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00:10<taupehat> Your System ate a SPARC! Gah!
00:15<JasonF>mmm sparc
00:17<warewolf>sparc plug
00:20<JasonF>that'll get your motor running
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08:14<vaxen>currently my phpbb forum default installation is at
08:15<vaxen>how do I make to point to the forum?
08:16<bendy24>take a look at the virtualdomain directive
08:16<bendy24>er virtual host i meant
08:18<vaxen>i tried to apt-get install phpmyadmin
08:19<vaxen>The following packages will be REMOVED:
08:19<vaxen> libapache2-mod-php4 php4-mysql phpbb2 phpbb2-conf-mysql
08:19<bendy24>just download phpmyadmin direct
08:19<Redgore>most likely phpmyadmin is set with a php5 dependancy
08:20<@mikegrb>nah, probably php4/apache1.3
08:20<vaxen>can i run php4 and php5 at the same time?
08:20<Redgore>well either way you dont need to use apt to install phpmyadmin
08:20<@mikegrb>Version: 4:2.7.0-pl2-1
08:20<@mikegrb>Depends: php5 | php5-cgi | php4 | php4-cgi, php5-mysql | php5-mysqli | php4-mysql, apache2 | httpd, debconf (>= 0.2.26) | debconf-2.0, ucf (>= 0.8)
08:20<vaxen>mikegrb: ist apache2 installation
08:21<vaxen>essentially debian doesnt allow me to have phpbb2 and phymyadmin install together
08:22<Redgore>not via its packages it seems
08:22<Redgore>you dont need to use the debian package for phpmyadmin
08:22<Redgore>infact I would normally advise against it
08:22<bendy24>just download and extract
08:23<vaxen>then again i can't be bothred to minitor for new packages for security holes
08:23<bendy24>make sure to password protect phpmyadmin
08:24<@mikegrb>then why have a package system at all?
08:24<vaxen>mikegrb: I don't get you
08:24<@mikegrb>if people used the pacakge system for installing web stuff, I wouldn't have to open abuse tickets every day because someone's outdated install of wordpress or phpbb got compromised
08:24<bendy24>then why do we have a mikegrb at all?
08:25<vaxen>i thought debian pretty good with patching these webapps
08:25<@mikegrb>if you use the package
08:25<@mikegrb>it seems most people don't
08:26<bendy24>do you have security listed in your apt repositories?
08:26<vaxen>bendy24: yes
08:26<vaxen>mikegrb: i do want to use the package system, it seems debian is not allowing me to
08:26<vaxen>so what can i do
08:27<@mikegrb>resolve the conflict manually
08:27<@mikegrb>or file a bug
08:29<@mikegrb>aptitude would make it easier
08:29<bendy24>just download and extract
08:29<bendy24>just download and extract
08:29<bendy24>just download and extract
08:29<bendy24>just download and extract
08:29<bendy24>just download and extract
08:29<@mikegrb>and after you do that
08:29<@mikegrb>create a username guest with password guest
08:29<@mikegrb>might as well make it easy on the people who want to use your linode
08:30<vaxen>might as well change my root password to root
08:30<@mikegrb>good idea
08:30<npmr>bendy24, do you understand why that's a bad idea?
08:30<@mikegrb>vaxen: aptitude is another frontend to the apt database
08:31<@mikegrb>vaxen: it has a curses interface and will let you see why it wants to remove package X
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08:31<bendy24>npmr: no, please school me
08:31<npmr>i sense sarcasm.... are you being sarcastic?
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08:32<@mikegrb>npmr sounded like HAL with that last statement
08:32<npmr>why keep suggesting it, then?
08:32<Redgore>npmr: he was being sarcastic about the schooling bit
08:32<Redgore>why in your opinion is using the tarball bad ?
08:33<npmr>because in order to keep up with security fixes you'd have to redo all of that manual installation every time there's a fix
08:33<npmr>using apt it's just "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade"
08:33<bendy24>its just a simple download and extraction...
08:33<Redgore>it wants to redo the entire system
08:34<npmr>and that's covers a great deal more than just you stupid php crap
08:34<bendy24>but thats all it is
08:34<bendy24>just php scripts
08:34<Redgore>phpmyadmin shouldnt require php5
08:34<Redgore>it should need php5 or php4
08:34<npmr>Redgore, submit a bug report
08:35<Redgore>im not using their package so it doesnt affect me, one more simple step in a security update schedule doesnt bother me
08:36<bendy24>much easier to download, extract and configure a singe config file
08:37<npmr>how is that easier?
