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00:02<gmoz>There's usually someone fiddling with me.
00:03<[Erik]>is it wacko jacko?
00:03<lol>haha, probably eh
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00:11<taupehat_>uhh, help
00:11<taupehat_>mikegrb or caker:
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00:12<taupehat_>11 ( 229.100 ms
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00:12<taupehat_>12 ( 293.824 ms 325.109 ms 319.856 ms
00:12<taupehat_>13 ( 4084.308 ms 4195.165 ms 3971.415 ms
00:12<taupehat_>and all stars after that
00:15<taupehat_>holy crap my netgraph
00:16<taupehat_>wonder if this is that ddos that someone else was experiencing today
00:16<taupehat_>I can't talk to the machine to find out what's going on
00:17<taupehat_>can you connect?
00:17<gpd>seems fine to me
00:17<gpd>i can see your site
00:17<gpd>but traceroute is giving stars... which is odd
00:17<@mikegrb>no problems
00:17<warewolf>try traceroute -I for icmp instead of UDP
00:18<taupehat_>eh, it's back
00:18<gpd>10 ( 47.229 ms 47.583 ms 47.313 ms
00:18<taupehat_>mikegrb: go ahead and kill the ticket
00:18|-|lol changed nick to taupehat
00:19<taupehat>no more lol for me
00:20<taupehat>someone at henet tripped over a piece of glass =[
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00:41<warewolf>backhoe network engineering
00:42<taupehat>someone made a BIFF
00:43<taupehat>(Backhoe-Induced Fiber Failure)
00:43<taupehat>I suppose you could use it as a verb, but that'd be stretching things semantically
01:18<taupehat>homepage-pimping time
01:31<warewolf>you're the man now safe for work?
01:31[~]warewolf hates
01:37<taupehat>holy wow
01:38<taupehat>sometimes I think IRC has a lot fo spam
01:38<taupehat>I just joined yahoo chat to check out what gaim can't and can do
01:38<taupehat>holy wow
01:38<taupehat>it's pretty much _all_ spambot
01:38<warewolf>I'm confused
01:38<warewolf>you joined some kind of chat channel on yahoo messenger?
01:38<taupehat>there are zillions
01:39<taupehat>apparently, the whorebots know this as well
01:39<taupehat>I mean
01:39<taupehat>it's horrible
01:39<warewolf>taupehat: can I tell you something?
01:39<taupehat>warewolf: you're gonna anyhow
01:39<warewolf>taupehat: you're a blithering idiot.
01:39<warewolf>taupehat: 8-)
01:39<taupehat>thanks, really
01:40<taupehat>kind of puts the topper to my day
01:40<taupehat>like for what reason would you say that?
01:41<warewolf>joining a yahoo (or aol for the matter) chat channel is about as smart as using your tongue to check if the mains in your house are still on.
01:41<warewolf>I mean
01:41<warewolf>I hope you signed up on yahoo for fun
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01:42<warewolf>live and learn I guess.
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03:14[~]tronix goes to check the mains in house to see if they're still on
03:17[~]tronix sighs in immense relief upon discovering that, yes, they're still on.
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03:46<encode>tronix: why wouldnt they be on?
05:00[~]tronix just making a funny.
05:01<encode>cos we had one phase unpowered for most of last night here
05:01<encode>it was quite annoying
05:01<tronix>can imagine
05:01<encode>hot day, no aircon
05:01[~]gmoz rubs tronix better
05:02<encode>last night when i got home from work
05:02<encode>it was still 36 degrees C
05:02<encode>at 6pm!@
05:02<tronix>that's sultry, all right.
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07:34<linbot>New news from forums: Wanna say some issues about linode service in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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13:00<haim>hi all
13:00<haim>I signed up and I like it so far
13:27<taupehat>welcome to the club
13:28[~]kvandivo does the secret handshake.
13:32<warewolf>don't forget to sign up for :)
13:32[~]warewolf plug plug plug
13:32<taupehat>warewolf: did you catch my entry last night?
13:33[~]taupehat gets link
13:33<warewolf>I'm seeing more frequent errors lately, if that's what yo umean
13:34<warewolf>flashplayer is not "free" ?
13:34<warewolf>how so?
13:34<taupehat>and since when is IE6 free?
13:34<warewolf>it's not FL/OSS, no
13:35<warewolf>but IE6 is free
13:35<warewolf>man, some people.
13:35<warewolf>14:32 < warewolf> behold, the power of mod_perl.
13:35<warewolf>14:32 < tcccp> hrhr
13:35<warewolf>14:32 < tcccp> F*ck mod_perl
13:35<warewolf>14:32 < tcccp> PHP - Programming with attitude
13:35<warewolf>14:32 < warewolf> ... ok, right.
13:36<warewolf>he also did this "hrhr" thing twice.
