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00:10<plm>I guess I'll download and compile the source tomorrow. I never like to do too much of that on a deb server, but sometimes that is all you have.
00:11<plm>doh, this is tomorrow where I am...10 minutes ago.
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01:21<Dreamr3>use checkinstall
01:22<taupehat>ALT-F4 for instant bandwidth check
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03:28<Dreamr3>does all my windows closing mean i'm using too much?
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12:12<ScytheBlade1>Huh, after reading:
12:13<ScytheBlade1>I read the line where caker said that the only terminal that should be uncommented in the inittab is this: c0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 vc/0 linux
12:13<ScytheBlade1>Yet my inittab defaulted to 115200, not 38400
12:13<ScytheBlade1>This a problem?
12:21<warewolf>um, probally not.
12:22<warewolf>you don't really have speed handshaking over ptys.
12:25<ScytheBlade1>Wouldn't that be the terminal that's connected to lish?
12:26<ScytheBlade1>Eh, as long as it isn't an issue. I just found it odd that the default would be one set to something other than what caker has said that it should be.
12:26[~]ScytheBlade1 shrugs
12:26<warewolf>which is a screen session, attached to a pseudo tty
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14:42<warewolf>!quote srx
14:42<linbot>warewolf: The current price of SRX is 31.16, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.67 from the last business day.
14:44<warewolf>there we go
14:44<warewolf>wikipedia _does_ know about my company.
14:44<warewolf>suprising how I had to type in 'SRA International' on wikiledia to find out what the fuck SRA stood for
14:47[~]warewolf edits wikipedia entry
14:51[~][|^__^|] writes to SRA to complain about warewolf's Internet Behavior
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16:39<haim>hello everyone
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17:06<encode>wow, fail2ban has been busy on my linode recently
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17:14<Dreamr3>!quote appl
17:15<linbot>Dreamr3: Error: I couldn't find a listing for appl
17:15<Dreamr3>!quote apl
17:15<linbot>Dreamr3: The current price of APL is 42.27, as of 3:58pm EST. A change of -0.03 from the last business day.
17:15<Dreamr3>!quote apple
17:15<linbot>Dreamr3: Error: I couldn't find a listing for apple
17:15<Dreamr3>!quote aaple
17:15<linbot>Dreamr3: Error: I couldn't find a listing for aaple
17:15<Dreamr3>!quote aapl
17:15<linbot>Dreamr3: The current price of AAPL is 72.03, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.30 from the last business day.
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17:21<taupehat>!quote msft
17:21<linbot>taupehat: The current price of MSFT is 27.79, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of +1.29 from the last business day.
17:21[~]taupehat barfs
17:22[~]encode puts his anti-quote goggles on
17:24<MaDsKiLLz>!quote ENER
17:24<linbot>MaDsKiLLz: The current price of ENER is 47.90, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -3.8555 from the last business day.
17:24<encode>the goggles, they do nothing
17:24[~]orospakr grabs a shotgun.
17:24<JasonF>!quote goog
17:24<linbot>JasonF: The current price of GOOG is 433.49, as of 4:00pm EST. A change of -0.775 from the last business day.
17:24<JasonF>there's your googles
17:25<[|^__^|]>hey JasonF
17:28<encode>JasonF: i think you're confused
17:28<JasonF>I think I'm confusing :)
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18:18<haim>are you all linode customers?
18:21<chapterthree>!seen caker
18:21<linbot>chapterthree: caker was last seen in #linode 2 days, 0 hours, 19 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <caker> I agree
18:21<taupehat>!seen mikegrb
18:21<linbot>taupehat: mikegrb was last seen in #linode 19 hours, 19 minutes, and 22 seconds ago: <mikegrb> and boot
18:22<haim>I'm thinking about becoming a customer, that's why I ask
18:22<taupehat>haim: the boss just showed up
18:22<haim>who is that?
18:22<taupehat>heh caker
18:22<taupehat>do you have that set up to phone you when your name is mentioned?