08:37<bendy24>1. wget... 2. tar xzf... 3. vi?
08:37<bendy24>especially since apt bitches about dependancies...
08:37<npmr>1. apt-get 2. vi
08:38<npmr>i guess it's a fine line between "bitches about" and "takes care of automatically"
08:38<bendy24>forcing you to upgrade your entire php subsystem?
08:39<bendy24>i hope you dont do hosting and such...
08:39<npmr>bendy24, have you reported that bug?
08:39<bendy24>no, since i didnt use apt
08:39<npmr>if phpmyadmin works with php4 then yes, there's no reason for it to depend specifically on php5, and that's a bug
08:39<bendy24>as i said, its a single direcotry, with php scripts
08:39<npmr>why not report the bug?
08:40<bendy24>cause i didnt have that problem?
08:40<npmr>uh, yeah, you did
08:40<npmr>it's why you decided to do it manually
08:40<bendy24>i have never used apt to install phpmyadmin tbh
08:41<bendy24>no, its not. vaxen was the one with the apt problems
08:41[~]npmr slaps forehead
08:41<bendy24>i had said that from the start
08:41<bendy24>same as Redgore
08:42<npmr>you <--
08:42<npmr> --> the point
08:42<bendy24>sure dude
08:44<vaxen>why why why
08:45<vaxen>i thought debian dependencies are rock solid
08:45<bendy24>they should be
08:45<@mikegrb>which version are you using?
08:46<@mikegrb>well there you go
08:46<vaxen>dont flame me for it
08:46<@mikegrb>if you switch to stable or unstable the problem will probably go away
08:46<vaxen>you the one who said running even unstable is rock solid for you
08:46<@mikegrb>it is
08:46<@mikegrb>but testing ccan have dependency issues
08:47<vaxen>wouldnt unstable be worst?
08:47<bendy24>it can be
08:47<@mikegrb>one pacakge from unstable goes into testing before others it needs
08:47<@mikegrb>unstable debian is 100 times more stable then gentoo
08:48<vaxen>well, i never really had dependencies issues in gentoo
08:53<vaxen>will there be big problems moving between branches?
08:54<iggy>mikegrb: watch it... dangerous ground there....
08:57<@mikegrb>iggy: I said that just for you ;)
09:06<olekvi>I prefer stable debian and some backports
09:07<bendy24>olekvi: its okay, we have now converted iggy
09:07<olekvi>bendy :-)
09:08<iggy>I use it at work some... of course I also use Windows at work
09:09<bendy24>iggy: point your boss to
09:09<vaxen>where do you get backports from?
09:09<olekvi>(and from $HOME)
09:10<olekvi>(if we're talking work stations, Ive become a great fan of Ubuntu)
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09:18<eddier1>is there any one here from linode
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09:55<anderiv>good morning, all.
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10:48<jhmartin>Good morning, any admins around? I need my password for 'jhmartin2' reset and emailed to me.
10:50<@mikegrb>no jhmartin2, just jhmartin and jhmartin1
10:50<jhmartin>thats probably why :>
10:51[~]jhmartin updates his password db
10:51<@mikegrb>not a problem
10:51[~]bendy24 downloads the password db
10:51<@mikegrb>good thing you had that decoy, huh jhmartin
10:51<jhmartin>yeah, now I've 0ned bendy24
10:52<jhmartin>Keepass is a nice program, actually
10:52<jhmartin>I heartily recommend it.
10:53<kvandivo>oh... kee pass... got it
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10:54<bendy24>i just use the same password over and over again
10:55[~]mikegrb logs in to bendy's online banking site
10:55<jhmartin>So, head on over to Jhmartin'sSite and set up an account.
10:55<jhmartin>I promise I won't read your pw :P
10:56<bendy24>jhmartin: mikegrb taught me everything i know!
10:56<jhmartin>thx again, time to reboot
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12:43<linbot>New news from forums: How can I dd over a network - and will it solve my problem? in General Discussion <>
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13:46<RudeBoY>Hello all
13:47<RudeBoY>WHo can help me with VDS
13:49<anderiv>RudeBoY: what's your question?
