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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-01-25

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00:00<taupehat>I love the fact that my ISP lets me setup rdns based upon the name of the dhcp client
00:00<npmr>actually, i'm surprised my last comment got through at all
00:01<npmr>i'm connected to dallas via a machine in l.a. right now and it's choppy
00:01<taupehat>since sometimes this town is more in-your-face progressive than I'm comfortable with, my current dns starts with
00:01<npmr>direct connections are completely out
00:01<taupehat>the .pc is their creation
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00:09<taupehat><3 gkrellmd
00:12<cow>i noticed you guys were talking about mail servers sending back responses to non-existent accounts...
00:12<cow>isnt that a feature in exchange? :P
00:12<taupehat>yes indeed
00:12<npmr>exchange does that, yes
00:12<cow>iset up an smtp gateway in front of the exchange server to stop those messages... as well as spam
00:12<taupehat>a feature with teeth that is
00:13<npmr>i wouldn't call it a feature
00:13<taupehat>that's the Microsoft way of saying "bug"
00:13<npmr>yeah, and "venti" is starbucks's way of saying "large"
00:13<npmr>so what?
00:14<taupehat>and grande means small
00:14<cow>grande is starbucks way of saying medium
00:14<npmr>"medium" actually
00:14<cow>but grande in french means large
00:14<npmr>grande in any real language means large
00:14<cow>except at starbucks...
00:15<taupehat>where "grande" means "what are you trying to give me for three bucks? a freakin shot glass?"
00:22<cow>sweet... my isp increased download speeds to 10mbit
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01:50<scanlime>I'm having a very strange connectivity problem. I can get to one of my linodes just fine, but I can't ping/ssh/http into the other at all. Other people can connect to it however, and I know the machine is working fine
01:50<scanlime>traceroute shows all hops except the linode itself
01:50<scanlime>so I'm wondering if the host might be blocking some networks
01:50<scanlime>it's host51, and I can't reach it from
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03:01<npmr>linbot, roulette
03:01<linbot>npmr: *click*
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05:01<internat>hey taupehat i havnt looked at ur scripts yet, but as a quick question is it hard to make scripts that run from /commands ?
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09:12<SuNsHiNeLaDy>wow, a lot of channels on this server
09:12<SuNsHiNeLaDy>is anyone awake n here?
09:13<SuNsHiNeLaDy>Hmm... interesting, 61 people and nobody chatting
09:14<Redgore>people like idling on IRC
09:14<SuNsHiNeLaDy>i can c that
09:14<SuNsHiNeLaDy>i just found this server, checking around for busy chats
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09:17[~]SuNsHiNeLaDy rolls out the Welcome Banner for \xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8 tibbetts \xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8\xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8 tibbetts \xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8\xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7. tibbetts \xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8\xB8.\xB7||`\xB7.\xB8 tibbetts \xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8\xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8 tibbetts \xB8.\xB7\xB4||`\xB7.\xB8\xB8.\xB7\xB4
09:17<Redgore>SuNsHiNeLaDy: stuff like that isnt a good idea
09:17<SuNsHiNeLaDy>welcoming people isn't a good idea?
09:18<Redgore>not with crap like that
09:18<Redgore>and def. not scripted
09:18<SuNsHiNeLaDy>ok ? is this a christian server?
09:19<SuNsHiNeLaDy>i thought not, with a remark like that, have a nice day Redgore
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09:26<cout>just for the record, not all christian geeks are that lame
09:31<npmr>what's a "christian server"?
09:32<npmr>does it pray for good routing or something?
09:57<tibbetts>That was a little bit special.
10:10<anderiv>tibbetts: did you feel welcome?
10:11<tibbetts>I felt like I must be in the wrong place.
10:11<anderiv>tibbetts: hehe
10:11<tibbetts>I know better than to trust system administration help that comes with anything other than a sneer.
10:12<anderiv>"Do not meddle in the affairs of sysadmins, for they are subtle and quick to anger."
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11:20<anderiv>ha - nice!
11:21<taupehat>hopefully it will remind other motorists to slow down
11:21<taupehat>or at least enjoy themselves
11:21<anderiv>right on
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11:41<anderiv>does anyone know if there's an RSS feed for the linode forum available?
