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00:26<Dreamer3>what up
00:26[~]taupehat belches
00:26<Dreamer3>i think shared hosting has it's benefits
00:26<Dreamer3>of course maybe my linode just needed more ram
00:27<MrOnline>is there a limit to how much ram you can get for your linode?
00:27<taupehat>at some point you're going to want to say "heck with it" and get a dedicated server somewhere
00:27<MrOnline>yea, but even if I had my own server, I wouldent be able to have, say 1tb of ram...
00:28<gmoz>... obey my fist
00:28<taupehat>you could always try manually editing /proc/meminfo
00:28<Dreamer3>MrOnline: i think more than largest plan + 512 is prolly max...
00:28<Dreamer3>depends on how much free on your box
00:29<gpd>you would have to be running a lot of services to require more than 256M RAM
00:29[~]gpd hides under a bushel
00:29<taupehat>not really
00:29<MrOnline>yea I know, i was thinking theorectically....
00:29<taupehat>used to run quake3 servers
00:30<Dreamer3>gpd: just a few rails app
00:30<taupehat>you NEEDED a dedicated box for that
00:30<Dreamer3>gpd: 30-50mb each
00:30<gpd>well rails should be beaten with a large stick then
00:31<taupehat>recursion is fun!
00:31<MrOnline>I've never actually paid attention to what i've used...
00:31<gpd>Dreamer3: does that mean that servers have terrabytes of RAM? or is rails just a bloated way to do AJAX?
00:32<Dreamer3>gmail would be counted as one app :-)
00:32<MrOnline>I have installed ubuntu on a bunch of computers to act as servers, but never tested the load.
00:32<Dreamer3>Rails is designed for hosting APPS not a little one off here and there, which is kinda sad
00:33<gpd>Dreamer3: demo of your stuff anywhere?
00:34<Dreamer3>gpd: is a Rails app I built
00:35<gpd>where is the ajax? menu? (apologies for dementia0
00:36<Dreamer3>Rails isn't always ajax
00:36<Dreamer3>that site doesn't use ajax
00:36<gpd>oh - i thought it was an ajax framework
00:36<@mikegrb>it's a web application frame work for ruby
00:37<@mikegrb>which also has ajax stuffs intigrated
00:37<@mikegrb>makes ajax easier then doing it yourself
00:37<@mikegrb>there are some linode admin pages with ajax goodness :>
00:37<gpd>but requires 20-50M RAM per 'application' (website)
00:38<@mikegrb>I imagine the linode website uses quite a bit more then 50 meg of ram
00:39<gpd>mmm... = official Rails hosting... dedicated hosting: $1000/mo (!!!)
00:39<gmoz>mmmmm, choir
00:39<ScytheBlade1>[23:38] <@mikegrb> there are some linode admin pages with ajax goodness :> <-- which ones?
00:40<@mikegrb>admin pages, not public pages
00:40<ScytheBlade1>I wanted to see! ;)
00:40<@mikegrb>though someday perhaps the job queue page will have ajax goodness spread on it
00:40<ScytheBlade1>Yeah, that's about the only page where it would be of use
00:40<gpd>hah - spread - i detect some sarcasm
00:40<ScytheBlade1>And that's stretching it
00:45<gpd>mikegrb / caker any interest in this ubuntu breezy uml image then? or should I delete...
00:45<@mikegrb>I doubt it
00:47<gpd>anyone know their ignition module from their oxygen sensor?
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01:39[~]tronix hates asking but curious if host28 or TP network is ok?
01:40[~]tierra can ping host28 fine
01:40<tronix>ok cool.
01:41<tronix>must be routing, then.
01:41<tronix>almost as if savvis isn't handing off to TP... ugh.
01:42[~]tronix kicks the nutwork in the shins
01:44<tronix>ahh... looks like savvis handed off to TP ok.. but TP isn't
01:45<tronix>delivering further or it's just blocking the traceroute. i'm betting on former.
01:46<tronix>50% packet loss at the savvis-TP hop too. :)
01:46[~]tronix shrugs and goes back to playing with voip
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03:32<tronix>sweet. looks like they fixed it sometime in the past hour. maybe it was a maint taking out a router or circuit, who knows?
03:33<tronix>(they = savvis/TP network)
03:33[~]tronix goes back to working on dial plan
04:11<warewolf>!cyborg firefox
04:11<linbot>warewolf: F.I.R.E.F.O.X.: Functional Intelligent Replicant Engineered for Forbidden Observation and Xenocide
04:12<warewolf>forbidden observation.
