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01:08<iggy>had a problem earlier tonight using as my dns server, switched to a different one, and all seems well now
01:09<iggy>mikegrb: ^^^^ any ideas, or just chock it up to "that's life" and get on with it
01:10<@mikegrb>that is a pay per query server
01:10<@mikegrb>you need to deposit more tokens in your dns query account
01:10[~]mikegrb runs
01:10<@mikegrb>(oh and I restarted bind)
01:12<iggy>it was strange, it would resolve most things, but not my domain, which totally f'ed up courier with it's oh so strict adherence to every inane rfc on the planet
01:44<taupehat>the scary auditions are pretty funny also
01:46<iggy>mikegrb: is a .dmg file a cd image like an iso or is it something I can just burn the file on to a CD
01:47<@mikegrb>it's a compressed disk image
01:47<@mikegrb>you can convert it to an iso from a mac
01:47<@mikegrb>or burn it directly on a mac
01:48<@mikegrb>though a mac can mount it so if you don't have access to a mac pre burning, you can go ahead and burn the file on the cd and then mount the dmg on a mac
01:48<iggy>mikegrb: once again, you are a wealth of knowledge
01:49<iggy>you deserve a raise
01:49<encode>programs like ultraiso for windows can convert a .dmg to a .iso
01:49<@mikegrb>iggy: tell linbot
01:49<iggy>caker: mikegrb needs a raise
01:49<@mikegrb>or him
01:49[~]mikegrb runs
01:49<encode>linbot: encode needs a raise
01:49<@mikegrb>nighty night
01:50[~]tronix wonders if linbot is eligible for a raise, too? :-)
01:50<encode><linbot> Error: 'needs' is not a valid encoding.
01:51<tronix>linbot might get more raises if he/she/it just wouldn't play that darned russian roulette game!
01:51<linbot>tronix: *click*
01:51[~]tronix couldn't resist
01:51[~]linbot gets a raise in it's pants
01:52<linbot>encode: *click*
01:52<encode>yay me
01:52|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by mikegrb
01:55<tronix>hahaha (linbot)
02:14<cmantito>anyone know what that site was that let you find out what domain names pointed at a given IP?
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03:50<encode>!cyborg encode
03:51<@linbot>encode: E.N.C.O.D.E.: Electronic Networked Construct Optimized for Dangerous Exploration
03:52<encode>!cybord Rax1
03:52<encode>!cyborg Rax1
03:52<@linbot>encode: R.A.X.: Robotic Artificial Xenomorph
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05:56<oif>someone alive ?
05:56<oif>i need some help
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14:53<hotnikks>host li3-173 ok?
14:53<hotnikks>err 173 would be my octet
14:54<hotnikks>web int says its running, i just lost all ip connectivity to it though
14:56<hotnikks>caker you around?
14:59<@mikegrb>host19 looks fine
15:00<hotnikks>it is now
15:00<hotnikks>i lost ip connectivity for about 5 mins
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15:05<@mikegrb>hotnikks: how long ago?
15:09<hotnikks>just happened
15:09<hotnikks>maybe 5 mins before i joined chan
15:09<hotnikks>err 2 rather
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15:13<hotnikks>i had a screened connection that was still connected to AOL IM, so maybe the route from SBC->HE just got hosed
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15:53<oneman>Is there any other distros availilbe other than listed on the plans page?
15:53<@caker>oneman: what are you looking for?
15:53<oneman>Im wanting to buy a linode 160 pretty much ASAP for a rails/postgres/lighttpd server
15:54<oneman>I run slackware at home and have got that set up just fine
15:54<oneman>But it would take forever to compile all that Im thinking on linode
15:54<oneman>atleast postgres..
15:54[~]hotnikks wishes it was called bsdode
15:54<kvandivo>hotnikks: wait for Xen
15:55<hotnikks>id scrap this debian crap anyday
15:55<oneman>caker: Well, Ive delt with ubuntu breezy before, nothing else on that list tho
15:55<kvandivo>slack doesn't have binary packages these days?