11:41<@mikegrb>look in the announcement forum
11:41<@mikegrb>there is a topic with a link
11:42<anderiv>mikegrb: bigtime. Thanks.
11:42<@mikegrb>lets you pick lots of options and gives you a custom feed
11:45<anderiv>mikegrb: that's great. Didn't know about Planet Linode either. Thanks!
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11:59<Battousai>hi mikegrb
12:01<@mikegrb>hi Battousai
12:01<Battousai>i like chocolate
12:03<@mikegrb>me too
12:14<alex323>Would anyone happen to know where I can go about adding my blog to Planet Linode?
12:14<Redgore>read what the planet paghe says
12:15<Redgore>you have to send a support ticket
12:16<alex323>Bah, I am blind. Thanks
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12:42<npmr> <-- headline == emad
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13:59<tierra>14:18 < OxFFFFFF> raf256, i remember you!!!!!!
13:59<tierra>been tired all morning
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17:40<synic>how would I go about downgrading my linode? I just upgraded to see if the upgraded could handle an app I wanted to run, and I found out that it still couldn't.
17:41<npmr>support ticket
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18:13<CalWest>I do have a problem here. I have a client that lost all the linode related information (uername and password). The problem is that his linode is down and his primary contact email points to a domain hosted there. Therefore he cannot receive a reminder/reset password.
18:13<CalWest>Does anyone know a way out of this ?
18:26<npmr>you know the ip address?
18:26<CalWest>yes I do
18:26<npmr>caker or mikegrb can help
18:27<npmr>you will probably have to prove that you're authorized somehow
18:27<npmr>like with billing information or something
18:27<CalWest>I do have all that, if needed.
18:27<@mikegrb>CalWest: if you give me the IP I can issue a boot
18:28<CalWest>Thank you very much. I'll get that now. Just a sec...
18:30<CalWest>mikegrb, can I send the IP here, or you prefer in private ?
18:30<@mikegrb>either is find, I've got it
18:30<@mikegrb>it appears to be up
18:30<@mikegrb>lemme check real quick
18:30<Dreamer3>what's everyone use for webmail?
18:30<CalWest>yes, it is,,, but amazingly slow.
18:31<@mikegrb>CalWest: ahh, yes, it is 102MB into swap and being throttled by the token limiter
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18:31<Dreamer3>fun fun
18:32<@mikegrb>rebooting won't fix that
18:32<jumper>hello. is it ok to host in linode adult content? :)
18:32<CalWest>anyway to get out of this deadlock ?
18:32<@mikegrb>jumper: so long as it is legal, sure
18:32<@mikegrb>CalWest: tune stuff ram wise, the stuff running is trying to use too much ram
18:32<jumper>mikegrb thanks, cool
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18:33<CalWest>We are just running light services, apache, with some very light perl stuff, a perl based webmail, and exim for email. That's all. Not even anti-virus or anti-spam.
18:33<Dreamer3>CalWest: top
18:34<Dreamer3>CalWest: something is using your memory
18:34<@mikegrb>CalWest: double check the limits on apache children
18:34<Dreamer3>perl over and over could get heavey (i don't know your plan)
18:34<@mikegrb>CalWest: also mysql cache limits
18:34<CalWest>I guess so... the problem is... I cannot login to the server... it is too slow....
18:34<Dreamer3>mikegrb: good call :-)
18:35<CalWest>the client has lost all login information to the linode. we need to login to the control panel and bring the linode down.
18:35<@mikegrb>CalWest: and add skip-innodb to the mysqld section of the my.cnf config file unless you are using innodb tables, that will cut mysql ram usage to about 10% of what it was
18:35<@mikegrb>CalWest: you mean they can't login to the linode itself?
18:35<CalWest>what mysql ?!?!?! we are not using it. I can guarantee !!!! are you looking at the right linode ? can we talk in private ?
18:36<@mikegrb>CalWest: rebooting the linode won't make it any faster, it will have the same proglem after the reboot
18:36<@mikegrb>we can't see inside the linode
18:36<@mikegrb>I'm making suggestions that help most people in this situation
18:36<CalWest>yes. I need to address what happened. you mentioned mysql, and I am starting to think it might have been compromised.
18:36<@mikegrb>I don't know that mysql is running
18:36<@mikegrb>I can't see inside the linode
18:36<@mikegrb>it was just a guess
18:36<CalWest>OK... I see...
