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00:14<jje>Chris or Mike - are you there?
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05:26<gaetano>hello, someone have a "billing" contact of linode? i deleted my account on the 1th jan, at the 3th they still get money from my cc. dunno if that is correct, i still sent 5/6 email, nobody replied at me.
05:26<gaetano>and well, cannot post on forum, 'coze - as i said - i deleted my acct
05:30<internat>ur forum account is different to ur account
05:30<Redgore>gaetano: you may find that they requested the money from your cc on the 1st before you cancelled
05:31<Redgore>thats if you cancelled your main account
05:31<Redgore> is what the billing emails say
05:31<gaetano>well, my online bank told me the request was made on the 2nd jan...
05:33<gaetano>anyway, now is possible to get back my money? i'm not using my UML since i deleted my acct
05:34<Redgore>you cancelled via a support ticket ?
05:34<gaetano>first i made a support ticket yes, after i delete myself my acct. since i delete it, the server was down... automatically
05:36<Redgore>you cant just delete your account
05:36<Redgore>you send the support ticket and they close it
05:36<gaetano>ah no? well, the guy at support ticket told me to delete myself my acct eh
05:36<gaetano>thats why i made it that way
05:36<Redgore>sorry, I didnt check all the tabs
05:37<Redgore>your best off waiting for ewither caker or mikegrb to come alive, or email
05:37<Redgore>billing@ ^
05:37<gaetano>ah ok thx redgore
05:37<gaetano>i'll cc caker too
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05:56<internat>u can just close ur account
05:56<internat>if u chose to cancel ur account, which u can do via the members section.. it is disabled and shutdown immediately
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07:35<rafa6>hello..caker or mike?
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07:44<rafa6>anybody home?
08:30<JasonF>please leave a message after the beep
08:30<JasonF>rafa6: if there's an urgent issue, file a ticket and it'll page them. if it's not urgent, just give them time. It's 9:30am in their timezone
08:32<JasonF>is it a server thing or something that i might can help with
08:32<rafa6>u know anything about installing mysql on a linoe?
08:33<JasonF>Well, it's no different than installing it on any other server
08:33<rafa6>ok..firt of no pro
08:33<rafa6>the point is..
08:34<rafa6>im installing a package (asteriskathome) that installs mysql on the way
08:34<rafa6>and it wont install
08:34<JasonF>what distro?
08:34<rafa6>i want to do it by hand if possible
08:34<JasonF>what distibution do you have though
08:34<JasonF>it does matter
08:34<rafa6>centos 4.0 upgraded to 4.2
08:34<JasonF>why not just yum install mysql
08:35<JasonF>then install asteriskathome however you're going to do that (I'm assuming they provide an RPM or you're source compiling)
08:35<rafa6>the thing is..i think the whole astrisk package is in fact installed now..only that mysql wont work..
08:35<rafa6>so can u please walk me through getting and installing mysql?
08:36<rafa6>which version should i dounload?
08:36<JasonF>I'm not 100% familiar with centos
08:36<JasonF>so I'd reccomend going #centos
08:36<JasonF>and asking them
08:36<JasonF>because it's not really linode specific, and usually this channel stays dead on sundays if everything goes smoothly :)
08:42<rafa6>i dont have a irc afraid of viruses..
08:42<rafa6>ill se what to do..
08:42<rafa6>but u know..i think its more a linode thing than a centos thing
08:43<JasonF>the only linode issue that would even remotely effect is this
08:43<JasonF>if you're using a 2.6 kernel, run this command inside your linode
08:43<JasonF>mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
08:44<heidi>JasonF: actually, it is 8:30 in our time zone
08:45<JasonF>I thought you guys were EST, like me
08:45<heidi>both caker and mikegrb are in central time
08:45<heidi>both on the line though, so it is close
08:45<rafa6>i AM using 2.6 kernel..ooops
08:45<rafa6>its preffered for the AAH
08:47<rafa6>i DO have kernel 2.6
08:47<rafa6>now what?
