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---Logopened Thu Feb 09 00:00:12 2006
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01:38[~]taupehat presses his left mouse button into Guru Meditation #ZZZZZZZZZ
01:39<[|^__^|]>Man, Amiga got all stuffy when they ditched that
01:41[~]tronix assumes the 'alert, intent, and actively working' Wally [of Dilbert fame] pose
01:42<tronix>wasn't lucky enough to have an Amiga but knew a fellow back then whom made very good use of it
01:42<tronix>Norwegian guy whom once invited me to a nice Amiga convention in Washington DC
01:42<tronix>'89 or '90
01:42<taupehat>I'm just checking the BSOD screensaver package
01:43<taupehat>"The finest in personal computer emulation, this hack simulates popular screen savers from a number of less robust operating systems."
01:44[~]tronix decides to write a nice trojan in 6502 assembly for less robust OSes like Apple II DOS 3.3
01:48[~]taupehat is liking kde 3.5
01:51<[|^__^|]>taupehat: any good?
01:51<taupehat>a fair bit quicker
01:51<taupehat>and some nice additions to kcontrolcenter
01:52<taupehat>lots of eye-candy
01:52<taupehat>but it also happens to run better
01:52<[|^__^|]>the latest gnome is like that too
01:52<[|^__^|]>much smaller memory footprint
01:52<[|^__^|]>more stuff Just Works
01:53<taupehat>right on
01:53<taupehat>is it approaching something torvalds would like?
01:54<[|^__^|]>I dunno
01:54<[|^__^|]>Torvalds used to hate VCS systems too, until someone finally sat him down and explained that he knew basically two things about VCS: Jack and Shit
01:55[~]taupehat still thinks he's right about gnome =]
01:55<[|^__^|]>so I don't care about Torvalds' opinions on anything not directly kernel-related
01:55<[|^__^|]>Torvalds's even
01:55<taupehat>no, you had it right the first time
01:55<[|^__^|]>I did not
01:55<[|^__^|]>It was a singular possessive, not a plural possessive
01:55<[|^__^|]>singular possessives ending in s become "s's"
01:56<[|^__^|]>the lone trailing apostrophe is strictly for plural possessives
01:56<taupehat>ahh, right
01:56<taupehat>"Smooth Blend" is possibly the nicest eye-candy I see here
01:56<taupehat>very cool window decorations
01:56<taupehat>it's all "ooh, purty" and not very functional
01:56<taupehat>but it goes together very nicely to create an utterly-pleasant desktop
01:57<taupehat>I'm stuck in gnome on a work computer lately, it's been driving me batshit crazy
01:57<taupehat>everything is like backwards =]
01:58<taupehat>is there a way to re-re-order the buttons on gtk so they're back to the way I'm used to them being?
01:58<[|^__^|]>I just map everything to key-chords anyway
01:58<[|^__^|]>ordering buttons?
01:58<taupehat>you know
01:58<[|^__^|]>oh shit, not this again
01:58<taupehat>no, I'm serious
01:58<taupehat>I need to configure an LTSP system for people who are used to windows
01:58<[|^__^|]>whether it's [OK] [CANCEL] or [CANCEL] [OK] it's still WRONG
01:58<[|^__^|]>the correct behavior is [SAVE FILE] [EXIT WITHOUT SAVING]
01:59<[|^__^|]>or whatever
01:59<taupehat>but muscle-memory says [OK] is on the right, [Cancel] is on the left
01:59<[|^__^|]>the buttons should SAY WHAT THEY DO
01:59<taupehat>OSX does those correctly
01:59<taupehat>but this isn't OSX
01:59<[|^__^|]>dude, it doesn't matter
01:59<taupehat>it's yes/no/cancel
01:59<[|^__^|]>you should be able to read the damn things
01:59<[|^__^|]>I run into windows boxes on alcatraz
01:59<[|^__^|]>and the damn print dialog was all [OK] [CANCEL]
02:00<[|^__^|]>and I'm all "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE [PRINT] BUTTON?"
02:00<[|^__^|]>does "OK" mean print??