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18:46<Dreamer3>anyone tried roundcube before?
18:48<funkycow>i was looking for an ajax-based webmail client, but i never saw this one before
18:48<npmr>i looked at it a little
18:48<npmr>never tried it
18:48<Dreamer3>i'm trying to set it up for sqlite
18:49<Dreamer3>no luck yet
18:49<funkycow>wow... it looks gorgeous
18:49<Dreamer3>getting unknown db error
18:50<funkycow>never used sqlite
18:50<funkycow>might as well use mysql
18:50<funkycow>and disable innodb
18:50<Dreamer3>trying to get away from mysql dependence :-)
18:50<funkycow>why's that?
18:50<Dreamer3>because no mysql is less than mysql :-)
18:51<funkycow>but you're using sqlite, which im assuming is just a means to access a flatfile
18:51<funkycow>im just wondering why you dont like mysql
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18:51<Dreamer3>sqlite is hardly a "flatfile" :-)
18:51<Dreamer3>because mysql uses a lot of memory and is huge :-)
18:54<Dreamer3>i'm thinking may just be something with the software
18:54<Dreamer3>it's found the db, drivers installed, etc...
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19:12<funkycow>this proggie is nice
19:12<funkycow>took 2 minutes to setup with mysql :-P
19:15<Dreamer3>requires php5 for sqlite
19:16<funkycow>its really nice though
19:16<Dreamer3>oh yeah? working well?
19:17<@mikegrb>can you delete messages and search yet? those were the two main things that were lacking when I last tried it
19:17<Dreamer3>delete messages should be pretty basic
19:18<@mikegrb>version I installed couldn't delete messages
19:18<@mikegrb>the first version didn't have the feature at all, upgraded it a few months later and it had the ui but it wasn't functional
19:19<Dreamer3>well, it still is 0.1 unfortunatley
19:20<funkycow>it says "move to trash bin"
19:20<funkycow>i'll double check the deleting functionality for ya
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19:21<funkycow>hrmm, it seems that any emails sent out have 2 newlines at the beginning...
19:22<funkycow>... that only show up in outlook web access (Exchange server)
19:22<Dreamer3>man still get the sqlite errors
19:24<funkycow>hrmm, by default it seems to send email in UTF-8 charset
19:25<funkycow>mikegrb: you can move to trash, then go to the trash folder then move to trash again... which seems to delete the message
19:26<Dreamer3>i wish i knew how to check out from CVS
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19:30<Dreamer3>*fetches the latest and greatest*
19:43<Dreamer3>sqlite support sucks
19:43<Dreamer3>one problem after another
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19:47<scanlime>mikegrb: ping? I'm still having a really odd routing problem
19:48<scanlime>I'm at, my linode is I can reach my linode from other IPs, but not this one
19:48<scanlime>traceroute shows that I'm getting into ThePlanet's data center, I'm just missing that final hop where it reaches my machine
19:48<scanlime>I'm just wondering if host51 maybe has some subnets banned
19:49<scanlime>ok, thanks. Maybe I'll check over my iptables again
19:49<@mikegrb>do you have any iptables rules in place that could be blocking you?
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20:14<Dreamer3>roundcube is nice
20:29<Dreamer3>make me wish i didn't have folders with 10,000 messages
20:29<Dreamer3>hard to tell how fast it really is across the internet
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20:55<Dreamer3>when might i get a new box setup?
20:56<Dreamer3>About to sign up (again) and wondering if someone is around and i might get things in a few minutes :-)
20:56<Dreamer3>just curious :-)
20:59<scanlime>linode definitely has a faster setup process than ThePlanet...
20:59<Dreamer3>linodes are not physical boxes :-)
21:01<scanlime>alas, that is why I need a physical box
21:01<scanlime>as much as I like linode, it just can't keep up performance-wise
21:02<Dreamer3>mikegrb: pushing it thru right now
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21:02<Dreamer3>mikegrb: do you seutp new accounts?