04:55<linbot>tronix: *click*
04:55<tronix>I've got that infamous *BANG* only once ever, but, boy, was that painful. ;)
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06:19<gmoz>I think it's getting bigger.
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08:10<Internat>hey Dreamer3 u arround?
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08:52<snorp>caker, mikegrb: dudes, would one of you mind poking host7?
08:52<snorp>having trouble rebooting my node
08:52<snorp>and doesn't respond on lish
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09:53<gmoz>shh, sekrit
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09:57<adb>Anybody aware of a reason named brought over from a non-linode to a linode should segfault on startup? dig and host do too.
09:58<adb>(bind9 and bind9-host on Debian)
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10:25<linbot>New news from forums: DNS Set-up: Debian 3.1 / Godaddy / in Linux Networking <>
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10:52<taupehat>caker or mikegrb around?
10:53<taupehat>possible traffic spike.
11:01<linbot>dirty deeds
11:01<linbot>done dirt cheap
11:06[~]tierra celebrates his new dual 19" Sony HS95P LCD setup at work =)
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11:21<[|^__^|]>I knew someone who thought the song went "Dirty deeds, and the Dunder Chief"
11:21<[|^__^|]>fortunately, I've never heard it
11:21<[|^__^|]>it sounds like buttrock
11:22<npmr>it is
11:22<kvandivo>dirty deeds.. and the dunder-mifflon chief..
11:23<[|^__^|]>I'll never cease to be amazed at how many people were so into the total nadir of rock&roll--that wonderful realm that actually made Nirvana seem like a breath of fresh air. that's how bad it had gotten!
11:23<kvandivo>smells like teen angst to me
11:23<[|^__^|]>Also, Axl Rose spells it that way to show her solidarity with the feminist movement.
11:24<[|^__^|]>or was it "Axyl"?
11:33<Beirdo>it was Axel Rose
11:34<Beirdo>if I recall right
11:34<Beirdo>but my memory blows
11:34<Beirdo>so I wouldn't count on it
11:34<kvandivo>um.. i'd guess that's someone different than who the ^__^ guy is talking about.. axel was clearly a guy
11:34<Beirdo>it was "dillhole"
11:34[~]taupehat blows on Beirdo's memory to dust it off
11:38<[|^__^|]>no way man
11:38<[|^__^|]>that guns&roses dude was so girly
11:38<[|^__^|]>in order to be shocking
11:39<kvandivo>oh, so you were talking about the same guy.. girly guys were in at that time.. look at Poison
11:43<[|^__^|]>but it's great that he was both girly and did a "wymyn" spelling of the name
11:45<kvandivo>William Bruce Bailey
11:45<[|^__^|]>was that his real name?
11:45<[|^__^|]> <-- hilarious
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11:54<Beirdo>kvandivo: doesn't that sound like an assassin's name?
11:54<kvandivo>probably why he changed it
11:54<Beirdo>either way, he's a dillhole, but I still like old GNR once in a while
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12:24<gmoz>these chinese mags are getting me on
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12:37<nybble>hmm... so, what does everyone here besides caker and mkegrb think of linode?
12:37<nybble>*mikegrb even
12:43<Redgore>great support, decent prices, no problems
12:44<Redgore>ive been a linode user for well over a year now
12:44<snorp>nybble: rocks.
12:44<nybble>as long as your not on host40 ;)
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14:16<gmoz>Is this going to be on the test?
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14:33<Beirdo>you bet
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16:21<linbot>New news from forums: Host 53 Panic in System and Network Status <>
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16:46<efudd>So I guess my host is back to rebooting/being rebooted regularly eh?
16:51<linbot>New news from forums: Device issues with disk images ... in General Discussion <>
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17:21<efudd>mike, caker?
17:22<efudd>oh, a panic I guess.
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20:23<plm>update server set httpd='lighttpd', smtp='postfix' where httpd='apache' and smtp='qmail';
20:23<@caker>SYNTAX ERROR
20:23<[|^__^|]>it's 2006
20:23<[|^__^|]>it's been like six years since qmail was abandoned
20:23<[|^__^|]>is it eight already?
20:23<[|^__^|]>why do people keep mentioning it in here?
20:23<[|^__^|]>it's so weird
20:24<plm>exactly my point!