08:47<JasonF>09:43 < JasonF> if you're using a 2.6 kernel, run this command inside your linode
08:47<JasonF>09:43 < JasonF> mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
08:47<JasonF>09:43 < JasonF> if you're using a 2.6 kernel, run this command inside your linode
08:47<JasonF>09:43 < JasonF> mv /lib/tls /lib/tls-disabled
08:47<rafa6>ah..ok sorry
08:48<rafa6>anything else?
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09:21<@mikegrb>mmm cake
09:21<rafa>cake ?
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10:11<linbot>New news from forums: Trying SQLite and lighttpd in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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11:47<tronix>rafa: I don't know much about mysql.
11:47<tronix>btw, Linode Inc. doesn't do distribution or application support
11:48<tronix>so if your question is related to either, may want to ask it on a mysql mailing list
11:48<tronix>or try asking here
11:48<tronix>they also don't work 24x7 :) they're around most of the day Monday through Friday, and less so on weekends.
11:49<tronix>if you have a need or problem relating to Linode but not Linux or mysql setup, you can open a support ticket
11:49<tronix>through your linode website login.
11:50<rafa>thanks tronix..
11:50<rafa>im kind of in a circle..
11:50<tronix>how so?
11:50<rafa>since i sense that its a linode problem but in a sense it isnt
11:51<tronix>if you want to describe it, maybe I can help you figure out which it is?
11:51<rafa>in any of the things to try is to deploy another OS ditribution..
11:51<rafa>but i dont quite know how to do it
11:51<tronix>basically, if your Linode boots ok, it's a distro or app problem. :)
11:51<rafa>heres the thing
11:52<rafa>i love the linode, btw..
11:52<rafa>what i want to install is asterisk at home
11:52<rafa>mike already told me that its not a good idea..
11:52<rafa>and i agreed to try asterisk instead
11:52<tronix>I know there's at least one or two other asterisk users
11:52<tronix>who has run it on Linode
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11:53<tronix>I run asterisk, but on my home PC, not Linode.
11:53<rafa>i hate it when i get kicked out
11:53<rafa>anyway..asterisk seems to be just fine
11:53<rafa>its installed and all.
11:53<rafa>what didnt install and WONT install is mysql
11:53<rafa>or not properly anyway
11:53<tronix>what OS do you get? and what errors?
11:53<tronix>err what distro do you run?
11:54<rafa>so..i either try to fix the mysql..or try another way of installing
11:54<rafa>i used centos4.0..but centos 4.2 is preferred
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11:55<tronix>okay.. do you have a mysql installation problem or do you have a mysql cnofiguration problem?
11:55<tronix>or a mysql startup problem?
11:55<tronix>which of three is best description?
11:55<rafa>one of the above..
11:55<rafa>let me see if i have a copy of the install log
11:55<rafa>hold on
11:55<rafa>also..someone told me that mysql wont go well on kernel 2.6
11:56<rafa>which i NEED for aah
11:57<tronix>hmm interesting.
11:57<tronix>i've run it ok on Gentoo and Debian on 2.6
11:57<rafa>gosh i dont have the log..cause i erased averything to start over
11:57<rafa>but basically the mysql wont start
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11:57<rafa> like to try something
11:57<tronix>what command did you use to install it? yum?
11:57<tronix>(I'm not familiar with CentOS)
11:58<rafa>id like to try and boot an image which contains the whole works..the proper OS and asterisk
11:58<rafa>have u ever done it on linode?
11:58<tronix>no but various people have installed their own distribution
11:58<tronix>there's a website that describes general procedure
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11:58<tronix>which I think someone gave here when you asked earlier
11:58<tronix>it does work.
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11:59<rafa>can u repeat ur previous messages?
11:59<tronix>I haven't deployed a new distribution onto my Linode, no.
11:59<tronix>But there's a web page that lists the general procedure.
11:59<tronix>It does work because others has tried it successfully
11:59<tronix>in the past for other distributions.
11:59<rafa>i want to explre that before getting deep into the mysql issue
12:00<rafa>i KNOW im doing someting stupid..