21:02<Dreamer3>any chance you could get to mine soon? :-)
21:02<Dreamer3>*pretty please* :-)
21:03<@mikegrb>give me a minute
21:03<Dreamer3>thanks :-)
21:03<@mikegrb>think a host just went down
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21:15<xinu>no ping from host40
21:18<@mikegrb>xinu: yes, linodes are already comming back up
21:18[~]xinu didn't doubt it ;-)
21:19<Dreamer3>mikegrb: who exactly do you call? suspicious people? :-)
21:19<Dreamer3>i though i might actually get called for my first account (while back) but didn't :-)
21:19<Dreamer3>get keeping your options open? :-)
21:19<@mikegrb>but some people get an email requersting additional information
21:19<Dreamer3>cool :-)
21:20<Dreamer3>can i boot a default image into 2.6 if i move the tls stuff soon afterwards?
21:20<Dreamer3>mikegrb: is your opinion that 2.6 is ready?
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21:21<@mikegrb>the tls issue is the only reason it is marked experimental
21:21<Dreamer3>ah :)
21:21<Dreamer3>that's good to know
21:21<Dreamer3>how to partition space
21:21<Dreamer3>hmmm :(
21:21<Dreamer3>how does one setup swap without knowing how you might grow? just leave some free space? :-)
21:22<fo0bar>Dreamer3: make wild guesses :)
21:22<linbot>New news from forums: Host 40 Panic in System and Network Status <>
21:22<Dreamer3>i'm going to set it to 80 first i guess and just leave some space
21:22<Dreamer3>say 256mb free
21:22<Dreamer3>i want one partition so i don't have to worry about taking the box down and resizing things later
21:23<fo0bar>also, you can make a loopback swap file on a filesystem if you run out and need some swap fast
21:23<Dreamer3>fo0bar: hmm, true
21:23<Dreamer3>just another level of abstraction
21:24<Dreamer3>installing Debian 3.1 :-)
21:25|-|trevp [] has joined #linode
21:27<Dreamer3>booting :-)
21:27<Dreamer3>debian so small :-)
21:27<Dreamer3>i had no boot option on the right, fyi
21:27<Dreamer3>even though i should have :-)
21:28<Dreamer3>maybe a bug
21:28<Dreamer3>it said "brand new" which was cool, but i'd already set stuff up :-)
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21:28[~]xinu wonders if host40 is going for the record with 4 kernel panics in 25 days :-/
21:28<Dreamer3>i'm on host2
21:29<Dreamer3>wonder what that means :-)
21:29<Dreamer3>not letting me log in
21:30<Dreamer3>i move /lib/tls to /lib/tls.disabled?
21:30<Dreamer3>is that the idea?
21:31<@mikegrb>mv it to anything else
21:31<@mikegrb>or rm it
21:32<Dreamer3>i'm in remotely :-)
21:32<Dreamer3>guess that was not letting ssh work :-)
21:34<trevp>Hi, I'm having trouble with my server on Is this a known issue?
21:34<Dreamer3>what's up with
21:34<Dreamer3>slower than my dial-up
21:35<npmr>trevp, depends...... what's the issue?
21:36<@mikegrb>trevp: I replied to your support ticket just after you opened it
21:36<@mikegrb>11 minutes ago
21:37<trevp>it appeared the server was disconnected for awhile... now it's at least pingable but not responding to web requests
21:37<@mikegrb>so you still haven't looked at the ticket?
21:38<trevp>thanks mike, I just saw that
21:39<@mikegrb>your linode is at: Starting Red Hat Network Daemon:
21:39<@mikegrb>looks like it just finished
21:39<Dreamer3>and that's why i don't use red hat :-)
21:40<trevp>ok, all services up and running, thanks for prompt response!
21:42<Dreamer3>anyone use lighttpd?
21:44<Dreamer3>mikegrb: are linodes bandwidth capped?
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21:45<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: yes
21:45<npmr>i think the internet's partially broken tongiht
21:45<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: at 100 mbit
21:45<npmr>i can't get to my bank's web site
21:45<Dreamer3>mikegrb: oh, but no lower? :-)
21:45<Dreamer3>that's also kinda what's cool about a linode :-)
21:45<@mikegrb>npmr: they collapsed
21:46<Dreamer3>i have a ded that's capped at 10mbit
21:46<npmr>mikegrb, doubt it
21:46<Dreamer3>and my linode can pull stuff down faster :-)
21:46<npmr>mikegrb, the got bought
21:46<npmr>mikegrb, by chase
21:46<@mikegrb>npmr: don't doubt me, bish
21:46<npmr>mikegrb, one of the biggest mergers of last year
21:47<Dreamer3>ok, now what debian packages am i gonna want to normal compiling?