20:24<Internat>heheh bad qmail
20:25<[|^__^|]>I wonder if people who still use qmail are still running telnetd
20:26<darkbeholder>some might, i doubt they all would
20:27<plm>nah, they keep asking what the dial-up number is to their server.
20:27<gmoz>invader blood runs through my veins like giant radioactive rubber pants... the pants command me! do not ignore my veins!
20:28<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: I just switched from uucp to qmail
20:28<plm>and swear that 300 baud IS fast enough
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20:30<plm>I did find a way to build a lighttpd binary for debian stable if anyone wants to
20:32<cout>plm: is it hard?
20:37<plm>lighttpd debian stable directions ->
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21:04[~]caker wonders if there's an ubuntu pre-release installer with >= 2.6.14
21:11<@mikegrb>li11-6:/etc# chattr +i
21:11<@mikegrb>li11-6:/etc# lsattr fstab
21:11<@mikegrb>----------------- fstab
21:11<@mikegrb>why won't it tell me?
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21:12<Internat>well that sucked wang
21:12<@mikegrb>at least I know what chattr is!
21:16[~]caker finds it ..
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21:37[~]warewolf sighs at lighttpd zelotism
21:37<warewolf>that's it.
21:37<warewolf>I'm going to write up a non-biased comparision of apache and lighttpd.
21:38<warewolf>I'm certian that lighttpd isn't all OMFGWTF cool in comparison to apache.
21:38<[|^__^|]>apache uses more ram maybe, but it puts it to good use
21:38<warewolf>it seems that people forget that apache can be as light as you want it to be (it's modular, duh).
21:38<[|^__^|]>it's like how yes, Linux uses lots of ram now. It uses it for buffer cache which makes stuff go zoom
21:38<taupehat>if lighthttpd doesn't have support for mod_msff then I don't want it
21:38<[|^__^|]>and yeah, you don't have to fucking load mod_everything in
21:39<warewolf>last I looked at lighttpd
21:39<warewolf>it was severely limited
21:39[~]npmr loves every dso the *same*
21:39<taupehat>mod_msff rules =]
21:39<warewolf>mod_msff does rule.
21:39<@mikegrb>it isn't meant to be an apache replacement
21:39<@mikegrb>it doesn't try to be
21:39<taupehat>was tinyhttpd?
21:39<warewolf>then people _here_ especially need to stop touting it as one.
21:40[~]taupehat looks around
21:40<warewolf>taupehat: look in the #linode logs
21:40<taupehat>no thanks
21:40<warewolf>taupehat: mikegrb can vouch :) he /kb'd someone a while ago
21:40<npmr>warewolf, let them be
21:40<taupehat>I thought he was trying to pimp tinyhttpd
21:40<warewolf>no, lig
21:40<npmr>warewolf, you can be smug in the knowledge that you know better
21:40<taupehat>god that guy was annoying
21:41<npmr>i sure am
21:41<warewolf>npmr: to be honest, I want to understand what all the fuss is about.
21:41<warewolf>npmr: I consider myself fairly well versed in apache, but I know very little about lig
21:42<warewolf>npmr: so that when lig zelots start spewing inaccuracies, I can shut them down (or proove them right) with facts.
22:05<taupehat>comments to this shirt are...
22:07<fo0bar>you all suck. I use ncsa httpd.
22:09<warewolf>!cyborg worf
22:09<linbot>warewolf: W.O.R.F.: Worker Optimized for Rational Fighting
22:09<warewolf>damn that shirt looks terrible, and is expensive as fuck
22:10<fo0bar>!cyborg kitten
22:10<linbot>fo0bar: K.I.T.T.E.N.: Knight Intended for Thorough Troubleshooting and Efficient Nullification
22:11<taupehat>warewolf: the comments are what makes that shirt rock
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22:13<jcap>are there any problems at the planet right now?
22:13<@caker>I think I'd be better off with my spam filters filtering out NON spam
22:13<jcap>I checked logs, but didn't see any mention
22:13<@caker>jcap: looks fine here ... traceroute?
22:13<jcap>caker is there a pastebot here?
22:13<@caker>jcap: nope ..
22:14<jcap>I'm dying after
22:14<@caker>jcap: to what IP?
22:15<jcap>also, for some reason I couldn't get irssi to connect to oftc :( but that I'm almost positive is my problem
22:15<@caker>jcap: same from here .. filtering or did your networking come up correctly?