12:00<rafa>just dont know what ..
12:00<tronix>it might be something simple. is there a logfile somewhere
12:00<tronix>on centos for startup scripts?
12:00<tronix>for mysql error messages?
12:00<tronix>grep -i mysql /var/log/*
12:00<rafa>tell u what..
12:00<rafa>im gonna start ir again
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12:05<rafa>i still think i should try to load the new distro
12:05<rafa>im pretty sure that would worked on my vmware
12:08<rafa>will take a while
12:08<tronix>heh. yes, that it will.
12:12<rafa>thats still normal
12:12<rafa>just giving u a status
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12:14<tronix>ok. what program do you use to install it? yum?
12:15<rafa>a script provided with the tar ball that i downloaded
12:15<rafa>but i think it uses yum
12:26<rafa>kinda stuck there for now
12:42<rafa>i aborted..
12:42<rafa>im just going to try and load the distro
12:52<warewolf>oh man
12:53<warewolf>the boondocks is such a funny
12:53<rafa>hey warewolf
12:53<rafa>u ever load a custom distro on ur linode?
12:55<rafa>i guess not
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14:51[~]warewolf hrms
14:51<warewolf>I think Amanda Tapping is preggo
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14:53<warewolf>wearing a loosely fitting shirt, and shen she folded her arms the bulge at her tummy didn't move :)
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15:37<linbot>New news from forums: Help, I can't access in Sales Questions and Answers <>
15:40<vinhant>is down?
15:41<warewolf>taupehat: hah, beat you
15:41<warewolf>I will do no such thing.
15:41<vinhant>ah here we go
15:42<vinhant>it's slower than usual
15:42<warewolf>maybe in your corner of the world
15:42<warewolf>it's speedy fast for me
15:42<warewolf>vinhant: where are you, or what ISP are you using?
15:42<vinhant>i'm in NYC
15:42<vinhant>ISP? dunno i'm in the office
15:42[~]taupehat replied
15:43<warewolf>check the internet traffic report
15:43<warewolf>it's a slick site
15:43<warewolf>"the internet is down"
15:44<taupehat>just about
15:44<warewolf>"No it isn't, there's a problem on the internet, go check the traffic report"
15:44<vinhant>what do I look at?
15:45<vinhant>the only "red" number I see is Wisconsin
15:45<warewolf>try doing this
15:45<warewolf>try tracerouting to
15:45<warewolf>see where it stops
15:46<vinhant>what's the command?
15:53<taupehat>what OS?
15:53<taupehat>linux: traceroute
15:53<taupehat>(if it's installed)
15:54<vinhant>$ tracert
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16:29<rafa>hey taupehat
16:29<rafa>say..have you ever loaded a custom image on your linode?
16:29<taupehat>I started with debian small and went from there =]
16:31<rafa>any clues?
16:31<rafa>i mean..
16:32<rafa>i have the image on a partition on linode..
16:32<rafa>but i dont know how to make it boot
16:32<rafa>mike or caker was telling me before..but i got lost..and i havent seen them around
16:33<rafa>and i know its a simplicity..
16:36<rafa>any ideas?
17:04<rafa>hel looooooo
17:05<taupehat>chirp... chirp... chirp...
17:05<rafa>yep..everyone sleeping
17:05<rafa> trying with no luck to boot the other image
17:06<taupehat>post in forums?
17:06<rafa>actually..i read a post precisely of fact..caker pointed me to
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17:07<rafa>i followed instructions with no luck
17:11<rafa>u there toupe?
17:12<@caker>rafa: what's the trouble?
17:14<rafa>hey caker!!
17:14<rafa> still trying to boot a new image
17:14<rafa>no luck
17:14<guinea-pig>rafa: you might need to a bit more descriptive with the problem... "won't boot" means a lot of things
17:14<rafa>ill tell you what i did
17:14<rafa>1-I created an empty disk image
17:15<rafa>2 i mounted it in a new profile
17:15<rafa>3 -downloaded my desired image
17:15<rafa>4-mounted the iso
17:15<rafa>5 -moved the contents to the same partition
17:16<@caker>rafa: what ISO was this? an install disc?