21:47<npmr>Dreamer3, build-essentials
21:47<@mikegrb>npmr: I am infallible
21:47<@mikegrb>wtf use is this thesaurus
21:48<@mikegrb>it doesn't list antonyms
21:48<npmr>ha ha
21:48<npmr>the antonym is "fallible"
21:48<Dreamer3>mikegrb: i love lines
21:48<Dreamer3>*give mike a friendly hug*
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21:48<@mikegrb>npmr: I was looking for something more exotic ;)
21:49<npmr>less quotidian?
21:49<Dreamer3> seems to be SUCKING today though
21:49<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: that isn't a machine
21:49<@mikegrb>it is a round robin alias
21:49<Dreamer3>yeah :-)
21:49<Dreamer3>i know
21:49<Dreamer3>i keep getting the wrong box :-)
21:49<Dreamer3>i guess
21:49<npmr>apparently the whole pool sucks
21:50<@mikegrb>fallible adjective what good is a fallible security system? error-prone, errant, liable to err, open to error; imperfect, flawed, weak.
21:50<@mikegrb>nothing good
21:50[~]mikegrb wants a refund
21:51[~]xinu passes the buck
21:52<@mikegrb>hmm, has a print option, wonder if I can make it print the whole contents
21:55<Dreamer3>setting up a server is SO fast :-)
21:55<Dreamer3>i'll be serving files soon :-)
21:55<Dreamer3>*trying to remember what kind of a default files lighty comes with*
22:08<Dreamer3>running with 15mb now
22:08<Dreamer3>where did all the memory go on my 160mb box
22:15|-|womble [~mpalmer@] has quit [Quit: What's behind the round window...]
22:17[~]xinu prefers about 500
22:29<Dreamer3>11mb used... running lighty and hosting files
22:29<Dreamer3>gotta love it
22:30<Battousai>no you dont
22:30[~]Battousai stabs linux
22:31<Dreamer3>i think lighty config file is still off
22:32<internat>hey Dreamer3 u said the other day i think that u were setting up hosting for friends didnt u?
22:32<internat>well perspective clients etc that ask for hosting yeah?
22:33<Dreamer3>yes, we host clients :-)
22:33<internat>and i think u said u wanted/were going to set it up thru paypal so that if ppl paid they automaticly got accounts?
22:38|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
22:41<Dreamer3>no, that'd be someone else :-)
22:41<Dreamer3>but that stuff isn't hard if you know what you're doing
22:41<internat>ah ok
22:42<internat>so do u run a control panel or one u made urself or?
22:42<Dreamer3>i manage everything from the console
22:42<Dreamer3>our clients aren't the type that need control panels and such
22:42<internat>ah ok
22:43<internat>so do u give out shell accounts, or just hosting web/mail etc?
22:43<Dreamer3>no shell accounts
22:43<Dreamer3>no ftp
22:44<internat>ah ok
22:44<internat>i have ftp so that ppl can put there websites
22:44<internat>and i provide web and mail :)
22:44<internat>im just corious trying to find out what other ppl are doing along the same lines
22:44<internat>im kinda providng a minuature control panel
22:44<internat>so ppl can add email aliases etc as they want
22:44<Dreamer3>we handle all maintence for the sites we host, so no ftp needed
22:44<Dreamer3>yeah, our customers just call us :-)
22:45<internat>so u design the webpages as well?
22:45<internat>i dont want to be getting called when ppl ppl want things changed
22:45<Dreamer3>we do pretty much everything, and people don't change things that often e-mail wise
22:46<internat>fair enufff :)
22:46<internat>im just doing it so i can be lazy
23:02|-|bigbrnbvr [] has joined #linode
23:05|-|droyer [] has joined #linode
23:05<droyer>anyone actually from linode?
23:05<Dreamer3>mikegrb: thanks for the super quick setup
23:05<Dreamer3>droyer: no, but most of us are pretty smart :-)
23:06<@mikegrb>Dreamer3: yes
23:06<@mikegrb>droyer: yes
23:06[~]bigbrnbvr not so smart
23:06<internat>why whats the problem Dreamer3
23:06<internat>err droyer
23:06<Dreamer3>too many d's you all?