22:15<jcap>so I'm fighting with this java app you have so correctly provided
22:16<jcap>caker, it was hung when I tried to reconnect to screen
22:16<jcap>caker so I issued a reboot
22:16<@caker>screen as in Lish?
22:16<jcap>screen as in console multiplexer
22:16<jcap>sorry, I'm not being clear. I leave screen session running on the server, and when I went to reconnect, ssh hung and then timed out
22:17<jcap>I issued a reboot, and still no dice with ssh
22:17<@caker> * Filesystem couldn't be fixed :(
22:17<@caker> [ !! ]
22:17<@caker>Give root password for maintenance
22:17<@caker>(or type Control-D to continue):
22:17<gmoz>wheee oi
22:17<warewolf>behold, the power of lish.
22:17<jcap>caker, ok, I see now. I forgot all about that. I haven't ever had to use it :)
22:17<warewolf>io, io, it's off to the disk controller I go!
22:17<@caker>odd ...
22:17<@caker>No such file or directory while trying to open /dev/ubd/0
22:18[~]caker wonders what's changed in Gentoo / or your filesystem to make that happen
22:18<warewolf>#$ figlet
22:18<warewolf>-bash: figlet: command not found
22:18<warewolf>this -must- be rectified.
22:19<fo0bar>caker: did you get tw_cli installed on that machine you have the 9550SX on?
22:19<jcap>caker well for what it's worth, I haven't touched a thing at that level in a long time
22:19<@caker>fo0bar: not yet .. I started off with Debian (3ware kindly provided a 9550SX-enabled installer), but am not fighting with Ubuntu
22:19<@caker>jcap: ok thanks
22:19<@mikegrb>jcap: what about emerging updates
22:20<warewolf>you have no quarrel with Ubuntu
22:20<@caker>warewolf: nah, just doing the driver disk thing
22:20<warewolf>lag from running apt-get
22:20<@mikegrb>fsckng eh
22:20<fo0bar>caker: really? do you have the iso? last time I checked, they mentioned an installer in their userbase, but the link was bad
22:20<@caker>fo0bar: yeah, lemme find it
22:20<@mikegrb>cable company switched pay per view provider
22:20<@mikegrb>midnight tonight
22:21<@mikegrb>so can't order any pay per view
22:21<jcap>mikegrb, no hrm.. about 2 hours ago I emerged traceroute
22:21<jcap>that's about it
22:21<fo0bar>caker: if you're going with a debian-based system, check this out:
22:21<@mikegrb>someone else with gentoo mentioned similiar problems
22:21<fo0bar>it's got the tw_cli program, and a wrapper that works well with nagios
22:21<@mikegrb>jcap: what about an emerge update since you last rebooted
22:21<@caker>fo0bar: cool
22:22<@caker>jcap: can you "cat /etc/fstab" for me in your console?
22:22<fo0bar>caker: thanks for the link
22:22<warewolf>caker: look at my console
22:22<@caker>jcap: ok .. same difference ... now how about "ls -al /dev/ubd*" or something?
22:23<jcap>caker oh, are you seeing my screen ?
22:23<@caker>jcap: yes
22:23<@caker>I can tail the console logs
22:23<@caker>jcap: odd .. There was a report of that in the forums just today .. you'll need to get rid of the devfs entries, and use /dev/ubda, /dev/ubdb, etc
22:24<fo0bar>caker == big brother
22:24<jcap>caker, ok, I"ll try that... 1s
22:25<@caker>jcap: mount -o remount,rw / <-- first (sorry if you know that already)
22:25<jcap>caker, where a == 0 and b == 1, etc ?
22:25<@caker>jcap: correct
22:27<@caker>jcap: control-a, then d, then run "reboot" :)
22:27<jcap>hehe, I did know that, but of course I forgot
22:27<@caker>(once you're done)
22:27<jcap>it's rebooting now
22:28<jcap>I didn't realize lish was a lot of screen
22:28<@caker>yeah, the UML is run inside a screen
22:29<jcap>unfortunately, I run irssi, inside screen, on my down linode :P and my local copy isn't being cooperative
22:29[~]jcap makes a note to fix that
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22:31<jcap_>I'd be lying if I said that didn't just scare the shit out of me
22:32<jcap_>thanks for the help
22:32<@caker>heh ... I really wonder why that's going on
22:32<jcap_>well, I'm off. thanks again, I appreciate it. I'll remember Lish next time :)
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22:34<gpd>random vim q: how do you save patterns for replacment: eg. %s/fish(...)/foul$1/ (too lazy to RTFM)
22:35<warewolf>no idea.