13:49<[|^__^|]>Um, use a condom?
13:49<vaxen>I have phpbb installed with php4, how do I upgrade to use php5 without debian wanting to remove my phpbb
13:49<vaxen>testing branch
13:51<bendy24>[|^__^|]: that wont do much if he already has it
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13:53<[|^__^|]>bendy24: well without knowing which VD he has, I can't really prescribe a cure
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14:03<anderiv>RudeBoY: so were you scared off or what?
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14:16<Zurk>can someone do an nmap scan on me ?
14:16[~]Zurk is wondering whether ssh is cloaked
14:16<Zurk><-- doesnt run a firewall
14:17<[|^__^|]>PORT STATE SERVICE
14:17<[|^__^|]>37/tcp open time
14:17<[|^__^|]>80/tcp open http
14:17<[|^__^|]>137/tcp filtered netbios-ns
14:17<[|^__^|]>138/tcp filtered netbios-dgm
14:17<[|^__^|]>139/tcp filtered netbios-ssn
14:17<[|^__^|]>443/tcp open https
14:17<[|^__^|]>8007/tcp open ajp12
14:18[~]Zurk wonders if anyone else also cloaks ssh or just leaves it open
14:19<Zurk><-- got hit by a sshd brute forcer yesterday
14:19<[|^__^|]>I get hit by brute-forcers all the time
14:19<[|^__^|]>I shut them down with fail2ban
14:19<[|^__^|]>which is in debian/ubuntu
14:20<[|^__^|]>but I also don't use passwords
14:20<[|^__^|]>I use ssh identity keys and OPIE
14:20<[|^__^|]>so the fail2ban thing is mostly just to keep my logs clean
14:20<kvandivo>i just moved sshd
14:20<kvandivo>that solved my problems
14:20<[|^__^|]>I keep sshd on multiple ports to allow for firewalled folks
14:20<[|^__^|]>so I run it on 443 and 3128 and so on
14:21<Zurk>oh hmm....i just shut it down and restart it when i need to login via web server cgi
14:21<[|^__^|]>linbot: hush
14:21<linbot>New news from forums: Wanna say some issues about linode service in Sales Questions and Answers <>
14:22[~]Zurk wonders whether thats more secure than moving it around
14:23<[|^__^|]>Zurk: the fact that you're using a web CGI to do administration is pretty insecure
14:24<[|^__^|]>I'd say that's the weakest link for you
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14:27<anderiv>has anyone done a comparison between fail2ban and denyhosts?
14:27<anderiv>I've been running denyhosts for a while and it's worked well as far as I can tell...
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14:45<Zurk>stopping or starting sshd via cgi shouldnt be insecure...if the cgis not reading any user input how can it be a security problem ?
14:46<[|^__^|]>Zurk: well, most of the systems to do remote administration by CGI tend to be "user friendly" systems that are frighteningly insecure
14:46<[|^__^|]>if you've got a custom hand-tightened tool that you wrote, that's cool
14:46<[|^__^|]>it's no worse than portknocking, say
14:47<Zurk>oh hmm...yup. mines custom
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14:47<[|^__^|]>have you heard of portknocking?
14:47<Zurk>yep. thats annoying to implement tho
14:47<[|^__^|]>some friends of mine and I came up with it one night and went searching on the net to find that it already existed
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14:47<[|^__^|]>yeah, there needs to be a simple system to implement it
14:47<Zurk><--prefers a simple cgi
14:48<Zurk>i suppose portsentry could be used to implement it
14:48<[|^__^|]>heck, fail2ban could be adapted to implement it
14:48<[|^__^|]>or denyhosts
14:48<[|^__^|]>just do it in reverse
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15:38<[|^__^|]>I wish youtube and google video had ways to get the video file that didn't need flash
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15:42<taupehat>that's horrible, efudd
15:42<[|^__^|]>man, I'm getting a lot of folks trying to push my own zones to me lately
15:42<[|^__^|]>goddamn belgians
15:42<[|^__^|]>Feb 13 12:12:18 frotz named[1105]: client updating zone '': update failed: 'RRset exists (value dependent)'
15:42<[|^__^|]>prerequisite not satisfied (NXRRSET)
15:42<[|^__^|]> domain name pointer
15:42<[|^__^|]>Feb 13 12:12:18 frotz named[1105]: client update '' denied
15:44<encode>how can i track down what is causing random segfaults on my linode?
