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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-02-15

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07:09<linbot>New news from forums: Setting up the "Web Hosting" package. in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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20:30<cmantito>is there a way to make your linode update a dns cache when nslookup returns an older result than dig?
20:39<gpd> /etc/init.d/named restart - bit brutal
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22:19<JonR>anyone else having a problem with host17?
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22:20<JonR>oh, cool, it's back
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22:21<[|^__^|]>JonR: I think it was an internet hiccough
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22:22<clapper>something weird just happen?
22:22<cmantito>the internet went blurry for a sec.
22:22<[|^__^|]>clapper: yeah, I think a major POP shat itself just now
22:23<clapper>ok, just was knocked off my linode for about 60 seconds
22:23<JonR>funny, though, the two other irc networks I'm on weren't affected
22:23<clapper>back up it seems
22:23<[|^__^|]>lots of folks saw stuff
22:23<cmantito>It scares me when the internet goes blurry like that.
22:23<[|^__^|]>JonR: I had two people in a channel on another network reappear just as the rejoin happened here
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22:23<[|^__^|]>21 minutes past 8pm PST, on three different IRC networks
22:24<clapper>ok, everyone can continue their p0rN downloads now...
22:25[~]cmantito needs his pr0n
22:27<linbot>New news from forums: Over two years with Linode now. in Customer Testimonials <>
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