15:55<kvandivo>that's hard to believe
15:55<oneman>caker: Im not to picky about the distro, I dont want to be paying $$ to compile postgres and stuff tho ;]
15:56<oneman>kvandivo: if you run an old slack, and want newest versions of stuff, you pretty much have to compile
15:56<oneman>What I have not much is left of "slackware"
15:56<kvandivo>don't think i've used slack since about 3.0
15:56<oneman>Its just been a workhorse for the past few years
15:57<oneman>I just want to get up and running on linode with postgres lighttpd etc, and am just wondering what the path of least resistance is distro wise
15:58<oneman>Other than slack the only distro Ive admined is SUSE and ubuntu breezy
15:58<kvandivo>well, seriously, how long can it take to compile a few packages if you need to?
15:59<oneman>I think im getting confused
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15:59<oneman>I was thinking that you had to pay more for more mhz, like you only get so many cpu hourse a month
15:59<oneman>I was also looking at
16:00<kvandivo>you are guaranteed a minimum, but can use whatever is free on the machine
16:00<kvandivo>running an rc5 client isn't recommended, but you are free to use the cpu that's there for something like what you are talking about
16:01<hotnikks>how about my monte carlo simulations?
16:01<@mikegrb>kvandivo: slackware is the best 1993 has to offer
16:01<kvandivo>mikegrb: exactly
16:02<hotnikks>linux is the best 1990 has to offer, go freebsd! woohoo
16:02[~]mikegrb tried bsd a couple of years ago
16:02<@mikegrb>it didn't support my 2 year old hardware
16:03<@mikegrb>went back to linux
16:03<hotnikks>what hardware?
16:03<hotnikks>and what ver of bsd, 4.x?
16:03<@mikegrb>some video captur stuff
16:04<hotnikks>give me a break
16:05[~]encode hands hotnikks a nice hot steaming break
16:05<hotnikks>heh itunes doesnt get along w/vmware
16:05<hotnikks>its fighting to turn autorun back on
16:07<oneman>caker: can you provide ubuntu breezy?
16:08<encode>oneman: you can do that yourself
16:08<encode>either by dist-upgrading
16:08<encode>or theres a page on the wiki that tells you how to produce your own image
16:09<@caker>oneman: yes, we will, but in the meantime you can do it yourself via apt
16:09<encode>someone around here was considering building a breezy image
16:09<@mikegrb>dist-upgrading would be quicker and easier
16:10<oneman>Ive done the dis-upgrade thing before, but wouldnt that replace my kernel with an incompatible version?
16:11<encode>at least, none when i did it
16:11<oneman>when ive done it, it certainly updated the kernel
16:12<encode>i didnt think a dist-upgrade upgraded the kernel by default
16:12<encode>i certainly didnt do anything special to exclude the kernel from being upgraded
16:12<@caker>either way, Linode uses its own kernels, that have nothing to do with what's on the Linode's filesystem
16:12<encode>and i just checked, its still running the original kernel
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16:13<oneman>oh, did not know that, sounds like magic ;]
16:13<oneman>That makes sense tho
16:14<oneman>I have two questions, is in the future your going to replace UML with XEN? , How soon after I give my CC info can my account be activated?
16:14<oneman>(Im wanting the 160)
16:15<@caker>You want the 160?
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16:15<oneman>yeah ;]
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16:15<@caker>Not long .. maybe jsut a few minutes if we're around
16:18<oneman>I only have 48$ in my biz bank account right now
16:18<oneman>might have to wait =/
16:18<oneman>too poor ;P
16:19<oneman>Actualy should have 'investors' tonight :P
16:19<oneman>Ill be back
16:19<@caker>sounds good
16:19<oneman>thanks so much for answering my questions
16:19<@caker>You're welcome
16:19<oneman>you guys rig up and site looks alot more pro than the others ive seen
16:20<oneman>works over
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16:20<encode>0 upgraded, 69 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. <-- lol
16:20<encode>apt-get install ant
16:21<encode>69 new packages, far out
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16:24<@caker>awww .. no more Kernel Traffic :(
16:26<[|^__^|]>ha ha zack
16:34<@caker>!weather 37216
16:34<linbot>caker: Temperature: 46°F / 8°C | Humidity: 17% | Pressure: 30.20in / 1023hPa | Conditions: Partly Cloudy | Wind Direction: West | Wind Speed: 10mph / 17km/h; Tonight - Mostly clear...then increasing clouds by midnight. Lows 24 to 28. Northwest winds around 5 mph in the evening...then becoming light. as of 4:00 PM CST on February 7, 2006;
16:34<@caker>been getting down in the 20s at night .. sucks .. I want warm weather
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16:37<phraktyl>Has anyone else seen a "set_thread_area failed" error when compiling Gentoo under UML?