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18:23<encode>lets hope so
18:23<encode>that could be fun
18:24<taupehat>haim: what kinds of things do you want to know?
18:24<encode>did anyone read that story on RIM linked on /. today?
18:24<encode>its a pretty interesting read
18:24<taupehat>I am beyond spending energy on that
18:24<taupehat>since I don't own a BB
18:24<encode>i hadnt really read much about it
18:24<taupehat>it is not immediate to me
18:25<encode>which is probably why i read the whole article and found it interesting
18:25<haim>taupehat: just basic www and email hosting
18:25<taupehat>haim: works very well for me
18:25<haim>some mysql, basic
18:25[~]taupehat runs a LAMP site, email is tied to mysql, also uses his linode for irc idling
18:26<taupehat>you're comfortable in linux?
18:26<taupehat> 16:26:24 up 113 days, 22:27, 1 user, load average: 0.17, 0.13, 0.10
18:26<haim>oh yeah
18:26<haim>I'm interested in linode because they offer debian
18:27<taupehat>debian small image rocks for a starting point
18:27<taupehat>that's what I sue
18:27<chapterthree>i use debian as well
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18:28<haim>right now, I have a server with godaddy
18:28<haim>but it's so inexpensive
18:28<haim>the one thing about linode is the price
18:28<haim>I have 15 Gigs I need
18:28<linbot>New news from forums: Host27 kernel BUG at mm/rmap.c:487 in System and Network Status <>
18:29<haim>I hneed 15 gigs I mean
18:29<taupehat>15 gigs?
18:29<haim>I know ...
18:29[~]taupehat looks at caker
18:30<haim>caker: can you hook me up ? :-)
18:30<@caker>haim: a Linode 320 paid annually will get you about 18G
18:30[~]taupehat wonders why the heck haim wants 15 gigs on a server...
18:31<haim>taupehat: vidoes
18:31<haim>low traffic, just big files
18:32<haim>caker: that's almost a grand
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18:33<taupehat>haim: you could also go with an 80 and pay the extra five bucks per gig
18:33<taupehat>don't fail to spot the annual payment special =]
18:36<rko>I used to have linode, then I had GoDaddy, they canceled my account without a notice
18:36<rko>now I have linode again
18:36<haim>Godaddy sucks
18:36<haim>you get what you pay for I guess
18:36<rko>yeah but they are cheap, you just need lawyers before you sign up with them
18:37<rko>to read the small print
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18:37<rko>they gace me 30% off from list price even... it came to $26/month or so
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19:11<vaxen>how do I change from default syslogd to syslog-ng in debian?
19:17<haim>apt-get ...
19:20<vaxen>i know
19:21<vaxen>but i do i remove syslogd cleanly
19:21<taupehat>apt-get remove --purge syslog
19:21<vaxen>and its dependecies?
19:21<vaxen>purge removes all its configs as well right?
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19:48<haim>apt-get install syslog-ng
19:48<haim>that will take care of the dependencies
19:48<haim>it will know that there is already a syslogd, and ask you if you really want to replace it.
19:49<iggy>mikegrb: do you see anything wrong with my linode network wise? transfers seem to be taking forever
19:49[~]mikegrb looks
19:52<@mikegrb>iggy: seem any better?
19:53<iggy>but I think it may be an apache problem
19:53<iggy>if I go straight to the IP... it's good
19:53<iggy>if I use any of the DNS names... it's shite
19:53<@mikegrb>you have a lot of incomming traffic
19:53<@mikegrb>well not really a lot
19:53<@mikegrb>just more then normal
19:55<@mikegrb>then login
19:57<iggy>that doesn't look like more than normal (other than that spike for uploading my room mates f'ing 2.4M picture
19:57<@mikegrb>yeah the spike is what I was talking about
19:57<@mikegrb>but if you were uploading a picture then it is expected
19:58<iggy>damn that apache and it's unforgiving love of /etc/hosts being correct
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20:50<orospakr>hi! could postfix spitting out "fatal: gethostbyname: Success" possibly be related to TLS being disabled on Linode?
