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10:53<mcculley>Did host40 reboot?
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13:01<taupehat>warning: political
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18:50<warewolf>no no no n ono no no
18:50<warewolf>HOLY SHIT
18:50<warewolf>RUN FOR COVER
18:54<darkbeholder>whats the 22nd amendment?
18:54<warewolf>it's what limits the number of terms someone can have in the presidency
18:57<danc3>cool, so GW can have a few more terms?
18:57<warewolf>please no.
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21:56<mark>;( there are no linodes available right now, not until March 1st or so...
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22:26<linbot>caker: Linode80 - 5, Linode120 - 0, Linode160 - 0, Linode240 - 0, Linode320 - 0
22:40<warewolf>caker- ping
22:56<warewolf>time to open the fscking door, goddamn does it smell liek ass i nhere
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23:00<warewolf>Mon Feb 20 00:00:03 EST 2006
23:00<warewolf>happy february 20th everyone
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23:17<DarthClue>Got a quick question for an admin if they are quickly could I get a 160 setup for a new account?
23:19<@caker>DarthClue: activated this evening
23:20<@caker>DarthClue: but, unfortunately no 160s available for a bit
23:20<@caker>warewolf: you pang?
23:20<Viza>caker, any details on xenode?
23:21<@caker>Viza: like?
23:21<DarthClue>anyway I could talk you into combining a couple of those 80s?
23:21<Viza>coming soon to a theater near you? :p
23:22<@caker>Viza: heh, yeah, within the next 6 weeks. At this point I'm waiting for cage space at our datacenters
23:23<Viza>oh nice
23:23<@caker>get the space; run the beta for a few weeks, and then we'll spin up existing UML customer migrations to xen
23:23<Viza>cool :)
23:24<Viza>pricing is going to be similar?
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23:24<@caker>TBA, but I'm looking over "options" :)
23:25[~]Viza nods :)
23:28<efudd>by "options", caker clearly means "cheaper" to say in line with the competition.
23:28<Viza>works for me, hehe
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23:40[~]warewolf hopes he hasn't missed the caker
23:57[~]warewolf -c reboot & # bbiaf
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