16:38<tierra>heh, so that's what happened with KT... didn't make any announcement on the KT list itself, been wondering why I hadn't seen one in a few months now
16:39<@caker>phraktyl: which kernel, also does /lib/tls exist?
16:39<tierra>phraktyl: that's a very general question, and your problem is probably specific to the package your building
16:40<phraktyl>General question to see what other details people needed. :)
16:40<tierra>well, what package you were building would probably be good info
16:40<phraktyl>Compiling glibc
16:41<tierra>ah, k
16:41<@caker>phraktyl: and /lib/tls?
16:41<phraktyl>Working on getting the system built under gcc 3.4.4.
16:41<@caker>phraktyl: anyway, remove /lib/tls and move up to the 2.6.15 kernel
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16:43<phraktyl>The only 2.6.15 I see listed are the Xen unstable and 2.6.15-linode16
16:43<@caker>2.6.15-linode16, correct
16:43<phraktyl>Heh. /lib/tls doesn't exist.
16:43<phraktyl>It's been so long since I've used IRC I couldn't figure out why a line starting with /lib/tls wasn't showing up. :/
16:45<phraktyl>Rebooting now. Shouldn't take more than a week and a half to see if the recompile worked.
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16:54<encode>ok, n00b question - how do i define an environment variable?
16:55<encode>i tried set java_home /usr/bin/java
16:56<encode>ok never mind
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17:02<encode>taupehat: have you installed zimbra yet?
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17:12<taupehat>encode: am fighting with it
17:12<taupehat>I'm trying to work it in with our existing LDAP setup
17:12<taupehat>encode: you?
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17:12<encode>taupehat: i cant even build it yet
17:13<encode>10:05 <@encode> compile:
17:13<encode>10:05 <@encode> [javac] Compiling 657 source files to /home/nathan/ZimbraServer/build/classes
17:13<encode>10:05 <@encode> [javac] directory does not exist: -sourcepath
17:13<encode>theres no binary for debian / ubuntu
17:13<taupehat>building anything java is a special torture
17:13<encode>lol yes
17:13<taupehat>I thought there was a deb
17:13<taupehat>hold up
17:13<encode>so did i
17:13<encode>it was just a .tgz
17:13<encode>and the install script cant find the pre-requisites
17:14<encode>so it fails straight away
17:14<taupehat>so install the prereqs
17:14<taupehat>you're trying to build on ubuntu, aren't you
17:14<taupehat>they just released an update _today_ so you might try redownloading
17:14[~]taupehat afk... room100 time
17:17<encode>i already have the pre-reqs installed
17:17<encode>according to apt
17:17<encode>i guess thats why its an alpha package
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17:24<encode>weird, after an `echo 3.1 > /etc/debian_version` the install script can sudden;ly find most of the pre-reqs
17:36<taupehat>that's cheating, encode
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17:41<Zurk>hi wondering about the firewall on a linode ...are we provided with one when setting it up by default ? or do i need to set up ipchains rules or whatever ?
17:42<taupehat>you need to do your own
17:42<taupehat>iptables, by the way
17:42<taupehat>ipchains hasn't been used in many years
17:42<taupehat>Zurk: which distro are you running?
17:43<Zurk>dont have a linode account yet...was going to go with debian
17:43<taupehat>ahh, cool
17:43<taupehat>if you don't want to fight much, you can use a ready-made script called firehol
17:43<Zurk> that included with the default image ?
17:44<JasonF>Zurk: the default image is like a basic, small install
17:44<taupehat>the default image has next to nothing, which is nice
17:44<JasonF>you put everything from there
17:44<taupehat>apt-get install foobar
17:44<JasonF>so you're space doesn't come 75% full
17:44<Zurk> that like the debian base or something ?
17:44[~]taupehat has to pee, JasonF can handle this =]
17:44[~]JasonF has to die
17:44<Zurk>how bout security i need to apt get from security.debian via cron regularly ?
17:46<encode>ok the script still cant find some pre-reqs
17:46<taupehat>doing it from cron is a bad idea
17:46<encode>which is odd
17:46<encode>libgmp3c2 is already the newest version.