13:36[~]warewolf -c sleep &
13:37<npmr>"free" as it is typically used in passing is shorthand for "free of charge"
13:38<npmr>i make an effort to actually say "free of charge" instead of just "free"
13:38<taupehat>but "free software" is a pretty specific term
13:38<npmr>no it isn't
13:39<npmr>witness the confusion
13:41<Redgore>freedom software would be a better term
13:41[~]taupehat needs to get back to work
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13:51<npmr>freedom software sounds very bleeding heart conservative to me
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14:09<Beirdo>conservative isn't usually associated with bleeding heart :)
14:09<kvandivo>maybe he meant 'middle of the road'
14:09<npmr>no, i meant bleeding heart conservative
14:10<npmr>like freedom fries and deficit spending
14:11<kvandivo>bleeding heart: A person who is considered excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be underprivileged or exploited... .. i'm not seeing the connection
14:23<Beirdo>I'm not getting started on freedom fries, but yeah, it strikes me as a similar feeling calling it freedom software
14:24<taupehat>someone sent me a recipe for freedom onion soup a year or so back
14:24<Beirdo>and I bet they freedom kiss their S.O. too
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16:00[~]tronix goes to turn on The Propaganda Machine... errr... TV, I mean. :) &
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20:45<sprouse>anyone got the cure for "Unable to use key file" for ssh login
20:46<sprouse>can't seem to get it work with debian3.1 putty for win32
20:46<taupehat>sprouse: did you check the putty config
20:46<taupehat>make sure it's ssh2 only
20:47<sprouse>putty Preferred SSH protocol verion 2 is radio box is set
20:47<taupehat>not preferred
20:48<sprouse>there is a "2 only" radio button
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20:48<taupehat>yes, that
20:50<sprouse>no go. let me check my logs to see whats up.
20:52<taupehat>do you have access to a real unix box to work with?
20:53<sprouse>interesting after scrolling past the pages of brutforce attacks in the logs it didn't tell me much
20:53<taupehat>sprouse: apt-get install fail2ban
20:53<sprouse>no i don't.
20:57<sprouse>thanks. I was reading that in the latest forum post that prompted me to look at my logs and hence attempt to setup ssh pub key auth
20:58<sprouse>gotta find my howto on apt pinning before I can grab fail2ban from unstable
20:59<taupehat>eh, I've got it on my unstable box
20:59<taupehat>it works well =]
21:00<sprouse>after I'm done a particular project I'll apt-get upgrade to unstable but can't right now
21:00<taupehat>oh aye
21:06<sprouse>taupehat: thanks for the time. I'm callin it a night, have a good one
21:07<taupehat>gn, gl
21:15<FireSlash>anyone know if theres a way to have analog look at archived logs (.gz)?
21:18<FireSlash>nm, log file format was wrong :B
21:37<tronix>heh I decided to go with the flow... saw patterns of three-digit non-alphanumerics :-)
21:38[~]tronix shamed back into submission and goes back to watching The Propaganda Machine
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21:44|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 27 sekundy
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22:36<Internat>mikegrb, caker, if u guys have a chance, can u tell me how much the bill ill be getting in april is? plz ktx
22:49<@mikegrb>!calc (29.95 * 12) + 12
22:49<linbot>mikegrb: (29.95 * 12) + 12 = 371.4
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23:00<Internat>yeah i have extra ips :P
23:00<Internat>and i couldnt remember off the top of my head how much that adds to it
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23:34<Zach>I just signed up for my account?
23:35<Zach>Do you guys know how long it will take before they have it set up?
23:35<gmoz>i do
23:35<gmoz>despite having no ear
23:36<Zach>gmoz: You know how long?
23:36<gmoz>only with SupaZubon. zort!
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23:38<@mikegrb>Zach: you are activated now
23:38<@mikegrb>gmoz: are you a bot?
23:38<gmoz>only because my bath exploded
23:38<@mikegrb>thought so
23:38|-|mode/#linode [+b *!*gmoz@*] by mikegrb
23:38|-|gmoz kicked [#linode] mikegrb [gmoz]
23:42<taupehat>how long was that thing in here?
23:53<Zach>Thanks mikegrb!
23:54<[|^__^|]>taupehat: since the evening of the 29th
23:54<Zach>Are all the Fedora 2 updates installed by default?
23:55<@mikegrb>just as of when the image was made
23:55<@mikegrb>so there are probably updates available
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:40 <efudd> Yeah. I don't log stuff.
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:41 <efudd> taught me that.
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:41 <warewolf> haha
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:41 <gmoz> Stop snivelling little worm monkey.
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:41 <warewolf> I (the IRS) must retain logs for 7 years.
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:41 <efudd> (gmoz doesn't understand.)
23:55<[|^__^|]>21:41 <efudd> the first major listed bust is the people I grew up with.
23:56<[|^__^|]>23:40 <@caker> a/s/l? <wink>
23:56<[|^__^|]>23:40 <gmoz> caker: 23/male/England
23:56<taupehat>nice bot
23:57<[|^__^|]>23:40 <@caker> gmoz: 14/f/Miami
23:57<taupehat>caker: you responded to a bot!
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