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05:55<alex323>Hey mikegrb?
05:56<alex323>The site says that the linodes could be availabvle on the 18th.
05:57<alex323>Do you have any information regarding them?
05:58<encode>,10114,5099390,00.jpg :)
05:58<alex323>So when the Upgrade button is enabled for my account, will the support ticket be updated?
05:58<alex323>Ok. Thanks.
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06:18<rafa>good morning
06:18<rafa>anyone there?
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06:20<rafa>mike ?
06:20<rafa>cacker ?
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06:23<rafa>hi mike
06:24<rafa>im trying to boot from a custom iso.actually its the asteriskathome iso which boots centos and installs the whole system
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06:25<rafa>i have the image on a partition that i created
06:25<@mikegrb>the contents of the image or the iso itself?
06:25<rafa>the iso itself
06:26<@mikegrb>you will need to be the contents of the iso rather then the iso inside the disk image
06:26<rafa>any way for me to break it once its uploaded? its a pretty big file
06:27<@mikegrb>mount the iso and mv the contents
06:28<rafa>once i mount the iso..all there is is 1 big file..
06:28<rafa>how do i get the contents?
06:28<@mikegrb>what big file?
06:28<rafa>the iso file is meant for me to burn it on a cd or load directly from it (when using vmware)..
06:29<rafa>so the asteriskathome iso is just 1 500M file
06:29<@mikegrb>but what is the big file inside the iso?
06:30<rafa>oh no..i was reffering to the iso itself..i can mount to the disk image i created..but you say i can mount directly to the iso?
06:30<rafa>as a virtual drive or something? pretty lost here
06:30<@mikegrb>mount some.iso /mnt -o loop
06:31<rafa>ok i see..then transfer the contents , right?
06:32<rafa>ok...any tips on how to do that without having to create directories one by one?
06:33<rafa>one last thing ..
06:34<rafa>then you suggest i have like three different disk images? 1 with my bootable system...1 with the iso and one where i transfer , and then boot from?
06:34<@mikegrb>you don't need the iso
06:34<@mikegrb>just the contents of the iso
06:36<rafa>i know...but i dont understand..i mean..once im mounted on the iso..i have to mv to a new empty drive, dont i?
06:36<@mikegrb>it could be the same
06:37<@mikegrb>just make a dir to mnt the iso under and then mv everything from that dir to the root of the image then unmount the now empty iso and delete it and the directory you made to mount it
06:38<rafa> i go..hope you're here to rescue me if i crash
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07:04<internat>guess u crashed
07:05<rafa>surt of..but i think im not too bad
07:05<rafa>right now..i have a disk image with the contents of my iso file
07:06<rafa>so i created a new profile with /dev/ubda beeing this new file
07:06<rafa>then i tried rebooting
07:06<rafa>nothing i figured im missing a step
07:06<internat>i beleive u missed the point
07:07<internat>your meant to mount the iso, copy all the files off of it, to a drive, (ie some of ur linode space) put the respecitve boot stuff arround and boot that
07:07<rafa>well...most certainly part of the point was extracting the contents of the iso that is taken care of..
07:07<rafa>that is what im saying..
07:08<rafa>and that is what i did..what im missing is
07:08<@mikegrb>rafa: you will need to edit /etc/inittab to put the console on tty0 instead of tty1
07:08<rafa>"the respective boot stuff around the boot"
07:08<@mikegrb>also look and see if /lib/tls exists inside that image, if so rm it or change it to a different name
07:10<rafa>im on it...and i assume when you say /etc/inittab should be on my newly created drive with new image contents?
07:19<rafa> sorry..i dont get it...
07:20<rafa>but im not trying to boot from trying to boot from the new image..which will try to install a new OS
07:20<rafa>(some words didnt come out)
07:21<rafa>i mean..those file that u mention are in the bootable Centos distro..not on the new boot im trying to create
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07:22<internat>i would imagine if the asterik image ur trying to boot from, was actually proper and bootable etc, it would have those folders
07:23<rafa>all i know is if i burn that image and boot from cd it will boot, install Centos, install mysql, install asterisk, install apache , connect the database and finish
07:23<rafa>i used the asteriskathome scropts to do the same out of the centos 4.0 distro..and all worked except for the mysql
07:23<internat>so why dont u just install mysql urself?
07:24<rafa>it is just wont connect..i am trying to avoid that because im not knowledgable..if i go that route ill probably haveto deal with a zillion things i dont know about
07:25<rafa>but if i try the automated stuff it either works or it dont
07:25<internat>i think ur going to have to deal with a zillion things trying to get this automated setup to work
07:25<rafa>kinda looks like it..but im sure im just missing a point
07:26<rafa>a small detail pretty sure
07:26<@mikegrb>rafa: asteriska@home has some significant problems and I'd recommend not using it anyway
07:26<internat>i think ur problem is going to be that ur trying to use ur images to install it
07:26<internat>linodes to my knowledge, arent really set up in a manor that allows for that to work easily
07:26<rafa>what do you recomend as far as asterisk goes..i only want to run no more than 10 conversations at a time
07:27<rafa>hmm..i have an idea..