17:46<encode>according to apt
17:47[~]Zurk wants to minimize maint on the server
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17:52<encode>any reason why, after installing the native posix thread library, getconf for GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION still reports linux threads?
17:52|-|FireSlash [] has joined #linode
17:54<encode>do i have to restart or anything?
17:59<encode>maybe i dont really have NPTL installed
18:02[~]taupehat has never played with NTPL
18:03<encode>then how the heck are you running zimbra?
18:04<taupehat>I'm not
18:04<taupehat>but not for the same reason as you
18:04<taupehat>I've got an RHEL box
18:04<taupehat>binary install
18:04<taupehat>almost makes up for the godawful POS that redhat has become
18:05|-|oneman [] has joined #linode
18:05<encode>but the quick start guide says RHEL required NPTL
18:05<encode>if you run `getconf GNU_LIBPTHREAD_VERSION`, what output do you get?
18:06<@mikegrb>encode: on a linode?
18:06<encode>mikegrb: yep
18:06<encode>is there some linode reason i cant use nptl?
18:07<@mikegrb>uml doesn't support nptl
18:08<@mikegrb>or was this on the xenode?
18:08<encode>i'm running it on my xenode
18:09[~]encode does a jedi mind wipe on oneman
18:09<@mikegrb>encode: xen should have nptl support
18:09<@mikegrb>oneman: encode is in the linode xen beta
18:09<encode>so what am i doing wrong?
18:09[~]mikegrb shrugs
18:09<@mikegrb>does /lib/tls exist?
18:09<oneman>Im planning on buying a linode in about 10mins here
18:10<oneman>Im interested in this XEN stuff, Id like the idea of it ;]
18:10<@mikegrb>I'm planning on selling a linode in about 10 minutes
18:10<encode>tls-disabled exists
18:10<@mikegrb>encode: mv /lib/tls-disabled /lib/tls
18:10<oneman>I cant be betaboy with this site tho
18:10<encode>mikegrb: ok
18:10<@mikegrb>encode: also make sure the disable tls helper is disabled on the website
18:10<@mikegrb>otherwise it will move it when you reboot
18:11<@mikegrb>configuration profiles tab, then select the profile
18:11<@mikegrb>should be in the helpers section
18:11<encode>do i need to reboot to make nptl work?
18:11<@mikegrb>don't believe so
18:11<@mikegrb>but could be wrong
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18:24<encode>hmm, well moving tls-disabled back to tls, disabling that option, rebooting, still produces the same result
18:24<encode>according to getconf im still running linux threads
18:25<oneman>mikegrb, I just ordered
18:26<oneman>mikegrb, ignore the fact I got my CC experation date 3 times in a row ;]
18:26<oneman>wrong err
18:27<@mikegrb>all set
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18:34<oneman>oh man
18:34<oneman>Tuff choices
18:34<oneman>Ubuntu or .. something else ??
18:34<encode>according to /lib/ nptl is not available
18:35<oneman>Can centos 4.0 upgrade itself to centos 4.2?
18:36<taupehat>oneman: go debian small and build from there
18:36<encode>caker: any other ideas? or should i just give up and do some work
18:36<oneman>debian I have never delt with, id be more comfortable with ubuntu
18:36<oneman>even tho its basicly the same thing
18:36<taupehat>ubuntu _is_ debian
18:37<oneman>if I went with debian small, could I basicly just go apt-get install postgres lighttpd ruby
18:37<taupehat>basically, you'll be saving yourself the clockcycles required to run a windowing system that you'll never want to use for a server anyhow
18:37<oneman>and expect it to work?
18:37<taupehat>oneman: yes
18:37<encode>i think the linode factor is preventing me from running zimbra
18:37<oneman>ok Ill give it a go
18:37<taupehat>encode: your code-fu is weak =P
18:37<encode>my code-fu?
18:38<taupehat>there's an "encoded" in a different channel
18:38<taupehat>thought you were one and the same
18:47<@caker>encode: what's up?
18:47<oneman>mikegrb, where is my linode located?
18:47|-|phraktyl [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC]
18:47<encode>caker: the whole nptl thing
18:48<@caker>encode: doesn't exist/work for UML, should work in Xen
18:48<oneman>caker, I got my linode ;]
18:48<@caker>oneman: excellent - welcome to the club
18:48<@mikegrb>oneman: which host are you on?
