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00:11<warewolf>I ran out of commercials to watch :/
00:11<warewolf>and I didn't see the MasterCard macguyver commercial I thought theyed played
00:12<warewolf>(I just killed half an hour at work, jesus christ)
00:12[~][Erik] watched them on antenna from detroit :D
00:16<taupehat>warewolf: that poor half hour
00:17<warewolf>woah, what? god. *facepalms*
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01:53<warewolf>wow, that's quite splitty.
01:53<warewolf>unusual for oftc.
01:53<taupehat>something borked
01:54<warewolf>now if the split would just take [|^__^|] alonng with it, and never return ..
01:55<taupehat>you and SupaZubon have such love for one another
01:55<taupehat>it's sweet, really
01:55[~]warewolf hrms at his linode .. 400mb free
01:56<warewolf>clean up disk space, or buy more disk space ..
01:56<warewolf>buying more disk space would equal downtime
01:56<warewolf>so I guess that's my answer. clean up disk space.
01:57<warewolf>taupehat: saw it on digg, interesting, eh?
01:57<taupehat>wonder what the camel thinks
01:58[~]warewolf really should archive mail off his dovecot imap server
01:58<taupehat>vmware's new free server is up
01:58<warewolf>oh duh, wait I have massive irc logs.
01:58<warewolf>lets toast those first.
01:58<warewolf>hrm, only 200mb there.
01:59<warewolf>-rw------- 1 warewolf warewolf 2.3M Nov 1 21:14 #oftc-staff.log
01:59<warewolf>hmm, I really should have nuked that ages ago.
02:00<warewolf>171M -rw------- 1 warewolf warewolf 170M Nov 1 21:14 warewolf.log
02:00<warewolf>goddamn I talk a lot
02:01<warewolf>oh, those were oper messages, connects/disconnects etc
02:01[~]warewolf nukes
02:05<warewolf>wow, that was a stroll down memory lane.
02:08<warewolf>$ du -sh Maildir/
02:08<warewolf>656M Maildir
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03:35[~]taupehat wonders if caker and mikegrb are looking at the vmware server release right now and scratching their heads
03:35<Narada>recently my mysql has been dying periodically; it began after i migrated host but i don't know whether that caused it; i did some updates as well but didn't update mysql; any tips?
03:36<taupehat>what're the logs telling you?
03:36<taupehat>mysql.err, and syslog and all that
03:37<Narada>that's for mysql
03:37<Narada>i've got errors in the apache log as well
03:38<Narada>that's for apache
03:38<taupehat>no clue, sorry
03:38[~]taupehat avoids gentoo
03:38<Narada>np :(
03:38<taupehat>good luck =]
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03:55<Narada>gah my linode is so slow it's driving me nuts
03:56<taupehat>you on an '80?
03:56<Narada>160 i think
03:56<Narada>ssh is incredibly slow
03:56<taupehat>I'm wondering if maybe you're not just thrashing out of swap and hitting the OOM-killer
03:56<taupehat>what's free -m tell you?
03:56<taupehat>also output of cat /proc/io_status
03:57<Narada>free 1
03:57<taupehat>how much swap
03:57<Narada>io_count=962700 io_rate=225 io_tokens=394043 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
03:57<taupehat>but how much swap?
03:58<taupehat>or do you not have a swap partition?