02:00<taupehat>right right
02:00<taupehat>do you have a screenshot of the newer Gnome file browse dialogue? I'm wondering whether to upgrade
02:01<taupehat>"where's my path bar?"
02:02<[|^__^|]>I got that by basically typing /
02:02<[|^__^|]>no magic
02:02<[|^__^|]>just started typing in a path
02:03<[|^__^|]>and it tab-completes
02:03<[|^__^|]>makes mouseless use so much nicer
02:03<taupehat>_I_ know that
02:03<taupehat>but many don't
02:03<taupehat>Ideally, there would be a path bar, and typing would simply autoselect it
02:03[~][|^__^|] shrugs
02:03<taupehat>kind of like in firefox you type "/something" and it opens the text search and begins working
02:04<taupehat>only more so =]
02:04<taupehat>with all that blank spce there
02:04<[|^__^|]>I used to love vi keybindings in galeon back when
02:04<[|^__^|]>maybe there's some firefox script to do that
02:04<taupehat>it seems like it'd be easy enough to put a little text in that dialogue that says "begin typing if you know the path" or something more coherent than what i just said
02:05[~][|^__^|] shrugs
02:05<taupehat>there's a ton of unused space
02:05<taupehat>ahh, ubuntu++
02:05<taupehat>are those krellms on your menubar?
02:05<[|^__^|]>I just told it to put system monitors up
02:06<[|^__^|]>CPU, RAM, net, swap, and disk
02:06<[|^__^|]>and the purple arrows are telling me I should reboot
02:06<[|^__^|]>which i don't buy for a minute
02:07<[|^__^|]>the keyboard is SCIM, so I can type 日本語で
02:07<[|^__^|]>the funny boxes are Tomboy, which is a cool wiki-esque version of stickynotes
02:08<[|^__^|]>and the faded clock thing is a timer doodad that i use when cooking
02:08<[|^__^|]>tomboy is pretty sweet
02:09<[|^__^|]>23:59 [Linode] -Internat( Please please refrain from using caps in Its considered to be yelling and is rude.
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02:10<Dread>hey, any staff around>
02:11<taupehat>wow, that was odd
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02:13<Dread>can everyone else access their linodes?
02:13<Dread>mines completely gone
02:13<Dread>did this yesterday too
02:13<taupehat>wonder if a host fell over
02:13<taupehat>mine's fine right now
02:14<taupehat>or I wouldn't be on IRC
02:14<Dread>the members area says its running
02:14<taupehat>host load high?
02:14<Dread>but its like theres no connection to the outside world
02:15<taupehat>did you try lish?
02:15<Dread>whats lish? im not linux competent
02:15<taupehat>there are instructions on your member's page
02:15<taupehat>look on support I think
02:16<Dread>what should i be lookin for? what is lish?
02:17<Dread> <-- dead
02:18<Dread>9 works
02:18<taupehat>it's pinging
02:18<taupehat>not http
02:19<@caker># iocheck dread
02:19<@caker>Filename Type Size Used Priority
02:19<@caker>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 263160 -1
02:19<@caker>io_count=119992707 io_rate=482 io_tokens=-50 token_refill=512 token_max=400000
02:19<@caker>Dread: you're totally swap thrashing
02:19<Dread>i am?
02:20<[|^__^|]>bad luck, dude
02:21<Dread>so whats swap thrashing? using the swap partition too much?
02:21<[|^__^|]>you reach a point where you're swapping just to do anything
02:21<[|^__^|]>and that slows everything down
02:21<taupehat>where's my thread on the topic
02:21<[|^__^|]>and on a linode it's particularly deadly because access to the disk is rationed out to prevent any one node from taking down the whole host
02:21<Dread>hmm, but im not doing anything different since i got the server over half a year ago
02:22<taupehat>that's not good
02:22<[|^__^|]>could be a runaway process
02:22<[|^__^|]>could be a rootkit
02:22<taupehat>you'll want to look in your logs
02:22<[|^__^|]>logs will help
02:22<Dread>i'll get my more linux competent co-owner to look into it
02:23[~]taupehat refrains from linking his post in here yet again
02:23<taupehat>[|^__^|]: I have a pic for you in a minute
02:24<[|^__^|]> <-- taupehat
02:24<Dread>so how would i get access to the server then? by ssh-ing to
02:24<taupehat>[|^__^|]: haha
02:28<taupehat>heh, love how RPM handles deps so backwards
02:28<taupehat>gimp requires a certain version of libs that I actually have but it can't see
02:28<[|^__^|]>why can't it see them?