18:48<oneman>just installed the debian small..
18:49<oneman>li11-27 ?
18:49<@mikegrb>it's in the right column on the overview page
18:49<encode>caker: im trying it on the xen beta, cant get it to work
18:49<@mikegrb>a box with Host Statistics or some such
18:49<encode>with ubuntu
18:49<@mikegrb>host 34
18:49<@mikegrb>so The Planet, Dallas, TX
18:49<oneman>ahh radikal
18:50<oneman>taupehat, ok, debian small installed, apt-get install lighttpd doesnt work, im assuming I need to add some kind of universe repository?
18:51<@caker>encode: can't get it to work, as in (error message or some other evidence here)?
18:52<@mikegrb>oneman: I think lighthttpd isn't in debian stable, it is in unstable though
18:52<encode>caker: as in, the ouput of /lib/ doesnt list nptl as an available option
18:52<encode>but i have libc6-i686 - GNU C Library: Shared libraries [i686 optimized] installed
18:52<@mikegrb>you can change stable to unstable in /etc/apt/sources.list and then apt-get update
18:52<@mikegrb>encode: the nptl versions should be in /lib/tls
18:53<encode>how stupid of me
18:53[~]mikegrb spanks encode
18:53<oneman>mikegrb, should I just change it everywhere? or add dupes with the word changed?
18:53<encode>can i just change the symbolic link to point to /lib/tls version?
18:54<encode>or is there a btter way to enable the libraries contained in /lib/tls?
18:54<@mikegrb>encode: believe it should be automagical, stuff that wants nptl will use those versions
18:54<encode>well then why does getconf not know about it?
18:54<@mikegrb>maybe rerun ldconfig
18:55<encode>OH SWEEET
18:55<encode>it works
18:55<encode>thanks so much
18:55<@mikegrb>no prob bob
19:01<oneman>I think i have my sources.list wrong allready
19:01<oneman>its working but one of those should have stayed stable it seems, I changed everything to unstable
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19:20<encode>taupehat: zimbra also seems to require an older verion of the GNU Multiple-Precision Library.
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19:52<[|^__^|]> <-- has anyone used this before?
19:56<taupehat>good price, but some cosmetic damage
19:56<taupehat>think I should make an offer?
19:57<[|^__^|]>ha ha cars
19:57<[|^__^|]>are you irish?
19:58<taupehat>well, yes
19:58<taupehat>but am not currenly in ie
19:58<taupehat>plus the ad's an hoax
19:59<[|^__^|]>is it now
19:59<taupehat>don't you read el reg?
19:59<[|^__^|]>Yes. I don't.
19:59<[|^__^|]>huh, "First in Flight"
20:00<[|^__^|]>North Carolina I think
20:09|-|troy [] has joined #linode
20:33<tronix>at least they left one of the two cans of beverage alone. ;)
20:33<tronix>wonder who the car owner cheated on. :)
20:34<npmr>i don't
20:34<tronix>I'd be pretty mad if someone threw paint over my mountain dew. car? no problem. mountain dew... whoa...
20:35<npmr>that's diet mountain dew, anyway
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21:30<troy>mmm, just got a seg fault
21:37|-|dc0e [] has joined #linode
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22:04<Nemesis__>out of interest.. how difficult is it to "move" a linode...? is this even possible?
22:04<[|^__^|]>move to another host?
22:05<[|^__^|]>Pretty easy
22:05<Nemesis__>im guessing the Linode 120s are on a different host to the Linode 80s
22:05<[|^__^|]>basically caker or mikegrb set up the migration
22:05<[|^__^|]>and then you shut down your node and it'll prompt you saying "You have a migration pending"
22:06<[|^__^|]>and it takes usually about as long as the rsync of the disk image over the net
22:06<[|^__^|]>depends on various network topology hoohaws
22:06<Nemesis__>serious? its that easy?
22:06<[|^__^|]>but the staff have to set you up for it
22:06<Nemesis__>do the IPs change?
22:06<Nemesis__>oh yeah, that's fine
22:06<[|^__^|]>the host IP changes, but not your node's IP
22:06<Nemesis__>so I wouldnt even have to make any DNS changes..