15:44<encode>both irssi and apache have had random segfaults of late
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15:51<Dreamer3>our there any reasonable php contact form scripts out there that try and filter out spam bots?
15:51<Dreamer3>i wrote my own long ago, but bots are terrible
15:51<Dreamer3>read, understand and fill out the forms just like a human
15:51<anderiv>Dreamer3: you could implement some sort of captcha...
15:51<anderiv>that usually takes care of 'em.
15:52<tsi>scrambled words where you type in the letters so it knows you're not a bot
15:52<Dreamer3>these are publc contact forms
15:52<Dreamer3>that would make it hard for a visitor to contact them
15:53<Dreamer3>it has to be easy and spam proof
15:53<anderiv>Dreamer3: I've used a small, 2-character captcha great. Very minimal effort required by the user.
15:54<Dreamer3>yeah, but that's a lot of work for a lot of contact forms... i need gd/imagemagick and all sorts of stuff, no?
15:54<anderiv>Dreamer3: yah - but any sort of spam-filtering is going to take a lot of work.
15:54<Dreamer3>is it better to just go back to publishing e-mail addresses in the clear?
15:54<Dreamer3>6-12 months ago web forms were safe...
15:55<kvandivo>if you are rolling your own, just use text.. say "Type 'Afk3' into the box below". That would be effective enough.
15:55<Dreamer3>not the spam comes from my own box because it's sent from the customers website
15:55<kvandivo>no one is going to spend the time writing a custom bot that will see through your own personal form
15:55<Dreamer3>kvandivo: yeah, but you have to have some way to confirm it... i guess even if you included in in a field on the same form the bot isn't going to know to work around yoru scheme
15:55<Dreamer3>kvandivo: i thought changing the names of the fields would help, no go
15:56<Dreamer3>kvandivo: it's reading, guessing and submitting
15:56<kvandivo>ya, could rot13 the hidden field if you wanted
15:56<Dreamer3>oh a hash or something?
15:56<anderiv>Dreamer3: hehe
15:56<kvandivo>very simple, yes
15:56<anderiv>Dreamer3: it's a character substition cipher.
15:57<Dreamer3>really like to tdo this with no impact on the end user
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15:57<kvandivo>If "Type 'D9k3' in this box right here to show that you're a human" is too much work.... good luck
15:57<Dreamer3>something sneaky about the form itself maybe
15:58<Dreamer3>kvandivo: it's not that it''s too much work, it raises the barrier of entty to contacting a business
15:58<Dreamer3>i've tripped up on way to many of those implimentation smyself to ever call them usable
15:58<anderiv>Dreamer3: do you have spam filtering on your email?
15:58<Dreamer3>though some are much better than others
15:58<anderiv>Dreamer3: if so, I'd just publish the email address...
15:59<kvandivo>could probably set some javascript variable creation code up that would submit something to the server.. but a wise bot might simulate that
15:59<Dreamer3>javascript code to generate a value that needs to match
15:59<Dreamer3>that sounds like a good idea :-)
16:00<Dreamer3>JS the last bastion against evil
16:00<kvandivo>and, you're throwing out all of the lynx users.. but based on your requirements, most of the customers won't be lynx users
16:00<Dreamer3>no no one is a lynx user but me :-)
16:02<@mikegrb>what about people on their cell phone?
16:02<@mikegrb>people with js off since that is what they were told to do for "security reaons"
16:02[~]anderiv is with mikegrb
16:02<[|^__^|]>I think the federal government is required to keep JS off
16:02<@mikegrb>people who work at companies that have a global policy locking js off
16:03<[|^__^|]>I work on alcatraz and all their machines have JS switched off
16:03<nikki>...people who turn js off purely because they hate it?
16:03[~]mikegrb didn't even have the ability to turn js on at previous employer
16:03<@mikegrb>but then, I did all my at work browsing over ssh in elinks
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16:04<Dreamr3>mikegrb: do you have better idea?