02:28<taupehat>so it starts claiming that I need to downgrade 20 things, which will break 200 things
02:28<taupehat>long story
02:29<taupehat>having mainly to do with needing to support flashplayer on a 64-bit OS
02:29<[|^__^|]>haha yeah
02:29<taupehat>I think actually it was kaffeine or libdvdplay that did it
02:29<taupehat>the thing is
02:29<[|^__^|]>so where's my picture!
02:29<taupehat>I get these _dire_ warnings about how bad what I'm doing is
02:29<taupehat>then gimp installs and works perfectly
02:29<taupehat>one minute
02:29<taupehat>I'm firing up gimp
02:30<taupehat>ooh, shiny
02:30<taupehat>this is the new gimp!
02:30<taupehat>same as the old gimp!
02:30<[|^__^|]>GIMP YEARS
02:30<[|^__^|]>watch the meter climb
02:30<[|^__^|]>SHE'S GUNNA BLOW
02:31<Internat>oh ffs
02:31<Internat>is that script running in here as well god dammit
02:31<taupehat>man this computer is too fast to even see that splash screen
02:31<taupehat>it's like blink and you missed it
02:31<taupehat>Internat: what script?
02:32<Internat>script tyat yells at people if they use caops
02:32<Internat>i think i just fixed it
02:32<[|^__^|]>Internat: you may want to straight CTCP the user so that it actually pops up
02:32<taupehat>I DON'T KNOW, LET ME CHECK
02:32<taupehat>no scolding
02:32<Internat>notice normally works over ctcp
02:33<taupehat>here you go [|^__^|]
02:33[~]taupehat watches his gkrellms get hit
02:33<[|^__^|]>taupehat: so what did you censor?
02:34<Internat>ah ok
02:34<taupehat>you must mean the "sort me" directory
02:34<[|^__^|]>no, I mean that you fired up the gimp
02:34<[|^__^|]>I presume it was to edit the image
02:34<[|^__^|]>my screenshot was just me hitting PrtSc and then throwing the PNG up
02:35<taupehat>it was to convert the ppm file that xgrab throws into jpg
02:35<taupehat>I know there are easier ways
02:35<taupehat>but I was meaning to get gimp back on here anyhow
02:35[~]taupehat did sort of censor his desktop
02:35<taupehat>by cleaning up the mess before I grabbed the screen!
02:35<taupehat>icons _everywhere_
02:36<taupehat>[|^__^|]: don't you think that if I were going to censor something, I'd start by clonetooling out that little blue "e" on there?
02:36<[|^__^|]>they're all under your transparent xterm
02:36<[|^__^|]>I gave up on translucent terminals
02:36<taupehat>they're all in the folder named 'SORT ME'
02:36<[|^__^|]>it's neat, buuuut...
02:36<[|^__^|]>I stopped caring
02:37<taupehat>so anyhow
02:37<[|^__^|]>and going black again saved on RAM
02:37<[|^__^|]>okay, it's long past time for bed
02:37<[|^__^|]>the KDE looks much less shitty than it did when I last used it
02:38<taupehat>the eye candy I was referring to is the window decorations there
02:38<taupehat>and the way the desktop sort of blends
02:38<taupehat>kicker, not desktop
02:38<[|^__^|]>which was a couple years ago
02:38<taupehat>everything evolves =]
02:38<[|^__^|]>okay, g'night
02:38<taupehat>good idea
02:39[~]taupehat <3 his gkrellms
02:48<Internat>sorry btw for anyone that got hyelled at by any of my scripts
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06:09<ppdorapa>caker are you there ?
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06:29|-|NetHack #linode [+o caker] by []
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06:33<olekvi>I've just created a new hard drive image (number 3), but I'm not able to mount it; mount /dev/ubdc /foo -> mount: Bad address
06:34<olekvi>Any suggestions?