03:58<Narada>i have swap but can't remember the amount
03:58<Narada>how can i find out
03:58<taupehat>paste free -m into a pastebin somewhere
03:58<taupehat>(output from)
03:59<Narada>oh crap that is bad
03:59<Narada>argh how did it become zero?! :O
03:59<taupehat>good god
03:59<taupehat>you don't have swap
03:59<taupehat>so that's part of the problem
03:59<Narada>it wasn't me i swear; i just did a migration that's all
03:59<taupehat>ok ok
04:00<taupehat>try "swapon" and see what happens =]
04:00<Narada>come to think of it i do remember an error message that said: ubd1 could not find when booting
04:00<taupehat>yeah, look in your configuration profile
04:01<taupehat>see, it's not a problem with mysql or apache or anything else
04:01<taupehat>it's OOM-killer doing its job when you're out of ram
04:01<Narada>what's oom stand for
04:01<taupehat>Out Of Memory
04:01<taupehat>go to and login
04:01<Narada>okay configuration says /dev/ubda gentoo /dev/ubdb swap
04:01<taupehat>good good
04:02<taupehat>issue that command as root
04:02<Narada>it gives me the usage if i do that
04:02<Narada>vim /etc/fstab
04:02<taupehat>cat /proc/mounts
04:02<taupehat>nevermind that
04:03<taupehat>swapon -a
04:03<Narada>swapon: cannot stat /dev/ubd/1: No such file or directory
04:03<taupehat>well yeah
04:03<taupehat>edit fstab
04:04|-|ericdes [] has left #linode []
04:04<taupehat>it needs to be /dev/ubdb according to your config profile
04:04<Narada>i need to change both right? because both are wrong
04:05<taupehat>uhh, how so?
04:05<Narada>that's what it is currently but my config uses 'a' and 'b'
04:05<Narada>without slashes
04:05|-|ericdes [] has joined #linode
04:06<taupehat>yeah, change them to match
04:06<Narada>k and then reboot?
04:06<taupehat>just swapon -a
04:06<taupehat>not sure how that thing booted with a borked fstab
04:07<Narada>yeah exactly
04:07[~]taupehat reckons there was magic involved
04:07<taupehat>just make sure the fstab matches /proc/mounts for the data drive
04:07<Narada> :)
04:08<taupehat>enjoy your non-crashing mysql server
04:08<taupehat>but seriously
04:08<taupehat>you're using a boatload of memory
04:08<taupehat>have you tried any of the tuning tricks at the forums?
04:08<Narada>yeah i know can't help it; apache2 + mysql + courier-imap etc
04:08<Narada>yeah i have employed them
04:08[~]taupehat runs all that on a linode/80
04:08<taupehat>ran all that on a linode/64 before they bumped us up
04:09<Narada>hmm i don't know what else to do then
04:09<taupehat>hang out in here
04:09<taupehat>smarter geeks than I will have suggestions
04:10<Narada>hmm maybe you're right
04:10<taupehat>for now, be happy that you have a swap partition
04:10<Narada>yeah thanks a lot for that
04:10<taupehat>which will help prevent you from crashing so often
04:10<taupehat>glad to help
04:10[~]taupehat wanders off to bed
04:10<Narada>my question is though how the heck did the device names fall out of sync?!
04:10<taupehat>migration joys
04:10<Narada>i guess it doesn't matter now
04:10<Narada>sleep tight :)
04:34<tronix>I run Gentoo on my Linode at the moment
04:35<tronix>fstab does indeed say /dev/ubd/0 for /
04:35<tronix>and in distro profile webpage, says /dev/ubda
04:35<tronix>they're same thing
04:35<tronix>ubda = ubd/0, ubdb= ubd/1, etc
04:35<tronix>been that way for at least a year (ever since I signed up), so it's not a recent change.
04:36<tronix>dunno *why* this is so, but works fine for me. :)
04:37<tronix>bottom line: config = ubda, ubdb, etc... but in the Gentoo Linode's fstab, ubd/0, ubd/1, etc
04:38[~]tronix yawns and considers some shuteye
04:38[~]tronix puts on lumberjack uniform and proceeds to saw some logs
04:48<Narada>tronix: yeah
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05:18<jimcooncat>Looking for a howto to copy my linode and run it on my local machine. I've been through the wiki and forums, but probably missed it.
05:48<jimcooncat>gotta go to work, I'll check in laterer.
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19:23<linbot>New news from forums: Ingress filtering? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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20:12<[|^__^|]>18:05 <@squinky> Livejournal spell-check does not recognize the word "blog."