22:06<[|^__^|]>I've migrated several times
22:07<npmr>your node's ip may change under some circumstances
22:07<[|^__^|]>mostly due to bad luck with hardware
22:07<npmr>but they can arrange the migration so that it won't
22:07<[|^__^|]>oh yeah
22:07<Nemesis__>im impressed..
22:07<npmr>so was i
22:07<@mikegrb>IP remaining the same is the norm
22:07<@mikegrb>it will only change if you specifically request to change datacenters
22:08<@mikegrb>(or request to change IP for some reason)
22:08<oneman>mikegrb, ive got debian up and running with postgres, lighttpd, rails, imagemagick
22:08<oneman><< satisfied customer
22:09<@mikegrb>and congratulations
22:09<@mikegrb>debian certainly makes things easy
22:09<Nemesis__>too easy..
22:09<@mikegrb>I put off trying it for quite some time
22:09<oneman>now back to developing my top secret web 2.0 app ;]
22:09<oneman>Im a coder not a server admin!
22:10<@mikegrb>all the really smart people were using it, figured it must do things difficultly or something
22:10<@mikegrb>finally tried it
22:10<[|^__^|]>I went to debian with slink
22:10<Nemesis__>i hated rpms, figured there *has* to be a better way
22:10<[|^__^|]>basically when apt was first making it happen
22:10<@mikegrb>the smart people were using debian because they had better things to do with their time
22:11<@mikegrb>>> People shouldn't be using HTML in e-mail messages anyway,
22:11<@mikegrb>>Do you surf with a text browser? What is wrong with a full-color iTunes
22:11<@mikegrb>Do you know the difference between a web page and an e-mail message?
22:11<@mikegrb>>Comments can be put to good use if used properly, e.g. to isolate
22:11<@mikegrb>>deprecated code, design notes for future reference, and so on.
22:11<@mikegrb>You want to redesign an e-mail message you sent two years ago from notes you
22:12<@mikegrb>made in it?
22:12<@mikegrb>When you write snail mail letters, to you include notes on the chemical
22:12<@mikegrb>composition of the ink as design notes for future reference?
22:12<@mikegrb>that cracks me up
22:12<Nemesis__>im fine with html email, as long as they multipart it with a text-only one
22:13<Nemesis__>i.e. so Mutt can read it
22:13<[|^__^|]>well, I have mutt convert the html portion if no text portion exists
22:13<[|^__^|]>alternative_order text/enriched text/plain text
22:13<[|^__^|]>auto_view text/html
22:14<Nemesis__>[|^__^|]: does that work if they don't include <html /> tags ?
22:14<[|^__^|]>Nemesis__: um yes
22:14<[|^__^|]>Nemesis__: it goes on the mime type
22:14|-|FireSlash [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:14<Nemesis__>assuming the retards can set the mime type properly, hah
22:14<[|^__^|]>they don't do it manually, dude
22:15<[|^__^|]>the program does it all for them
22:15<Nemesis__>i've seen a few websites that send emails that are screwed
22:15<[|^__^|]>my system won't help there
22:15<[|^__^|]>but nothing else will either
22:17<tronix>If I get such emails from people or sites that can't be bothered to do it right... I sigh for a second, then do:
22:17<tronix>within Mutt
22:17<tronix>(assuming it's installed)
22:18<tronix>at least, I think it was metamail I used... or I spawned lynx.. hmm, let me check something real quick
22:20<tronix>heh, can't remember what I was going to check. oh well. :) sorry.
22:22<[|^__^|]>well dude
22:22<[|^__^|]>you could have mutt just convert for you
22:22<tronix>yep I do
22:22<[|^__^|]>auto_view application/msword
22:22<[|^__^|]>auto_view application/x-troff-man
22:22<[|^__^|]>auto_view application/postscript
22:22<[|^__^|]>auto_view application/pdf
22:22<[|^__^|]>auto_view text/html
22:22<[|^__^|]>auto_view text/x-vcard
22:23<tronix>it's only the fscktards who don't set mime type properly at all...
22:23<tronix>that you have to spawn something
22:23<tronix>not very often, but comes up once in a long while
22:24<[|^__^|]>usually it's just spam
22:25<npmr>not for me it doesn't
22:25<npmr>all of my correspondents are sane
22:27<tronix>that's a big plus.