17:16<rafa>6-created a new profile where the partition with the contents of the iso was to boot
17:16<@caker>rafa: because that won't work -- you need to actually install the distro, and then copy the install up onto your Linode
17:17<rafa>7-ran your script from
17:17<rafa>ok...u do i do that?
17:17<rafa>u mean install the distro on my pc here, for instance?
17:17<@caker>rafa: boot your computer with the install CD, install onto your hard drive (or a partition if you can swing that)
17:17<taupehat>rafa: yes
17:17<@caker>rafa: yup
17:18<@caker>rafa: what distro are you after?
17:18<rafa>(it will take forever since i have 512/128 here..hence only 128 for upload..
17:18<rafa>but willing to try..
17:18<@caker>rafa: what distro are you after?
17:18<taupehat>caker: does UML have nice image-creation tools? I'm noticing that SuSE has a really nice UML container creation tool
17:18<rafa>how do i copy to the linode?
17:18<taupehat>I guess I could mkisofs...
17:18<@caker>taupehat: not UML specifically, but there are a few tools .. none I've ever had any luck with
17:19<@caker>rafa: what is the ISO you're trying to install from?
17:19<rafa>ok it goes...(its a bundle that installs centos 4.2 WITH asterisk at home)
17:19<rafa>and AMP and all that
17:19<taupehat>voip hub?
17:19<tierra>if it's the same he's been working on the last 2-3 days, it's Asterisk@Home
17:19<@caker>rafa: I take no responsibility if you wipe your home machine, btw :)
17:19<guinea-pig>caker: hah
17:20<rafa>dont worry..i already have it installe din my machine under vmware
17:20<taupehat>rafa: be very careful to patch and secure your asterisk setup before it goes on the linode
17:20<@caker>rafa: perfectoi
17:20<taupehat>I've seen a few compromised asterisk servers out there doing damage
17:20<guinea-pig>taupehat: do they randomly call people at 2am?
17:20<@caker>what's wrong with just deploying CentOS and then installing their RPMs?
17:20<rafa>thanks for the advice toupe
17:20<rafa>ok..yes..ill explain
17:20<taupehat>guinea-pig: heh, no, they ssh brute-force me (or try to)
17:20<@caker>I'm all ears
17:21<guinea-pig>taupehat: fail2ban
17:21<rafa>i loaded tar to my centos with kernel 2.6..
17:21<rafa>and it installed perfectly about 90%
17:21<taupehat>guinea-pig: indeed. How do you think I notice these things?
17:21<guinea-pig>taupehat: logcheck?
17:21<rafa>the 10% missing is mysql
17:21[~]taupehat setup fail2ban to email him
17:21<rafa>mysql WILL NOT install or run
17:21<taupehat>even edited the text of the email
17:22<taupehat>rafa: you trying to say you can't install mysql on centos?!
17:22<rafa>well..not exactly..mysql didnt install on centos..but i admit i wasnt really te one installing it..rather the install scripts provided on the aah tarball
17:23<rafa>in ither actually pretty sure a@h got installed and all...but without the mysql i am not able to do much
17:24<guinea-pig>so you're going to all this craziness because mysql wouldn't install.
17:24<taupehat>yum install mysql
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17:24<rafa>you'r eright guinea pig..
17:24<rafa>i believe the scripts were doing just that
17:24<taupehat>holy cow
17:24<taupehat>rafa: really
17:24<guinea-pig>rafa: why not try to fix the problem (which might be a genuine bug) instead of working around it like crazy
17:25<taupehat>install mysql on centos
17:25<taupehat>it _will_ work
17:25<guinea-pig>with that... i've gotta go... saturday night film club!
17:25<guinea-pig>good luck!
17:26<rafa>guinea have a very good point..the reason is that since im an ignorant...if i go that route..itl take me a month before im done
17:26<rafa>caker..u gone?