22:35<warewolf>I use perl for that sort of stuff
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22:35[~]caker burns the dapper-rc3 iso
22:36<gpd>caker: is this in preparation for a UML image? :)
22:36<@caker>gpd: no, but I have the 5.1 disc too .. I'll roll one up
22:44<gpd>fyi: %s/\(pattern\)/bla\1/ etc... :help pattern
22:45<@mikegrb>gpd: oh, didn't realize what you were asking :<
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22:47<gpd>still no clue why vim can't write to $HOME/.viminfo with latest linode kernel - very odd
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22:59<@caker>gpd: hmmm?
23:00<efudd>Hi. Please stop the panic'ing. ktnx.
23:00<gpd>caker: sudo vim foo.txt says: E138 Can't write viminfo file
23:00<gpd>-rw-rw-rw- 1 gpd users 13095 Jan 31 19:22 /home/gpd/.viminfo
23:01<efudd>strace that
23:01<efudd>use -aefl
23:01<efudd>It isn't writin gwhat you think it is.
23:01<warewolf>efudd: what?
23:01<gpd>was all fine until recent reboot into 2.6.15-linode16
23:01<gpd>don't really care - but a bit odd
23:01<warewolf>oh strace -aefl
23:01<efudd>strace -aefl (or is that truss? I forget). regardless, 'aefl' as an option set follows forks.
23:01[~]warewolf thought you meant ls
23:02<efudd>My guess is sudo isn't setting up something as he thinks.
23:02<warewolf>efudd: strace -f -F -ff -FF -o debug is what I use
23:02<efudd>That makes me laugh. (the arguements)
23:02<warewolf>it's necessary though
23:02<efudd>Yeah.. easy to remember, I guess. :)
23:02<warewolf>-f and -F do different things, and -ff -FF do different things too!
23:02<efudd>My "-aefl" comes from some old dude i used to wrok with.
23:03<warewolf>I think one is follow forks, the other is vforks
23:03<warewolf>and I thin kthe doubled up ones say "write out to a separate file"
23:03<@caker>gpd: google seems to think it's caused by files left behind matching ~/.viminf*
23:03<efudd>Just like my "find $path -print | cpio -pdmuv" as the _definative_ method of copying data.
23:03<warewolf>so you end up with debug.$PID
23:03<efudd>I have certain dogma's within my knowledge.
23:03<warewolf>efudd: woah.
23:03<efudd>er, sorry, that's "cpio -pdmuv $DEST"
23:04<warewolf>efudd: I use rsync
23:04<efudd>caker, enough with his trivialities! Utilize thine gdb to stop these panics! :)
23:04<efudd>warewolf, Yeah, there are "better" as in "more advanced, evolved" tools...
23:04<warewolf>efudd: go shoot a silly wabbit.
23:04<efudd>find /path -print | cpio -pdmuv /new/dest should work *ANYWHERE* though.
23:05<efudd>It's often important, that.
23:05<gpd>open("$HOME/.viminfo", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
23:05<efudd>What is $HOME expanding to in that context?
23:05<efudd>(something opening '$HOME' is /odd/)
23:05<gpd> sudo echo $HOME
23:05<efudd>Something trying to open $HOME is /odd/
23:05<warewolf>that's what _you_ think.
23:06<efudd>Have I misconveyed this warewolf? :)
23:06<warewolf>no no gpd
23:06<@mikegrb>it should already be expended in the open syscall
23:06[~]efudd guesses warewolf actually grok's the point
23:06<taupehat>who is grok, efudd?
23:06<efudd>Ding. mikegrb gets a dollar.
23:06<@mikegrb>expanded even
23:06<efudd>taupehat, a smart motherfucker. Rumor has it he wrote google.
23:06<warewolf>there's no varianble expansion in syscalls
23:06<gpd>i see what you mean
23:06<taupehat>you mean "mikegrb groks it"
23:06<taupehat>efudd: man 5 apostrophe
23:06<efudd>grok is advanced.
23:07<efudd>Fuck apostrophe.
23:07<warewolf>FUCK APOSTROPHE
23:07<efudd>My beer is more important. :)
23:07<taupehat>ahh, on that, we agree
23:07<warewolf>taupehat: you forgot a two
23:07<taupehat>warewolf: or an eleventy-one
23:07[~]warewolf actually prefers "OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111seven"
23:07<efudd>does linsux even write out a system core these days?