16:04<[|^__^|]>yeah, I have users on zork who do that
16:04<Dreamr3>i'm getting tired of futzing with contact forms
16:04<Dreamr3>every month something new goes wrong
16:04<@mikegrb>captchas are pretty standard
16:05<@mikegrb>but you would still need alternative means for people without image support
16:05<@mikegrb>or eyesight
16:05<@mikegrb>but locking out large percentages of people does't seem to be a factor
16:06<Dreamr3>i don't even know how this stuff is ahppening
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16:21<Dreamr3>how bout a hidden textarea
16:21<Dreamr3>and if it has data
16:22<Dreamr3>all the robots are doing is filling out input with e-mail address and the textarea with the message
16:26<taupehat>depending on how you do that, a hidden textarea could be annoying for lynx users
16:27<[|^__^|]>it could be done well
16:27<[|^__^|]>I kind of like that one
16:27<[|^__^|]>you'd just have to have hidden text saying "DO NOT FILL THIS IN"
16:33<Dreamr3>taupehat: lynx users on high on the list, fixing hundres of spam is
16:33<Dreamr3>[|^__^|]: but yeah, that would work too... but them i'd have to program the script to check for that value, etc
16:34<kvandivo>just switch the companies email to gmail -> problem solved
16:39<Dreamr3>i went with the extra textarea trap and don't allow @ in the subject
16:41<[|^__^|]>another option is simply to use bayesian filtering on the server side
16:41<[|^__^|]>detect patterns of spamminess
16:41<[|^__^|]>and train with a teergrube
16:41<Dreamr3>yean, i hate php
16:41<[|^__^|]>so do it in Perl or Python
16:41<Dreamr3>i have better things to do that write bayesian filtering in it
16:41<[|^__^|]>or ruby if you must
16:42<[|^__^|]>actually, Leonard Richardson has a module for bayesian stuff he put into his blog comment thing at
16:42<@mikegrb>[|^__^|]: he wants a perfect system with no work
16:42<[|^__^|]>heh, well, he might as well go with a hashcash thingy then
16:43<[|^__^|]>alienate the non-js folks
16:43<[|^__^|]>and just be done with it
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16:59<encode>New Users:
16:59<encode> useradd (klog)
16:59<encode>New Groups:
16:59<encode> klog (109)
16:59<encode>hmm, anyone know of any programs that create a klog user?
17:00<encode>kernel log daemon
17:01<@caker>and it creates its own user? that seems odd to me
17:01<@caker>which distro?
17:02<encode>just upgraded from warty to hoary yesterday
17:03<@caker>ok, it's on my ubuntu fs too
17:03<encode>root 469 0.0 0.2 1452 364 ? Ss 06:53 0:01 /bin/dd bs 1 if /proc/kmsg of /var/run/klogd/kmsg
17:03<@caker># cat /etc/issue
17:03<@caker>Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger" \n \l
17:04<encode>does ^ look suspicious?
17:04<@caker>interesting method
17:04<encode>i'm kinda paranoid atm, trying to figure out why things a segfaulting
17:05<tierra>dare I ask if the upgrade added /lib/tls back?
17:09[~]encode checks
17:10<encode>well there is a /lib/tls folder
17:10<encode>so the answer would be yes
17:10<tierra>mv /lib/tls /lib/tls.disabled
17:10<encode>should i rename that to tls-disabled?
17:10<encode>im only running 2.4
17:10<tierra>nevermind then
17:10<tierra>shouldn't be a problem
17:10<encode>Linux 2.4.29-linode39-1um #1 Wed Jan 19 12:22:14 EST 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
17:11<encode>i was getting heaps of segfaults, so i did a dist upgrade in the hopes it would fix itselft
17:11<encode>but overnight apache stopped, and i just dont know why
17:11<taupehat>encode: were you running out of memory?
17:11<taupehat>that'll do it
17:12<encode>was i running out of memory when? getting the segfaults?
17:12<encode>i doubt it - i dont usually use that much swap
17:12<encode>its not something that i checked tho
17:12<taupehat>how do you know it was segfaulting rather than abend unknown?
17:13<@caker>encode: grep host /proc/cpuinfo ?
17:13[~]encode is running a linode 160, memory isnt that much of a probably
17:13<@caker>encode: cat /proc/swaps ?
