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00:30<warewolf>Tue Feb 14 01:30:41 EST 2006
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02:23<Ziaw>!seen cow
02:23<@linbot>Ziaw: cow was last seen in #linode 2 weeks, 6 days, 2 hours, 1 minute, and 3 seconds ago: <cow> sweet... my isp increased download speeds to 10mbit
02:25<warewolf>!seen your ass
02:25<@linbot>warewolf: (seen [<channel>] <nick>) -- Returns the last time <nick> was seen and what <nick> was last seen saying. <channel> is only necessary if the message isn't sent on the channel itself.
02:25<warewolf>!seen your_Ass
02:25<@linbot>warewolf: I have not seen your_Ass.
02:25<warewolf>thank you.
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09:53<linbot>New news from forums: Upgrading Ubuntu in General Discussion <>
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11:21<Zurk>anyone know what is about ?
11:21<Zurk>i keep getting people hitting that url on my webserver
11:31<anderiv>Zurk: you mean you're getting that in your referrer log?
11:32[~]anderiv votes that it's just standard referrer spam.
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11:53<Zurk>not referrer..theyre hitting
11:53[~]Zurk thinks thats weird
11:53<anderiv>Zurk: ahh
11:54<anderiv>Zurk: I've seen that before...I usually just temporarily block that IP address :-)
11:54<Zurk>whats it for ? trojan ?
11:55<anderiv>I have no idea. Don't care really....
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12:00[~]Zurk sees ppl hitting php admin too...which is silly cos the server doesnt run php
12:00<bendy24>they are trying to find holes
12:01<kvandivo>easier to try than to test
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12:01<anderiv>Zurk: if you look, you'll probably also see requests for /awstats/
12:02<kvandivo>and 38 other things that you don't have
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12:04[~]Zurk thinks a pure java webserver running under a secured VM cant be beat
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15:46<gpd>is it possible to download realmedia/wmv streams under Linux?
15:47<gpd>eg. wget/curl/something rtsp:// > file.ram
15:47<gpd>i know you can do it with windows with things like HiDownload
15:51<gpd> might work
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15:59<gpd>oooh apt-get install mimms... mimms "mms://foo/foo.wmv"... job done
15:59<encode>yay mimms
16:00<gpd>now all I need is wmv->extract audio->download to iPod... listen
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16:18<gpd>hmm mplayer -vc null -vo null -ao pcm file.wmv :)
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16:44<gpd>console util to monitor local network bandwidth?
16:44<didymo>morning all
16:44<didymo>how do you associate a profile with an image?
16:45<gpd>go to drive setup in the configuration profile
16:45<gpd>add your image as /dev/ubdx...
16:45<gpd>save... reboot...
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16:49<@caker>gpd: ntop
16:50<gpd>caker: yeah - looked at that - trying vnStat now...
16:51<@caker>gpd: there's another one I've used back in the day .. lemme try and find it
16:51<@caker>no, that's not it
16:54<@caker>that's it
16:55<gpd>hmm.... looks pretty - vnStat is sagiable though - so worksfornow - thanks
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17:06<didymo>gpd: thanks, now boots, for all of three seconds,
17:13<gpd>err... hmm what is this image and where did you add it?
17:13<gpd>try lish...
17:13<gpd>ask caker...
17:13[~]gpd hides
17:20<didymo>gpd: :-) thanks again
17:21<gpd>didymo: what error message are you getting when you login via lish?
17:25<didymo>gpd: clearly I missed something, "lish" is??????
17:25<[|^__^|]>linode shell
17:26<[|^__^|]>ssh to your
17:26<[|^__^|]>where nodename is your username/node name and ## is the number of your host
17:28<didymo>nodename is found????
17:28<didymo>thanks, brb
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17:30<[|^__^|]>wow, you're on host1?
17:30<linbot>or not
17:30<[|^__^|]>linbot: op me cos I'm lame!
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17:30<gpd>oh well
17:30<[|^__^|]>who would op a bot?
17:30<[|^__^|]>that's like asking to be taken over
17:30<gpd>this is true
17:31<gpd>linbot must be having a valentines day rest
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17:53<JonR>suppose I had a webapp. and I wanted to find how many requests per second it could handle on a Linode 80.
17:53<warewolf>adjust your maxclients numbers
17:53<warewolf>see where you get the best performance
17:53<JonR>I wouldn't be using apache.
17:53<warewolf>that's ok
17:54<warewolf>apachebench is a http benchmark app
17:55<warewolf>it was just written by the apache group
17:55<JonR>my main question, though, is: will it still be accurate running the server and the benchmark on the same Linode, or should I have them on different machines, actually going over the network? And if the latter, how do I keep from annoying caker with it?
17:56<warewolf>well it depends on what the webapp is
17:56<warewolf>how much disk IO it requires
17:56<JonR>it uses mysql
17:56<warewolf>that's where you'll have caker breathing down your neck
17:56<warewolf>mysql is a notorious disk and memory hog
17:57<JonR>basically, I want to find out how many requests per second it would take before the Linode is swamped, but I don't want to piss off caker in the process.
17:57<warewolf>oh aslong as your testing isn't non-stop for hours I doubt you can cause significant problems
17:57<warewolf>just do your test, and run top
17:57<warewolf>see if your load average skyrockets
17:57<JonR>unfortunately the Linode isn't something I can easily simulate at home.
17:58<gpd>JonR: you can 'simulate' your linode at home with a linux box running Xen
17:58<warewolf>gpd- not Linode. Linode is still UML
17:58<warewolf>gpd- and Xen is bound to provide better performance
17:58<gpd>yeah - and your home box isn't your linode box
17:58<JonR>and at any rate, I don't have the same CPU/disk setup as the Linode hosts.
17:58<gpd>hence 'simulate'
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22:33<oneman>my server going dog slow
22:33<oneman>but my personal load is minimal
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22:34<@mikegrb>yes, on it
22:35<@mikegrb>looks like a DOS
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22:40<oneman>its working now
22:40<oneman>it only lasted 5mins
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