20:14<@caker>from what I just read, it doesn't recognize "Livejournal", either
20:16<@mikegrb>nor caker
20:16<@mikegrb>but that is just a guess
20:24<[|^__^|]> <-- An Exegesis of English Nouns-from-Verbs Illustrated by Cocksucking
20:38[~]taupehat has been up late playing with vmware server
20:39<taupehat>it's perfect for what I'm needing to do
20:39<taupehat>software app I want to evaluate that needs its own environment to play in
20:40<taupehat>and you can download ready-made VM images
20:42<encode>why would use use server over the desktop version?
20:42<encode>apart from the freeness
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20:55<taupehat>encode: the freeness is certainly part of it
20:55<taupehat>but I've also got some server space to run this from
20:55<taupehat>and a need to run it on server hardware
20:56<taupehat>one of the projects I'm starting on tonight involves a service that needs to run when the server does - you can't do that with desktop
21:19<taupehat>there's this groupware server that I'm really stoked on trying out
21:19<taupehat>ever heard of zimbra?
21:20<encode>it soudns vaguely familiar
21:20<taupehat>check it
21:20<encode>but i dont really remember anything about it
21:20<taupehat>it's your basic shared-calendars-and-email groupware
21:20<taupehat>with outlook plugins on the way, but mostly it's an incredible web client
21:20<taupehat>neat, really neat features
21:21<encode>i'll take a look
21:21<encode>i've been looking for a nicer web client than squirrelmail
21:21<taupehat>they've got a dog-and-pony demo on their website
21:21[~]taupehat is about to find out if the real thing is that nice
21:21<encode>is it going to run on my linode?
21:22<encode>it might be a little tricky
21:23<encode>server support: RHEL, Fedora, OS X, SuSE
21:24<encode>are you going to try the network edition or the open source edition?
21:25<encode>oh wow, it looks awesome
21:26<encode>are you going to integrate with ldap?
21:27<encode>also, ouch @ the minimum server requirements
21:35<taupehat>am going to integrate with ldap
21:35<taupehat>and I'm upping servers here anyhow
21:36<taupehat>was planning on a groupware box
21:36<encode>it might be a bit heavyweight for a linode, just for mail
21:37<taupehat>oh, heh
21:38<taupehat>I'm pretty sure it would wipe your average linode right into io_token hell
21:38<taupehat>sun's got these 1U opteron servers for 750 bucks
21:38<taupehat>that's what I'll be throwing this on if the pilot goes well
21:39<encode>i might try it on a linode thats doing nothing else
21:39<encode>see how bad it gets
21:39<taupehat>see how it goes
21:39<taupehat>I'm the one who tried open-xchange server on a /64
21:39<taupehat>it ran
21:39<taupehat>for about 3 minutes
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21:52<tronix>I've got the V20z, which was the precedessor to the X2100. V20z was great
21:53<tronix>40x faster than our old machines, 1/2 the height, 1/2 the weight, 1/3 th price
21:53<tronix>we liked the V20z so much we bought a couple dozens of them
21:53<tronix>now looking to do same with X4100/4200 soon
21:59<taupehat>yeah even?
21:59[~]taupehat looks to man capslock
22:04<encode>well that sux - the installation guide completely doesnt match the source code tarball
22:22<encode>ok, so i downloaded the debian alpha
22:23<encode>since i'm installing on ubuntu
22:23<encode>and it cant find the pre-requisites
22:23<encode>even thought they're already installed :S
22:25<[|^__^|]>MAN THE CAPSLOCK!
