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02:26<tronix>man, I'm so lucky! Tiger Woods *himself* just offered to sell Photoshop for $50 to me, in email
02:26[~]tronix awed
02:26[~]tronix plonks spammer
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04:28<Dreamr3>is host22 slow?
04:34<@mikegrb>looks great
04:39<Dreamr3>yeah, it was my connection :-)
04:39<Dreamr3>sorry for the bother :-)
04:39<Dreamr3>linode is great
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08:41<Fully0>Caker : please check and see if you have mail from me. I've been trying to contact you for over a month now
08:43<Fully0>I've sent mail to billing and service with no reply
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13:04<[|^__^|]> <-- "Please, just tell people to use KDE." -- Linus Torvalds
13:27<linbot>New news from forums: Cannot Login To Account in Sales Questions and Answers <>
14:41<warewolf>I seriously had forgotten how /damn/ good vietnamese food is.
14:41[~]warewolf chows down
14:41<[|^__^|]>pho baby
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15:00<gpd>find . |grep jpg | xargs /path/some image viewer? any sugestions?
15:03<[|^__^|]>I just use feh with the -r switch
15:03<[|^__^|]>although that won't isolate out only the jpegs -- it'd include all the other image formats too
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15:04<[|^__^|]>also, I'd have done it like "find . -name '*.jpg'" instead of using the grep
15:04<gpd>well actually i want find . |grep logo | feh in that case
15:04<gpd>i find -name '...' too much typing
15:05<gpd>why do you not use grep ? slower?
15:06<@mikegrb>-name 'logo' <- 12 chars : 12 chars -> | grep logo |
15:06<gpd>-name '.*logo.*' ...
15:08<@mikegrb>just *, no dot necessary
15:08<@mikegrb>find . -name '*logo*' - exec feh {}
15:09<@mikegrb>except s/- exec/-exec/
15:09<@mikegrb>probablly need to put the {} in '
15:11<@mikegrb>find . -name '*logo*' -exec feh '{}' \;
15:11<@mikegrb>the {} makes it act like piping it through xargs rather then running it over and over again
15:13<gpd>perfect :) merci bien
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16:38<linbot>New news from forums: Yet Another Satisfied Customer in Customer Testimonials <>
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20:18<FireSlash>.weather 43001
20:19<FireSlash>linbot, weather 43001
20:19[~]FireSlash cries
20:50<fo0bar>!weather 89503
20:50<fo0bar>ha ha, linbot is broken
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21:37[~]tronix wonders if linbot has been playing with a loaded gun lately. :)
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