06:37<olekvi>(it is formatted as an ext3 filesystem)
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06:49<ppdorapa2>hello linode people
06:49<ppdorapa2>caker are you there?
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06:55<ppdorapa2>alo !
06:57<Internat>did u break something?
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06:58<ppdorapa3>chris or caker here ?
07:06<ppdorapa3>alo ?
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08:41<resplin>Who can I ask about a refund that has been promised me for a couple of months now?
08:41<bendy24>either caker or mikegrb
08:41<resplin>Okay. Thanks.
08:43<resplin>Is either caker or mikegrb available?
08:45<bendy24>they are around from time to time
08:45<bendy24>not sure about now though...
08:46<resplin>Thanks for the help bendy. It is certainly difficult to get a refund.
08:54<bendy24>np. the service has been really great in my experiance.
08:56<resplin>I enjoyed the service, but didn't need my node anymore. I asked them "if I cancel this will I get a refund, or should I just hang onto it?" They responded: "a refund is fine, just request it when you cancel".
08:56<resplin>That was two months ago.
08:57<resplin>My emails haven't been answered, and I'm still waiting for the refund.
08:57<kvandivo>sounds very uncharacteristic. i'll wait to hear the other side (not that it is any of my business) before i make any judgements
08:57<resplin>I just sent off another email to billing@linode.
08:57<resplin>From looking in the forums, I'm not the only person to have the problem.
08:58<resplin>They are nice guys to work with, just slow when it comes to the refund queue.
08:58<resplin>I'm not accusing them of stealing my money, just being slow.
08:58<resplin>(two months slow)
08:58<resplin>They could have just said "no refunds, don't cancel your machine"
08:58<resplin>But they didn't.
09:00<resplin>Well, I have to get to work. Thanks for listening to my rant.
09:00<kvandivo>you need a deus ex machina
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09:02<bendy24>i wonder why he needs a refund?
09:02<bendy24>are we paying a month in advace?
09:03<kvandivo>might have done yearly
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09:27<ppdorapa_>is it caker there ?
09:27<kvandivo>haven't seen him yet this morning_
09:27<olekvi>mount /dev/ubdc /foo -> mount: Bad address -- any one seen this before?
09:28<ppdorapa_>at wich time he used to came here ?
09:28<kvandivo>oh, most any time now, i'd say.. afternoon is usually a safe bet
09:30<heidi>yeah, looks like they were both up kind of late, probably closer to noon
09:31<ppdorapa_>thanks !
09:31<ppdorapa_>i will came again in a couple of hours..
09:32<ppdorapa_>cya linode people !
09:32<olekvi>you know, it is after noon now ;) (at least for some of us :-)
09:33<kvandivo>ya, i know.. but i try to make sure that everything i say is as american-centric as possible. i wouldn't want to confuse everyone else's view of us rowdy americans
09:35<ppdorapa_>im not in usa.. how many hours do you think caker will be here..
09:35<ppdorapa_>here its 12:32 pm
09:36<kvandivo>3 hours from now
09:38<ppdorapa_>thanks kvandivo
09:39<kvandivo>that's a guess, of course.. i'm not them, so i don't have a clue when they will actually be here..
09:39<kvandivo>as an aside, if you have questions about anything other than money, someone in here can probably help you most any time
09:41<olekvi>kvandivo: what about my mount problem? :)
09:41<kvandivo>olekvi: no.
09:41<kvandivo>that's my answer to your question. :)
09:41<kvandivo>speaking only for myself, of course
09:41<olekvi>I really don't get it
09:42<olekvi>I've done similar mounts earlier with no problems.
09:42<kvandivo>have you googled for 'mount bad address' to see what it even means?
09:42<bendy24>do you have to specify the fs type?
09:43<heidi>that /dev/ubdc /foo should there be a space between the ubdc and the next /
09:43<heidi>i would always check typos first
09:43<kvandivo>yes, the space needs to be there
09:43<bendy24>like the space between my ears?