23:07<efudd>(on panic even)
23:07<warewolf>efudd: you can netdump core
23:08<warewolf>generally, in good panics you can't trust the IO scheduler
23:08<warewolf>so it prefers not to touch disk
23:08<gpd>anybody else running 2.6.15 that can test it? probably just my weirdness
23:08<efudd>Er, ok. useful tidbit. lemme rephrase. "If I don't have a network, can I expect linux to put memory bits on a location that something like 'savecore' can dump out later?"
23:08<taupehat>at some point, someone's going to write a FOSS app called "apostrophe" that's going to be incredibly useful, but then will be used all over the place where it ought not to be
23:08<efudd>taupehat, touche.
23:08[~]taupehat bows
23:09<warewolf>efudd: I think there is something that does low-level IO to a pre-defined (and dedicated) core-dump device.
23:09<@caker>efudd: there's some hack that'll save core to swap partitions, I believe
23:09<efudd>I'm abstracted from what linux does now.. 'tis why I ask. I know that Data ONTAP (Network Appliance, my employer's OS) writes a core to someplace useful.
23:09<warewolf>efudd: a recent addition, I believe part of kgdb.
23:09<efudd>I seem to remember IBM adding something for 'savecore'-esque to linux.
23:09<warewolf>efudd: YOU WORK FOR NETAPP!?!
23:09<efudd>caker, oh ok. That's probably ~= my ibm comment.
23:09<warewolf>efudd: come fix my netcache
23:09<efudd>warewolf, Yes. Edging towards a year now in escalations.
23:10<warewolf>efudd: know what's grand?
23:10<efudd>I actually have some clue tho, unlike some of my newer counterparts. Death to them.
23:10<efudd>my stock?
23:10<warewolf>efudd: lemme go figure out what model netapp we have here, it's important for this story
23:10[~]efudd waits patiently for 'sysconfig -av'
23:10<efudd>caker, Yes, that's it.
23:10<efudd>Use it.
23:10<efudd>I'll analyze the fucking core if I have to in order to stop these panic's. :)
23:11<efudd>ww, fwiw, my nc clue is 0. I've yet to touch one. I know the filer decently well tho.
23:11<taupehat>how spendy is a 1TB netapp?
23:11<efudd>Sorry, I don't speak sales.
23:12<taupehat>anyone in here have the misfortune to deal with CDW for purchasing?
23:12<efudd>I do speak various ontap internals however.
23:13<efudd>CDW isn't a misfortune for the simple fact that historically their "live" ordering system netted me 3 _CASES_ of hard drives for the price of 3 single drives.
23:13<efudd>God Bless the internet.
23:13<taupehat>that's freaking _rad_
23:13<taupehat>on the other hand
23:13<taupehat>I'll give an example
23:14<efudd>Yes. What was "_rad_der" is that some friends and I depleted their stock over a weekend.. more than 60 cases... <3 online ordering.
23:14<taupehat>I needed to find a price for licenses for Ghost 7.5, which is the version we're still with.
23:14<efudd>s/online/automatic online/
23:14<taupehat>efudd: god bless eBay, too =]
23:14<taupehat>the following link is the output of a search at cdwg for "ghost 7.5"
23:15<efudd>That's useful.
23:15<efudd>it's probably the "." that is causing issues
23:15<taupehat>their website
23:15<taupehat>reminds me of the house I grew up in
23:15<efudd>so, you can buy v9.0...
23:16<taupehat>or 10
23:16<taupehat>I don't want Norton Ghost
23:16<warewolf>efudd: how the hell do I get what chassis this damn box is?
23:16<taupehat>like all symantec's other stuff, the consumer grade is a bloated, smelly mess, but their enterprise stuff plays nice
23:17<efudd>sysconfig -av, I think. :)
23:17<efudd>should say on the mobo line.
23:17<efudd>taupehat, you speak fallacy. Let me show you.
23:17<efudd>00:16 < taupehat> like all symantec's other stuff, the consumer grade is a bloated, smelly mess, but their enterprise stuff plays nice
23:17<taupehat>efudd: go on
23:18<taupehat>support that statement =]
23:18<efudd>This is why I've spent the last... uh.. long time on the phone with $their dev's proving how unicode works.
23:18<warewolf>efudd: ok so basically, a MOTHER of a fucking huge box.
23:18<warewolf>efudd: *loaded* with disk, memory, and fibrechannel.