17:13<encode>caker: host : Linux 2.6.14-1-bigmem-v9p7 #1 SMP Mon Oct 31 22:30:25 EST 2005 i686
17:13<@caker>encode: dmesg <-- look for OOM messages or anything else weird
17:13<@caker>encode: ok, that looks fine
17:13<encode>/dev/ubdb partition 263160 0 -1
17:13<@caker>Swap [Check]
17:14<encode>ok, dmesg is kinda useless
17:14<encode>i never figured out how to get iptables (firehol) to stop logging dropped packets
17:14<encode>so dmesg is full of dropped packet messages
17:14<encode>i spent days trying to get it to s top
17:14<taupehat>it's a loglevel variable
17:14<taupehat>totally doable
17:14<encode>i know
17:14<encode>i have it defined
17:14<taupehat>but I forget which one =]
17:15<taupehat>no no
17:15<taupehat>in syslog
17:15<taupehat>the kernel is still going to log stuff somehow
17:15<taupehat>the question is "how much stuff to log?"
17:16<encode>but how can i turn the logging off just for iptables?
17:16<taupehat>like I say, I forget
17:16<taupehat>try #netfilter on the other ircnet
17:19<linbot>New news from forums: pro-rate refund in Sales Questions and Answers <>
17:21<encode>can someone run a quick nmap on me?
17:28<encode>ok, i'm pretty sure that logging problem is fixed
17:28<encode>now the waiting game begins
17:28<encode>thanks [|^__^|]
17:28<[|^__^|]>no problem
17:28<[|^__^|]>it's still running!
17:30<@caker>this week is the 60th anniversary of the ENIAC
17:30<[|^__^|]>caker: I totally love those guys.
17:31<[|^__^|]>caker: especially Dot
17:31<@caker>[|^__^|]: am I missing the joke?
17:39<[|^__^|]>caker: animaniacs
17:40<[|^__^|]>man, why do people insist on using shockwave flash to do movies?
17:40<encode>to make it harder to copy the movie clip
17:44<[|^__^|]>making it impossible to play unless you have super fast internut
17:44|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
17:53|-|jekil [] has joined #linode
17:56|-|sec39 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:05<warewolf>pub 1024D/5F76573F 2004-02-14 [expired: 2006-02-13)]
18:06<warewolf>that would explain why gpg was whining about an unusable key
18:07[~]warewolf extends 2y and resubmits to
18:14<warewolf>yet another reason I hate microsoft:
18:32<encode> <-- thats really messed up
18:34<encode>read the article
18:34<encode>some 17 year old girl accidentally killed a guy trying to rape her and her 16 yr old cousin
18:34<encode>and she got hanged for doing it
18:34<warewolf>iran sucks
18:40|-|sec39 [] has joined #linode
18:42|-|jekil [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:47|-|RudeBoY [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Session timeout)]
18:55<warewolf>exactly what I need
18:55[~]warewolf bookmarks
19:01<warewolf>and it works in IE too. beautiful.
19:06|-|Electric1lf changed nick to ElectricElf
19:36<@caker>Opening Day for OpenSolaris on Xen | 02/13/2006
19:36<@caker>Today we made our first code snapshot available of the OpenSolaris on Xen source base.
19:41|-|BB [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:41<vaxen>is there a distro for opensolaris yet?
19:57<warewolf>I believe that's called Solaris 10.
20:05|-|ba [] has joined #linode
20:06<ba>man linode is the sweetest thing iv ever seen\
20:07<ba>does everyone have access to admin their own box;s?
20:07|-|BB [] has joined #linode
20:17<[|^__^|]>ba: yes.
20:17<ba>so over priced though
20:17<[|^__^|]>ba: you have root on your virtual instance
20:18<[|^__^|]>ba: nah, the pricing works out great
20:19<ba> is cheaper
20:25<vaxen>unixshell no root
20:25|-|BB [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:25<vaxen>oh...that xen thingy they running
20:26<vaxen>unixshell you dont get caker or mikegrb
20:26<ba>mmmm seems over priced to me...
20:27<ba>but thats just me, may aswell by your own box and run your own server
20:27<vaxen>sure if thats what you want
20:27<ba>but i cant talk, i use dreamhost
20:28|-|BB [~chris@] has joined #linode
20:29<vaxen>dreamhost is not economically sound
20:29<ba>how so
20:30<ba>i payed 30 dollars for a dns and a years hosting
20:30<ba>after that its 120 a year
20:30<ba>20 gigs of storage
20:30<ba>a terabyte of data transfer a month
20:30<ba>3000 email addresses
20:31<ba>unlimited subdomains
20:31<[|^__^|]>3000 email addresses!