23:07<Dreamer3>should i go?
23:07<Dreamer3>obviosly if you can keep mysql and spam/virus stuff off a box you can get by on not much :-)
23:10<internat>i run proftpd, mysql, apache2-php4 postfix-mysql courier-imap-pop{ssl}
23:10<internat>all my hosting stuff is in mysql so i can make logins and stuff via that, which is awsome
23:11<Dreamer3>i need to get a new e-mail/sqlite/rails management app/roundcube box...
23:11<Dreamer3>but so hard to get MTAs to talk to sqlite :-)
23:11<internat>ah ok u using sqlite?
23:11<Dreamer3>here and there :-)
23:11<Dreamer3>but i don't have a sqlite-only box yet :-)
23:12<internat>hence me using postfix and courier which talk to mysql
23:13<internat>my system starts to hurt when i turn tomcat5 on
23:13<Dreamer3>actually on my forwarding box i do store things in mysql and use postfix admin but postfix reads from flatfiles that are sunc from the db every hour :-)
23:13<internat>ah ok.. see i dont know how to do that
23:13<Dreamer3>that's my top-secrety plan for using sqlite
23:13<internat>u create a hash file?
23:13<internat>yeah i dunno how to do that
23:13<Dreamer3>perform a query, make a hash, build the map
23:14<Dreamer3>all done automatically from the DB
23:14<internat>oh ok
23:14<internat>yeah dont know how to do that :)
23:14<Dreamer3>simple bash script
23:14<Dreamer3>mysql can actually output in the right format with a few switches
23:14<internat>maybe i should look into that at some point
23:14<internat>would be cheaper io/memery wise
23:15<Dreamer3>i did it because postfix could generate so many db queries... but that's that the proxy lookup is for too though, so that might be a better solution
23:15<internat>proxy look up?
23:16<Dreamer3>yeah, gotat read the docs
23:16<Dreamer3>connection pooling, etc
23:16<internat>whats a proxy lookup?
23:16<Dreamer3>pools connections
23:16<bigbrnbvr>when one proxy thinks highly of another...proxy lookup
23:16<internat>ah ok
23:17<internat>is that so that u can have multiple databases for redundancy?
23:18<tronix>connection pooling is probably to save memory on mysql side
23:19<Dreamer3>but i'd rather do without mysql all-to-gether
23:19<tronix>heh indeed
23:19<Dreamer3>way to complex for small installations
23:19<Dreamer3>my box is serving normals web files with only 9.2mb used
23:19<internat>i guess i dont really understand what connection pooling is
23:19<Dreamer3>that's awesome
23:19<Dreamer3>of course that's not php or anything else, but still, impressive
23:20<internat>care to explain what conection pools are?
23:20<Dreamer3>google it :-)
23:21<bigbrnbvr>a product of the 70s describing a party
23:21<Dreamer3>ssh uses so much ram
23:21<Dreamer3>it's the #1 user on my box
23:22<Dreamer3>wonder why it needs so much
23:22<internat>so u could remove ssh since u have lish
23:23<internat>hey that looks awsome..
23:23<bigbrnbvr>dunno about you, but lish does not play well with joe, the editor I'm partial to.
23:23<bigbrnbvr>for some reason, joe werks better with ssh direct
23:23<internat>can u do connection pools easily wiith mysql?
23:23|-|harshy [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:24<Dreamer3>remove ssh
23:25<Dreamer3>just noting it's a hog
23:25<Dreamer3>i'd use dropbear before i'd turn off ssh altogether
23:27<Dreamer3>i haven't even tried to optimize :-)
23:27<Dreamer3>switch to dropbear, kill dclient
23:27<Dreamer3>recompile bash -Os
23:27<Dreamer3>getty... anything that's ALWAYS running :-)
23:28<internat>hmms connection pooling seems the way to go
23:28<Dreamer3>*logs into his 160mb to see where all the memory is*
23:28<internat>*note to self to investigate that*
23:28<internat>rails being ruby?
23:28<Dreamer3>well, yeah... ruby process
23:29<Dreamer3>if i could eliminate SQL :-)
23:29<Dreamer3>i mean mysql :-)
23:29<bigbrnbvr>do you have a high mail volume? maybe turn of the maild and call it per delivery?