23:18<efudd>ww, C6200? are you speaking netcache?
23:18<warewolf>yes netcache.
23:18<warewolf>netapp netcache whatever.
23:18<warewolf>this box, basically one *mother* of a fucking huge box.
23:19<taupehat>that's my new storage box =]
23:19<warewolf>we had the box shipped from Martinsburg, WV to New Carrollton, MD
23:19<warewolf>these guys in WV apparently didn't have the foggiest idea why the chassis has FOUR handles to grab it with, two on each side.
23:19<warewolf>it took a dive into the tile floor.
23:19<warewolf>it did not survive.
23:20<efudd>that is, uh, smart. :)
23:20<warewolf>efudd: you know the part where the CF card sticks in it for the boot OS?
23:20<warewolf>efudd: that *entire* part of the chassis was bent all to fuck
23:20<warewolf>the LCD right there was cracked
23:20<warewolf>the PCMCIA slot you couldn't stick a card in there if you wanted to
23:20<encode>that sux
23:20<encode>how heavy was it?
23:20<warewolf>a piece of hardware that costs FOUR FUCKING TIMES that of my car
23:20<warewolf>was destroyed
23:20<gmoz>Was destroyed... westroyed.
23:20<efudd>Heh heh.
23:21<efudd>sure, lloyd's of london.
23:21<warewolf>nobody owned up to busting it, so my departement caught the bill
23:21<efudd>oh wait, you said netapp, not EMC.
23:21<encode>damn thats a lot of disk
23:21<taupehat>encode: yeah. But I'm not going to fill it right off
23:21<taupehat>no need
23:21<warewolf>encode: the box is like $110K plus
23:21<encode>for a 3u case
23:21<taupehat>3x250GB SATA
23:21<taupehat>raid5 those
23:21<encode>warewolf: :O
23:21<taupehat>buy 3-packs and grow the LVM when I need more
23:21[~]encode wonders why its so expensive
23:22<efudd>netcache isn't storage taupehat.
23:22<warewolf>14x 68G scsi drives
23:22<efudd>It is, loosely, ~= squid on steroids.
23:22<warewolf>taupehat: netcache is a bigass honking squid box.
23:22<efudd>But _MUCH_ more intelligent.
23:22<warewolf>efudd: oh
23:22<encode>68G scsi drives?
23:22<warewolf>efudd: SNMP Traps from your netapp boxes are broken
23:22<encode>i thought they came in 18, 36, 72, etc
23:22[~]taupehat is big fan of squid (and runs squidGuard, but that's job-related)
23:22<efudd>And we have some very godly people in netcache group. Sm4rt.
23:22<efudd>ww, ontap or netcache?
23:22<warewolf>um .. not sure
23:23<warewolf>I'd assume ontap
23:23<efudd>I don't really touch netcache...
23:23<taupehat>what be ontap then?
23:23<efudd>data ontap is the storage side.
23:23<efudd>netcache is.. well, netcache.
23:23|-|B [] has joined #linode
23:23<warewolf>efudd: but I assume you can http/https/ssh into any netapp device right?
23:24<encode>this makes me wonder how much 3u chassis full of 72GB disks are worth in .au, we have a few of them in our computer centre
23:24<efudd>Yes, we have an ssh server. You can also use http/https for data service (ugh, dont' do that!) or administration.
23:24<warewolf>efudd: basically I configured snmp traps for some metric I wanted to monitor every 5 minutes
23:24<efudd>sounds like netcache?
23:25<warewolf>efudd: FIIK, but anyway
23:25<@caker>any other willing Xen beta testers (new Xen account, nothing to do with your existing node)?
23:25<warewolf>you know how SNMP traps work, right?
23:25<efudd>I guess another way to ask is, "are you on a box that's versioning is 6.5.x or 7.x or is it something like 6.0.x?"
23:25<warewolf>it's 6.5
23:25<efudd>ww, yes.
23:25<@caker>sprouse: ?
23:25<efudd>ww, ok, that is netcache. I think current nc release is ~6.0.x something.
23:25<warewolf>efudd: and you know how SNMP traps come from the OID you're trapping on?
23:26<efudd>it's probably fixed.. if not, use your contract to open a bug.
23:26<efudd>ww, yeah?
23:26<warewolf>efudd: well the traps from the netcache come from the generic EMC OID, and have a single STRING value
23:26<efudd>caker, woudl love to, i just wouldn't use it enough without a full switch.