20:31<[|^__^|]>that's so funny
20:32<[|^__^|]>they're like water
20:32<[|^__^|]>just edit your own aliases file
20:32<[|^__^|]>why limit someone to 3000?
20:32<taupehat>just wildcard it
20:32<[|^__^|]>or tout it as some major service
20:32<taupehat>* goes to me
20:32<[|^__^|]>yeah, I know people who do that
20:32<[|^__^|]>but it makes the spam management a little harder
20:32<taupehat>not really
20:32|-|BB_ [] has joined #linode
20:33<taupehat>I use it for that specific purpose
20:33<taupehat>if an address starts picking up spam, I just add that to the rejected recipients list
20:33<taupehat>amaco, by the way, sold my name
20:33<[|^__^|]>that's good
20:33<taupehat>err, email
20:33<[|^__^|]>what's amaco?
20:33<taupehat>car insurance co
20:33<[|^__^|]>I don't have a car
20:33<[|^__^|]>so there
20:34<taupehat> is /dev/nulled into oblivion
20:34<taupehat>anyhow, it's nice
20:34<[|^__^|]>you should instead pipe it into a bayesian filter
20:34<taupehat>If I'm dealing with a company called Foo Industries, I'll give them fooindustries@ and see what happens
20:34<taupehat>err, no
20:34<taupehat>bayesian filter is too much on my 80
20:34<[|^__^|]>oh, an 80
20:35<taupehat>I do use postgrey, which has worked wonders
20:35<[|^__^|]>I have a single global spamassassin db on my 320
20:35<[|^__^|]>yeah postgrey sounds great, especially when you use so many inbound addresses
20:35<[|^__^|]>I use postgrey as well
20:35<[|^__^|]>with the delay set to half an hour
20:35<taupehat>mine's set to 1 second
20:35<taupehat>made no discernable differenc
20:36<[|^__^|]>I may try that
20:36<taupehat>some MTUs seem to be incapable of believing that 1 second retry
20:36<taupehat>so they send whenever the mail rotates back in the queue for that MTU
20:36<taupehat>usually five minutes
20:36<taupehat>but most MTUs just blam it right in
20:36<[|^__^|]>well the system doesn't tell them when to retry
20:36<taupehat>actually, it does
20:36<[|^__^|]>in English
20:37<[|^__^|]>but I have it set to say "Your mail is being quarantined"
20:37<[|^__^|]>I also turned off the client whitelisting
20:37<taupehat>for the denied recips, I have a really rude thing to say in Russian
20:37<[|^__^|]>I keep the greylist going per-address forever
20:37<[|^__^|]>haha yeah i remember
20:38<taupehat>someday, somewhere, some spammer's going to read that, and start cussing
20:38|-|nybble [] has joined #linode
20:38[~]taupehat wanders off to break things
20:40|-|BB [~chris@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:40|-|BB_ changed nick to BB
21:06|-|ba [] has left #linode [Leaving]
21:47<taupehat>check this vid out, and tell me you wouldn't cage-fight a pissed off gorilla holding a running chainsaw for one of these:
21:49<encode>you're right, i wouldnt
21:49<taupehat>I would
21:50<encode>that is way cool though
21:50<taupehat>it just gets better, too
21:50<encode>that'd probably cost about the GDP of a south african nation if you wanted to buy one now
21:51<taupehat>at least for the next year or so
21:51<taupehat>thing is, if apps are developed to support it
21:51<taupehat>or better yet, if existing apps (photoshop, blender, fillintheblank) are modded to support it
21:51<taupehat>then the buy-in from the graphics community would be intense
21:52<encode>thats almost better than the funky interface in minority report
21:52|-|nybble [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:52<taupehat>it's clearly inspired from that
21:52|-|nybble [] has joined #linode
21:52<taupehat>or vice-versa
21:52<taupehat>either way, it looks pretty amazing
21:52<encode>mainly because this actually (appears to) exist
21:53[~]taupehat does some 3d work, and would _love_ to use one of those to get stuff done
21:53[~]encode has little to no artistic ability :S
21:53<taupehat>neither do I, visually at least
21:53<taupehat>but I still need to do modeling on occasion
21:54<encode>i cant draw, cant sing very well, i can play the piano, but i was never good at improvisation
21:55<encode>meh, some people are creative, i recognise that i am not
22:07<@caker> <-- unreal ... Darwinism at its best
22:08<@caker> <-- ASN extension for Firefox
22:08<taupehat>ASL extension?