23:30<Dreamer3>mail isn't even on the top 20 list
23:30<Dreamer3>and spamd stays running because of the absorbitant startup times
23:31<Dreamer3>i'd love to get away from that on a new e-mail box though
23:31<bigbrnbvr>can be a pain, but somtimes you have to trade time for memory...hence the existence of inetd and xinetd 'eh?
23:31<Dreamer3>or i could just get more ram :)
23:32<Dreamer3>just one box using 10mb, the other over 160mb, that's crazy
23:32<Dreamer3>linux is getting fat
23:32<bigbrnbvr>it's been feeding on window$ features
23:32<Dreamer3>actually linux (the kernel) isn't bad... to much bloated software
23:33<Dreamer3>stuff like sqlite is a step in the right direction for embedded/tiny apps :-)
23:33<bigbrnbvr>I remember the days when I didn't have to compile the kernel as a bzimage since it was smaller.
23:33<internat>mine seeem sto be running ok
23:33<bigbrnbvr>those days are gone for me.
23:33<internat> total used free shared buffers cached
23:33<internat>Mem: 115332 109544 5788 0 5380 62436
23:33<internat>-/+ buffers/cache: 41728 73604
23:33<internat>Swap: 394232 4560 389672
23:33<internat>thats what my memory looks like at the moment
23:34<internat>i dont really know if thats good or bad
23:34<internat> :/
23:34<Dreamer3>that's good
23:34<internat>if im reading it properly i have 73mb free yeah?
23:34<bigbrnbvr>ram unallocated and low swap usage. not too shabby
23:35<Dreamer3>subtract swap
23:35<Dreamer3>that's how i figure it
23:35<internat>ah ok
23:36<internat>starting tomcat kills that completely tho :/
23:36<internat>i think
23:36<Dreamer3>i do'nt do java stuff
23:36<Dreamer3>if only Rails/Ruby were lighter, but alas... it's not
23:38|-|xinu [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
23:39<internat> total used free shared buffers cached
23:39<internat>Mem: 115332 111672 3660 0 3788 46684
23:39<internat>-/+ buffers/cache: 61200 54132
23:39<internat>Swap: 394232 4560 389672
23:39<internat>with tomcat
23:39<internat>actually thats not that bad..
23:39<internat>i didnt lose too much
23:40|-|[i|moon] [] has joined #linode
23:40<internat>lost about 20mb
23:42<Dreamer3>i just realized gmail isn't that big
23:42<Dreamer3>though search is nice
23:43<Dreamer3>too bad roundcube doesn't do search yet
23:43|-|bigbrnbvr [] has left #linode [(*) ]
23:44<Dreamer3>the linode i just got has 4gig :-)
23:44<Dreamer3>of course... gmail is free too :-)
23:45<internat>then u just need gfs so u can mount ur google space :P
23:45<Dreamer3>i don't know if we can do that with linodes
23:45<Dreamer3>they'd have to have it compiled in for us
23:45<internat>aawww bugga
23:46|-|sec39 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:46|-|markph [] has joined #linode
23:47<markph>hello gentleman -- anyone know of an issues ssh'ing into host44?
23:47|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
23:48<internat>my money is going to say that host just crashed
23:49<markph>i powered down my box about 5 mins ago -- completely unresponsive both on web and ssh'ing in
23:49<markph>caker or mikegrb up? ideas on faster to log ticket?
23:53|-|FireSlash_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:53<internat>when u log a support ticket it pages them.. so thats probably the best way if they arent active now :)
23:55<markph>ty -- logged it
23:55<internat>*waits for one of them to show up on irc and bitch sap us
23:56[~]caker takes a look
23:56<internat>*wavles to caker*
23:57<@caker>host44 looks fine to me
23:57<Dreamer3>caker: another great linode experience as my order was setup in almost NO time at all :-)
23:57<@mikegrb>caker: needs sshd restarted
23:57<Dreamer3>caker: thanks to mikegrb :-)
23:57<Dreamer3>anyone use dropbear?
23:58|-|Newsome [] has quit [Quit: Linux: Now with employee pricing!]
23:59<markph>caker: am i paid up? ;)
---Logclosed Thu Jan 26 00:00:32 2006