07:27<@mikegrb>install debian or ubuntu and then apt-get install asterisk
07:27<rafa>since im pretty sure asterisk is up and running..
07:27<rafa>ill try to get webmin gui for astrisk..
07:27<@mikegrb>the problem with asterisk@home is it breaks /a lot/ of stuff
07:28<rafa>ok..mike..ill forget the aah then..
07:28<rafa>ill go try asterisk and put the webmin ui
07:28<@mikegrb>features that don't work there because they decided to do things differently
07:28<rafa>i see
07:28<rafa>u tested it before?
07:28<@mikegrb>plus any instructiosn for "how to do X in asterisk" won't apply
07:28<@mikegrb>sicne the configuration is very nonstandard
07:29<rafa>i chose aah no expert..and aah installs with a whole bunch of guis
07:29<@mikegrb>no, I watched 10 people a day come into #asterisk or emailthe mailing list saying why can't I do X and Y like it says on the website
07:29<@mikegrb>and the answer is always "Are you using asterisk@home? yuou can't do X and Y because they broke it"
07:29<rafa>i see..if worst comes to worst ill just go the old fasioned way
07:30<rafa>ill forget about that then
07:30<rafa>thanks mike
07:30<@mikegrb>no problem
07:30<rafa>ill try someting else..and learn some in the process
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07:30<@mikegrb>the most common was the option to change the voicemail pin from the voicemail menu
07:30<rafa>thanks internat
07:30<@mikegrb>it will pretend to change it but the change won't take effect since they store it differently
07:31<rafa>hmm...i see
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09:50<anderiv>empty9: mornin'
09:50<empty9>i hate to ask this, but...
09:51<anderiv>kvandivo: hehe
09:51<empty9>I need to set up a windows server (similar to Linode, but windows) and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for companies that have great support like Linode does.
09:51<empty9>I asked the tech support people at Linode and they said they didn't know of anyone.
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10:14<rafa>mike..r u still there?
10:14<rafa>or caker?
10:14<@mikegrb>mmm cake
10:14<rafa>cake ?
10:15<rafa>haha...u still have that message eh mike?
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10:52[~]caker waits patiently by the door for the 9550SX-4LP to arrive
10:58<warewolf>how many ports is that 3ware card? I can tell by the model #
10:58<warewolf>oh wait
10:58<warewolf>4 low profile
10:59[~]warewolf waits on food and beer to arrive at his door
10:59<@caker>actually, it's here already, but at the apt office!! :)
10:59[~]caker departs
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11:21<efudd>so is libwww the "best" way to submit a form via http/parse data or does something else exist now?
11:49<rafa>caker ?
11:50<rafa>mike ?
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12:01<wirehead>My linode seems to be wedged.
12:01<wirehead>I tried to restart it, but it's stuck in "waiting on host" for shutdown.
12:01<kvandivo>check lish
12:03<wirehead>Doesn't seem to be doing anything.
12:03<wirehead>I logged in and it sits there.
12:05<@mikegrb>wirehead: looking into it
12:05<wirehead>Doesn't even respond to commands.
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12:06<@mikegrb>wirehead: your linode is 154MB into swap
12:06<linbot>New news from wiki: Lish Documentation <>
12:06<@mikegrb>it and a few others are using swap heavily which is slowing down the host
12:07<wirehead>It's nearly unresponsive.
12:08<kvandivo>how are you on tokens?
12:08<kvandivo>ssh io_status
12:10<wirehead>OK io_count=431660276 io_rate=78 io_tokens=683 token_refill=100 token_max=1000
12:10<wirehead>seems to be coming unwedged.
12:12<linbot>New news from wiki: AutomatedRdiffBackup <>
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12:15<wirehead>yeah. unwedged.
12:16<@caker>fo0bar: got the 9550SX .. looks like I need to do some fan shroud trimming to route the sata cables
12:17[~]mikegrb trims caker
12:17<linbot>New news from wiki: User:Kirby <>
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12:33<rko>I just lost all routes to my linode @TP
12:33<rko>also to the .1 router
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12:34<gene203>Hi, host53 has a problem? can't ping to it.
12:35<rko>looks like it
12:35<rko>ticket opened
12:36<gene203>oh please, I migrated from host27 a week ago due to the often crash of host27.
12:37<rko>host53 has been pretty stable
12:37<@caker>looking into it
12:37<gene203>okay thank you.