09:44<olekvi>heidi: there is a space, yes
09:44<heidi>just checking
09:45<heidi>i really don't know much, but my first thought when something doesn't work is that there is a typo
09:46<olekvi>open("/dev/ubdc", O_RDONLY) = -1 EFAULT (Bad address)
09:46<olekvi>seems /dev/ubdc really isn't there?
09:48|-|spr [] has joined #linode
09:51<olekvi>fdisk tells me the same. strange.
09:55<olekvi>oh fuck. I'm so stupid
09:56<tsi>couldn't resist, sorry
09:56<olekvi>I didn't add it to the correct profile
09:56<olekvi>tsi: O_RDONLY is from strace, it tries to open it read only (first)
09:57<olekvi>'it' = mount
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11:39<D|AFK>Lo - any idea what's happened to host20 please?
11:48<@mikegrb>host 20 looks great
11:50<D|AFK>Not from my side it doesn't - unless I've got the wrong host number - I'll PM you the IP, if that's okay?
11:50|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
11:52<D|AFK>Can't even SSH to it
11:52<@mikegrb>your Linode on host 20 isn't running
11:53<bendy24>thats a forehead slapper
11:53<D|AFK>Hrm - okay, I'm gonna rip the balls off the guy that runs it then - he didn't tell me he was taking it down
11:54<D|AFK>Okay - was it taken down by user, or did it bomb?
11:56<D|AFK>(I mean the guy that runs it, as in the guy that rents it off Caker) ;)
11:56|-|ppdorapa2 [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
11:56<warewolf>so you're not the guy who owns the linode?
11:56<bendy24>D|AFK: i bet it was the guy who typed "halt"
11:57<warewolf>instead of complaining to Linode, I think you should complain to the guy who's paying for the linode
11:57<D|AFK>I'm not complaining to Linode - I'm just asking what happened
11:58[~]warewolf is getting tired of his tivo crashing
11:58[~]warewolf is going to have to purchase yet another replacement HD
11:59<bendy24>warewolf: stop complaing to #linode! :)
11:59<warewolf>I'm not complaining to Linode - I'm just saying what happened
12:00<bendy24>12:58 * warewolf is getting tired of his tivo crashing
12:00<kvandivo>Lorena is a complainer
12:01<bendy24>my wife is a complainer
12:01<kvandivo>so.. what conclusions can we draw?
12:02<bendy24>i better not say any more
12:02<kvandivo>think carefully, oh one-who-is-aware-that-the-channel-is-logged
12:02<bendy24>Carnivor will report me to the wife
12:02<kvandivo>which would cause her to ________
12:04<bendy24>you can torture me all you want, she will always hurt me worse
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12:29|-|ppdorapa_linode [] has joined #linode
12:29<ppdorapa_linode>hello people
12:29<ppdorapa_linode>caker are you there?
12:44<ppdorapa_linode>have to go.. take care
13:05<kvandivo>physical proximity has a way of doing that, b24
14:00<bendy24>theres also the 50/50 thing
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14:16<iggy>mikegrb: login attempt for nonexistent user from <---- is that a linode IP?
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14:21<linbot>New news from forums: Speed limit? in General Discussion <> || Host 40 Panic in System and Network Status <>
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16:20<cmantito>hmm, anyone here use any kind of a BNC or IRC proxy/relay on their linode? (instead of a screened irssi?)
16:24|-|robertj [] has joined #linode
16:25<robertj>heya all, I'm back again to battle the daemon of the segfaulting apache2 :(
16:27<iggy>do you have your sacrificial goats and chickens?
16:27<robertj>no but I have two of all the white meat birds
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16:27<iggy>mmmm, pigeon
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16:32<robertj>#2049 0x407dcf34 in zend_qm_assign_handler ()
16:32<robertj> from /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
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17:48<linbot>New news from forums: DNS Set-up: Debian 3.1 / Godaddy / in Linux Networking <>
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22:18<tronix>robertj: i'm afraid the only insight I can offer is that it would seem to be a PHP 5 issue.
22:18<tronix>perhaps ask on a php-users or php-devel type of mailing list?
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23:22<@mikegrb>not a nascar fan but this is pretty cool
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