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00:09<Spads>heh, 4.10 eh
00:10<Spads>ah, good, that's a year-old thread
00:20<taupehat>old threads never die
00:20<taupehat>they only become out of data
00:27<OvrLrd-Q>eh, if it aint broke, put more duct tape on it
00:28<taupehat>compare him to
00:28<taupehat>man I love kdetv =]
00:29[~]taupehat watching 'limpics while bsing on irc
00:38<@caker>Ubuntu 5.10 is out there, if someone wants to give it a shot ..
00:38<@caker>I haven't booted it yet under UML
00:38<OvrLrd-Q>i'm too busy being evil
00:38<Spads>I've shaboomed to breezy under xen
00:38<Spads>but not UML
01:06<darkbeholder>i upgraded from 4.1 - 5.06 (or whatever hoary was) - 5.10 the other day
01:06<darkbeholder>havent had ne problems with it so far
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03:50<Narada>hi; my mysql keeps dying and i think it is because of lack of mem; i'm on linode 160 and have optimised mysql using caker's mysql.cnf; any tips
03:52<@mikegrb>what distro and kernel?
03:52<Narada>gentoo latest 2.6
03:52<@mikegrb>does /lib/tls exist?
03:53<@mikegrb>I think I remember similiar reports from other gentoo users
03:53<@mikegrb>I believe getting mysql from fixed the problem
03:53<Narada>you mean using binary package?
03:54<Narada>but this is only happening on the linode; every other machine with gentoo and mysql works
03:54<Narada>something is terminating it with signal 11
03:55<@mikegrb>it something funky about gentoo's ebuild as far as I know
03:55<Narada>Version: '4.1.14' socket: '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' port: 3306 Gentoo Linux mysql-4.1.14
03:55<Narada>mysqld got signal 11;
03:56<Narada>here is the fuller message:
03:56<@mikegrb>so you weren't interested in my help?
03:56<Narada>hmm perhaps i will ask gentoo why this is happening then
03:56<Narada>i am very grateful for your help
03:57<Narada>i would like to investigate the cause of this problem with gentoo before resorting to binary package however
03:57<Narada>perhaps the resolved stack trace will help narrow down the cause
03:58<Narada>thanks though; at least i know it's not just me
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04:38<Narada>mikegrb: may have found a potential solution to try
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04:59[~]mikegrb makes a note of that
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11:15<warewolf>I fail to see how that has humor
11:15<warewolf>that chmod image to be specific
11:16<warewolf>now, 'chown us -R /base' is funny.
11:16<warewolf>as is 'rm -F /bin/laden'
11:16<warewolf>oh, and you can't forget unixsex.
11:17<warewolf>somethhing like 'who | grep grrl; finger grrl; mount grrl; more; more; yes; fsck; fsck; umount grrl; sleep;'
11:18<Redgore>funny first couple of times you see them
11:18<Redgore>they soon get old
11:19<warewolf>it's time for me to buy a new cell phone, since my current cell phone's battery keeps dying after two days without charge.
11:19<Redgore>even, ipood is'nt funny anymore
11:19<warewolf>re: blogging
11:19<warewolf>"Blog? I blogged this morning. I left it in the btoilet."
11:20<warewolf>(that one isn't mine, it belongs to mrbill)
11:22<linbot>New news from forums: Feature Request: FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) support in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
11:24<taupehat>warewolf: take a look at that image in the context of my website
11:24<taupehat>it's not intended for humour
11:25<taupehat>but more to elucidate a point
11:35<nori>Is there a worker of Linode?
11:37<taupehat>nori: look for people with ops in here =]
11:37<nori>what is ops?
11:38<nori>I've ordered Linode80, but I wonder when I can start use it.
11:40<nori>Is there Somebody herr?
11:40<taupehat>they're here, but may be idle
11:41<nori>Are you alone, taupehat?
11:41<taupehat>it's saturday morning after all
11:41<nori>Do they close a support on week end?
11:41<nori>Are you belonging to Linode?
11:42<nori>or just user of Linode like me?
11:42<taupehat>just a user
11:42<taupehat>very happy user, at that
11:42<taupehat>I'm sure your node will be up pretty soon
11:42<nori>What are you doing?
11:42<taupehat>reading the news
11:43<nori>How long had you waited for new accont after you ordered Linode?
11:43<@mikegrb>nori: you should have received an email
11:44<@mikegrb>Date: 2/16/06 9:50 PM
11:44<@mikegrb>Subject was "Linode Order Status"
11:46<nori>and ask me to send a copy of creadit card and licnese card in the mail.
11:46<nori>I've already faxed it.
11:46<nori>Have you recieve it?
11:46<nori>Have you recieved it?
11:46<@mikegrb>the fax is at another location
11:46[~]taupehat imagines mikegrb running to the fax machine
11:46<nori>Are you a worker of Linode. mikegrb?
11:46<@mikegrb>Yes, I've gona ahead and activated your account.
11:47<@mikegrb>you should get an activation email any moment
11:47<nori>It means I've already been able to login to Linode?
11:47<@mikegrb>yes, you can now
11:47<nori>why now?
11:48<@mikegrb>because I activated your account?
11:48<nori>Do we need to char with worker to activate account?
11:48<nori>need to chat with...
