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00:20<tronix>dang... got that ata186 auth issue licked. missed context=internal in sip.conf :P
00:21[~]tronix trudges back to super-fun tdd debugging
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00:51<linbot>New news from forums: nbd storage service to use GFS in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
01:01[~]tronix foos with the best of 'em
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03:07<fo0bar>Linode doesn't have a wikipedia entry
03:07<fo0bar>this must be fixed
03:19<guinea-pig>good bye, my friends
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03:21[~]tronix waves to guinea-3.141592862
03:27<fo0bar> <-- even mentioned linode :)
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06:45<warewolf>fo0bar: your Finnix article is now under review for NPOV -- it seems slanted toward Finnix.
06:45<warewolf>fo0bar: (j/k)
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11:46<dns>I have a problem with my credit card informations
11:46<dns>can you help me
11:47<dns>any one there
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13:19<tronix>dns: they're not around much on the weekend. if you're an existing linode customer, you can open a support ticket
13:20<tronix>or if this invovles sign-up... can wait til later today or tomorrow (for sure) when they'll be around
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13:23<dns>I have installed Slackware 10.0 but I can't login in ssh there is a msg that writes " There is no screen to be resumed matching dbraun.
13:23<dns>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
13:23<dns>Do you know what is the reason ?
13:40<JasonF>your linode isn't booteed
13:40<JasonF>for some reason or another
13:40<JasonF>or you have another lish session open
13:41<dns>heee heee
13:41<dns>\xE7ok oldu .
13:42[~]tronix wonders how that relates to credit card information. :)
13:42<tronix>if you have a stuck screen session... in lish, use the 'kill' command
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15:40<dns>how can I install proftpd ?
15:41<MrJohnK>what dist?
15:42<[|^__^|]>oh dear
15:42<[|^__^|]>please please please do not use ftp
15:42<[|^__^|]>please use scp or sftp instead, as that's encrypted
15:42<[|^__^|]>old-style FTP is probably the most common vectors for getting cracked into
15:43<[|^__^|]>and if you need to ask how to install it, you're probably not ready for all the chroot games necessary to keep from opening yourself up to the whole internet
15:44<dns>How can I connect with out using ftp server ?
15:44<[|^__^|]>use ssh, please
15:44<MrJohnK>chroot=pulling your hair out
15:44<[|^__^|]>sftp and scp
15:46<MrJohnK>scp is easier since you probably already have that installed.
15:46<dns>I have no ftp server in my machine to connect
15:46<[|^__^|]>dns: use your ssh server instead: it's encrypted
15:46<[|^__^|]>much more secure
15:46<MrJohnK>SCP is an extension of the SSH
15:46<MrJohnK>("Secure Shell")
15:47<[|^__^|]>ftp has been deprecated for at least a decade now
15:48[~]FireSlash uses ftp... :B
15:49<dns>just tell me how to install ftp pleas
15:49<encode>but it has its advantages
15:49<FireSlash>dns: apt-get install pureftpd
15:49<encode>like lower cpu overhead
15:49<dns>Thanks FireSlash
15:49<FireSlash>Should work out of the box, minus firewall config :)
15:51<MrJohnK>I take it most ppl use debian?
15:51<MrJohnK>seems to be the defacto standard.
15:56<FireSlash>MrJohnK, I like it when I've only got console access. Don't have to deal with downloading RPMs and crap.
15:56<FireSlash>Everythings right there in apt :)
15:56<MrJohnK>imap webmin debian package (for courier-imap)?
15:57<MrJohnK>been hunting it for a while.
15:58<MrJohnK>somewhat of a drag that the package searching for is disabled.
15:58<FireSlash>Yeah :/
15:58<@mikegrb>apt-cache search <string>
15:59<@mikegrb>but webmin is bad for security
15:59<efudd>so it's pretty cool having a proportional airplane that can be flown around the living room :)
15:59<FireSlash>might want to apt-get update
15:59<FireSlash>before that :)
15:59<MrJohnK>yes, bad for security.
15:59<MrJohnK>use good firewall and ssh tunnel to access it.
15:59<efudd> <- that
15:59<@mikegrb>MrJohnK: not even that
16:00<@mikegrb>MrJohnK: it creates some pretty aweful config files
16:00<efudd>it's fragile as all get out; but once you learn to tune things a bit and fix/strengthen the airframe, it's decent
16:00<@mikegrb>MrJohnK: as well as remote execution exploits in webmin itself (that don't require authentication)
16:00<MrJohnK>not had too many problems with it so far. I don't use it a whole lot though.
16:01<@mikegrb>MrJohnK: I'm not saying the configs won't work, I'm saying the config files leave your Linode more vulnerable to exploit
16:01<@mikegrb>as well as just having the webmin daemon running
16:01<FireSlash>efudd, For indoor flying, I like the blimps. You can fly them at slow speeds to negate doorways and such :)
16:01<@mikegrb>efudd: nice
16:01<efudd>butterfly is pretty slo
16:02<efudd>i've busted it no less than 10 times tho
16:02<efudd>still can't get right turns solid in small spacesw.
16:02[~]mikegrb sticks to his rocket powereed car
16:02<efudd>left turns are great.
16:04[~]FireSlash made a car for a science project. The requirements stipulated you couldn't use power or anything, just a mousetrap. But it didn't specify any LIMIT to the mouse trap quantity.
16:04<FireSlash>So I turned in a car that chain activated four traps.
16:05<MrJohnK>"a mousetrap"
16:05<FireSlash>It wasn't worded that way.
16:05<FireSlash>I don't remember how it was written exactly
16:05<FireSlash>Bulleted list IIRC.
16:05<FireSlash>That listed out allowed building materials.
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20:06<[|^__^|]>caker: what's neat?
20:06<@mikegrb>your mom
20:07<[|^__^|]>mikegrb: no, she's a slovenly hag
20:07<@caker> <-- turns Beaujolais Nouveau wine into fine wine in seconds via electrolyzation
20:07[~]caker likes Beaujolais Nouveau
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20:33<taupehat>although I have to admit to being less than thrilled to see Starbucks up there
20:33<taupehat>at least it isn't mcdonalds
20:36<encode>ooh! an australian link
20:36[~]encode wonders why caker was reading an australian paper
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20:52<tronix>barbie recipes? :)
20:53[~]taupehat is scolding his senator for sticking his nose into broadcast flag legislation... seriously, why the hell would a senator from oregon want to push something like that (without taking into account campaign contributions)
20:54[~]tronix would classify congressional hearings as being pornographic and hence, blocked via that silly broadcast flag.
20:54<tronix>(actually, know it's for different uses)
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21:30<sprouse>any updates on xen public beta, I've searched the irc logs but nothing
21:33<encode>sprouse: they're still working on stuff like io limiting
21:39<@mikegrb>all the code is done
21:39<internat>awsome !
21:39<internat>so what happened with io limiting?
21:39<@mikegrb>has been for a while
21:46<tronix>heh... that's a first. I got the ol' paypal account-has-been-suspended spam, but in Spanish (literally mentioned -- Spain)
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21:46[~]tronix filed it away as an amusing reference
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23:07<[|^__^|]><emad> noo... no doctors! Please! *hack* *cough* doctors...
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23:40<taupehat>eh, done
23:40<taupehat>big fun there
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