17:27<guinea-pig>rafa: and how long will this route take you? you seem to be running into walls every direction
17:27<rafa>ur right...but you know..
17:27<guinea-pig>you need focus and perspective
17:27<guinea-pig>no, i don't know
17:27<guinea-pig>now, young man, go to your computer, and code!
17:27<rafa>the same thing happende when i tried it on vmware..and it worked when i tried the whole iso thats why i thought of that
17:28<guinea-pig>and none of that sneaksy 'final fantastic' until you're done!
17:28<rafa> R right..but then again..i have a feeling runing a custom distro isnt all that difficult..
17:28<guinea-pig>rafa: are you installing a mysql binary package with whatever centos' packaging system is, or compiling from the tarball? and if it's the latter, why?
17:29<rafa>in fact..all i want to do is try it..if it crashes then ill get mysql
17:29<guinea-pig>i must leave now. so i leave you to think
17:29<taupehat>good luck
17:29<taupehat>I'm afk as well
17:30<rafa>well..Asterisk at home is meant to be the simplest way to takes care of all the updates and packages..
17:30<guinea-pig>rafa: you have to have a ready-to-go bootable image to put on your linode. if you put an installer's ISO up, you'll boot into the installer. not into what you want.
17:30<rafa>again..since im not too familiar with linux..i like dthat approach
17:30<guinea-pig>rafa: but you're not doing it at home
17:31<rafa>right..good point guinea
17:31<rafa>what happend to caker???
17:31<guinea-pig>people have lives
17:31<rafa>u mean i need to get one?
17:32<rafa>guineau still there?
17:33<rafa>and aaall alone again
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19:15<linbot>gpd: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.16-rc1-git4; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.16-rc1-mm2.
19:15<gpd>!weather 90095
19:15<linbot>gpd: Error: Could not find weather information.
19:16<gpd>!weather 90024
19:16<linbot>gpd: Error: Could not find weather information.
19:16<gpd>linbot: wtf?
19:16<linbot>gpd: Error: "wtf?" is not a valid command.
19:16<@caker>!cnn 90095
19:16<linbot>caker: The current temperature in Hollywood, CA is 64\xB0F. Conditions: Clear. Humidity: 35%. Wind: CLM at 0 mph (0 km/h).
19:17<linbot>gpd: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.1. The newest version available online is 0.83.1.
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21:35<linbot>tronix: *click*
21:35[~]tronix plays some more with asterisk. looks slick but dang, getting my TDD to work with it is tuff
21:35<tronix>45.5bps baudot, pulse dialling, etc
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22:48<Dreamer3>podcasting is quickly going to get the better of me
22:50<encode>tronix: TDD?
22:54<tronix>aye. telecommunications device for the deaf
22:54<tronix>small keyboard + 1 line LED + acoustic coupler (and two rj-11 jacks)
22:54<tronix>+ printer on this model
22:55<tronix>unfortunately, the protocol is *ancient*
22:55<tronix>dating back to the days of 300-400 lb units bigger than a stove
22:55<JasonF>tronix: you deaf?
22:56<tronix>yup :)
22:56<tronix>this is just really funny. :) a deaf guy setting up a voip system ;)
22:56<tronix>hahahaha :)
22:56<tronix>so far i've got the SIP phones talking... still debugging some auth-related interaction with the cisco ata-186 adapter
22:57<tronix>will hook up cisco 7960g ip phone next week when I get the power adapter for it :P
22:57<tronix>but boy, that TDD is a real toughie.
22:58<JasonF>tronix: ;)
22:58<tronix>nah, gotta set volume to 11. ;)
22:58<JasonF>okay :)
22:58[~]JasonF is hard of hearing as well
22:58<JasonF>I'm not deaf, but I'm king of the WHAT?
22:58<tronix>hahaha :)
22:58<JasonF>and telling people to look at me when they talk
22:58<JasonF>expecially the kids at the middle school i work at
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22:59<JasonF>they have a tendency to mumble under their breath when talking to you
22:59<tronix>ahh that's interesting
22:59<tronix>wouldn't have occured to me :)
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