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01:48<phI||Ip>How do Linodes stack up for Ruby on Rails production sites?
01:50<[|^__^|]>that's a very fuzzy question
01:51<phI||Ip>yeah, I know.
01:51<phI||Ip>I guess what Im asking is, if Im competent enough to get it working properly... anyone have experience with how a decent VPS compares to a business TextDrive account?
01:52<[|^__^|]>I don't know what TextDrive is
01:52<[|^__^|]>but the bottleneck for UML is disk I/O
01:52<[|^__^|]>and so it tends to be rationed to prevent thrashing instances from taking down the whole host
01:53<phI||Ip>hmm, yeah Ive heard the same
01:54<[|^__^|]>but I haven't had trouble with it
01:57<[|^__^|]>I think you'll find we're all satisfied customers here though
01:59<phI||Ip>Great, Im definetly going to consider it.
01:59<taupehat>in the meantime
01:59<taupehat>silly waste of time that's very entertaining
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02:22<oneman_>ha to bad
02:22<oneman_>he left
02:23<oneman_>i have a linode and a textdrive account
02:23<oneman_>and both are for rails
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12:09<dbraun>I want to adding ip to my account again because of ircd systems
12:12<dbraun>But Adminstror message "We can not add additional IP addresses to your account for this purpose" .
12:12<dbraun>How can I take
12:18<dbraun>where can I report it?
12:30<Redgore>youll need to open a support ticket
12:30<Redgore>they can only assign a certain number of IPs without good reason, many people have been abusing multiple ip's
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13:30<Dreamer3>dbraun: you can't have an IP just for that, sorry
13:30<Dreamer3>dbraun: they don't give out IPs for that
13:30<Dreamer3>i don't believe
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14:52<nikki>is it possible to switch to paying monthly if you've currently been paying yearly?
15:18<@mikegrb>you will either need to reduce your disk space allocation to the amount that comes with the plan you are on or pay for the extra space
15:19<@mikegrb>once you've reduced the space, or decided to pay for the extra, just open a support ticket
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16:09<Internat>*bows before yearly payments* god they hurt, but the extra space is worth it
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17:21<nikki>heh, I can't afford yearly right now, so I haven't much choice :/
17:22<nikki>when it comes down to less space or no space, I think less space wins ;)
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17:47<encode>how do i list installed packages in debian/ubuntu?
17:47<@caker>dpkg -l
17:48<encode>i did a dist-upgrade yesterday from warty to hoary
17:48<encode>and now i have reiserfs stuff installed, libusb, some issue with udev...blah blah blah
17:53<[|^__^|]>heh, hoary
17:53<[|^__^|]>why not go to breezy?
17:53<[|^__^|]>that's the current stable version
17:53<[|^__^|]>I'm running dapper on my laptop even
17:59<encode>i wasnt going to risk going 2 versions at once
18:00<encode>ok, how do i get apt to stop trying to upgrade udev, since when it does, it fails with the message "udev requires a kernel >= 2.6.8, upgrade aborted."
18:08<[|^__^|]>I'm running 2.6, so that's not a problem i ran into
18:09<encode>maybe i should change to 2.6
18:09<encode>all i need to do is shutdown, change the option in the webpage, then boot up, right?
18:10<[|^__^|]>I'd change the option while you're up
18:10<[|^__^|]>and be sure to reboot from the web page
18:10<[|^__^|]>because some funny things get cached when you reboot from lish
18:10<[|^__^|]>and I can never be arsed to remember which
18:10<encode>i think i'll do that when i get home from work
18:11<encode>i should probably reboot first, before changing the kernel, to make sure that the dist-upgrade didnt break anything
18:11<@caker>Lish boots the last used config profile, however it re-reads the config profile's settings
18:24<[|^__^|]>ah okay
18:49[~]warewolf -c dihydrogen monoxide submersion &
18:53<[|^__^|]>the dhmo joke is pretty stale
18:55<taupehat>oh jeez
18:55[~]taupehat steals all the stop energy from [|^__^|] and flushes it down the toilet
18:55<[|^__^|]>"stop energy"?
18:55<taupehat>stop energy
18:56<[|^__^|]>oh, I see. It's huggy-feely talk.
