that is not a proper network address
13:50<vaxen>didnt work
13:50<vaxen>locked out
13:50<@caker>vaxen: L I S H
13:51<vaxen>i wonder what happens when I lock my self out on a dedicated server
13:51<@mikegrb>you pay $65 for someone to go fix it
13:52<@mikegrb>or buy/rent a remote console
13:53<vaxen>iface eth0 inet static
13:53<vaxen>any idea whats wrong with this?
13:53<npmr>is there a line in that file that says "auto eth0"?
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13:54<vaxen>i commented that out
13:54<npmr>another example, this one with an auto line:
13:54<vaxen>what does that do?
13:54<npmr>auto eth0
13:54<npmr>iface eth0 inet static
13:54<npmr> address
13:54<npmr> netmask
13:54<npmr> network
13:54<npmr> broadcast
13:54<npmr> gateway
13:54<npmr>it brings up the interface automatically at boot
13:55<npmr>otherwise it is merely defined, so that you can bring it up manually from the command line
13:55<npmr>before you reboot
13:55<npmr>run "ifup eth0"
13:55<npmr>that should get the interface up
13:55<npmr>if it works, you won't need to reboot
13:57<vaxen>works now
13:57<vaxen>i just apt-get install mysql-server
13:57<vaxen>its not starting up when boot
13:58<vaxen>do i have to edit something to get it to start when boot?
13:58<npmr>what happens when you run "/etc/init.d/mysql-server start"?
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14:00<npmr>ha ha my office linode is ranked lower than nova!
14:12<taupehat><3 vx that replicates to my damn samba server
14:20<vaxen>linode:~# aptitude
14:20<vaxen>Ouch! Got SIGSEGV, dying..
14:20<vaxen>Segmentation fault
14:20<vaxen>dammit, why why why
14:22<vaxen>nothing seems to work in debian
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14:22<@mikegrb>2.6 kernel? mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled?
14:22<rafa>hello all
14:23<rafa>i have a very silly too used to webmin...and i dont even know how to download a file into the server...other than by telnet
14:23<rafa>how do i pull an http file?
14:23<rafa>i meant ftp..not telnet
14:23<vaxen>mikegrb: i love you
14:23<npmr>wget does both
14:24<rafa>that was easy!
14:24<vaxen>aptitude is not exactly very user friendly
14:24<rafa>thanks npmr
14:24<npmr>i.e. wget -c
14:28<rafa>whats -c?
14:28<npmr>read the man page
14:29<npmr>there are many useful options
14:33<npmr>it was an example
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