12:37<@mikegrb>er, wrong window
12:37<rko>thanks gentlemen
12:37[~]mikegrb was talking to ssh
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12:40<rko>host53 is pinging
12:40<gene203>yes I see too.
12:45<rko>ok, mine is coming up
12:46<linbot>New news from forums: Host53 panic in System and Network Status <>
12:49<gene203>Mine is not coming yet. should I click the boot button? or just wait till the "Host initiated restart" is complete?
12:50<@mikegrb>just waiting
12:50<@mikegrb>clicking the boot button will make it take longer
12:50<rko>mine is up... thank you!
12:50<gene203>mikegrb: okay.
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12:56<gene203>guess mine has a lower priority or something. still waiting.
12:56<@mikegrb>they go one at a time
12:56<@caker>syslog got stuck .. just fixed it
12:57<gene203>so will this happen again possibly?
12:57<gene203>not a hardware problem?
12:57<gene203>Now I am just wondering if it is technically possible that an UML itself can run on cluster or something similar.
12:57<gene203>or should I set up my services on cluster of two linode?
13:02<gene203>okay, now mine is coming.
13:05<gene203>okay mine is up.
13:06<gene203>thank you!
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14:18<taupehat>Having now experienced it
14:19<taupehat>from the complainer's side, I _really_ like the attitude HEnet takes toward abuse complaints
14:19<taupehat>You have received the following complaint regarding [ip address]
14:19<taupehat>You MUST respond directly to the complaintants within 48 hours.
14:19<taupehat>Failure to respond to the complaintant may result in further action on our part.
14:19<taupehat>and the guy responded =]
14:25<@mikegrb>except for the 3 day - 4 week delay from them receiving the complaint and forwarding it on
14:25<taupehat>that happened within 6 hours of my sending the complaint
14:25<@mikegrb>oh, and the fact that if the person doesn't respond, they don't do anything
14:25<@mikegrb>I've never received one in less then three days
14:25<efudd>so why did host53 go down?
14:26<@mikegrb>and it's normally 2 or 3 weeks
14:27<rko>efudd, caker said syslogd froze
14:27<rko><caker> syslog got stuck .. just fixed it
14:27<rko><caker> *syslogd
14:27<@mikegrb>that had nothing to do with the reboot
14:28<rko>oh :-)
14:28<@mikegrb>the reboot was a kernel panic
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16:44<wirehead>So I rebooted my linode, but now it slowed down again.
16:45<rko>cat /proc/io_status
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16:46<rko>cat /proc/io_status
16:46<wirehead>OK io_count=1507536 io_rate=111 io_tokens=-53 token_refill=100 token_max=1000
16:47<rko>you're running out of io_tokens
16:47<wirehead>I'm wondering what's using up the io_tokens.
16:47<wirehead>Is there any way to debug that?
16:47<@mikegrb>probably swap
16:47<rko>yes, many ways
16:48<@mikegrb>paste the output of "vmstat 1 4"
16:49<rko>his token_refill and token_max are awefully low, too
16:49<@mikegrb>that's normal for someone that's been thrashing
16:49<@mikegrb>average io_rate is around 10
16:49<wirehead>procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- ----cpu----
16:49<rko>I see
16:49<@mikegrb>so refill of 100 is 10 times average
16:50<rko>wirehead, cutnpaste it all
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16:51<rko>wirehead, cutnpaste it all
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16:51<wirehead_>procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- ----cpu----
16:51<wirehead_> r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa
16:51<wirehead_> 2 5 74536 2564 1968 10724 28 21 77 52 196 597 4 3 94 0
16:51<wirehead_> 1 8 74536 2084 1992 10780 96 0 150 59 215 281 39 61 0 0
16:51<wirehead_> 3 3 74536 1976 2020 10800 92 0 112 48 223 238 33 67 0 0
16:51<wirehead_>13 7 74536 1560 2064 10868 160 0 237 2 236 282 36 64 0 0
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16:51<@mikegrb>swap is your problem
16:51<@mikegrb>the numbers under si and so should be almost always 0
16:52<@mikegrb>so you will need to reduce your memory consumption
16:52<@mikegrb>top will be useful, it has an option to sort by ram
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18:13<symeon>host15 down? my linode isnt reponding and I get time outs trying to ssh into the remote console
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18:47<@caker>symeon: looks fine here
18:51<symeon>hmm. mught be a broken linke between here and there. i'll see how close traceroute gets me
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19:03<symeon>pings to hosts 9 to 26 arent getting getting back to me
19:03<Redgore>works fine here
19:03<Redgore>can access my node on host17 and ping host15
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19:08<symeon>ta, nice to know its up.
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22:52<rafa6>hi all
22:53<rafa6>anybody ever installed mysql on centos4 linode?
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23:32<jje>Hi - Mike or Chris are you there?
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