22:09<@caker>yes, converts fake ASLs into "M/55/Alabama"
22:09<taupehat>btw, caker I think the best up-and-coming darwin award will be awarded to the "reverend" fred phelps
22:10<taupehat>he's taken his "god hates fags" picketing campaign to funerals of soldiers killed overseas
22:10<taupehat>says the soldiers are going to hell because they fought for america which loves... etc
22:10<taupehat>heartless, evil moron
22:10<taupehat>some grieving marine is gonna tear his windpipe out
22:11|-|nybble [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:23<encode>caker: that choking game is bizarre - i've never heard of it over here in .au
22:23<@caker>idiotic, isn't it?
22:23<@caker>let em die
22:23<encode>they may as well play russian roulette while they're at it
22:23<linbot>encode: *click*
22:24|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
22:24|-|caker kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
22:24[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
22:24|-|caker [] has joined #linode
22:24|-|mode/#linode [+o caker] by ChanServ
22:25<encode>mode/#linode [+o encode] by caker
22:34<warewolf>23:34 [linbot(] Error: "!rr" is not a valid command.
22:34<warewolf>yes it is
22:43[~]JasonF sets mode [+o JasonF]
22:46<[Erik]>you wish
22:52<@linbot>tronix: *click*
22:52<taupehat>cheer up y'all
22:53<tronix>got busted once by linbot ;)
22:53<taupehat>view link
22:55<tronix>HAHAHA every fisherman's dream! (link)
22:55<tronix>that's just way too funny.
22:55[~]tronix cries
22:56<tronix>why did I never have that "problem" while crabbing out on the Chesapeake Bay? *sigh*... ;)
22:56<taupehat>the location defines the answer
22:56<tronix>(though in hindsight, I'm glad the crabs weren't doing what they were doing in that video)
22:57<tronix>or more to the point, mighty glad the jellyfishes out in CB didn't pull that stunt. :-)
22:57<taupehat>no kidding.
22:58[~]taupehat has swum into man o'war tentacles before
22:58<tronix>can't even imagine.
22:58<taupehat>it only hurts for like a week
22:58[~]tronix winces
22:58<taupehat>left a nice welt that scarred for a few years
22:58[~]tronix winces
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has left #linode [Rotating Logs]
22:59|-|VS_ChanLog [] has joined #linode
22:59<tronix>and I thought a bee/hornet/wasp was bad
22:59<tronix>at least the 26 bites only hurt for 3 days.
22:59<tronix>wasn't bad for first hour
22:59<tronix>endorphins in brain kicking in
22:59<tronix>just floating along on air.
22:59<tronix>(same reaction when you eat hot pepper)
23:02<cmantito>anyone mind saving a few wolves?
23:03<warewolf>taupehat: what in the hell
23:03<taupehat>warewolf: hehe
23:03<warewolf>taupehat: how .. flying fish?
23:03<warewolf>taupehat: can you eat those?
23:03<taupehat>jumping fish!
23:03<taupehat>I could eat those
23:04<warewolf>do they taste good?
23:04<warewolf>I assume those particular fish have to be somethig CRAZY for strong to launch themselves out of the water like that
23:04<warewolf>what the hell purpose does that serve
23:04<warewolf>well, besides a free lunch for joe "fisherman" who happens to have a large boat
23:05<warewolf>I ahve to wonder, were the knocking sounds the fishes landing in the boat, or the fishes heads knocking into the underside of the boat? 8-)
23:05<taupehat>I think it's the light being cast erratically over the water and the guy banging on the boat
23:05<taupehat>they might be jumping for insects, too
23:05<warewolf>oh right
23:05<warewolf>that makes sense
23:08<@linbot>New news from forums: refund request is being ignored in Sales Questions and Answers <>
23:09<warewolf>ugh god
23:10|-|spr [] has quit [Quit: Spoon!]
23:30|-|Xen^ [] has joined #linode
23:37|-|Xen^ [] has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)]
23:47<warewolf>holy crap
23:47<warewolf>I was about to say
23:48<warewolf>XEN FOR LINODE!
23:58|-|meme [] has joined #linode
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