22:27<npmr>i highly recommend it
22:37|-|Battousai [] has joined #linode
22:40<[|^__^|]> <-- this looks lik ethe winner for the winderz sip phone
22:40<[|^__^|]>free software and all
22:40<tronix>hmm. not familiar with that one... do mention how it looks/feels once you've had a chance to kick the tires, please?
22:40<oneman>do people really run game servers on linode?
22:41<oneman>is that commonly done?
22:41<tronix>oneman: I've heard a few does, I think. most runs mail/web/dns
22:41<Nemesis__>i wouldnt think there'd be enough ram...
22:41<tronix>personally, I wouldn't run game servers on a Linode, even if I had cpu and RAM --
22:41<tronix>it's just too attractive as a potential DoS target
22:42<tronix>I'd hate to have to eat bills from network costs of a DoS
22:42<oneman>usualy the biggest DOS magnet is irc servers
22:42<oneman>does wengo do alsa?
22:42<encode>mmm, Disk Operating System
22:43<oneman>oh damn wengo can do video!?!?
22:48<[|^__^|]>whoa, this wengophone deb sure doesn't follow policy
22:48<[|^__^|]>all the docs are in /usr/lib/wengophone/
22:48<[|^__^|]>an dthey're in French
22:49<@mikegrb>string up their gizzrds and parade them through the streets
22:49<@mikegrb>gizzards even
22:51[~][|^__^|] uninstalls wnego
22:51<[|^__^|]>okay, looks good enough
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22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
23:03|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:28|-|fake [] has joined #linode
23:28<fake>Anyone around?
23:32<fake>Can you by chance explain what "Your Linode has consumed X% of one Host CPU for this month" means
23:33<[|^__^|]>not precisely
23:33<[|^__^|]>but basically it means that you've used up that amount of the host machine's CPU cycles
23:33<[|^__^|]>although the hosts have four CPUs I think, so I dunno what relevance it really has
23:34<npmr>but only one of the host's two cpus
23:34<[|^__^|]>two eh
23:34<fake>what happens when I get to 100%? My linode doesn't do anything out of the ordinary and I'm at 55% already!
23:34<[|^__^|]>yeah sounds like it
23:34<fake>well my bandwidth hasn't skyrocketed
23:35<fake>i'd figure if i was rooted then they'd just use it to dump warez
23:35<npmr>maybe your idea of "out of the ordinary" is different
23:35<fake>instead of hunt for SETI
23:35<[Erik]>dont worry about it, it jumps around like a frog on crack
23:35<[|^__^|]>they're hunting for the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
23:35<[|^__^|]>when they find the Search, that's when they begin searching!
23:35<npmr>ha ha
23:35<fake>ok let me list the things my linode runs: web, mail, irc clients, shoutcast (up for about 4 hrs per day with 1 listener)
23:36<[|^__^|]>all of this sounds I/O bound
23:36<[|^__^|]>unless your shoutcast does crazy reencoding
23:36<fake>i don't see what is so computationally expensive
23:36<[Erik]>mine has been as high as 400%
23:36<npmr>reencoding of audio streams is computationally expensive
23:37<fake>it doesn't reencode afaik
23:37<npmr>nor resample?
23:37<fake>I can't say for sure.
23:37<fake>It runs at 24k for about 4 hours a day with peak listeners at 2 who usually stay an average of 10 minutes
23:37<npmr>[Erik], 400% is my kind of money
23:37|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
23:37|-|bdragon [] has joined #linode
23:37<fake>hard to imagine that's a bit deal
23:38<npmr>[Erik], how the hell did that happen?
23:38<fake>caker's email is yeah?
23:39<[Erik]>i dont know, its back at its usual low tho
23:39<fake>weird =/
23:39<bdragon>I just added a second IP address, and when I rebooted, my eth0 device seems to have disappeared. (i.e. when I "ifconfig eth0 up", I get "eth0: unknown interface: No such device")
23:39<bdragon>(bdragon on host45)
23:39<fake>it appears that my irc bouncer takes the most cpu (from top) but even then it's pretty low
23:41<fake>the only thing I can think of is compilation (i know i know gentoo .. but i have everything setup like i want already)
23:50|-|Bdragon28 [] has joined #linode
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