23:26<warewolf>"<user-supplied-string>: <value>"
23:26<warewolf>which is WRONG
23:26<efudd>EMC's OID? :)
23:26<@caker>efudd: yeah, we can't do that yet
23:26<warewolf>er not emc
23:26<efudd>Oh, ok.
23:27<efudd>Right, so $string vs eval($baseoid . $specific part): $value
23:27<warewolf>1) the value being a string no matter what
23:27<warewolf>2) coming from the same oid all the damn time
23:27<warewolf>that made it impossible for me to monitor the device
23:27<efudd>I don't know the netcache code base enough to know if it is fixed or not....
23:28<efudd>I'm ass-uming it is.
23:28<warewolf>efudd: gotcha :)
23:28<warewolf>efudd: last time I opened a ticket on it, I got in touch with clueless people, so I just dropped it.
23:28<efudd>I -can- fix that.
23:28<warewolf>O RLY?
23:28<efudd>highly possible. Find the case# you were working with.
23:28<warewolf>lemme figure out what our contract id is
23:28<efudd>give it to me.
23:29<warewolf>shit, this is months old
23:29<efudd>that's what "sent items" is for.
23:29|-|Internat [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
23:29<efudd>should be soemthing like "[Netapp Log" in the subject
23:29<efudd>specifically it's [Netapp Log# $num] or "[Netapp Log # $num]"
23:30<warewolf>we had one of two power supplies working on one of the netcaches
23:30<efudd>Eh? Sounds right. :)
23:30<warewolf>"Yes, thanks for a core dump, and the entire configuration, plus everyhting in /var/log"
23:31<efudd>wife is going to fucking-kill-me. I just purchased a second r/c helicopter.
23:31<linbot>New news from forums: lighttpd and SQLite and Zope... oh my! in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
23:31<encode>efudd: hahahaha
23:31<encode>she'll only do that if she finds out
23:31<efudd>Yeah. they look close enough alike I can be sneaky.
23:32[~]efudd *burrrrrrrrrrrrrp* hotwings
23:33<efudd>ww, anyway, yeah; i dunno netcache's but i presume they ahve a serial# associated with them; i could lokup history and try to find out what's going on. ultimately you will have to open up a new issue to drive on your own, I could just provide a pressure point.
23:33<warewolf>efudd: yeah
23:33<warewolf>so let me get this straight
23:33<warewolf>you ESCALATE tickets to people who have clue?
23:33<efudd>Just to be clear, I am not agreeing, in any way, shape, or form, to drive an issue for you. I simply agree to use some leverage.
23:33<warewolf>efudd: oh I understand that completely
23:33<efudd>No, I'm one of the clueful. I just haven't had to learn netcache yet. :)
23:34<efudd>it *IS* my group of folk tho....
23:34<efudd>falls under my senior management.
23:34<warewolf>efudd: if I manage to get this fixed, with your assistance, I will paypal you cash for a beer.
23:34<efudd>heh heh. :)
23:34<efudd>at least with ontap, i can't think of a ton of snmp /trap/ related users....
23:35<warewolf>(and my boss says my time on IRC is wasteful, and not work related... pshaw)
23:35<efudd>Heh. save for my last 2 jobs, everything I did in the past was from irc. My knowledge base was generated from irc (years ago) and my contacts are all from irc (still, years ago, persisting.)
23:36|-|B changed nick to Internat
23:36<efudd>these days I find myself going "wtf happened to the clue. oh, right, they are busy. why am I on irc?"
23:38[~]efudd just realizes a conversation lost (irssi window) due to panic earlier today and whines
23:40<@caker>my irssi logs everything .. turned that off?
23:40<efudd>Yeah. I don't log stuff.
23:41<efudd> taught me that.
23:41<gmoz>Stop snivelling little worm monkey.
23:41<warewolf>I (the IRS) must retain logs for 7 years.
23:41<efudd>(gmoz doesn't understand.)
23:41<efudd>the first major listed bust is the people I grew up with.
23:45[~]encode wonders why anyone would not log irc...irc logs + grep ftw
23:46<Internat>yeah very helpful at times
23:49<taupehat>I would, but like all the channels I'm in have some linbot-ish thing that puts it all on a webpage somewhere
23:54[~]warewolf installs LookOut so that he can index all his mail
23:55[~]warewolf notes that it is going to take something like a year to index, since it is indexing 1.4 messages a second.
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