20:51<taupehat>tls works fine for me
20:52<@mikegrb>orospakr: what distribution and kernel are you using?
20:53<orospakr>oh, I was in here a few months back and moved /lib/tls to /lib/tls-disabled at the suggestion of someone. (ubuntu,
20:54<@mikegrb>does /lib/tls exist currently?
20:54<orospakr>as /lib/tls-disabled, yes. :)
20:54<@mikegrb>then nptl isn't causing your problem
20:55<orospakr>hm, OK. thanks. :)
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21:21<taupehat>happy trogday all:
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22:05<linbot>New news from forums: [ Poll ] Memory != disk space in /dev/random <>
22:08<taupehat>that's right up there with someone pointing to their monitor while saying "the computer"
22:09<taupehat>and then they point to the computer and say "the hard drive"
22:10<taupehat>all of which belongs in the forums imnsho
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22:15<warewolf>mikegrb- bwahaha
22:15<warewolf>mikegrb: "Denied."
22:15<warewolf>mikegrb: nice one on the :)
22:16<@mikegrb>it says "No." if you put any illegal characters in
22:18[~]warewolf tried adding %20, you are correct sir.
22:18<warewolf>I should sign up for a linode with the username /etc/passwd :)
22:18<@mikegrb>it will laugh at you
22:18<warewolf>good :)
22:19[~]warewolf hates people hotlinking to images on his websites
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22:19[~]warewolf deletes mirror of CES tivo series 3 photos
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23:03<warewolf>I need to see if my coworker's code made it to the dailywtf
23:04<warewolf>oh, were you here when I pasted it in here?
23:04<warewolf>lemme look on dailywtf
23:04<@mikegrb>warewolf: there was one for a guy who had "#use strict; #good perl" in every script he wrote
23:05<@mikegrb>but the other hasn't been posted
23:05<warewolf>mine didn't get posted :(
23:05<@mikegrb>see, he had "use strict; #good perl" but then his scripts didn't work so he commented it out
23:06<warewolf>I'm in the middle of re-writing that evil coworker's code into something actually useful and not a mess of cut-and-paste
23:06<warewolf>dude's stealing code from my scripts, not using strict or warnings, and writting shit code to boot.
23:07<warewolf>does grep ever chew up io tokens
23:08<warewolf>doesn't work anymore
23:09<warewolf>taupehat: basically, my coworker is a complete idiot at perl programming
23:09[~]warewolf greps #linode logs real quick
23:10<Battousai>those logs are teh privateomglolhax
23:10<taupehat>I make no pretense at being any kind of perl coder, even a crappy one
23:11[~]Battousai is a crappy perl coder
23:11<warewolf>I aim to educate.
23:11<Battousai>in that when i write it, it's bad
23:11<Battousai>because i like when perl dies
23:11<Battousai>just so i can say "well, someone had to kill perl"
23:11<taupehat>the latter one keeps getting passed around myspace for some reason, if my apache logs are to be believed
23:12<Battousai>because python ate perl, duh
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23:15<taupehat>guess so, yeah
23:15<taupehat>one can only hope
23:15<taupehat>I hoped so so much that I spend 20 minutes photoshopping that snake in there
23:20<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrades & MySQL in Sales Questions and Answers <>
23:20<warewolf>if I see something done sloppy, or that can be greatly improved I try to educate the coder so that they do better next tiem
23:21<warewolf>I'm all about passing on any knowledge I have that may make someone else better
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23:49<taupehat>I'm thinking I'd like to see SuSE rebuilt using .deb
23:49<taupehat>instead of rpm
23:50<taupehat>since they have openSuSE, why not?
23:52<orospakr>yeah, that'd be nifty
23:52<orospakr>also, the package server needs to be OSS.
23:53<taupehat>eh? am thinking it is already
23:54<orospakr>well, there's opencarpet, but I don't think Novell uses it
23:54<taupehat>hell, setting up a distribution point for SuSE is just putting the files someplace and pointing nfs/httpd/ftpd/samba/whatever at it
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