22:29<encode>ok, i think its time to give up
22:41<tronix>back from dinner. We like the V20z not just because it's zippy and cheap, but because it has decent remote management capabilities
22:41<tronix>which is a big plus since I'm about 3000 mi from some of my boxes
22:47[~]encode wonders how well ant will run on a linode 160
22:49<tronix>the only flaw with the V20z is the fact it runs a PC BIOS instead of something nice like OpenBoot, because
22:50<tronix>you can't automatically provision PC BIOS nvram settings
22:50<tronix>(or at least, not with the tools the average person has)
22:50<tronix>which means I have to go make key BIOS changes by hand, to every single machine
22:51<tronix>this will be a non-issue if Sun ever adopts EFI as the x86 BIOS
22:52<tronix>but since we only have to make a couple well-known bios settings changes at initial install time, we can live with this limitation
22:52<taupehat>if you have a consistent changeset
22:52<tronix>installing the OS is as easy as pressing esc-shift-2 (serial console via the SP)
22:52<taupehat>why don't you just get sun to do it?
22:52<tronix>and it goes off to PXE boot and stuff
22:52<taupehat>make them set that
22:52<tronix>we don't buy enough PCs for them to care. :)
22:53<taupehat>friend of mine used to work for HP enterprise
22:53<taupehat>and they'd get these configuration sets with things like "set the BIOS password to 'password'"
22:53<tronix>I understand Dell would do something similar for orders of 1000+, something like that
22:53<taupehat>that's desktops
22:53<encode> <-- how cool is this
22:53<taupehat>servers, they tend to be more flexible
22:54<taupehat>encode: that's the SANS map
22:54<encode>so anyway, anyone got an old thinkpad 600x with a busted screen they'd like to sell me?
22:54<tronix>don't recall if I pasted it, but funniest photo I've seen in a long time, tech related:
22:54<taupehat>gotta love dshield's "other" wedge-of-pie
22:54<tronix>I'm still crying over how funny that bryars photo was
22:54<tronix>despite seeing it a few days ago
22:55<encode>rofl @ mini patch lead
22:55[~]taupehat notes the background-by-apple
22:55<taupehat>that pwns
22:55<encode>what use is a 2.5cm patch lead????
22:55<taupehat>kind of like a 3-foot jumper cable for the car
22:56<tronix>I could only say, while crying/laughing, that they were incredibly lucky they didn't try to make it 2.5mm instead of 2.5m ;)
22:56<taupehat>good god
22:56<taupehat>my neighbors
22:56<taupehat>thin walls--
22:56<taupehat>at least they're happy
22:57<@mikegrb>it it wasn't wired straight through can be quite handy
22:58<taupehat>mikegrb: if you put the laptops RIGHT next to one another
22:58<taupehat>eh, expatiate
22:58<@mikegrb>there are places that will sell you a bunch of cat5 that length with differen't wiring configurations
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22:59<@mikegrb>you have on 6ft cable in your bag, a coupler, and a bunch of tiny adapters
22:59<@mikegrb>rathern then 10 6ft cables
22:59<taupehat>but what are you possibly going to use those tiny patch cables for?
22:59<taupehat>I can see 6-inch cables
23:00<taupehat>I see
23:00<tronix>good for distribution at parties as party favors / conversation pieces ;)
23:00<taupehat>you could probably use them to flick things with
23:00<@mikegrb>crossover sun/cisco console
23:00<@mikegrb>serial null modem
23:00<taupehat>I had an old UPS that used an rj45-to-serial
23:01<@mikegrb>anyway, many it people have an asortment
23:01<tronix>hahaha (cheap logins)
23:02<taupehat>who here owns that bryars site?
23:02<taupehat>dead pixel widget
23:02<taupehat>I'm so pwning someone with that one
23:02<tronix>bryars is a guy who hangs out in #asterisk on freenode
23:02<taupehat>A fun little Dashboard Widget to wind up your mates with a Laptop or LCD screens, who run Apple OSX Tiger.
23:02<taupehat>that's great
23:03<taupehat>Please dear god, dont try to return your laptop to apple under warranty...
23:05[~]taupehat is an avid fan of various forms of evil genius suitable for use on the first day of the fourth month
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23:23|-|tronix [] has joined #linode
23:23[~]tronix puts negative karma on whomever did router maint at work :P
23:27<taupehat>you don't get to do that
23:51|-|womble [] has joined #linode
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