18:57<[|^__^|]>taupehat: yer harshin' my buuuzz man, with yer, yer... NEGATIVE VIIIIBES
18:57<taupehat>16:57 Ignoring ALL from [|^__^|]
18:57<[|^__^|]>Would you please?
18:58<[|^__^|]>warewolf once promised to do so, but never followed through
18:59<[|^__^|]>but once you do, please take every opportunity to brag about your massive killfile. that always makes it fun
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19:27<fo0bar>see, [|^__^|] dislikes cute, guised personal attacks. you need to be more direct.
19:27<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: you suck
19:28<fo0bar>see? personal attack, minus the bullshit
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19:31<h6w>Hey guys, can I add a new linode to my existing account, or do I have to create a new account every time?
19:32<efudd>afaik caker doesn't have a method to tie multiple linodes to a single login/account.
19:32<HaterzNightmare>when will there be some availability on linode 80?
19:32<efudd>(or more specifically, when i had 2 in the past, i had to have 2 accounts.)
19:32<h6w>hmmm, ok. Just thought I'd check before I give myself more headaches than necessary.
19:34<h6w>Interesting, the number of Linode320s just went up by 1. (??)
19:38<[|^__^|]>fo0bar: thanks
19:47<fo0bar>[|^__^|]: no prob. keep up the good work.
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20:14<warewolf>oh cool
20:14<warewolf>someone else who ignored katmari.
20:14<warewolf>now we can hold conversations without him.
20:14[~]warewolf cheers
20:15<warewolf>anyway, worktime for me
20:15[~]warewolf &
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20:40<h6w>I need more than 18GB disk space on my Debian server, where should I go?
21:04<tronix>on your Linode? can't you order more disk space for your Linode?
21:10<encode>its starts to get pretty darn expensive
21:16<tronix>heh yeah
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21:40<maher>how do i switch to yearly billing - do I still get the 50% extra hd space...
21:42<@mikegrb>jus open a ticket and yes
21:45<maher>ticket opened - thanks!
21:46<@mikegrb>trip is a copy cat
21:46[~]mikegrb runs
21:47<trip>that's actuall the reason i joined here
21:47<trip>he's just quicker
21:47<trip>i was trying to manipulate the 'extras' section into doing my bidding
21:47<maher>great minds think alike...
21:48<@mikegrb>trip: you have an extra 2gb of space, do you want to keep that and the extra 1.5 free, keep 1 of the 2 gb or just have the free 1.5
21:48<@mikegrb>ie do you want a linode 80 with 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 gb extra space
21:48<@mikegrb>maher: you are all set
21:48<@mikegrb>maher: you have the extra space now and will be billed on the first
21:49<@mikegrb>since you are paid up through the end of the month
21:49<trip>lets go with the upgrade of the base plan
21:49<@mikegrb>so 80 with the free 1.5?
21:49<trip>if i need extra space it's easy enough to take care of
21:49<@mikegrb>k, I will need you to reduce the size of one of your disk images
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21:50<trip>How do things I made addon later work with annual billing?
21:50[~]mikegrb looks
21:50<trip>Actually I should've check disk space first, lets go with the upgrade of current plan
21:50<@mikegrb>the extras have each option twice
21:51<trip>ah k
21:51<@mikegrb>once for monthly, once for annual, they are labled
21:51<trip>well that's pretty handy
21:51<@mikegrb>well, you have + 2gb now, I could drop one, so with the 1.5 gb free for annual, you will come out with 512 mb more then now
21:51<maher>mikegrb: cool - do i need to do something to find the extra space or will it just appear?
21:52<@mikegrb>maher: it will show up in your account if you log out and then back in, then you can shutdown and increase the size of your disk image
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21:53<maher>ooooh - its there....
21:54<trip>512 more should be sufficient for now
21:54<trip>i've gotten into the habit of offering friends photo gallerys
21:54<trip>i know too many artists
21:55<@mikegrb>all right
21:55<@mikegrb>you are all set as well
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22:03<maher>mikegrb: woohoo! all done - thanks a lot...
22:04<@mikegrb>not a problem
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22:46<warewolf>I have got to have a memory leak somewhere
22:47<warewolf>my swap usage is nothing compared to what it was pre-reobot
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