11:48<@mikegrb>you account is active now
11:49[~]taupehat hands mikegrb a cup of strong coffee
11:49<nori>I'll try to login.
11:49<nori>yes I could.
11:50<nori>thank you.
11:51<nori>see you
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14:21<warewolf>just FYI
14:22<warewolf>"nori" is the romanji for the type of seaweed used for wrapping sushi rolls.
14:22<warewolf>so you were just talking to seaweed :)
14:22<taupehat>and yummy
14:22<taupehat>I keep nori stocked
14:22<taupehat>in my pantry
14:22<warewolf>as do I
14:22<taupehat>sometimes I just heat it up on the burner and eat it alone
14:22<warewolf>I also keep wakamae for miso soup
14:22<taupehat>makes a nice snack
14:22<warewolf>nutritious too
14:23<Spads>nori means any seaweed
14:23<Spads>it can be shredded too
14:23[~]taupehat has a big ol' thing of wasabi
14:23<taupehat>Spads: romanji only in here pls =]
14:24<Spads>海苔 is the one I was looking for anyway
14:24<Spads>that other one just means paste or starch
14:24<Spads>anyway, nori is any dried seaweed
14:25<taupehat>I'm used to the paper-style flattened version
14:25<Spads>yes, and you're used to bread being sliced too
14:25<Spads>but a torn dinner roll is also bread
14:29<linbot>New news from wiki: Install BIND9 in Ubuntu (Breezy) <>
14:30<Spads>wiki wiki wack
14:41<linbot>New news from wiki: Ubuntu <>
14:47<linbot>New news from wiki: Configure Debian Backports <>
14:53<linbot>New news from wiki: Configure Timezone <>
14:53<Spads>okay, that "OMFG LOOK SOMEONE EDITED A WIKI PAGE" feed could get old
14:57<Beirdo>you can always ignore linbot if he annoys you enough
14:58<Spads>hurf bur
14:58<Spads>I SAID HURF BURF
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15:41<Spads>load up to 20
15:41<Spads>no real obvious cause
15:41<Spads>tokens at full
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16:20<@caker>Spads: better now?
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16:48<jimcooncat>don't mean to troll at all... let me know if this is not kosher:
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16:49<jimcooncat>I'm planning on setting up a linode with a failover at Any opinions or tips?
16:50<@caker>jimcooncat: for what? apache/mail?
16:50<jimcooncat>web hosting for several very small sites
16:50<jimcooncat>I'll do mail seperately -- that's what my current linode does
16:51[~]taupehat arglbargls at dovecot's key generator
16:51<@caker>I think a quick DNS change is the only way, but I'm not that experienced with such things
16:51<jimcooncat>dnsmadeeasy looks like it can give me a 'good availability' setup with their failover dns
16:51<taupehat>it ignores the FQDN when it generates an ssl key so the CN gets set to 'foo' rather than 'foo.example'
16:52<jimcooncat>but want to have a clone site at linode and at quantact.
16:53<jimcooncat>yes, that part's no problem caker
16:53<jimcooncat>but want to know if quantact is good to deal with, and any tips for multiple virtual hosts with different providers
16:54<@caker>well, despite being a Linode ripoff, I don't have any other opinion
16:54<@caker>You could always go with a Fremont Linode and a Dallas Linode :)
16:54<jimcooncat>I could use a similar ubuntu setup, but shoudn't try to clone the linode image, right?
16:55<jimcooncat>caker, I may do that sometime with two linodes...
16:55<@caker>depends on how far you want the rsync to go, but yeah, mirroring the two exactly (minus any local-specific config files) would be the most complete
16:55<jimcooncat>just not the kernel, right?
16:55<@caker>kenrels in UML aren't on the filesystem, they're on the host
16:56<@caker>pretty sure he uses my token-limiter patch, too (I think all the UML hosts do)
16:56<jimcooncat>so if I mirrored /, that's ok? I'm not going to screw up my UML?
16:57<@caker>No, but exclude things like network config files, /etc/resolve.conf, and anything specific to their config (/etc/inittab)
16:57<jimcooncat>I'm trying to make a "vendor redundant" web hosting coop
16:58<jimcooncat>My bookkeeping clients are paying $15 a month to various providers for simple web hosting with few hits
16:58<jimcooncat>I want to lump several of them together and provide them with better uptime than they're experiencing now with shared hosting
16:59<jimcooncat>thanks for your input, caker!
16:59<@caker>np :)
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19:20<sbp8>when i get weere im goin
19:20<sbp8>on the far side of the sky
19:20<sbp8>the first thing ima gone to do is spread my wings and fly
19:29<sbp8>everybody who doesnt have a linode, and are looking for an alternative dont do it because linode has the nice control panel that nobody else has!
19:29<sbp8>been there and done it <<
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22:25<dietrich>ok good this works apparently--do you know the 'word' on whether xenode is coming sooon
22:26<Viza>sorry, no idea
22:26<darkbeholder>it probably depends on your definition of soon
22:26<dietrich>right, well not soon enuf ;)
22:27<dietrich>i note the welcom dialog makes reference to it but, linode has worked well so far, thanks viza
22:28<dietrich>best bye for now
22:28<Viza>cya, good luck with your new toy ;p
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